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OTAM Innovative solutions

Organisation type: R&D company

Contact person: Mr S. Volkan Bayraktar

Phone number contact person: +90 212 276 16 12

Email contact person:

Location head office: Istanbul, Turkey

Number of employees: 44 (20 academic, 24 white & blue collar)

Turnover before tax: 2.2 M €



Pa r t n e r s G u i d e


Short summary

of expertise and


OTAM was established as a research and

development center in September 2004 and

providing product tests – analysis (part, system

and vehicle level), engineering solutions, project

management and strategic consulting to the

automotive industry and its suppliers in

cooperation with the Istanbul Technical University.

OTAM Automotive Laboratory contains equipment

that can undertake research and measurements

related with the improvement of vehicle

performance, minimization of exhaust emission

and fuel consumption, as well as noise and chassisbody

deformation-tension analyses, system and

vehicle level durability analyzing and testing.

R&D and Testing Equipments ın ITU – OTAM


• Acoustics Laboratory : Acoustics laboratory was

designed to perform the noise measurement of

light commercial and passenger vehicles. The

system includes semi-anechoic chamber and a

chassis dynamometer which simulates all kind of

road conditions.

• Vehicle Exhaust Emission Test Room: Vehicle

Exhaust Emission Chamber, the exhaust

emission tests for automobiles and light

commercial vehicles can be performed in

environments of -7 °C temperature as per Euro V


• Engine Test Room: Engine Testing Stand is

compatible with related European Regulations

and Directives on Exhaust Emissions; Exhaust

Gases, particulates, fume etc. Heavy Duty Diesel

Engines can be tested.

• Hydropulse : Hydropulse System (Schenck) is

programmable vehicle/system fatigue test and

road simulating equipment that all kind of forces

and vibrations could be applied.

• Shed Test Cell : Shed is the hydrocarbon

evaporative emission test cell. This cell aims to

perform the test procedures in EURO I-II-III and

Carb standards and to carry out the related R&D



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