February/March 2012 - Watlington Parish Council


February/March 2012 - Watlington Parish Council

The Rector WritesBy the time that this magazine is delivered to your homesmany of us will have already given up on our New YearResolutions. We’re human after all! So it is with fear andtrepidation that I’m going to suggest thinking about onemore resolution!Looking around the churches of my benefice and the communities that surroundthem, I am deeply impressed by the dedication of those who give so much oftheir time and energy in a volunteer capacity – whether in church itself or in otherorganisations. I would like to thank each and every one of them because withouttheir sterling work so much of what we hold dear in our communities would simplydisappear.However I am also aware of how many organisations – including the churches –could do with so much more help. With the busy and pressurised lives that so manyof us are living with it is understandable that many people feel that they simply don’thave the time or energy to commit to something else.For others, perhaps, a natural humility makes them think that they have not gotanything in particular that they can offer and yet their gifts and talents may just bewhat is needed for a particular task or role.Whilst I can’t speak for the particular needs of other organisations, I do knowthat the churches would welcome offers of help in many different areas – churchcleaning, flower arranging, churchyard gardening, occasional office work, eventorganising; ferrying the elderly to and from church; magazine distribution, movingheavy furniture for an event such as a fete etc.It might surprise you how much even the offer of an hour here and an hour therecould make a difference. If you feel that this is a New Year Resolution that youcould make (and keep!) then please telephone me on 01491 612494 or email me atcievans@aol.com and I will compile a register of volunteersChristopher Idris Evans (Rector)4

Churchwarden’s bitMARRAKECH MUSINGSI blame the muezzin. If he hadn’t called the faithful to prayer and thisparticular infidel to peevish, pre-dawn wakefulness I wouldn’t have felt guiltyabout wishing all the plagues of Egypt upon him and his children even unto the tenthgeneration. So I wouldn’t have resolved to make amends by seeking out the imam for anice liberal discussion of our religious similarities. Man-to-man. Show him Mr Kipling was(almost) right: the colonel’s batman and Ibrahim Islam are brothers under the skin. Thatsort of thing.So I asked the steward of the riad we were staying in if he could arrange for me to visitan imam. “Of course,” he said, imperturbably (he’d been trained by Jeeves), “would fiveo’clock be convenient? Bring shampoo and a towel.” Towel? Shampoo? Ah, probablyjust some cleansing ritual, I decided.So at five o’clock I followed the steward down alleys, under arches, around cornersand through a door into a windowless room bathed in a dim, religious light. I was a bitdisconcerted to be told to undress; not something our own vicar expects after all, but whenin Marrakech ... and more so when this chap appeared in nothing but his underpants: notsomething our own vicar ... But we churchwardens are trained to expect the unexpected,so I smiled and said I brought greetings from the Rector and Congregation of St Leonard’s.And he smiled and said “Welcome, my friend.” And threw a bucket of water over me.I began to Have Doubts. Well you would, wouldn’t you. I mean, I’m all for a spot ofecumenism but I can’t see this sort of thing going down well in Oxfordshire. (Though itmight ease decision-making in the PCC. Hmm.)Wise readers will have realised that my Arabic isn’t as good as I think it is; non imamsed hamam – a sort of communal bath-house cum massage parlour. But we British don’tretreat in confusion when faced with set-backs; dear me no. Stiff upper lip. Re-group.Best foot forward. Besides, I’d heard about hamams: doe-eyed maidens massaging youwith kitten skin mittens soaked in oils scented with all the perfumes of Arabia.I got their flint-eyed grandfather. With a scrubbing brush soaked in olive paste laced withsand. Followed by the water-hurler. Then came their father. He was the masseur andhe Knew. He knew I had been thinking about the maidens and he knew what I had beenthinking. And he avenged them. Arms that have these sixty years hung unadventurouslyat my sides were thrust into places known only to loofahs. Thighs accustomed only to alittle, light, granddaughter-dandling were tuned to F#. Fingers and toes were forced to5

enew an acquaintance that became distant in the last century (and the first half of the lastcentury, to boot – Mr Atlee was Prime Minister). A back happy to hunch over a book was rudelyunhunched. By being knelt upon and shoulders pulled upwards. There was more, includingkneading and pummelling, but we shall draw a veil. Suffice to say that the climax of eachexertion was accompanied by the masseur making long sucking noises, a hideous parody ofkissing. Oh yes, he knew.Then, mercifully, the water hurler again. And a chance to scrabble feebly about the floor – no Ican get up, thankyou, I’m, er, just looking for my shampoo. Grandpa helped me to the dressingroom – only to stop me slipping on the wet floor, you understand. “Goodbye,” smiled themasseur, “please give my best wishes to your vicar and congregation.”Mike GardnerWhat wonderful reading with Mike and his adventures overseas. Meanwhile life atSt. Leonards offers a full diary to tell you about for 2012 and I am trying not tofeel intimidated by all we have ahead of us“Teach us Lord to have a grateful heart in 2012”. A dear friend reminded meof this recently, and it has rung very loud with me. So, I am determined to trustin our Lord that he will give us the volunteers, energy and expertise as the needarises as He did last year, with some amazing results, so without wanting to takeHIM for granted, I am putting myself in a position of trust and gratitude...We are continuing with our consultations for the renewal of St. Leonards. This is a veryimportant project and we so want to get it right. We are taking our time, every opinion andoption offered is useful to us and prayerfully considered. We really want our Church to berelevant for the coming generations. Our wish list is for a usable, friendly, inviting space,yet still with a sacred heart. It is OUR CHURCH, for us all in Watlington, and we feel theresponsibility of renewal is an honour to carry forward as these opportunities don’t come oftenin the lifetime of a Church. Having said that, we are so excited with some of the plans we haveseen. Do please feel free to ask either Mike or myself where we are at, and if you have anyideas yourself, do let us know of them.Other events this year include: perhaps a visit to see Snowdrops at Swyncombe Church andthe daffodils at Pyrton. Spring and the renewal of our land is a wonderful time to celebrate withour families.Then on 2 March is The Women’s World Day of Prayer is on 2 March provided by the Womenof Malaysia: check the Diocese website for more details.Why not join us at the Worship Service at Sanctuary Care Home run by volunteers from both6

St. Leonard’s and the Methodists Church. It is held on the 3rd Friday of every month starting at2.00pm. It comprises of a selection of favourite hymns (often requested) a short Bible readingand talk. Its proving so popular that the only change we have been asked for, is can we doit more often! Do come along and help us, and feel free just to turn up on the day. It’s sucha rewarding part of our life to share time and friendship with those not able to get around soeasily.In the same vein, we are hoping to start up a Mums and Toddlers (Dads, carers and babies allwelcome) regular get together. Our first meeting is in January, where we hope to find out whatour younger generation would like. So we will have more news on this in the future. .Through to late spring and summer, we have a wonderful celebration with Christopher’s 25thanniversary as our Vicar at St. Leonards.And then there is our Church Fete, happily falling on the Bank Holiday weekend when wecelebrate our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Phew what a year, and I haven’t even mentioned theOlympics!CONGRATULATIONS DOREEN!Doreen Hobbs who was born and brought up in Watlington and who has spent all her life herewas awarded an MBE in the New Year Honours List.This richly deserved accolade has been awarded in recognition of Doreen’s service to thecommunity in Watlington.She is so well known throughout Watlington that an explanation of Doreen’s work is almostunnecessary! She has undoubtedly saved many lives through her association with St John’sAmbulance and her role as a First Responder with South Central Ambulance Service.Her compassion for the elderly is apparent through her work with the Age Concern Drop inCentre where her dedication and enthusiasm is so valued.At the other end of the age scale, Doreen is a much-loved figure at Watlington Primary Schoolwhere she has been a key figure in helping in the office for many years.Underpinning her work for the community has been her strong Christian faith and so notsurprisingly she has been and remains alynchpin of the St Leonard’s Church congregation, which she serves with such tireless devotion.Doreen does not enjoy the limelight and so this article will undoubtedly land me in deep trouble.Nevertheless her award has brought such a huge amount of pleasure to her very many friendsand we all want to celebrate with her in this wonderful award!Christopher Idris EvansRector7

News from PyrtonWell the New Year has arrived along with some strongwinds causing temporary ‘blackouts’ in Pyrton but, as ofyet, no snow thankfully. I am sure it won’t be long beforewe are all caught up in the excitement of the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics.However before these we have Daffodil Sunday to look forward to on March 25th. The daywill follow the normal format with a Benefice Service at 10am and Cream teas served inthe Village Hall in the afternoon. We are hoping that we will be welcoming back the SurreyPuppet team, who have provided much acclaimed entertainment for children and adultsalike in the church during the afternoon. More details closer to the time.The Family Church celebrated Christmas with a party attended by several local families.The children enjoyed making and eating Christmas biscuits (Thanks to Annette Venterfor organising this) in between learning about John the Baptist and singing carols. TheHarvest mural has been mounted in the Village Hall and looks stunning. The next FamilyChurch is on Saturday February 25th at 4pm, when we will be thinking about Lent andtasting pancakes!Plans for the repairs to the exterior flint church walls are gaining momentum and hopefullywill start as soon as the risk of frost is over. Our grant application to English Heritage andthe Lottery Fund has been successful and will provide a significant boost to our funds.However if we are to complete all the work we would like to do, we will need to raise someextra funds locally. To launch this appeal we are planning an evening of drama and music,presented by our local theatre group, Brook Street Productions. Watch out for the posters!!I wonder, if like me, you have seen the latest Sherlock Homes film, ‘A Game of Shadows’and spotted the scenes filmed in Pyrton (the wedding of Dr Watson in St Mary’s Church)and Shirburn Castle. Pyrton has become a popular location for films and TV programmes,including Midsomer Murders and Endeavour (the Morse prequel) and this brings valuedfunds for the church and Village Hall.Christmas events in Pyrton were very well supported with many villagers attending theCarol Service on December 18th and the Children’s Carol service on Christmas Eve. Thecarol singing at the Village Hall on Wednesday 21st lead by the fantastic playing of theWatlington Band was especially popular. Thank you for the music!!!Pyrton villagers celebrated the New Year with a Village Dinner, provided by local caterers,on Friday January 13th. Over 50 villagers attended and were thanked for their continuedsupport of the Hall over the last few years.8

Pub / Village Nights are continuing this year on the first Friday of the Month from 7pm. Thefirst, on February 3rd, is normal pub evening with a chance to chat or play games – darts,crib etc. A ‘Sausage and Mash’ plus pud supper will be served for £5.On March 2nd we will be holding our annual Race Night. Races can be sponsored for £15by local business and horses purchased for £5. Tickets for the evening also cost £5 andinclude a hot jacket potato supper. This is our main fund raising event of the year so pleasesupport us.We are also hoping to organise a Young Person’s Pizza party for those aged 10 and above– possibly involving Wii games – on Saturday March 24th from 4 – 7pm. Look out for moredetails closer to the time.Thank you for all your support in 2011 and long may it continue in to 2012.Jenny Lockwood9

As we look forwardthis year to theOlympics and theQueen’s Jubileecelebrations thereis an even moreexciting reason forWatlington Methodists to celebrate 2012… It is the Bicentenary year of our churchbuilding! There will be many specialevents throughout the year and we havealready started by installing new glassdoors, which open up the church to lookmore welcoming to visitors, see photopage ??. A local man recently said, ‘I’veoften wondered what happens behindthose blue doors.’ Now you can see. Buteven more important, you would be verywelcome to come in through the doorsand join us for one of our Sunday servicesor our monthly Lunch Club.During Advent we enjoyed fellowship withthe Chalgrove Methodists to study thebooklet, ‘Promises, Promises’ by NickFawcett. This proved both interesting andstimulating as we looked into God’s wordtogether, reminding us of His faithfulnessin fulfilling His promises.The news at the beginning of this yearindicates worldwide political unrest andeconomic uncertainty. It was thereforegood to be reminded by Rev PhilipBeuzeval, in his New Year’s Day sermon,that Mary was in Bethlehem for thebirth of Jesus on the instructions of theRoman emperor. And so, an empire thatdid not recognize the God of the Jewsbrought about the fulfilment of the ancientNews from the Methodistsprophecy of Micah 5 v.2. God can still usepolitical events today to fulfil His purposes.If you have elderly relatives or friends withfailing sight, memory or attention spanthe new daily devotional booklets, ‘NewEvery Day’, written by Rita McLaughlan,can now be obtained from Christianbookshops or on line from www.cwr.org.uk . They are published in large print witha simple and encouraging commentary ona Bible text on each page.Watlington Methodist Church200 years of worshipIt was good to start the bicentenary yearof our church building with the Anglicansjoining us for our Covenant Service. Thisservice was used in the earliest days ofMethodist societies when John Wesleyinvited Methodist people to renew theircovenant relationship with God. Wesleydrew much of the material for the servicefrom 17th century Puritans and the servicehas evolved since then.Rev.Adam Stevenson led the serviceand Rev.Christopher Evans delivered anencouraging sermon reminding us aboutentertaining angels unawares, and thatwhatever age we are we should be opento God’s message and that we all havesomething to contribute to the furtheranceof His kingdom here on Earth. With sixtypeople in the church the singing wasexcellent, thank you Anglicans.During 2012 Adam has invited specialpeople to lead our worship on the 4thSunday of each month, so that we have10

a monthly anniversary focus to take ourcelebrations through the year. Adam willbe taking the first of these services onJanuary 22nd and on February 26th theRev’d Cannon Richard Watson, sub-Dean ofSt.Alban’s Cathedral, will be preaching. OnMarch 25th we shall join the Parish Churchat Pyrton to celebrate their Daffodil Sunday- Adam will be preaching and will be lookingat John Wesley’s Connection to the Parish.Leading up to Easter we shall have a seriesof Lent talks entitled Being Methodist Today.The first, on February 28th, will be on Wherewe have come from...The services and celebrations are open toall so please come along and join us, you willbe very welcome. If you have not received acopy of our Bicentenary Diary and would likeone please contact Phil Crockett, 612801.METHODIST FELLOWSHIPFellowship is an important part of our Church life. Please come to the Community Room fortea and coffee at 10.30am each week before the service. Please note that all services areat 11.00am unless otherwise noted.Preachers for March have yet to be decided.25 Mar We join the Anglicans at Pyrtonfor Daffodil Sunday.Preacher Rev. Adam Stevenson5 Feb Rev. Roger Burne12 Feb Rev. Adam Stevenson19 Feb Jan Grimwood26 Feb Rev. Canon Richard WatsonMrs Witney would like to say how much she appreciated allthe kindness, help and messages of sympathy she received onthe sad death of her husband Henry.Over £500 was donated in his memory and will be given toWatlington District Nurses.Many thanks to you all.Audrey11

Christmas Tree Festival Dec 2011Below: Christmas Day at the Methodist Church12

Friends of St Leonard’s ChurchChristmas Tree FestivalWe were overwhelmed by the response to our third Christmas Tree Festival fromeveryone in Watlington of all ages and interests – from the under 5s to the most seniormembers of our community. This year 31 trees were decorated by individuals, families,churches, schools, shops and local organisations, including the BrowniesGuides, Cubsand Scouts, Rainbow Corner Nursery, Watlington Preschool, Watlington and ChalgroveChildren’s Centre, Watlington Primary School, Watlington Post Office, Wild Thyme FlowerShop, W.I., Watlington Library, the Chiltern Macmillan Support Group, U3A, SanctuaryCare Home, Watlington in Bloom, Watlington Band, the Royal British Legion, WatlingtonTwinning Association, St Leonard’s Church Choir, St Leonard’s Church Flower Arrangersand the Community Support Police.The theme of Musicals really caught everyone’s imagination from old time favourites toup-to-date productions which were captured in a huge range of different materials, all ofwhich were amazingly imaginative. Every Christmas tree told its own individual story in atruly ingenious way and were the result of many, many hours of planning and hard workby everyone involved.The Grand Opening with Father Christmas switching on the lights followed by carols,mulled wine and mince pies was a wonderful start to Christmas celebrations for all thefamily.We would like to thank very much indeed the many people who helped in so many waysto make the Festival such a memorable community event, from putting up the trees,making refreshments and acting as stewards throughout the thirteen days. And last butnot least the stalwart helpers who dismantled the trees ready for recycling and helpedclean the church of some of the trillions of pine needles!We are indebted to Andrew Ingram from the Tree Barn, Christmas Common, for supplyingthe Christmas trees at cost and arranging delivery and recycling collection and we owea huge thank you to Nigel Paterson for his invaluable work installing the electric cablingsystem, Tony Williamson for putting up the many road signs around Watlington and AlanKeen for all his work and support behind the scenes.Thanks to the very kind generosity of our many visitors £1000 was given in donations forthe upkeep of our historic church.Janet Vaughan, Chairman, Friends of St Leonard’s Church13

Multiple Sclerosis SocietyHenley MS Support GroupThe Henley Support Group in association with theBerkshire MS Therapy Centre has now been running for18 months. It is based at the Brunner Hall, Greys Road, Henley, RG9 1QR and isopen every Thursday from 10.00am until 4.00pm.Various services are provided which include group therapy sessions, individualphysiotherapy sessions, footcare and informal lunches with the MS SpecialistNurse. We are also very pleased to see people who just ‘drop in’ for a cup ofcoffee to to find out what it is all about.So – if you have Multiple Sclerosis or are a carer for someone with MS, do comeand see us. You will be very welcome.tel: 01628 825773 e-mail madeline@starames.co.uk Chairman Maddie AmesConformed or Transformed? (1)Do not be conformed...but be transformed... Romans 12:2Chuck Swindoll said, ‘We like to imagineourselves a race of rugged individuals - thePatrick Henrys, Davy Crocketts and LoneRangers. The truth is, we hate to appeardifferent lest we be ostracised, brandedfanatics and rejected. So, we conform.You’ll see it in the child eager to please;the adolescent aligning with peer pressure;the adult breaking their back to keep upwith the Joneses.’ Just being differentfor its own sake is likely to be worthless,even counterproductive. What God wantsfrom us is our willingness to be radicallytransformed. ‘Therefore, I urge you...to offer your bodies as living sacrifices,holy and pleasing to God - this is yourspiritual act of worship. Do not conformany longer to the pattern of this world, butbe transformed by the renewing of yourmind’ (vv.1-2 NIV). Here are two importantobservations to help you reach that goal:First: Transformation belongs to believers.The unbeliever can’t break the world’scontrol over them without Christ, butbelievers are promised: ‘...the Spirit wholives in you is greater than the spirit wholives in the world’ (1 John 4:4 NLT). God’sindwelling Spirit enables you to resist theworld’s pressure to conform you to itsways. Second: God’s appeal is urgent. ‘Iurge you, brothers.’ Words like beg, plead,beseech are used in some translationsbecause the appeal isn’t secondary oroptional. It’s vital, a divine imperative! Godis seeking for surrendered vessels that areready to be transformed for His use. Areyou willing to say, ‘Yes, Lord, use me’?14

LENT COURSE – STRUGGLING WITH GODVENUE: at The Village Hall, Britwell SalomeDATE: Tuesday eveningsTIME: 7.30pm - 9.00pmDetails on how to join -Aims: There are many reasons why people struggle with God – even those who haveworshipped in Church for many years. Sometimes the death of a loved one, a seriousillness or a natural disaster has dented their faith in a living and loving God.A Lent course is being arranged this year that will give participants the space to explorethese struggles.FIRST MEETING ;February 28thNEXT MEETINGS:March 6th, March 13th, March 20th and March 27thThe five-session course will be led by our new assistant priest –The Revd Lucy AustinParticipants are welcome from all the parishes of the benefice and beyond – fromchurchgoers and non-churchgoers alike!If you are interested in attending the course please CONTACT Lucy Austin on07906684987 or by email at: luciea48@gmail.comTHE REVD LUCY AUSTINIt has been a great delight to welcome Lucy Austin to the Benefice.She and her husband Bruce have recently moved from SouthAfrica to the UK to be nearer their family including, of course, Lucy’sbrother Jeremy Bell who lives in Watlington. They have bought ahouse in Stokenchurch and Lucy has been given permission bythe Bishop to serve – initially for six months - in the Benefice ofIcknield.Lucy took her first service on Christmas Day in St Botolph’s Church,Swyncombe and by the time this magazine is published she will have taken services orpreached in all four churches. She is very much looking forward to being actively involvedin day-to-day ministry amongst us.Lucy is a full member of the Ministry Team and she was warmly welcomed to her firstMinistry Team meeting on January 4th.Contacts Mob 07906684987 Email luciea48@gmail.com15

Ridgeway U3AVENUE:DATE:TIME:the Sports Pavillion, Watlington Recreation Groundthe 3rd Tuesday of every month2.30pm.Details on how to join - Jacky Wagstaff: jackywag@yahoo.com or 01491 63175Retired and semi-retired visitors welcomed (£2.50)NEXT MEETINGS:February 21 We welcome Paul Carter who will initiate us into the mysteries of the UnitedStates Presidential Election He will give an insight into the processes of how candidatesare selected and elected. 2012 is an election year in the 4 year cycle so this backgroundwill be very relevant for those hoping to follow events.20th March The story of the Mary Rose, King Henry’s favourite ship as presented by BobFoster. He will tell us of her birth, sinking and slow recovery.VENUE:DATE:TIME:Watlington Gardening ClubWatlington Town Hallfirst Wednesday of every month7.45pmTalks can vary from practical tips to plant hunting in the wild. There are usuallyslides and we serve free tea and coffee at the end of the meeting. Why not comealong and join us for the evening? Visitors and guests are always welcome for asmall charge. Annual Membership £12.Please contact Cheryl Barnes, Chairman tel: 01491 614928 if you need furtherinformation.NEXT MEETINGS:1 February, 2012 John Branham’s subject will be Growing your own Vegetables.7 March 2012, Chris Marchant, Orchard Dene Nurseries, will talk about ‘The Powerof Creative Planting.16

NEWS FROM MOTHIBISTADWritten by Dorothy AckermanOur December 2011 trip to S.Africa was a muchdifferent one this time, much more personal especiallyas we have never visited during their Christmascelebration time before. We took small gifts for allthe children: notebook/pen/pencil and crayons for thesmaller ones – also a small gift for each of the Carersand Helpers and for each of the 90 village families Itwas a bit hectic but great fun and we felt very humblethat such small gifts could give such pleasure.The Sunday Church service started at 8.00am but because we had had such a late night-attending a long Carol Service the night before - we arrived at St. Paul’s a little later.After giving out the Grocery Parcels and before everyone was given a cooked meal, wegave our gifts to everyone starting with the children, many of whom are orphans.What a rewarding sight to see so many happy faces and being able to work alongsidethe wonderful helpers in the Valley of Hope Team – people who work so hard expectingno reward.Lots of good things happened: We picked and tasted fruit from our trees and marvelledat the change in the gardens. It has taken about 5 years but now we are seeing ourdreams turning into realityThank you so much to everyonewho went along to the Chequersfor our Special PresentationEvening - I’m so sad I wasn’table to see it completed – Luckjust wasn’t with me this time -but I do so hope it helped youunderstand just how muchyour support over the yearshas helped us to accomplish somuch!God BlessDot19

ALPHA COURSE 2012The 2012 InvitationIf you are interested in attending a 10 Week Course please contactChrissie at: 2 Beech Close, Watlington, Call or e-mail Chrissie formore details on: 07595238139 or cb@jbks.co.ukOn an Alpha course, guests explore the Christian faith in a relaxedsetting over ten thought-provoking weekly sessions and a weekend or day away.Each week guests enjoy a meal and a talk on subjects as diverse as “Who is Jesus?”,“How Can I Have Faith?” and “How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?”The course is low-key, friendly and fun – and is supported by all major denominations ofthe Christian church.Alpha is a worldwide phenomenon –run in 163 countries and taken by more than13 million people. The Alpha course is free and open toeveryone.No question is out of bounds, and participants are free tosay as much or as little as they wish as they make up theirown minds about the teachings of Jesus.For more information check the webpage at www.alpha.orgCHARITY SUPPORTSt Leonard’s Church, Watlington, as part of its mission and outreach, will find ways to supporta number of charities in 2012.Locally, it will make a contribution to the running costs of the Watlington Youth Club, whichoffers an important service to the young people of our town. A second local charity is beingconsidered too.It will also support our Link parish in Mothibistad, South Africa either directly on their churchprojects or indirectly through the Valley of Hope (UK) Charity, which supports HIV/Aids relatedprojects in Mothibistad and its surrounding villages.The means of giving this support and the amount of that support will be considered at Januarymeeting of the Parochial Church Council that takes place after the copy deadline for thismagazine!20

AURIE ANDERSON – a member of St. Leonard’s ChurchChoir - shares her wonderful experience of being invited to arrange the December flowersat the High Altar in Westminster Abbey!It is indeed a privilege to be invited to arrange flowers at theHigh Altar in Westminster Abbey for Christmas. What a luckyperson. So many beautiful artefacts surrounding you whilstworking. Rather like the icing on the cake. I have arrangedflowers there before for a Commonwealth Service whereeach arranger is given the name of a Commonwealth countryto interpret in a given space. This is really good fun. A visit ismade to the Abbey prior to the day so that each person cansee and measure the space given. Not so this time as is was asomewhat different remit.All flowers are provided and some of the more exotic foliage and until I and my friend (whowas doing one of the pedestals) arrived at 9.00am we were not wholly aware of what wehad to play with. The Dean chooses the colours to be used for special services and in thiscase it was white & gold. There were lovely white oriental lilies which unfortunately for thephotograph does not show anything like they should have done as they were only justbeginning to open. So try to imagine them in full bloom the lilies did have lovely strong stemswhich made them easy to handle for the height required. There were white gladioli almost intight bud, gold & white roses and carnationsand as a filler single bloom chrysanths. Thelatter are funny things to handle as they soeasily shatter.My friend provided the remainder of thefoliage as unfortunately my garden here inWatlington is in its infancy so not much use.It was good working with someone I knowso well as both pedestals were to lookalike as near as possible and it was morerelaxing than had I worked with a stranger.The morning went remarkably smoothlyuntil a marshal came to tell my friend thatshe had set off an alarm!! Apparently shemust have slightly brushed an ivory crossbehind her. However it didn’t happen againas the alarm had been turned off & would21

available. If a picnic is more your taste, pick up a hamper from a local food retailer, fit for anevening at Garsington opera! Why not combine food and drink and book a leisurely boat tripwith Hobbs of Henley.Lots to give thanks for…..and Olympics around the corner!WOMENS WORLD DAY OF PRAYERFriday 2nd March 2012Everyone will be warmly welcomedat The Church of St. Edmund Campion in WatlingtonThe Christian women of Malaysia have put the service togethertheir theme beingLET JUSTICE PREVAILPlease look out for notices with further details nearer the timeValley of Hope Money BoxesMysie would like to thank everybody very much for continuing to fill their moneyboxes with change and regularly hand them in. This small effort really makes a bigdifference to our Valley of Hope Charity and helps to supply food parcels for our linkparish in MothibIstad.23

“Hold a Fish and Chip Supper to help spinal cordinjured people live full and independent lives.”Great British Fish and Chip Supper – Friday 18th May 2012Want to do something different? Want to raise money where you live or work?Want to eat Fish and Chips, while raising money for charity? Hold a fish andchip supper on Friday 18th May 2012 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury andsupporting SIA’s information and support services.You can hold a fish and chip supper in your own home, at work or hold a larger supper at yourlocal community centre.SIA will provide a fundraising pack containing hints and tips, recipes, invitations and donationenvelopes. By inviting 7 friends and asking them to donate an additional £5.00 means youwill raise at least £35.00 from your supper but we will also give you additional fundraisingideas to raise even more money for SIA.Last year we had over 100 suppers taking part in England and Wales and we raised £6,000.In the three years we have been running the event we have raised £20,000 to support spinalcord injured people.The money raised from the suppers will help the Spinal Injuries Association offer supportto individuals who become paralysed and their families, from the moment a spinal injuryoccurs, and for the rest of their lives by providing services and publications which enable andencourage paralysed people to lead independent lives.Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a spinal cord injury and there are anestimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK alone.Community Fundraising Officer, Elizabeth Wright, says, “The Fish and Chip Supper is awonderful opportunity for a great evening with friends and family. We are also encouragingpeople who work to hold a Fish and Chip Lunch in their work places to raise even more funds.You may be even a local community group wanting to run a fun evening with your group.Be a part of something special and make a real difference to help spinal cord injuredpeople gain access to the information and support they need to enable them to live full andindependent lives.”For more information or request a fundraising pack call Elizabeth Wright on 0845 071 4350or email fishandchips@spinal.co.uk or visit www.spinal.co.uk/fishandchips24

NEWS FROM THE REGISTERSHoly BaptismWe extend all good wishes to the following who were welcomed into the family of theChurch by baptismRiley Jay Hynds-DimennaSamuel George Vernon BaskervilleBaptised 20th NovemberBaptised 15th JanuaryBAPTISM IN THE CHURCH OF ENGLANDFor further information about baptism please contact the Revd Adam Clayton (612210)who will make the preliminary arrangements with you.WEDDINGSWEDDINGS IN THE CHURCH OF ENGLANDIf you wish to get married in St Leonard’s, Watlington or St Mary’s, Pyrton please contactThe Revd Christopher Evans, 612494REST IN PEACEWe offer our sympathy and the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to the families andfriends of the following people who died recently:Eileen Brown who died on November 17th 2011Dave Michell who died on December 12th 2011Henry Witney who died on December 15th 2011Doreen House who died on December 19th 2011We also extend our sympathy to the family of Roger Belson, our County Councillor, whodied on December 26th 2011May they rest in peace.BAPTISMS AND WEDDINGS IN THE METHODIST CHURCHIf you wish to be baptised or married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd.Adam Stevenson 01865 714163 e-mail: adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk25

and to the deterioration of some older ones.--------------------------Scouts are saving aluminum cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will beused to cripple children.--------------------------Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you wantremembered..--------------------------The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility.--------------------------Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00 PM - prayer and medication to follow.--------------------------The ladies of the Church have cast off clothing of every kind. They may be seen in thebasement on Friday afternoon.--------------------------This evening at 7 PM there will be a hymn singing in the park across from the Church.Bring a blanket and come prepared to sin.--------------------------Ladies Bible Study will be held Thursday morning at 10 AM . All ladies are invited to lunchin the Fellowship Hall after the B. S. Is done.--------------------------The pastor would appreciate it if the ladies of the Congregation would lend him theirelectric girdles for the pancake breakfast next Sunday.--------------------------Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7 PM .. Please use the back door.--------------------------The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare’s Hamlet in the Church basementFriday at 7 PM . The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.--------------------------Weight Watchers will meet at 7 PM at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use largedouble door at the side entrance.--------------------------The Associate Minister unveiled the church’s new campaign slogan last Sunday: ‘I UppedMy Pledge - Up Yours.30

EXTREMEC L E A NCarpet, upholstery, curtains, leather, rugsand household cleaning.Spot & Stain removal. Fully Insured.Paul Brooker:07866 01844 376934 35474432

WATLINGTONOPEN FOR YOU!Opening HoursMonday - Friday 0900 - 1730Saturday 0900 - 1230Use your local Post Office for:• Bureau de Change • Car Tax• Banking / Moneygram • Mobile Top-Ups• Insurance• Bill PaymentsAnd for sending your post!Watlington Post Office8 High Street, Watlington, OX49 5PS01491 614424 watlington-post@btconnect.comNEED A BARBER?Amber’s Barber Shop - 07929 337015Tuesdays- 9 – 5.30 visitHair by James9 Shirburn StreetST. LEONARD’SCHURCH HALLLarge hall with ampleparkingAvailable to hire forclasses, parties,etcFor details and bookingscontactJudy Keen 01491 61242233

07 9:38:5ThymeWild Thyme bus card.ai 13/7/07 9:38:5sp.llLadies and GentsPersonalisedHair and skincareLots of lovely ideas forValentines Louise Nisbet and Mothers DayCome and see all our new6 High Street, Watlingtonspring flowers and giftsOxfordshire OX49 5PRTel. 01491 613775email shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.ukNew hair colour rangeAll La BiosthetiqueproductsLouise Nisbett. 01491 612644 www.hairbyjames.comWatlington 9 Shirburn Street, - 128 Watlington, x 94mm:Layout Oxon 1 OX49 11/01/2010 5BU 10:27 Page 1ThymeLouise Nisbet6 High Street, WatlingtonOxfordshire OX49 5PRTel. 01491 613775email shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.uk6 High Street, WatlingtonOxfordshire OX49 5PRTel. 01491 613775email shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.ukusiesnCare foryour loved oneOur caring and dedicated staff willprovide nursing, intermediate, dementiaand respite care for your loved one ina ‘home from home’ environment.• Spacious en suite bedrooms, manyoverlooking our stunning gardens• Nutritious home cooked meals• Varied and stimulating daily activities.Please call manager Julie Cooper to arrangean informal visit to view our fantastic facilitiesand meet our dedicated staff.Watlington & DistrictNursing HomeHill Road, Watlington, OX49 5AETel: 01491 613 400Please quote Ref No. WPN2010www.sanctuary-care.co.ukSanctuary Care Limited is a subsidiary of Sanctuary Housing Association, an exempt charity34

Microsoft textbox, size 8.89cm x 5.83cm (same ALL PLUMBINGALL PLUMBING size as previous & HEATINGHEATING advert.)+ GAS FIRE/BOILER NEEDSRepairs & InstallationsBottle picture inserted into text box.Peter OsborneFine WinesYour local familyrun wine merchant,established forover 30 yearsWorldwide selectionof exclusive qualitywinesLEE BECKETT01491014916142336142330777307773168120168120Is the man to call forIs the man to call forNo call outNochargecall outchargeWatcombe Manor Farm, InghamLane, Watlington OX49 5EB.TEL: 01491 612311E-mail: info@peterosbornewine.co.ukWebsite: www.peterosbornewine.co.ukOpening hours:Mon/Fri: 9.30am-6pm-Sat: 9.30am-5pmronnieroper@onetel.com35

The Chequers Public HouseAndy and Louise serving traditional home-made bar foodSPECIAL SUNDAY LUNCHES LARGE BEER GARDENValentines DAYBOOK YOUR ROMANTIC EVENING WITH SPECIALMENU AND FREE GLASS OF BUBBLYRemember mothers day celebration18th MarchLunches 7 days a weekNEW lunchtime lightBites and children’sMenuMONTHLY SUNDAYCHARITY QUIZNIGHTSLook out for Feb /March dates36

01844 35474438

Hairdresser AvailableAll aspects including colour.Great rates-Wedding ServicesAlso availableIncluding Beauty & Make-upWeekend/evening appointmentsCall Louise –07927 198148Contact during office hoursCommunity office01491 61386739

BRITWELL SALOME FARM SHOPOur own free- range Pork and properly hungbeef. Lots more local foods including bread,milk, cheese and beer.01491 612070just off the B4009 behind The Goose at Britwell SalomeBRITWELL Opening hours SALOMEFARM SHOPTuesday our own free-range - Friday pork8.30 and properly a.m. - 6 p.m hung beeflots more local foods includingbread, milk, interesting jarsSaturday and sweet things9 a.m. Tuesday—Friday, - 5 p.m.8.30 Sunday a.m.—6 p.m.9Saturday,a.m. - 129 a.m.—5noon.p.m.01491 612070plenty plenty of parking of parkingjust off the B4009 behindThe Goose at Britwell SalomeM. J. GEEMARKET GARDENERREADY NOWPansiesPANSIESPOLYSPolyanthusVIOLASPRIMROSESSweet WINTER peas BASKETS andTUBS AND PLANTSCYCLAMENS & WALL FLOWERSCABBAGESCompostPERENNIALS& CanesHERBSbroad bean plantsTel: 01491 612479NORMAN WEST & SONDEVELOPMENTSSmall works & Maintenance DeptAll types of work undertakenDecor • Gardens • Fencing • PatiosWalls • Extensions • RepairsN.H.B.C. rEGNorman: 01491 838662 - Lee: 01235 818850TAXI SERVICEDavid Byers of NettlebedAny Time or DistanceSpacious Air-conditioned Estate CarTel: 01491 641159Mob: 07767 77853840

Hambleden Valley / Watlingon Parish News 91x122mmDRAPES DESIGN CO.Colefax & Fowler, Osborne & Little,Jane Churchill, Designers Guild, ArthurSanderson, Zoffany, Malabar, AndrewMartin, Nina Campbell, Nobilis-Fontan,Pierre Frey, Greengate Upholstery andVaughan LightingJane ChurchillPRODUCING FINE CURTAINS &FURNISHINGS, UPHOLSTERY &LOOSECOVERS, RE-UPHOLSTERY,FABRICS, CARPETS, WALLPAPER,LIGHTING & PAINTSPlease call in or phone for more information:40 Couching St, Watlington, Oxon ox49 5qqPhone: 01491 612273 Fax: 01491 613039Email: designers@drapes.co.uk12012_hv-wp_91x122.indd 1 10/1/12 12:31hampden house business centreserviced offices | virtual offices | meeting roomsWe know that one sizedoesn’t fit allWith our range of servicedoffices, meeting &conference rooms andvirtual office services, wecan help you and yourbusiness find the perfect fitTo book a viewing:E-mail to us: Talk to us: Visit us online:chris@jennings.co.uk 01865 893 200 www.hampden-house.co.ukJenningsa home for your business41

Samantha Swanson07712 052860www.arborea.co.uk01628 67553542

Mail HandlingTelephone Answering and Call ForwardingMeeting RoomFull Reception ServiceOffices on Flexible Terms41, Couching Street, Watlington, Oxfordshire01491 613311info@chilternbusinesscentre.co.ukwww.chilternbusinesscentre.co.uk“You take care of your businessWe look after your office”44

GARDEN MAINTENENCEGRASS CUTTINGLAWNS, PADDOCKS, SPORTS FIELDSOVERGROWN AREASTURF CARESCARIFY AIRATE, OVERSEED, FERTILISETOP DRESS, VERTI DRAIN, ROLLHEDGETRIMMING, REDUCTIONREMOVAL, PLANTINGLANDSCAPINGPATIOS, DRIVES, FENCING, TURFINGHEDGE/TREE PLANTINGLocal References01491 826925 or 07977 237798www.groundworx.org.uk2 Mays Cottages, EwelmeAerobics & PilatesWatlington Town HallDrop-in classes:AerobicsMonday 8-9pmTuesday 9.30am – 10.30amPilatesThursday 8-9 pmPre-booked Pilates classes(spaces available) :Monday 6.30-7.30pmThursday 9.15-10.15am, 6.30-7.30pmFriday 9.15-10.15amFor further information please email Katy Riddellkatyriddell@btinternet.com or call 0770 999 162345

JP CARAVANCARETel. 01844 281042 Mob. 07505 772110 jpcaravancare@live.co.ukMobile Caravan & Motorhome servicing and repair in Oxfordshire &BuckinghamshireJP Caravancare is pleased to offer the following ServicesFull Annual Service Habitation Service Chassis Safety Service Damp TestingPreventative Damp Oversealing Floor Delamination Repairs General RepairsEmergency Call Out Pre Purchase Checks Motor Movers supplied & Fitted Accessories FittedFull Service, Repair and Damp reports are suppliedWe can tailor our services to suit You and remember “We Come To You”Devey Tree CareTree Surgery & GardenMaintenance ServicesWe offer a variety of services for yourtrees and gardens, from hedge cutting totree removal.Fully insured with £5M public liability coverAll jobs considered and all quotations are free of charge.Telephone:Call Owain Devey NCH Arb on07922736451 01844281101 orowain.devey@hotmail.co.uk www.deveytreecare.co.uk47


Church ofEnglandMINISTRY TEAMThe RectorAssociate PriestAssociate PriestAssistant PriestAssistant PriestChurch WardensSt. Leonard’sSt. Leonard’sSt. Mary’sSt LeonardsWatlingtonSt Mary’s PyrtonAll Saints ShirburnThe Rev ChristopherIdris Evans. The Rectory,Hill Road, WatlingtonOX49 5AFThe Rev Angie PatersonThe Rev Adam ClaytonCanon Tony WilliamsonRevd Lucy AustinMike GardnerVal KearneyJenny LockwoodHow to Contact(Day off Monday)01491 612494cievans@aol.com01491 614033Angie.paterson@btinternet.com01491 612210adam@ajbc.fsnet.co.uk01491 612143tony_williamson@lineone.net07906 684987luciea48@gmail.com01491 612111mike.gardner@pharm.ox.ac.uk01491 614543valkearney@aol.com01491 613240Jennifer.lockwood@btinternet.comMethodist ChurchRev’d Adam J StevensonMr Phil CrockettLittlefield, ChristmasCommon, OX49 4HRMrs Ann Caffari16Ashridge, Chinnor,OX39 4JU(Day off Friday)01865 714163adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk01491 61280101844 353732WEDDINGS IN THE METHODIST CHURCHIf you wish to be married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson50

TheFat FoxInnW A T L I N G T O NThe Fat Fox Inn - The pub with the lovelydining room and 9 cosy bedrooms at the heart ofWatlington.This month our British/French menu will befeaturing great winter warmers such as; Jerusalemartichoke soup with crispy shallots or cassouletwith pork shoulder,confit goose, homesmoked sausages withflageolet beans, andfor pud’ a scrummy apple crumble.Live acoustic musicnights on8th & 22nd FebOpen for lunch every day12-3Dinner: Mon-Thur 6:30- 9:30,Fri & Sat 7-10Sun 7-95113 Shirburn Street, WatlingtonOxfordshire OX49 5BUTel: 01491 613040info@thefatfoxinn.co.ukwww.thefatfoxinn.co.uk

JOB OF THE WEEKTELE SALES PROFESSIONAL20hrs a week – c£8k-£12k(dep on experience)Chinnor or Home BasedMy client is a leading contract catering business thatworks with a long list of blue chip clients. It employsover 200 people and has been established for 15years.They are looking to recruit experienced and highlymotivated part time tele-sales professional (20 hoursa week).The successful candidate will have worked within thecontract catering industry or in a similar role.They must possess excellent communications and ITskills.The position offers a competitive salary and is availablewith immediate effect, only experienced professionalsable to work under their own direction need apply.Please send your CV’s to lester@stonorsearch.comSTONORSEARCH.COM 0845 833 542052

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