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Hiring our MBAs +44 (0) 161 275 6472 Management ServiceKnowledgeable, accessible and personal.The Career Management Service is a highly valued resource within the School thatprovides a tailored careers offering to our Full-time MBA students. It is staffed bydedicated Advisors with years of recruitment experience. Coupled with their sectorspecific knowledge, this ensures they are able to help you streamline your selectionprocess, whether for short-term project work or full-time positions.Our approachEach Advisor is responsible for aselection of business sectors andaccess to a group of students lookingto make an impact in that market.Identifying students with the rightbackground and calibre to succeed inyour organisation is what we do best.We work with students throughouttheir studies, promoting internship/project and job opportunities. Throughdedicated coaching, honing ofinterview techniques, and advice onthe application process, we ensure thatthey are prepared to succeed in theirinternship and full-time job search.Student profilesEach year we produce two CV books,one for full-time recruitment and onefor internship opportunities. The CVbooks contain a one page summaryof each of our students, providing athorough overview of their professionalexperience. The CV books are designedto demonstrate the students’experiences and suitability to workwith your organisation as an intern,or on a project or as a full-time hire.“American Express has recruited MBAs from Manchester BusinessSchool for years. In fact, a number of our senior leaders hail fromthis premier business institution. Time and time again, the CareerManagement Service team has thoughtfully directed us not only tothe School's top talent, but also to individuals who will thrive in ourglobal business.Extraordinary people work for American Express and ManchesterBusiness School's CMS team helps us to identify those people ina cost-effective and personalised manner. Whether inviting us tospeak at School events, organising interview rooms or connectingus with students who are passionate about our company, theCMS team consistently delivers on our recruitment needs. We lookforward to strengthening our partnership in the years ahead.”American Express

Hiring our MBAs +44 (0) 161 275 6472 future business leadersYour organisation depends on top-quality skilledexecutives to survive in tomorrow’s business world.By choosing an MBS student, you willhave recruited from a business schoolranked in the top fifteen in Europe by theFinancial Times.We have an outstanding academicteam blending global managementexpertise with first-hand experienceof international commerce. Active inconsultancy and supervising companyprojects, they are continually exposedto new management practices.For you, this means executives able toprovide your business with effectiveand innovative solutions - informed bythe ‘Manchester Method’. This uniqueapproach teaches our students howto do business in a live demandingenvironment, with participation infour live consultancy projects givingthem invaluable exposure to real lifebusiness problems.Our Full-time MBA students haveaccess to the Manchester Gold MentoringProgramme during their first year(October – June). This provides studentswith an opportunity to interact andbenefit from the experience and adviceof external business professionals(often MBS Alumni). By fusing a firstclassacademic education with appliedlearning, we ensure our students areready to hit the ground running as soonas they graduate - empowered with theskills and knowledge to succeed in theirchosen role.In creating fully rounded businessprofessionals, we also recognise theimportance of teaching the ‘softer’business skills, such as leadership andnegotiation. The result is that, as well asbeing academically accomplished, ourgraduates can excel in the real world.Pre-MBA job locationPost-MBA job locationUK, Manchester 3%UK, London 5%UK, Other 5%Western Europe (excl. UK) 11%Eastern Europe 1%Middle East 1%East Asia 27%Central Asia 21%South America 15%North America 8%Africa 3%UK, Manchester 11%UK, London 30%UK, Other 11%Western Europe (excl. UK) 8%Middle East 2%East Asia 21%Central Asia 9%South America 2%North America 6%

Get in touchWe are always looking to strengthen our existingcorporate relationships, as well as develop newones. If you are interested in accessing our MBAtalent pool, or would like further informationon how we can assist you with your recruitmentrequirements, please contact us.Email: +44 (0)161 275 Thinking Applied

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