12 TACTICS THE LIBERAL MEDIA USE TO STEAL ELECTIONSThe Best Campaign TeamRefuse to be manipulated...because if you don’t demand thatthe media TELL THE TRUTH in 2014, you might as well stayhome on Election Day.Dear Friends,The so-called “news” media will do anything and everything to distort and discredit anyconservative who dares to challenge their leftist orthodoxy. If this isn’t a top-shelf concernfor conservatives everywhere, we will lose the battle over the heart and soul of ourRepublic to the leftists.We cannot allow that to happen. We MUST force the media to TELL THE TRUTHand neutralize their leftist advocacy.That’s why we’ve put together this guide. It exposes the tactics the media use to pushtheir political agenda on the American people. And it shows you what to watch for so youdon’t fall into the trap of being manipulated by left-wing propaganda when you think you’resimply getting the news.We at the MRC don’t take sides in elections. We take the side of the American peopleand our right to fair and balanced election year reporting.The media shouldn’t take sides in elections either—they should tell it straight. But theydon’t.So, here are the…Media Research Center

12 TACTICS THE LIBERAL MEDIA USE TO STEAL ELECTIONS12 TACTICS YOU’RE SURETO SEE THIS YEAR[1]Character Assassination of ConservativesWhen it comes to reporting on conservative candidates, the liberal media act as if “thenature of the evidence is irrelevant; it’s the seriousness of the charge that matters.” Theyare all too eager to suggest--and repeat--any rumor about a conservative candidate’sflaws--moral or otherwise.Unsubstantiated stories; insinuations of poor character; anonymousUnsubstantiated stories; insinuations of poor character; anonymous accusations of badaccusations of bad behavior - even from a candidate’s elementarybehavior - even from a candidate’s elementary school days.school days.WATCHFOR…⋯[2]Deification of LiberalsLiberal candidates will get the opposite treatment of conservatives. They will beportrayed as well-intentioned, wholesome, and always looking out for you. They can dono wrong in the eyes of the media. The media will excuse their scandals and advance thenarrative that they’re very good people. If something goes wrong on their watch, it’s nottheir fault. They’re trying their best (and that’s what matters to the media--if you’re aliberal).Flaws, failures, and Flaws, outright failures, scandals outright involving scandals liberal candidates involving liberal to excused candidates and/or toblamed on conservatives be excused (if they and/or are blamed covered on at conservatives all; simply ignoring (if they the are story covered is the at all;liberal media’s preferred simply ignoring tactic). the story is the liberal media’s preferred tactic).WATCHFOR…⋯[3]Big Politics = Corruption . . . or is it Cooperation?When conservative candidates have wealthy campaign donors or run a successfulbusiness, they mustn’t be trusted because they have sacrificed their independence(according to media). When liberal candidates are financed by billionaires, Wall Street, orare themselves enormously wealthy, the media call it “coalition building” and (somehow)still portray them as populist heroes.Suggestions that conservatives Suggestions that cannot conservatives be trusted cannot (or insinuations be trusted that (or they insinuations are corrupt) thatbecause of their business they are relationships, corrupt) because work of experience, their business or campaign relationships, associates work andevents. In contrast, experience, liberal candidates’ or campaign resumes, associates associates, and events. and billionaire In contrast, campaign liberaldonors will be portrayed candidates’ as evidence resumes, of associates, their qualification, and billionaire ability campaign to build teams, donors and willcredibility. be portrayed as evidence of their qualification, ability to build teams,and credibility.WATCHFOR…⋯Media Research Center

12 TACTICS THE LIBERAL MEDIA USE TO STEAL ELECTIONS[4][5]“Fact Laundering”Whether it is a liberal candidate’s background, job performance, campaign anecdotes, orsomething else entirely, the media too often simply repeat the campaign’s talking points(even if they’re completely fabricated). Journalistic integrity (and basic fact-checking) issuperseded by political agenda.“Fact laundering” when campaign narratives are reported as news tomake them “fact.” Then, the campaign will point to the media’s story“Fact laundering”aswhenevidencecampaignfor itsnarrativesversion ofareevents,reportedestablishingas newsanto“objective”make them “fact.”Then, the campaignfoundationwill pointforto thetheirmedia’scampaignstorynarrative.as evidence for its version of events,establishing an “objective” foundation for their campaign narrative.WATCHFOR…⋯Stereotyping the OppositionFor the liberal media, conservatism is a strange (and evil) thing. So, to liberal journalists,anyone who advocates a conservative policy or position must themselves be strange (orworse).All conservatives to be portrayed in basically the same way (notAll conservatives to be portrayed in basically the same way (not coincidentally, they allcoincidentally, they all seem to look very much like the typical liberalseem to look very much like the typical liberal caricature of conservatives).caricature of conservatives).WATCHFOR…⋯[6][7]“Conservatives are out of touch fanatics”Disagree with a liberal (especially on social issues) and you’re “out of the mainstream.”“Out of touch.” “Far right.” “Extreme.” That’s because, according to the liberal media,leftists are moderates. On issues of morality, abortion, and religion, the most extremeliberal positions (e.g. support for late-term abortion) are swept under the rug or portrayedas mainstream. Mainstream conservative positions (e.g. opposing abortion after 20weeks) are ludicrously portrayed as a “war on women.” The media use this tactic acrossall issues - it’s one of their favorites.Labeling. Any policy, position, or opinion that differs from liberalLabeling. Any policy,orthodoxyposition,is labeledor opinionas extremethat differs(orfromworse).liberalConversely,orthodoxyliberalis labeled asextreme (or worse).claims--noConversely,matterliberalhowclaims--nowild they are--willmatter howbewildportrayedthey are--willas an acceptedbeportrayed as an acceptedtenet oftenetthe majority.of the majority.WATCHFOR…⋯Everyone Makes Mistakes Now and Then (Except Liberals)Gaffes, misstatements, errors: each is a newsworthy indication of incompetence when it’sa conservative candidate. Liberal candidates? They (apparently) don’t ever makemistakes.Conservative candidate’s embarrassing errors and anecdotes gettingConservative candidate’s embarrassing errors and anecdotes getting prime timeprime time positions in print and on air. You can watch for thepositions in print and on air. You can watch for the equivalent for the liberal candidate,equivalent for the liberal candidate, but you’ll have a hard time findingbut you’ll have a hard time finding it (because the media probably won’t report it at all).it (because the media probably won’t report it at all).WATCHFOR…⋯Media Research Center

12 TACTICS THE LIBERAL MEDIA USE TO STEAL ELECTIONS[8]Softball Interviews for LiberalsMany interviews of liberal candidates might as well be campaign ads. When you hear aliberal candidate begin a response with “I’m glad you asked that” you can be sure hemeans it. You can also be sure that the softball question was no surprise.Interviews of liberal Interviews candidates of liberal that sound candidates more like that campaign sound more ads like or stump campaign speeches ads orthan serious journalism. stump speeches than serious journalism.WATCHFOR…⋯[9]Reading the Liberals’ Talking Points MemoIt often seems like “news” show preparation is as simple as settling a single point: “Has aliberal think tank or blog reviewed and confirmed those talking points yet? OK great,we’re all set...”Issues to be positioned, framed, and referred to by news anchors in theIssues to be positioned,same wayframed,as theyandarereferredrecitedtobybyliberalnews anchorspartisans.in theYou’llsameoftenwayhearas theytheare recited by liberalsamepartisans.key phrasesYou’llandoftenterminology.hear the sameNeitherkeyarephrasescoincidental.and terminology.Neither are coincidental.WATCHFOR…⋯[10]The Ends Justify the Means (When Conservatives Are the Victims)It’s outrageous and unethical--a shameful breach of decency and political decorum--when a liberal candidate is secretly recorded saying or doing something embarrassing. Ifyou hear reports at all, you can be sure the candidate will be framed as the victim of aheinous invasion of privacy. On the other hand, it’s completely justified when aconservative candidate is caught by the same tactics--because apparently conservativesdon’t deserve decency.Opposition research and/or hit pieces covered as “news.” If it seemsOpposition research like and/or someone hit pieces went to covered a lot of as trouble “news.” to dig If it this seems stuff like up, someone they probably wentto a lot of trouble did...and to dig this they stuff probably up, they aren’t probably working did...and nearly they so probably hard (if at aren’t all)working nearly so examining hard (if at the all) liberal examining candidate. the liberal candidate.WATCHFOR…⋯[11]Moderators Frame the DebateListen to the “questions” liberal journalists ask conservatives--especially during debates.There is often no right answer, and the questions are often simply loaded liberal talkingpoints.Questions in debates Questions and interviews debates that and assume interviews the liberal that assume position the in liberal the premise position or inotherwise reflect the the liberal premise caricature or otherwise of conservatism. reflect the liberal caricature of conservatism.WATCHFOR…⋯Media Research Center

12 TACTICS THE LIBERAL MEDIA USE TO STEAL ELECTIONS[12]Selective NewsworthinessLeading up to Election Day, the media will de-emphasize stories that are harmful toliberals and feature stories that are harmful to conservatives. This tactic is not justwhether a story is covered, but when and how much it is covered.Strange quieting of news stories that could be perceived as damagingStrange quieting of news stories that could be perceived as damaging to liberalto liberal candidates. When it can’t be avoided, listen for the “silverlining”takeaway that highlights the element of the story that iscandidates. When it can’t be avoided, listen for the “silver-lining” takeaway thathighlights the element of the story that is beneficial to liberal candidates.beneficial to liberal candidates.WATCHFOR…⋯[BONUS]Interpreting the News for You (Because You Can’t Be Trusted toThink for Yourself)In those cases where the above tactics just aren’t enough, the media have another trick uptheir sleeve: the non-journalist guest who can editorialize at will (unhindered by any ofthose pesky ethical issues).“Impartial experts” (who, by the way, are rarely either of those things)“Impartial experts”called(who,uponby theto tellway,youareifrarelyand howeithernewsofitemsthoseshouldthings)impactcalled uponelectiontotell you if and howoutcomes.news items should impact election outcomes.WATCHFOR…⋯What can we do about it?We hate to say it, but this is the new normal.The simple reality is that the liberal “news” media’s primary objective is not to report the facts butto promote the left-wing agenda.The MRC does not endorse candidates or political parties. We fight on the front lines of the propagandawars against the leftist press, combating and neutralizing the liberal media’s efforts to undermine and discreditour Republic’s founding values.If we don’t fight back against the liberal media, we won’t have the chance later. The war for the soul ofour Republic is being waged in the 24-hour news cycle that plays out on TV, radio, twitter, and Facebook.And one thing is certain: to succeed in neutralizing the impact of the media, we MUST take the battle tothe media. We must meet them on the front lines.Media Research Center

12 TACTICS THE LIBERAL MEDIA USE TO STEAL ELECTIONS“An ounce of prevention is worth apound of cure”Your action is needed now. The window for us to mount a successful counteroffensive is small - and we needyour help NOW if we’re going to seize this opportunity.Will you join us? Here’s what you can do:DonateDo what youcan-EVERYbit helps!The MRC relies exclusively on the generous support of individual donors like you. Without your help, we aresurrendering the battlefield. Nothing will stop the Left. Don’t let that happen.Make a donation today at: www.mrc.org/action/join-the-movementShare this Special ReportHelp us spread this message and help prevent your friends from being manipulated by the media this year.Email this report to at least 3 friends and share it on Facebook.Sign the petition at: www.tellthetruth2014.comLearn MoreIf you’re new to the MRC, visit www.mrc.org to learn more about the specific work we do to expose andneutralize media bias.Media Research Center

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