CANNABIS FACTORIESPC 4567 Jason ReesTreforest Neighbourhood Beat ManagerPC 4567 Jason Rees112/07/2010

PRESENTATION PURPOSE• To raise awareness of the presentdangers of criminals targeting Treforestfor drug cultivation.• To enable us to work together tosafeguard the community• To enable landlords to safeguard theproperties from expensive repairs as theresult of illegal drug activityPC 4567 Jason Rees212/07/2010

PC 4567 Jason Rees312/07/2010

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PC 4567 Jason Rees512/07/2010

FACTS AND FIGURES• 14 cannabis factories in 12 months in Treforest• 2500 mature cannabis plants seized• Estimated £3m - £4m annual yield of drugsseized since January 2008• Drug factories linked to people traffickingnetworksPC 4567 Jason Rees612/07/2010

The problems for landlords• Cannabis factories cause reduction in property prices,particularly when the activity affects the reputation of theneighbourhood• Loss of rent during eviction and repair periods• Property damage arising from abuse, neglect andincreased insurance premiums• Damage from police raids• Increased resentment and anger between neighbours andthe community• Fire hazards due to tampering with electricity mainsPC 4567 Jason Rees712/07/2010

Why Treforest?• Student population generates a market for thedrug. Cannabis is the most popular drug in theUK• Statistics in Treforest show that the gangsinvolved in cannabis production are ofvietnamese origin. The Vietnamese blend in withthe high ethnic minority population in the area• Multi bedsit properties, ideal for cannabisproductionPC 4567 Jason Rees812/07/2010

Understanding the signs• Windows blacked out by thick curtains• Lights on all day and night• Electric wiring tampered with• Request from tenants to remove furniture priorto commencement of tenancy• Request from tenants for privacy, nounscheduled visits to the premises• Cash payments in advance• Visitors day and nightPC 4567 Jason Rees912/07/2010

Prevention tactics• DO NOT accept cash payments up front• DO visit your premises within a week of renting theproperty and make regular visits• DO exchange contact details with your neighbours• Obtain Photo Identification of prospective tenants andobtain current address, work address, confirm details• Obtain contact telephone number for tenant• Obtain car registration details• Obtain references• Thorough vetting of tenantsPC 4567 Jason Rees1012/07/2010

WHO TO CONTACTIn emergency situations : 999Crimestoppers : 0800 555 111Non emergency numbers : 101Treforest police station : 01443 485130PC Jason Rees : 07805301117PCSO Ceri Davies : 07805301047PC 4567 Jason Rees1112/07/2010

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