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Spectral Camerasspectral cameras

spectral camerasSpectral Camera is used to acquire the hyperspectral target image at tensor hundreds of wavelengths simultaneously. It creates new possibilitiesfor imaging applications where spectroscopy methods can be usedtogether with standard image processing methods. The recorded fullspectrum for each pixel of the image can be used e.g. classification,material detection, accurate colour calculation or chemometrics overthe full image.Principle of Spectral CameraSPECIM Spectral Cameras offer a fastand high-quality solution for industrialand scientific multispectral andhyperspectral applications. Spectral Camera isan imaging spectrometer, i.e., a user-friendlyintegrated combination of ImSpector imagingspectrograph and an area monochromecamera.Spectral Cameras are available for thesame wavelength ranges as off the shelfImSpector imaging spectrographs. Each rangeuses a suitable, sensitive area scan camerawhich is selected by comprehensive testing.Spectral Cameras are available with differentdata interfaces to match closely the differentapplications requirements.Compared to conventional filter basedimaging systems, Spectral Cameras providehigher spectral and spatial resolution, flexiblewavelength selections in software, broaderspectral coverage and shorter acquisitiontimes.Spectral Camera works as a line scandevice providing full, contiguous spectralinformation for each pixel on the imaged linein one image. To form the 2D spectral image,datacube, the target has to be scanned line byline in one spatial direction.One of the main advantages of line scanSpectral Camera is that it records the fullspectrum from the target in one image. Thisallows the use of hyperspectral or multispectraltechniques in unnumerable applications likein process control or with moving samples.PS PET LDPE PP PVCDatacube; 2D Spectral Image• • • • •Application examplesOn-line color sorting and quality monitoringLight source and display testingBiomedical inspection and researchMicroscope systemsNIR spectral imagingMineral mappingPlastic sortingDrill core analysisDetailed applicationsheets available

To get the optimal performance for the SpectralCamera, SPECIM can provide different accessoriesfor the system.Several fore objectives are available whichhave been selected and manufactured to providethe optimal image and spectral quality and tomeet the specifications of the Spectral Cameraover the different spectral ranges.The Spectral Camera can also be deliveredwith collection fiber optics to convert the camerainto a multiple point spectrometer. In the caseof fiber optics, all the points are measuredsimultaneously without a moving multiplexer.To scan the target spatially, the SpectralCamera can be delivered with a Mirror Scanneror rotating stage for static targets or outdoormeasurements, or with X-stage for desktop andmicroscope applications.Cased Spectral Camera NIROEM Spectral Camera PFHCased Uncooled Spectral Camera LWIROEM Spectral Camera QESpectral Cameras rangespectralcameras*Range (nm) 200-400uv hs qe pfh nir swir lwir380-800400-1000380-800400-1000380-800400-1000900-1700 1000-25008-12 µm8-14 µmDetailed specificationssheets available for eachSpectral CameraSensor CCD CCD CCD CMOS InGaAs MCTMCTmicrobolometerPixels in full frame(spatial x spectral)1000 x10001600 x 1200 1344 x 10241024 x1024320 x 256640x512320 x 256384 x 84384 x 30Interface CameraLink CameraLink FirewireCameraLink,USBCameraLink,USBLVDSLVDSFrame rate(full frame) 33 Hz 33 Hz 8 Hz 40 Hz50 Hz100 Hz350 Hz100 Hz100 Hz60 Hz*Subject to modifications due totechnological developmentsSpectralDAQ SoftwareSPECIM Spectral Cameras are supportedby SpectralDAQ software that provides:• data acquisition and storage• wavelength calibration• display in real time• ENVI compatible formattingSpectralDAQ Softwarespectral cameras

S p e c i m i s a wo r l d l e a d i n g company for hyperspectralimaging instruments, from u v through v n i r and s w i r upto lwir (long wave infrared).We provide ImSpector imaging spectrographs, SpectralCameras and hyperspectral imaging solutions to a rapidlyincreasing number of industrial o e m customers and alarge scientific clientele. S p e c i m’s a i s a f a m i l y of airbornehyperspectral sensors provides market leading solutionsfor remote sensing, from small u av systems to full featuredcommercial, research and military remote sensing tools.Our hyperspectral products are known for the highestperformance at the lowest budget in the market. They areused in an increasing range of demanding applications likecolor, Process Analytical Technology ( p at), life sciences,chemical imaging, military and security.enhance your perceptionspectral camerasSpectral Imaging Ltd.POB 110Teknologiantie 18 AFIN–90571 Oulu, Finlandwww.specim.fi

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