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Volume 9, No. 1

Fall ‘09




Published Quarterly by Students and Alumni of .the College of Engineerin,

and Commerce of the University of Cincinnati

Price 50 Cent. APRIL, 1929 VoL8-No.3

In This Issue

Commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall...3

Celebrating the “Joy and Reading of Books”...4

Cooperative Engineer (pictured above) available online...6

Victoria A. Montavon

Dean and University Librarian

Source vol. 9 no. 1

Dean and University Librarian

Victoria A. Montavon

Editor and Designer

Melissa Cox Norris

Editorial Board

Pam Bach, Susan Banoun, Erma

Fritsche, Mark Palkovic, and Janice


Cover image: Cooperative Engineer.

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vol. 9 no. 1

A Note from the Dean

It has been a lively Fall Quarter in the Libraries! UC’s record enrollment has resulted in

extra heavy use of all of our libraries and of our Web site. Langsam Library computers are

in constant demand and students can be found studying 24/7 in UCit@Langsam. Group

Study Rooms are full throughout the Libraries and it is rare to see an empty spot in the 90seat

computer lab in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library. Renovation of the new

space for the Albino Gorno Memorial Music (CCM) Library is proceeding on schedule with

expected completion late in December. The move from the 4th floor of Blegen Library to

the 6th floor will allow the CCM Library to operate in contiguous space rather than in two

separate wings as it does now. The centerpiece of the new CCM Library will be the handsome

Blegen Library Reading Room with tall windows, historic chandeliers, and wooden bookcases.

I invite you to sample our newest digital collection, Cooperative Engineer, which is featured in

this issue of Source. From its imaginative covers to its articles and photographs, Cooperative

Engineer offers a fascinating historical journey through the College of Engineering from 1921

to 1975 as seen through the eyes of its students and alumni.

Search Library Resources in

New Ways and New Places

Libraries Offer Widgets and Toolbars

The Libraries now offer widgets and Internet browser toolbars for use while

conducting research online. Once installed, these tools provide quick access to useful

library links, the UC Library Catalog, key article databases, online journals, UC

resources, and more. These tools will be especially helpful for UC users who perform

library research at locations away from campus.

The Libraries’ widget, a self-contained

application embedded into a personal

Web page on Facebook or iGoogle,

provides quick and easy access to

frequently used library search engines,

collections, library help, and offcampus

access information.

The Internet toolbar allows users to

perform quick searches of the UC

Library Catalog and other major

library databases, as well as link to

other library and UC applications.

Toolbars are currently available for the Internet browsers Mozilla Firefox and

Internet Explorer.

To download library widgets and toolbars, or for more information, visit


Library Widget

“Freedom without Walls!”

Exhibits Commemorate the 20 th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

November 9, 2009, marked the 20 th anniversary of

the fall of the Berlin Wall. To commemorate this

important event, the Libraries created two exhibits for

display in Langsam Library through fall quarter.

“Freedom without Walls!: In Commemoration of

the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989-2009,” on display

on Langsam Library’s fourth floor lobby, features a

Berlin Wall timeline tracing the history of the Wall.

Spanning over 60 years, the timeline begins in 1945

at the end of World War II when the Allied Powers

(France, England, the United States, and the Soviet

Union) split Germany into four occupation zones,

and its capital, Berlin, into four sectors. Photographs

along the timeline show significant moments in the

life of the Berlin Wall, including its building in August

1961, President Kennedy’s 1963 “Ich bin ein Berliner!”

speech, President Reagan’s 1987 “Mr. Gorbachev, tear

down this wall!” speech, and the tearing down of the

Wall in 1989. The timeline ends in 2009 as the world

celebrates the 20 th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin




on the

Images of the Berlin Wall

People walking on the Berlin wall in front of the

Brandenburg gate after opening one day before,

Nov. 10, 1989.

The exhibit on Langsam Library’s fifth floor lobby

showcases library resources about the Berlin Wall. “Freedom without Walls!:

The Berlin Wall Remembered, 1989-2009,” displays books, movies, song,

and art that tell the story of the Berlin Wall and those who lived with it. A bibliography is available in print at the

exhibit and online at

Created by Olga Hart, Instruction Librarian, Melissa Cox Norris, Director of Library Communications, and

Richard Schade, Professor of German Studies and Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany,

the exhibits take their inspiration from the “Freedom without Walls! Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989-2009”

celebrations organized by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Washington. For more

information visit

And Don’t Miss:

By Melissa Cox Norris, Director of Library


ong>Artong> on the Wall: Images of the Berlin Wall

An exhibit on display through December on the main floor

of the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for

Design, Architecture, ong>Artong>, and Planning - 5480 Aronoff

Center. The exhibit includes images of the various art found

on the Wall.

3 Source

vol. 9 no. 1

(AP Photo/Archive)


By Dawn Fuller, UC Public Information Officer,

Saturday, October 17, was the third annual Books by the Banks: Cincinnati USA Books Festival and was

held at Duke Energy Convention Center from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The day-long festival featured

over 90 regional and national authors, book signings, author panels, and activities for the entire family

to enjoy in the Target Kids’ Corner.

At the festival, attendees met authors to purchase signed copies of their books. The writers represented

various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, cooking, children’s literature, sports, and more.

Nationally known authors such as Jennifer Weiner, Garth Stein, and Jeannette Walls joined local favorites Greg Rhodes, Ellen

Schreiber, and Thayne Maynard to celebrate the “joy and reading of books.”


Celebrating the Joy and Reading of Books


cincinnati usa book Festival

saturday, October 17, 2009 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

Duke Energy Convention Center | 5th & Elm | Downtown Cincinnati | Free to all

80+ Authors | Buy Signed Books | Target Kids’ Corner |

kids’ cOrner


Poster by Ryan Ostrander

suppOrtiing spOnsOrs: participating libraries:

Fr ien d s




media partners:

Carol Tyler, Adjunct Instructor of Fine ong>Artong>s in DAAP. Her graphic novel, You’ll

Never Know. Book 1: A Good and Decent Man, is the first of a three-part series

that uses comics and graphics to help veterans and their families deal with the

effects of war. The book is a tribute to her father, a World War II veteran.

James Wilson, Professor of English & Comparative Literature in A&S.

Wilson’s memoir, Weather Reports from the Autism Front: A Father’s Memoir

of His Autistic Son, is an honest portrayal of life with an autistic child and the

challenges and joys that brings.

Books by the Banks was organized by the UC Libraries, Cincinnati Magazine,

The Mercantile Library, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County,

and Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Planning is underway for next year’s Books by the

Banks to be held in October 2010. For more information, visit

vol. 9 no. 1

© Illustration by Ryan Ostrander

University of Cincinnati authors representing the McMicken College of ong>Artong>s and

Sciences (A&S), the College of Design, Architecture, ong>Artong>, and Planning, (DAAP),

and the College of Medicine were among the authors at the festival. The UC

authors were:

James Braziel, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English & Comparative Literature

in A&S. Braziel is the author of Snakeskin Road, described as a woman’s

harrowing journey of survival along a passageway of terror and hope. Braziel’s

first novel, Birmingham 35 Miles, was included in the festival last year.

Joseph Clark, Professor of Neurology in the College of Medicine. Clark’s book,

My Ambulance Education: Life and Death on the Streets of the City, describes his

experience working to pay his way through college as an ambulance attendant on

the most dangerous streets of New York beginning at the age of 18.

Melissa Kramer, fourth-year journalism student. Kramer’s first book, The Inclines

of Cincinnati, was released last March. The book, part of Arcadia’s “Images of

Rail” series, examines a time when Cincinnati’s streetcars carried locals and

tourists to the peaks of Mount Adams, Mount Auburn, Clifton, and Price Hill,

and explores reasons for the disappearance of the city’s number one tourist

attraction, the Mt. Adams

incline. Read more about

Kramer’s research in “Ask a

Student” on page 5 of this issue

of Source.


Curious George greets attendees in the

Target Kids’ Corner

Ask A Student

What inspires someone to write and

publish a book? For Melissa Kramer,

fourth-year UC journalism student and

author of The Inclines of Cincinnati, it

was a photo of an historic incline that she

noticed in Price Hill Chili over ten years

ago. From that came the idea to write

about Cincinnati’s famous inclines.

In researching and writing her book,

published in 2009 by Arcadia Press, Kramer

tapped a wide range of resources and

expertise from the UC Libraries:

UC Students Talk about Their Library Experiences

By Pam Bach, Head of Langsam Library’s Info Commons,

Materials: From the Sanborn Historic Map

collection Kramer found a map showing

the incline station and the Lookout House at the

top of Mount Auburn. Thus began her search for finding

any physical remains of the inclines around Cincinnati. This map collection was

produced by the Sanborn Fire Insurance Company and is available online through OhioLINK’s Digital Media Center at The maps provide large scale street plans of Ohio from 1867 to 1970 and are frequently used by

researchers and historians.

Melissa Kramer in the DAAP Library

Technical equipment: Kramer’s book contains over 200 historic images of Cincinnati during the time when streetcars were the

primary mode of transportation. Kramer compiled these images from a variety of means and with help from the Libraries. From

the Circulation and Multimedia Services Department at the Walter C. Langsam Library, Kramer checked out a digital camera to

take photos of some of the remnants of the incline supporting structures that she discovered in various Cincinnati and Northern

Kentucky neighborhoods. At the Robert A. Deshon and Karl J. Schlachter Library for Design, Architecture, ong>Artong>, and Planning

(DAAP), she used the scanners and large screen monitors for what she found was the most challenging part of her project, which

was to meet the necessary image resolution requirements of the publisher. At the Student Technology Resources Center, she

digitized a film from a personal collection showing the inclines and street cars that serviced the Clifton area.

Staff: Kramer tapped the expertise and knowledge of several library staff. During her internship at the Archives and Rare

Books (ARB) Library, Kevin Grace, University Archivist and Head of the ARB Library, suggested that she publish her research

with Arcadia Press. Tom White, Head of Acquisitions and Monographs, provided historic images from his personal collection.

Elizabeth Meyer, Visual Resources Librarian in the DAAP Library, assisted Kramer with the technical details of scanning images.

As Kramer’s experience in researching and writing her book shows, when you think of libraries, think expansively. For her, the

UC Libraries were a source of research and specialized collections; multimedia equipment such as digital cameras, camcorders

and scanners; and a knowledgeable staff to help identify resources, assist with the use of technology, and share the journey that

comes with research.

The Inclines of Cincinnati is available for check-out from UC Libraries or for purchase at local book stores and online at

5 Source

vol. 9 no. 1

Photo by Amanda Aton


Vol. 39 No . 4 Vol. 12 No . 1 Vol. 26 No . 3

vol. 9 no. 1

Cooperative Engineer Online

By Melissa Cox Norris, Director of Library Communications,

The Libraries have digitized Cooperative Engineer, a quarterly publication produced by students and alumni

of UC’s College of Engineering from 1921 to 1975.

Accessible via, each scanned

issue of Cooperative Engineer can be viewed in its entirety. The issues are also searchable

by keyword and by phrase. In addition, viewers of the collection can browse by issue


Started in 1921 to “reflect [the readers’] common interest in the University and in the

industrial and commercial world with which they are brought in contact,” Cooperative

Engineer offers historical material on the College of Engineering, the UC campus, the

City of Cincinnati, and on world events. It chronicles the development of engineering

and industrial processes and provides insights into student life and social customs of

the time. ong>Artong>icles describe many of the 20 th century’s major technical accomplishments

including advancements in aviation, space exploration, and the creation of the atom

bomb. ong>Artong>icles on UC athletics and social events appeal to the reader’s lighter side.

Each cover of Cooperative Engineer is skillfully illustrated and numerous images and

photographs are included throughout the publication. Original copies of Cooperative

Engineer are housed in the Archives and Rare Books Library.

“Digitization of this excellent publication was made possible by Michael and Margaret

Vol. 17 No . 1

Valentine, long-time supporters of our Engineering Library,” said Victoria A.

Montavon, Dean and University Librarian. “We are also very appreciative of the work

of Dorothy Byers, former Head of the Engineering Library, in bringing this project to fruition.”


Photo by Suzanne Maggard

A drawer in the Archives and Rare Books Library

containing birth and death records

Libraries Awarded a LSTA Grant to Digitize

Cincinnati Birth and Death Records



The Libraries were awarded a $140,437 Library Services and

Technology Act (LSTA) grant from the State Library of Ohio to

digitize the birth and death records of the City of Cincinnati from

1865 through 1908.

The 340,000 records will be scanned and made available online. The

scanning began in October 2009 with access to the records slated for

August 2010.

The birth and death records, which are part of the collections of

the Archives and Rare Books Library, are of great historical and

genealogical importance. Each birth record contains the name of

the individual along with birth date, race, gender, name and birthplace

of father and mother, occupation of father, doctor or midwife, and hospital. For

each death record the following information is available: name, age, date and cause of death,

address, occupation, race, gender, attending physician, funeral home, and place of burial.

The birth and death records are among the most heavily used materials in the Archives and Rare Books Library. In the last year,

the library received 3,000 requests for information from them, representing 75% of genealogy reference service provided to the

general public. “This scanning project will make an already valuable, much-used resource widely accessible to genealogists and

the general public, as well as to social historians, epidemiologists, and public health historians,” said Victoria A. Montavon, Dean

and University Librarian.

In addition to providing wider access to researchers in Ohio and around the world, digitizing the Cincinnati birth and death

records will also preserve the 340,000 index cards created several decades ago by the Cincinnati Health Department after the

original ledger volumes, also preserved in the Archives and Rare Books Library, became too fragile to handle.

The LSTA program is funded through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and administered through the State

Library of Ohio.

Announcing LIBLOG - the UC Libraries Blog. Available online

at, the blog highlights UC Libraries

resources, collections, services, news, and events. The blog allows

librarians and staff members to reach and engage users in a more

interactive setting.

By Melissa Cox Norris, Director of Library Communications,

Viewers of the blog can sign up to receive the UC Libraries blog feed

or feeds from some of their favorite libraries including the CECH

Library, the Archives and Rare Books Library, and the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library among others.

Comments and feedback on LIBLOG are welcome. E-mail or



vol. 9 no. 1

Photos by Melissa Cox Norris


Conference Participation

“Going above and beyond the call of duty” is a trait used to describe the latest winners

of the Libraries Quality Service Award – Jay Sinnard and representatives on the Higher

Learning Commission (HLC) Site Resource Task Force:

Cheryl Albrecht, John Borntrager, and Debbie Tenofsky.


Jay Sinnard, Operations Manager of the Student Technology

Resources Center (STRC), is known throughout the Libraries

and UC campus as a role model for providing quality

service. He delivers personal service to those who check

out multimedia equipment or use the various technology

resources of the STRC. Never settling for “good enough,” if Jay

sets up a sound system, recorder, or camera, it will work properly

or he will fix it. Jay’s nominator described him as “a valued colleague

who has come to the rescue on numerous occasions.”

Cheryl Albrecht, Associate Dean of Library Services, was thanked by the visit

coordinator for her help in hosting the Commission’s Accreditation Team

when they visited UC in April 2009 and for showing “exceptional and welcoming hospitality.” Debbie

Tenofsky, Head of Reference and Information Services, and John Borntrager, Research Associate in the

Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, coordinated the HLC Resource Room. Their work was cited

as “mission critical” and it was noted that “their expertise and work ethic were stamped clearly on the

very positive outcome of the visit.”

The Quality Service Award recognizes the fine work of UC Libraries Staff who strive to provide the best

possible service to library users as well as to colleagues. The award is presented three times per academic


vol. 9 no. 1


By Melissa Cox Norris,

Director of Library


Mark Palkovic, Head of the Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library, presided over the 27th Grand Conclave of the Miniature

Book Society in Princeton, New Jersey in August.

Peter S. Poulos, Information Technology Analyst in the Donald C. Harrison Health Sciences Library, presented “Piety, Remembrance,

and ‘The Good Shepherd’: Simone Molinaro’s Motectorum quinis, liber primus” at the Convegno internazionale: La

filologia musicale oggi: il retaggio storico e le nuove prospettive / Musical Philology Today: Historical Heritage and New

Perspectives, Cremona, Italy, November 25-27.

Several staff members presented at the Eastern Great Lakes Innovative Users Group conference September 25 in Akron, OH:

Ben Kline, Project Supervisor in the Circulation and Multimedia Services Department, presented a hands-on session on “How to

Use Web Management Reports.”

Lorna Newman, Head of Interlibrary Services, and Ben Kline, Project Supervisor in the Circulation and Multimedia Services

Department, co-presented the session “Using Web Management Reports to Track Circulation at Local and Consortium Levels.”

Susan Banoun, Head of the Electronic Resources Department, and Sean Crowe, Copy Cataloger, presented “Birds of a Feather,”

a session about ERM Implementation at the UC Libraries. The session included a brief summary of experiences and progress to

date with implementing the III ERM – Electronic Resources Management system.


David Sandor, Circulation Supervisor in the Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library, published “Black is as Good a Color as

White: The Harriet Beecher Stowe School and the Debate Over Separate Schools in Cincinnati,” in Ohio Valley History. 59.2.

(Summer 2009).

Recognizing Quality Service

Jay Sinnard

(left to right) John Borntrager

and Cheryl Albrecht

Debbie Tenofsky

Photo by Janice Schulz

Recent Library Acquisitions

By Mark Palkovic, Head of the Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library,

New Special Collections Received by the Albino Gorno Memorial Music (CCM) Library...

Gorno Notebooks

The CCM Library received an interesting donation of notebooks about library namesake

Albino Gorno (1859-1944), written by one of his students, Mary Venable. Dr. Gorno was

a professor of piano and a highly-regarded accompanist who also served as Dean of the

College of Music of Cincinnati.

Born near Cremona, Italy, he was selected in 1881 by the prima donna opera singer Adelina

Patti to serve as her accompanist on a five-month tour of the United States. The following

year, he was engaged by the College of Music as principal of its piano department. Of the 62

years that he was a faculty member at the College, 40 were spent as its dean.

Gorno was eminently successful as a teacher of piano, as a pianist, and as a conductor. In

June 1924, Signor Gorno received the honorary degree of Doctor of Music from the College

of Music of Cincinnati. After his death, the Albino Gorno Memorial Music Library was

founded on May 31, 1949.

Mary Venable’s three-volume

notebooks, titled Studies with Gorno,

consist of a diary from 1896 to

1900 that includes remarks made

by Signor Gorno during her lessons

with him at the College of Music, a

diary of her hours spent practicing,

and an account of her graduation

examination and exercises.Volume

One is hand-written in ink. Volumes

Gorno Notebooks

Two and Three are typescript. All

three volumes include photos and

musical illustrations. Volume Three discusses Gorno’s method book, Material for the Study

of Pianoforte Pedals, published in 1900 by Willis Music Company in Cincinnati. Mary

Venable worked as Gorno’s secretary and editor (in her words, “critical amanuensis”) in the

preparation of his book.

After graduation, Ms. Venable accepted a piano teaching position at the Oxford College for

Young Ladies in Oxford, Ohio, remaining there for the academic year 1900-1901. She was

later on the faculty of the College of Music of Cincinnati. There is little more known about


The notebooks were donated to the library by the Edendale Library Friends Society of the

Los Angeles Public Library system, which received them as an anonymous gift. Suzi Rogers,

volunteer for the Friends, found a reference to the Gorno Library at UC and contacted the

library. We are indebted to Ms. Rogers for the gift of this remarkable piece of local history

that somehow made its way across the country and is now home again.

The notebooks have been transferred to the holdings of the University Archives and are

available for consultation in the Archives and Rare Books Library, eighth floor of Blegen Library.

Accessioned as UA-09-30, they complement two other primary collections of Gorno material, the

Gorno Brothers Collection, UA-81-15, and the Albino Gorno Music Collection, UA-03-22.


9 ource

MTNA Distinguished

Composer Archives

The Music Teachers National

Association (MTNA) has

partnered with the University

of Cincinnati to house its

complete Distinguished

Composer of the Year archives

in the UC Libraries.

Each year, MTNA presents

the Distinguished Composer

of the Year Award to the

composer of the outstanding

composition submitted as a

state-commissioned work.

MTNA first awarded this honor

in 1969.

The archives are composed of

all composition entries from

1987 to the present and include

both scores and recordings.

A few earlier scores are also

available. The scores will be

housed in the Archives and

Rare Books Library, while the

recordings will be held in the

Albino Gorno Memorial Music


This collection of 350 scores,

125 audio cassettes, 195 audio

CDs, and 2 videos are being

added to the MTNA archives

already housed in the Archives

and Rare Books Library.

The mission of MTNA is to

“advance the value of music

study and music making to

society and to support the

professionalism of music

teachers.” For more, visit their

Web site at

vol. 9 no. 1


UC Libraries Honor Roll of Donors


vol. 9 no. 1


Fiscal Year 2009 (donations received July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009)

The Libraries extend deep appreciation to our donors for their support during Fiscal Year 2009. Donations to the Libraries are

vital to maintaining excellent research collections, services, and resources that serve the needs of UC students, faculty, staff, and

other researchers.


recognizes donors with an annual gift

of $1,000 or more or a lifetime gift of

$100,000 or more.

FOUNDER ($10,000 or more)

Randle H. Egbert, Jr., D.D.S.

Drs. Laura W. and Richard R.

Kretschmer, Jr.

Estate of Merlyn P. McClure

Mr. Harry H. and Mrs. Ann H. Santen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Schlachter

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker

Mr. Michael D. Valentine

GOLD McMICKEN ($5,000-$9,999)

Ms. Rebecca A. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dorsey

William E. Hurford, M.D. and Lesley I.

Gilbertson, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard I. Lauf

Mrs. Judith E. Lucas

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil P. McLean

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Noyes

Drs. Wolfgang and Ingrid W. Ritschel

Mrs. Jean Geis Stell

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tornow

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Uhl

Ms. Susan Wooley

SILVER McMICKEN ($2,500-$4,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Judd

BRONZE McMICKEN ($1,000-$2,499)

Ms. Cheryl Albrecht and Mr. James


Roger Chalkley, Ph.D.

Patricia A. Corcoran

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Cosgrove

William H. L. Dornette, M.D., J.D.*

Dr. and Mrs. Michael K. Farrell

Mrs. Penina Frankel

Mr. and Mrs. L. Ronald Frommeyer

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Graviss

Jeannette and Hank Greeb

Ms. Doris A. Haag and Mr. Sidney J. Tilley

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Heidt

Stephen L. Herr, M.D.

Mr. Samuel C. Ingraham III

Drs. Tom D. and Marianne F. Ivey

Mrs. Margaret M. Jeffrey*

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Leibold

Daniel N. Lucas, M.D.

John J. McDonough, M.D. and

Ms. Barbara F. Aras

Dean Victoria A. Montavon

Mrs. Miriam Moskowitz and Family

Ms. Priscilla Neill

Gerald and Lorna Newman

Mrs. Jacquelene W. Riley

Ms. Mary Piper and Dr. Peter J. Stambrook

Mrs. Betsy L. Shapiro

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Stern, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Henry R. Winkler

John H. Wulsin, M.D.

GIFTS OF $500-$999

Ms. Margaret Allensworth

Mrs. Norita D. Aplin

Mr. Richard A. Beck, AIA

Dr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Block

Wanda Finney, Ph.D.

Mr. Stephen A. Marine

Mrs. Leslie S. Schick

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Stern

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Timmerman

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Wiot

Mrs. Margaret W. Wolf

GIFTS OF $250-$499

Ms. Abigail L. Albert

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Asbury

Mary Ellen Betz

Charles A. Browning, Jr., M.D.

Ms. Alice M. Cornell

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Daniels

Mr. David W. Ellis III

Mr. J. Roger Guard

Ms. Mary Anne McMillan

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Z. Meisel

Dr. and Mrs. C. Nelson Melampy

Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Morris, Jr.

Kenneth L. Ross and Donna Cohen Ross

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Shaffer

Edward B. Silberstein, M.D. and

Ms. Jacqueline M. Mack

Mr. Warren J. Silver

Dr. and Mrs. Victor G. Soukup

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Thomson III

GIFTS OF $100-$250

Mrs. Susan M. Banoun

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Benjamin

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bergman

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Berman

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Black

Ms. Dorothy Anne Blatt

Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Blatt

Dr. Mary M. Bolton

Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Bozian

Ms. Jennifer L. Burke

Ms. Ji Chen

Mrs. Marcia R. G. Chesley

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Corren

Miss Janet B. Ganim

Mr. Daniel D. Gottlieb

Mr. and Mrs. Anand R. Gupta

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Hall

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Heineman

Jane E. Henney, M.D. and J. Robert

Graham, M.D.

Evelyn V. Hess, M.D. and Michael

Howett, M.D.

Ms. Angela M. Heyob

Mr. Thomas H. Jenkins

Yiwei Jiang, Ph.D.

Ms. Arlene M. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Jorgensen

Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Kafker

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kiefhaber

Ms. Joanne Mayfield-Williams

Kristi A. Nelson, Ph.D.

Michael S. Nussbaum, M.D., and

Sue Weinstein Nussbaum, M.D.

Mrs. Josephine A. Ottaviani

Ms. Virginia H. Parr

Drs. Frank E. and Karen A. Pendle

David E. Price, Ph.D. and Valerie

Hotchkiss, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Prince

Ms. Holly A. Prochaska

Mrs. Regine W. Ransohoff

Dr. and Mrs. David C. Rausch

Mr. Joseph A. Sabatini

Mrs. Dianne R. Sayers

Ms. Janice M. Schulz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Sittenfeld

David S. Stradling, Ph.D.

Mr. Walter E. Szczepanski

Ms. Linda K. Ter Haar

Mr. John E. Ventre

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wasserman

GIFTS OF $50-$99


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Albrigo

Mrs. Judith Aronoff

Mr. Theodore W. Baldwin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Barnett

Ms. Gulbahar H. Beckett

Dr. Paul A. Busam

Mrs. Dawn D. Finzer

Mrs. Gail P. Fishman

Friedrich Fluerenbrock, Ph.D.

Mrs. June E. Gaub

Mrs. Denise S. Greber

Dr. Ingrid Grupp

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Julie A. Hruby, Ph.D.

Mrs. Jean B. Johns

Bill and Suzanne Joiner

Mr. Douglas N. Kaylor

Mrs. Irmgard Leckinger

Mrs. Janet Light

Ms. Suzanne M. Maggard

Ms. Melissa Cox Norris

Ms. Joanne M. Riley

Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Saalwaechter

Ms. Elna L. Saxton

Ms. Donna M. Scott

Mrs. Gwendolyn Shapiro

Ms. Deborah G. Tenofsky

Ms. Alyssa N. Thunberg

Mrs. Karen K. Thunberg

Mr. Les V. Vuylsteke

Mr. Richard E. Watkins

Prof. and Mrs. Frank Weinstock

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wesner

Alan and Louise Wolf


Mrs. Katherine Anderson

Dr. William D. Behnke

Ms. Rosemary H. Brown

Mr. James R. Campbell

Mr. Charles H. Carlson

Charles A. Cavallo, M.D., and Mary E.

Grulee, M.D.

Mrs. Kathleen B. Clark

Mrs. Lucille Clayton

Eileen and Leonard Deutch

Ms. Linda A. Dietrich

Miss Sharon L. Downing

Mr. David W. Francis

Mr. Keith A. Gillis

Dr. and Mrs. Walter R. Griffin

Ms. Elizabeth M. Havens

Rome L. Hughes, Ph.D.

Ms. Susan M. Kline

Miss M. Beckmann Linhardt

Mrs. Rebecca J. McClung

Ms. Elizabeth A. Meyer

Mrs. Patricia M. Mezger

Mrs. Kimberly S. Miller

Mr. Mark Palkovic

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Prior

Mrs. Emily D. Rahe

Ms. Jane Richardson

Ms. Denise C. Rousseau Carpenter

Ms. Lisa M. Sandora

Ms. Mary F. Sanker

Mr. and Mrs. Hal B. Schell

Mrs. Mercedes I. Schilling

Dr. and Mrs. Harold J. Schneider

Mrs. Ruth Schneider

Mrs. Barbara S. Schur

Ms. Jocelyn D. Stewart

Mr. John W. Stork

Ms. Deborah Watts

Mrs. Judith M. Wernicke

Mr. and Mrs. Dale E. Wolfe

Ms. Chelsea A. Woods

Mr. Harris W. Wright

Dr. Michael W. Young



The Academy of Medicine of

Cincinnati Foundation

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP

Benjamin, Yocum & Heather, LLC

Jerome R. Berman Trust

Helene G. and Dr. Stanley L. Block

Family Fund of the Greater

Cincinnati Foundation

BP Foundation, Inc.

Galvin and Friends, LLC

GE Foundation

JAF Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Jerome R. Berman Trust

Mayfield Clinic, Inc.

Meisel Family Foundation, Inc.


National Property Advisors, Inc.

Ohio National Financial Services Inc.

The Proctor and Gamble Fund

Psychiatric Professional Services, Inc.

QVC, Inc.

Harry and Ann Santen Fund of the

Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Marge and Charles J. Schott


Schulzinger-Frankel Family Foundation

Sigma Alpha Iota Cincinnati Alumnae


Vinton E. Siler Memorial Fund

Edward R. and Jean Geis Stell Foundation

Joseph S. Stern, Jr. Family Fund

UC Department of Anesthesiology


University Eye Physicians

David and Sara Weston Fund



Donors of a planned gift are members of

the Herman Schneider Legacy society.

Mrs. Miriam E. Deshon

Philip B. Graham, Ph.D.


In Memory of Mr. Robert A. Deshon

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Albrigo

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wolfe


In Honor of Stan Herman’s $100 Million

Dollar Sales Milestone

QVC, Inc.

In Memory of Mrs. Judith A. Ingraham

Mr. Samuel C. Ingraham III

In Memory of Maita F. Levine, Ph.D.

Mr. Les V. Vuylsteke

In Honor of Mrs. Judith E. Lucas

Mrs. Thelma J. Bergman

In Memory of Stanley J. Lucas, M.D.

Mrs. Judith Aronoff

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Barnett

Jerome R. Berman, M.D.

Mary Ellen Betz

Dr. and Mrs. Norman H. Blatt

Charles A. Cavallo, M.D., and Mary E.

Grulee, M.D.

Mrs. Lucille Clayton

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Corren

Eileen and Leonard Deutch

Mr. David W. Ellis III

Mrs. Penina Frankel

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Leibold

Daniel N. Lucas, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Z. Meisel

Meisel Family Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Miriam Moskowitz and Family

Mrs. Ruth Schneider

Schulzinger-Frankel Family Foundation

Mrs. Betsy L. Shapiro

Mrs. Gwendolyn Shapiro

Mr. Warren J. Silver

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Timmerman

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wasserman

Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Wolf

In Honor of John J. McDonough, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Kiefhaber

In Memory of David B. Melvin, M.D.

Mr. Les V. Vuylsteke

In Memory of Miss Berniece B. Reichwein

Mrs. Denise S. Greber

In Honor of Mrs. Melody Sawyer Richardson

Ms. Dorothy Anne Blatt

In Honor of the 80th Birthday of Dr. Herbert


Bill and Suzanne Joiner

In Memory of Professors Carl Trahman and

Elizabeth Caskey

Wanda Finney, Ph.D.

In Honor of Henry R. Winkler, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Benjamin

Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy

of this list. Please accept our apologies if

there are any errors or omissions and contact

Margaret W. Wolf, CFRE at (513) 556-0055

or at with any changes.


11 ource vol. 9 no. 1



University of Cincinnati

PO Box 210033

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0033

While working with colleague

Melinda Boyd on the second

edition of her book, Women

in Music: A Research and

Information Guide, Karin

Pendle, UC Music Professor

Emerita of Musicology, relied

heavily on the resources and

services of the Albino Gorno

Memorial Music (CCM)

Library. “As so often in the past,

the CCM Library proved to be an invaluable resource—in fact, we could not have

accomplished our work without the assistance of Head of the CCM Library Mark

Palkovic and his staff, and the privilege of working in a library that included so much

information on women’s work in music,” Dr. Pendle said.

A library supporter and frequent patron of the CCM Library, Dr. Pendle recently wrote to

former students inviting them to consider making a gift to the CCM Library: “I am sure the CCM

Library has contributed greatly to your work, too. Maybe you remember the ‘light bulb’ moments that came

to you as you consulted library materials, or appreciated the chance to browse the latest periodicals, or listen to your favorite

performers in CCM’s growing CD collection. The library was there for you throughout your years at CCM, just as it was there for

us as we worked on our book.”

Frank and Karin Pendle

Dr. Pendle’s fundraising effort will assist in updating the furnishings and equipment for the CCM Library when it moves in

December from its current location on the fourth floor of Blegen Library to the sixth floor. Naming opportunities for significant

donations to the CCM Library include the public service desk area, the foyer, the reading room, and the library classroom.

To contribute to the CCM Library Improvement Fund or another library fund, please use the donation envelope enclosed in

Source or contact Margaret W. Wolf, CFRE, Director of Development, at (513)556-0055 or

As Dr. Pendle wrote: “contributions to the campaign will help renovate this attractive new library area for the benefit of CCM’s

current and future students and faculty.”

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