SHS Performing Arts Packet 2013-14 - Tucson Unified School District

SHS Performing Arts Packet 2013-14 - Tucson Unified School District

SAHUARO HIGH SCHOOLP A C K E TA l l B a n d a n d J a z z B a n dPERFORMING ARTS AND DECAA d v a n c e d C h o i r s (Only Beginning Mixed Choir Excluded)D E C AI n t e r m e d i a t e a n d A d v a n c e d T h e a t r e A r t s (Only Beginning Theatre Arts Excluded)B o t h I n t e r m e d i a t e a n d A d v a n c e d O r c h e s t r aAll fine arts participants pay $50 tax credit participation fees (at schedule pick-up or Finance Office thereafter)and submit packets (to Activities Office) withthe following exceptions: Beginning Mixed Choir and Beginning Theatre Arts.These Items Must be Received by the SHS Activities Office for Students Enrolling in the Above Listed CoursesParent/Guardian Permission for Participation in Interscholastic Activities – ½ Sheet – To be signed by parent.Performing Arts Emergency Information – ½ Sheet – To be signed by parent.Statement of Residency / TUSD Photo Permission / Tobacco, Drug, and Alcohol Policy FormTo be signed by parent and student. / To be signed by parent . / To be signed by parent and student.Code of Conduct Agreeemnt – This is a one-time only reguirement for th high school years.Participation FeesThere is a $50 participation fee for each performing art/sports activity in which a student participates and are payable duringSchedule Pick-Up or in the SHS Finance Office thereafter. Fees for DECA will be required later in the semester forparticipating students and will be payable in the SHS Finance Office.No Refund Policy – Your $50 Fee is an Automatic Tax Credit. Because participation fees are a Tax Credit they arenon-refundable. Schedule changes, dropping a class, or becoming ineligible do not qualify for a refund.The following participation fee policy has been adopted by our Governing Board: Participation fees are capped at $150maximum per individual (3 Performing Arts), and, $200 per family (4 Performing Arts). Please note that sports andperforming arts fees cannot be combined to individual or family maximums. There is No Transfer of performing arts fees toathletic fees and vice-versa.Participation fees qualify for Arizona Tax Credit. Students who pay fees will automatically be provided with anappropriate receipt for tax purposes. (Arizona Revised Statute 43-1089.01 allows a tax credit, $400 filing joint return and$200 filing single, for fees paid in support of extracurricular activities. If you have any questions, please call your taxadvisor.)AIA Eligibility Guidelines:TUSD’s academic eligibility requirement is “NO PASS, NO PARTICIPATE”. All students participating inextracurricular activities must meet the following academic eligibility criteria:‣ Students must pass all courses in which they are enrolled to be eligible.‣ All students must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credit bearing classes to participate in extracurricular activities.‣ Students may gain or lose eligibility at every 4 ½ week grading period.• At the conclusion of the school year, the 2nd semester cumulative grade will determine eligibility for the upcomingfall sports and activities. Students may make up deficiencies through Summer School. The course takenin summer school does not have to be the same course as the one failed but one of equal number of credits.• Any incoming ninth graders receiving a 4 th quarter grade of “F”, “NC”, or “I” will be ineligible for all high schoolextracurricular activities for the first 4 ½ week interval.

OTHER FYI POLICES THAT YOU NEED TO KNOWUNIFORMS/EQUIPMENT: Students are required to return all uniforms and equipment at the end of the school years. Students who drop the performing arts class before the end of the semester are required toreturn all equipment and uniforms within 72 hours. Seniors may have all items returned in order to participate in graduation ceremonies.ATTENDANCE:Attendance in ALL CLASSES is required for any student to participate in co-curricularactivities/competitions.A valid excuse for any absence must be recorded in the Attendance Office.INSURANCE FORMS: TUSD does not carry accidental insurance coverage for performing artsstudents who participate in activities. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to purchase anaccident insurance policy to cover injuries that your student may incur as a result of participation inathletics and/or activities. If needed, outside agency school insurance information is available in theActivities Office.WATER: With the close proximity of performing arts students during performing arts activities,transmission of certain diseases is possible. To decrease the possibility of water borne diseasetransmission, students are asked to be responsible for bringing a drinking container to his or heractivity. This container needs to be: Reusable, refillable and washable Clearly labeled for easy recognition by the student Students are not allowed to share drinking containersTRANSPORTATION: Students are expected to use the transportation provided by the school and/ordistrict to all away contests or events. With the approval of the coach or sponsor AND with thesubmission of the proper paperwork to the Activities Office at lease one day before the event, parentsmay transport their student or students may transport only themselves to the contest or eventdeclared on the paperwork.GO COUGARS

PERFORMING ARTS EMERGENCY INFORMATION CARD(Please print)School Year - ActivityStudent’s NameHigh SchoolMatric # Age BirthdateStudent’s Home Address(Month) (Day) (Year)Father Home Work CellMother Home Work CellGuardian Home Work CellOther individual to notify if necessaryZipPhonePreferred Hospital Family Physician PhoneIf student is now under medical treatment, why and the doctor’s nameThe team physician, Certified Athletic Trainer, and /or coach may apply emergency treatment until the parent/guardian can becontacted.We give our consent for school officials or coaches to use their own judgment in securing aid, transportation, and ambulance service incase the parent/guardian cannot be reached.Parent/Guardian SignatureDateISC1002 Interscholastics | Tucson Unified School District Revised: 03/02/12PARENT/GUARDIAN PERMISSION FOR PARTICIPATION IN PERFORMING ACTIVITIESStudent’s Name ______________________________________ Matric __________________ Grade ______Ethnicity:White ____ African American ____ Hispanic ____ American Indian or Alaskan Native ____ Asian or Pacific Islander _____We/I give our consent for _______________________________________ to engage in Interscholastic athletic competition and otheractivities during the school year ________- ________. We/I realize that participation in organized Interscholastic athletics involves thepotential for injury which is inherent in all sports. We acknowledge that even with the best coaching, use of the most advancedprotective equipment and strict observation of rules, injuries are still a possibility. On rare occasions these injuries can be so severe asto result in total disability, paralysis, quadriplegia, or even death.WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT WE HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS WARNING(This school district does not carry an accident insurance policy to cover injuries sustained in the Interscholastic program. Accidentinsurance is the responsibility of the parents or guardians. As a convenience, an individual accident insurance policy form may bepicked up in the high school Activities office. Payment and/or correspondence is through the insurance company.)We/I certify that the address/phone number listed below is correct. We/I accept the responsibility of notifying the school if thisaddress/phone number should change during the current school year.We do have medical insurance for the student named above.Yes ____ No ____________________________________________________________ _____________________(Signature of Parent/Guardian)(Date)_______________________________________________________ _____________________(Home Address)(Zip Code)____________________________________________________________________________(Home Phone)(Emergency/Parent’s Work Phone)OFFICE USE:Physical Exam ______ Fees _____ Grades _____ Emergency Card _____ Date of Birth _________ISC1003 Revised: 03/02/12

THE FOLLOWING SECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED AND SIGNED BY PARENTS OF ALLPERFORMING ARTS STUDENTS WHO ARE COMPETING AT SAHUARO HIGH SCHOOLSTATEMENT OF RESIDENCY FORMStudent Name___________________________________________________________ Grade____________________Current Home Address___________________________________________________Does the student reside with his/her parents or legal guardian? Yes______ No______Did the student transfer to Sahuaro from another high school? Yes______ No______Zip Code__________________If yes, name, city, and state of the high school___________________________________________________________Date of enrollment at Sahuaro________________________________________________________________________We, the undersigned parent/guardian and student, affirm;____________________THAT OUR PRIMARY RESIDENCE IS WITHIN THE ATTENDANCE BOUNDARIES FOR SAHUAROORTHAT WE HAVE RECEIVED PERMISSION FROM TUSD FOR THIS STUDENT TO ATTEND SAHUAROHIGH SCHOOL AS A NON-RESIDENT STUDENT, AND HAVE COMPLETED APPROPRIATEPAPERWORK TO VERIFY ELIGIBILITY FOR THE SPORTS THAT THIS STUDENT WANTS TO AND/ORPLANS TO PARTICIPATE IN OR THAT THIS STUDENT HAS BEEN ENROLLED AT SAHUARO HIGHSCHOOL FOR AT LEAST ONE CALENDAR YEAR.TUSD PHOTO PERMISSION FORMI hereby give permission to Sahuaro HS to post photographs of my son/daughter_______________________on the school’s and/or TUSD Interscholastics Internet website for an indefinite amount of time. Myson/daughter and I shall forever waive and release any claim he/she and I may have against the school andTUSD arising from the photographs whether known or unknown, and shall hold TUSD and any successor orsuccessors in interest harmless from the same.____________________________________Signature of Parent or Guardian____________DateTOBACCO, DRUG, AND ALCOHOL POLICYPURPOSE OF FORM: All AIA Member schools are required to ANNUALLY communicate this AIA Position Statement on the use ofsupplements, drugs and performance enhancing substances to every participant in interscholastic activities. (See Article 14, Section 14.13.2)It is the position of the AIA that there is no place for the use of recreational drugs, alcohol or tobacco in the lifestyle of thestudent athlete. The legal consequences for the use of these products by a student athlete are supported by the AIA.The Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) views sport, and the participation of student athletes in sport, as an activitythat enhances the student athlete’s well-being by providing an environment and stimulus that promotes growth anddevelopment along a healthy and ethically based path.In pursuit of ‘Victory with Honor’ the AIA promotes the use of exercise and sport as a mechanism to establish current fitnessand, long-term healthy lifestyle behaviors. It is the position of the AIA that the student athlete, who consumes a balanceddiet, practices sport frequently and consistently, and perseveres in the face of challenges, can meet these goals.Any use of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol of a participant during the season of activity may result in dismissal orsuspension from a performing arts program.Signature of parent/guardian ________________________________Signature of participant ____________________________________Date____________

Tucson Unified School DistrictAthletic/Activities Code of ConductThe Athletic/Activities Code of Conduct is for all athletes, spirit line, band members, team managers, and student athletic trainers.Participation in athletic and activity programs is a privilege and the Tucson Unified School District is committed to honoring this codeof conduct.Expectation of athletes1. No member of an athletic team, spirit line, band, team manager, or student athletic trainer will use, attempt to use,possess, sell, or assist any other student in the use of the following:a. Tobacco/tobacco productsb. Alcohol and drugs (some examples may include, but are not limited to, transporting alcohol or drugs/drugparaphernalia in your car, consumption of alcohol, or any form of controlled substance/drugs/look-alike drugs)c. Steroid or performance enhancing drugs2. No member of an athletic team, spirit line, band, team manager, or student athletic trainer will exhibit anybehavior/citizenship that is considered detrimental to his/her team or school. Some examples of inappropriate behavior mayinclude, but are not limited to, illegal acts, insubordination, theft, vandalism, fighting, possession of a weapon, lying to schoolofficials, falsifying information, hazing or bullying.I pledge to refrain from the use or possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, and will abide by all training rules whileparticipating in interscholastic activities at school during the 2013-2014 school year. I have read the TUSD policy andunderstand that a violation on my behalf may jeopardize participation in interscholastic activities. I understand violationswill result in the following actions:First ViolationInterscholastic manager notification.Parent(s) notified.Mandatory attendance in a counseling session with administration, parents, athlete, coach and athletic director.Ineligible for two weeks of practice, competition or performance.Second ViolationInterscholastic Manager/Administrator/Counselor notifiedParent(s), athletic/participant, Interscholastic Manager, and Administrator conferenceMandatory attendance in a counseling sessionRemoved from team or club for the remainder of the season.Third ViolationInterscholastic Manager, Counselor and Administrator notifiedParent(s), athlete/participant, Interscholastic Manager, Assistant Principal, and Principal conference.Mandatory attendance in a counseling sessionBarred from participation in all sports, competitions, or performances for the remainder of student’s attendance at thehigh school.Violation during Team TravelIf the incident is a first violation, consequences for second violation will ensue. If the incident is a second violation,consequences for third violation will ensue.Consequences for violations will commence on the first day of a student’s return to school following a suspension.These disciplinary measures shall be cumulative during the student’s attendance at the high school. Additionally, at thediscretion of the coach or sponsor, further action may be taken. These measures shall carry over from season to season or untilresolved.Your signature, as a student athlete on this form, indicated that you agree to abide by the TUSDAthletic/Activities Code of Conduct. Your signature, as a parent/guardian, means that you have read theAthletic/Activities Code of Conduct and understand the possible consequences of a violation. Any infractionhereafter will be considered a violation of the Athletic/Activities Code of Conduct.Parent/Guardian Signature Date Student Signature Date

Tucson Unified School DistrictAthletic/Activities Code of ConductTUSD HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS-GUIDELINES FOR TEAM TRY-OUTS1. Team members will be selected on the basis of the coach or coaches’ evaluation of a candidate’s skill level, teamcontribution, and attitude.2. Candidacy for team membership will be based on a minimum number of practices/tryouts determined by thecoach (coaches).3. Evaluation for team membership is based on both objective and subjective criteria which are developed by eachcoach (coaches) for each sport.4. Athletes shall be informed of what is expected of them in terms of skills, team contribution, and team attitude.5. Athletes shall be notified by the coach (coaches), regarding their selection or non-selection to the team.Coaches are encouraged to do this in person.6. Athletes’ participation in non-season club competitions, preseason programs, or other such activities shall notbe a criteria for selection to a team, nor for placement on a particular team.7. Candidates for team membership must understand that the expenses incurred for shoes, physical examinationsor other such necessities does not guarantee team membership.8. Athletes will not be allowed to try out for a team after the final selection has been made. Exceptions to this willonly be allowed for athletes who:Transfer into the school; (transfer students must meet the same standards as entering students)Were suspended or reassigned to an alternative educational settingHave participated in a prior season sportHave a family emergencyHave a personal illnessExceptions based on other extenuating circumstances may be granted by the principal, assistant principal,designee or school athletic directorBefore any exceptions are allowed, a meeting including the athlete, the athlete’s parent(s), the athlete’s coachto-be,and an administrator of the school must be held prior to the athlete’s practicing with the team.9. Athlete(s) parents shall not participate in any aspect of preseason team tryouts unless they are an approvedcoach.10. If an athlete decides to join a team, once competition has started, he/she must practice for two weeks (10 days)before being eligible for game competition.11. If an athlete quits a team, she/he is ineligible to participate with any other team until his conclusion of thecurrent season or the athlete completes an athletic release which is signed by both coaches and the athleticdirector. This includes open gym, field, etc.I have read and fully understand the information above regarding candidacy for teammembership. I understand that the head coach will render the final decision on who makes theteam.PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE DATE STUDENT SIGNATUREDATE

Tucson Unified School DistrictAthletic/Activities Code of ConductCODE OF CONDUCT FOR PARENTS OFINTERSCHOLASTIC STUDENT-ATHLETES/ACTIVITIESIf a parent has a concern with his/her student athlete, a set protocol should be followed in hopes of resolving the concern/issue. Itshould be noted that the selection of students to be a member of a school team is the prerogative of the coaching staff. The protocolwhich parents should follow in regards to resolving a concern/issue is as follows: Contact the coach If not satisfied, contact the school athletic director If not satisfied, contact the assistant principal for activities If not satisfied, contact the principal If not satisfied, contact the TUSD InterscholasticWe believe that interscholastic athletic competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote thedevelopment of good character and other important life skills. We also believe that the highest potential of sports is achieved whenparticipates are committed to pursuing victory with honor according to the six core principals: trustworthiness, respect,responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship, (the “Six Pillars of Character”). This Code applies to all parents of studentathletesinvolved in interscholastic sports.TRUSTWORTHINESSTrustworthiness – be worthy of trust in all you do.Integrity – live up to high ideals of ethics and sportsmanship; do what is right even when it’s unpopular.Honesty – live and act honorably, do not allow your children to lie, cheat, steal or engage in any other dishonest or un-sportsmanlikeconduct.Reliability-fulfill commitments do what you say you will do; be on time; when you tell your children you will attend an event, be sureto do so, pick them up from events at the appropriate timesRESPECTRespect – treat people with respect all the time and require the same of your children.Class – be gracious in victory and accept defeat with dignity; compliment extraordinary performances and show respect for allcompetitors.Personal Conduct – refrain from profanity, disrespectful conduct, and the use of alcohol or tobacco in front of the student-athletes orother situations where your conduct could undermine your positive impact as a role model.Respect Officials – treat contest officials with respect; do not complain about or argue with official calls or decisions during or after anathletic event.Respect Coaches – treat coaches with respect at all times; recognize that they have team goals beyond those of your child. Do notshout instructions to players from the stands; let coach’s coach.RESPONSIBILITYImportance of Education – stress that student-athletes are students first. Be honest with your children about the likelihood of gettingan athletic scholarship or playing on a professional level.Role-Modeling – Consistently exhibit good character and conduct yourself as a role model for your child.Self-Control - Exercise self-control; do not fight or show excessive displays of anger or frustration. Have the strength to overcome thetemptation to demean others.Privilege to compete - Assure that you and your child understand that participation in interscholastic sports is a privilege, not a right,and that they are expected to represent their team, school and family with honor, on and off the field.Healthy Lifestyle-Safeguard your health; do not use any illegal or unhealthy substances including alcohol, tobacco and drugs, practicegood hygiene by helping wash your child’s practice & game clothing if necessary.FAIRNESSBe Fair – treat all competitors fairly, be open-minded; always be willing to listen and learnCARINGEncouragement - encourage our children regardless of their play; offer positive reinforcement.Empathy – consider the needs and desires of our child’s team mates in addition to your own; help promote the team concept byencouraging all team members, understanding that the coach is responsible for determining playing time.CITIZENSHIPKnow the Rules – maintain a thorough knowledge of all applicable game and competition rules.Consideration - clean up after yourself; do not Litter

Tucson Unified School DistrictAthletic/Activities Code of ConductSTUDENT CONDUCT & RESPONSIBILITIESStudents participating in school sports and extracurricular programs are expected to be positive role models fortheir student body. The various sports and extracurricular programs in the district are intended to promotegrowth, development, citizenship and social skills beyond the activity itself. Therefore the following is expectedof students in extracurricular activities before, during and after school hours:1. Respect the rules of the school, its teachers, coaches and administrators.2. Strive to perform to your best ability in the classroom.3. Support all school activities to the best of your ability.4. Promote sportsmanship and foster the “Six Pillars of Character”.5. Respect others and their property.6. The participant is expected to dress neatly on all trips and remain together with the group at all times.7. Attend all classes each day and be on time for the classes.8. Be responsible for turning in all athletic equipment and uniforms immediately after the completion of any sportor dropping out of any sport.9. Know that the student is not allowed to transport any other students in their vehicle to a contest.10. Follow all TUSD transportation guidelines and conduct themselves with pride when traveling with the team.Reframe from derogatory comments about your school, team, or coach on the internet.A student’s eligibility for participation in various extracurricular school activities may be affected by thestudent’s conduct. Student/athletes who violate school behavior expectations are subject to various disciplinarymeasures by their coach, the site athletic director, the assistant principal and the principal. The site assistantprincipal or the principal in collaboration with the coach, sponsor, or athletic director make the finaldetermination whether a student is dismissed from the team for inappropriate conduct.Athletes and all extracurricular participants have the following conduct requirements to remain eligible: Conduct by the student during competitions is regulated by the rules and regulations of the ArizonaInterscholastic Association and the Bylaws of the Section/Division and TUSD policies & regulations. A referral by itself may not be sufficient cause to suspend a student’s participation in extracurricularactivities/sports. However, depending on the nature of the infraction (severity, repetition, etc.), thecoach/activity sponsor is expected to take appropriate action once they are advised of the incident(s). If a student has established a pattern of misconduct, regardless of whether or not suspensions were involved,the student is subject to being suspended by the assistant principal and/or principal, from all teams of which thestudent is a member. Any out-of-school suspension results in an automatic suspension from all teams/clubs/groups the student is amember of for the duration of the suspension. Not only is the student suspended from playing/participating,the student is also suspended from practices and organized activities (team workouts, meetings, matches, etc.) A student athlete who is suspended out of school and play during the season may be suspended from the teamfor that season. A student is expected to conduct themselves in any online social media as he/she is expected to behave inperson. Misconduct may result in suspension or removal from the team or other disciplinary action.

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