Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program

Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program

ATTACHMENT "2"A. DUAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION PROGRAMSDELIVERY MODEL:STRATEGIC PLAN &BOARD PRIORITYINITIATIVEALIGNMENT:RATIONALE:PROGRAMDESCRIPTION:The recommended delivery model for this scenario is the establishment of:• one (1) one-way Chinese dual language immersion program at DossElementary, and• three (3) two-way Spanish dual language immersion programs atBlanton Elementary, Casey Elementary, and Galindo Elementary.The dual language immersion model is an academic delivery model thatpromotes the development of bilingualism, biculturalism, and biliteracy ina combination of English and another global language (e.g. Spanish andChinese). This research-based dual language immersion model includeschallenging, interactive and authentic instruction for all participatingstudents. The goal of this dual language immersion model is for students tomeet and exceed state standards in all content academic areas, and aneffort to prepare our students for a globally competitive economy, assurestudents graduate fluent in at least a second language.Currently, a two-way model in Spanish is being implemented on sixelementary campuses, and the district is looking to expand this programby adding three two-way models in Spanish as well as a one-way model inChinese at the campuses stated above.Goal 3: All students will graduate ready for college, career, and life in aglobally competitive economy.Strategy 1: Provide a high-quality, well-rounded educational experienceto all students that is rigorous, culturally relevant, healthful, and engaging.Key Action 1.7: Ensure that the district’s program for English LanguageLearners (ELLs) is research based, responsive to the needs of students,designed, implemented, supported, and monitored for impact on studentlearning through a one-way dual language model, and that it includestwo-way dual language as a program option.• Develop academic achievement and support strategy for specialpopulations,• Establish new delivery models to provide an enhanced portfolio ofacademic optionsThe implementation of the dual language immersion program is aresearched-based model with the highest long-term academic success. Intheir research findings, Collier and Thomas (2009), state that the programwith the highest long-term academic success is dual language education.This program will enable AISD educators to advance the instructional andlinguistic needs of ELLs and eliminate the achievement gap.• The dual language immersion program is an academic program thatenhances the development of bilingualism, biculturalism, andbiliteracy so that students will graduate ready for college, career, andlife in a globally competitive economy. The program design includesone-way and two-way dual language immersion.• A one-way model supports “one language” group of students beingschooled in two languages (for example, English-speaking studentswould learn English and Chinese).

ATTACHMENT "2"DISTRICT NEEDS:SUPPORTINGRESEARCH:EXAMPLEIMPLEMENTATIONS:The One-Way Dual Language Immersion Model for Chinese will utilize thefollowing academic and linguistic plan:oooReading and Language Arts• Pre-K, K and grade 1-in native language only• Grades 2 through 5-in both English and ChineseMathematics• Pre-K through grade 5-in EnglishScience and Social Studies• Pre-K through grade 5-in Chinese• A two-way model places native English-speaking students in a bilingualclassroom (for example, an equal number of Spanish-speaking andEnglish-speaking students would learn in both languages).The Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Model for Spanish will utilize thefollowing academic and linguistic plan:oooReading and Language Arts• Pre-K, K and grade 1-in native language only• Grades 2 through 5-in both English and SpanishMathematics• Pre-K through grade 5-in EnglishScience and Social Studies• Pre-K through grade 5-in SpanishTo expand the dual language immersion model to include four othercampuses, the district will need additional classroom space, instructionalmaterials such as language labs, books and other translated materials inthe language of instruction, e.g. Chinese and Spanish. Recruiting teacherswill also need to be factored as a cost.• The Astounding Effectiveness of Dual Language Education for All.• Review of Research and Best Practices on Effective Features of DualLanguage Education• The Center for Applied Linguistics’ Two-Way Immersion Site• Educating English Learners For a Transformed Worldhttp://www.thomasandcollier.comAustin ISD is currently implementing Dual Language at the followingcampus sites:• Two-Way D ual L anguage S panish I mmersion (2010-2011): WootenElementary, Ridgetop Elementary, Becker Elementary, and PerezElementary• Two-Way Dual Language Spanish Immersion (2011-2012): Expanded toTravis Heights Elementary and Sunset Valley ElementaryAustin ISD is proposing the implementation of additional Dual Language atthe following campus sites:• One-Way Dual Language Chinese Immersion (2012 – 2013):

ATTACHMENT "2"• Doss Elementary• Two-Way Dual Language Spanish Immersion (2012 – 2013):• Blanton Elementary, Casey Elementary, and Galindo ElementaryFINANCIALIMPLICATIONSProjected Costs for Dual Language Immersion ExpansionAnnual Operating CostsAmountProjected Annual Operating three Spanish/English 114,666Projected Annual Operating Chinese 79,263Subtotal Dual Language Expansion 193,929Less:Grant offset for eligible ELL (Title III) (33,913)Net Total Annual Operating Cost to District 160,016One-Time CostsStart Up 31,176Facilities 0Total One-Time Costs 31,176Grand Total Yr 1 191,192FACILITYIMPLICATIONSDual Language Immersion programs will be implemented on existing AISDcampuses. One-Way Dual Language Chinese Immersion at DossElementary and Two-way Dual Language Spanish Immersion at Blanton,Casey, and Galindo Elementary Schools.


ATTACHMENT "2"Austin ISD Department of English Language LearnersTwo-Way Dual Language Immersion Program Expansion ApplicationProcess for Elementary CampusesThe Department of English Language Learners will begin accepting elementary campus applications foradditional Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Programs for the school year 2011-2012. The Two-Way DualLanguage Immersion Program supports “two language” groups of students to become bilingual, bicultural, andbiliterate. The program will begin in Kindergarten and First grade with at least two Dual Language classrooms ateach grade level and will grow yearly to add another grade level until Fifth grade. The Two-Way Dual LanguageImmersion Program requires that half of the students be English Language Learners and dominant in Spanish.The remaining half of the students are English speakers.In addition, we encourage campuses to consider a Two-Way Dual Language Immersion program that pairsanother language with English speakers (such as Chinese and English, French and English, Vietnamese andEnglish). By considering other languages, we continue to afford Austin ISD students the opportunity to becomebilingual, bicultural and biliterate.The Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program is a research-based, bilingual model implementing bestinstructional practices that works exceedingly well for all students, including native English speakers,linguistically diverse students who are fluent in English as well as speakers of other languages. (Collier andThomas, 2009) Also, the Center for Applied Linguistics reaffirms effective findings of dual language practice byreporting that dual language immersion programs assist students to fully reach academic achievement in boththeir native language and English in all subject areas and maintain their level of high achievement or reach evenhigher levels through the end of their schooling. The fewest secondary school dropouts come from duallanguage immersion programs.Campuses that choose to apply for the Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program must meet the followingcriteria. A campus must have:1. Administrative and campus leadership with knowledge of Bilingual and Dual Language ImmersionPrograms and are willing to participate in professional development opportunities to learn about thisresearch-based, best practice model.2. Adequate facility, classroom space, instructional materials and resources to support the addition of theTwo-Way Dual Language Immersion Program through the Fifth grade.3. Campus staff and community support of Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program (staff support at75% or greater, community support targeting 75% or greater as indicated by survey).4. Detailed student demographic information and dual language model design that demonstratesappropriate student (English Language Learner) placement.

ATTACHMENT "2"5. A detailed budget and staffing plan for your campus that will provide funding for the implementation ofa Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program. The budget should include funds for such items as:classroom materials, library books, professional development, and equipment. Please note that theDepartment of English Language Learners is only allowed to provide funding for students (EnglishLanguage Learners) that qualify to receive bilingual services.6. A commitment to the implementation with fidelity of the Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program,required professional development trainings, and necessary resources to support the program.Application TimelineActivity Date Item Distributed/SubmittedAll campus principals notified via emailof the Two-Way Dual LanguageImmersion Program ApplicationConduct campus Dual LanguageCommitment SurveysWeek ofJan. 18,2011Jan./Feb2011Dual Language Application andSurveysCampus Dual LanguageCommitment Surveyscompleted and analyzedComplete application process withnecessary approvals from the assignedAssociate SuperintendentApplication review and selection processby the Dual Language AdvisoryCommitteeSubmission of recommended proposedTwo-Way Dual Language ImmersionCampuses to SuperintendentFebruary15, 2011Week ofFeb. 21,2011February2011Submit campus application toDepartment of EnglishLanguage LearnersRecommendation submittedto CAO, CSO, CFO, CHCRecommendation RostersubmittedNotification pending approval

ATTACHMENT "2"AUSTIN ISD DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERSTWO-WAY DUAL LANGUAGE IMMERSION PROGRAM EXPANSION APPLICATIONFOR ELEMENTARY CAMPUSES2012-2013FOR INTERNAL APPROVALCampus Name: __________________________Date Application was submitted: ______________________The following signatures indicate approval of the Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program:Ramona Trevino, Chief Academic Officer __________________________ __________SignatureDatePaul Cruz, Chief Schools Officer __________________________ __________SignatureDateNicole Conley-Abram, Chief Financial Officer __________________________ __________SignatureDateMeria Carstarphen, Superintendent __________________________ __________SignatureDate

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