Review DANUBEPARKS by Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
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Review DANUBEPARKS by Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve

I. Expectations towards DANUBEPARKS network

1. Development of a network of Protected Areas that would establish anefficient communication system between all the partners and that willshare experience regarding the best management practices of eacharea involved;2. Increasing the interest of all the factors and stakeholders in theproblems of the rest of the partners; to enlarge the knowledge on allcommon features of the PA in the network but also on theparticularities of each partner;3. Development within the network of a tourism product common to allthe Protected Areas (ex. Touristic routes along the Danube withaccents and visits in all Protected areas partners in the network);4. Improvement of the collaboration between all the PAs regarding thecontrol and management;


Conclusion!A better management for each Protected Area

II. Achievement of goals

1. Better communication within the network (participation to task forcemeetings, study visits, workshops);

2. Improved management tools through the project results:•management principles and monitoring concepts on NATURA 2000;•gained experience in managing the NATURA2000 sites;•ecological restoration principles for the PAs both along the Danube andRomania/Ukraine cross-border area;•reconsideration of strictly protected areas within Danube Delta BiosphereReserve (new concepts and management ideas);•a manual/handbook for conservation measures for European Mink;•a visitor’s guide for Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve;•conservation measures for WTE and sturgeons (development of a LIFE+ projectproposal for conservation of Danube Sturgeons);•increasing the capacity of DDBRA staff (rangers, visitor center staff, etc.)through joint trainings and exchange of staff;

3. New joint voice of the DANUBEPARKS network on European andInternational level•A strategy on Danube navigation;•A strategy on White-tailed eagle conservation;•A strategy on nature tourism;

4. Transnational awareness for the importance of natural assets asa development factor•Sturgeon monument (one in Tulcea/Romania and one in Orth ander Donau/Austria);•Transnational festivals and events;•The mobile exhibitions (“A chance for the Blue Danube” and the“Soundmap of the Danube”);•Mass-media visibility and printed materials (DANUBEPARKSBrochures and Sturgeon Leaflets);

III. Potential for improvements

1. Extension of the DANUBEPARKS network by includingnew Protected Areas;2. Development of the DANUBEPARKS network in aninstitutional (legal) framework (like ICPDR);3. A common tourism product (a joint ecological cruisewith stops in all protected areas in the network);4. A common day to celebrate the DANUBEPARKSnetwork;5. New activities derived from the strategies developed inthe DANUBEPARKS I project;6. Continue to build capacities for the staff, directors andmanagers of each Protected Area of the network.

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