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University of Ljubljana

Organisation type: University

Contact person: Mr Milos Sturm

Phone number contact person: +386 4171 6831

Email contact person:

Location head office: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Number of employees: 320



Pa r t n e r s G u i d e


Short summary

of expertise and


Research work at the Faculty of Engineering is

running in several fields, like electrical energy

supply and distribution, electric machines

and power electronics, electronics and microelectronics,

biocybernetics, measurement systems,

automation, robotics and telecommunications,

respectively. There is a strong commitment to

research work in the field of automotive

applications, also in close cooperation with

Slovenian companies.


Activities in the field of renewable energy

utilization for hydrogen production and storage

were focused investigating of various methods

for additional hydrogen purification that is

required for metal-hydride (MH) tanks storage.

Vehicle hybridization

The core vehicle hybridization research activity

is the synthesis of an integrated startergenerator

with torque booster (ISGTB) and an

internal combustion engine (ICE) at various

engine displacement ranges. ICE characteristics

define the origin for the design of most

appropriate electrical machines and power

electronic converters.

Electric machine control and diagnostics

Sophisticated electrical machines require an

adequate control approach therefore activities

for development and implementation of

innovative predictive torque control of AC and

DC drives are running intensively.

Internal combustion engines

Together with our close research partners from

Slovenia, among which are some significant

European automotive suppliers, we expanded

our core research activities to internal

combustion engines, with particular focus on

diesel engines and their compliance to latest

environment standards.

Industry support

A strong connection to different research

institutions and production companies in

Slovenia and broader world were established

also through our research activities and

involvement in different national and

international research projects (e.g. under

European 6FP and 7FP, etc) as well as through

our active membership in different

organizations (EARPA, ERTRAC – via our

research partners, etc).

Beside educational mission our priority focus is

spreading the scientific knowledge directly to

innovative products and production processes.


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