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COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCESINTERNATIONALSTUDIESINTERNATIONAL STUDIES is an interdisciplinary programinspired by Xavier’s Jesuit tradition to prepare men and women forothers as informed, ethically aware citizens who thrive in today’sglobal society. Students of international studies learn to assessinternational developments, trends, dilemmas and policy issues;develop critical thinking skills and tools necessary for successfulengagement with an increasingly interconnected world; and engagein interdisciplinary study in language, history, political science andeconomics to shape an informed and comprehensive world view.Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Studieswith concentrations in:International BusinessEuropeLatin AmericaPost-colonial studiesMinor: International studiesThe Xavier Advantage:Study abroad through one of Xavier’s many programs in suchcountries as France, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Japan, The Netherlands,Ireland, Greece, England, Germany or Costa Rica.Participate in Xavier’s academic service-learning semesterin Nicaragua.Take classes in language, history, political science andeconomics to gain an interdisciplinary understanding ofglobal problems and possibilities.Concentrate on particular regions of the globe: Latin America,Africa, Asia or Europe.Xavier graduates go on to:International offices and agencies of the United States and UnitedNations, and the Foreign ServiceNongovernmental organizations and businesses operating ininternational and multilingual settingsLearn more us xuadmit@xavier.eduVisit campus UNIVERSITY: A JESUIT CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY IN CINCINNATI, OHIO

RECOMMENDED CLASS SCHEDULESBACHELOR OF ARTS [BA] IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIESConcentration: Post-Colonial StudiesThese schedules serve as a guideline for progress toward a degree. Students should consult with their academic advisor.First Semester Sem. Hrs. Second Semester Sem. Hrs.FRESHMAN YEARENGL 101 OR 115, English Comp/Rhetoric 3 MATH elective 3POLI 120, Comparative Govt & Politics 3 PHIL 100, Ethics as Intro. to Philosophy 3Language 101 3 Language 102 3HIST 123, 151, or 161 3 HIST 124, 152, or 162 3THEO 111, Theo. Foundations 3 THEO 200 elective 3Total 15 Total 15SOPHOMORE YEARPOLI 277, International Relations 3 English Literature requirement 3ECON 200, Microeconomic 3 ECON 201, Macroeconomic 3Language 201 3 Language 202 3PHIL 290, Theory of Knowledge 3 PHIL elective 3MATH 116, Elementary StatisticsOR 156, General Statistics 3 THEO 300 elective 3Total 15 Total 15JUNIOR YEARPOLI 379, Post-Colonial Politics 3 POLI 374, HIST 401 OR 417 3ECON 300 OR POLI 372 3 Post-Colonial Studies Elective 3Fine Arts Elective 3 ENGL/CLAS/SPAN/FREN 205 Lit & Moral Imag 3Language 300-320 elective 3 Language 300-320 elective 3Science elective 3 Science elective 3Total 15 Total 15SENIOR YEARPOLI 390, Seminar in International Relations 3 Post-Colonial Studies elective 3Science elective 3 E/RS Focus elective 3Post-Colonial Studies elective 6 Free electives 9POLI 396, International Internship 3Total 15 Total 15Scheduling notes: • Consult the undergraduate Core Curriculum requirements.• The E/RS Focus elective requirement may be used to satisfy another element of the Core or the major.• A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the degree.• Students are required to take 6 hours of approved courses representing two different disciplines to fulfill the Core Diversity requirement.For additional degree class schedule information, see

THE PROGRAMThe Department of Political Science and Sociology offers theinterdisciplinary International Studies program.Professors in the program are committed, first and foremost,to teaching. With a 16 to 1 student/faculty ratio and individualcounseling sessions scheduled each semester, the expertise ofthe faculty is readily available. The diverse areas of specialization,experiences and perspectives of faculty members enrich studies inthis major.A choice of concentrations allows students to focus on:u International businessu Europeu Latin Americau Post-colonial studiesInternational studies majors take a variety of coursesfrom many disciplines, including:u Language courses that emphasize cultureu History and literatureu Political science courses in comparative politicsand international relationsu History courses that provide in-depth analysis of anarea of the worldu Microeconomics and macroeconomicsAdvanced competency in a foreign language is necessary. Inkeeping with the Ignatian and Jesuit educational tradition,Xavier University views the process of language learning as anintellectual pursuit valuable in itself, as it helps to form personsincreasingly aware of their own and others’ cultural orientationbiases.Study abroad or an internship in an international business ornongovernmental organization is a required component in theprogram. Students may study abroad through one of Xavier’smany programs in countries including France, Mexico, Italy, Spain,Japan, The Netherlands, Ireland, Greece, England, Germany andCosta Rica. They may also participate in Xavier’s academic servicelearningsemester in Nicaragua.Through this combination of interdisciplinary courseworkcoupled with a concentrated focus and study abroad, students ininternational studies:u Learn to assess international developments, trends, dilemmasand policy issues.u Develop critical thinking skills and tools necessary for successfulengagement with an increasingly interconnected world.u Engage in language, history, political science and economicsstudy to shape an informed and comprehensive world view.RESOURCESXavier University is home to the Center for the Study ofthe American Dream, established in 2008. The mission ofthe nonpartisan Institute is to “produce extraordinary citizensanimated by an informed understanding of the global community,evolving technology and a clear vision of civic duty.“ The Institutealso strives to equip Xavier students with the leadership toolsneeded to contribute to all levels of public life.OUTCOMESInternational studies majors can pursue various employmentopportunities in business and government, including:• International offices and agencies of the United Statesand United Nations, including the Foreign Service• Cultural institutions operating in internationaland multilingual settings• Domestic and foreign companies doing business globally• Think tanks focusing on research in international relations andglobal cooperation• Nongovernmental and nonprofit organizations addressingglobal and development issues• Economic analysis• Government agencies• International businesses• International lawThe program also provides excellent preparation for pursuing alaw degree or an MBA, as well as graduate work in internationalstudies, international law and diplomacy, political science,history or economics.Xavier University works in partnership with The WashingtonCenter for Internships and Academic Seminars, anindependent, nonprofit organization that serves hundreds ofcolleges and universities in the United States and other countriesby providing selected students challenging opportunities to workand learn for academic credit in Washington, D.C. The largestprogram of its kind, The Washington Center has more than 40,000alumni, many of whom are in leadership positions in the public,private and nonprofit sectors in the United States and around theworld. (Learn more at programs which enable students to travel abroadare offered by the University: Academic Year in France; thecompetitive Fredin Scholarship; Summer Programs in Austria;Bogota, Columbia; and Tokyo, Japan; and many semester andyear-long programs in countries in Europe and Asia.The Xavier University Language Resource Center provides atechnologically equipped classroom with dedicated softwareand hardware packages for the Xavier University Departmentof Modern Languages and the English as a Second LanguageProgram. This state-of-the-art language lab is available forcreating audio files of oral presentations, performing peer editing,and practicing composition and comprehension.The Worldviews Lounge on the 10th floor of Schott Hall providesa setting for club meetings, international film festivals and regularlunch conversation tables with international students and nativespeakers. Socializing with Xavier’s international students enricheslanguage study and also offers community-service projects todevelop language skills.

The International Studies program presents two awards to outstandingstudents each year:u The Frank McVay Award: Presented to the student completing theinternational studies major with highest distinction.u The John A. Wiethe Award: Presented to an upper class student majoring ininternational studies and demonstrating academic excellence and promise asa graduate student.The Conaton Learning Commons, opened in 2010, is the heart of theJames E. Hoff, S.J., Academic Quad. The Commons provides students with thefacilities, technologies and services to help them master essential skills andgain a competitive advantage in their respective disciplines and careers. Asa result, Xavier graduates are better prepared to enjoy successful lives andcareers. The Commons:u Features 84,000 square feet, five floors and 24/7 environment.u Creates a focal point for connecting teaching, learning and theJesuit mission of service to others.u Equips students with academic and technological tools in a wireless setting.u Offers ample space for individual study and group work in a wireless settingwith access to plasma screens, movable white boards and a café.u Houses centers for academic advising and career services and labs for math,writing and modern languages.u Includes a digital media lab, classrooms, auditorium and a centralizedlocation for reference and technology assistance.CORE CURRICULUMThe foundation of Xavier’s success is its commitment to its Jesuit heritage.The Core Curriculum embodies Xavier’s mission and philosophy of educationand serves as a valuable foundation for all undergraduate students. Withinthe Core, the four-course Ethics/Religion and Society (E/RS) Focus fostersstudents’ understanding of socially significant issues through study of thehumanities, especially literature, philosophy and theology, as well as the socialand natural sciences. Along with courses in their major, Xavier students alsotake Core courses in: cultural diversity, English composition, fine arts, foreignlanguage, history, literature, mathematics, philosophy, science, social scienceand theology.ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTSCore Curriculum: Minimum 64 credit hoursMajor in international studies: 33 credit hours, including 15 hours ofcourses in a chosen concentration: international business, Europe, LatinAmerica or post-colonial studies; and 18 hours in economics, history andpolitical science. Additional major requirements include advanced competencyin at least one foreign language, as well as an academic study abroadexperience or an international internship.XAVIER AT A GLANCEFounded in 1831, Xavier University is a JesuitCatholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio, annuallyranked among the nation’s best universities.Its three colleges offer 85 undergraduate majors,54 minors and 11 graduate programs to 7,019total students, including 4,368 undergraduates.FOR MORE INFORMATIONOFFICE OF ADMISSIONPhone: 513-745-3301877-XUADMIT (982-3648)Fax: 513-745-4319Email:xuadmit@xavier.eduWeb:www.xavier.eduINTERNATIONAL STUDIES PROGRAMJohn Ray, PhD, Program DirectorPhone: Campus: 709 Schott HallOffice of Admission3800 Victory ParkwayCincinnati, Ohio 45207-5131Xavier is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Information in this brochure is correct as of 8/11.

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