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Visual ReviewEverything you need to knowaboutAqua TeenHunger ForceColon Movie Filmfor Theaters…and how it relates to youand the world around you.This presentation byDavid

SHORT SYNOPSISMovies Contain theEssence of Being Human"Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters" is anaction-adventure epic that reveals the mysterious origins of Meatwad,Frylock and Master Shake. When an immortal piece of exerciseequipment threatens the balance of galactic peace, it is up to theAqua Teen Hunger Force to run away from it. Peril escalates when thePlutonians team up with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past tostrive for ultimate control of the sinister deadly device.

KEY ACTORSThe Cinematic Arts Have thePower to TransformMaster Shake (Dana Snyder)Commonly "Shake," is a lazy,stingy, simple-minded, meanspirited,sadistic, and selfcenteredmilkshake in theform of a white cup with apink straw and two yellowchicken gloves.Frylock (Carey Means)A floating red box of french friessporting a goatee, dental braces, and ablue mystic jewel embedded in his back.He uses his fries to grip things andoccasionally as a fry radar or 'Frydar.'

KEY TALENTOur Artists Are Our LiberatorsL to RDirectors Dana Snyderand Matt Maiellaro,and writer Dave WillisPhoto ©

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTActors areLiberators UnawareMeatwad (Dave Willis)A mostly peaceful, childishly simple-mindedmass of compressed meat that was notapproved for human consumption. Meatwadrolls and hops to get from one place to another,often picking up whatever dirt or debris happensto be in his way. He has shape shifting abilities.Carl Brutananadilewski (Dave Willis)The next door neighbor of the Aqua Teens.Carl has a love for classic rock, he also lovestons of hot wings, jalapeños, and beer, andhas dozens of porn magazines in his room. Hegenerally dislikes the Aqua Teens and isdisgusted especially by Meatwad andannoyed by Shake, but still tolerates themeven when they get on his nerves.

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTActors help us: laugh, be happy, cry, get angry,and even think. Can there be any better gifts?Dr. Weird (C. Martin Croker)A mad scientist who lives in anabandoned mental asylum on theperpetually rainy Jersey Shore. Dressed ina colorful outfit reminiscent of 1960scartoon villains, replete with a glass spacehelmet that heats his hair (which Dr. Weirdcalls his "Hair-arium").Steve (C. Martin Croker)Dr. Weird's assistant. Red haired, wearing a labcoat, and always pictured holding a test tube,Steve becomes aware of Dr. Weird's insanityover the course of the first two seasons of theseries, but remains his assistant nonetheless.

ARTIST HIGHLIGHTPhoto © WireImage.comFilmmakers are Revolutionaries,Not Just EntertainersDirector Dave Willisis an American voice actor,writer, director and producer.Dave Willis works on variousAdult Swim shows that arecreated primarily by WilliamsStreet. His works mostly fall intothe genre of surreal humor, andhe is said to be inspired byanimator Don Hertzfeldt. He andhis writing/producing partner ofAqua Teen Hunger Force, MattMaiellaro, made a direct tributeto Hertzfeldt in the episode"Broodwich" by making a scenethat uses the same animatingtechniques as Hertzfeldt does.

TRIVIA AND NEWSMovie Making is the Convergenceof Many Talents and Art FormsThe title of the show is largely amisnomer: the characters have nomajor affiliation with water (thoughmany episodes involve theirneighbor's pool), and they are notteenagers per se, and havesomewhat frequently issuedconflicting statements regardingtheir ages. They resemble food(hence the reference to hunger), butthey are rarely shown acting as anykind of a force.The exterior art for Dr.Weird's lab was taken from"Escape to Questworld", anepisode of The RealAdventures of Jonny Quest

EXTENDED SYNOPSISFilm making is aCommunity Event.Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film forTheaters, was released on 2007-04-13. The moviefollows the origins of the Aqua Teens, which includesan exercise machine, Neil Peart of the band Rush,and a watermelon slice, and introduces a fourth AquaTeen, a chicken nugget named "Chicken Bittle". ThePlutonians and the Cybernetic Ghost of ChristmasPast, recurring characters, both make appearances inthe movie, as well as the Mooninites and MC PeePants.

GENERAL TV INFOStories Embody the Essenceof Being HumanTV: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (also known as ATHF or simply AquaTeen) is an American animated television series shown on CartoonNetwork as part of its Adult Swim late-night programming block. Itpremiered on December 30, 2000. ATHF is one of the four originalWilliams Street series that premiered on Adult Swim in 2000 (theothers are Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, and Harvey Birdman,Attorney at Law), and the longest running original series on thenetwork alongside Harvey Birdman (which are the only two ofthose four to still be running).

GENERAL MOVIE INFOCinematic Story Telling is aProfoundly Humanizing endeavor.MOVIE: "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film forTheaters" is an action-adventure epic that reveals the mysteriousorigins of Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake. When animmortal piece of exercise equipment threatens the balance ofgalactic peace, it is up to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force to runaway from it. Peril escalates when the Plutonians team up withthe Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past to strive for ultimatecontrol of the sinister deadly device.

HISTORYStories are TransformingAqua Teen Hunger Force is written anddirected by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro,and produced by Williams Street. Much ofthe dialogue is supplemented with adlibsand improvisation by the voice talent. Theshow is fully scripted but adlibs areincluded in the final episodes and theshows are animated to include thisimprovisation. Noted 1980s rapperSchoolly D performs the theme song andprovided periodic running commentarieson early episodes. Many, if not all, of thecrew and cast members formerly workedon Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Fourseasons have been produced to date anda fifth season of 15 episodes is expectedto air in late 2007.

ORIGINSAll Kids are Born ArtisticWhat is Natural is EssentialThe Aqua Teens were originallycreated for an episode of Space GhostCoast to Coast called "Baffler Meal." Itfeatured a prototypical version of theAqua Teen Hunger Force thatresembled the future characters, butdiffered in appearance, personality,and voice. "Baffler Meal" did not air forseveral years (it was not evenanimated or produced until after ATHFbecame popular); instead, the SpaceGhost episode was re-written as"Kentucky Nightmare," while the AquaTeens debuted in "Rabbot," the pilotepisode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Afull season, consisting of six episodes(counting "Rabbot") of ATHF was putinto production shortly thereafter.

CRITICAL OPINIONSomething approaching . . . art? Closeenough.--Robert Wilonsky, Village VoiceNever predictable. A fierce act ofmovie-film revolution.--Ed Gonzalez, Slant MagazineYou have to give these guys thismuch: They remained true to theirtwisted vision, and that's exciting tosee.--Christy Lemire, Associated PressVastly negative (0 out of 10)--Devin Faraci, CHUDFree Artistic Expression is aMark of a Free Society

FILM REVIEW:AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCEArt is the Language of Liberation“Its fierce comic bombardment means it'seither the worst movie ever made or an actof movie-film revolution” says Ed Gonzalezof Slant magazine. And he is right!What‟s going on here is a new direction inartistic expression. Totally random andoriginal. A new language of image andsound that rejects everything, without anynormal concept of storytelling.„Random-impressionism‟ is my term for thissort of free flowing art. Current sciencetells us that the brain operates more in arandom manner , than it does in a logicalpattern. As with all unique art, „randomimpressionism‟opens yet another door ofunderstanding and communication.David Bruce

FINDING TRUTH INAQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCENot everyone will like Aqua Teen, however:“We should be eternally vigilant againstattempts to check the expression ofopinions that we loathe.”--Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841 - 1935)Aqua Teen in its random expressionrepresents freedom:“Freedom of expression is the matrix, theindispensable condition, of nearly everyother form of freedom.”--Benjamin Cardozo (1870 - 1938)Society is only as free as its arts.Art is the voice of human freedom.

LIFE CONNECTIONS inAQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCEArt is a Liberating ForceTHE UNINTENDEDPOWER OF ART:On Jan, 01 2007, devices depicting theMooninites were taken to be suspicious,prompting authorities in Boston, Massachusettsto close down major road and waterways toinvestigate. Turner Broadcasting System lateradmitted placing the devices in ten major cities(including Boston) as part of a guerrillamarketing campaign, and apologized for themisunderstanding. Turner Broadcasting has paidone million dollars to the Boston Police Dept. tocover the cost of their investigation and anothermillion in good will funding. These actions weremade to settle any criminal and civil claims, andthe general manager of Cartoon Network hasstepped down as a result of the incident.

WHY MOVIES ARE SO IMPORTANTTo Restrict Creativity is to Restrictthe very Nature of the Creator"The meaning of life is the most urgent ofquestions" --Albert Camus (Existentialist thinker).In “Movies and the Meaning of Life” author KimberlyBlessing points out that movies can help us reflecton five of life‟s most important questions:1) What is reality and how can I know it?2) How can I find my true identity?3) What the significance of my interactions withothers?4) What‟s the point of my life?5) How ought I to live my life?The idea behind Visual Hollywood is that Movies canand must play an essential role helping us explorethe meaning of our existence and our life together.No other quest is more necessary or important.Movies are powerful. Movies bring personalmeaning, and can contribute to a peaceful world.Cinematic story telling can be a transforming event.Visual Hollywood takesan existential approachto life. We celebratewith human freedom.We use movies and thearts as a means ofunderstanding thehuman condition andour collective relationto the world around us.Our basic quest is:1. To know what itmeans to be human inthe world.2. The pursuit of humanfreedom.

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