World Camp Paraguay 2012 - Leder

World Camp Paraguay 2012 - Leder

2. ProgrammeDates: The World camp will take place from the 14th of July till the 2nd of August and will last for20 days. The camp will take place in the house of NIPPAC near the capital of Paraguay and theprojects in several places in Paraguay, to show the participants as much diversity as possible: inRemansito, Limpio and Paso YobaiProgramme:14/07 – 19/07 The first week of the camp will be spent in the city of Villa Hayes.14/07/2012 Camp opening ceremony, presentation games and team buildinggames.15/07/2012 Team building games, games through the city, visit to the localindigenous community of Tova Kom.16/07/2012 Opening celebration, presentation of the organizations, games andcultural festival in the evening.17/07/2012 Visit to the city of Asunción, visit to local groups, games through thecity and visit to the local indigenous community of Maka.18/08 – 19/08 • Meeting and description of the projects• Excursion to the National Park of Ibyku’i• Visit to the world’s largest water dam of taipu.Posiblemente visita a las Cataratas de Foz de Yguazu.20/07 – 28/08 Working in different projects and sharing the life of the localcommunities and families.29/07/2012 • Return to Villa Hayes30/07/2012 Evaluation31/07/2012 • Celebration of the 50th anniversary of FIMCAP• St. John’s day with cultural dinner, traditional games from eachcountry and celebration of the day of love.01/08/2012 Evaluation02/08/2012 Closing celebration and giftsConcrete projects:During the projects, the participants will stay in host families.

LIMPIO: (San José de los Campos Limpio de Tapua)The workplan is the following:• In the morning, you will cooperate with the workers of a very poor school.• In the afternoon, you will do some social work in the Indigenous Hospital (the group willprepare activities for the kids and families of the patients)REMANSITO: The “Compañía de la ciudad de Villa Hayes”, 20 minutes from the airport, is avery poor community but with high spirits, good hearted people and happiness.In Remansito, you will collaborate in the construction of a social center where the localgroup of Nippac will do their activities.PASO YOBAI: Located 6 hours from Asunción and the airport, it is a very calm city wheregood hearted and working people live.In Paso Yobai you will build a playground for the kids in that town.

3. ParticipantsNumber of participantsThe World Camp can host 60 participants. Each member organisation is invited to send 3 participants tothe World Camp. We would advice you not to throw away this opportunity, as it will be a greatexperience for your participants, as well as for your organisation.Nevertheless we suggest to foresee a waiting list. Each organisation can put 2 members on the waitinglist. If some organisations don’t send anybody, we will fill up the contingent of 60 participants.Inscriptions (and waiting lists) must arrive at the international Fimcap secretariat before 1 March 2012.The Intercontinental Presidium will look at the vacant places and will inform the organisations about thenumber of vacant places for their people on the waiting list. By 1 June all flight informations must behanded in.Participation conditions• Age: between 20 and 30 years• Experience in youth work, training in youth work and preferably also be active on the regionallevel• Knowledge of English + willingness to speak other languages• Open mind• To accept the camp rules (eg: restriction of alcohol use, security, time)• Optimism• To be prepared to pass on the experiences made up to your own organisation after the campby games, articles, story-telling moments, active participation in the (inter)national level, …• To participate actively in the preparation activity or meeting, which is organised on continentallevel. (FIMCAP Asia, FIMCAP Europe, FIMCAP Africa and FIMCAP Latin America)• Conditions imposed by the own national organisation• It is the first time the participant participates in a Worldcamp, organised by FIMCAP.What can the participants expect from us?• An information brochure in the frame of the world camp.• A preparatory meeting or other preperatory activites organised by the continental level ofFIMCAP.• After the inscription: other informations on the camp, what to take along and some informationsabout the necessary medical precautions.• General information on Paraguay• The needed support of the secretariat and the organising team of NIPPAC• Informations on Visa procedures.• An insurance for the whole camp period, if the costs are not yet covered by an own insurance.

4. Fees and travel costsFees and travel costs• The participants of the European member organisations will pay their own travelcosts.• For non-European participants Fimcap will reimburse the full travel costs of one participant and halfof the travel costs of the second participant.• Tickets should be booked by the organisation itself. A list with maximum reference prices will beprovided• The participation fee for every participant is € 200.• We would like to encourage all organisations to find financial means to support the participants.5. FinancesThe World camp is one of the biggest events of FIMCAP on intercontinental level. This eventalso costs a lot of money. Therefore we ask you and your organisation to look for funds tocover the expenses of the World camp.6. ContactsIf you have any further questions, don’t hesistate to contact the secretariat:Evy Hoeben – Secretary General FIMCAPKipdorp 302000 Antwerp0032 03 231 07

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