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Postgraduate Programme | Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services | ISEGI-NOVAInformation and communication technologies (ICT) are as ubiquitous as they are crucial intoday’s economy. ICT changed the way we do business and impacts every economic sectorand industry; the banking industry is no exception. Today, financial services rely heavily on cuttinghedge ICT to deliver premium quality services and increase customer satisfaction whilereducing operational costs. The ICT infrastructure constitutes the backbone of modern-daybanking services, thus companies need to address the challenge of managing and developingtheir ICT talent, the people that design, develop and operate this infrastructure.There is a wide range of skills and knowledge that ICT professional need to master in order toeffectively contribute to the creation of value within the ICT infrastructure. These skills and knowledgecan be better developed through a mix of theory and practice in which the fundamentaltheoretical frameworks are combined with on-the-job training. This is the challenge that companiesand academia need to address through a consistent partnership, supporting a steadystream of professionals that are able to deliver value from the moment they begin working andhave the ability to thrive in a lifelong learning environment.With this post-graduation we seek to tackle this challenge and through an enthusiastic andconsistent partnership shorten the go to market of students finishing an academic degree,providing them with high quality education and a stimulating professional carrier.objectivesThe postgraduate in Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services aims at providing students with aunique learning experience and the opportunity to take part in a pioneer educational model which bridges the gapbetween academia and private companies. The ISEGI / BNP Paribas / Sybase partnership developed this postgraduate inorder to bring together the best of both worlds: the knowledge provided by a prestigious academic institution, with wellestablishedcredits in Information Management and Business Intelligence, and the professional experience of both Sybaseand BNP Paribas, with historical curriculum respectively in ICT and banking domains.This academic/professional experience will allow the participants:To understand the potential impact of information and communication technologies on building competitive advantages;To evaluate the strategic options and the ways in which the business and information systems strategies can be alignedand integrated;To demonstrate how to apply appropriate technological systems and infrastructures to support a business informationsystems solution;To understand the role of business process management for adding business value of information technology;To understand and apply the technological concepts that structure and enable the day-to-day operations of a marketleader like BNP Paribas;To learn the strategies and methodologies that enable the governance of all systems involved in the operation ofbaking services;To develop personal and working skills, highly valued in the market;To give any student the opportunity of paying for their own education;To work in a multicultural environment of highly motivated young professionals;The opportunity to start a challenging and highly rewarding career within a fast-growing world leading company.

Postgraduate Programme | Information and Communication Technologies for Banking Services | ISEGI-NOVAstudents profileWe are looking for:Talented “fresh graduates” in ICTor ICT related degrees (degree or master’s);Proficiency in English;Good at logical thinking;Highly motivated and target driven people;People with great communication skills;Good team players;People who want a challenge;core coursesSEMESTER 1Introduction to Databases and Programming IBusiness IntelligenceQuality Assurance and MethodologyInformation Management SystemsSEMESTER 2Introduction to Databases and Programming IIBanking ProcessesBusiness Process ManagementPersonal DevelopmentThe successful conclusion of the program requires the completion of all curricular units, a total of 60 ECTS. Success in allcurricular units constitutes a fundamental component of evaluation for getting a working contract with the mentionedentities.general informationScientific CoordinationProf. Doutor Miguel Castro NetoProf. Doutor Fernando BaçãoTuition feeThe subscription of this postgraduate is 3.500,00€Pre-Conditions for applying- High potential “fresh graduates” in ICT or ICT relateddegrees;- Proficiency in English;- Free of any employment contract commitment at thebeginning of 09/2011.ScheduleThis postgraduate is divided into two semesters. Part of theclasses will be lectured in packages, during the day(9:00-16:00); other classes will be on-going, and will havea post-labour schedule (18:00-22:00). The on-the-job partof this program will take place from 9:00h to 17:00h.TeachersThis postgraduate will be lectured by a group of teachers,both national and foreign, with prestigious academicprofiles, and by a set of reputed professionals in the ICT andbanking areas, with vast experience in real-life projects.This combination ensures that students will be given aunique set of skills, knowledge and working experience.

Additional InformationsFor more information on this postgraduate please contact:Head of MarketingLuíz Vaz dos SantosPhone: +351 213 870 413 | lvaz@isegi.unl.ptU n i v e r s i d a d e N o v a d e L i s b o aI n s t i t u t o S u p e r i o r d e E s t a t í s t i c a e G e s t ã o d e I n f o r m a ç ã oC a m p u s d e C a m p o l i d e , 1 0 7 0 - 3 1 2 L i s b o aTe l . 2 1 3 8 7 0 4 1 3F a x . 2 1 3 8 7 2 1 4 0w w w . i s e g i . u n l . p t

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