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MenuAt a glanceIntegrated thinking—and reporting—change the questions executives ask, from shorter-term andfractured to more forward-looking and holistic.Financial reportingIntegrated reportingDo I understand the company’s finances?What resources does our successdepend on—including money, goods,intellectual property, people, relationships,and energy and raw materials?How did my company performfinancially in the last 12 months?Does my sustainability reportingmeet stakeholder expectations?How does our business createvalue in the short, medium andlong term? Are there unexpectedissues that could damagepublic trust?CEOBoardCSOExactly how does our sustainabilityperformance contribute to strategicbusiness goals?How effective are my financialsystems and processes?Are non-financial measures reliable,credible, and produced timelyenough for decision-making?CFOCROCOOIs my reportingcompliant?How complete is thepicture I’m giving to mystakeholders about mycompany’s short-,medium-, andlong-term risks?Has each department provided itspart of the report?Have my finance, sustainability,investor relations, corporate governance,legal, and marketing teamsworked together to develop metricsrelated to my company’s strategy?

Menu03Improving operations,holding teamsaccountable93%…of companies pioneeringintegrated reporting sayit helps remove barriersbetween departments.Source: Black Sun plc, Understanding transformation: Buildingthe business case for integrated reporting, 2012.Interestingly, integrated thinking—and reporting—have a way of fixing fragmentation or strengtheningconnections within the business. As HSBC’s groupchief accounting officer, Russell Picot, characterizesit, integrated reporting “provides a unifying,integrating force within a company. The CEO, themajor business heads, and the department heads aregetting into a room and discussing how they createshareholder value and how they communicate thatto the market—and that’s really powerful.” 14Companies that are piloting integrated reportinghave found that it’s created better communicationbetween departments responsible for strategy,controls, IT, investor relations, finance,sustainability, and communications, amongothers. 15 This, in turn, has led to other benefits,including more focus on the company’s materialissues, more alignment around strategic goals,and a better understanding of performance gapsand opportunities. For example, as part of AEP’sintegrated reporting process, the company routinelybrings together parts of the business that mightnot otherwise interact. At the start of its move tointegrated reporting, a meeting between its facilitiesand sustainability groups resulted in an initiative toreduce the company’s own energy use. The resultover the five-year period? A $16 million savingsfrom reduced consumption—electricity that couldbe sold to its customers or the wholesale powermarket rather than used for internal operations.Better information sharingOnce different groups begin to work together moreclosely through the integrated reporting process,they may find they need a way to more easily shareinformation. This may require rethinking processesfor collecting and analyzing data. For example,integrated reporting requires financial and nonfinancialkey performance indicators (KPIs) to bebased on similar scopes, timeframes, and units ofmeasurement. Ultimately, aligning financial andnon-financial systems and processes can create aleaner, more streamlined organization.More informed decision-makingIntegrating financial and non-financial data alsomeans that company leaders have more consistent,reliable, and complete information to work with.As an example, looking at operational costs andenvironmental impacts side-by-side can revealefficiency opportunities. This type of access tointegrated information can help management makemore informed and strategic decisions.14 PwC, World Watch, Issue 2, 2013.15 Black Sun, Understanding transformation: Building the business case forintegrated reporting, 2012.

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