English (American) Level 3 - Tests


English (American) Level 3 - Tests


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Unit 1, Lesson 1, TestSection 1. Choose the sentence that best matches the picture.1) 2) 3)A. There is a garden besidethe swimming pool.B. There is a swimming poolA. He threw the ball.B. He’s going to throw the ball.C. He’s throwing the ball.behind the fence.C. There is a fence besidethe garden.A. He’s jumping ontothe water.B. He’s jumping overthe water.C. He’s jumping besidethe water.4) 5)A. The cat is jumping over the bed.B. The cat is jumping off the bed.C. The cat is jumping onto the bed.A. It’s easy to ski here.B. It’s easy to sail here.C. It’s difficult to ski here.Section 2. Correct the underlined word in each sentence. Write one word on the line to substitute the underlined word.Follow the example:She’s going to jumping onto the bed.1) Why didn’t you caught the ball?2) They’re threw the pillow onto the bed. 3) It’s easy to cooked rice.4) Someday I will sing like she do. 5) Don’t climbing the tree!6) His toy doesn’t works. 7) Can you repairing it?8) Do this radio work? 9) The woman catching the flowers.Section 3. Rewrite each sentence in the past. Follow the example:I’m running on the beach.I ran on the beach.1) The girl is going to jump on the bed.2) The man is catching the apple.3) The boy is going to throw the ball.Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 31

Unit 1, Lesson 2, TestSection 1. Look at each picture. Write a sentence to describe what the people are doing in each one. Follow the example:The woman is picking up the car.1)2) 3)4) 5)Section 2. Read each situation. Then write a sentence to tell someone what to do. Follow the example:Your shirt is dirty.Please wash your shirt.1) The floor is dirty. 2) The sheets smell bad.3) The trash can is full. 4) The chair is broken.5) The stove is dirty. 6) The rug is not clean.Section 3. Answer the questions in complete sentences using the information in parentheses. Follow the example:Where is the dishwasher? ( beside the refrigerator )1) Did you take a shower today? ( yes )2) Are you going to vacuum the rug? ( yes )3) When will you sweep the rug? ( after / eat / lunch )4) What is she washing? ( the clothes )The dishwasher is beside the refrigerator.2 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

Unit 1, Lesson 3, TestSection 1. Look at the pictures and complete the sentences. Follow the example:Sometimes dogsinsidetheylive, but sometimeslive outside.1) Sometimes math.and sometimes2) Sometimes we, and sometimes we.3) Sometimes I, and sometimesI .Section 2. Read each sentence. Then write a logical reason for each. Follow the example:You should take the bus.1) You should not buy that computer.2) You should vacuum the floor.3) You should take out the trash.4) You should not eat in this restaurant.It’s faster.Section 3. Put the words in order to make a complete sentence. Follow the example:never He exercises.He never exercises.1) always coffee drink morning I in the.2) suit office the to She a wears never.3) time The on bus never is.4) camp Sometimes we woods the in.Section 4. Complete the sentences to make logical statements. Follow the example:The post officeto buy stampsis a good place .1) is a bad place .2) is a good place .3) is a bad place .Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 33

Unit 2, Lesson 1, TestSection 1. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture.1) 2) 3)a. There is something onthe rug.b. Nothing is on the rug.a. No one is sitting.b. Someone is sitting.c. Everyone is sitting.c. Everything is on the rug.a. No one is talking.b. Someone is talking.c. Everyone is talking.4) 5) 6)a. There are not enough cupsfor everyone.b. There is enough coffeefor everyone.c. There is not enough coffeefor everyone.a. The girl won, andthe boy lost.b. The boy won, andthe girl lost.c. The girl is losing, and theboy is winning.a. Everything is underthe bed.b. There is something underthe bed.c. There is nothing underthe bed.Section 2. Answer the questions by completing the sentences.1) How many fish are in the ocean? No one knows .2) Where are my sunglasses? I don’t know .3) Does he play tennis? I don’t know .4) When does your flight depart? We don’t know .Section 3. Complete the conversations.1) A: Which shoes will you buy?B: Although I like the red ones,A: Why?B: less expensive.2) A: Are you going to go to the beachor to the mountains?B: Although we like to swim,.A: Why?B: to ski.Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 35

Unit 2, Lesson 2, TestSection 1. Answer the questions in complete sentences about yourself.1) How long have you been studying English?2) How long have you lived in your city?3) How long has your friend been married?4) When were you born?5) Are you going to visit your family soon?6) Which continent do you live on?Section 2. Look at each picture and read the sentence that accompanies it. If the sentence is correct, mark it ✓. If it is notcorrect, mark it X and rewrite the sentence so it is correct. Follow the example:Her baby was born yesterday. 1) This is a wedding in Asia. 2) He died in 1901.X Her baby will be born soon.3) They built a temple. 4) They will get married soon. 5) He will eat his vegetables.Section 3. Number the sentences 1–8 to put the conversation in order. Follow the example:What’s the matter?7 3How long have you been studying here?I’ve been studying here for four years.Because I’m leaving.Are you going to go soon?Why are you sad?I will go when I finish studying here.I’m sad.6 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

Unit 2, Lesson 3, TestSection 1. Complete the sentences.1) The United States is on the continent of .2) Egypt is on the continent of .3) Germany is on the continent of .4) Barcelona is a city in the country of .5) The Ocean is west of Mexico.6) The Ocean is between Europe and North America.7) The Arctic Ocean is of all the continents.8) is on the continent of South America.Section 2. Look at the pictures and choose the sentence that best matches the picture.1) A. We’re growing a big plant. 2) A. This is an apple tree.B. This big plant is mine. B. This is an orange tree.C. We’re holding a big plant. C. This is a pine tree.3) A. My flight departed from Mexico.B. My flight arrived in Mexico.C. I drove to Mexico.Section 3. Whose is it? Write the sentences using mine, his, hers, and ours for each situation. Follow the example:I have a red book.The red book is mine.1) The girl has yellow flowers.2) The man has a black car.3) The woman has a pink cell phone.4) I have a big cup.5) We have bread.6) The boy has a brown dog.Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 37

Unit 2, Lesson 4, TestSection 1. Write the name of something that fits the description.something hotfire1) an animal that can fly2) a country on the continent of Europe3) an animal that swims4) an ocean5) a type of desert animal6) a dangerous animal7) an animal that eats grassSection 2. Now write a sentence using each word and one of the words from the text box below. You may only use each wordonce. There will be two words left unused. Follow the example:touch departed swim lives Asiaeats south afraid flying uglyDon’t touch the fire because it is very hot!1)2) 3)4) 5)6) 7)Section 3. Fill in the blanks with one appropriate word.1) Are these keys ? Yes, they’re mine.2) I gave my old computer to Nancy and Pierre. It’s computer now.3) This ball is for you, and this ball is for me. is red, and mine is blue.4) She has a sister. sister is the girl who is wearing the purple hat.5) Do you need a pen? I have two. You can have one of .6) John and Bethany have a dog, and we have a dog. Their dog is bigger than .7) The girl and the boy have books. Her book is newer than .8 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

Unit 3, Lesson 1, TestSection 1. Write the word that is opposite in meaning to the word provided. Follow the example:goodbad1) interesting2) dirtier 3) wrong4) boyfriend 5) finished6) beautiful 7) northSection 2. Circle the best question for the response provided.1) A: ?B: Yes, I know her.a. Do you know Julia?b. When did you meet Julia?c. How did you meet Julia?3) A: ?B: He has lived here for four years.a. Do you think that he lives here?b. How long has he lived here?c. Has he lived here this year?5) A: ?B: I live here now.a. What do you do here?b. What are you going to do here?c. What are you doing here?2) A: ?B: We met each other two weeks ago.a. How did you meet each other?b. Where did you meet each other?c. When did you meet each other?4) A: ?B: Yes, I have read it.a. Have you read this book?b. Are you going to read this book?c. Did you read this book?6) A: ?B: No, I don’t think it will rain.a. Is it raining?b. Do you think it’s going to rain?c. Did it rain?Section 3. Complete the sentences to answer the questions.1) Would you like a sandwich? No, thank you. I lunch today.2) When did you meet your girlfriend? I two years .3) Do you think that he’s her husband? No, she’s not . He’s her , but they are goingto get married soon.4) Why is studying important? you able to go to a good college.5) Do you know where the bank is? If straight ahead, then see it.6) Do you think swimming with sharks is dangerous? Yes, Isharks dangerous.Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 39

Unit 3, Lesson 2, TestSection 1. Complete the sentences.1) If I lived in the desert,2) If I had tickets to the concert,3) If I had more money,4) If I lost my keys,5) If I jumped off a ladder,6) If someone gave me a watch,Section 2. Write one word to identify what is described.1) Dollars, pounds, euros, and yen are different types of2) You put a card into this and take out money.3) People carry papers in this to bring to the office.4) Students put books in this and can wear it.5) This is time when you are not studying or working.Some people go to the beach or the mountains.6) When something in a shop costs less now than before, it is on7) When you give money in one currency for money in another currencySection 3. Fill in the blanks to complete the sentences.1) I ate some cake. I would like some more. I don’t want a lot. I want more cake.2) Can I put my laptop in your backpack? I’m sorry. There’s more room. It’s full.3) This box is empty. There’s of room for the books.4) Is there room to put the table in the kitchen? No. It’s too big.5) Daniel speaks Chinese, Russian, and English. I can speak English.6) If I had a computer, I write you an e-mail.7) is enough room in my suitcase for your clothes.8) She’s the toys into the box.10 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

Unit 3, Lesson 3, TestSection 1. Write sentences to compare the two items given. Follow the example:round clock €20 square clock €20The round clockcosts as much as the square clock.1) baby 8 pounds dog 8 pounds 2) briefcase 2 pounds suitcase 15 poundsThe babyThe briefcase3) red plate $5 blue plate $5 4) chicken 1.5 pounds fish 1 poundThe red plateThe chickenSection 2. Answer the questions using the information in parentheses in your response.1) How tall is the tree? ( 25 feet )2) How big is the rug? ( 3 feet x 5 feet )3) How much were the potatoes? ( $4 )4) How much does your son weigh? ( 34 pounds )5) Is there enough coffee for everyone? ( almost )6) How long is the street? ( 2 miles )7) How wide is the door? ( 3 feet )Section 3. Look at each picture and write a sentence to describe how the people cut each item.1) 2)3) 4)Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 311

Unit 3, Lesson 4, TestSection 1. Write two words for each description. Follow the example:the color of an appleredorgreen1) something that you can bake or2) something that you can write with or3) something you can use to repair a fence or4) something that is ripe or5) something that you add to pizza or6) something that you measure with a teaspoon orSection 2. Circle the sentence that best matches the picture.1) A. She’s using a wrench, not a hammer.B. She’s using a hammer, not pliers.C. She’s using pliers, not a hammer.2) A. He’s using tape to repair his glasses.B. He used tape to repair his glasses.C. He’s choosing tape to repair his glasses.3) A. This pizza is frozen.B. This pizza is fresh.C. This pizza is rotten.4) A. These tomatoes are fresh.B. These tomatoes are rotten.C. These tomatoes are not ripe.Section 3. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the word in parentheses. You may only write one word in each space.1) He’s ( use )a hammer to 2) How much do the bananasrepair the couch. ( weigh ) ?3) I have already ( add ) salt to 4) The pie is ( bake )the soup.in the oven.12 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

Unit 4, Lesson 1, TestSection 1. Fill in the missing information in the table or the sentence. Follow the example:COUNTRYIndiaGermanyHe’s cookingIndian1) I have a watch.food.2) They’re holding American flags.3) The Australian team lost the soccer game.BrazilEgyptJapanMexico4) The are voting in the election today.5) This is an ancient statue of an queen.6) We brought a French cake to the party.7) She’s wearing a dress.8) Some food is spicy.9) That store sells Italian plates.Section 2. Complete the sentences with one appropriate word.1) What’s television? The game is television.2) I read the news about the prime minister the newspaper.3) What happened the news today? The king got married.4) Did you read the news the queen? Yes. She’s visiting India.5) Robert is making a hotel reservation the Internet.6) That man is the president the United States.Section 3. Circle the sentence that best matches each picture.1) A. The students have voted.B. The students are voting.C. The students are going to vote.2) A. This soldier is fighting in the war.B. This soldier is going to fight in the war.C. This soldier fought in the war.Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 313

Unit 4, Lesson 2, TestSection 1. Complete the conversations with the sentences from the box. Use the pictures to help you.I disagree with him. I agree with her. Who are you voting for?I didn’t vote for him.Why are you voting for her?1) I voted forWhy not?Steve Todd.2) I’m voting forLouise Parker.Section 2. Choose a word or phrase from each column to make a complete and logical sentence.The bookwere builtin 1997.1)Imadethis cake.2)The houseswas bakedwith wood.3)The piewere cutin the oven.4)The lemonswas writteninto quarters.5)The womantookthat photo.6)14 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

Unit 4, Lesson 3, TestSection 1. Write a logical result for each situation. Follow the example:There are too many people on the bus.1) There aren’t enough chairs for everyone.2) There is too much snow on the street.3) I didn’t eat enough.4) The man drank too much coffee.5) She has too many books.We will have to take the next bus.Section 2. Write sentences using the information provided. Include for or since in your response. Follow the example:We / married / thirty-five years1) The woman / cooking / this morning2) The children / swimming / two thirty3) That family / lived / house / six months4) I / worked / company / 20045) They / talking / phone / twenty minutesWe have been married for thirty-five years.Section 3. Read each situation. Then write a sentence to tell what the people have to or want to do again. Use again inyour response.1) I called Steve. He wasn’t home. I need to speak with him.2) Maria repaired her television last week. Today it doesn’t work.3) Frank and I ate at the Spanish restaurant two days ago. We like it very much.4) We haven’t been to Italy since 1996. We like Italy a lot.Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 315

Unit 4, Lesson 4, TestSection 1. Answer the following questions in complete sentences. Use the information in parentheses in your response.1) Are you here on vacation? ( no, business )2) Do I have to go to school today? ( yes, holiday )3) Why is there a parade today? ( soccer team/won )4) Why are you celebrating? ( married twenty years )5) Are you ready to go to the park? ( almost )6) Do you want to go to the park? ( let’s )Section 2. Write a complete sentence using the information provided.1) I / go / Mexico / business2) The woman / read the newspaper / flight3) We / not / been / Africa / since4) The children / ready / park5) let’s / concert / next / week6) time / go / weddingSection 3. Answer the questions in complete sentences with information about yourself.1) Where do you like to go on vacation?2) How do people celebrate the New Year in your country?3) Is there a holiday in November in your country?4) What did you like the most about your last vacation?5) Are you ready to learn a different language?16 Rosetta Stone ® TestsEnglish (American) Level 3

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