EU Ecolabel AcquiGuide - The slides

EU Ecolabel AcquiGuide - The slides

Modern Foreign LanguagesMFL3: to read and understand a longer textRead the text written by Katja and answer all the questions.Ich gehe einmal pro Monat ins Kino. Das kostet zehn Euro. Das Kino in derStadt ist nicht sehr groß, aber es hat gute Filme. Am Wochenende seheich mit meinen Freunden zu Hause auch DVDs. Wir sehen gernZeichentrickfilme und Komödien. Ich sehe nicht so gernSciencefictionfilme, aber mein Cousin findet sie toll, Er sieht auch gernHorrorfilme – schrecklich! Er hat zwanzig Horrorfilme auf DVD. MeinLieblingfilm ist sehr alt. Er heißt “Shrek 2”. Er ist süß und ich finde dieGeschichte sehr lustig. Ich mag auch “Tatsächlich….Liebe” mit HughGrant. Letztes Wochenende haben wir “Das Dschungelbuch auf DVDgesehen. Die Tiere und die Musik sind wirklich gut. Wir haben allemitgesungen!1) How often does Katja go to the cinema?2) Give three details about her local cinema.3) Name two types of film she watches with her friends4) What type of film does Katja not like to watch?5) What does her cousin have on DVD?6) Why does Katja like “Shrek 2”7) What did she watch last weekend?8) What did she think of it?

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011Why the EcolabelBenefits Improve your company image Differentiate your products Competitive Advantage Retain Customers loyalty Access to marketing events/on-line catalogue A tool for GPPStay ahead of the competition – meet public sectorenvironmental purchasing demandsExpand your market – do business with public authoritiesacross EuropeReduce the burden of responding to public tenders –use the Flower as an easy proof of environmentalcompliancePut your products on a short list A Tool in other areas: CSR, Env. Management,LCA

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011Why the EcolabelGPP and the Ecolabel Public Procurement accounts for 17% of EU wide (GDP) GrossDomestic Product equivalent to 2 trillion Euros European Commission “Europe 2020 strategy” sustainable growth– reducing Co2 emissions. GPP an important instrument GPP made easier for Public Purchasers• No expert knowledge required• Fully compatible with the principles of the internationalmarket• Easy identification Tools and resources• GPP Training Toolkit• Handbook on Green Public Procurement• Leaflet on GPP and the EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011The Retail sector represents about11% of EUs GDPIndividual chains: Want to be seen asEnvironmentally concernedWhy the EcolabelRetailer TrendsThe Retail Forum: Launched 2009 –support SCP/SIP Action plans - Includesthe biggest chainsBenefits for Retailers/Customers• Easy to choose a product• Environmental• Health• QualityInternationally: Wal-Mart, Levi Strauss,Esprit, H&M … are working together tofind a common standard for sustainableclothingRetail ForumWorking with Retailers Promote sustainable productsReduce environmental footprint of retail sector Green supply chains Share best practicenot an exclusive club: Wider participation encouraged

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011Example of GPP in DenmarkGPP is flourishing in DenmarkPublic sector: There are 97 municipalities: 16% of GNP, 270 billion DKKHospitals, municipalities, ministries, post, police, army etc.Set requirements for textile products: Technical,Quality, environmental, etc. Offer a TenderAward criteria %: Price = 50/60% Environment = 15%Elderly care has about 600,000 employees: All denim for these employees mustadhere to Flower criteriaAlmost 80% of all cleaning products and services procured in Denmark are certifiedby an ISO type I Ecolabel. CO2 reduction of 43%. Cost reduction of 3%There is a network for GPP consisting of municipalitiesThe Competent Body is active and offers consultancy services for GPP

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011Private SectorCase Examples Textiles:The process supply chain is controlled forThong Thai TextileEnvironmentalperformanceConsumerHealth SafeHigh Quality

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011Examples: Textile companiesThe process supply chain is controlled forExamples Private sectorKRENHOLMPENFABRIC

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011• Development of Textile Criteria• Responsible CB• Development process• Criteria overview• Fibres• Chemicals and processes• Fitness for use• Waste Water TreatmentTextile CriteriaThe process supply chain is controlled for

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011Manual/DocumentationThe Application ProcessThe process supply chain is controlled forApplicationCosts• Application process» Application Fee» Tests• Licence» Anual Fee» ReductionsWhere to apply

EU Ecolabel Workshop 2011The Application ProcessThe process supply chain is controlled forImportant steps to remember inthe Application process3. Make a flow chart4. Inform and assess the suppliers5. Determine what documentation shouldbe sent to whom6. Organise/file and complete thedocumentation7. Fill out the application forms (Part A,B)and send them to the selected CB

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