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Library Catalogue - Cerebra

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New Books:

L 6238 Communication Issues In

Autism And Asperger


Olga Bogdashina 9781843102670 2005

L 6241 Helping Your Anxious Child David Lewis 9780091884338 2002

L 6242 The Classroom and

Communiction Skills Program

L 6243 Music for Children and Young

People with Complex Needs

L 6244 Coping When Your Child Has

Cerebral Palsy

L 6245 Children with Complex and

Continuing Health Needs

Megan Ahlers 9781934575314 2008

Adam Ockelford 9780193223011 2008

Jill Eckersley 9781847090706 2009

Jacqui Hewitt-


L 6246 The Out of Sync Child Carol Stock


L 6247 Dyspraxia The Hidden


L 6248 Only a Mother Could Love Him:

how I lived and triumphed over


9781843105022 2007

0399523863 1998

Amanda Kirby 9780285635128 1999

Ben Polis 0340838930 2001

L 6249 Is That My Child?: exploding

myths of Dyspraxia, Dyslexia,

Tourettes Syndrome,


Robin Pauc 978075351043 2006

L 6250 Fun With Messy Play Tracey Beckerleg 9781843106418 2009

L 6251 When Your Child Has a


L 6252 If Only I’d Known That A Year


Mark L Batshaw 9781557664723 2001

RADAR 978095619960 2010

L 6253 Down Syndrome The Essential


L 6254 Fine Motor Skills For Children

With Down Syndrome

L 6255 Playing Laughing and Learning

with Children on the Autism


L 6256 Growing Up Severely Autistic:

they call me Gabriel

L 6257 Mothering Special Needs: a

different maternal journey

L 6258 Developing Talents: careers for

individuals with Asperger

Syndrome and high functioning


Antonia Chitty 9781861440839 2010

Maryanne Bruni 9781890627676 2006

Julia Moor 9781843106081 2008

Kate Rankin 9781853028915 2000

Anna Karin


Temple Grandin

& Kate Duffy

9781843105435 2007

9781934575284 2008

L 6259 Why Does Chris Do That? Tony Attwood 9781899280100 2006

L 6260 Rescuing Brain Injured Children Keith Pennock 9781853981111 1999

L 6261 Children with Cerebral Palsy: a

parents guide

L 6262 Teaching Children with Down

Syndrome About Their Bodies,

Boundaries and Sexuality

L 6263 Children with Cerebral Palsy: a

manual for Therapists, Parents

and Community Workers

L 6264 Different Brains Different

Learners: how to reach the

hard to reach

L 6265 Parenting Across the Autism

Spectrum: unexpected lessons

we have learned

L 6266 Teaching Conversation to

Children with Autism

Elaine Geralis 9780933149823 1998



9781890627331 2007

Archie Hinchcliffe 9780761935605 2007

Eric Jensen 9781412965026 2010

Maureen F


Lynn E


9781843108078 2006

9781890627324 2005

L 6267 Understanding Autism for


L 6268 Teaching Motor Skills to

Children with Cerebral Palsy

and Related Conditions

L 6270 Inclusion Against The Odds:

the continuing education and

life of Kirsty Arrondelle

L 6271 The Company Of Others:

stories of belonging

L 6272 Cri Du Chat Syndrome:

handbook for parents and


L 6273 Jacob’s Ladder: a parent’s view

of portage

L 6274 Head Injury: the facts – from


L 6275 Aspergirls: empowering

females with Asperger


L 6276 Understanding Your Special

Needs Grandchild

L 6277 A Special Mother: getting

through the early days of a

child’s diagnosis of learning

disabilities and related


L 6278 A Practical Guide to Equal


L 6279 Parenting a Child With

Asperger Syndrome

L 6280 My Perfect Son Has Cerebral

Palsy: a mother’s guide of

helpful hints

Stephen M Share 9780764525476 2006

Sieglinde Martin 9781890627720 2006



None 2003

Sandra Shields 9781551521862 2005

Kim Cornish et al None 2003

Janette M Lloyd 9780710400586 1986

Audrey Daisley 9780199218226 2009

Rudy Simone 9781849058261 2010

Clare B Jones 9781886941441 2001

Anne Ford 9781557048523 2010

Hyacinth Malik 9781408504826 2009

Brenda Boyd 9781843101376 2003

Marie A Kennedy 9780759609549 2001

L 6281 Supporting Children with

Cerebral Palsy

Hull Learning


1843122200 2004

L 6282 George and Sam Charlotte Moore 067091441X 2004

L6283 A Guide to Receiving Direct

Payments From Your Local


L6284 Ready Set Potty: toilet training

for children with Autism and

other developmental disorders

L6285 You and Your Disabled Child: a

practical guide for parents

L6286 The Explosive Child: a new

approach for understanding

and parenting easily frustrated

chronically inflexible children

L6287 Out Came The Sun: one

family’s triumph over a rare

genetic syndrome

L6288 Autism, Play and Social


L6289 Calm Your Hyperactive Child:

coping with ADHD and other

behavioural problems

L6290 Disabled Children: a legal


L6291 Freaks, Geeks & Asperger

Syndrome: a user guide to


L6292 A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet

for Autism, Asperger Syndrome

and ADHD

L6293 How to Make School Make

Sense: a parents’ guide to

helping children with Asperger


L6294 Making Dictionary Stages 1-9

Department of



Brenda Batts 9781849058339 2010

Margaret Barrett 1846830672 2010

Ross W Greene 9780061906190 2010

Judith Scott 9780897335829 2008

Lone Gammeltoft 1843105209 2007

Sabina Dosani 9781905940486 2008

Steve Broach 97819033077623 2010

Luke Jackson 9781843100980 2002

Luke Jackson 9781843100553 2002

Clare Lawrence 9781843106647 2008

L6295 Making Dictionary Stages 1-9

L6296 No fighting No biting No


L6297 How to detect developmental

delay and what to do next

L6298 Asperger Syndrome in the

inclusive classroom: Advice

and strategies for teachers

L6299 Encephalitis: a parent’s


L6300 Encephalitis: a parent’s


L6301 The History Of The Carers


Bo Hejlskov




9781849051262 2010

9781849050227 2011

Stacey W. Betts 97818431088405 2007

Elaine Dowell 2005

Elaine Dowell 2005

Tim Cook 1873747365 2007

L6302 Disability Rights Handbook Ian Greaves 9781903335475 2009

L6303 Helping young people with

learning disabilities to

understand money

L6304 An Overview Of The

Development Of Teenagers

With Down Syndrome (11 – 16


L6305 Visual Impairment In Children

Due To Damage To The Brain

The Money

Advice Service

Sue Buckley 1903806046 2002

Gordon Dutton 9781898683 2010

L6306 ADHD: a challenging journey Anna Richards 1873942842 2003

L6307 Not Stupid: the inspiring true

story of one mothers fight to

give her autistic children the

quality of life they deserve

L6308 Understanding Autism For


Anna Kennedy 9781844547 2009

Stephen Shore 9780764525476 2006

L6309 Eating An Artichoke: a mother’s

perspective on Asperger


AV6310 Asperger Syndrome: a different

mind (DVD)

L6311 The Complete Guide To

Asperger Syndrome

L6312 Ready Set Potty: toilet training

for children with Autism and

other developmental disorders

L6313 Toilet Training For Individuals

With Autism Or Other

Developmental Disorders

Echo Fling 1853027111 2000

Simon Baron-

Cohen (narrator)

1843104717 2006

Tony Attwood 9781843106692 2007

Brenda Batts 9781849058339 2010

Maria Wheeler 1932565493 2007

Last updated: September 2011

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