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Cover: MGSM Alumnus Eimund LooNational Anti-Piracy Lead, Microsoft Hong KongInformation in this publication is correct as at August 2014 but is subject to change from time-to-time.In particular, the university reserves the right to change the content or the method of presentation ofany unit of study, or to withdraw any unit or course of study which it offers, or to impose limitations onenrolment in any unit or course of study or to make amendments to any of its policies. Please note thatnot all units are offered every year.

Contents4 Welcome to MGSM6 MGSM & Macquarie University7 Why MGSM?8 International Perspective10 Your MGSM Experience12 You’re In Good Company14 Flexible pathway16 Graduate Certificate of Management17 Graduate Diploma of Management18 MGSM MBA19 Choose your Electives20 Course Unit Directory24 Admission Information28 Life after MGSM29 Alumni Network30 You’re in good hands“We develop leaders with aglobal mindset who createsustainable value and aregood citizens.”Professor Alex Frino Dean3

Welcome to MGSM“We give our students the edge because we operateat the very forefront of business. Our teaching isgrounded in the reality of what it means to work inbusiness, not only in Australia but around the world.”Professor Alex Frino Deanconsultants, directors andIt is essential that oureducational experience. Weeven politicians.students be exposed togive our students the edgeSince our inception in 1969,MGSM has consistentlysucceeded in deliveringone of the world’s leadingMaster of BusinessAdministration (MBA)programs.We are proud to be rankedamong the top businessschools in the world byThe Economist ‘WhichMBA’ Survey. Further, ouralumni network of 16,500boasts CEO and countlessDespite our long history ofsuccess, we must continueto look forward. Business nolonger happens within thefour walls of an office and itis critical that MGSM not onlyadapts but leads the way.As I enter my second year asDean of MGSM, I am focusedon our continued evolutionas educators, innovatorsand researchers. I believethat developing a trulyglobal mindset amongstour students, faculty andacademics is key to thecutting edge theories andtechniques from leadingminds, whether they be inAustralia or elsewhere. Wemust provide our studentswith opportunities to learnand experience differentcultures and we must exposetheir minds to differentways of solving problemsor adapting to change.We must also provideour students with theopportunities to work on realprojects in partnership withleading domestic and globalorganisations.because we operate at thevery forefront of business.Our teaching is grounded inthe reality of what it meansto work in business, notonly in Australia but aroundthe world.As we continue to evolve,my vision is for MGSMto be a business schoolwhich provides a trulyinternational and dynamicperspective on leadershipand management, and onewhere our students thrivebecause of our global profileand networks..members of the C-suite,as well as entrepreneurs,continued success of ourschool and our students.At MGSM, we offer aprogressive and practicalProfessor Alex FrinoDeanOur programs equipthe program and after theyThe multi-tiered programMGSM is one of the world’sleading business schoolsand has an internationaloutlook. This matcheswell with the needs of themodern manager, whois increasingly likely todevelop a career that has aglobal focus.managers with the skills theyneed to excel at a high levelin business. At MGSM youwill be taught by world-classfaculty – many of whomhave extensive experiencein business at a senior levelin addition to possessingstellar academic credentials.The faculty is well placed toguide students and to helpthem in practical problemsolvingduring their time ingraduate and join MGSM’slarge alumni body.MGSM is very focused onproviding students with apractical and applied learningexperience. For instance,MBA students at MGSMcan take a research-basedunit that involves doing asupervised piece of research.They can also elect to join aninternational study tour aspart of their study program.structure at MGSM, and thefact that we have campusesin Hong Kong and Sydney,creates the flexibility forstudents to move along at apace of study that is suited tothe individual.I look forward to welcomingyou to MGSM.Professor Richard PettyExecutive Director International4

MGSM & Macquarie UniversityMGSM’s main campus is located within the grounds of MacquarieUniversity, one of Australia’s leading universities. MGSM’s facilitieshave been developed with the business-person in mind, but ourstudents can also enjoy the many benefits of being associatedwith one of Australia’s premier universities, such as access to thestate-of-the-art library as well as sports and recreational facilities.Photo: Brett CornishMGSM’s Main CampusMGSMMGSM has an international reputation for excellence inmanagement education and is consistently ranked by TheEconomist “Which MBA?” Survey as a leading business schoolin Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and on a global stage.MGSM was established in 1969, one of the first businessschools to be created in Australia, with the purpose ofproviding rigorous postgraduate education for managersand executives.We specialise in the delivery of a comprehensive suite ofpostgraduate and MBA degree programs designed to fulfilthe needs of the management professional.Macquarie universitySituated in the north-west of Sydney, Macquarie Universityhas over 145,000 graduates and a current enrolment thatexceeds 38,000 students.Macquarie University is one of Australia’s most dynamicand progressive universities and is a leading institution forresearch in Australia.Macquarie University takes pride in its ability to deliver highquality programs that specifically meet the needs of industryand equip students with the skills and knowledge required tomeet the challenges of modern society.Much has changed in the last 45 years, but our mantra forexcellence has remained constant.6

Why MGSM?Our postgraduate management education prepares studentsto operate at the frontier of business; providing a frameworkand a foundation for success in leadership across any function,in any country.REPUTATIONMGSM is Sydney’s leadingbusiness school and one ofthe top business schools inthe world.The school has receivedthe prestigious AACSBaccreditation and isrecognised internationallyfor outstanding academicquality that greatlystrengthens the careerdevelopment andremuneration of itsstudents.Our MBA program ranksnumber 1 in the worldfor increase in salary,with students achievingan average 96 per centincrease on pre-MBAsalary (The EconomistWhich MBA? 2013).FLEXIBILITYFlexible and practical, ourprograms are above allan enriching educationalexperience. All of ourcourses are linked to forman integrated pathway withthe opportunity to progressfrom one to another,leading ultimately to theMGSM Master of BusinessAdministration (MBA). Youcan complete the MBA parttimein Hong Kong (typicallytwo to three years). You canalso choose to pause yourstudy as your lifestyle orcareer dictates. Studentscan commence their studyprogram in January or Juneeach year.Content is delivered in blockformat and online, providingtwo distinct study optionswithin the program.Our students study at ourHong Kong campus andcan choose to study part ofthe course in Sydney (NorthRyde and Sydney CBD).STUDENT QUALITYThe maturity andexperience of MGSMstudents are significant. Inaddition, MGSM studentsare from different academic,cultural and professionalbackgrounds. This diversity,aligned with the maturity ofour student cohort, enrichesthe classroom environmentmaking the MGSM MBA aunique and challengingexperience.FOCUSOur faculty are dedicatedsolely to postgraduateeducation, are highlyqualified and possessextensive industryexperience, often combiningbusiness backgrounds withacademic excellence. TheMGSM teaching method isgrounded in the realities ofworking in business. Highlypractical, our teachingbridges the gap betweentheory and ‘real-world’application.AUTONOMYMGSM is one of the fewremaining autonomousbusiness schools inAustralia.Our campuses are designedspecifically to accommodatebusiness professionalsand our faculty only teachpostgraduate content toprofessional students.7

International PerspectiveUnderstanding how business operates in the global environment isa critical skill for any future business leader. At MGSM, it is our goalto develop leaders who have a truly global mindset and a real-worldunderstanding of the international business environment.ACADEMICPARTNERSHIPSCORPORATECONNECTIONSCOHORT DIVERSITYOur students representOUR GLOBAL FOCUSOur broad range of electivesMGSM enjoys relationshipsAs one of Australia’s mosta variety of academic,includes units which addresswith universities around theconnected business schools,cultural and professionalthe specific challengesworld including ESSEC inMGSM partners withbackgrounds.of doing business andFrance, European BusinessSchool in Germany andTsinghua University’sPeople’s Bank of ChinaSchool of Finance – thefirst such agreementthis prestigious Chineseuniversity has signed withan Australian businessschool.Our exchange agreementswith these universitiesoffer our students theopportunity to study part oftheir program abroad.domestic and global firmsto deliver a curriculum thatis grounded in industryand reality. These businesspartnerships enable us todeliver highly innovativeunits such as the ‘LivingCase Study’. This electiveunit of study (within theMBA program) has seenMGSM students in Sydneyentrenched in managementconsulting projects formajor organisations suchas Siemens, British Telecomand Pfizer.This diversity enrichesthe classroom experienceand enables students tofurther develop their globalmindset – fundamental forany future business leader.Students also build a closeknitnetwork of high calibreprofessionals from aroundthe world. Such connectionspromote life-longlearning and professionalopportunities.competing across borders.By undertaking this suite ofunits, students are able todevelop the knowledge andskills needed to succeed ininternational markets.■■MGSM824 Doing Businessin/with China■■MGSM815 InternationalMarketing■■MGSM879 Managing with aGlobal Mindset■■MGSM849 Raising Capitalin Global Markets8

‘‘I chose MGSMbecause of its stronginternational reputationand its emphasis on teachingthe best global business practices.Within this, the program incorporateda specific focus on Asia which hasbeen of great value to me.’’MGSM Alumnus James OsmundDirector – Digital ProductsFox International Channels9

Your MGSM experienceYour MGSM experience is truly unique - you can choose where to study,when to study, how to study and what to study, tailoring your learningexperience to suit your needs, your requirements and your lifestyle.Catering to the career demandsof busy professionals, MGSMstrives to offer its studentspostgraduate programs thatare as flexible as possible. AtMGSM you choose how tostudy, what to study and whereto study.WHERE?NORTH RYDESYDNEY CBDHONG KONGMGSM has three campuses,MGSM’s main campus,The School’s CBD campus isMGSM has developed a strongtwo in Sydney (North Rydelocated in the picturesquelocated in the heart of Sydneyfootprint in Hong Kong, oneand CBD) and one in Honggrounds of Macquarienear Circular Quay. Theof Asia’s most influential citiesKong. Students are able toUniversity at Macquarie Park,campus provides studentsand centres of banking andtake units at any of the threeNorth Ryde is approximatelywith excellent study facilitiesfinance. Our students cancampuses.a 30-minute drive fromand is often considered moreelect to study units at ourSydney’s CBD and is easilyconvenient for our part-Hong Kong campus as partaccessible via all forms oftime students working in orof any of the postgraduatepublic transport. The campusaround the city. This campusprograms offered by MGSMcomprises modern teachingalso includes excellently(units are taught in blockfacilities, state-of-the-artappointed teaching roomsformat only). The campus isIT facilities, well-equippedand syndicate rooms, alocated in Wanchai, in thesyndicate rooms, on-campuscomputer room and cateringheart of Hong and much more.facilities.10

WHEN?MGSM’s academic year runsfrom early January to mid-December and consists offour terms.Students can elect to enterthe Program in Term 1(January) and Term 3 (June).WHAT?Through our range of electiveunits, students are able totailor the MBA to suit theirspecific needs and careeraspirations.HOW?Each unit of study consistsof 40 hours of lecture timein the form of block classes.Block classes allow studentsto study the face-to- facehours intensively over sixdays (two weekends) withinthe 7-8 week term.Online Interactive classesallow students to completethe course units withouthaving to attend a physicalclass location. Highlyinteractive, each weekstudents participate inactivities using interactivetools which may includeforums and wikis. To watchhow it works, go online.STUDENT SUPPORTINDUCTION PROGRAMAll new students are encouraged to attend ‘Study Ready’– MGSM’s induction program, conducted just before yourfirst class. The program is designed to introduce you to theSchool’s environment, prepare you for postgraduate studyand simulate the MGSM learning environment.CAREERSMGSM Careers has a range of services available to studentsto assist them in navigating a successful career path. Fromexpert guidance on how to obtain a great role, to newnetworking insights, workshops, recruiting events and more.MGSM Careers has forged relationships with many influentialorganisations, not only in Sydney and Hong Kong but ona global stage, such as; Microsoft, Pfizer, Optus, SiemensPricewaterhouse Coopers, Woolworths and Rio Tinto.SCHOLARSHIPSMGSM has a number of scholarship opportunities availableto our Australian and International students. We encourageyou to review our broad range of scholarship opportunitiesonline at

You’re in good companyThe maturity and experience of MGSM’s students are significant. Thishas seen MGSM consistently ranked as one of the top five businessschools in the world for student quality (The Economist “WhichMBA?” survey). MGSM students are mature professionals and highlymotivated take their career further.GenderAGE RANGE (Years)32%35%25-2965%MALEFEMALE5%2%3%Under 25 5%Over 50 2%46-50 3%9%41-4536-4030-3534%15%Positions held at time of enrolmentYears of work experience10%13%9%6-78-91%ExecutiveCEO/MDMiddleManager58%1%2-38%4-510%Other16%Coordinator10+72%Source: New student data 201312

Job function (%) at time of enrolmentEngineeringExecutive/General ManagementHR Training & DevelopmentInformation TechnologyProduction/Manufacturing/OperationsProfessional ServicesSales/Marketing/PROther3. where employed (%)Agriculture/Primary 1.0Business/Professional Services5.0Finance/Banking/Insurance17.0Information ServicesManufacturing14.014.0Media/Advertising/PR4.0Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare14.0Public Services/Utilities7.0Wholesale & Retail trade 6.0Other 17.0Since first enrolling in the program (%)Changed OrganisationChanged job descriptionBeen promotedIncreased responsibilityNo changeStudied fill-time14. RepresentedARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, CHILE, CHINA, COLOMBIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, ENGLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY,INDIA, INDONESIA, IRELAND, ITALY, JAPAN, LEBANON, MALAYSIA, MEXICO, NEW ZEALAND, PAKISTAN, PERU,RUSSIAN FEDERATION, SINGAPORE, SOUTH AFRICA, SRI LANKA, SWITZERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, UNITEDSTATES OF AMERICA & ZIMBABWE.13

Flexible pathwayMGSM’s suite of management programs are linked to form anintegrated, flexible pathway, leading ultimately to the Master ofBusiness Administration (MBA). Regardless of the entry point,all course units are taught at the same academic level as the MBA.FLEXIBILITYOur suite of programs offers theflexibility of multiple entry andgraduation points, with the opportunityto progress from one program toanother upon successful completionof each program. This building blockapproach allows you to tailor yourstudy to match your experience anddesired outcomes.Regardless of your entry point, allcourse units are taught at the sameacademic level as the MBA.Entry RequirementsIndividuals wishing to participatein an MGSM award program shouldpossess an undergraduate degree,combined with a minimum of 2 yearsof work experience at a managerial/professional level.Alternatively, individuals withoutan undergraduate degree can electto begin their study at GraduateCertificate (GC) or Graduate Diploma(GD) entry point, and shoulddemonstrate a minimum of 5 yearsof work experience at a managerial/professional level. Internationalapplicants from non-English speakingcountries are required to demonstrateproficiency in English.LecturesYou will be required to attend allclasses for the duration of each unit.However, exceptional circumstancesare taken into consideration such asunavoidable travel on behalf of yourorganisation or the serious illness orinjury of you or a close family member.Special consideration may be given fora maximum of 20% non-attendance insuch circumstances.BLOCK CLASSESTypical examples of how a block model may be structuredWEEK 1PRE-READINGWEEK 2WEEK 3DAY 1 FRIDAY6.00PM–10.00PMDAY 4 FRIDAY6.00PM–10.00PMDAY 2 SATURDAY2.00PM–10.00PMDAY 5 SATURDAY2.00PM–10.00PMDAY 3 SUNDAY9.00AM–5.00PMDAY 6 SUNDAY9.00AM–5.00PMWEEK 4 ASSIGNMENTS PROJECTS GROUP WORK STUDYINGWEEK 5 ASSIGNMENTS PROJECTS GROUP WORK STUDYINGWEEK 6REVISIONWEEK 7EXAMINATIONWEEK 8BREAK14

graduate certificate OFMANAGEMENT4 course unitsFundamental management skillsare the focus of our GraduateCertificate of Management (GC).With a relevant and practicalgrounding in managementdelivered over four course units,students gain immediate careeradvancement opportunities.The Graduate Certificate ofManagement is designedspecifically for students whowant to pursue managementstudies, but may not meet theentry requirements for the MBAprogram or wish to ease backinto study before committing tothe MBA.You may also credit successfullycompleted units towards theGraduate Diploma or MBAprograms.graduate diploma OFMANAGEMENT8 course unitsThe purpose of the GraduateDiploma of Management (GD) isto provide students with expertinsight into a broader range ofcore management skills andcompetences.This program is designed fortomorrow’s business leaders andthose who want to consolidatework experience or advancetheir career. The GD provides anideal starting point if you needa thorough grounding in theoryto progress, or have been awayfrom study for some time.You may also credit successfullycompleted units towards theMBA program.master of businessAdministration (MBA)16 course unitsProviding a complete groundingin the core elements of generalmanagement, this programextends, challenges andultimately, transforms today’smanagement professional.Over the course of 16 units, youcan tailor your qualificationby selecting six elective units,enabling you to deepen yourknowledge within a certain field.As flexible as it is dynamic,this program is designed tosuit professionals with highmanagement and leadershippromise, who already holdpositions of responsibility.15

Graduate Certificate of ManagementDesigned specifically for thosewishing to learn or update theirknowledge on core elementsof business management.The Graduate Certificate ofManagement consists of 4 coreunits targeted to assist studentsin developing a thoroughunderstanding of key businesspractices related to people,finance, marketing and strategy.WHO IS IT DESIGNED FOR?The Graduate Certificateis designed for ambitiousprofessionals who occupyor are planning to occupyfunctional leadership or seniormanagement roles.This program provides an idealstarting point for students whowant to pursue managementstudies at a postgraduatelevel but may not yet meetthe entry requirements for theMGSM MBA, or for those whomay have reservations aboutcommitting to a full MBA in theshort term.PROGRAM LENGTH & MODEYou can complete theGraduate Certificate in 6-12months part-time.Graduates will be awardedthe Graduate Certificate ofManagement by MacquarieUniversity, which has thesame academic standing andrecognition as the Sydneyqualification.Upon successful completionof the Graduate Certificatestudents can opt to progress tothe Graduate Diploma. All unitscompleted under the certificatewill count as credits towards thediploma level.Registration No. 211317CRICOS course code: 083755COrganisationalbehaviourMarketingmanagementAccounting formanagementStrategicFrameworks16

Graduate Diploma of ManagementProviding a deeper insightinto key elements of businessmanagement, the GraduateDiploma consists of 8 core unitsspecifically chosen to ensure thatstudents develop the necessaryknowledge and skills to occupysenior leadership roles.This program will allow you togain a holistic understandingof the business environmentand provide the tools tohelp students enhance theirprofessional performance andadvance their career.WHO IS IT DESIGNED FOR?The Graduate Diploma isdesigned for ambitiousprofessionals who occupyor are planning to occupyfunctional leadership or seniormanagement roles.This program can alsoserve as a starting pointfor students who want topursue management studiesat a postgraduate level butmay not yet meet the entryrequirements for the MGSMMBA, or for those who mayhave reservations aboutcommitting to a full MBA in theshort term.PROGRAM LENGTH & MODEYou can complete the Diploma in12-18 months part-time.Graduates will be awardedthe Graduate Diploma ofManagement by MacquarieUniversity, which has thesame academic standing andrecognition as the Sydneyqualification.Upon successful completion ofthe Graduate Diploma studentscan opt to progress to the Masterof Business Administration(MBA). All units completed underthe Diploma will count as creditstowards the MBA program.Registration No. 211318CRICOS course code: 083764BOrganisationalbehaviourMarketingmanagementAccounting formanagementstrategicframeworksinformation& decisionanalysisEconomiccontext ofmanagementFinancialManagementOperationsManagement17

Master of Business Administration (MBA)Ranked among the world’s top100 MBA (The Economist WhichMBA?), an MGSM MBA is atransformational experience.The program is designed toextend the knowledge, skillsand experience of its studentsthrough the analysis of problemsand challenges facing industriesand organisations. Coveringall key aspects of businessmanagement, the MGSM MBAcurriculum is grounded inindustry reality which, combinedwith a highly practical approach,bridges the gap between theoryand ‘real world’ application.As flexible as it is practical,over the course of 16 units,you can tailor your experienceby selecting 6 elective units,enabling you to deepen yourknowledge within a certain field.WHO IS IT DESIGNED FOR?This program is designedfor professionals with highmanagement and leadershippromise, who already holdpositions of responsibility.PROGRAM LENGTH & MODEYou can complete the MBA in2-3 years of part time study.The eight units that comprisethe Graduate Diploma ofManagement are to bestudied first. Upon completion,Graduates will be awarded theMBA by Macquarie University,which has the same academicstanding and recognition asthe Sydney qualification.Registration No. 210545CRICOS course code: 083781AOrganisationalbehaviourMarketingmanagementAccounting formanagementStrategicFrameworksinformation& decisionanalysisEconomiccontext ofmanagementfinancialmanagementOperationsmanagementFoundations ofManagementThoughtStrategicManagementElective unit 1Elective unit 2Elective unit 3Elective unit 4 Elective unit 5Elective unit 618

Choose your electivesWhen studying the MBA you will have the ability to tailor yourprogram to suit your specific needs, objectives and careeraspirations by choosing six elective units.MGSM’s selection of elective units enable you to tailor your MBA program. Our elective units assist you in developing skills thatwill enable you to change the course of your career or to strengthen your perceived weaknesses. You may wish to select electiveunits that will enhance your knowledge base within your current industry and/or chosen field or, of course, simply choose unitsthat appeal to your personal interests.When selecting from MGSM’s elective units the choices you make are yours, however we have recommended the followingareas of business that you may wish to consider tailoring your study towards and the nominated units that will suit each area:FINANCIAL STRATEGY■■Business PerformanceMeasurement andManagement■■Entrepreneurial Finance■■Investment Management■■Raising Capital in GlobalMarkets■■Report 1■■Report 2MARKETING■■Advertising and PromotionsManagement■■Consumer Behaviour■■International Marketing■■Report 1■■Report 2PEOPLE ANDPERFORMANCE■■Leadership and Motivation■■Managing with a GlobalMindset■■Strategic HR Management■■Report 1■■Report 2GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES■■International Marketing■■International Perspectives:Study Tour■■Managing with a GlobalMindset■■Raising Capital in GlobalMarkets■■Report 1■■Report 2China Study TourMGSM has conducted an annual China Study Tour for almosta decade. This two-week guided study tour to China, typicallyin the spring, represents a truly fantastic opportunityfor participants to gain hands-on insights into the uniqueattributes of Chinese markets.The Study Tour learning (representing two units towards theMBA program) examines thekey challenges and best practices in both local and foreigncompanies operating in China, and will take place in a liveenvironment, engaging with senior executives and managersfrom within leading organisations in China.19

Course unit directoryBelow is a brief synopsis of each of the units (foundationand elective). Foundation units are offered every year, butsome electives may not be offered each year.Accounting forManagementMGSM840This unit equips managers withthe skills and tools to construct,analyse, interpret and act uponthe accounting and financialinformation produced withina business. This discussion andanalysis begins with the threefinancial statements targetedat external users: the Profit andLoss Statement, the BalanceSheet, and the Statement ofCash Flows. The unit thenproceeds into the analysis,interpretation, and the useof management accountinginformation for the purpose ofmanagerial decision making.Real life complexities in thedecision making process arehighlighted.Advertising andPromotionsManagementMGSM818Prerequisite: MGSM820 MarketingManagementThis unit focuses on providingthe tools for managers tobe able to critically evaluatepromotional strategies thatare presented to them. Theunit is designed to give a clearunderstanding of the settingof promotional objectivesand the development ofcreative and media strategiesemployed by small to largeorganisations. It exploressome of the fundamentaltheories that underpinmarketing communicationsand current day leading-edgepromotional campaigns thathave successfully created majorimpact in their respectivemarkets. It analyses keystrengths and weakness of eachof the major media vehicles,examining current trends inconsumer and advertiser usagepatterns.Business PerformanceMeasurementand ManagementMGSM842Prerequisite: MGSM840 Accountingfor ManagementThis unit discussesdevelopments in the effectivemeasurement and managementof business performance. Itaims to provide participantswith: technical expertise in theapplication of measurementtools; an ability to criticallyevaluate performancemeasurement and managementalternatives; and anunderstanding of how to designperformance measurementsystems to achieve theirintended objectives. Topicscovered include: managingeffectively through ‘thefinancials’; shareholder-valuebased frameworks includingEVA; integrated performancemeasurement including thebalanced scorecard; and themanagement of intangibles andcorporate social responsibility.Consumer BehaviourMGSM819Prerequisite: MGSM820 MarketingManagementInnovating is at the core ofsuccessful enterprises todaywhether start-ups or Fortune500 companies. Adoptinga customer perspective is aguiding principle for successfulbusiness model design. Adesirable, viable and feasibleproduct or service innovationrequires deep customerempathy. This unit explores keyconcepts in design innovationbased on the human-centredapproach called “designthinking” that provides amanagerial framework to applyclassical consumer behaviourtheories in practice. This unit willintroduce students to the toolsand practices of innovation,deep customer insight, anddesign thinking in real worldapplications. This unit is basedon experiential learning, i.e.learning by doing.Economic Context ofManagementMGSM845This unit introduces you tobasic tools of economic analysissuch as supply and demandand the Keynesian model ofthe economy together witha discussion of the role ofeconomic policymakers in theAustralian economy and tracingout how changes in economicconditions (particularly thosearising overseas) work theirway through the economy andaffect individual businesses.EntrepreneurialFinanceMGSM847Prerequisite: MGSM840 Accountingfor ManagementEntrepreneurial Finance examinesthe theory and practiceassociated with the financing ofnew ventures. This unit exploressources of funding, risk, venturecapital financing terms andmodels, value creation, and exits.This study of entrepreneurialfinance will enhance yourability to finance and launchnew ventures, from both theviewpoints of the entrepreneurand external investors. Casestudies will feature throughoutthe unit and entrepreneurs andinvestors will make presentationsduring this unit.Financial ManagementMGSM835Prerequisite: MGSM840 Accountingfor ManagementThe fundamentals of financialmanagement are introducedfrom the perspective ofthe finance manager in afirm, namely those makinginvestment, financing anddividend decisions. Financetheory is applied with the aim ofproviding a coherent frameworkand insights to assist in formingreasoned judgements. Casestudies and financial planningmodels are used to providecontext. The unit coversmethods used in evaluatinginvestment projects, assessingrisk for competing projects,valuation and capital structure.Foundations ofManagement ThoughtMGSM880This is a unit that examinesmanagement in the context ofthe history of Western thought.It details, clarifies and deepensour understanding of the role ofrationality, science, democracy,culture and communication inmanaging organisations. Variousphilosophies of managementare pursued through a criticalanalysis of the contribution ofdistinguished writers: Homer,Plato, Machiavelli, Descartes,Hume, Marx, Nietzsche, Sartreand Heidegger. The unit hasbeen designed to convey theview that what is importantabout any explanatoryperspective is not what itexplains, but what it assumes.A central aim of the unit is,20

therefore, to encourage studentsto uncover assumptions,analyse them critically and buildpersonal perspectives. Thefollowing three assumptions,which govern the unit, shouldbe especially noted. First,managing is essentially aphilosophical activity becausethe world is interpreted throughdifferent perspectives. Second,there is no authoritative criterionfor determining that oneperspective is more valid thananother. Third, managementtraining needs to be combinedwith management education.To train is to instruct, drill andsubordinate individuals toroutines, standards, practices.To educate is to develop theintellectual, moral and aestheticpowers of individuals.Information andDecision AnalysisMGSM960This unit presents the necessarytools and technological skills toenable the modern businessmanager to assess practicalproblems that arise in theworkplace and to solve themwith the aid of appropriatequantitative techniques.Topics covered include thedevelopment of statisticalexpertise, and data analysis andmodelling for both strategicplanning and tactical decisionmaking.It also covers theefficient use of all resources toenhance the effectiveness ofmanagement. The overall aimis to improve the reliability ofdecisions made and to betterenable an appropriate strategy tobe adopted through the use ofscientific method.InternationalMarketingMGSM815Prerequisite: MGSM820 MarketingManagementThis unit addresses the importantconceptual and practical issueswhich confront the domesticbusiness when it decides tomarket its products (goods and/or services) in foreign countries.Studies include importantmacro business environmentaldifferences, market entry modes,and international marketingstrategy and programs, inaddition to the practical problemsencountered in implementinginternational marketing strategiesand marketing programs inforeign countries.InternationalPerspectives: StudyTourMGSM989In this unit students participate inan overseas study visit to currentedgeorganisations, adoptinga project-based experientiallearning approach. The unit strivesto provide a deep-level learningexperience and strike a balancebetween academic, professional,cultural and intercultural learning.In recognition of participants’varied interests, this subject isapproached on a self-directedlearning basis. Study visitsembrace various focuses on keychallenges and best practices inthe areas of socially-responsibleglobal leadership development,government/businessrelationship development andmanagement, internationalbusiness/marketing strategies,intellectual property protection,knowledge management, talentdevelopment and management,operations and technology.investmentmanagementMGSM836Prerequisite: MGSM840 Accountingfor Management and MGSM835Financial ManagementThis unit develops a conceptualframework in the understandingof modern investments. MBAstudents learn about theinvestment industry, the riskreturnrelation, asset allocationbetween risky and risk-free assets,and the construction of optimalportfolios. The unit also providesinsights in terms of modelsthat explain the cross-sectionof stock returns, articulatingand considering the marketefficiency debate, differencesbetween behavioural financeand rational expectations, bondportfolio management, andportfolio insurance techniques(i.e. hedging with derivatives).The unit concludes by examiningportfolio performancemeasurement as the final step inthe investment process.Leadership andMotivationMGSM876This unit explores the practicesand philosophies underpinningleadership and motivation,encouraging studentsto develop integrativelycomplexthinking. Casestudies from around theworld enable participantsto evaluate theoretical andempirical contributions toleadership while reflectingon their own leadership andmotivation practices. Theunit focuses on leadership’simportant contribution to highperformance and resilience inan enterprise, with particularemphasis on sustainableleadership practices. Theoverriding objective is to equipstudents with a theoreticalunderstanding and set of toolsand frameworks that enablethem to diagnose leadershipissues and propose responsiblesolutions in complex, diverseglobal contexts.Management ofInnovationMGSM897Innovation can happenthrough new products andservices, new markets and newprocesses. Within this context,today’s innovators are seen asentrepreneurs as well, and inthis unit, the key theories andresearch on innovation andentrepreneurship are reviewedand synthesized with emphasison the practice of both theseareas applied in a broadercontext. Areas covered includethe study of innovation as aprocess; sources, adoptionand diffusion of innovation;open innovation; risks oftechnology transfer; socialentrepreneurship; creation ofgrowth and sustainability; andinterfaces between innovation,entrepreneurship and businesscompetitiveness.Managing with aGlobal MindsetMGSM879This unit will equip participantswith the knowledge and skillsthat are central to developinga global mindset. In a globalcontext we need to be able tobounce back very quickly fromthe surprise of unexpectedand unfamiliar ways of doingthings to lead people who dothings in a way other than ourown. The unit shall focus ondeveloping the competenciesto work across difference,develop psychological flexibility,intellectual, psychological andsocial capital for managingpeople who have unfamiliarways of doing things. Thesedifferences can be experiencedabroad or at home.MarketingManagementMGSM820The marketing function ofany company forms a bridgebetween its internal structures,resources and goals and theexternal market place in whichit operates. Through marketingwe facilitate an exchange withcustomers, i.e. understandingwhat customers need andproviding it profitably andsustainably. In every marketacross the globe, leadingcompanies are those that havean intrinsic understanding oftheir customers and use thisunderstanding to shape theirmarket winning strategies.MGSM820 provides participantswith tools, techniques andframeworks to assist inmanagerial decision-makingin relation to the marketingfunction. This includesidentifying markets andsegments, understandingconsumer behaviour, strategictargeting and positioningand the latest approaches toproduct, pricing, distributionand communications. Above all,this unit teaches participants21

Course unit directory (continued)how to think about themarketing function in relationto the business as a whole inorder to create sustainablevalue for the firm and itsstakeholders.OperationsManagementMGSM890This unit examines the keyissues currently facing allservice and manufacturingorganisations when creatingthe products and services.A primary aim of the unit isto illustrate the principlesinvolved in effectively creatinga value proposition and howthe value transformationprocess is managed in theorganisation and across thevalue chain. The unit willalso examine the strategiccontribution that operationsmanagement can make tothe organisation’s long-termsuccess. After placing theactivities required of theoperations manager into aconceptual framework, thepractical issues and difficultiesin making operations decisionsare examined. Included arethe areas of product designconversion processes formaking goods and services,planning and control, theimpact of e-commerceon operations, supplychain management, andimprovement activities.OrganisationalBehaviourMGSM870Organisational behaviour(OB) is a multi-disciplinaryfield that utilises insightsfrom psychology, sociology,anthropology, social psychology,and economics to study humanbehaviour within organisationalsettings. Given the importanceof understanding humanbehaviour in the workplace, thisunit aims to engage students toexplore and critically examineinsights about human behaviourat work to better manageand improve organisationalcapabilities and performance.The unit covers micro- (suchas individual foundations,perceptions, attitudes andmotivation), meso- (such ascommunication and teamdynamics), and macro-level(such as culture, change, powerand leadership) perspectives ofOB, as well as ethics and CSR.Raising Capital inGlobal MarketsMGSM849This unit is concerned with theway in which capital is raisedby corporations in the world’smajor markets. This includes adetailed examination of IPO’sand equity offerings whichcan be undertaken. The rulesand regulations surroundingthe issue of various forms ofcapital will be examined. Thethree largest equities marketsin each of the Asian, Europeanand American time-zones willbe examined, namely HK, UKand USA capital markets. Thisunit is also concerned with theprocesses which turn ordersinto trades in securities markets,and the forces which mouldand affect both order flow andorder execution. At the endof the unit, students shouldbe able to understand (1) howthe international markets forvarious securities includingforeign exchange, swaps, bondsand equities are organised, (2)how trading is conducted inthese markets and how thesetransactions are cleared, (3) howthe markets are regulated, ifthey are supervised and whatrisks different counterpartiesface in these markets. Theunit aims to equip studentsto independently analyseinternational investment andfinancing alternatives and toestimate expected returnsand costs taking into accountliquidity risk, price volatilityand credit risk. The unit will betaught in four separate moduleswithin four separate countries.Report 1MGSM950This is an individual thesisstyledunit requiring a report ofapproximately 10,000 words ona research project. Identificationof client, subject and thesiscontent is to be negotiated witha nominated MGSM academicsupervisor and approvalgiven by the MGSM DirectorHigher Degrees Researchprior to commencementof this unit. The aim of thisunit is to provide experiencewith in-depth research ona specific topic. Along withsystematic development of atopic of research, students gainexperience in the execution,analysis and presentation of aresearch project. Students areencouraged to publish theirfindings.Report 2MGSM951Available to MBA students only.Prerequisite: MGSM950 Report 1This is an individual thesisstyledunit requiring a reportof approximately 10,000words on a research project.Identification of client,subject and thesis contentis to be negotiated with anominated MGSM academicsupervisor and approvalgiven by the MGSM DirectorHigher Degrees Researchprior to commencement ofthis unit. The aim of this unitis to provide the studentwith further experience within-depth research on a specifictopic. Along with systematicdevelopment of a topicof research, students gainexperience in the execution,analysis and presentation of aresearch project. Students areencouraged to publish theirfindings.Strategic FrameworksMGSM850This unit compares the majorframeworks and concepts inthe discipline of strategy. Keystrategic issues are exploredfrom the perspective(s) of themost appropriate framework(s)and concept(s), and problemsolving techniques areemployed. You will learnwhy organisations changetheir strategic direction, theimportance of those changes,and the process that leads tosuch key decisions. This unitwill help you develop yourleadership qualities that produceorganisations which are resilientand competitively sustainable.Strategic HumanResource ManagementMGSM800Contemporary organisationsboth large and small areconfronted with dramaticchanges in their environment– government intervention,globalisation and increasedcompetition, workplace diversity,population trends, evolvingsocial standards and the searchfor talent. To effectively adaptto these changes, organisationsneed well-designed and wellexecutedHRM policies whichenable them to attract, develop,reward, motivate and retain astable core of high-performingemployees. This unit explorescontemporary human resourcemanagement within thisenvironment. Students willlearn the foundation theories ofstrategic HRM and they will thenlearn to evaluate and implementthese policies and practicesinto their organisations. Casebasedand practical learning is afeature of this unit.22

Strategic ManagementMGSM860Available to MBA students only.Prerequisite: MGSM850 StrategicFrameworksThis unit is fundamentallyconcerned with the manymanagerial plans and actionsinvolved in companies’ questto gain and sustain competitiveadvantage over rivals, how theymight stay “in fit” with everchangingenvironments, andhow they manage change. This isa capstone unit that draws froma range of different disciplinesand brings together much of theconcepts/ideas/subjects that youhave been exposed to in earlierunits. The purpose of this unit isto help you develop your ownpoint of view on the formulationand implementation of strategyand on the roles and tasks ofstrategic leaders.Information in this publicationis correct as at August 2014 but issubject to change from time-totime.In particular, the Universityreserves the right to changethe content or the method ofpresentation of any unit of study,or to withdraw any unit or courseof study which it offers, or toimpose limitations on enrolmentin any unit or course of study orto make amendments to any of itspolicies. Please note that not allunits are offered every year.‘‘ Without the MBAI do not believe that Iwould be in the positionthat I am today. ’’MGSM Alumnus Steve CoxManaging Director: Dymocks23

Admission informationEntry RequirementsMGSM is renowned for the high standard of its students. To maintain this standard, the following entry requirements are inplace. Applicants for the MBA who have substantial work experience but do not have a degree may commence studies at theGraduate Diploma of Management level. On successful completion of the Graduate Diploma of Management, and based on ahigh level of achievement, students may apply to progress to the MBA program.MBAgraduate diplomaOF Managementgraduate certificate OFManagementDirect entryA degree from a recognised university (or equivalent)and a minimum of two years of relevant work experience(e.g. managerial/professional).a) a degree from a recognised university (or equivalent)and a minimum of two years of relevant work experience(e.g. managerial/professional); ORb) for those without a degree, a minimum of five years ofrelevant work experience (e.g. managerial/professional)supported by evidence of professional attainment.a) a degree from a recognised university (or equivalent)and a minimum of two years of relevant work experience(e.g. managerial/professional); ORb) for those without a degree, a minimum of five years ofrelevant work experience (e.g. managerial/professional)supported by evidence of professional attainment.inDirect entryArticulation via successfulcompletion of the GraduateDiploma of Management.Articulation via successfulcompletion of the GraduateCertificate of Management.Referee reports providing information on experience, managerial potential and achievements must be submitted with all applications.24

English Language RequirementsApplicants who have not undertaken recognised studiestaught in English (e.g. degree, etc), are required todemonstrate proficiency in English. English language testsrecognised by MGSM are as follows: the Academic Module ofthe International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) test,Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), including TheWritten Examination (TWE) component. Applicants shouldarrange their own test and gain at least the required score.Macquarie University English Language Centre is an IELTS testcentre and also conducts intensive English (ELICOS) programsfor students who are preparing for university entry.For information about IELTS test schedules, contact ELC on:Telephone: +61 2 9850 6337Email: – Academic(General test notaccepted)TOEFL – internetRequired score6.5 overall(Minimum 6.0 in each band)90 overall20 in Listening22 in Structure/Writing20 in Reading20 in SpeakingTOFEL Paper Overall 570Minimum scores ofListening 53, Writing 59, Reading52 and Essay Writing 4.5MGSM reserves the right, in addition to the above, to administerfurther testing.RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING (RPL)Applicants who have previously undertaken studies inmanagement or a related field at other institutions may beeligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). There aretwo forms RPL – with credit and with substitution. RPL is notgranted for studies completed more than 10 years ago.Applicants wishing to apply for RPL should complete the RPLApplication form at who have successfully completed one or moreunits at a postgraduate level in a recognised institution,where the program of studies is considered substantiallyequivalent in content to a unit of the MGSM MBA program,may be considered for credit on the recommendation of theDirector, Academic Programs.The maximum RPL granted for completed postgraduatestudies is up to 50% of the equivalent MGSM program.This equates to:■■a maximum of two units toward a Graduate Certificate ofManagement program;■■a maximum of four units toward a Graduate Diploma ofManagement program;■■a maximum of eight units towards an MBA program.Applicants who have sucessfully completed studies with amajor in a particular subject area may be granted RPL withsubstitution, to substitute one unit with another unit.Qualifications from Professional BodiesQualifications from the following professional bodies are alsorecognised for RPL with credit as specified below:■■ICAA /CPA – Candidates who have completed the CharteredAccountants Program of the ICAA or CPA.■■Institute of Actuaries of Australia – Candidates who havecompleted the IAA Fellowship program.RPL Assessment and NotificationAcademic staff assess applications for RPL on a case-bycasebasis. The granting of RPL is not guaranteed and thefollowing factors are relevant to the decision:■■the reputation of the institution and the quality of programundertaken;■■unit content;■■assessment methods e.g. group work, individual work,exams, etc;■■hours of total student workload (including face-to-facehours); and■■the final grade achieved in the unit.IT RequirementsIn order to gain the maximum benefit from programsoffered by MGSM, students are required to have access to acomputer with internet access. In addition, it is a requirementfor some classes that students have access (per syndicategroup) to a suitable laptop during classes.25

Admission information (continued)ARTICULATIONAny student who has completed or is due to complete theGraduate Certificate of Management or Graduate Diploma ofManagement program, may apply to articulate to the Masterof Business Administration (MBA).Applications for articulation are assessed competitively, soapplicants must meet the entry requirements of the programand maintain a consistently high level of achievement.In order to be eligible for articulation, students are required to:■■achieve a PASS or higher in all units completed;■■score a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0; and■■have received no fail grades.Students wishing to articulate should complete a Request toArticulate form available on the student website.RETURNING STUDENTSStudents wishing to return to a higher MGSM degreeprogram 12 months after their graduation will need to applyas a returning student.For example, if you completed a Graduate Diploma ofManagement program in 2015 and decide to continue withan MBA in 2017, you will need to apply as a returning student.Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will be granted for allunits successfully completed in the original program for aperiod of up to 10 years. Returning students are requiredto comply with the current RPL policy at the time of reenrolment.Students returning after 12 months should complete aReturning Student form: and ChargesThe course tuition fee is a composite fee which includes:• Registration with the University• Induction Seminar• Intensive seminars conducted by lecturers from MGSM• Local study group• Examination in Hong Kong• Study notes and course materialsFurther InformationFor further information, contact:The Hong Kong Management AssociationTelephone: + 852 2774 8592/8500/8585Facsimile: + 852 2365 1000Email: LodgementThe application form for MGSM programs is enclosedin this brochure, together with the necessaryreferee reports and Statement of Personal Aims andAchievements form.Applications should be lodged:By mail to:The Local MGSM Secretariatc/o The Hong Kong Management Association16/F Tower B, Southmark11 Yip Hing Street,Wong Chuk Hang, HONG KONGIn person, at any HKMA centre.The Selection ProcessSelection is based on the applicant’s demonstrated recordof management/professional experience and academicachievement, as evidenced by factors such as Grade PointAverage (GPA), as well as assessments of managerial potentialand capacity for success.26The Academic Selection Committee bases its assessment ofmanagerial potential on referees’ reports and evidence ofclarity/direction in achieving career and personal objectivesin the personal statement required of applicants. TheAcademic Selection Committee judges applications on arange of criteria, and not just one or two indicators such asacademic results. Successful applicants will be notified byemail as soon as selection is finalised.

‘‘ The flexibility of theprogram allowed meto continue to focus ondeveloping my careerwhile studying.’’MGSM Alumna Jackie LeeHead of Marketing Planning and Governance,Retail Banking and Wealth ManagementMarketing, Hong Kong: HSBC27

Life after MGSMA new world of intellectual collaboration opens up when you chooseto study at MGSM and meet people from all walks of life and, from allover the world.POST - MBA ProgramAt MGSM we understand that the world of business doesn’tstop changing once you’ve completed your MBA study.To respond to changing business needs and ensure ourstudents remain top of their game, we have developed theGraduate Certificate of Management Post-MBA program.This is a four unit course designed for MBA graduates,enabling alumni of MGSM (and other recognised businessschools) to extend their study, hone their skills and remainat the cutting edge of business practice.This program is unique in the Australian market and offeredonly by MGSM.Julian SegalManaging Director and Chief Executive OfficerCaltex AustraliaALUMNI – STAY CONNECTEDBecoming a member of our Alumni Association (MGSMAA)enables you to maintain connections you made whilststudying, forge new ones and continue your learning journey.One of the key benefits of being an MGSM graduate isthe access you gain to our global network of high-calibreprofessionals. Currently there are some 16,500 membersof the MGSM alumni community, located in 135 countriesaround the world.Regardless of the graduation date, this extension programfurther refines skills, broadens knowledge and providesfirst hand access to the very latest management conceptsand tools required to face the constantly changing, globalbusiness environment.The program, which must be completed within onecalendar year, has been designed to offer flexibility and canbe achieved in a number of ways.Students can elect to study any four units that they havenot already undertaken during the completion of the MBAprogram. The chosen units can be studied in any format(block or evening classes) at either the North Ryde orSydney CBD campus. Students can even elect to study anyof the four units at our Hong Kong campus (block formatonly). To provide a truly international learning experience,students can elect to complete the China Study Tour (twounits), plus two additional units.CRICOS course code: 084276K28

Alumni networkOrganisations Represented on MGSM’s Hong Kong ProgramsABN Amro Bank NV Air New Zealand Ltd American Express International Inc.ASM Assembly Automation LtdAT&T Global Network ServicesHong Kong LtdBank of America Merrill LynchThe Bank of East Asia Ltd BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Ltd British Airways PLCBritish-American Tobacco Co (HK) Ltd Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd Cheung Kong (Holdings) LtdChevron Corp Citibank, N.A. CLP Power Hong Kong LimitedColgate-Palmolive (HK) Ltd DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd DFS Hong Kong LtdDHL DKSH HK Ltd Elec & Eltek InternationalHoldings LtdEricsson Ltd Ernst & Young Esso Mobil HK LtdFederal Express HK Ltd Gillette Hong Kong Ltd Goldman Sachs (Asia) LLCHang Seng Bank Limited Henderson Land Development Co Ltd Hewlett-Packard HK SAR LtdHoneywell LtdThe Hong Kong and China GasCompany LtdThe Hong Kong and ShanghaiBanking Corp LtdHong Kong Dragonair Airlines Ltd Hong Kong Electric (Holdings) Ltd Hong Kong Exchanges andClearing LtdTHE hong kong institute of bankers The Hong Kong Jockey Club Hong Kong Monetary Authority(HKSAR) Hong Kong Police ForceHutchison Telecommunications(HK) LtdHutchison Whampoa Properties LtdIBM China/HK Limited Intel Semiconductors (U.S) Ltd Island Shangri-La HotelJardine Airport Services Ltd Jardine Matheson LTD Jardine OneSolution (HK) LtdJOBSDB HONG KONG LTDJohnson Electric IndustrialManufactory Co LtdJP MorganKodak (Hong Kong) Limited Lane Crawford (HK) Ltd Li & Fung GroupMaersk HK Ltd Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Ltd Marks & Spencer (Asia Pacific Ltd)McDonald’s Restaurants (HK) Ltd McKinsey and Company Inc. Microsoft Hong Kong LtdModern Terminals Ltd Motorola Solutions Asia Pacific Ltd MTR Corporation LtdNCR Corporation Nestle Hong Kong Limited Nokia (HK) LtdOCEAN PARK CORPORATION PCCW Ltd PepsiCo InternationalPhilip Morris Asia Ltd San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong Ltd The Shui Hing Co LtdShun Hing Group SIEMENS LTD Sony Corporation of Hong Kong LtdSouth China Morning PostPublishers LtdStandard Chartered Bank (HK) LtdSwire Coca-Cola (HK) LimitedUnisys China/Hong Kong Ltd UPS Parcel Delivery Service Ltd Walt Disney Television Int (Asia Pacific)29

You’re in good handsMGSM’s faculty are highly qualified and many possess extensive industryexperience, combining business skills with academic excellence, bridgingthe gap between theory and real world application.DeanAlex frinoDean, Professor of Management(Finance)BCom MCom (Hons) W’gong MPhilCamb. Phd, CPATeaching AreasResearch, Banking and FinanceProfessor Frino specialises in corporatefinance and derivatives, and isthe lead author of a widely usedfinance textbook “An Introduction toCorporate Finance” which is currentlyin its fourth edition.Professor Frino has held visitingpositions with Credit Suisse FirstBoston, Sydney Futures Exchange,Australian Securities Exchangeand Commodity Futures TradingCommission in the USA. He hasalso held visiting professorial andresearch positions at the University ofCanterbury, New Zealand, CambridgeUniversity, England, Universita’Federico II, Italy and GeorgetownUniversity, USA.Professor Frino currently serves onthe editorial boards of the PacificBasin Finance Journal and Review ofFutures Markets. He is on the Board ofDirectors of the Financial ManagementAssociation of Australia Limited(FMAA), Asian Finance Associationand Wollongong Anglican ResidentialCollege Limited. He also serves on theDisciplinary Tribunal of the AustralianSecurities Exchange.PROFessorRICHARD PETTYExecutive Director International,Professor in Management(Accounting and Finance), BCom(First Class Honours and UniversityMedal) (UWS), MCom (Hons) (UNSW),PhD (Macq), FCPA (Aust, Life Member),MAICDTeaching AreasAccounting, Banking & FinanceProfessor Richard Petty is Chairman ofthe Australian Chamber of CommerceHong Kong and Macau, the largestAustralian Chamber of Commerceglobally. He is Past Chairman of theBoard and President of CPA Australiaand Chairman or Board Director ofseveral other companies. ProfessorPetty worked with Ernst & Young earlyin his career and has been a facultymember at several leading Universities.He is on the editorial boards ofseveral leading international researchjournals and he has authored over 100academic outputs including books,monographs, and refereed articles inleading journals.His most recent book (co-authoredwith Professor Michael Enright) isAustralia’s Competitiveness: FromLucky Country to CompetitiveCountry (Wiley, 2013). ProfessorPetty appears regularly in the mediaand has been interviewed andprofiled by channels including CNBC,Bloomberg, BBC, Wall Street JournalAsia, The Australian Financial Review,The Australian, The South ChinaMorning Post, Business Spectatorand others. Professor Petty was madea life‐member of CPA Australia in2011 for services to the accountingprofession. He has won awards bothas a researcher and as an editor ofacademic works, and he has wonawards in Hong Kong and in Australiafor teaching excellence. He is aFellow of the Australian Institute ofCompany Directors (FAICD) and aFellow of CPA Australia (FCPA, Life).PROFESSORMICHAEL AITKENBBus(Hons) (Massey),MBS (Massey) Ph.D. (UNSW)Teaching AreasOperations & Technology, Finance,ResearchPROFESSORCHARLES ARENIPro Dean and Associate Dean ResearchProfessor of Management (Marketing)B.S. (University of Florida), Ph.D.(University of Florida)Teaching AreasMarketing & Consumer BehaviourResearchPROFessorGAYLE AVERYProfessor of ManagementBA (Honours)(Sydney),MTCP (Sydney), PhD (Monash)Teaching AreasPeople & OrganisationsPROFessorRICHARD BADHAMProfessor of ManagementDip Sociol (Warwick), BA/Pol.(Warwick), PhD (Warwick)Teaching AreasPeople & OrganisationsResearchDR KYLE BRUCESenior Lecturer in ManagementBEc Syd, MCom (Hons)PhD (W’gong)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementPeople & OrganisationsPROFessorJOHN CROUCHERProfessor of ManagementBA (Hons), PhD (Macq.),MSc PhD (Minn), PhD (Hon) (DWU),FRSA FAustMS MAAFS MASORTeaching AreasOperations & TechnologyResearchDR LARS GROEGERLecturer in Management (Marketing)MSc (UoC), CEMS MIM(HEC/UoC), PhD (UoC)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementPROFessorNORMA HARRISONProfessor of ManagementBA, BEc (Sing), MBA (UWA),PhD (Macq.)Teaching AreasOperations & TechnologySupply Chain, Operations & Logistics,InnovationDR DEBBIE HASKI-LEVENTHALFaculty Leader of Global Citizenship,Senior Lecturer in Management(Organisational Behaviour)MA (HUJI); PhD (HUJI)Teaching AreasSustainable Leadership inOrganisations , People & OrganisationsAssociate PROFESSORCARMEL HERINGTONAssociate Professor of Management(Marketing)Dip Ed. BBus (Hons 1), PhDTeaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementDR ANDREW HEYSLecturer in ManagementBA(Hons) (Macq), MIntS (Hons) (Syd),PhD (Macq)Teaching AreasPeople & OrganisationsDR MATTHEW KEBLISSenior Lecturer in Management(Operations Management)MA (HUJI); PhD (HUJI)Teaching AreasOperations & TechnologySupply Chain, Operations & LogisticsPROFESSORANDREW LEPONEProfessor in Management (Finance)BMathFin (W’gong), PhDTeaching AreasAccounting, Banking& Finance ResearchDR GEORGE LILecturer in Management (Finance)BSc (Syd), BCom(Syd, Hons. I), PhD (Syd)Teaching AreasAccounting,Banking & FinancePROFessorJOHN MATHEWSProfessor of ManagementBEcon (LSE), MEng,PhD (Imp Coll, London)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementInnovationPROFessorMICHAEL McKENZIEB.B.S. (Economics) (Massey), M.Ec.(Monash), Ph.D. (RMIT)Teaching AreasFinance, ResearchMR GRAHAM MILLETTLecturer in ManagementB.A. Dip.Ed. (Macq), MBA (Macq)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementDR VITO MOLLICADirector Higher Degree Research,Lecturer in Management (Accounting/Finance)BCom (Hons) (USYD), PhD (USYD)Teaching AreasAccounting, Banking & FinanceDR LARA MOROKOLecturer in Management (Marketing)B.Bus (Hons) (UTS), MCom (UNSW),PhD (UNSW)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementDR PAUL NESBITSenior Lecturer in ManagementBA (Hons), MA, MBA,PhD (UNSW)Teaching AreasPeople & OrganisationsDR WILLIAM RENNERBA (Curtin), BSc/BA Hons (Murdoch),PhD (Monash)DR JO RHODESLecturer in ManagementBA Business Studies (upper secondclass) (Manchester), MBA (Manchester),PhD (Cape Town)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic ManagementDR STEVEN SEGALSenior Lecturer in ManagementBA (Wits), BA Honours (RAU), BAHonours (Wits), MA (Wits), PhD (Wits)Teaching AreasPeople & OrganisationsPROFessorROBERT SPILLANEProfessor of ManagementBCom (Applied Psychology) (UNSW),PhD (Psychology) (Macq)Teaching AreasPeople & OrganisationsASSOCIATE PROFESSORYIMING TANGAssociate Professor in Management(Marketing)BA, MA (Nankai), MBA,PhD (York Tor)Teaching AreasMarketing & Strategic Management30

‘‘ My MGSM MBAequipped me to rise tothe challenges of theglobal medical deviceindustry by giving methe knowledge andcourage to lead Cochlearin new and innovativeresearch, develop a healthyscepticism and understandthe importance of longtermview.’’MGSM Alumnus Dr Chris RobertsCEO/President of Cochlear Limited31 CampusMacquarie GraduateSchool of ManagementNorth Ryde CampusTalavera RoadMacquarie ParkNSW 2113P +61 2 9850 9017F +61 2 9850 9022E GraduateSchool of ManagementSydney CBD CampusLevel 7, 37 Pitt StreetSydneyNSW 2000P +61 2 9850 4600F +61 2 9850 4624E Hong KongManagement AssociationShop 2, PICO Tower66 Gloucester RoadWan Chai, Hong KongP +852 2774 8592/8500/8585F +852 2365 1000E / under the Non-LocalHigher and Professional Education(Regulation) OrdinanceIt is a matter of discretion for individualemployers to recognise any qualification towhich this course may lead.MACQ-2015-1

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