Toshiba's Activity in Post Combustion CO2 Capture Technology

Toshiba's Activity in Post Combustion CO2 Capture Technology

Toshiba’s Clean Coal TechnologiesLargeImpact on EnvironmentalImprovementNew PlantImprovement ofHeat Cycle Efficiencyby USC & A-USCPost Combustion CO2 CaptureTechnology for CCSExisting Aged PlantUp-rating & EfficiencyImprovement bySteam Turbine RetrofitEfficiency Improvement of Core Components- Steam Turbine,Generator, Heater, etc -Small– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.2/ 17

Location:Mikawa PCC* Pilot PlantPlot Plan:PCC Pilot Plant*PCC : Post Combustion CaptureTokyoESPFGDStackBoilerTurbine UnitSigma Power Ariake Co., Ltd.Mikawa Power PlantOmuta City, Fukuoka, Japan47.5MW Coal Fired Power Plant– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.3/ 17

PCC Pilot Plant - Outline and Objectives -Plant OutlineTest Commenced : September 29, 2009Technology: Amine-based ChemicalAbsorption MethodCapture Capacity : 10 ton-CO2 / dayFlue Gas Flow: 2100 Nm 3 / hourMain ObjectivesTesting of system using actual flue gas ofa live thermal power plantVerification of performance, operability,maintainability, etc., in view of scaled upplant design.– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.4/ 17

PCC Pilot Plant - System Configuration -47.5MW Coal Fired PlantBoilerSteam Turbine &GeneratorStackFGDEPCondenserSteamFlue Gas afterCO 2 SeparationCondenserCaptured CO 2StripperCondenserBoiler FlueGasPCC Pilot PlantBlowerCoolerHeatExchangerAbsorber PumpReboilerPump SolventSolvent (Lean)(Rich)AdditionalFGD– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.5/ 17

PCC Pilot Plant - Schedule and Tests - Process Evaluation : Ensure stable operation and good measurement accuracy Performance Tests : Seek higher CO 2 capture efficiency Continuous Operation Test : Ensure reliability of system operation Load Change Tests : Evaluate response at transient operations Absorbent Life Test : Evaluate absorbent degradation by live flue gasTotal Operating Hours : 3901 Hours (as of July 15, 2010)Cumulative Operating HoursTest Period-1Process EvaluationTest Period-3Continuous Operation Test/Load Change TestsTest Period-2Performance Tests(2328h)Absorbent Life Test(3002h)Date– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.6/ 17

Test Result (1) - CO2 Capture Efficiency -CO2 Regeneration Energy : 3.2~3.3GJ/t-CO2 at 90% of CO2 capture ratioEnergy consumption will be reduced by 15~20% practically by further systemimprovement.Purity of captured CO2 : >99%10012CO2 Capture Ratio [%]959085807590%Captured CO2 [t/D]1110910 t/D702.8 2.9 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8CO2 Regeneration Energy [GJ/t-CO2]82.8 2.9 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 3.7 3.8CO2 Regeneration Energy [GJ/t-CO2]– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.7/ 17

Test Result (2) - Absorbent Life Test - Very small degradation in absorbent performance was observed afterabout 3000 hours operation. Increase rate of degradation products such as organic acids and Aminecompounds were evaluated.10020CO2 Capture Rate[%]908070605040302010CO2 Capture RateAmount of Captured CO218161412108642Amount of Captured CO2 [t/D]Points were plotted for fixed testconditions-Flue gas flow rate and temp.-Absorbent flow rate and temp.-Heat input of reboiler000 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000Cumulative Operating Time [hr]Result of Absorbent Life Test– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.8/ 17

Test Result (3) - Dynamic Response Test -Dynamic Simulation Model was established for ensuring appropriateplant control.BoundaryConditionAbsorberCondenserStripperHeat ExchangerReboilerCO2 Concentration at Absorber outlet(%)(1000~4600sec)100% 75% 100% 2000 4000 6000 8000 10000Time (Sec)Simulation Block DiagramExample of Dynamic Response Test(Sudden Change in Steam Flow)– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.9/ 17

Test Result (4) - Material Corrosion Test -Neither corrosion nor thinning on all coupons were observed at Absorber.Corrosion and thinning on Carbon Steel were observed, while no damageswere observed on SUS at Stripper.Flue Gasto StackCoolerBuffer TankCO2Condenser& Separator150mmFlue Gasfrom FGDAbsorberPumpRichSolventHeatExchangerLeanSolventStripperPumpSteamReboilerPumpPumpDrainSS400SUS304不 锈 钢 SUS316LSUS316SUS316LTotal Operation Hours : 3901h不 锈 钢 SUS304– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.10 / 17

Improvement of CO2 Capture Energy ConsumptionCO2 Capture Energy Consumption (GJ/t-CO2)543210TS-1TS-1Sensible heatLatent heatReaction heatTS1 TS1 改 TSXCurrent Improved ImprovedProcess Process ProcessCurrentTargetEnergy ReductionToward 2.0 GJ/t-CO2TS-X– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.11 / 17

Evaluation of Plant Efficiency with CCSElectric Power Against Generator Percentage of Power Consumption and Output1009080706050403020100Reduction ofPlant EfficiencyPower Block Aux. Power Plant Net Output CO2 Capture EnergyCO2 Capture Aux. PowerCO2 Compressor Power8523598 8 85 5 51712 106570 725 5 5 5MEA1 2 3 4D16.3ptTS1Current ProcessD13.8ptTS-1+ProcessImprovementD11.5ptTS-XTargetD10.3pt– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.12 / 17

SubjectsCCS Technology Deployment Improvement of CO2 capture energy consumption including new solventdevelopment and integration with power plant system Establishment of large CO2 capture system design Planning and participation in large CCS/CCU demonstration projects Proposal for CCS readiness plants Integration with high efficiency A-USC technologyTimeline2000 2010 2020 2030CCSDeploymentR&DPilotPlantFull ScaleDemo PlantCommercialPlant VerificationCommerciallyProven PlantCCSPlantEngineeringPlantEfficiencyImprovementExistingSC / USCTechnologyCCS ReadinessPlant EngineeringA-USC(600/700C)Validation(700/750℃)ValidationA-USC+CCS– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.13 / 17

Modular Plant DesignFeed GasBlowerCoolingWater PipingFeed GasCoolerAbsorberPumpsCrossHeat ExchangerLean SolventCoolerLean SolventBuffer TankStripperPumpsCondenserRefluxSeparatorReboilerDrain Tank– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.14 / 17

Integrated CCS Plant ConfigurationCarbon Capture needs to match Power PlantRequirements in both performance and operabilityBoilerSCRGAHGGHESPIDFFGDGGHBUFStackFeed Gas BlowerExtraction Steam SystemCO2 CompressorLiquefiedCO2CondenserBuffer TankGSteam Turbine GeneratorStripperLean SolventPumpAbsorberCondenserCEPLPHeatersDeaeBFPHPHeatersReboilerCross HeatExchangerDrain Recovery SystemLean SolventBooster PumpRich SolventPump– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.15 / 17

SummaryToshiba Corporation has embarked on commercialization of CO2Capture Technology, starting with the Pilot Plant work at Mikawa.Toshiba has already made preparation for execution of largescale CCS projects on actual power plants.– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.16 / 17

– © TOSHIBA CORPORATION 2010, All rights reserved.17 / 17

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