A Management Programme for Central Posavina - DANUBEPARKS

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A Management Programme for Central Posavina - DANUBEPARKS

A Management Programme forCentral PosavinaGoran GugićLonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Service

“Start anywhere, just getstarted”Central Posavina – Wading TowardIntegrated Basin ManagementLIFE05 TCY/CRO000111

Towards Integrated ManagementStakeholders(Posavina)ParkServiceStakeholderWG WGWG WGSC SCWG WGStakeholders(Park)WG WGWG WG Stakholder analysis Establish appropriate structures Learn appropriate techniques ofintegrated management Learn the stakeholders’ language Ensure the feed-back of information

The cycle of finding the OUVJustifycriteriaStateOUVComparativeanalysisDefineauthenticityEnsureintegrity

Keystone Processes of CentralPosavinaFlooding• Contains the greatestcomplex of floodplainhabitats of the entireDanube basin• Largest lowland riparianhardwood forests of oakand ash in the WesternPalearcticLast traditional living animalhusbandry system ofEurope’s lowlands• Adaptation to Inundation• Flood defense system ofMiddle Posavlje• Military Frontier

How to integrate wetlands into riverbasin management?• Wetland managementwithin the context of bothsurrounding waterscapeand landscape• Match water resourcesstrategies with land usestrategies• Make “hard-wired”management objectiveslandscapewetlandwaterscape

Programme objectives• Natural, cultural and landscape values ofCentral Posavina• Cultural and ecological integrity of the areaof Central Posavina• Pressures being exerted on these values• Protection guidelines with a proposal forfurther development

National protectioncategories and networksPAs• Protected natural values87,128,08 ha• Areas envisaged forprotection status31,748.37 ha∑118,876,45 ha

National protectioncategories and networksNEN• InternationallyImportant Bird Areas237,311.60 ha• Important Wild Taxaand Habitat Types• 130,746.99 ha∑368,058,59 ha

National protectioncategories and networksNATURA 2000(proposed)• SPAs 237,311.60 ha• SCIs 111,930.74 ha∑349,242.34 ha

Landscape Values - Cultural keystoneprocess: adaptation to floods• Cultural Landscape ofPosavina (planned)• Category 0• Historical settlements• Landscape organisation• Architectural heritage

Flood Defense Systemtoday - 35,100 ha detention areasNatural situation offlooded areas (estimated)• 205,000 ha (1 year)• 280,000 ha (50 year)• 292,000 ha (100year)55,950 haplannednatural situation

Tourism Development• Unique selling point of innerland tourismWith the goal of preserving the natural and culturalvalues and on the basis of the Regional Master Plan fortourism, respect paid to the existing Sisak-MoslavinaCounty Tourism Strategy, sustainable and selectiveforms of tourism are developed in Lonjsko Polje NaturePark (rural, active, cultural, educational) with active restin the countryside as the main selling point and product,along with the involvement of the local population in anauthentic interpretation of the common tourist productof the region, for its own benefit.

Rural Development• LEADER – pilot Local Action Group• Agro-environmental schemes (pilot area ofLonjsko Polje NP)• NP-Service became competent for stateownedpastures and meadows –increasing traditional animal husbandrybusiness

•Zaprešić in north-west•Border of Brod-Posavina andVukovar-Srijem counties in the east•Source of Kupa river in the west•motorway•401,329.38 ha

Strategic Management Guidelines forCentral PosavinaFeaturesProtectednatural valuesStrategic objectiveIn line with the Strategyand Action Plan for theprotection the ofbiological and landscapediversity of the Republicof Croatia (OfficialGazette 143/08) the areaof Central Posavinashould be proposed as abiosphere reserve in theUNESCO ProgrammeMan and the Biosphere(MaB).Strategic guidelines1. Adopt rulings for proposedprotected areas2. Draw up basic managementdocuments for all protectedareas3. Conduct management systemfor the protection of wild taxaand habitats in all protectedareas4. Initiate inscription of CentralPosavina as biosphere reservein the UNESCO MaBprogramme5. Include all the stakeholders inthe plan for drainage basinmanagement

Towards a shared vision for theSava riverZagreb, Croatia, 4-5 November 2009• To establish a Stakeholder Council for theSava River, by extending the existingStakeholder Council for the MiddlePosavina region• To establish a network of protected areas;the managers of protected areas toregularly meet and exchange informationon the protection and management of PAs

• Flood control through a Room for Riversapproach in the entire basin• Ramsar’s Wise Use approach, serial sites andBiosphere Reserve concept as managementframeworks for (integrated) inclusivemanagement• Current structure of ICSRB does not reflect thenatural and cultural values of SRB• EC communication in both directions

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