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Broadcaster - Concordia University Nebraska

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m a g a z i n e of C o n c o rd i a U n i v e r s i t y, N e b r a s k a



sUmmer 2008 volUme 85 No. 1

2 feature

From the president

brian l. friedrich

Nicknamed the “college in the cornfield” it makes sense that Luke 8 is inscribed in the

center of Concordia University, Nebraska’s seal. We are in the heart of “corn country.”

Each spring farmers sow seed that, come fall, produces an abundant crop. One of the most

popular parables of Jesus begins: “A farmer went out to sow his seed” (Luke 8:5a). A farmer

sowing seed is no surprise. That’s what a farmer does. A colleague who, with her husband

farms acres of corn just outside of Seward, once remarked that she and her husband never

debate whether or not they will plant a crop. They may debate what they will plant or how

much they will plant or when they will plant, but they will always plant.

Likewise there is no debate that our task is the preparation of students to serve and lead

in church and world. Universities prepare students. However, how they prepare them

varies greatly. Because Concordia is a Lutheran Christian university clearly committed to

community, calling and Christ, like the farmer in Jesus’ Lucan parable, we plant seed, the

Seed, the Word of God! We prepare students with an excellent, holistic, Christ-centered

education. And the students grow and “yield up a crop, a hundred times more than was

sown” (Luke 8:8b).

It is an amazing equation: God gives students; He gives talented faculty; He gives teaching

resources; He gives wisdom, knowledge and ability; He blesses the planting and provides the

growth leading to harvest. He does it all, and we celebrate the results. Thus, I hope you read

this issue of the Broadcaster cover-to-cover! As you do, you will learn about seeds being sown

through our business program; through a new 36-rank Casavant Frères organ; and through

bibelots, “small decorative objects,” created to provide those who carry them an opportunity

to “create an unassuming and quiet witness of God’s grace.”

Read about the seed in these pages. As you do, thank God for the harvest of faith and good

works He is producing through those growing here.

Brian L. Friedrich

president and ceo

Concordia University, Nebraska

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Dr. ronald Pfeiffer, memphis, Tenn.

Darla rosendahl, omaha, Neb.

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Fe ATUres

4 In business, for good

Concordia’s business program is an ’80s start-up that

continues to produce ‘bright, energetic and articulate’ results.

6 Adventures in faith and fire

Brock and Esther Shaw worked with the Kuna Indians

of Panama to create 20,000 witnessing tools.

8 The pipes, the pipes are calling

The grandest musical instrument at Concordia is ready

for its debut this fall.


10 Campus scene

13 Commencement

15 Faculty & staff

16 Jazz from the Prairie

19 Homecoming

22 Athletics

26 Construction report: Concordia’s Health,

Human Performance and Athletics Center

28 Alumni

on the cover

Jordan Tucker ‘09 is a business administration

major with an accounting minor. He is working

towards a career in accounting.

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Kurt Jostes, business manager

for Recovery Assistance Inc.

4 feature

Concordia’s business program

celebrates 25 years

Kurt Jostes ’07 sees Christ transforming lives

through his work every day. He’s not a pastor.

He’s not a Lutheran teacher. Jostes holds a

business degree from Concordia.

“There’s so much more in the world beyond

education and beyond the ministry,” Jostes said.

“It’s the priesthood of all believers.”

Over the past five months Jostes has served

as business manager for Recovery Assistance

Inc., a division of the lcms Southern District

committed to rebuilding in the wake of

Hurricane Katrina. Based in New Orleans,

La., Recovery Assistance rebuilds homes and

organizes community development in Biloxi,

Miss., and New Orleans.

“There’s a tremendous value of a Christian

In business,

for good

university with a business program,” Jostes said.

“Everybody, whether you’re a businessman or

a pastor or a teacher, we all need to be a good

example and a good influence.”

Col. Luke Reiner ’86,

one of the university’s first

business grads, also sees

the value of a Concordia

education in the business


“Christians help in

many facets throughout

the world,” Reiner said. “Christian leaders are

needed throughout society and not just in a

Lutheran classroom.”

Reiner currently serves as director of joint

operations for the Wyoming National Guard.

His responsibilities include the oversight and

synchronization of National Guard military

support to civilian authorities in Wyoming.

Jostes and Reiner are just two examples of

the successful output of Concordia’s business

department, which celebrates its 25 th year in 2008.

The department started small in the fall

of 1982 at the encouragement of former

mathematics professor Richard Luebbe.

“Richard Luebbe was the one who had the

vision,” Dr. Stan Obermueller, Concordia

business department chair, said. “The credit

should go to him. He saw the need for a business


In January of 1982 Luebbe asked Obermueller

to consider joining the newly forming business

faculty. Obermueller, employed in the corporate

headquarters of North American Van Lines, was

initially reluctant but arrived for the campus

interview nonetheless.

“It was certainly nothing I planned,”

Obermueller said. “I really felt that after that

interview that’s where the Lord was leading

me—even though I was being led reluctantly.”

Obermueller signed on as the Concordia

business department’s first full-time faculty

member in 1982. Kicking off a business program

at a university known as a church worker

powerhouse was no easy task, however.

“There were folks who really wanted

Concordia to remain what they felt was true to

the mission,” Obermueller admitted. “But over

time I think we’ve gained a lot of acceptance.”

“Probably a bigger issue was our very strong

and well-deserved reputation as a teachertraining

institution. Recruiting students has not

been easy because of the perception that we’re a

teachers college.”

Three years after its inception, Dr. Andrew

Langewisch signed on with the business

department. The department added Frank

Greene in 2000 and Greg Horn in 2006.

Through the last quarter-century Obermueller

and his fellow business faculty members have

taken Concordia’s business department from

humble beginnings and quietly built a solid

program turning out Christian leaders for the

business world.

“The biggest thing has been getting really

successful grads out there,” Obermueller said.

“And we’ve done that.”

In addition to its graduates, since April

the business department can point to its

full accreditation through the International

Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

The program’s curriculum strength, experiential

learning and students particularly impressed the

visiting accreditation team.

“That was the neatest part for me,”

Obermueller said. “Bright, energetic and

articulate were words that they used to describe

our students.”

Concordia provides business students with

a number of opportunities for experiential

learning. The Students in Free Enterprise chapter

offers members the chance to delve into real-life

business ventures on campus. After a year of

research, chapter members successfully launched

a coffee shop in Link Library last spring.

The department’s internship requirement

ensures that all business students leave

Concordia with hands-on experience, whether

working with local organizations like Hughes

Brothers Inc. and the Seward Chamber of

Commerce or setting up an opportunity in their

own hometown or beyond.

“We have a lot of students who would prefer

to do an internship at home,” Obermueller said.

“We’re very comfortable with that.”

Rather than a deviation from the university’s

mission, Obermueller sees the growth of

programs outside of the traditional church work

fields as a way to expand Concordia’s influence.

“Diversity of programs is really a healthy thing

on a campus,” Obermueller said. “Adding more

programs has allowed us to get bigger and add

more students.”

feature 5


adventures in

& fire

6 feature

Brock and Esther

Shaw arrived in

Panama in search

of fire. Indeed they

had something of a

ceramic emergency

on their hands.

They had no local suppliers, little glaze and no

kiln, and after three weeks of working among

Panama’s Kuna Indians they had 20,000 small

ceramic pieces, called bibelots, ready to fire.

“Finding the kiln was the biggest problem,”

Brock said, “because it is not something you find

on every corner, nor is it cheap to fire.”

Initially the Shaws planned to use kilns at

Panama University, Panama City, and a pottery

shop in Chitre, but with four kiln loads each

requiring two days to fire and no answer from

the Chitre shop, they worried about how to

complete the process before coming home to


Returning to the Kuna village from Panama

City, Brock noticed a ceramic market an hour

outside the city.

“We decided to stop there as a final effort

to get the bibelots fired,” he said. “We met the

owner, Garcia, and he was more than willing to

work with us.”

The word bibelot (pronounced bee-buhloh)

appears in the dictionary as “a small

decorative object without practical utility.”

The Shaws know better, however, as they see

these simple works of art function not as mere

trinkets but unique mission tools belonging to

a greater process.

The bibelot project began when Michael

Strand, Center for Liturgical Art director,

and Mark Anschutz, artist in residence,

brainstormed ideas for an art project to use

at Prairie Fire 2007, an annual conference for

pastors and laypeople of the lcms Nebraska

District. The pair came up with the concept

of simple yet unique glazed ceramic pieces

for each participant. They hired Concordia

students Liz Hinkel ’10 and Kjersten

Langewisch ’09 to create 800 pieces.

Strand and Anschutz struggled with what to

name the pieces, calling them “shards” before

Langewisch suggested bibelot.

At the conference, each participant picked out

a bibelot to take with them for the day’s worship.

“Then they had to put it back,” Anschutz said,

“which they didn’t want to, because some of

them were very connected to their piece.”

Prior to the conference’s conclusion,

organizers spread the bibelots across a table and

instructed participants to quickly grab one at

random to take with them.

“It’s just like how the Holy Spirit gives you a

gift,” Anschutz said. “You don’t get to pick it,

but you use what you are given.”

The only instruction given to the artworks’

recipients was to give the piece away when

moved to witness their faith to another person.

“It’s a way to share your faith, but it works

on both the giver and receiver,” Anschutz said.

“Every time you see it you are reminded to

witness your faith.

“On the other end, the receiver is usually

someone you’re connected to–your babysitter,

your brother who you’ve wanted to witness to,

the guy sitting next to you on the plane. It’s a

reminder of the talk you had with them.”

Strand and Anschutz realized the concept could

continue to be an effective witnessing tool beyond

Prairie Fire, and the bibelot project was born.

Enter Brock Shaw. As outreach coordinator

for the Center for Liturgical Art, Shaw guided

the efforts of the Kuna Indians. While he initially

planned to produce the bibelots in Guatemala, a

lack of contacts led him to Panama, the country

in which he first met Esther on a mission trip

and where her parents, Henry and Ruthie Witte,

served as Lutheran missionaries.

“With Esther and I having connections it was

a natural fit to choose Panama,” he said. “The

Kuna Indians are a very friendly, joyful and

artistic community, so we knew that the project

would do well there.”

Even during its production the bibelot works

on both giver and receiver, as the creation of

bibelots provided supplemental income to

the Kuna. Monthly earnings among the Kuna

average less than $200.

“The project had several goals,” Shaw said.

“But some of the most important were to create

a Christian atmosphere and work environment

at the Kuna ladies’ homes so they could be with

their families and earn some money.”

The center is now sending finished bibelots

to congregations for a suggested donation of 75¢

per piece. All money collected from donations is

used to fund the project, pay the Kuna salaries

and finance future trips.

Because creators mold bibelots into shapes not

overtly connected to Christianity, Anschutz said

the pieces work well as a tool for witnessing to


“Whether you give it to a Christian or a non-

Christian,” he said, “it will remind them of their

friendship with you and their friendship with

Christ–even if it’s someone who would not take

a cross or a pamphlet.”

As the bibelot project grows, it continues to

evolve as more groups create bibelots. Mission-

Minded Students, a student group focused on

outreach, crafted bibelots in the center, and

Strand and Anschutz led a bibelot workshop

with artists in Kansas City.

“Some of them are talking about making

bibelots in their classes and their churches,”

Anschutz said. “This is a piece of art that keeps

evolving and changing.”

And that’s the nature of the bibelot. Its story

grows each time it is passed along.

The center hopes to send Concordia students

with the Shaws on their next trip to Panama. The

Shaws envision a broad future for the project and

hope to expand its reach well beyond Panama.

“We are in the ground stages of bibelot, and

our hope is that it will grow to be as big as it is

intended to be,” Brock Shaw said. “We would

like to be able to set up small studios in different

regions of the world to have bibelots and other

forms of art being made and shared.”

Doing that, however, requires more help–

and fire.

campus feature scene 7

Music department welcomes new organ

It took a semi-truck to deliver Concordia University, Nebraska’s

newest musical instrument. The organ, constructed by Casavant

Frères in Quebec, Canada, was unloaded into its new home–the

recently renovated recital hall in the Music Center on campus.

The organ’s visual beauty became apparent as the organ case and

console began to take shape, adding curves, shape and depth to an

otherwise square room. It took seven weeks to construct the case and

tune the pipes.

“We loved the design from the very first sketches,” said Dr. Jeffrey

Blersch, music department chair and university organist. “I am

thrilled that the students got to watch the organ construction as part

of their educational process.”

Concordia has 15 students with organ as their principal

instrument and another 10 to 15 studying organ this year in the

largest music department in the Concordia University System.

“A musician is limited to the expression by the instrument,”

explained Blersch. “An instrument like this is a model of artistry

for the students, and it raises the bar of performance across the


Yet facilities and instruments are only part of the instructional

experience at Concordia.

“Our faculty are intentional about incorporating lessons into the

coursework that address all the issues a musician will face including

choral literature, praise and worship and improvisation,” said

Blersch. “This provides well-rounded musicians to the church.”

The pipes, the pipes

8 feature

are calling

InAuguRAl seAson of events

Celebrating the completion of

Casavant Frères Opus 3868

dedicatory recital and hymn festival

Tickets are required; visit

for more information.

Jeffrey Blersch, organist

saturday, sept. 13, 7 p.m.

sunday, sept. 14, 3 p.m.

concordia alumni recital

sunday, oct. 5, 2 p.m.

organ plus …

(Music for organ with instruments and voices)

Jeffrey Blersch, organist, with members of the

Concordia music faculty

sunday, Jan. 25, 2009, 3 p.m.

lincoln chapter of the american guild

of organists’ annual student recital

students from Concordia, the university of

nebraska and nebraska Wesleyan university

Monday, feb. 23, 2009, 7 p.m.

felix hell, visiting artist

(Presented as part of the Jones National

Bank and Trust Fine Art Series)

Tickets are required; visit

for more information.

saturday, March 21, 2009, 3 p.m.

sunday, March 22, 2009, 3 p.m.

Getting ready for a close-up: April 11 was the longanticipated

day of delivery of opus 3868. (Third image from

top) As movers brought the organ pieces inside, Dr. Jeffrey

Blersch, left, was congratulated by Dr. Charles ore, professor

emeritus and organ instructor. (Fourth image from top) four weeks

later it was “pipe day.” fabien tremblay, one of the installers

from Casavant, hands Blersch a set of pipes. Blersch and

Andrew schultz, assistant professor of music, helped form

a human chain to move pipes from the recital hall floor to

the chest of the organ.

feature 9

Concordia has no shortage of Ethernet ports on campus.

Since the ‘90s they have been burrowed into nearly

every building, dorm and classroom. But there’s

nothing like being able to cruise the Internet from

the nearest comfy chair, or just the convenience

of hopping on Concordia’s network without

dragging around a network cord. The 2007-

08 school year was the first that students

could go wireless in key places throughout


“The wireless around campus this

year really helps me be able to do my

homework where I want,” said freshman Katie

Krusen. “It is very useful so that I can bring

my laptop around and am not confined to

my room all the time.”

first-year student Kate nixon (above) is part

of the first class that will enjoy the wireless

computing for all four years at Concordia.

10 campus scene

Student notes

Heidi Bartlett was named Outstanding Artist for her

strong body of overall work and exploration in and

out of the classroom.

Jesse Driller and Amanda Wells were accepted into

the University of Nebraska Medical Center Geriatric

Health Sciences Workshop in May.

Erin Eitzmann was accepted to a doctoral program

in occupational therapy at Washington University, St.

Louis, Mo.

Betsy Francis has accepted a position as director

of children’s ministry First Presbyterian Church, in

Naples, Fla.

Mike Frates will begin a master’s degree program in

geography at University of Akron, Ohio, in the fall

and will serve as a graduate assistant.

Kyle Johnson will begin a doctoral program in

biochemistry and research assistantship at Michigan

State University, East Lansing, Mich.

Brian Klinge and Joshua Miesner were inducted

into Concordia’s Iota Nu chapter of Pi Kappa

Lambda, the national music honor society.

Brittany Mikeska was awarded the Brommer Award,

the highest honor given to art students who exhibit

students cut

the cord

Wireless computer access

comes to Concordia

strong studio skills and Christian character.

Joshua Miesner and Shannon Mueller led a

percussion workshop at the Crossroads Conference, a

one-day music event held in Dorchester, Neb.

Nicole Neumann and Corinne Timmerman

presented papers at the 28 th annual Great Plains

Students’ Psychology Convention in Emporia, Kansas.

Travis Prochaska co-chaired the 2008 Seward 4th of

July parade.

Katie Swanson was accepted into the 2008 Summer

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program of the

Mayo Clinic. She will be researching frontal temporal

dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Tyler Walworth earned top novice speaker at

the National Parliamentary Debate Association

Tournament held at the U.S. Air Force Academy in

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Jacqueline Wiseman,

Jessica Ripke and

Rachel Woodburn were

awarded natural science

scholarships by the


Meagan Zabel and Natalie Swanda were awarded

the Wayne and Wanda Lillich award for the top

students in graphic design.

Eleven May graduates accepted public and parochial

school teaching positions: Justin R. Bangert, Elba

Public H.S. (Neb.), 7th through 12th grade history

teacher; Nathan J. Blankenship, West Point h.s.

(Neb.), economics, psychology and history teacher;

Christa L. Dunker, Garden City h.s. (Kan.), reading

teacher; Christine A. Jeppesen, Milford h.s. (Neb.),

music teacher; Gina M. Kotas, Ft. Calhoun Public

Schools (Neb.), 7th through 12th grade business

teacher and coach; Jared B. Oswald, Norfolk h.s.

(Neb.); Anneliese E. Ploetz, Scotus Central Catholic

h.s. (Columbus, Neb.), 10th grade English teacher;

Kristine E. Roit, First Plymouth Preschool (Lincoln,

Neb.), preschool teacher; Amy N. Schommer, La

Petite Academy (Lincoln, Neb.), preschool through

5th grade teacher; Erin B. Smith, Buffalo Lake-

Hector School District (Hector, Minn.), special

education teacher; Jessica A. Sunderman, Grand

Island Public Schools, (Neb.), 2nd grade teacher.

(See also the lcms placement list, p. 12.)

Three teams of business students were ranked in

the top four percent of the nearly 2,500 teams

worldwide participating in the online Business

Strategy Game. The Concordia teams were members

of Dr. Andy Langewisch’s administrative policy

class: Josh Gilmore, Chris Heins and Jonathan

Jank; Dan Graumann, Peter Ruhl and Jeremy

Schnackenberg; and Mike Frates, Mike Kulzer and

Chris Whirrett.

Over spring break, 10 students volunteered at Camp

Restore in New Orleans, La., to rebuild homes, conduct

a prayer walk and interact with the people. A group of

10 students organized their own trip to Camp Victor in

Ocean Springs, Miss., to clean and restore houses.

Pi Kappa Delta, a communication and forensics

honor society inducted six new members: Lindsey

Bartling, Meaghan Downs, Sara Holle, Jessica

Luebbe, Katy Munson and Tyler Walworth.

New inductees of the Sigma Tau Delta English

honorary society include: Teagan Earhart, Laura

Henke, Amanda Hoefelman, Cody Jeffries, Rachel

Mol, Benjamin Peters, Amber Schwartz and

Katelyn Wollman.

Concordia forensics took first place in debate

sweepstakes for small schools at the National

Christian College Forensics Invitational Tournament.

Tyler Walworth took second place in novice

Lincoln-Douglas debate, first place for novice speaker

and second place for novice impromptu speaking.

Also earning points for Concordia were Rachel

Schroeder, Dustin Haider, Katy Munson and Sara Holle.

For the 20th year in row, the theatre program was

honored by the Alpha Psi Omega and Delta Psi

Omega National Theatre Honorary Societies with the

inclusion of selected performance photographs in the

latest issue of Playbill, their annual journal.

Caffeine to the people!

Student group starts the coffee flowing in Link Library

Coffee anyone? Cappuccino? Smoothie? Tea? You got it.

The first cup of coffee took a few months to make, but coffee is

now on tap at the south end of Link Library. The new coffee shop,

named “10:31,” served its first cappuccinos and frothy lattes in April.

Concordia’s Students In Free Enterprise business group organized

the coffee shop, doing everything from creating a business plan and

ordering an espresso machine to slinging great cups of joe.

There were also some lessons in patience taught along the way.

“We underestimated everything. . . the magnitude and depth a

good business plan requires,” said Chris Heins, a member of SIFE.

“Instead of opening on a shabby business plan, we took our time.”

“It’s just been little things here and there. . . trying to get things

smooth in getting ready,” said Josh Gilmore, the shop’s CEO.

One of the things the group settled on without too much

trouble was the name of the shop. SIFE members gave the campus

community a chance to offer suggestions and then settled on 10:31,

which refers to 1 Corinthians 10:31: “So whether you eat or drink or

whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

The lounge area for the shop gives the place a laid-back

atmosphere for studying or visiting. And while their exclusive spot

on campus could allow

them to charge more,

the prices were

considered with

a student’s

budget in


–By Amanda



for the


campus scene 11

Share the Good News

To learn more about LCMS

church work programs

at Concordia or to refer a

prospective church worker

student to our admission

staff, please visit:

12 campus scene

LCMS church work placement list


little Rock, Christ lutheran school,

nichole d. vanderhoff, 6th-8th grade

social studies teacher


tucson, Ascension lutheran school,

sarah a. christensen, 1st grade teacher;

katherine m. davis, preschool teacher


Bakersfield, saint John lutheran Church,

daniel J. davies, DCe

glendora, Hope lutheran school,

eric w. deyke, 5th grade teacher

napa, st. John’s lutheran school, mari l.

buss, 2nd grade teacher

orange, lutheran High school of

orange County, sarah l. trinklein,

theology teacher

Paso Robles, trinity lutheran school,

rebecca a. ettner, kindergarten teacher

san Mateo, grace lutheran school,

sarah l. ehlers, 7th and 8th grade math



Denver, Denver lutheran High school,

paul m. blomenberg, chemistry and

physics teacher

Denver, st. John lutheran school,

amy r. kleindienst, 1st and 2nd grade



Delray Beach, trinity lutheran school,

laura m. schlichting, 3rd grade teacher

eustis, faith lutheran school,

nathanael w. trah, preschool teacher

oviedo, saint luke’s lutheran Church,

tara l. alford, DCe


Marietta, faith lutheran Church,

Jamie l. (kettler) bass, DCe

Peach tree City, st. Paul’s lutheran

Church, laura k. seutter, 4th grade



Denison, Zion lutheran school,

april m. anderson, 4th grade teacher

Cedar Rapids, Bethany lutheran Church,

randi r. (eggers) petrik , DCe

newhall, Central lutheran school,

sarah J. wickland, 1st grade teacher


Bethalto, Zion lutheran school,

megan m. gould, 5th grade teacher;

rachelle m. wilcox, 1st grade teacher

evansville, Christ our savior lutheran

High school, rachel c. chartrand,

english and theology teacher

Morton, Bethel lutheran school,

annie c. hinck, 3rd grade teacher


linn, linn lutheran school Association,

kelly l. dressler, 1st-2nd grade teacher

overland Park, Christ lutheran Church,

lydia r. wilcke, DCe

Paola, trinity lutheran school, sarah k.

nixon, 6th-8th grade teacher


Metairie, lutheran High school,

Jonathan mueller, computer and

physical education teacher and athletic



Kingsford, our Redeemer lutheran

Church, erin e. fritsch, DCe

Romeo, grace lutheran fellowship,

emily m. norman, DCe


Moorhead, our Redeemer lutheran

Church, emily l. wolf, DCe


Blue springs, timothy lutheran

early Childhood Center and school,

laura m. bogenhagen, 6th-8th science

and math teacher

ellisville, st. John lutheran, alison t.

(tyhurst) andreasen, preschool teacher

Kansas City, Martin luther Academy,

rachael l. stubbs, kindergarten teacher

Kirkwood, Christ Community lutheran

school, kristen a. (peters) newell,

math and science teacher

o’fallon, Holy Cross lutheran Church,

danielle l. (stevenson) mizel, DCe

olivette, Immanuel lutheran school,

clayton l. erdmann, 5th grade science


st. Charles, Zion lutheran school,

kendra a. (honebrink) gilmore,

6th grade music teacher; patricia m.

loveless, middle-level science teacher

st. Charles, Zion lutheran Church,

aaron J. hansen, DCe


Cary, Resurrection lutheran Preschool,

ruth e. (ahlman) lawson, preschool


Kernersville, fountain of life lutheran

Church, emily n. beckwith, DCe


Arlington, st. Paul’s lutheran school,

kaitlyn m. charlton, 5th-8th grade


Arlington, st. Paul’s lutheran Church,

rachel c. kohlmeier, DCe

Columbus, Immanuel lutheran school,

sarah r. bierman, 6th-8th science and

math teacher

grand Island, trinity lutheran school,

kristen k. Zwick, 1st grade teacher

lincoln, lincoln lutheran High school,

brett d. mertens, math teacher

norfolk, lutheran High northeast,

trevor t. osten, math and theology


Wisner, Zion st John lutheran school,

James r. kirk, 4th-8th grade teacher


Albuquerque, Christ lutheran school,

amanda l. grote, 4th grade teacher


las vegas, faith lutheran Junior senior

High school, Zachary n. gunzelman,

language arts teacher


Rocky River, lutheran High school West,

david p. Jabs, math teacher


Ponca City, first lutheran school,

Jessica m. svajhart, 1st grade teacher


giddings, Immanuel lutheran school,

alexandrea e. Johansen, middle level

language arts teacher

Houston, our savior lutheran school,

Janna l. virus, kindergarten teacher

Thorndale, st Paul lutheran school,

vanessa r. bakenhus, 5th and 6th grade



springfield, Prince of Peace lutheran

Church, karin m. (strom) meissner,


Ashburn, our savior Way lutheran

Church, tyler s. tollefson, DCe


spokane, Beautiful savior lutheran

Church, melissa a. (ruegg) houglum,



sheboygan, sheboygan Area lutheran

High school, kali a. manning, english



Riverton, trinity lutheran school,

karen l. lininger, 1st and 2nd grade


lcms missionary work


Missions-lCMs World Missions,

amy e. byer, elementary teacher


Missions-lCMs World Missions, Jessica

k. luebbe, secondary education teacher

Note: The list above includes information

available June 11 regarding Concordia’s

May graduates. An updated LCMS

placement list of recent graduates will

be posted in early September at

‘Let God mold your lives’

More than 200 graduates walked across the stage on May 10 to receive their degrees.

Dr. Roger finke ’76 (left), a researcher and professor at Pennsylvania state university,

was the commencement speaker.

finke humorously recounted the path of his career and the many plans he had

made since his days at Concordia. Based on the lessons he learned, he encouraged

graduates to let god mold their lives as they find their callings.

“I’m sure you are going to have calls you don’t expect,” finke said, “but let god use

you for His glory even if it isn’t part of your plan. let god guide you through His

Word and His witness.”

finke was among several distinguished guests receiving an honorary doctorate.

others receiving honorary degrees and awards included Dr. Robert Holtz ’55,

Roseville, Minn., Doctor of laws degree; Ronald Henschen ’72, edwardsville, Ill.,

Master educator Award; virginia Heidemann Co ’60 gR ’96 Hughes, seward,

neb., Crest of Christ Award; and lyle Meyer Hs ’53, Carlsbad, Calif., Distinguished

service Award.

campus scene 13

In April 2008, Concordia signed a 10-year

lease with neBCo, Inc. for property in the

new fallbrook development. fallbrook is

situated along Highway 34, just before the

highway makes a sweeping turn to the south

into lincoln.

“The location will

enable Concordia to

enhance and develop

our growing graduate

level offerings…”

14 campus scene

Concordia sets up

shop in lincoln

In August part of Concordia will be on the

move, right down Highway 34. This spring

Concordia signed a 10-year lease for property

in the expanding Fallbrook neighborhood in

northwest Lincoln, Neb.

The new Concordia site will be located on

the second floor of one

of the main buildings in

Fallbrook’s Town Center.

The 8,550 square

foot of classroom and

office space will extend

Concordia’s course

offerings into Lincoln,

especially graduatelevel

classes and degree

completion courses.

“This is a terrific

opportunity,” said Rev.

Dr. Brian Friedrich,

president of Concordia. “The location will

enable Concordia to enhance and develop our

growing graduate level offerings in education,

family life ministry and gerontology on top of

President Brian friedrich and developer Jim Abel, chairman

of neBCo Inc., tour the new site on the day of lease signing.

additional degree completion program classes

for those looking to finish their bachelor’s.”

Some of Concordia’s offices will move to

the new site on Aug. 1, and the first classes at

Fallbrook will start on Aug. 11.

“We are excited to be part of the Fallbrook

community and to continue to

offer the entire region quality

education in a Christian

setting,” said Friedrich.

The Fallbrook community

is a carefully planned

development designed to

include commercial and

retail services within walking

distance of the homes located


Concordia will also help

Fallbrook’s first church to get

its start.

The university will share the newly leased

space in the Town Center with Word of Life

Lutheran, a church start that will begin holding

services Sept. 28.

Holtorf honored with Outstanding Teaching Award

Rev. Dr. Paul Holtorf, associate professor

of theology, was honored with Concordia’s

Outstanding Teaching Award during

commencement ceremonies on campus

Saturday, May 10.

“This is a high honor coming from the

students,” Holtorf said during his comments

following the announcement. He went on to

thank his parents, his wife Diane, his sons and

the pastor who, when Holtorf was a high school

student, introduced him to Concordia, Rev. Fred


Kept a secret until the second ceremony, the

Faculty & Staff Notes

Dr. Lisa Ashby, professor

of English, completed her

certificate in Spiritual Care in

Crisis Intervention through the

International Critical Incident

Stress Foundation.

Ashby and her Labrador retriever,

Sadie, were named heroes with

the Animal Rescue Award by the

Cornhusker Regional Chapter of

the American Red Cross. The pair

received recognition at the Tribute

to Heroes event held in late May.

Dr. Robert Fiala, emeritus

professor of history, had

12 photographs of historic

Shanghai buildings published

in Jay Pridmore’s Shanghai: The

Architecture of China’s Great Urban


Dr. Renea Gernant, professor

of communication, was one

of 25 scholars and gerontology

professionals invited to participate

in Syracuse University’s Summer

Gerontology Workshop, “Age and

EngAGEing in the Classroom.”

Jodi Groeteke,

university event

manager, earned

her Certified



certification this


Dr. Joseph Gubanyi, associate

professor of biology, and his fellow

researchers published their article

“Deer Impact on Vegetation in

Natural Areas in Southeastern

Nebraska” in the Natural Areas

Journal, Volume 28 (2).

Dr. Joel Helmer, associate

professor of geography, had his

poster “Boone & Crockett and

Pope & Young Record Book

White-tailed Deer: 1996-2005”

published by the Quality Deer

Management Association; Helmer

did the cartographic design and

statistical analysis.

Sue Jensen,

assistant registrar,

earned a master’s

degree in



with an emphasis

in entrepreneurial and economic

development from Peru State


Dr. Jim Juergensen was named

chair of Concordia’s Department of


Jared Kite, systems analyst, earned

annual award goes to a member of Concordia’s

faculty who is nominated by students

and selected by a committee of students,

administration members and faculty members

who have previously received the award.

“I was very surprised,” he said afterward.

“I think the students see a pastor at heart.

The classroom in some ways is like a minicongregation,

so it is a relationship of fellowship

and ministry. The Holy Spirit is there to bless it,

and that is the mark of this place.”

Holtorf has taught theology at Concordia full

time since 1999 and is chair of the department.

his Master of Science degree

in computer science from the

University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Dr. William Kuhn, associate

professor of music, directed the

Southwest Conference Honor

Band during the two-day

Southwest Conference Honors Arts

Festival in Cozad, Neb. He also

directed the Crossroads Conference

Honor Band at a one-day event in

Dorchester, Neb.

Dr. Kathy Miller, associate

professor of sociology, and Dr.

Jerry Pfabe, professor of history,

led a mission trip to Galenana,

Mexico, with youth from two area


Bryan Moore, assistant professor

of English and theatre arts, was

elected one of two representatives

for District ii of the National

Christian College Forensics


Dr. Russ Moulds was advanced to

associate professor of psychology.

Mary Oldenburg,

director of

student activities

and student

life education,

fulfilled all the


of the post-b.a. dce program at

Concordia University, Portland,


Dr. Jerry Pfabe, professor of

history, presented his paper “Was

student senate President Rachel Woolery and

vice President Peter nord congratulate the

Rev. Dr. Paul Holtorf as he receives Concordia’s

outstanding teaching Award during May 10

commencement exercises.

It Foretold? Theodore Graebner,

Millennialists and the World

Wars” at the Missouri Valley

History Conference, Omaha, Neb.

A slightly modified version will

be published in the Concordia

Historical Institute Quarterly.

Dr. Brian Pfoltner, adjunct faculty

in music, was awarded a 2008

Individual Artist Fellowship by the

Nebraska Arts Council. He was

named a Distinguished Artist in

the performing arts category and

awarded $5,000. He also composed

a new arrangement of “The Seven

Last Words of Christ” by Theodore

Dubois for choir, woodwinds,

brass, percussion, harp and organ.

The piece was performed in concert

at First Presbyterian Church,

Lincoln, with the church’s choir

as well as Professor Emeritus Dr.

Charles Ore, organist; and adjunct

faculty members baritone Jeff

Keele, flutist Betsy Bobenhouse

and vocalist Adrienne Dickson.

Ernie Skinner was named director

of dining services.

Dr. Kurt von Kampen, associate

professor of music, completed the

Lutheran Service Book – Guitar

Chord Edition. It contains each

hymn in the lsb arranged for guitar

and was released at the LCMS’

Worship Institute in late July.

faculty and staff 15

16 campus scene

Pre-sem student Matt Wait makes his

way across campus, flashcards in hand.


zz from the Prairie

The Concordia Jazz Ensemble and the Vocal Jazz Choir kicked off their “Jazz from the Prairie” tour

with a rousing home concert May 2. The joint jazz tour, the first of its kind for Concordia, took the

groups to spots in Nebraska and Missouri May 12 through 16.

“These two groups complement each other well and the audience heard a lot of great music,” said Dr.

Kurt von Kampen, associate professor of music and director of the 16-member Vocal Jazz Choir. The

vocal group performed pieces by jazz greats such as Duke Ellington, Kurt Weill and Manning Sherwin.

Von Kampen took turns on the podium with Andrew Schultz, director of the 20-member

Concordia Jazz Ensemble and an assistant professor of music at Concordia. The Jazz Ensemble

treated audiences to both new and familiar tunes including “Take the ‘A’ Train” and “Come Fly

With Me.”

The ensembles conducted several clinics at schools along the tour and gave a special performance

for alumni and others at The Sheldon, an acoustically perfect space that is regarded as the “Carnegie

Hall of St. Louis.”

campus scene 17

Join us

in Spain

oncordia President Brian Friedrich and Jan


alumni director, will host alumni and

Vayan con nosotros a Espa�a.

18 campus scene

for full brochure and reservation form

or, contact the alumni office at:

800-535-5494, ext. 7240

friends of the university for a two-week tour

of spain in June 2009. This tour will intersect

at least twice with the international tour of

Concordia’s University A Cappella Choir, under

the direction of Dr. Kurt von Kampen.

Dates for the alumni and friends tour are

June 16-29, 2009, and highlights include spain’s

historic, literary and religious sites. The tour

itinerary includes madrid, Toledo, Cordoba,

seville, Costa del sol, Gibraltar, Granada, valencia

and Barcelona. Participants will see first hand

the centuries-old roman ruins, the opulent 14th

century Alhambra, the rock of Gibraltar and the

orange groves of valencia. visits to vineyards

and wineries, tapas restaurants, museums and

cathedrals and swimming in the mediterranean

along with the opportunity to hear the

University A Cappella Choir in concert will make

this tour of spain a trip to be shared with family

and friends.

A minimum of 20 tour participants is

required. The tour is operated by lutherTours.

reservations with deposit are due sept. 26.

See you at homecoming

Ready to root for the Bulldogs? Remember

the good old days and celebrate the new at

homecoming this year. Spread the news.

Make some calls, write an e-mail note or

flex your Facebook skills and invite your

classmates. Find out what’s happening on

campus and give our Bulldogs a cheer.

Amortize this!

This year Concordia is celebrating 25 years of

preparing students for the world of business.

Alumni business professionals are specially

invited for an energizing weekend to renew

friendships, network with other professionals

and interact with faculty and current


you can’t miss this!

o C To B e r 3-5, 2008

homecoming, alumni reunion & family weekend

Organ debut

Alumni will also be among the first to experience

Concordia’s new recital hall organ, Casavant

Frères’ Opus 3868. Planned music events during

the weekend include an alumni hymn sing,

an alumni organ recital and an alumni choir

rehearsal and performance during worship at St.

John Lutheran Church.


55th Reunion – CHs class of 1953

50th Reunion – CHs class of 1958

75th Reunion – Class of 1933*

70th Reunion – Class of 1938*

65th Reunion – Class of 1943*

60th Reunion – Class of 1948*

40th Reunion – Class of 1968*

30th Reunion – Class of 1978

25th Reunion – Class of 1983

20th Reunion – Class of 1988

10th Reunion – Class of 1998

5th Reunion – Class of 2003

*College and High School

homecoming 19

Remember the old . . .

Remember the old. . .

Remember the the old. old. . . .



the old . . .




Celebrate the new...



Celebrate the the

the new . . . new. new. . . .


you can’t miss this!

2008 AlUmNI AWArD reCIPIeNTs

Church Worker Alumnus of the Year

mr. robert burger hs ’60 co ’64

Young Alumnus of the Year

mr. damian wolske ’02

Lay Worker of the Year

col. k. luke reiner ’86

Lifetime Service

mr. william e. hodgson ’72

Church Leadership in Outreach

mr. kenneth reiner ’60

Partners in Mission & Ministry

dr. ralph geisler hs ’56 co ’60 &

anita (hemmingson) geisler ’60

Friend of Concordia

mr. James f. sanft ’85

Honorary Alumni

mrs. Joyce a. kaldahl

2008 ATHleTIC HAll oF FAme


mr. donald m. baker hs ’72 co ’76

ms. dawn else ’98

mrs. stephanie (schilke) hoos ’98

mr. douglas p. martin ’82

1997-98 Women’s Golf Team:

ms. dawn else ’98

mrs. heather (hercules) krause ’01

mrs. mindy (rohrbeck) irvine ’01

mrs. Jill (saunders) baumgartel ’00

mrs. lisa (schmidt) splittgerber ’00

20 homecoming

Homecoming, Alumni Reunion and Family Weekend

s C H e D U l e o F AlUmNI eveNTs - o C To B e r 3-5, 2008

Campus maps and event locations will be available at registration.

Be sure to start your visit at Homecoming registration.

Friday, Oct. 3

8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Concordia Bookstore open

8:15 a.m.-noon Business alumni classroom presentations

11 a.m.-4 p.m. The Bartels Museum and Marxhausen gallery of Art open

noon-3 p.m. golf outing at seward Country Club, contact

for information and to set up foursomes

noon-4 p.m. Homecoming registration

1:10-2 p.m. Business Professionals Alumni “social Responsibility” panel presentation

2:10-3 p.m. Business Professionals Alumni “leadership” panel presentation

4-5:30 p.m. alumni awards ceremony and presentation

5:30-7 p.m. Dinner buffet reception for Alumni Awards and Athletic Hall of Fame;

tickets required

7-8:30 p.m. Athletic Hall of fame induction ceremony

8-10 p.m. business professionals alumni reunion after hours reception at

seward Country Club

8 p.m.-midnight Homecoming coronation & ball featuring greg’z Big Horn Band

Saturday, Oct. 4

8-10 a.m. Homecoming registration

8 a.m. breakfast with the president; the breakfast features a message from

Concordia’s 10 th president, The Rev. Dr. Brian l. friedrich; honored guests

include members of the classes of 1933, 1938, 1943, 1948, CHs 1953 and

CHs 1958 (Class photos of the honored years)

10-11 a.m. Alumni hymn sing

10-11:30 a.m. university open house: see newly renovated buildings and visit with faculty

and staff; The Bartels Museum and Marxhausen gallery of Art open

10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Concordia Bookstore open

10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Homecoming fair

11 a.m.-noon Alumni choir rehearsal at st. John lutheran Church

11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. tailgate lunch; cafeteria dining, pay at the door

golden Reunion tailgate lunch for all college and high school alumni from

1958 and earlier; cafeteria dining, pay at the door

1:30 p.m. football game Concordia vs. northwestern College

5-8 p.m. all alumni, family and honored years reunion gathering; old-fashioned

barbecue and cash bar; tickets required; class reunion photos will be taken.

event at 4-H Pavilion at seward Park

5 p.m. Bobby Maessen Memorial scholarship Basketball tournament

Sunday, Oct. 5

8-9 a.m. Alumni Choir Rehearsal at st. John lutheran Church

9 a.m. concordia university worship service at st. John lutheran Church, featuring

the alumni choir

1 p.m. Alumni baseball game at Plum Creek Park

2 p.m. Alumni organ Recital, reception to follow

LodGinG options Reservations must be made by friday, sept. 5. Mention

Concordia’s Homecoming when reserving rooms to receive any special discounts.

east Hill Motel, seward 402-643-3679

Inner Maker Bed and Breakfast, seward, 402-643-4083

liberty House Bed and Breakfast, seward, 402-643-2555

Hampton Inn Airport, lincoln 402-474-2080

staybridge suites, lincoln 402-438-7829

2008 Homecoming Registration Form

Ple Ase RetuRn RegIstR AtIon By fRIDAy, sePt. 12, 2008.

Attendee information (Please PRINT. Note name as it should appear on badge.)

name _____________________________________________________ Class year ____________________

name _____________________________________________________ Class year ____________________

street Address ___________________________________________________ City _____________________

state ___________________________________________________________ Zip _____________________

Phone ( ) _____________________________ e-mail _________________________________________

For confirmation of reservation and credit transactions

special needs (physical or dietary)__________________________________________________

Honored classes of 1933, 1938, 1943, 1948 and CHs 1958

The Concordia medallion is a special engraved memento of your years at Concordia.

Class of 1933, 1938, 1943 and 1948 and CHs 1958 Concordia Medallion ______ x $25 = $

Please indicate which year(s) to engrave _____________________________________

Events Requiring Registration and/or tickets

name tag(s) and tickets received upon arrival in registration packet. Please see schedule for complete details. Accurate planning

is essential; please fill in the number of people attending each event below. note: at-the-door ticket prices are increased.

Friday, oct. 3

Golf outing Please e-mail for information and to set up foursomes

number attending/tickets purchased

Buffet dinner Reception for Alumni Awards and Athletic Hall of Fame ______ x $12 = $

Advance tickets: adults, $12; 4-12 yrs., $8; 3 and under, free ($15 and $10 at the door) ______ x $8 = $

Business Alumni Reunion After Hours Reception (complimentary) Number attending _____

saturday, oct. 4

Alumni Choir participant (circle vocal part: soprano, alto, tenor, bass) Number attending _____

Breakfast with the president (complimentary) Number attending _____

tailgate Lunch (cafeteria dining, pay at the door) Number attending _____

Golden Reunion tailgate Lunch (pay at the door) Number attending _____

All Alumni, Family and Honored Years Reunion Gathering ______ x $12 = $

Advance tickets: adults, $12; 4-12 yrs., $8; 3 and under, free ($15 and $10 at the door) ______ x $ 8 = $

Bobby Maessen Memorial scholarship Basketball tournament

Please e-mail for information

sunday, oct. 5

Alumni Baseball Game Please e-mail for information

Alumni organ Recital & Reception (complimentary) Number attending _____

totAL amount due $

payment options

Credit Card ® visa ® MasterCard ® American express

name as it appears on card (please print) ________________________________________________________

Credit card number _________________________________________ exp. date ______________________

® Check enclosed (made payable to Concordia university, nebraska) Check number _______________________

please mail entire page and payment by Friday, sept. 12, 2008, to:

Concordia university, nebraska

Attn: Homecoming Weekend Registration – Weller 204

800 n. Columbia Ave.

seward, ne 68434

for a pdf document of this form and for the latest

information, visit

Contact the alumni office at 800-535-5494, ext.

7240, or via e-mail at

homecoming 21

22 athletics


to cheer

Concordia is the

conference NAIA scholarathlete

leader for the

fifth year running

Men’s Basketball

Benjamin Buhr, senior, lincoln, neb.

Andy Miner, Junior, seward, neb.

Women’s Basketball

Jordan schmoldt, senior, Clay Center, neb.

liz Bauer, senior, Meade, Kan.

Whitney stichka, senior, Ruskin, neb.

libby Hirssig, senior, Rochester, Minn.

Jenni lovegrove, senior, fairmont, neb.

Danae Koopman, Junior, scribner, neb.

Michelle griedl, Junior, spring, texas

Jennifer griedl, Junior, spring, texas

stacy scheer, Junior, Madison, neb.

Cross Country

Bryan felker, Junior, o’neil, neb.

Kyle Johnson, senior, o’neil, neb.

Kurt Jostes, senior, norfolk, neb.

Kayla engel, Junior, Columbus, neb.

emily Hartmann, senior, seward, neb.

Katie swanson, Junior, Columbus, neb.

Jacque Wiseman, Junior, legrande, ore.


nathan Bramley, Junior, Charter oak, Iowa

Dayton Daberkow, Junior, Madison, neb.

Barry eitzmann, Junior, Byorn, neb.

nathan Hannemann, senior, lincoln, neb.

Jonathan McDaniel, Junior, Cypress, Calif.

Jared oswald, senior, Madison, neb.

Chad Wilshusen, Junior, fremont, neb.


Mike frates, senior, Brule, neb.

Katherine Raphelt, Junior, Arlington, texas

natalie swanda, Junior, omaha, neb.

Men’s soccer

Matthew elmshauser, Junior, Centennial, Colo.

Theron Jenkins Jr., Junior, owings Mills, Md.

Andrew nelson, Junior, st. Paul, Minn.

Joel sattgast, senior, Huron, s.D.


Christine Jeppesen, senior, Pleasant Dale, neb.

Anne Royuk, Junior, Arlington, neb,

Women’s tennis

leah Koopman, Junior, Hastings, neb,

Rachel Hayes ‘11 (foreground) and Rachel sprengeler ‘11.

For the fifth year in a row, Concordia is home to more well-lettered lettermen and women than

any other school in the Great Plains Athletic Conference. In order to earn National Association of

Intercollegiate Athletics scholar-athlete status, players must carry a cumulative grade point average of

3.5 on a 4.0 scale and be at least a junior in academic standing.

The women’s basketball team for the Bulldogs single-handedly accounted for nine of Concordia’s

scholar-athletes, with every junior and senior earning the honor.

Concordia had 57 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Scholar-Athletes for the 2007-08

season. The gpac as a whole, which features over 4,500 student-athletes in 19 sanctioned sports, had

455 student-athletes earn the naia honor. In the last five years Concordia has had 245 student-athletes

garner the naia Scholar-Athlete award.

Heather Jackson, sophomore, oak Creek, Wis.

erinn Beckman, Junior, springfield, Mo.


Bryan felker, Junior, o’neil, neb.

Kyle Johnson, senior, o’neil, neb.

Jonathan Rempfer, Junior, newhall, Iowa

Joel sattgast, senior, Huron, s.D.

Chad Wilshusen, Junior, fremont, neb.

Marylou Andrews, sophomore, Hampton, neb.

erin eitzmann, senior, superior, neb.

Kayla engel, Junior, Columbus, neb.

Holly Halambeck, senior, Kronenwetter, Wis.

Rebecca Mol, sophomore, flint, Mich.

Jill Pfeifer, Junior, Madison, neb.

Katie swanson, Junior, Columbus, neb.

Katie Werner, senior, syracuse, neb.

Jacque Wiseman, Junior, legrande, ore.

emily Wolters, Junior, Atwood, Kan.


Jene’ Bertels, Junior, glen Carbon, Ill.

Kate Brown, senior, Rochester, Minn.

Katie Werner, senior, syracuse, neb.

Highlights from the spring sports season

baseball The Bulldogs concluded their

season of growing pains with a record of 8-35,

7-17 gpac. Four players

were named to the 2008

gpac All-Conference team.

Outfielder b.j. Juelfs (left)

was named to the second

team while Nate Schmoll,

Casey Rodriguez and

Jack Holmberg were all

tabbed honorable mention


men’s golf The men’s golf team wrapped up

its season at the gpac Championships held in

Sioux City, Iowa. The Bulldogs carded a two-day

total of 645 (327-318) to finish 10th at the event.

Individually, Garrett Rathke qualified for the

naia Region iii Championships.

Rathke’s two-day total of 161 at the Region

iii meet put him in 26th place. His excellent

play this year earned him a spot on the All-gpac

team. This was his first full collegiate season of

golf competition.

The end of the season also marked the end of

head coach Carl Everts long coaching career at

freshman outfielder nicole

Baker of Arvada, Colo., slides

into second during an April

29 home game against

Doane College. The Bulldogs

finished their season with a

winning record of 31-11 and

a 21-3 gPAC record.

Concordia. Everts retired after 37 years as the

head golf coach, having stayed on to help after

retiring in 1994 as Concordia’s athletic director

and department chair.

softball Concordia’s softball team had one

of the best regular seasons in team history, but

struggled in the postseason.

The Bulldogs ran through the gpac

competition en route to a 21-3 conference record

and an outright regular season championship,

but the Bulldogs post season struggles

continued as the Bulldogs went 1-2 in the gpac

tournament and 0-2 in the naia Regional

tournament to finish the season with an overall

record of 31-11.

Eight Bulldogs earned recognition by the

gpac: Samantha Hellbusch and Clarissa Eloge

were tabbed as first team selections while

Sarah Bergen, Nicole Baker, Christy Jeppesen

and Charlotte Kaeding garnered second team

honors. Amanda Huckestein and Anne Royuk

were added as honorable mentions.

men’s tennis After starting o-3 the men’s

tennis team was able to bounce back and gain

some momentum by winning the Concordia

Invitational Tournament and narrowly missed

qualifying for the naia Region iii tournament.

The Bulldogs finished the season fifth in the

gpac with an overall record of 5-8 (3-4 gpac).

Two Bulldogs, Travis Sherman and Kyle Winter,

were honorably mentioned for conference

honors. Sherman received the honor for playing

in the No. 5 singles position and Winter for

the No. 6 singles position. The two were also

named an honorable mention as the No. 3

doubles team.

athletics 23

athletics 23

Two times a champ

Michael saalfeld was already several

strides ahead as he entered the first

straightaway of the 800-meter race

held April 13 at Concordia.

24 athletics

Saalfeld brings home second national title of the year

Concordia junior Michael Saalfeld was victorious

in the final of the men’s 800-meter run May 24 at

the 2008 naia Outdoor Track & Field National

Championships in Edwardsville, Ill. With the win

he clinched an outdoor title to match the indoor

title earned just months earlier.

Junior Dusty Morehead earned all-American

honors in the pole vault on May 24 as well.

Morehead finished second, clearing a height of

15 feet, 11 inches, the highest height cleared at

the meet, but another vaulter was awarded first

place on a judge’s decision.

Senior Katie Werner also was awarded all-

American status for finishing fourth in the shot

put with a throw of 46-2 ¾.

Sophomore Luka Thor collected his second

all-American award of the national meet,

finishing seventh in the 5,000-meter run with a

time of 14:46.10.

Coach Dr. Kregg Einspahr was named the Great

Plains Athletic Conference Co-Coach of the Year,

one of several times he has earned the honor.

Take the summer off? Not a chance

Two Concordia athletes kept racing after

nationals. Saalfeld was invited to compete in three

international track meets held in western Canada

during June. Chris Tegtmeier had an appointment

to race at the Olympic trials in July.

Saalfeld performed well against seasoned

competition in the three races and saved his best

race for last. The 1:45.11 he ran in his final effort in

Canada was good enough for a personal best and a

new school record.

Junior Chris Tegtmeier’s hard work this spring

earned him the chance to race at the Olympic trials

in Eugene, Ore., in July. As the No. 12 seed for the

20-kilometer men’s race walk in a field of 14, he

planned to give his all and learn from the experience.

Tegtmeier accomplished both goals despite being

disqualified as he neared the race’s midway point.

Tegtmeier was trying to keep pace with the leaders

and at one point held the lead before being notified

that he had broken form.

“He (Tegtmeier) has had a long year and this has

been a tremendous learning experience for him,” said

Einspahr. “He has a lot of great experiences ahead of

him in athletics and we can hope that this Olympic

trials experience is just the start of many good things

to come for him.”

Women’s tennis takes second in region

The Concordia women’s tennis team fell one win short of making its first national tournament

appearance in 2008. The Bulldogs finished as runners-up in the naia Region iii, garnered the no. 3

seed in the naia Region iii Tournament and five members of the team earned All-Conference honors.

Head Coach Amy Harms also was named the Hauff Mid-America Sports/gpac Women’s Tennis

Coach of the Year. She guided the Bulldogs to one of their best finishes in history with a record of

10-3 overall and 6-2 in gpac play.

Four of the six singles players earned first-team all-conference honors for the Bulldogs while all

three doubles teams and one more singles player earned honorable mention honors.

Cook ended the season undefeated with a 9-0 record in conference play and an overall record of

14-1, the best of any Bulldog. In doubles action she went 10-3 when teamed up with Krueger.

Lewis and Werner named athletes of the year

Concordia named seniors JaMaine Lewis and

Katie Werner as athletes of the year for 2007-08.

Lewis, a running back from St.

Louis, Mo., led the Great Plains

Athletics Conference in rushing

with 1,256 yards, and he was the

only back in the conference to

average at least 100 yards per

game (126.5).

A team captain for the

Bulldogs in his senior year,

other honors for Lewis in his

final season included being

named to the All-gpac first

team as well as earning secondteam

All-America honors from

the National Association of Intercollegiate

Athletics. Lewis was also honored by the

Omaha World Herald as a first-team selection

JaMaine lewis and Katie Werner, Concordia’s

2007-08 athletes of the year.

to their all-state team and was named the

team’s honorary offensive captain.

During her career at

Concordia University, Werner

was a standout in both volleyball

and track, rewriting multiple

school records in both sports.

Werner was a four-time

volleyball All-gpac selection,

three time naia All-Region 111

selection, as well as being the

team’s most valuable player. In

track she is the current record

holder in the indoor shot put

and is second on the outdoor

shot put list. Werner currently

is second on the all-time list for the indoor

weight throw and third in the outdoor

hammer throw.

The no. 1 doubles team of Hannah

Krueger and taylor Cook finished

with an overall record of 10-3.

athletics 25

from drawing to


26 athletics advancement

Basket cranes and bulldozers had their turn this spring

on the arena floor of the Health, Human Performance

and Athletic Center, but the days of basketball and

volleyball on the court are drawing closer.

Construction continued during the spring despite

heavy spring rains. The push now is to enclose the arena

section of the HHPAC before fall.

“The overall project is moving

forward,” said Mike Koch of the Kiewit

Building group. “The project schedule

is to have the building fully enclosed

by this coming fall to allow for the

interior finishes to be completed

through this coming winter.”

Plans are to complete the arena

section by July 2009. Completing the

fieldhouse and building the wellness

center will also advance as fundraising

continues. Progress is updated online


Good planning

requires good


We can help!

your Concordia gift Planning website helps you apply sound financial

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advancement 27

28 alumni

You’re invited!

sPeCIAl eveNTs For AlUmNI

“First Day of College” Legacy Link &

Alumni receptions

AUG. 15 & 22

The alumni office will host a reception

for new students and their families

as they arrive on campus, including

refreshments and special gifts for alumni

parents and legacy students. (The Aug.

15 date accommodates the early-arriving

new student athletes and their families.)

Fan Appreciation Day, Tailgate and Game

sePT. 6

Come to campus for the Concordia

vs. Midland Lutheran College football

game on Sept. 6. A pre-game tailgate,

pep band performance, giveaways and

the unveiling of the new Bulldog mascot

costume are just some of the special fan

appreciation activities planned before

and during the game.

2008 Homecoming, Alumni Reunion &

Family Weekend

oCT. 3-5

See pages 19-21 for details.

A Concordia Christmas

DeC. 6-7

Concordia’s annual Christmas concerts

will be held at St. John Lutheran

Church, Seward, Neb., and the holiday

buffet at the Janzow Campus Center will

be offered each day.

Scholarship Parade of Homes

DeC. 7

Seward’s 14 th annual Scholarship Parade

of Homes sponsored by the Concordia

University Alumni Association will allow

participants to tour area homes decked

out for the holidays.

Concordia Invitational Tournament 2009

JAN. 30-31, 2009

It’s our turn. In 2009, cit will be hosted

by Concordia University, Nebraska. Plan

now to attend a full weekend of events

and cheer on the Bulldogs.

2009 Homecoming, Alumni Reunion &

Family Weekend

oCT. 9-11, 2009

Save the date for homecoming next year.

lC m s CHUrC H Wo r Ker FAll

Co N FereNCe s

Concordia is coming to see you! Stop by our

exhibit at an upcoming lcms church worker


Florida/Georgia District

sePT. 24-27

Daytona, Fl.

Rocky Mountain District

sePT. 29-oCT. 3

Breckenridge, Colo.

Kansas District

oCT. 12-14

Salina, Kan.

Iowa East/West Districts

oCT. 23-24

Des Moines, Iowa

Nebraska District

oCT. 23-24

Fremont, Neb.

Indiana District

oCT. 27-29

Indianapolis, Ind.

Wisconsin North District

oCT. 29-31

Green Bay, Wis.

Wisconsin South District

Nov. 5-7

Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

Northwest District

Nov. 11-14

Seaside, Ore.

Missouri District

Nov. 11-14

Osage Beach, Mo.

Pacific Southwest District

Nov. 23-25

Palm Desert, Calif.

FIND oUT mo r e

For more information, contact

the alumni office at

or 800-535-5494, ext. 7240.

Alumni News


Erich Bredehoeft HS ’52 CO ’56

is serving his 52nd consecutive

year in church music as director

of music and organist at Good

Shepherd Lutheran Church in

North Fort Myers, Fla., where he

currently resides.


John Eggert ’68 of St. Paul,

Minn., celebrated his 35th year of

service to Concordia University, St.

Paul in April.

Alan Nielsen ’68 of Nacogdoches,

Texas, received the Alumni

Achievement Award in Theatre

from the University of Nebraska-

Lincoln on April 26. Alan is

a teacher, composer/lyricist,

playwright and director. A tenured

full professor, Alan has taught at

Stephen F. Austin State University

since 1990.


The Association of Lutheran

Development Executives

recognized Meyer Partners, owned

by Dennis Meyer ’70 and wife

Bonnie, as first runner-up for

the 2008 Creativity Award for

“making a complex subject easy to

understand and for doing so in a

very creative way.”

Mary Cash CO ’74 GR ’90

Hilgendorf of Cedarburg, Wis.,

was the women’s luncheon speaker

during the Lutheran Church

Executive Fund Fall Leadership

Conference in November 2007.

Michael Fischer ’75 of Phoenix,

Ariz., serves as a 2007-08 memberat-large

on the alde Board of

Directors. Mike accepted the

call and began as director of

development for Lutheran Braille

Workers in Yucaipa, Calif., in

February. He travels to meet with

members and supporters of lbw

Work Centers around the United

States and Canada.

Concordia University, Nebraska

Director of Planned Gifts, Alan

Koepke ’75, serves as a 2007-08

member-at-large on the alde

Board of Directors. Al works

out of Concordia’s St. Louis

development office.

Christelle Menth ’75 of

Lakewood, Colo.,

received the Faculty

Award for Teaching

Excellence at

Colorado Christian

University in April 2007. Menth

is a professor of music, teaching

piano and music history at the

university since 1998.



’78 of


Ore., was

one of 13



named to the prestigious Thrivent

Fellows Program. The purpose

of the 12-month program is to

identify, encourage, develop and

equip qualified senior leaders for

leadership positions in Lutheran

agencies and institutions through

extensive leadership retreats and

seminars. The 2008 Fellows were

selected for their dedication to

the mission and distinctiveness

of Lutheran higher education, a

strong record of service to academic

institutions, a clear potential

for top-level leadership and for

their vocational call to lead these

important institutions. Johnnie is

executive director of the Concordia

University Foundation (Portland)

and has served at Concordia

University, Portland since 1980.

Evelyn Bergt ’78 Hempy of

Montgomery, Texas, was named

Aldine Independent School

District Middle/High School

Teacher of the Year for the 2006-

07 year in March 2007. Evelyn

was selected from six finalists by

a committee of fellow teachers,

administrators and community

members. She was honored by

a number of area businesses and

received first-class Continental

airline tickets to anywhere in the

United States.

Thomas Hiegel ’78 of Omaha,

Neb., earned a second Master of

Education degree in December

2007 from Peru State College in

instructional technology. His first

master’s was received in 1983 in

supervision and curriculum from

Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Tom serves as technology

coordinator and teacher of

computer applications for the

Wider Omaha Lutheran School


Sally Stewart ’78 Krueger, St.

Louis, Mo., LaDon Bany ’72

Wilshusen, Fremont, Neb., and

Deborah Schaefer ’79 Heuer,

Fremont, Neb., reunited in fall

2007. Sally was the Tower yearbook

editor for the 1977 yearbook, Deb

was assistant editor, and LaDon

was the faculty advisor.


Denise Alpers ’80 Elser of

Topeka, Kan., serves as a school

psychologist at West Jr. High

School and Lawrence Virtual

School in Lawrence, Kan., and

husband Roger is an auditor for

the state of Kansas. They have two

grown children, Paul and Jessica.

Jane Demro ’82 Lottes received

the 2008 President’s Award from

alde in February. The award

recognizes outstanding volunteer

service to alde during the

previous year. Jane is director of

development and alumni affairs at

Long Island Lutheran Middle and

High School in Brookville, N.Y.

She and her husband, John Lottes

’81, reside in Muttontown, N.Y.

James Sanft ’85 of

St. Louis, Mo., was

named president

of Concordia

Plan Services, The

Lutheran Church–

Missouri Synod’s

benefits program administrator, in

February. Jim has been with cps

since 1999 and has held a number

of positions, most recently vice

president and chief operating


After 17 years of

prayer and waiting,

Phil and Angela

Borchert ’87

Clayton welcomed

Thomas Luther on March 16. The

family resides in Roscoe, Ill.

Jeffrey Howell

’88 began

as programs

and services

director for

Lutheran Special


Ministries in

November 2007. He and his

family reside in Lansing, Ill.

Joy Malchow

’89 and Tom


were united

in marriage

June 22.

The couple

resides in Omaha, Neb., where

alumni news 29

Joy is director/teacher at St. Mark

Lutheran Preschool. Tom relocated

to Omaha from California where

he was a teacher and volleyball


Jeffrey Stout ’89 of Norman,

Okla., has co-authored Essentials of

Creatine in Sports and Health. The

book unifies

the sum of


on how


affects body




and health.

Jeff is assistant professor and

director of the metabolic and

body composition laboratory in

the department of health and

exercise science at the University of



Matthew Beisel ’92 of Elmhurst,

Ill., made his debut as a collegiate

head coach for track and field at

Concordia University Chicago on

Jan. 1.

Julie Gierke ’93 and John

Lazarchic were united in marriage

July 27, 2007, at Immanuel

Lutheran Church in Seymour, Ind.

Julie is a junior high teacher and

serves as technology coordinator

and librarian for Immanuel

Lutheran School. The couple

resides in Seymour.

Timothy ’93 ’99 and Kimberly

Parker ’92 Horst welcomed Willa

Elaine on Sept. 17, 2007. Willa

joins Joshua, 8, and Eleanor, 6.

Tim is director of music at St. Paul

30 alumni news

Lutheran Church in Evansville,

Ind., and Kim is currently a stayat-home


John Hoffman ’94 of Whittier,

Calif., accepted a tenure-track

faculty position at Cal State

Fullerton in March. John is

working to set up master’s and

doctoral programs in higher

education, community college


Michael Scholz and Amy Poulsen

’94 were married May 31. Amy

is director of

church relations

at Concordia

University, St. Paul,

and Michael is pastor

at Luther Memorial Lutheran

Church in River Falls, Wis. The

couple resides in River Falls.

David and Martha Becker ’94

Swearingen of Springfield Mo.,

celebrated the birth of

Holly Anne on May

25, 2007. Holly was

born with a unilateral

cleft lip and palate but

is healthy otherwise.

David is an assistant manager with

FedEx Kinko’s, and Martha is a

preschool teacher at Springfield

Lutheran School.

Paul ’95 and Pamela Roth ’95

Eschmann were blessed with

Kailey Kristine on Oct. 30, 2007.

Kailey joined Caralyn, 3. Paul is a

math and music teacher, and Pam

completed her master’s degree in

May 2007 but is currently a stayat-home

mom. The family resides

in Saginaw, Mich.

Gerald (Butch) ’95 and Kimberly

Klink ’95 Wilkie rejoiced at the

birth of Holly Joy on Sept. 22,

2007. She joins Amy Noël, 11, and

Patrick Kellis, 8. The family resides

in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where the

couple works at St. Luke’s Hospital;

Butch as a financial counselor and

Kim as a birth care assistant.

Joseph Burnham ’98 of Denver,

Colo., is the pastoral lead behind

the online faith community of (pronounced fishbowl).

The site was launched on Easter.

Greg and



’98 Moore


the birth of Amelia Ann Campbell

Moore on March 18. The family

resides in Omaha, Neb.

David ’99

and Radka


’05 Fiala


the birth of

Emma Noelle

on May

17, 2007.

Emma joined Vašek, 2. The family

resides in Slovakia and serves as

missionaries to Slovakia, Czech

Republic, Poland and Hungary

with lcms World Mission. David

received a dce specialist diploma

from Concordia University,

Nebraska this spring.


Graves ’99

Oliver was

voted as

Teacher of

the Year by

her peers at

Riverview Elementary School in

Titusville, Fla. Candace resides

in Titusville with her husband,

Chris, who works for United

Space Alliance as a shuttle tech

on the shuttle Atlantis.


Jill Kiehl ’00 Heupel of

Edwardsville, Ill., began her own

business, Jill Heupel Photography,

as a portrait and wedding

photographer in April.

Tonia Nantkes ’00 ’06 of Utica,

Neb., was selected by American

Mothers Inc.-Nebraska as the 2008

Young Mother of the Year. Nantkes

received her award at a ceremony

and luncheon at the State Capitol

on April 4.

Nate and Michelle

Samek ’00 Spath

were blessed with the

birth of Kaylee Marie

on Jan. 7. Nate is a

firefighter/emt with the Omaha

Fire Department and Michelle is

About Alumni News

Concordia welcomes news of alumni accomplishments and

other milestones in the lives of alumni. It is preferred that alumni

news be submitted directly by the featured alumni rather than

a third party so accuracy may be verified. When submitting a

death notice, please send a copy of the obituary, if possible, and

include the names and class years of any survivors who attended

Concordia in nebraska. All submitted items may be edited.

send submissions to or, by post, to

Concordia university, nebraska, Alumni news, 800 north

Columbia Avenue, seward, nebraska, 68434.

Photos are welcome, whether printed or digital versions.

Photos will not be returned. When possible, please send your

photograph as a jpeg attachment along with your e-mail

submission of news. A submitted digital photo should have

a minimum of 1200 pixels on its longest side. we encourage

photos with the alumni in the picture. Please note that sending

an image does not guarantee its publication. Please submit items

for the winter 2008-09 issue by sept. 1.

a registered nurse at Methodist

Hospital. The family resides in

Gretna, Neb.

Paul and Rachael Geidel ’01

Burger rejoiced in the birth of

Abigail Marie on

Nov. 4, 2006. The

family resides in

Kearney, Neb., where

Paul is a professor

and chair of the

geography program

at the University of Nebraska at

Kearney, and Rachael, a physician

assistant, is currently a stay-athome


Korrey Klein ’01 and Alana Gaines

were united in marriage on April

19. The couple resides in Grand

Junction, Colo., where Korrey is

completing his residency at St.

Mary’s Hospital, and Alana is a

registered nurse.



and Nicole

Jipp ’02 were

married on

Dec. 7, 2007.

The couple

resides in

DeWitt, Iowa, where Nicole is a

family support worker for Lutheran

Services of Iowa, and Lucas is an

account manager for ge Water and

Process Technologies.


Streuter and


Roth CO ’02

GR ’07 of


Ill., exchanged

wedding vows on June 23, 2007.

Seth ’03 and Megan Kropf ’02

Boggs celebrated the birth of

Ethan Lucas on Nov. 29, 2007.

The family resides in

Seward, Neb., where

Seth runs his graphic

design business,

Perspective Blend, and teaches

part-time at Concordia University,

Nebraska in the art department,

and Megan works at Seward

Memorial Library.

Jeremy and Rachel Plummer ’03

Deutsch of Wichita, Kan., rejoiced

at the birth of

Ava Michelle

on Feb. 6.

Jeremy is

a resident

physician for the University of

Kansas-Wichita, and Rachel is a

stay-at-home mom and high school

volleyball coach.

Timothy Storck ’03 is associate

pastor at Lutheran Church and

School of Messiah in Grand

Junction, Colo.

Benjamin ’03 and Jennifer Hill

’03 Vineyard announced the birth

of Jude Zachariah on April 17.

The family resides in Holdrege,

Neb., where

Ben serves

as director

of Christian

education at

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church,

and Jennifer is a mental health


Reid and Katrina Deardoff ’03

Weber of Gainesville, Fla., were

blessed with the birth of Nina Jean

on Sept. 20, 2007. Katie works for

Sylvan Learning

as a program

manager, and

Reid is pursuing

a Ph.D. in

medieval history

at the University of Florida.

Robert “Mickey” Ebert ’04 was

named assistant women’s basketball

coach at Emory University in

Atlanta, Ga., in May.

Margaret Ingerslew ’04 of Seward,

Neb., graduated June 18 from

Officer Training School with the

u.s. Army. During her training she

was assigned several special projects

including writing curriculum for

the Reserve Officers’ Training

Corps program.

Megan Pleak ’04 of Lincoln,

Neb., received a master’s degree

in accounting in May 2006 from

the University of New Orleans

and completed the certified

public accountant’s exam in

December 2007.

Timothy ’04 and Shonda

Anderson ’04 Wells welcomed

Jordyn Paige to

their family Jan.

11. She joined

Elizabeth, 2. The

family resides in

Wadena, Minn.

Cory Rohren ’05 and Sara

Wagnitz ’04 were united in

marriage on

Aug. 4, 2007.

The couple

resides in

Lincoln, Neb.,

where Cory is

a client service

analyst at



Technology Inc.,

and Sara is a pre-school teacher at

Christ Lutheran Church.

Leah Steinbronn ’05 was installed

June 8 as director of Christian

education for Beautiful Savior

Lutheran Church in Boise, Idaho.

Thomas Craig ’06 received the

2008 Outstanding Graduate

Teaching Assistant Award-

Master’s Level from the

University of Akron. He was

honored by the university’s

president and provost at an

annual awards luncheon in April.

Thomas plans to complete his

master’s degree in geography

at the University of Akron in

summer 2008 and accept a call to

teach at a Lutheran high school.

Anna Doering ’06 was accepted

into the master’s degree physician

associate program at Yale

University. She will begin the

program in fall 2008.


Onnen ’06

and Natasha

Otjen ’06

were married

on Aug. 18,

2007. The

couple resides

in Hastings, Neb., where they

serve at Zion Lutheran School.

Nicholas teaches 5th and 6th

grades, and Natasha teaches 3rd

and 4th grades.

Stephan Gonzales ’07 and

Rachel Jackson ’07 exchanged

wedding vows on June 8,

2007. They met at Concordia

University, Nebraska in 2003 and

were married at Rachel’s home

congregation, St. Mark Lutheran

Church, in Medina, Ohio. The

couple resides in Columbia, Mo.,

where they both teach at Good

Shepherd Lutheran School.

In Memoriam

Kenneth Hufnagel HS ’36 CO ’43

Helen Skaggs ’43 Hufnagel

Louise Johannes ’45 Hagen

Lydia Niermeier ’51 Diesing

Herbert Grabau ’51

Julana Knispel HS ’49 CO ’53


LaVonne Holtorf ’55 Yeager

Brian Dietrich ’65

Julia Maahs CO ’67 GR ’73 Jantzi

Arlan Birkman ’68

Paul Adams ’70

Steven Strong ’80

Cynthia Berg ’81 Sawyer

Marjorie Skoog ’83 McConnell

Seth Rodenberg ’04

Raymond Becker ’07 Honorary


Robert Clausen

Winona Gerwick

Legacy Link

Concordia’s Legacy Link

program is an initiative to

encourage more of our alumni

to share their interest in the

university with their children

and grandchildren. Alumni

are invited to register their

children or grandchildren in

the program. Visit www.cune.

edu/alumni to find out more

or request a brochure by calling

800-535-5494, ext. 7240.

alumni news 31


visit for the most recent

schedule and ticket information. Home games are

listed below for athletics.


22-24 Weekend of Welcome, New student


23 W/m soccer Alumni Game, 6/8 p.m.

volleyball Alumni Game, 6 p.m.

24 opening service

st. John lutheran Church, 7 p.m.

25 Fall term begins

31 One of a Kind: the Handcrafted Object in

Art exhibit opening reception, marxhausen

Gallery, 1-4 p.m. with gallery talk at 2 p.m.;

exhibit open through 9/19


1 W/m soccer vs. Kansas Wesleyan, 4/6 p.m.

3 m soccer vs. Grace University, 7 p.m.

W soccer at Bellevue, omaha, Neb., 7 p.m.

6 Football vs. midland, TBA (Fan Appreciation


10 W/m soccer vs. sterling College, 4/6 p.m.

12 W/m soccer vs. Benedictine College, 5/7 p.m.

13 Dedicatory organ recital & Hymn Fest, music

Center, 7 p.m.; tickets required

14 Dedicatory organ recital & Hymn Fest, music

Center, 3 p.m.; tickets required

17 W/m soccer vs. Dana, 5/7 p.m.

volleyball vs. Doane, 6/7:30 p.m.

19 volleyball vs. york, 7 p.m.

20 Football vs. Briar Cliff, 1 p.m.

21 SPEAK! Exhibition of Children’s Book Illustrators

opens, marxhausen Gallery; exhibit open

through 10/13

23 volleyball vs. Nebraska Wesleyan, 6/7:30 p.m.

26 concordia blue daze

Visit day for prospective students; see for more information

27 W/m soccer vs. Dordt, 1 p.m.

28 Dedicatory Piano recital, music Center, 3 p.m.


1 Homecoming variety show, Weller

auditorium, 7 p.m.

2 osten observatory show, 8-9:30 p.m.

3-5 homecoming, alumni reunion

& family weekend

For details see pages 19-21 or visit

4 Football vs. Northwestern, 1:30 p.m.

8 volleyball vs. Dana, 6/7:30 p.m.

9-10 m Golf at Hastings, Hastings, Neb.

9-11 Plum Creek Children’s literacy Festival

10 ImProvables Performance, studio theatre,

music Center, 7:30 p.m.

11 W/m soccer vs. Briar Cliff, 1 p.m.

volleyball vs. Dordt, 1:30/3 p.m.

17 27th Annual Nebraska Art Teachers Association

Art Exhibit opening reception, marxhausen

Gallery, 4-5 p.m.; exhibit open through 11/21

17-19 Fall break

18 Football vs. morningside, 1 p.m.

W/m soccer vs. Northwestern, 6/8 p.m.

22 W/m soccer vs. Nebraska Wesleyan, 5/7 p.m.

25 Amanda Crumrine senior recital, recital hall,

music Center, 3 p.m.

28 volleyball vs. Hastings, 6/7:30 p.m.

29 W/m soccer vs. york, 5/7 p.m.

31 volleyball vs. Briar Cliff, 6/7:30 p.m.


1 Football vs. Dana, 1 p.m.

volleyball vs. morningside (parents night),

6/7:30 p.m.

W/m soccer vs. Univ. of sioux Falls, 6/8 p.m.

4 volleyball vs. midland (senior night), 6/7:30


6 osten observatory show, 8-9:30 p.m.

7-8 Kiss Me Kate, Weller auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

800 North Columbia Avenue

seward, Nebraska 68434

Preparing Servant Leaders for Church & World

7 concordia blue daze

Visit day for prospective students; see for more information

W Basketball vs. york College, 2 p.m.

12 m Basketball vs. Univ. of st. mary’s, 7 p.m.

13 Fall Honor recital, music Center, 7:30 p.m.

14-15 W Basketball hosts Cattle Classic

14-15 Kiss Me Kate, Weller auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

15 Kathleen Garner senior recital, music Center,

2 p.m.

16 Kiss Me Kate, Weller auditorium, 2 p.m.

Chamber Winds & Percussion recital, music

Center, 7:30 p.m.

24-30 Thanksgiving break

29 m Basketball vs. york, 2 p.m.


5 concordia blue daze

Visit day for prospective students; see for more information

ImProvables Performance, studio theatre,

music Center, 7:30 p.m.

6 W/m Basketball vs. morningside College, 2/4 p.m.

a concordia christmas concert

st. John lutheran Church, 7 p.m.

7 scholarship Parade of Homes, seward, 12:30-4 p.m.

a concordia christmas concert

st. John lutheran Church, 3/7 p.m.

Concordia Senior Thesis Exhibition opening

reception, marxhausen Gallery, 1-4 p.m. with

gallery talk at 2 p.m.; exhibit open through


9 Journey to the manger, Weller, 6:30-8 p.m.

12 Winter JazzFest, Weller auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

14 Handbell Choirs Concert, music Center, 3 p.m.

18 Fall term ends


US PoStage

P a i D

P e r m i t 4

SewarD, Ne

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