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IN THIS ISSUE - Bombardier

IN THIS ISSUE - Bombardier


CANADAIR REGIONAL JETSERIES 700 CABINTo date, the Canadair RegionalJet Series 700 has existed inengineering drawings, threedimensionalviews and artist’simpressions. Now, however, airlinescan see a complete,advanced-technology cabinmock-up with 70 leather seats atthe Bombardier Aerospace facilityat Montreal InternationalAirport - Dorval.Designed-in flexibility of themock-up will allow customers toanalyze various galley, lavatoryand wardrobe locations todetermine the optimum cabinMOCK-UP OPENEDconfiguration for their particularairline operations long before theaircraft enters service.The mock-up emphasizesmaximum passenger comfort andconvenience. Compared to thecurrent Series 100 and 200aircraft, the windows have beenraised 4.5 inches (11.4 cm), thefloor has been lowered one inch(2.54 cm) and ceiling height hasbeen increased by .50 inches(1.27 cm), resulting in a full sixfeet, three inches (1.90 m) ofstandup headroom. The lowerfloor, raised windows and alowering of the seat referenceheight by one inch (2.54 cm)effectively raise the windows by6.5 inches (16.5 cm) relative toeye vision, resulting in superiorcabin lighting and exteriorviewing. The interior lighting hasbeen designed to provide a warmand relaxing ambiance.An underfloor baggagecompartment measuring 109cubic feet (3.09 m 3 ) has beenadded to facilitate last-minuteramp check-in baggage. Overallchecked, wardrobe, overhead andunderseat baggage space is agenerous 12 cubic feet (.33 m 3 )per passenger. More carry-onbaggage stowage space is theresult of the overhead baggagebins being contoured andpositioned to provide superiorclearance for both seated andstanding passengers.Width of the flat-floorcabin is eight feet, five inches(2.5 m) with comfortable twoby-twoseating at 31-inch (78.7cm) pitch, separated by acentre aisle.R EGIONAL UPDATE • PAGE 4

CANADAIR REGIONAL JETPRODUCTION INCREASESTO MEET DEMANDProduction of the CanadairRegional Jet will increase tosix per month from five early in1998 because of continuingstrong demand for the aircraftfrom airlines around the world.The increase will result in a productionrate of 68 units in 1998and 72 units in 1999.The Canadair Regional Jet hasbeen selling in record-settingnumbers, with firm orders for103 aircraft being placed sinceJanuary 1, 1997. Firm orders forthe aircraft now total 301, with193 in service with 16 airlines aswell as government andcorporate customers. Operatorshave options or conditionalorders for an additional 253 CRJaircraft, for a potential total of554 CRJ Series 100, 200 and 700aircraft as of November 1, 1997.The CRJ has clearly staked amajor claim in the air transportindustry, becoming the airliner ofchoice in the regional jet sectorand the standard by which allother regional jetliners will bejudged.Its growing number ofoperators have recognized theunique capabilities of thisrevolutionary jetliner by utilizingthe aircraft on routes that areunprofitable for larger jets,extending regional routes onpoint-to-point services andincreasing the operational radiusfrom hub airports. (Averagesector distance for the CanadairRegional Jet in service is about481 sm [775 km].) At the sametime, the Canadair Regional Jetenables airlines to be moreflexible in meeting capacitydemands, enhance theirprofitability and improve thequality of service to passengers.MORE DASH 8 AIRCRAFT FORGREAT CHINA AIRLINESTaiwan’s Great China Airlineshas ordered two morede Havilland Dash 8Q aircraft,the only transport the carrier hasoperated since its inception in1989. The Dash 8Q Series 300aircraft will replace two earliermodelSeries 300s by the end of1997.“Our success with thede Havilland Dash 8 stretchesThe company attributes its success to the de Havilland turboprop familyback to the airline’s beginnings,”said Peter Szu, Chairman ofGreat China Airlines. “With theinclusion of the new Dash 8Qversion of the aircraft to ourfleet, we will provide ourpassengers with quieter, jet-likecomfortable service.”He was referring to the new Qinterior for the Dash 8 family. Itsunique Noise and VibrationSuppression (NVS) system givesthe cabin the quietest and mostvibration-free environment ofany turboprop airliner andproduces an almost jet-like ridein the Dash 8Q cabin.Great China began domesticservice in Taiwan with two 40-seat Dash 8 Series 100 aircraft.As demand for domestic airlineservice grew, Great China beganreplacing its Series 100s with 50-seat Series 300 aircraft. Futuregrowth will be met with the new70-seat de Havilland Dash 8QSeries 400. Great China is theAsian launch customer for theSeries 400 with a firm order forsix aircraft. In all, Great Chinahas ordered 24 Dash 8 aircraftsince 1989.R EGIONAL UPDATE • PAGE 5

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