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Single Ramp$129RRP for ATV-17ATV TRI-FOLDLOADING RampsEasy to store, these ramps take up lessspace in ute trays and car boots.Made from aluminium for light weightwith extra strong metal hinges.• 225 kg capacity (single ATV-17)• 450 kg capacity (per pair ATV-17-2)SPECIAL$199Per PairATV-17-2: WAS $229SELECTA SaleSPECIAL$469SP50-S7: WAS $539SPECIAL$539SP100-S7: WAS $599NEWCONSTANT FLOWTECHNOLOGY!50 & 100 Litre12 Volt SmoothfloSpotpak SprayersIdeal for weed control, spot & fence line sprayingapplications, these new 12V sprayers deliverconstant flow, no pulsation and the highestpressure for distance spraying. Suitable for useon ATVs, Utes, trays & trailers, with UV stabilisedPolytuff tanks to ensure long life.• 7 L/min open flow (690 kPa/120 psi)• 6 metres of 8mm delivery hose withSpotjet spray gun and adjustable nozzleAUTUMNMarch 1st - April 30th 2013SPECIAL$1099+ GSTSQDN200L-X1: WAS $1,129SPECIAL$299PF15: WAS $309BONUSFREE digitalPF26-X3 litrecounter Kit(RRP $299)12 Volt 200 LitreDieselPRo DIESELTransfer UnitLock up your diesel with DieselPro transferunits. Designed for utes, UTVs & trucks wherethe reliable transfer & security of diesel deliveryto your excavator, tractor or truck are required.• UV Stabilised diesel gradepolyethylene polytuff tank• 45 L/min open flow• 5 metre hose and auto shut-offtrigger and swivel12V DIESELPOWERDIESEL pump KITIdeal as a replacement or upgrade for yourDieselpower transfer unit over 100L capacity.Can also be fitted to many other poly, steeland aluminium diesel tanks.• 40 L/min open flow• 4 meters of 19mm I.D diesel delivery hosewith auto shut-off trigger & swivelQUALITY • INNOVATION • RELIABILITY1300 745 826 include GST, exclude dealer installation and/or freight charges1300 745 826 |

DIESELTRANSFERUNITSSPECIAL$1350400LitreSQDN400L-X1: WAS $1,439SPECIAL$1099200LitreSQDN200L-X1: WAS $1,129Secureyourdiesel!SPECIAL$1599600LitreSQDN600L-X1: WAS $1,64912V DieselProDIESEL Transfer UnitsLock up your diesel with DieselPro transfer units.Designed for utes, UTVs & trucks where the reliabletransfer and security of diesel delivery to yourexcavator, tractor or truck is required.• Lockable lid and filling cap• Impact resistant UV stabilised diesel grade polytuff tank• 45 L/min open flow pump• 5 metre hose with auto shut-off trigger and swivelBAFFLED TANK• Baffled tanks on 400 & 600L modelsBAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKTWIN BAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKBONUSPF26-X3 digital litrecounter Kit withdieselpro units(RRP $299)800 Litre$1,890RRP for SQD800-X1BAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKTWIN BAFFLED TANKSPECIALBAFFLED TANK$659200LitreSQDN200-7: WAS $779BONUSJumpstart Withdieselpak units(JS01 RRP $119)2200L comes withlitre counter400L (RRP for SQD400-X1)$1,3801000L (RRP for SQD1000-X1)$2,0902200L (RRP for SQD2200-6)$3,800100L (SQDN100-1)300L (SQD300-7)Optional accessoriesWAS $729$599WAS $879$759DieselPak/DieselPowerDigital Diesel LitreCounter Kit WAS $309(PF11-X3)$27912V DieselPakDIESEL Transfer UnitsDesigned for use on utes, trucks or stand-aloneapplications where refuelling for plant andequipment is required. Larger units are ideal foron-truck, on-site or on-farm storage with optional12, 24 or 240 volt pumps available.• Impact resistant UV stabilised diesel grade polytuff tank• Pump options from 45 L/min open flow• 5 metre hose with auto shut-off trigger and swivel• Baffled tanks on 400 & 800L modelsBAFFLED TANK12V DieselPower100, 200 & 300 LitreBAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKA range of portable diesel transfer units for utes,UTVs and trucks where transfer of diesel to yourTWIN BAFFLED TANKskid steer, excavator, tractor or truck is required.• Impact resistant UV stabilised diesel grade polytuff tank• 40 L/min open flow pumpBAFFLED TANK• 4 metre hose with auto shut-off trigger and swivel• Baffled tank on 300L modelOption:• DieselPak/DieselPowerDigital Diesel Litre Counter KitPF11-X3: (pictured left)21300 745 826

NEW!WHAT’S 2013470 mmSPECIAL$749430-0400B: WAS $779Retains 110% of primary capacity1800 mmSPECIAL$1,329TKA200-1: WAS $1,399ONLY$439RRP for SQDT100-MSPECIAL$49PF25: WAS $69ONLY$189RRP for 180G03010B400 LITREDIESELPROPOLY Bund*For use on sites with spill containmentrequirements, this bund is made fromUV stabilised polyethylene and retains110% capacity when used with the400L DieselPro Transfer Unit.* Diesel unit is not included.200 Litre 12VSelecta BlueTransfer UnitDesigned for fast and efficient transferof Adblue to trucks or tractors whereAdblue ® tanks are fitted. Fitted witha 12V 35L/min pump, manual triggergun and UV stabilised Polytuff tank, thisunit features high quality componentsfor ultimate operator confidence.100 LITREDIESEL CADDYThe compact, slimline Diesel Caddyallows diesel refuelling where poweris unavailable. Operated by rotaryhand pump, this unit is ideal in manyworkshops and sites for dieselto be easily transferred to vehicles,boats and equipment.• UV Stabilised polytuff tank12V Submersibletransfer Pump50mm Diameter submersible pump,capable of transferring diesel or freshwater up to 22L/Min from drumsand containers.ECO hose reelThis heavy duty, lockable powdercoated hose reel is a popular additionto many sprayers to assist operatorswhen extra hose is required.• 30m of 9.5mm I.D. hoseNEWCONSTANT FLOWTECHNOLOGY!SPECIAL$729RP70N-S7: WAS $779ONLY$1,399RRP for TR25-S7NEWCONSTANT FLOWTECHNOLOGY!SPECIAL$379NBB-3W650: WAS $399SPECIAL$459JA-1402020: WAS $53970 Litre12V SMOOTHFLORakpak SprayerDesigned for daily use of weed control,fence line and fire break spraying withmost ATV bikes. The tank is baffledto reduce surge and the high qualitySmoothflo pump delivers pulsationfree constant flow at high pressurefor distance spraying.• 7 L/min open flow(690 kPa/120 psi) max pressure• 6 metres delivery hose with Spotjetspray gun & adjustable nozzle25L Rechargeable12V SMOOTHFLOTROLLEYPAKAn ideal portable spot sprayer for pestcontrol, nurseries, parks and gardens.The innovative, high quality Smoothflopump is pulsation free with 120psi maxpressure for long distance spraying.• 7 L/min open flow690 kPa/120 psi max pressure• 6 metres delivery hose with Spotjetspray gun & adjustable nozzle14 Litre SelectaBlowamistA necessity for any nursery,greenhouse or small orchard, theThe fan forced spray mist generatescoverage deep into foliage.• Compact 2 stroke 43cc engine• 14L chemical tank• Chemical throw up to 15 metresWATER AND DIESELhose reelThis versatile hose reel is a greataddition to fire fighters or dieselunits where extra hose is required.• 30m of 3/4” I.D. hose1300 745 826

DIESELPUMP KITS12V DIESELPowerpumPGenuine replacement for Dieselpowerunits over 100L capacity and caneasily be fitted to many other poly,steel and aluminium diesel tanks.• 40 L/min open flow pumpONLY$145SPECIALRRP for 382-00912/24V DieselpowerPump kit$599PF36 WAS $72912V DieselpowerHi-Flow Pump kitThis 12 volt hi-flow diesel transfer kit isideal to fit to many tanks to deliver dieselto machinery.• 76 L/min open flow pump• Automatic shut-off trigger & swivel12V PIUSI HI-FLOWDIESEL pumpSPECIAL$499PF34 WAS $649SPECIAL$359F0022325A WAS $449SPECIAL$799PF363260 WAS $999Poly TanksSelecta offer a large rangeof UV Stabilsed Polytuff tanksfrom 20 to 2200L capacity,specifically designed for ATV,UTV, RTV, UTE’S, Trucksand stand alone on site/onfarm applications includingchemical, waterand Diesel storage.A complete Universal transfer kit thatis powered by 12 or 24 volt and caneasily be fitted to many other poly,steel and aluminium diesel tanks.• 24 V – 60 L/min open flow• 12 V – 30 L/min open flow• Automatic shut-off trigger & swivel12V PIUSI BP3000DIESEL PumpGenuine replacement pump for theDieselPro and DieselPak units.Can easily be fitted to many other poly,steel and aluminium diesel tanks.• 45 L/min open flow Piusi pump12V PIUSI HI-FLOWDIESEL pump KITA complete, universal hi-flow transfer kitthat connects to a 12 volt power source,popular in utes. Can easily be fitted tomany other poly, steel and aluminiumdiesel tanks.• 85 L/min open flow Piusi pump• Automatic shut-off trigger & swivel800L 400L (430-0800E) (430-0400E)800L 1000L (430-0800E) (430-1000U)WAS $1,290 $770$1,149 $690WAS $1,290 $1,140$1,250 $1,149800L (430-0800E)800L 2200L (430-0800E) (430-2200)SPECIAL$699F0036302A WAS $865SPECIAL$739PF341090 WAS $939SPECIAL$149PF12 WAS $209WAS $1,290$1,149WAS $1,290 $2,240$1,999 $1,149Genuine replacement for the hi-flowDieselPak units and can easily be fittedto many other poly, steel and aluminiumdiesel tanks.• 85 L/min open flow Piusi pump12/24V PIUSI PANTHERDIESEL pump KITA complete universal, heavy duty transferkit that adapts to 12 or 24 volt powersources, popular in Utes and Trucks. Canalso be easily fitted to many Poly, steeland Aluminium diesel tanks.• 24 volt: 75 L/min open flow Piusi pump• 12 volt: 35 L/min open flow Piusi pump• Automatic shut-off trigger & swivel4 Digit MechanicalDiesel meterAllows operators to record diesel transferup to 999L per batch and stores the total readout amounts up to 9999999L with a +/- 1%accuracy after calibration.• Not suitable for gravity feed tanks.12V 200LTraylinkSPRAYERSPECIALThis 12 volt poweredsprayer eliminates theneed for a PTO shaft to $1,449be connected to a tractor.Suitable for small tractors, K02A WAS $1590UTVs or trailers. Fitted with a Spotjet spray gunfor weed spraying and a boomless nozzle forbroadcast spraying, this unit offers the operatora versatile and easy-to-use, dual purpose sprayer.41300 745 826

SPOTSPRAYERS20L (SP20-SLV) 3.8L/m, 45psi50L (SP50-S1) 6.8L/m, 60psi100L (SP100-S1) 6.8L/m, 60psi200L (SP200-S1) 6.8L/m, 60psiWAS $389$349WAS $519$479WAS $629$549WAS $729$63912 VolT SPOTPAKS20, 50, 100 & 200LIdeal for Spot Sprayingapplications and suitablefor UTVs, ATVs, utes, trays andtrailers alike. The tanks are UVstabilised polytuff which to ensurea long life. Transfer equipmentconsists of a Shurflo agriculturalchemical pump, 6 metresof hose and Spotjet spray gun.Supplied with mounting straps and wiring harnessWAS $41950L (RP50-P1) 5.3L/m, 60psi$399ATV BOOMLESS NOZZLE KITS12 VolT 50 LITREweedraksFits onto many ATV Bikes for SpotSpraying weeds, fencelines etc.The tank is UV stabilisedpolytuff which to ensure a longlife. Transfer equipment consistsof an agricultural chemicalPakpump, 6 metres of hoseand Spotjet spray gun.20L (WP20-M1) 2.4L/m, 60psi50L (WP50-M1) 2.4L/m, 60psi50L (WP50-P1) 5.3L/m, 60psi100L (WP100-P1) 5.3L/m, 60psiBAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKBAFFLED TANKTWIN BAFFLED TANK70L (RP70N-S1) 6.8/m, 60psiBAFFLED TANK70L (RP70N-S3) 11.3L/m, 45psiBONUSchemical Gloveswith 12 VOLTWEEDPAKSWAS $199$179WAS $319$249WAS $389$349WAS $469$399WAS $799$759WAS $879$799(RRP $22)12 volt Weedpaks20, 50 & 100LIdeal for Spot Spraying applicationsand are suitable for UTVs, ATVs,utes, trays and trailers alike. Thetanks are UV stabilised polytuffwhich to ensure a long life.Transfer equipment consistsof an agricultural chemicalPakpump, 6 metres of hoseand Spotjet spray gun.12 VolT 70 LITRERAKPAKSIdeal for ATV Bike Spot Sprayingapplications and use with Boomlessnozzles. The tanks are Baffled,UV Stabilised polytuff to ensure along life. Transfer equipmentconsists of a Shurflo agriculturalchemical pump, 6 metres of hoseand Spotjet spray gun.1 Sided BoomlessNozzle Kit(M99-74)12 VOLT PRESSURE REGULATOR KITPressureRegulator Kit(RP1-24-4)FOAM MARKER14L FoamMarker (042M)SPECIAL$129WAS $188These Boomless nozzles eliminatethe need for a wide fixed boom thatcan easily be damaged, they alsofeature easy spray direction adjustment.SPECIAL$149WAS $159BONUSFREE 5L FOAMCONCENTRATE(RRP $86)WAS $792$7492 Sided BoomlessNozzle Kit(M99-75)SPECIAL$149WAS $241• Single side up to 3.7m @ 207kpa/30psi• Double side up to 7.4 @ 207kpa/30psiThis Pressure regulator with bypassfacility and gauge allows operatorsto set the sprayer at specific pressuresto obtain different flow rates fromvarious nozzles.• Direct mount to bracket on Spotpak& Weedpak sprayers over 5.3L/min• Complete with hose and fittings toretrofit to many sprayersThe 14L 12V Economy Foam Markeris ideal for fitment to the front or rearof ATV bikes to enable the operatorto have a visual reference of sprayedareas, eliminating expensiveoverlapping of chemicals.Complete Kit ready to use up toa 6 metre boom.1300 745 826

PORTABLESPRAYERSFromUSA4 & 8L ChapinSurespray handSprayersFromUSA7.6 & 11.4 LITREChapin PRO Serieshand sprayersSPECIAL$46 4 LitreCP-27010 WAS $51SPECIAL$59KN15-1 WAS $77SPECIAL$179WP16-1 WAS $1952 SPEEDPUMPSPECIAL$54 8 LitreCP-27020 WAS $59NOZZLES & nozzle holdersThese 4 & 8L portable sprayers aremanufactured by Chapin in the USAand made from extremely strongPoly materials. Designed to spraydegreaser, Truckwash, Herbicide,Pesticide, Insecticide & liquid fertiliser.• Includes spray lance andmeasuring cup15L weedpakknapsack SprayerThis low volume, reliable Knapsacksprayer is ideal for the Home Gardenerfor general spraying around smallproperties. With a maximum weight of19kg when full, it is suitable for manyoperators to comfortably fit to their back.16L RechargeableWeedpak KnapsacKThis 2 speed 12 volt rechargeableknapsack sprayer is ideal for Pestcontrol, Nurseries, parks and gardensapplications where close and distancespraying is required.• 2.6 L/min max pressure 45 psi• Run time approx 4 hoursSPECIAL$85 7.6 LitreCP-26021 WAS $94POWDEREDCHemicalsSPECIAL$139CP-64800 WAS $165SPRAY GUNSSPECIAL$99 11.4 LitreCP-26031 WAS $109LIQUIDCHemicalsSPECIAL$138CP-61800 WAS $154SpotjetSpray Gun(410-51)These 7.6 & 11.4L Heavy duty portablesprayers are manufactured by Chapinin the USA and made from extremelystrong Poly materials. Designed to spraydegreaser, Truckwash, Herbicide,Pesticide, Insecticide, liquid fertiliserand cleaning products.WAS $69$5915 litre ChapinKNAPSACK sprayerThese 15L Heavy duty Chapin Knapsacksprayers are ideal for on farm, Pestcontrol, Nurseries, parks and gardenswhere liquid or powered chemicalsneed to be applied. With their 4 stagepressure setting, non drip gasketunder the lid and 3 stage filtration,these sprayers are safe and reliablefor chemical application.• UV stabilised tanks, Viton equippedSupplied with an adjustablenozzle that allows operatorsto produce either a hollowcone spray pattern or astream for distance spraying.A B C D E F G HREF CODE DESCRIPTION SPECIALA XR110***-VP Extended range 110 flat fan tip - POLYMER WAS $5 $4.50A XR110***-VK Extended range 110 flat fan tip - CERAMIC WAS $8.31 $8B AIXR110***-VP AIR Induction AR flat spray tips - POLYMER WAS $11 $10C TT110***-VP Turbo Teejet Wide angle flat spray tips - POLYMER WAS $12 $11D TTI110***-VP Turbo Teejet induction flat spray tips - POLYMER WAS $12.95 $12E TTJ60-110***-VP Turbo Twinjet Twin flat spray tips - POLYMER WAS $13.40 $13F IDK1200***P Lechler IDK Air Injected nozzle - POLYMER WAS $11 $10F IDK1200***C Lechler IDK Air Injected nozzle - CERAMIC WAS $21 $19G AR-200 1/2" Non Drip Nozzle Bodies - 4 Pack WAS $56 $45H AR-210 3/4" Non Drip Nozzle Bodies - 4 Pack WAS $65 $59Triam 49Spray Gun(410-49)PASpray Gun(410-34)Jet TriggerSpray Gun(411-26)WAS $178$155WAS $140$119WAS $90$79Excellent for misting, hollowcone spray pattern or astraight stream for distancespraying can be achieved withadjustable trigger settings.The PA spraygun is designedto reduce fatigue when muchspraying is required.By squeezing in the trigger,it enables operators to producethe spray pattern from thefitted nozzle.Supplied with an adjustablenozzle that allows operatorsto produce either a hollowcone spray pattern or a streamfor distance spraying.61300 745 826

101 Series GP SLASHERSuitable for low horsepower tractors wheregeneral cutting and clearing is required.• 1070, 1200,1350 and 1500mmcutting widths available• 40 HP gearbox• Centre mount and offset• Front and rear steel stoneguards• Work cover #2797 compliant103 Series SLASHERIdeally suited to clearing paddocks, fieldsand private roads where general cuttingand clearing is required. Designed to cutgrass & light undergrowth.• 1500mm and 1800mmcutting width available• 70HP gearbox• Galvanised deck• Work cover # 2797 compliantPOLY HOPPER SPREADERLow maintenance spreader for fertiliser spreadingin pasture & horticultural applications.• 345 litre capacity poly hopperSPECIAL• Stainless steel spinning discs• Optional hopper grid, 1 or 2sided conveyor, plastic hopper $825cover or agitatorPL-500 - WAS $990SupERpak ATV spreaderFeature packed with noncorrosivecomponents including UV stabilisedpolytuff hopper, stainless steel spinnerplate and feed gates. Suitable for manyspreading applications including mousebait, fertiliser and seed.SPECIALSAVE$200ON ALL101 SERIESMODELSSPECIALSAVE$350ON ALL103 SERIESMODELSSPECIAL$999FROMFROMSP60-1 - WAS $1620$1,461101WRS36G: WAS $1,661$2,609103WRS5G: WAS $2,959ECONOPAK LINKAGESPRAYERSilvan quality at aneconomical price. Ideallysuited to field and spotspraying on smaller farms.• Available in both 300L& 400L to the applicationand tractor size• 6m galvanised manualfold boom• Factory assembled & testedPASTUREPAKLINKAGE SPRAYERIdeal for boom and spot sprayingrequirements, Pasturepaksprayers are feature packedfor effective weed managementin dairy, pasture andsmall farm applications.• 400, 600 and 800L capacities• 6 or 8m fully galvanised boomwith air induction nozzles• Hose reel with Triam 44 spray gun600 LitreLinkage SPRAYERwith 6m DEVIL BOOMFeaturing an integrated hand washtank and tool box, combined with theconvenience of a 6m hydraulic foldboom for highly efficient turf or pasturespraying that saves the operatorneeding to get out of the tractor.BONUSFREE 8L ChapinhandsprayerFROM(CP-27020RRP $59)$3,751RRP for KBC300BONUSfree Deluxe SpotpakFROMSPECIAL(SPD100-S1RRP $730)$4,873RRP for KBE400$5,830K06N19D-60: WAS $7,942SILVAN AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. ABN 48 099 851 144Free call 1300 745 826 Fax 1800 745 826Head Office: 244-264 Greens Rd, Dandenong Sth, Vic, Australia 3175QLD. Office: Warehouse 2, 30 Gow Street, Moolooka, QLD 4105W.A. Office: 12 Cressall Road, Balcatta, WA 6021Email: Web: items in this catalogue have been included in good faith on the basis that the goods described were available atthe time this catalogue was published. Failure of suppliers to deliver in accordance with samples, descriptions, or atall, or other unintentional causes may result in some lines being unavailable. Space may prevent some participatingdealers from stocking all items. All brand names and product names used in this publication are trade names,registered trade marks, or pending trade marks of their respective owners.COPYRIGHT © SILVAN AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. 2012Your local dealer:8QUALITY • INNOVATION • RELIABILITYPrices include GST, exclude dealer installation and/or freight chargesReference No: 070-SEL-AS-13 (2013)1300 745 826 |

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