Subsea Insulation

Subsea Insulation

Photo: StatoilHydro

Subsea Insulation

The Thermal Insulator for

Worldwide Applications

Insulation | Access | Surface Protection | Interior Outfi tting | Engineering – lose less, gain more

The Thermal Insulator for

Worldwide Applications

Photo: FMC Kongsberg / StatoilHydro

Insulation | Access | Surface Protection | Interior Outfi tting | Engineering

KAEFER ENERGY has broad experience in

insulation work from oil and gas installations

offshore and onshore. This gives us unique

expertise and the opportunity to solve even the

most extreme challenges.

KAEFER ENERGY is closely associated with

specialists in the profession, and we are profi cient

with all relevant specifi cations in the insulation


Cost-effi cient solutions

Having been in the Oil and Gas industry for

decades, KAEFER ENERGY contribute with a broad

experience and highly developed skills. As a result,

we can ensure that our clients get cost-effi cient

and adapted solutions.

Our experience involves development of products

and solutions based on unique client requirements.

KAEFER ENERGY’s abilities on subsea insulation:

• HSEQ, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

• Highly skilled engineers carry out planning

and follow up of the application

• Use of approved and documented material


• Use of highly skilled and certified personnel

• Approved application procedures for each


• Documentation of applied insulation,

thicknesses, homogeneity etc

• Innovative and creative attitude, capable

of meeting client requirements


• At clients premises, worldwide, with our fully

equipped container to safeguard HSE

regulations and application

• In our prefab yard at Verdal – Norway,

with an indoor area of 600 m 2

• Building of moulds in KAEFER ENERGY work

shop in Stavanger – Norway

• In addition, application can be executed

in KAEFER Group premises in more than 42

countries around the world

Integration through Networking

Temperature & Depth Range

for Insulation Materials

Temperature Range Depth Range Thermal Properties

Low temp, up to 80 °C Shallow water, up to 500 m

Thermal Conductivity

0,118 – 0,165 w/m°K

Medium temp, 80 °C - 12o °C Deep water 500 to 3000 m Our material’s Hardness

High temp, 12o °C - 15o °C From 40 to 69 Shore D

KAEFER ENERGY insulates subsea

equipment such as:

Manifold, PLEM, PLET, valves, jumpers,

spool pieces, Xmas trees, risers, flow lines,

field joints, bends and related subsea


Our materials provide many features and

benefits including:

• Excellent thermal insulation

• Corrosion protection

• Good adhesion

• Excellent impact strength

• Durability in harsh working environments

• Excellent resistance to water ingress

• Easy to modify and repair

• Long term structural stability

For more details and information contact

our engineers.

– lose less, gain more

Worldwide Offshore






International Transfer of Expertise

The KAEFER GROUP has affiliated companies in

more than 42 countries. Cooperation with our sister

companies will give you as a customer the benefit

of having your application executed wherever your

business is located.



Strandsvingen 1

N-4032 Stavanger

Tel: +47 51 81 90 30

Fax: +47 51 80 90 50

Insulation | Access | Surface Protection | Interior Outfi tting | Engineering – lose less, gain more

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