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LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTPRESENCE DETECTION & PIR SENSORSPRESENCE DETECTION& PIR SENSORSIdeal for reducing energy costs, where internal foottraffic is usually light. Save power and save energy.Reduce your carbon footprint and save money.IP21/44STAND ALONE (WALL MOUNTSWITCH REPLACEMENT)Part No. Description Code2 WireSSPIROS2W PIR Operated Wall Switch 4484(No Neutral Required)3 WireSSPIROS3W PIR Operated Wall Switch 4484(Neutral Required)SPECIFICATION2 Wire & 3 Wire■ 180° coverage at 8m■ Built in microphone, detector re-triggerson sound as well as motion■ Time delay range: 15 secs - 16 mins■ Fits a standard 16mm back box■ Photocell range: 5 - 2000 lux3 Wire■ Switches 2300W incandescent and1150W fluorescent loads2 Wire■ Switches 3000W incandescent and1500W fluorescent loads■ Built in re-chargeable nickel metal halide (NiMH)■ Minimum load 40WSTAND ALONE (DIRECTIONALCEILING MOUNT)Part No. Description CodePIR DetectorsSSPIROS DIR Direction PIR (Standard) 4483SSPIROS DIR LR Direction PIR (Long Range) 4483Mounting Base (Socket)For Directional PIR DetectorSSPIROS DIR SK Mounting Base/Socket 4483SPECIFICATION■ Vandal resitant polycarbonate construction■ Time lag range: 10 secs - 40 mins in 9 steps■ Photocell range: 100 - 1000 lux, and inactive■ Loading: Up to 6 amps (1500W) of any typeof load (including fluorescent lights and fans)Standard Version■ Detection zone: 120°, range 5m walkingtowards, 10m walking acrossLong Range Version■ Ideal for corridors and storage aisles■ Detection zone: 6°, range up to 25mSTAND ALONE (RECESSED)Part No. Description CodeRecessedSSPIROS R Ceiling Mount PIR 4486SPECIFICATION■ Time lag range: 15 seconds to 30 minutes■ Photocell range: 40 - 2000 Lux■ Loading: 2000W (Resitive), 1000W (Fluor)STAND ALONE (SURFACE)IP44Part No. Description CodeSurface Mount (IP44)SSPIROS S Ceiling Mount PIR (IP44) 4487132Plug-in detector/base to simplify andspeed up installation (surface mount)

LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTWHITE CEILING ACCESSORIESKLIK LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEMThe comprehensive Klik range offers a quick andeasy way to control lighting in ceiling voidsSPECIFICATION■ Compact - allows installation in confined spaces■ Mains terminal capacity 5 x 4mm 2■ Mains terminal rated at 16 Amps■ Sockets rated at 6 Amps■ Complies with BS 5733CEILING DISTRIBUTION BOXESPart No. Description CodeKLDS4 4 Ways 4011KLDS6 6 Ways 4012KLDS8 8 Ways 4013KLDS10 10 Ways 4015KLDS12 12 Ways 4016SPECIFICATION■ 3 pin plugs have terminations for live, neutraland earth and are suitable for use with any Kliklighting or Klik AX sockets and Klik KLDS■ 4 pin plugs have terminations for live, neutral,earth and auxiliary and are suitable only for usewith Klik AX sockets and Klik KLDS6A PLUGSPart No. Description CodeWhiteP22 3 Pins 4019P64AX 4 Pins 4020RedP64AXR RED 4 Pins 4020SPECIFICATION■ Ceiling roses pre-wired with heat resistingPVC flexible cord, complying with BS 65006A PRE-WIRED CEILING ROSESPart No. Description CodePCR2000/2.0 2m Cord, 3 Pin 4041PCR2000/3.0 3m Cord, 3 Pin 4056CR64AX/2.0 2m Cord, 4 Pin 4076CR64AX/3.0 3m Cord, 4 Pin 4077CR64AX/4.0 4m Cord, 4 Pin 4077SPECIFICATION■ PCR2000: Plug has 3 terminations live,neutral and earth. Socket has 4 terminationslive, neutral, earth and loop in■ CR64AX: Plug has 4 terminations live, neutral,earth and auxiliary. Socket has 5 terminationslive, neutral, earth, auxiliary and loop in6A PLUG-IN CEILING ROSESPart No. Description CodePCR2000 3 Pin 2760CR64AX 4 Pin 2761SPECIFICATION■ Size: 85mm dia. x 31mm deep■ Fixings: 50.8mm standard diagonal (BESA)■ Complies with BS 5733MOUNTING BOXESPart No. Description CodeMB2 Mounting Boxes 4017SPECIFICATION■ Plugs pre-wired with heat resisting PVC flexiblecord, complying with BS 6500IDEAL FOR■ Shops■ Warehouses■ Malls■ Offices■ Recessed Ceilings6A PRE-WIRED PLUGSPart No. Description CodeWhite Plug with 0.75mm 2 FlexP22/2.0 2m Cord, 3 Pins 4033P22/3.0 3m Cord, 3 Pins 4033P22/4.0 4m Cord, 3 Pins 4033White Plug with 1mm 2 FlexP22/1.0PVC/3 3m Cord, 3 Pins 4033P22/1.0PVC/5 5m Cord, 3 Pins 4033P64AX/1.0PVC/5 5m Cord, 4 Pins 4035Red Plug with 0.75mm 2 FlexP64AXR/3.0 3m Cord, 4 Pins 4035P64AXR/4.0 4m Cord, 4 Pins 4035Red Plug with 1mm 2 FlexP64AXR1.0PVC/5 5m Cord, 4 Pins 4035133

LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTTIME CONTROLLERS & SECURITY SWITCHESTIME CONTROLLERS &SECURITY SWITCHESA selection of controls to cover many applications.COMPACT 24 HOURCONTROLLERSPart No. Description CodeSCTS960 24hr 1 Gang Segment Contoller 3015SCTU9000 24hr + 7 Day 1 Gang Digital Contoller 3015ROUND PATTERNTIME SWITCHESPart No. Description CodeSRTS113 3 Pin 20A 24 On/Off + Day Omit 3013SPECIFICATION■ SCTS960: 30 minute minimum switchingand permanent On/Off■ SCTU900: 6 programmes available to operateover 7 days and 42 On and Off switches per week■ To control up to 400W tungsten lighting only■ Fits traditional 1 gang mounting boxSPECIFICATION■ Industry standard round pattern time switch.Can be used as a direct repacement for singlechannel On/Off switching 24 On/Offprogrammes in 24 hours■ Half day(s) and day(s) omit unlimitedover 7 day period■ Permanent On facility■ Manual overridePROGRAMMABLE SECURITYLIGHT SWITCHESPart No. Description CodeS210SS 1 Gang 2895SPECIFICATION■ Can be used as a normal or 2 way light switch■ Light activated to switch on / time activatedto switch off■ Light level control■ Min lamp size 40W, max lamp size 300W7 DAY DIGITAL SECURITYLIGHT SWITCHESPart No. Description CodeSZ700 1 Gang 2895SPECIFICATION■ 24hr 7 day light switch to automatically switchfilament, fluorescent, low energy and LV lampsOn and Off■ 300W incandescent, 76W fluorescent■ CFL up to 25W and 200W low voltageELECTRONIC TIME DELAYSWITCHESPart No. Description CodeSDS1MAST 1 Gang Master 2885SDS1SLAV 1 Gang Slave 2885SPECIFICATION■ 2 wire connection - Neutral not required■ Neon button highlights switch in dark areas■ Adjustable light On time from 10 secs to 10mins. Via a tamerproof potentionmeter■ For use with incandescent lighting up to1.5kW and 20-200W of low voltage lighting(not suitable for fluorescent and CFL)IDEAL FOR■ Houses■ Flats■ Stairwells■ Warehouses■ Offices134

LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTPHOTO ELECTRIC CELLSPHOTO ELECTRIC CELLSA complete range of controls to provide optimum control overa wide range of luminaires and applications.IP65/55SPECIFICATION■ Switch 1000W resistive 600W inductive loads■ Intelligent part night version switches offduring very early hours of the morning thanon again just before dawn■ Surge protection included■ Operates -20° to +80°■ 0.5W energy consumptionPHOTO ELECTRIC CELLS(NEMA HEAD)Part No. Description CodeSPEC4E (A/SRG) Photo Electric Cell (Head) 4370SPEC4EKIT Photo Electric Cell Kit 4371SPEC9PN Part Night Cell Kit 4371■ IP65SPECIFICATION■ Mounts in 20mm dia. aperture■ Switch 600W resistive 300W inductive■ 0.25W energy consumption■ Remote version enables mounting in thesmallest of luminaires■ Switches on at 70 LuxMINIATURE PHOTOELECTRIC CELLSPart No. Description CodeSPEC20 20mm Photo Electric Cell 4372SPEC20/R 20mm Photo Electric Cell Remote Head 4373Control Unit Dims: 45 x 45 x 30mm■ IP65SPECIFICATION■ Energy efficient, integral timeswitch■ Allows on at dusk with fixed time offof 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours■ Switch 1000W resistive 600W inductive loads■ Easy entry and termination■ Twilight settings 3-1000 LuxWALL MOUNT PHOTOELECTRIC CELLPart No. Description CodeSVAR04 Varocell Time & Lux Adjustable 4374Dims: 105 x 79 x 36mm■ IP55IDEAL FOR■ Perimeters■ Car Parks■ Signage■ Facades■ Patios■ Gardens■ IP ratings explained see page 141135

LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTDIMMERSDIMMING FACE PLATES &RETROFIT MODULESA complete range of dimming controls to cover most small and domestic applications. With the introductionof new Sector retrofit modules providing higher ratings, soft start and even HFR control then lighting controland energy management from existing and coordinating faceplates has never been easier.WHITE PLASTIC DIMMERSSPECIFICATIONPart No. Description CodeSequel Slim Curved ProfileS881P 1 Gang 60-400w 5001S882P 2 Gang 60-400w 5002S883P 3 Gang 60-400w 5003S884P 4 Gang 60-400w 5004Square Corner RangeSSPD1 1 Gang 60-400w 5001SSPD2 2 Gang 60-400w 5002SSPD3 3 Gang 60-400w 5003SSPD4 4 Gang 60-400w 5004Recommended to fit standard 25mm deep back boxes■ Push on/off with rotary control■ Only suitable for Mains voltage Filament lamps■ De-rate load by 25% for High inrushHalogen lamps■ Standard 6mm dia module thread and spindleMETAL FACEPLATE DIMMERSSPECIFICATIONPart No. Description CodeSequel Screwless Flatplate Brushed StainlessSFBS81P 1 Gang 60-400w 5011SFBS82P 2 Gang 60-400w 5012SFBS83P 3 Gang 60-400w 5013SFBS84P 4 Gang 60-400w 5014Sequel Screw fix Flateplate Polished ChromeSSPC81P 1 Gang 60-400w 5011SSPC82P 2 Gang 60-400w 5012SSPC83P 3 Gang 60-400w 5013SSPC84P 4 Gang 60-400w 5014Debonair Bevel Edge Polished ChromeSSC681 1 Gang 60-400w 5011SSC682 2 Gang 60-400w 5012SSC683 3 Gang 60-400w 5013SSC684 4 Gang 60-400w 5014Warwick/York Polished BrassSRV181B 1 Gang 60-400w 5011SRV182B 2 Gang 60-400w 5012SRV183B 3 Gang 60-400w 5013SRV184B 4 Gang 60-400w 5014Other Combinations available including rope edgeand Brushed Nickel■ Push on/off with rotary control■ Only suitable for Mains voltage Filament lamps■ De-rate load by 25% for High inrushHalogen lamps■ Standard 6mm dia module thread and spindleRETROFIT DIMMER MODULESBASPECIFICATIONPart No. Description Fig CodeHalogen / LVSSPD1MOD400 60-400VA Single Module A 5021SSPD1MOD700 150-600VA Double B 5021Module + PlateSSPD1MOD4ASW 4 Amp Push switch A 5021Single ModuleSSPD1MOD3AINT 3 Amp Intermediate A 5021Push Single ModuleLV Trailing EdgeSSPD1MOD600TE 10-600W LV Double Module C 5021HFR 1-10V Fluorescent and LEDSSPD1MODHFR 1-7 Ballast/Driver D 5023Single ModuleDC■ Push on/off with rotary control■ Standard 6mm dia module thread and spindle■ Soft start for prolonged lamp life and no need tode-rate for halogen lamps■ Compatible with all Sector and Stratus LVTransformers■ Unique trailing edge LV version for specialisttransformer compatibility■ HFR module can switch upto 60 ballasts/driverswith the use of a separate switch wired to theon/off contacts■ Module faceplate loading is subject to limits dueto heat see configuration chart on page 137136

LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTGRID SYSTEMSGRID SYSTEMSThe Grid range offers a modular switching and monitoring system whichincludes switches, indicators, secret key switches, printed switches - makingit the ideal system for commercial and public building applications. Griddimmers can provide energy saving with up to 20 times longer lamp lifeSPECIFICATION■ Attractive slim curved frontplates to match theextensive sequel range of wiring accessoriesSEQUEL GRID WHITEFRONT PLATESPart No. Description CodeSG81 1 Gang 9221SG82 2 Gang 9221SG83 3 Gang 9223SG84 4 Gang 9223SG86 6 Gang 9226SG88 8 Gang 9226SPECIFICATION■ No plastic surround on switches■ Clearly printed terminal marking withcaptive terminal screws■ Interchangeable rockers with andwithout application printing■ Manufactured to BS EN 60669-1SPECIFICATION■ Push On/Off with rotary dim operation■ Soft start with no need to derate whenused with mains halogen lamps■ To allow heat dissipation distribute dimmersevenly across grid■ Fits 35mm deep box 41mm recommended■ Complete with 5 multi brand grid mounts■ Max Load 1g=500W / 400VA,2g=700W / 600VA■ HFR module can control upto 7 fluorescentballats or 10 dimmable led drivers. Maximumis 60 if used with a separate on/off switch■ Remote dimmer pack prewired with 1m flexand grid controller with many of the featuresof the universal grid dimmers■ The ideal solution to remove heat and any noisefrom control plates where it may become anissue as listed in the selection chart■ Remote 1000W or 700VASEQUEL GRID FIXING GRIDSPart No. Description CodeSGFR12 1-2 Gang 9222SGFR34 3-4 Gang 9224SEQUEL GRID 20A - 20AXWHITE MODULESPart No. Description CodeSG12 SP 2 Way 9231SG30 DP 1 Way 9232SG13 Intermediate 9233SG30 Retractive - Marked ‘PRESS’ SP 2 Way 9234SG12KY SP 2 Way Key 9235SG12EL SP 2 Way Emergency Key 9235UNIVERSAL GRID DIMMERSPart No. Description CodeLV/HalogenSSPD1GRID400 400VA 1 Gang Required 5021SSPD1GRID600 600VA 2 Gangs Required 5022SSPD1GRID3AINT 3A Push & Intermediate 50221 Gang RequiredDimmable Integrated Compact FluorescentSSPD1GRIDCFL 12-66W 1 Gang Required 50251-10V HFR Fluorescent/LEDSSPD1GRIDHFRD 1 Gang Required + Switch 5023RemoteSSPD1GRID7REM 700VA 1 Gang Required 5024Suffix:White as Standard/B = BlackIDEAL FOR■ Houses■ Flats■ Offices■ Reception Areas■ Hair Salons■ Pubs■ Cafes■ RestaurantsCONFIGURATION SELECTION CHARTThe following total plate loads must not beexceeded. For higher loads use remote dimmerGRIDPLATE TYPE WATTS VA1 and 2 Modules 500 4003 and 4 Modules 1000 7006 and 8 Modules 1500 10009 and 12 Modules 2000 135018 Modules 2500 180024 Modules 3000 2000137

LIGHTING CONTROL & ENERGY MANAGMENTDIMMING SYSTEMSMULTIDIM SCENE SETTINGAND LIGHTING CONTROLControlling an areas lighting with a scene setting dimming system provides notonly lighting to suit the mood but increased lamp life and above all a costeffective energy saving solution to lighting control.MULTIDIM STARTER PACKSPart No. Description CodeHalogen/LV ControlMDK1VA1200 SS 1x1200W single channel kit 5026MDK2VA1200 SS 2x1200W 2 channel kit 5026MDK4VA600 SS 4X600W 4 channel kit 5026LED/Fluorescent ControlMDK1HFR7 SS 1 Channel 1-10V HFR kit 5027MDK2HFR7 SS 2 Channel 1-10V HFR kit 5027MDK4HFR7 SS 4 Channel 1-10V HFR kit 5027Remote Pack dimensions 260x170x65 weight 2 kgWall controls fit standard 35mm deep back boxesSPECIFICATION■ 1,2 or 4 channel remote kits with frontplateand handheld remote■ Flat Stainless steel frontplate (white available)■ Intuitive programming via frontplate or remote■ Halogen and LV soft start with no need toDe-rate load■ HFR Units can control upto 7 fluorescent ballastsor 10 led drivers per channel(expandable up to 100 with contactor)MULTIDIM MODULARDEVICESPart No. Description CodeDimmer PacksMD1X1200 1X1200W VA pack 5026MD2X1200 2X1200W VA pack 5026MD4X600 4X600W VA pack 5026MD1X5000 1X5000W VA pack 5026MD2XSW 2X16A Relay pack 5026MD1X10V 1X 1-10V HFR pack 5027MD2X10V 2X 1-10V HFR pack 5027Stainless Steel Flat WallplatesMDCK1XRENSS 1G Steel Rotary Control 5029MDCK4CHSS 1G 4 Channel 4 Scenepush button 5029MDCK8CHMOMSS 1G 8 Channel Raise/Lowerpush button 5029MDCK8CHSS 2G 8 Channel 4 Scenepush button 5029MDCK1MAST 1G Last setting all off/recall 5029MD41GLCD 1G LCD 4 Scene Recall 5029Control DevicesMDIRHS8CH 16 Chan 8 Scene I/R Handheld 5028MDGRID1XREN Multigrid Rotary Encoder 5028MDSWR Interface for retractive switch 5028SPECIFICATION■ Full Range of expansion devices that can alsobe customised into individual scene settingcontrol solutions■ 2 Channel unit features auxiliary contacts foradditional switching (eg Fans)■ 16 Zones per systems standard(more can be added)■ Unlimited addressable channels with optionalPC connection■ Simple multiway scene setting by linkingfrontplate and control devices■ Many frontplate options as standard withcustomised plate matching service available■ Bespoke Rack systems and prewired cabinetscan be designed upto 750KW and 150 ChannelSystemsRemote Control LCD Plate Rotary Encoder Interface 2G - 8 ChannelSpecial Dimmable Rack Panels can be Designed and Built to order138

TECHNICAL DATADIMMING CONTROLS EXPLAINEDSTANDARD RESISTIVE DIMMINGStandard Dimming includes Incandescent, Halogen Low Voltage and morerecently Integrated ballast Compact Fluorescent lamps. Although commonthis can still be fraught with problems. Many basic Dimmers requirede-rating for high inrush current Halogen lamps. Many modern qualityelectronic transformers can be dimmed using a common dimmer but careshould be taken to ensure dimmer and transformer are compatible.Common problems include flickering of lamps and failure to reach maximumor minimum light levels. When dimming CFLs reference should be made tothe lamp manufacturers latest information. Sector soft start dimmer Gridand Retrofit modules are soft start, do not have to be de-rated and havebeen tested with all Sector and Stratus Transformers.Example:Sector SF50GF WHI - Fire rated downlight (Page 27)Sector SSPD1MOD400 - Module requires front plate (Page 136)HFR 1-10V ANALOGUE LED ANDFLUORESCENT DIMMINGHigh Frequency Regulated (1-10V) Dimming is one way of controlling afluorescent or LED Luminaire using a simple potentiometer wired into theballast or driver, this can then have the user interface of simple control knob,LCD panel, handheld remote or intelligent system. The HFR ballast/driverprovides the 10V output and the potentiometer returns to the ballast/driver aregulated value, say 5V for a 50% dimmed light. The two wires controllingthe dimming will need to be wired to each ballast/driver powering theluminaire and fed back to the controller. HFR dimming allows interaction withproximity sensors and PIRs to enable automatic lighting control and Energysaving schemes.Example :Stratus FMPR664HFRC2 - Recessed Cat 2 600x600 (Page 74)Sector SSPD1GRIDHFRD - Grid Dimmer requires accessories (Page 137)ENERGY SAVINGUsing a dimmer will save energy usage.A conventional dimmer works by switchingthe power to the lamp off for asmall period of time, 100 times a second.Dimming will also increase the life of Tungsten and GLS lamps.Approximate details are given in the following table.Light output dimmed by: Energy Saving Lamp Life10% 10% 2 x Longer25% 20% 4 x Longer50% 40% 10 x Longer75% 60% 20 x LongerFLUORESCENT SWITCH DIMMINGSimple Dimming with a press switch can be easily achieved using a SwitchDim Digital ballast incorporated into the luminaire. A retractive switchalternates the light on/off and a hold of the switch cycles the light through adimming cycle. No more than 12 ballasts are recommended on each circuit.Luminaires can be synchronised to each other with a ten second hold of theretractive switch. Push switches can be wired in parallel enabling two wayswitching and energy saving lighting control.Example :Stratus HPLM142-T/SD (Page 34)Sector SG30 Retractive Grid Switch (Page 137)DSI / DALI LIGHTING CONTROLDigital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) provides an interchangeablecontrol system across many manufacturers and enables addressable controlof luminaires as well as Daylight, absence and presence detection. Digitallycontrolled lighting systems requires a minimum of 3 components: ballast,bus power supply and controller. This digital control enables simplified wiring,and power circuits can be planned without regard to the control circuits andcan be wired in the same conduit. Two way communication with DALIdevices enables reporting of device errors and current lighting levels. LinkDSI energy efficient luminaires to Sensors and intelligent daylight linking andproximity control, to achieve fantastic energy efficiency PAYBACKS.Example :Stratus TTNT5380DSI(E) (Page 100)Stratus TTNR5 DSI (Page 100)All information strictly for guidance only, please refer to regulations and manufacturers for information if you are in any doubt.139

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