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Dear Friends:I am very proud to report that SUNY Delhi is a risingstar in the State University system. Enrollment hasincreased for the fifth consecutive year. A total of 2,445students have enrolled at Delhi, the highest level since1989. We are carving a unique niche in higher education,providing a seamless, student-centered, technologybasededucation from the certificate through associateand bachelor’s degrees. Yes, Delhi now offers 10baccalaureate programs and most are unique withinSUNY and New York State. We are also building newfacilities and improving current ones. We have formedsuccessful partnerships with business and industrythat are stimulating economic development and havethe potential to generate new academic programsfor the college.These accomplishments, and the many othershighlighted in this Annual Report, are the result of acoordinated team effort. The college community hasembraced eight goals designed to make the collegestrong and distinctive:• Enhancing Academic Excellence• Meeting/Exceeding Enrollment Goals• Increasing Retention• Enriching Campus Life• Securing Additional Resources• Conserving Resources• Implementing A Planning Process Across Campus• Fostering A Sense Of CommunityThe progress made toward achieving those goals isimpressive. Faculty and staff have committed theirprofessional and personal resources to make SUNYDelhi a college of distinction.I thank them, as well as the alumni, friends, businessesand foundations who are recognized in the Honor Rollof Donors, for their generous support of SUNY Delhi.You are vital contributors to the Delhi success story.Your investments allow us to provide students withan exceptional and affordable college education.Sincerely,Candace S. Vancko, Ph.D.President

DELHI HORIZONSthe magazine of SUNY DelhiAnnual Report • December 2002DepartmentsAnnual Report2-12Honor Roll of Donors13-24ArticlesKey to Success15On the Right Path19Delhi HorizonsThe Magazine of Delhi CollegeVolume 35 No.4Delhi Horizons is funded by theDelhi College Alumni Associationand published for alumni andfriends of SUNY Delhi by theOffice of College Advancement.Correspondence should besent to the Office of CollegeAdvancement, SUNY Delhi,2 Main Street, Delhi,NY 13753; or via email:alumni@delhi.edu; or bytelephone 607.746.4600.Dr. Candace S. VanckoPresidentJoel M. SmithDirector of CollegeAdvancementKimberly MacLeodCommunications andAlumni Relations CoordinatorEditorJayson TillapaughDesigner

Enhancing AcademicExcellenceSUNY Delhi is uniquely qualified tobecome New York’s leader in offering aseamless, student-centered approach totechnology education—from certificateprograms to associate and baccalaureatedegrees. Over the past year, major strideshave been made toward achieving thatgoal, and many of those accomplishmentshave earned recognition at the state,regional and national levels.Associate Professor Valencia Zacharczenkoinstructs a student from her Spanish class.Heading the list was Middle StatesCommission on Higher Education, whichreaffirmed the quality education SUNYDelhi provides students by reaccreditingthe college for 10 years. This is themaximum period for which a college canreceive accreditation, and it followed anintensive two-year self-study by thecollege to assess its strengths andopportunities for improvement.Delhi also met rigorous standards forselectivity and general education as setby the State University. The college’sMemorandum of Understanding withSUNY outlines Delhi’s commitment toincrease selectivity, particularly at thebaccalaureate degree level. For Fall 2002,24 percent of the applicants did not meetenrollment standards. This represents an8 percent increase in selectivity, comparedto Fall 2000.The college put a program in place toassess students’ competencies in 12general education areas as set by theState University Board of Trustees.Additional academic achievements ofnote were:New Academic Programs—Six newprograms were introduced.• The “Partnership for NursingOpportunities” linked Delhi’snursing programs with HartwickCollege and Bassett Hospital toguarantee graduates jobs and theopportunity to earn a bachelor’sdegree for the cost of one yearat Delhi.• The Western Hospitality Institute inJamaica and SUNY Delhi forged anagreement that allows WHIstudents to complete the final yearof a baccalaureate program inHospitality Management at Delhi.• Associate degree options inwelding technology and anassociate of applied science optionin electrical construction, instrumentationand controls receivedState Education Departmentapproval.• Credit for Life, a partnership withthe New York State TurfgrassAssociation to give green industryprofessionals college credit for theiron-the job experience experience,was launched to an enthusiasticaudience at NYSTA’s annual Turfand Grounds Exposition.2 ANNUAL REPORT

New Programs on the Horizon—Program proposals for five new degreeprograms were developed:• Bachelor of technology degree inarchitectural technology• Bachelor of business administrationdegree in veterinary sciencetechnology• Bachelor of business administrationdegree in sports area and recreationfacility management weresubmitted to the State University• Certificate and associate degree inMaintenance Mechanic TechnologyResnick Library Renovation—A $1million renovation, which transformedthe Resnick Library into a comprehensivelearning center, was completed.The project was funded by $150,000in private donations, which leveraged$850,000 in support from SUNY. TheThe central staircase to Resnick Library wasremoved as part of the recent renovation. Thevacated space allowed for the installation of acafé and an ideal view of the valley.Judges awarded Delhi’s culinary team a gold medalat the 2002 ACF New York State competition,making them state champions for the third yearin a row.final result brings together traditionallibrary and academic support servicesunder one roof.Student Achievement—Delhi studentsearned state and national honors forexcellence.• The culinary team captured theAmerican Culinary Federation’sNew York State Championship forthe third straight year.• More than 90 percent of Delhistudents passed registered nurseand veterinary lab technicianlicensure exams.• Applied technology studentsadvanced to the VocationalIndustrial Clubs of Americanational finals.• Delhi’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapterwas ranked second in New YorkState and earned a scholarship tothe PTK Honors Institute.• Two students were selectedrecipients of State UniversityChancellor’s Awards for Excellence.New Courses—Students were offeredmore chances to pursue special topics,thanks to the introduction of coursesin sculpturing for culinary, veterinaryscience electives, Microsoft certification,Race in America, and UNIV 103:Information Management.New Instructional Techniques—WebCThas spurred the college’s first on-linebaccalaureate degree in HospitalityDELHI HORIZONS 3

Management. WebCT is an on-linecourse management system that offersa wide range of tools that allowstudents to learn via the Internet.Student Schedules—A review of thecurriculum, new courses and strongacademic advising increased theaverage course load for full-timestudents to 15.9 credit hours persemester, compared to 13 per semesterin Fall 2000. This new emphasis oncredit load increases the ability ofstudents to graduate on time.Faculty Writing and Research—Thenumber of creative works in print byDelhi faculty and staff continues togrow. Assistant Professor KirbyOlsen’s Gregory Corso: DoubtingThomist was published by theSouthern Illinois University Press.Associate Professor Lynn Domina’spoem, “The Museum of the Living andthe Dead” appeared in The ChristianCentury. Assistant Professor LinneaGoodwin Burwood wrote three entriesfor the Encyclopedia of AmericanSocial Movements. AssociateProfessor Kathryn DeZur’s book reviewof Katherine Eggert’s Showing Like aQueen: Female Authority and LiteraryExperiment in Spenser, Shakespeare,and Milton (University of PennsylvaniaPress, 2000) will appear in Clio: ADelhi’s international student contingency includesseveral students from the Western HospitalityInstitute in Jamaica, pictured here at the college’sfirst Multicultural Fest.Journal of Literature, History, and thePhilosophy of History.Meeting/ExceedingEnrollment GoalsFive consecutive semesters of enrollmentincreases have helped make Delhi one ofthe State University’s great success stories,and put the college on its waytoward meeting its objective of sustainedoverall growth in both full- and part-timestudents. With 2,405 students in Fall2002, enrollment has reached its highestlevel since 1989. Factors contributing toDelhi’s strong enrollment position include:Bachelor’s Degrees—A total of 205students enrolled in baccalaureatedegree programs in Delhi this fall,which represents a 189 percentincrease over the past two years.Nursing—Partnerships, WeekendCollege and special recruitmentinitiatives combined to help Delhi meeta regional need for trained nurses.First-time students enrolling in nursingprograms increased from 35 in Fall2001 to 102 this year, pushing totalenrollment in nursing programs to 194students. Key projects included: thePartnership for Nursing Opportunitieswith Bassett Healthcare and HartwickCollege; “Stay Close…Go Far,” a jointmarketing initiative developed with theDelaware County Rural HealthcareAlliance; the launch of a new class ofstudents in Weekend College; and thedelivery of classes at Fox Hospital inOneonta and the Robinson TerraceNursing Home in Stamford.International Students—Agreementswith the Western Hospitality Institutein Jamaica and Human InternationalUniversity in Japan helped attract 36international students to Delhi this fall.4 ANNUAL REPORT

Retention—Students are obviouslypleased with their Delhi experience.Returning student enrollment increased11 percent this fall compared tolast year.Outreach—Delhi is meeting the needfor baccalaureate-level hospitalityeducation in the Capital District byoffering courses at SchenectadyCounty Community College. Delhi alsointroduced associate level courses,geared to working adults, at TheTelecenter in downtown Oneonta.Flexible Housing—A close analysis ofresidence hall space allowed theexpansion of housing options andpushed residence hall capacity to 110percent.New Housing—The Binghamton-basedarchitectural firm of Bearsch-Compeau-Knudson was selected to design a new150-bed suite-style residence hall.Plans call for the hall to be ready forFall 2004.Summer School—Introduction to Fictionwas offered on-line last summer,helping deliver a Delhi education to abroader audience. Thanks to thesuccess of this course, more on-linesummer courses are planned.Special Programs—The APEX HighSchool Enrichment program, funded bya grant from Senator John Bonacic,and Skills USA provide unique learningopportunities and also help introducethe college to prospective students.The Web—Students are increasinglyturning to the web for their collegeinformation, and design and contentchanges to Delhi’s web site made itmore accessible and user-friendly forprospects.Increasing RetentionProviding students with the support theyneed to succeed is a commitment theArchitectural firm Bearsch-Compeau-Knudson hasdesigned a new 150-bed suite-style residence hall,expected to be completed for Fall 2004.college makes to students and parents.The strong increase in returning studentsis a prime example that retention effortsare working. Keys to retention successintroduced this past year include:RetentionTRAX—Delhi was selectedby Noel-Levitz, the nation’s premierconsulting firm for enrollment andretention, as one of six pilot sites inthe nation to introduce this newstudent retention software. TRAXsoftware brings student informationfrom various campus offices togetherin a single, centralized data source sofaculty and advisors can communicatewith students, respond to their needsand keep them up to date on theiracademic performance.Freshman Seminar—This class, usedthroughout the nation to boostacademic performance, was expandedto reach more students. Assessmentindicates that students who areenrolled in this course tend to havebetter grades, are more likely to beretained, and complete more credithours.UNIV 095: College Survival Course—This course for students on academicprobation helps them develop the skillsthey need to succeed.Retention Advisory Council— Aspecially designed semester of coursesthat challenge and provide assistanceto students with academic problemswas developed by this new campusgroup.DELHI HORIZONS 5

CADI Scholarships—A new scholarshipprogram, funded by the college’sauxiliary services corporation, made$16,000 available to students who arehave made positive contributions tocampus life and are continuing theireducations at Delhi.New Living-Learning Community—Nursing students became the latestgroup to benefit from the living-learningenvironment that offers studentstutoring, mentoring and classes in theresidence halls.EOP Initiatives—Performance Pluscontracts offered a one-on-oneapproach to helping EducationalOpportunity Program students onDelhi’s Living-Learning Communities offer studentsa unique residential experience.academic probation succeed academically.Academic Achievement Awardswere also introduced to foster prideamong the EOP students, recognizingand rewarding the best and the brightestenrolled in this program.Residence Hall Improvements—Over$125,000 in new furnishings wereadded and improvements were madeto the residence halls. Many roomswere updated with window screensand door viewers, as well as a freshcoat of paint, and a new roof wasinstalled on Russell Hall.Transcripts—A co-curricular transcript,developed to document a student’scampus leadership and levels ofinvolvement with campus organizations,has spurred student involvementand helps demonstrate initiative toprospective employers. A GenEdtranscript was created for studentswho continue their educations in theSUNY system so that they may begiven credit for meeting generaleducation student learning objectives.Peer Mentors—A special feature ofliving-learning communities, peermentors serve a leadership roledesigned to assist other students whoare from the same academic program.They are easily accessible, living in thesame communities where they tutortheir fellow students. Peer mentorsalso offer workshops and programmingrelative to their academic community.Family Day and Homecoming—FamilyDay has become one of the biggestprograms on campus, drawing over1,000 people each fall. The surge inactivities led the Alumni Office to offerits first Homecoming event inconjunction with Family Day.Program Analysis—A study of theIndividual Studies major demonstratedthat the program provides a vitalservice by providing students whowish to change their major to pursue6 ANNUAL REPORT

other academic areas of interestat Delhi.Enriching Campus LifeA key element of a student-centerededucation is providing students with educationaland social opportunities on bothsides of the classroom door. SUNY Delhiexcels in this area, which explains whythe demand for on-campus housing is thehighest in the college’s history. The Delhiapproach also gets students involved.More than 65 percent of all Delhi studentsparticipate in a student organization oractivity, a level that ranks among the bestin the State University system.Investments in technology and facilitiesstand out as prime examples of the college’son-going commitment to enrichingstudent life. Wireless internet connectivityfor students in the residence halls wasintroduced and demand has soared.Delhi’s Computer Technology Center alsocontinues to be a hub for campus activity,providing specialized academic and recreationalcomputing labs for students.Delhi has also put its energies and dollarsinto improving and expanding campusfacilities. After the college’s old air structurecollapsed this past winter, specialstate support was leveraged to install anew facility that now supports intramurals,intercollegiate athletics, and the newProfessional Golf Management program.New sidewalks, which are ADA compliant,greatly improved access and safety forstudents. An atrium-style glass enclosureadded to the Farrell Hall Café has createdbetter ambiance and service in thispopular dining spot. Plans also movedforward for a new sports complex anda residence hall.The men’s cross-country team was namedDivision III Team of the Decade by the NJCAA.Further proof that campus life at Delhi hasa winning edge include:Athletic Success—SUNY Delhi is anational force on the athletic scene.Highlights from the 2001-2002 seasonincluded:• Men’s Cross-Country was namedteam of the decade in Division III bythe National Junior College AthleticAssociation.• Four Delhi athletes were crownednational champions at the NJCAADivision III Outdoor Track and FieldChampionships.• The men’s basketball team wasranked number one in the finalNJCAA regular season poll andwent on to finish fourth at thenational tournament, equaling thehighest finish in college history.• Men’s lacrosse capped its mostsuccessful season in Delhi historyby finishing sixth in the finalnational poll, and the NJCAAnaming Coach Kevin Gates“National Coach of the Year.”• The NJCAA selected Delhi to hostthree national championships in2002-2003—cross-country, men’sbasketball, and outdoor track.• Delhi’s athletics program rankedfourth out of 32 schools in NJCAASears Cup standings.Residence Hall Security— Safety isa key concern for students and theirparents and the college continues tomake improvements with that in mind.DELHI HORIZONS 7

The night host system, which requiresstudents and approved guests toregister when they enter the residencehalls late at night, was re-introducedduring the Spring 2002 semester. Newfront entrance doors, compete withcard access and lobby telephones,were also installed.Student Activities—Delhi’s studentactivities program is a model for othercampuses. New programs introducedthis past year include:• Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Special recognition of students,faculty and staff who embody theteachings of Dr. King and a keynoteaddress by Gretchen Sullivan Sorin,director/professor of theCooperstown Graduate Program inhistory museum studies, celebratedthe spirit of this American hero.• Student Leadership Conference—Nationally recognized motivationalspeaker Harvey Alston highlighted aseries of workshops designed toenhance the leadership skills ofDelhi students.• Multicultural Fest—Over 300students, faculty and staff enjoyedlearning about the rich culturalheritage that exists on the Delhicampus.• Nursing Department Culture Fest—Held in conjunction with theNursing Through the Life Spansclasses, students researchedseveral ethnic groups and madepresentations on health practices ofother countries.• Snow Ball—This semi-formal “wrapup” to the fall semester givesstudents the opportunity to stepout on the town for an evening.• Gospel Choir—A new musical groupwas formed at the request ofstudents, and now performs onand off campus.Counseling and Health Services—Outreach programs offered includedNational Collegiate Alcohol AwarenessWeek, Safe Spring Break Week, StressReduction, Domestic Violence andSexual Assault Awareness, and WorldAIDS Day.Erpf-Sanford Lecture Series— Theseries, funded by a special endowment,brings authors, poets andexperts to Delhi to share their knowledge with the campus and localcommunity.Satellite Seminars—Phi Theta Kappa,Delhi’s national honor society chapter,brought three seminars on “Customs,Traditions, and Celebrations: TheHuman Drive for Community,” viasatellite to the campus.Securing AdditionalResourcesBrandi Sanchez was one of 14 students whoraised nearly $80,000 from more than 1,300 alumni,parents and friends during Phonathon.State and federal grants, combinedwith tremendous generosity from alumniand friends, have helped stretch Delhi’s8 ANNUAL REPORT

dollars. A $200,000 Housing and UrbanDevelopment grant is paving the way forDelhi’s first on-line degree—a bachelor’sin hospitality management. Federalsupport through the AmeriCorps programcontinues to fund the Catskill OutdoorEducation Corps, which provides vitalservices to community organizations andenhances the college’s park and recreationprograms. A $100,000 Tech Prep planninggrant awarded to SUNY Delhi was one ofonly seven of its kind funded by the StateEducation Department. Additionalresources were also sought and secured;here are some of the highlights:Assistance Technology Grant—PremierProgramming of Michigan approved a$25,000 proposal to aid students withdisabilities.Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical—This pharmaceutical corporation isproviding $30,000 over a three-yearperiod to create unique researchassistantships for Veterinary ScienceTechnology majors.Donations on the Rise—Contributionsfrom alumni and friends to supportstudent scholarships and specialprojects, such as peer tutoring, rose 32percent, making the average gift $77.Special State Grants—Grants awardedby Senator John Bonacic brought$230,000 to the campus to support theAPEX high school enrichment program,much-needed technology equipment,and golf course improvements.Catskill Watershed Corporation—Thiscorporation issued a $10,000 grant tosupport the feasibility study for the“Pharm” an entrepreneurial venturethat has the potential to link the collegeand local farmers with the biomedicalresearch community.Industry Support—Over $22,000 wasgenerated for the golf/turf programs.Hospitality Endowment—The KevinZraly Scholarship Endowmentbenefited from “Pride of New York,”Delaware County Board of Supervisors chairmanJames Eisle (far left) and Delhi Town SupervisorGary Manning (far right) present VeterinaryScience Associate Professor Ken Pyle andPresident Candace Vancko a $10,000 check forthe “Pharm” on behalf of the Catskill Watershed.a fund-raising dinner celebrating thebest of products produced in theEmpire State.Educational Opportunities ProgramSupport—EOP received $22,000 fromSUNY’s Office of Special Programs forits Living/Learning Community.Financial Aid Assistance—Delhi’sfinancial aid experts converted aportion of work-study money intoSupplemental Education OpportunityGrants (SEOG) to assist students inmeeting their bill at the college. Thiseffectively reduced or removedstudents’ Stafford loan balances.The Financial Aid Office also securedan additional $100,000 in Perkins Loanmoney to award deserving students.Summer Conferences—This initiativegenerated $57,000 in revenue for thecollege.Corporate Services—Custom-designedprograms offered at the local and statelevels generated significant revenues tosupport academic programs and otherspecial initiatives at the college.The College Association at Delhi Inc.—This campus auxiliary service corporationnetted a profit of $157,632, whichallowed it to expand the campusservices it supports.Major Gifts Program—A new programwas introduced by the CollegeDELHI HORIZONS 9

Advancement Office in an effort totarget donations from high-end donors.Conserving ResourcesAll state agencies, including SUNY, wereasked to help solve New York’s fiscalproblems. At Delhi, that meant a $550,000budget shortfall in the final analysis. Thecollege community joined forces to tacklethe challenge. The College Senate, Delhi’sgovernance organization, formed an adhoc group to provide campus-wide inputto the President’s Cabinet. Major featuresof the final plan included not filling vacancies,offering faculty and staff the opportunityto take reduced contracts, cancelinga major web redesign project, formingcommittees to recommend efficient useof paper, and encouraging faculty andstaff to make donations to the college.Additional conservation steps taken thispast year included:Energy Conversion—An EnergyPerformance Contract was negotiatedthrough the New York State EnVestprogram to convert three majorcampus buildings from electric heat toCampus Information Center staff members, BettiPadgett (middle) and Kathy Woodin (far right),assist architecture student Jeff Castor withhis questions.fossil fuel hot water heating systems,saving a minimum of $411,000 a year.Database Administration—The collegecontracted with two SUNY-affiliatedorganizations—Student Information andCampus Administrative Systems(SICAS) and Information TechnologyExchange Center (ITEC)—to support itsdatabase administration functions.Campus Information Center—Crosstrainingstaff improved efficiency andcustomer service at this one-stopinformation center.On-line Publications—Two majorcampus newsletters, Delhi Weeklyand Delhi Update, were converted toelectronic publications and placed onthe web, saving $2,500 annually.Salary Support—Direct support fromthe College Foundation allowed thecollege to hire an experienced annualfund coordinator.Freshman Seminar Instructors—Members of the President’s Cabinetand staff from Student Life volunteeredto teach the Freshman Seminar courses.Implementing aPlanning ProcessAcross CampusPlanning was a major point of emphasishighlighted by the Middle StatesAccreditation team in its final report,and the college had already taken stepsto address that concern by the time thereport arrived on campus. The successof the initial ad hoc planning and budgetgroup helped make it a permanent partof the budgeting process. The CollegeSenate, Delhi’s governance organization,has taken leadership of the planning andbudget group, and formed a committeethat is meeting with each department andacademic division to prioritize the needsof the college.10 ANNUAL REPORT

Other planning implementation for theyear included:Academic Program Assessment—Enrollment, market niche, and thecost of each academic program areassessed annually to determineprograms that need special attention.Marketing and other initiatives are thendeveloped to strengthen the programs.Tech Advice—An independent team oftechnology consultants from acrossthe State University system conducteda thorough evaluation of CampusInformation Systems. The team’s finalreport led to new priorities and otherschanges within CIS.Credit Hour Assessment—EnrollmentServices created systems to helpinform faculty and academic deansabout students who have not registeredfor classes or student creditloads that are incongruent withprevious semester loads.Advisory Councils—Academic programadvisory councils brought industryexperts to the campus to review thecurricula and ensure a Delhi educationkeeps pace with the changing employmentneeds.Academic Assessment—Assessmentprocess for academic majors has beenrevised and approved by the SUNYProvost. Objectives for all academicprograms are now listed in the CollegeCatalog. An assessment of generaleducation began this year, and thecomplete plan will be sent to theProvost’s Office for review.Team Approach—Student behavior,counseling cases, and safety issues arenow managed proactively on a weeklybasis through a new campus committeeled by the dean of Student Life, andincludes the directors of UniversityPolice, Residence Life, Counseling andHealth, Student Activities and JudicialAffairs.President Candace Vancko joins 2002 Alumna ofMerit Anne Sheerin ’83 at a recent gathering ofthe Hospitality Management Advisory Council.Crisis Response—A total revision ofthe college crisis response plan wascompleted. It outlines a plan of actionso that campus emergencies can behandled and managed in a timely andlogical manner.Fostering a Sense ofCommunityA sense of community is essential tocreating a college that is vibrant, healthyand resourceful. Promoting open communication,working together as a team, andcelebrating success are part of the Delhiapproach. Here is a close-up look at someof the details:Construction Projects—Constructing ahealth center at 4-H Camp Shankitunkand planting trees for the DelhiBeautification committee are examplesof how hands-on projects enhance theeducational experience for studentsand make our communities a betterplace to live.DELHI HORIZONS 11

Honorary Doctorate—Scott Clark, aninnovator in sports facility constructionand a long-time friend of SUNY Delhi,became the second recipient of anhonorary doctorate from the collegewhen he was presented with a doctorof humane letters degree atcommencement.Hospitality Requirement—Studentsenrolled in Delhi’s hospitality managementbaccalaureate programs mustcomplete a minimum of 10 hours ofcommunity service to fulfill theirdegree.Ice Sculptures—Faculty and studentscreated ice sculptures at the HanfordMills Museum Winter Ice Harvest.O’Connor Center for CommunityService—Students, faculty and staffcontributed over 5,200 hours ofvolunteer service through theO’Connor Center. Community responsehas been so positive to this projectthat the Hobart-based O’ConnorFoundation made a multi-year commitmentto fund the center.Leadership Awards—Twenty studentsand two faculty members wererecognized for their outstandingcontributions to improving the qualityof campus life through this newrecognition program developed byStudent Life.The National Coalition BuildingInstitute Campus Team—This group ofcommitted students, faculty and staffwas formed to eliminate prejudice andinter-group conflict on the Delhicampus.Alumni Reunion—Participation atReunion 2002 increased by 43 percent.At the event, Mark Grillo, a 1998electrical technology alumnus, wasrecognized for his heroic acts as a NewYork City Police officer on September11, 2001.Computer Experts—Two specializedgroups for users of Banner, thecampus-wide database system, wereformed to strengthen and improve useof the system.Giving Thanks—More than 100 SUNYDelhi employees who are also Delhialumni were recognized with pumpkinpies, hand-delivered by the CollegeAdvancement staff duringThanksgiving week.Bullish on Business—PresidentCandace Vancko, who was named“Business Advocate of the Year” bythe Delaware County Chamber ofCommerce, accepted the award onbehalf of the faculty, staff andstudents. It is thanks to the efforts ofDelhi’s faculty, staff and students thatthe college and local business leadershave been able to form partnershipsthat have had produced directeconomic benefits for localcommunities.Mark Grillo '98 was named 2002 DistinguishedAlumnus for his heroic efforts onSeptember 11, 2001.12 ANNUAL REPORT

College Foundation At Delhi, Inc. DonorsWe are deeply grateful forthe support and commitmentof the alumni and friendswho have joined togetherto make SUNY Delhi anoutstanding educationalinstitution. Thanks to thegenerosity of our donors, weare able to provide studentswith scholarships, invaluablehands-on educationalexperiences, and trainingwith state-of-the-arttechnical equipment.The Honor Roll of Donorsrecognizes all gifts madeto the College Foundationbetween July 1, 2000 andJune 30, 2001. Everyeffort has been made toensure the accuracy of theselists. However, errors andomissions may occur. Pleaseaccept our sincere apologiesif your name has beenlisted incorrectly. We askyou to bring any errors toour attention by callingthe Office of CollegeAdvancement at607.746.4600. Yourassistance will helpus update our records.RecognitionLevelsHeritage Society$1,000 or moreLeadership Circle$500-$999Foundation Society$250-$499Century Club$100-$249Green and White Club$1-$99July 1, 2001-June 30, 2002AlumniClass of 1930Heritage SocietyLouis ResnickClass of 1934Green and White ClubHoward RobisonClass of 1940Leadership CircleEleanor CaseyCentury ClubMargaret HustGreen and White ClubElmer ClarkArthur DavisGrace LevineDoris StolteGerald ThoringtonCharles WilsonClass of 1941Green and White ClubFrederick BurleyElamona EvendenJack HilsonReginald KirbyHelen MennerichClara WalkerClass of 1942Century ClubGloria DriscollKathryn ThomsonGreen and White ClubLynnette BaciuskaLillian DeanHenry RidderClass of 1943Green and White ClubLouise FreerMelvin McwhinnieFrederic RobinsonNancy SchwabShirley YaegerClass of 1944Century ClubKenneth FaustAndrew YouskoGreen and White ClubJ. A. AvernaElizabeth HawleyClass of 1945Century ClubBarbara LivingstonGreen and White ClubLorraine BatleyShirley HamiltonHelen MudryClass of 1946Green and White ClubJames AndrewsEleanor KallanElinor LeedeckeClass of 1947Century ClubAlfred ShuttsJoseph VanscottGreen and White ClubJosephine MudrzynskiClass of 1948Foundation SocietyB.J. SandersCentury ClubRalph HildenbrandtJohn HuffGreen and White ClubHarry ConleyDean SchusterClass of 1949Century ClubNestor AlzerezRobert FallonGeorge KouriGreen and White ClubThelma BarlowHerbert BaskindAlma BreretonWalter ElinskiRaymond PacClass of 1950Century ClubDonald McDermottGreen and White ClubMary BentonDonald ConklinMarvin DanielsJohn ElwoodJohn MacriHelen MonellBeulah PalmerThaddeus PleziaAnthony SamartanoDELHI HORIZONS 13

Howard SearlesClass of 1951Foundation SocietyPaul KlofkornCentury ClubHarry ArmstrongMichael CassinGreen and White ClubEllington BradfordEdmund ConantRichmond DavisRobert GreenBarbara HatfieldRobert HawleyJoyce LewisHartley MaxsonOrvetta PalmerJohn RuffJames SkelleyRuth WolfClass of 1952Heritage SocietyT. J. BanfieldFoundation SocietyArdeth KlofkornGreen and White ClubGeorge BarneyMartha ConsidineRussell DeyoJoseph DonahoeAlice FayRobert HerthumPauline KvammeLucille LigotinoMildred NocellaMargaret PowellMary QueenHubert RoneyFred SchildWilburt SullivanGordon WhittenClass of 1953Foundation SocietyCharles CanedyCentury ClubDavid RobertsGreen and White ClubJohn BodenstabF. EldredRobert EliasCatherine GouldJean HamsherRobert PoleClass of 1954Century ClubDavid RogersNorma TrentGreen and White ClubMargaret ChurchCarl DavidsonWilliam HammondHelen HandleyGordon HyattEdward KraussClass of 1955Century ClubRobert CortelyouGreen and White ClubJohn AnastasiouThomas BrownCarson EmhofEugene GilliandEleanor GreenDonald LoopeJohn MonseesEdwin NelsonClass of 1956Green and White ClubRaymond BakerSamuel CloseRalph GardnerMarcia HalseNorman MerrillThomas MurnaneJoseph ReillyMartha ShafferClass of 1957Foundation SocietyJohn GarrisonDavid MunsellCentury ClubBeverly McPhersonGreen and White ClubLloyd GrantJames McFarlandRichard MontrossAnne RuskeElaine TantaloRobert WhiteLeonard YagerClass of 1958Heritage SocietyCarl PetronioFoundation SocietyPaul FotornyGreen and White ClubDavid BennettThomas DeanAlfred EinertLeslie KrumJames ManningRussell WheelerClass of 1959Foundation SocietyAlexander SmithCentury ClubFrank JagoBernard ReillyElwin RivenburgGreen and White ClubAnn BerndtC. Ward BladeRobert BrownCord Peter CordesPaul DeLormeWilliam HyattPeter MutteeJames SchadWilliam ShireyClass of 1960Foundation SocietyFrank SchilagiCentury ClubRichard BarightJames BraccoVelma ClarkArthur HolmesDorothy KishEdwin LindhurstKenneth PasseroVernon SissonGreen and White ClubAnthony CilanoRobert DeboyRussell EmersonAllyn HetzkeEugene KregerWalter McIntoshRobert MichaelisRichard PaulRobert PetersPhyllis SchneiderFrederick SchutzIris SchutzBeverly StevensEdward TammCecil ThompsonMarshall WebsterClass of 1961Century ClubRoger CaldwellAnne McCallRandall RoeLynn TurnerGreen and White ClubJames DolgasC. James FilippiniLouis FiskJohn GaliskiGeorge HaagRichard PostJoann SchmidtGeorge WalkerClass of 1962Heritage SocietyRichard RobertsonCentury ClubLaurence LammersRobert MarletteDouglas OkunRaymond WaltonGreen and White ClubMarsha BiermanIra BognerBeverly CoppolaTerry HarveyArlene HoagJeffrey IsacsonSandra JamesWalter ManalioNeil RiddellMichael RyanRuth StrongRaymond WappmanNancy WarderClass of 1963Century ClubRobert DavidsGreen and White ClubCarl AndereggWilliam BeesmerClarence CardJoseph DeleoMartin FeldbergJames HladunPhilip HopkoRaymond HuthmanMaria LacekJeffrey MerrillRobert MurrayJohn PerryHenry RamezzanaGerard ScieraJohn SoslerCarol SquiresGeorge StevensSusan WalkerClass of 1964Heritage SocietyJohn KennedyCentury ClubRichard BrewerClaircine FraserStanley HulbertRobert OrtliebJohn WasserGreen and White ClubRalph AumickKenneth CanfieldSusan ElwoodSharon FurnerSandra HallSamuel MartinPaul RuminskiHartley RussellDorothy StocksJohn TicknorGeorge VailJames Westover14 ANNUAL REPORT

James WhitneyClass of 1965Heritage SocietyBenjamin NesbittLeadership CirclePeter HombergFoundation SocietyRobert DarbyshireCentury ClubRichard CorwinRobert PlatnerDavid RisleyGreen and White ClubSusan AllenNicholas ApuzzoPaul BatterbyDavid EliassenRobert GersbachDavid GuldensternJames HilsonThor JohannessenDiane KeithGeorge KrantzMarlene LiessK. MarshSusan PesterBruce RobinsonJames RomanoRobert TackaburyKaren WarrenClass of 1966Leadership CircleManly ShultsFoundation SocietyArthur BrownMartha MosesBruce RotherforthCentury ClubKathryn CosentinoDennis FinnDavid FultonJames LivingstonePhilip SweetJack UlrichGreen and White ClubEllen BouerBeverly BowersSamuel BuranichLawrence CastlerMary CostelloArlene DavisRalph GrahamHoward HeffronGeorge MackoJeri MurrayDiane Newkirk MitchellJean OakleyRobert PawlowskiRoy RounsevilleMichele ScheuringKeys to SuccessShawn Hafele came to Delhi’sHospitality Management programfrom nearby Deposit,NY, hoping his college degreewould take him far. But thanksto the generosity of Delhialumnus Jack Kennedy ’64,Shawn realized his dreameven sooner.The 2002 recipient of the, Shawnspent an all-expense-paidinternship last summer inthe in the Florida Keys athe Cheeca Lodge and Spain Isalmorada—a location asexclusive as a Hamptonscountry club with a dash of“barefoot elegance” thrown in.“The Kennedy Scholarshipis something of an anomalyamong Hospitality Managementprograms,” says RosalieHiggins, dean of Business andHospitality Management. “Notmany programs can offer aninternship of this caliber to theirstudents. We’re lucky to havean alumnus like Jack who literallymakes these students’dreams come true.”Dean Higgins says it’s notuncommon for the KennedyScholarship recipient to bewhisked away to exotic locationssuch as Buenos Aires,Las Vegas, and London or findthemselves at an exclusive clubor even boarding the QE2. “Hisexperience in the hospitalityfield casts a wide net and it’sthe breadth of Jack’s connectionsthat make this happenfrom year to year.”The trip isn’t entirely forpleasure. Dean Higgins stressesthat recipients of the KennedyScholarship serve a one-weekinternship at their traveldestination where they learnthe ins and outs of hospitalityin a real-world setting. A CulinaryArts major, Shawn wanted to learnall he could about hotels, and optedfor an overview of the resort’s operations.“My goal is to work in thekitchen of a resort like the CheecaLodge someday, so I thought I shouldlearn about the total package,”Shawn explains.Jack Kennedy feels privileged toenlighten students like Shawn whoshow determination and creativity.“It’s an opportunity for them to traveland see first-hand the operations ofhotels around the world. It’s somethingthat they might never get achance to do otherwise,” saysKennedy, who is general managerof the Villa Roma Resort in upstateNew York. Kennedy has also heldpositions with the Winthrop HotelGroup, Intercontinental Airlines,and Cunard Hotels and Resorts.“I always believe in life that youhave to give back to others ameasure of your success.”DELHI HORIZONS 15

Gayle SturdevantGebhard TuckerJennifer VogelSandra YeskewiczClass of 1967Heritage SocietyJohn BrooksCentury ClubGerald KernahanZenard MikulskiMary-Ellen SmithGreen and White ClubGerald AtwellPaula BarberBarbara Brun-ScheckClifford BrunnerHarold ColeThomas DoughertySusan ErkkinenRobert FisherJ. GatesWalter GorskiAlfred JaegerFranklin JessupDouglas LlewellynCatherine MazauskasWilliam McMillenThomas NolanDavid RothbartRenwick RussellGerald SeaveyDaniel TartagliaE. Ralph TirabassiFlorence ValleyDiane WadsworthClass of 1968Foundation SocietyGerald FultzCentury ClubPhillip CoyleJohn JajeJ. MuraWilliam PetroneColin WhiteGreen and White ClubThomas BarnesDouglas BowneCharles BurneyEdith CooperPatricia EdmundsPatricia FrascaKristen GerlingGary GuarigliaJoseph HinchmanKathleen HolushaDiane MartinWilliam MccannJohn MitchellLawrence NewmanRobert OloriSandra SimmonsClass of 1969Leadership CircleTimothy TownsendFoundation SocietyWill DobbinMichael MaasCentury ClubClifford CarmanEleanor DennisFranklin EhlermannJerry EnglehardtWilliam GaetanoAnn HolbertMargaret LaceyFredrick LanziGreen and White ClubSusan ChambersFrancis CianciosiPeter DeLangeRegina DuboisMargaret EhrmentrautKathleen EymanPeter HarmanMary HopkinsDennis HummelAlan KreislerSharon MuseralloSandra OuderkirkRobert PacificConnie ParkesBetsy RaceAlan SchildkrautRalph SmithSusan SteinWarren UnderwoodNorma VigusRobert VoorheesJohn ZengelClass of 1970Century ClubMary AckleyWilliam AxnessPeter CamarcoGeorge FreerDavid GayJerry JohnsonBonnie MartineckDaniel SchlaferRichard SmithGreen and White ClubDaniel AndrewsKaren BaaseCharles BellingerFritz CarlsonMartin CasolaJoan CatalanoDouglas CrispellSusan CrombieRobert DenzWilliam EvansJames GarrutoBarbara GeywitsRegina GorhamKeith HamlinLinda HarringtonRichard HarringtonMarilyn HeathPaul HeatonConrad HeilmanAlan JensenJudith KocabPhillip LindsayBarbara MaineyWayne McCabeStephen MillerHerbert NewtonCharles O'DellRobert RiegStephen SauerBarry SelznerRobert SimonEdwin SissonBarney TerminaKathleen TyrrellCharles WikoffRita WojnarClass of 1971Foundation SocietyTimothy MonroeCentury ClubBrenda AbischJames AlfanoRussell AndersonBruce BullDonald HenerRichard PollockGreen and White ClubGrace AlexinEdward AndermanGary AndermanCarl BagnardiGeorge BettersDon BurdickPaul CapelliniJoseph CilmiEva CoxJohn DemickEdward FurgisonRussell HamiltonPatricia HolbrookJohn HollowayCarol HoweJeanne JacksonLouis LoyJohn MartindaleJames McCloeMary PhillipsRobert PooleAnthony ScavoMark TanskiAnthony TiballiCraig TraubDiane ValkyClass of 1972Heritage SocietyPeter GouldThomas GrantLeadershipSuzanne PufferFoundation SocietySandra KrygerKenneth KryzakMark ToomeyCentury ClubMichael FeigenbaumJohn HaightShirley HallWilliam InghamDebra PostWalter RootAndrew ShumanJudith ToddMary WhitlockGreen and White ClubDon AtkinsKenneth BachRoger BellRobert BerkeyAnn BibbensTerence BrennanDavid BurnsRobert ChapmanDavid CurrieRoberta DeHartGeorge EdwardsRichard EssayAnita FrenchJames GormanWilliam GrimmondDouglas HinkleyMary HoganNancy HughesThomas IslesColleen JohnsonJames JohnsonThomas KaufmanCatherine KennyWilliam KerrickRichard KinnerDonna KotasJames KreinerBarbara MacnaughtJames McDonaldAlphonse MekalainasJoseph MuracaRoberta NatiellaNicholas ParisellaJoanne PassineauMary PirohaLinda PutnamSt. James RichardsElizabeth RieselmanPatrick RobargeRoberta SmithBurton SperlingRobert ThomsenWayne TompkinsDiana TullyRichard WadsworthJoann Wormuth16 ANNUAL REPORT

Class of 1973Heritage SocietyThomas HetterichLeadership CircleDaniel IovinoJohn ShortFoundation SocietyLouis ShieldsCentury ClubRobert HardcastleDana MockovciakJanet NewcomerDavid PiersonThomas ScialoStuart SilversteinRichard SwiftGreen and White ClubMichael BenincasaDavid BennettNancy BryantChristopher CareyNancy CastelliBarbara CharalambidisCarolyn ColeScott CrabtreeErica DeckerDavid EngRoy EngelsAlan FisherWalter FriedelPaul GadoRandy GibbonMichael GrindrodEric HaightPatrick HawkinsBrenda HayMichael HubbsJo Ann KaufmanKaren KilfoilJohn LambJeffrey LutzMichael LynchSteve MacClintockPaul MathiesonKenneth MaxfieldGreg MillerRobert MillhamRobert MurrayPatricia OrcuttFrank Snapper PettaTheresa PlantDawn PomeroyWayne PrenticeDennis QuadriniGary RockefellerScott RowsamJeffrey RusackEileen SamitzAnthony ScottBrenda SewardRobert ShockleyDonna SillimanClaire StahrSandra ThorpeDavid VaughnKathleen Wall BrearleyA. Jay WeinsteinMichael WilsonClass of 1974Heritage SocietyValerie GrantFoundation SocietyMartin PattonCentury ClubAlan FranksThomas HennesseySherry HooverJune LedererDavid RokosDolores WawrzynekGreen and White ClubRichard AlwineKaren BocchinoWalter BonvellThomas BorgenPaul ByrneBarbara CacciapagliaTerry ClancyBruce ClarkWilliam ClemonsGarth CodingtonDavid ConroyVanessa DavisThomas De SanctisPhilip ElenaWendy ErwinChristine GiffordJonathan HarveyCarl HoffmanGayle HoodRoxanne HundyczD.L. JohnsonAnne LaBateRobert LanghauserTimothy LynchBrian MazzitelliLinda McleanSandra MerrillCatherine MustaciuoloMarion NicholsEdmond OlivaDouglas PerrymanMark PetersJohn PostlethwaiteJohn ReynoldsAnn RosenfeldLucinda ScanlanConnie ScrivenKent ShaverJoseph SheridanJoseph SnyderSteven SpicerConnie SpielmanRichard StenshornDuane SturdevantGlenn SullivanConstance TarasekKenneth TironeDonald TreleaseSherri TronrudJames VassosGary VragelClass of 1975Leadership CircleBruce JonesFoundation SocietyHilda GirominiCentury ClubMichael BarnesHarry BorgJean DolenBridgette Muir LeConeyJ. Ronald NorthropDavid PhillipsSandra QuackenbushAmy SwensonGreen and White ClubJohn AndrewsGary ArendDavid BernardSeri BuetiDaniel CiminoJoseph CingariMargaret CoagerKristi CranceCraig FreemanDavid GiannelliCraig HowardCraig HumphreyVera JagendorfTheodore KenyonD. LaceyEdmund MaassenCarl MarshallHomi ModiMark MurrayPatricia Murtha-RielMichael NoonanKathryn SeweryniakAlice TuckerStephen TuckerDaniel WalshSeth WiblingClass of 1976Leadership CircleThomas LepreFoundation SocietyKenneth KuracinaLinda MarshallCentury ClubDaniel BegealDonald LeslieLawrence McCabeRobin NorcrossSharon TurnerDaniel WalshGreen and White ClubLisa ApostleMelanie BehrensDoreen BelangerEmanuel BirittieriRichard D'aquilaMark DepuyTheodore DescovichJerome DollyDebra EllensohnRitchie GabrielDennis GebhardtNick GrossiBonnie GuariniConstance HeidtAnn HendersonStephen McMurrayTimothy MechlerThomas MillsAnthony NigroChrista SchaferTymm SchumakerCharles SimmonsJodi SmithBarbara StrebelCharles WallingGeorge WickswatRobert WieworkaConrad ZlockClass of 1977Foundation SocietyEugene KingCentury ClubRoman BobakEmily BonnPeter HamiltonLeon HeathPatricia KellyRichard NicholsLuann SeamanSteven SmithgallJulie SorcekGreen and White ClubJoseph AmiraultKathleen BixbyElizabeth BohlkeRose BovaNaomi BuelRoy CarlsonAnn CelikMaureen ChalosBrenda CoagerPatricia CoatesVirginia D'AndreaCynthia DamianoDeborah DanforthKerry DanielsenAbigail DiegelmanJames DunnSuzanne EdgarJoanne Estey-GomberCynthia GauglerTerri GoodbreadClifford GreyMark HirschornRobert IngegneriDennis KanieckiPatricia KelemenAlan KnoblachDavid LeonardoHarris LewinDELHI HORIZONS 17

John LoughlinAnna MarchantDenise McCarthyStacey McGartlandRobert NormanJames SchumanAndrew SchwartzBonnie SimpkinsMaureen SiorisKaren SkillmanClass of 1978Heritage SocietyRichard DeMayFoundation SocietyJohn CaparellaJoseph HanleyRobert SullivanCentury ClubRobin BirrittellaKenneth BrannonShaun HathawayArthur ViebrockAndrew WilliamsGreen and White ClubClayton BanksKimberly BarrowsFrancis BealoJoseph CanonacoPatricia CarlsonLucia ColoneRonald ColvinLinda DigregorioKatherine DoroskiKristin Gallagher-ShawWalter GoodmanRandy HansonKathleen HartyThomas HerboldGary HinmanLinda HofrichterNancy Hoy-ClementsKim HyzerWilliam LeaverMarian LuongoSandra MastersJames OdellRichard PeckThomas PlaceSusan RodemsValerie SchuecklerKarolyn ScottJanelle SheffieldJanet ShotwellSharmaine Simpson-MoodyMarie SkorubskiDiane Slominski-TutoneMary StapletonDenise VanDusenChristine WallaceRoger WidmannRobert WillisClass of 1979Century ClubDavid AcombEileen BleemNadine FontanNancy KrugerJack SchoonmakerLinda SousaJacqueline ToiaTerry WolffGreen and White ClubJoanne AdairKathleen BrownJoseph ConvertiniKathleen DunnWilliam EnnisArlene EstbergRobert FedrizziMark GetchesMichael HaasEugene HarranKristine HovancikAlan JoslinSusan KingsleyRussell KlingerElaine LarkinCheryl LevineJames MalloreyMaribeth MazurJane MulhallCheryl NormanSaramarie NorthCarol PhillipsCarl PodlinsekGeorge RiceDonna RobertsNoreen RollinsMary Beth SasoAlbert SchmadtkeElaine SchraderJoseph SinglarJeanne SmithDennis SwiftKim TalmageMary TaylorBeverly TodaroRamona TruscottLori ValeEugene WellsMarty WoodsClass of 1980Leadership CircleLeonard GovernKelvin HillFoundation SocietyTimothy BurnettMichael MunsonJohn TaylorCentury ClubCynthia NicholsonGreen and White ClubChris BrowneBlaine BurnettKatherine BushMichael ButteriPatricia ByrnesGregg ChanonTina ClarkChris CookPamela CreaturoNancy CushingAllen DaltonDoriann DidioDavid DoctorJames EmersonWilliam FoleyMeredith GalinskiVictor GautieriFaye HackerRoger HadleyGail HammondJoanne HarrisTerry LawsonJudy LindsayMichael McDonaldPatricia MccabeDonna MccubbinRussell MehlAnne MildnerKathleen MoranSuzanne PereauJeffrey PhillipsDennis PorterDavid RichterBarbara RyanJudith SobczakDennis SpatolDavid StoneGreta TiberiaChris VankeurenNancy WaddellRuthmary WhitemanClass of 1981Century ClubJohn BellLance CouchLeza McLainThomas VandermarkJanine WolffGreen and White ClubSarah AveryMargaret BakerCindy BanksJoseph BolognaKatharine BoothDavid BrewsterJayne CassidyJody ConvertinoDavid DonatoShari DraceSusan DuncanEdward DunniganMichael DunniganStephen GrazianoSonya HinkleySherrie HustJames HyattSusan KleinTimothy LachaczGerald LeprevostStephen MandatoMichael MaseTherese MunroeLynn NaresKim NicholsBruce NorthropRussell OttomanoMaria PasquinoPaula PawelecEvelyn SantiJohn ScannellLaura SchmittMargaret SwartzDebra TabaczynskiJeffrey TaylorBrian Van DuserJohn VermilyeaRaymond WardLebeau WebberIvy WeissThomas WilsonTamara WittemanRandall ZuillClass of 1982Foundation SocietyJames QuinlivanMarilyn SmithCentury ClubJoanne AdamopoulosScott CargillDonald HarrisMark JohnsonBruce MostertGary PrudenGreen and White ClubMark AdlerJudson AleyArthur AllenSteven AlversonLauren AndersonMichael AnsonAndrew BellJoe BongiovanniDouglas BowmanDavid CarlsonSusan ChapmanKimberly CoonTeresa CossuCheryl CraftDennison CrandallJoe D'AngeloMitchell DeSilvaKathleen DouelfakarDonna FitzsimmonsCynthia HaynesAlan HonigThomas JantzenRobert KellyGerard KiernanMandy KonikowCharles LefkowitzJennie MartinGrant MillerNeil PezzuloLisa PryzgodaMark PuleoEdward Purce18 ANNUAL REPORT

Jay RussellColleen SagerKerry Scanlon-BurakowskiChristine ShaferMary ShelmidineCharles StockTimothy SurowkaFred SzeliBarbara TitusBethany WoodardClass of 1983Foundation SocietyRobert NewcomerDaniel ThillCentury ClubKevin DunneMarianne GreenfieldDonald HullePeter KirkgasserElizabeth RaffertyRichard SeipelRalph TraphagenGreen and White ClubWilliam AndersonJoan BallGail BlackMichael ButlerJoseph CantwellJudith DonlanShirley DuellAlix ErenbergRose FlanneryDawn FortierMichelle HausKaren HornRobert HuntDavid JamesJames JavurekGlenn LemaitreJames MaddenSharon MeyerJohn MooreTina MoshierJeffrey RaffertyJuan-Carlos SernaBrenda SheahanAnne SheerinSandra SheltonJeffrey ShirleyVirginia TownsendTeresa TranfagliaDavid VogelClass of 1984Century ClubSuzann DoaneWilliam FosterGary GrassoNancy MacdonaldLinda PlattRobert TerwilligerGreen and White ClubMichael ArcidiaconoClaude BabcockErin BarthOn the RightPathIt’s not uncommon for studentswho have already obtained atwo- or a four-year degree tocome to Delhi for a seconddegree. Many change theirminds about what it is theywant to do and decide toembark on a different path.Christine Peterson, a secondyearVeterinary ScienceTechnology major found herselfin that very predicament.“My previous degree wasn’tleading me to a solid career,”says Christine. “I heard aboutDelhi and decided to go back toschool to become a veterinarytechnician.” At Delhi, she’sgained the education shewanted and much more.Christine is one of the firstrecipients of a specialresearch experience fundedby Boehringer Ingelheim,an internationally-basedpharmaceutical company.Boehringer Ingelheim has along history with Delhi—hiringgraduates from the college’sVeterinary Science Technologyprogram since the 1980’s—andregularly provides Delhistudents with specializedinternships that allow them toexplore the world of research.The company has recentlyagreed to contribute $30,000over a three-year period toestablish scholarships at Delhifor students who want to makeresearch their focus.“Christine’s a prime exampleof a student who’s found herniche in research,” says KenPyle, associate professor ofveterinary science and originatorof the scholarship. “BoehringerIngelheim knows that if Delhican augment the researchexperiences of our students,students will be more confident inmaking research their career path.”Christine was not only selected asone of the first students to receivea Boehringer Ingelheim researchscholarship at Delhi, but she wasalso selected to serve an internshipthis summer at BoehringerIngelheim’s Connecticut Plant.“It’s an honor knowing that thefaculty think that much of my workto select me. I know that they lookedat my grades and how committed Iwas in caring for the animals duringmy internship,” she says. “But it’sBoehringer Ingelheim that’s made itall happen. I consider myself lucky—the internship and the scholarshiphave reaffirmed things for me. Inow know that research is whatI want to do.”DELHI HORIZONS 19

Henry BoshartDavid BoutonTimothy CellaryRobert GaetaDaniel GardinerCharles GuarinoRichard HaightHilary HamJoseph HarmerAlfred JonesJacqueline KellySusan KnightCheryl KoenigRalph LazinaDavid NosalLisa PopeThomas RuddyJohn SculleyTimothy WeiselClass of 1985Century ClubDaniel ErlweinJesse OttesenLarry StevensGreen and White ClubDianne ButtonRichard ByrneJohn ClarkJeffrey CottrellPatricia DiesburgDaniel FotiTerry GrecoJill KoziarzChristopher La MackBeverly LibbertBruce MayhookAlan MazurowskiWilliam MoyseJohn MutinskyMary OttJames RasmussenAndrew RussellDavid SalvatoreKarl SchulerDiane SeidnerDiana ShahCharles SicilianoRobert StepnowskiYulonda TavaresPhilip ThompsonThomas VinoPatrick WagnerJean WeberClass of 1986Century ClubMary SanfordJames SheridanRoger VanderplaatGreen and White ClubScott BarightThomas FiolaRhonda FisherLisa FurmanKathleen GillooleyTimothy GregerCherie HueyAndrea MarkertMaura McGiffTerry O'NeillHarry PoladianKarl RendlerPeter TantaloLinda WordClass of 1987Leadership CircleJoan TownsendCentury ClubThomas ClausJames EichelburgSarah Kearns-PosillicoDouglas LauserTerry TerezakisGreen and White ClubGlenn AragonaCraig ArtistAlexander CobinRobert GiustinoDina-Jo KnoedlScott LashAndrew LavellMelissa LawrencePatricia LokerLawrence LoosTodd MartinAmanda MehlenbacherRobin NistockLisa O'NeillRuthann PlattThomas RamsayAndrew RyanCelia SodenKyle TompkinsDavid WoznickClass of 1988Century ClubMelissa ParmerGreen and White ClubJoseph BarbagalloShannon BeretzAnthony BirchardJohn BrechtBarbara BrownJames CurnynLadd DawsonBarbara Eaton-CarlsonMary FletcherGail FreebornAnthony GiovanMichael GrigasLloyd HaleFred HolfothCynthia JohnsonJennifer JohnsonTheresa LamsonRobert ManciniLorene MenichelliMike PendergastRobert PerlmanBruce PhillipsRobert PirohaDiana PopeTodd SaxeJeanne ShawFanya ThomsonDean WilliamsJohn WojtanowskiClass of 1989Foundation SocietyEric JenkuskyCentury ClubDavid KrzystonScott TrowbridgeGreen and White ClubMelissa CarvinPaul CliffeEdward DoiJanis EngelJulie KulakJohn MarinoTricia McKennaDavid MorganTeresa O'HearnRobin RoseKevin WesthallAnne WilferClass of 1990Century ClubFrederick HobbsKevin MckeonGreen and White ClubEileen DiGioacchinoGary GarrisonKaren GeerDavid GreeneAnnette MasonStephen ReedJoann SimonelliStephen YoungClass of 1991Century ClubRobert FowlerPatricia HoytJodi KrzystonBeth OportlRobert J. PierpointGreen and White ClubKurt BennettJason BiggarTimmy ChanAnthony CooperAmy DownsMary JacobsBrigitte KellerChristine KempfJeffrey LeprevostShanie Diamond MackJoyce Ottoson-FernandezAnn SingerNancy WalshKaren WolffClass of 1992Century ClubBrent HershbergerGreen and White ClubSibyl LibrandiJon MatthewsTheodore PollackAaron RiceMichael RoweRose WintersClass of 1993Leadership CircleThomas LeahyGreen and White ClubDavid AlgerJohn KolodziejGlenn TorchiaAlice Van De MarkLucy WoodClass of 1994Century ClubStephen LipkaJames MahoneyGreen and White ClubCatherine BirnsKathleen Decoursey-JantzJeremy HoltTracy KinchStella LiLuke ShaulEric VaughanClass of 1995Green and White ClubLisa KulaskiWilfred MartinTina SodenJeanine UsiakJoseph WalshClass of 1996Century ClubJames HoytTara KeppelGreen and White ClubMaureen BowerJulie BrennemanClass of 1997Green and White ClubTaszden LyndakerLarry RoeBranko ZdravkoskiClass of 2002Century ClubEdward Dollard20 ANNUAL REPORT

ParentsCentury ClubArnold Barnes-SchwartzLois BogholtzKatherine CinigliaMichael ColantuonoChris ConstantinoGordon CooperLinda CucciaRobert DeFreitasBarton DellarmiJohn & Mary DollardKimbray FeidtJoseph GoodwinArlene GormanJohn HelmrichFrederick HenryCila HerskovitsRobert HindmanMary JaynesAlan KelloggPeter KentEmanuel KrousaniotakisMildred MansonMalgorzata MarganskaRobert MarksJohn MatosDonald MauMark PhilippsGuy RomanoDonna SalterJames SeverenceJohn SgrullettaNorman ShwirySusan SimonettiDonald StevensWalter SymanskiJohn & Diann TownsendRobert TownsendStanley WeredykZofia WisniewskaRobert WyantEvelyn ZagamiJan ZeilicGreen and White ClubDeborah AbbateRobin AbendDoris AddoRichard AlcombrightMargaret AliceaChristine AnthonyMartin AnzaloneMichael AquinoItalo AraminiKevin ArmstrongBissundeo BadalTheresa BannisterMark BergeronJanet BlandoJohn BlodornMaria & Glenn BohrerGary BonkerJoseph BontempsJohn BradleyJohn BrooksScott BurgessKaren ButlerRoy ByronNancy CannarozzoJoseph CantalesAngelo CaponeElizabeth ChaissonDonald ChapmanRonald CharlesDebra CiociKenneth ClarkEdward ComptonJohn ConnollyDonald ConnorRaymond CoolbaughKitty CornaleMichael CostescuBarbara CottiersRodney CraigJoanne CrowleyDavid DanielsGina DanielsAlbert DanzaDaniel DarderDavid De Waal MalefytDavid DeanDaniel DesrosiersMary DessasureCarolyn DethloffRobert DonaldsonLouise DragosJoanne DriscollMarie EliazerWilliam ElwoodDona EtsittyEdward FennellPatricia FisherGary FitchettCarmela FiumaraKaren FrancisLaura FromholzCedric FuentesWilliam GallagherEdgar GarvinSteven GilbertRaymond GoldenRobert GoohsRobert GorgrantJoan GrecoCristina GreeneJerhyl GreigJames GresisCrocefissa GrimaRonnie GrimmWilliam GroarkBarbara GrossoJohn HeineggArthur HillerTerrance HoagCharles HoganGerard HouleFrancis HughesMerritt HuntPeter HunterDouglas IllsleyKaren ImarataTammy JacksonTyeena JacobsClement JollyStephen JuddWilliam KaneDavid KatenDennis KearnsCheryl KingJoseph KnappEdward LaFlamMarval LashleySusan LathamBrian LehmanWilliam LeroyRaymond LewRonald LukowskiJorge MarquesPatricia MartinoPeter MasielloThomas McCabeRoger McMillanJosephine MeekerEdward MichelsLorraine MoriartyDebra MorisonGregory MuellerKathy MurdockRobert NarvaezHerman NashEileen NautaYvonne NilesDavid NoakesCarlos OquendoMr. & Mrs. Fernando PanissEdward ParisiCarol ParrishDiana PassanteNancy PehlkeRichard PloutzDavid PrichardCarl PucciMark RienhardtAlexis RobinsonMargaret SanchezGerard SantiniCarolyn ScaturroMichael SchoenfeldDaryl SchwartzDavid SciaraJames SczepanskiThomas SerbonichRichard ShappellEdwin SherwoodMichael ShovahRobert SmithMorgan SnyderGary SolomonGrant Spaulding, Jr.Lynn SpencerKathryn StinebricknerPatricia SullivanPatricia TaggartMichael TamerFrank TammaroWilliam TetiDarlene TimminsJoe ToscanoLorraine ToweyJeffrey TravisRandy TravisMr. & Mrs. Byron TrimbellMark TuckerAnthony TurcoJames UptonJoan UtterRichard VorpagelStephen VrabelStephanie WarnerDonna WashburnDiane WegenerBryan WeingartMr. & Mrs. Donald WeirWilliam WellsEdward WhalonJoseph WhittleRobin WrenchCraig WrightMalvie WyreLawrence ZeccardiStephen ZimmermanDELHI HORIZONS 21

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Investing in the FutureDear Friends:SUNY Delhi students, faculty and staff truly thank ouralumni, parents and friends for their generous supportof the FY ’02 Annual Fund. Your selfless participationenabled us to exceed goal, raising $94,749 of unrestrictedfunds. Included in those results was $10,917from the first phonathon targeted to parents. Thecombined alumni and parent campaigns generatedmore than 250 new donors to the college! In additionto raising vital funds to support student programs andcampus services, the phone calls create an importantdialogue that keeps both the college and its valuedfriends informed regarding important campus activitiesand issues.Your gifts are an investment in the college’s futureand reaffirm our mission of providing students withan exceptional education. Donor support allows theCollege Foundation to fund student scholarships,honors and ambassador programs, peer andprofessional tutors and a student emergency loanprogram. Each year the program is further assistedby matching gifts that our supporters process at workthrough their personnel/human resource department.Matching gifts usually double the value of the gift forthe college. Gifts at all levels are important, particularlyto the corporations and other funding institutions thatlook at participation very closely when they awardgifts and grants.We realize that this has been a difficult year for manyand that each family faces many choices regardingcharitable giving. Thanks, again, for including Delhi inthose choices. The college must rely on its family ofalumni, parents and friends to help ensure that Delhicontinues to deliver the personalized education it isknown for. Please join that special group that ispositively affecting the lives of so many students.Let’s keep the momentum going…To make a gift contact:Paul MacDonaldAnnual Giving Coordinator149 Bush Hall, Delhi, NY 13753(607) 746-4602 or Email macdonpm@delhi.edu

Reunion 2003June 6-7Making the Memories LastWelcoming back the Classes of 1927, 1932, 1937, 1942, 1947, 1952,1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992 and 1997Parents: If Horizons is addressedto a son or daughter who nolonger lives at your home, pleaseclip the address label and returnit with the correct address to:Alumni Office, SUNY Delhi,Delhi, NY 13753. Thank you forhelping us update our records.Non-profitOrganizationU.S. POSTAGE PAIDPermit No. 7Delhi, NY13753

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