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thoughts trying to make youone of them destroying whatfreedoms we do have. I meanI respect the straight edgescene as long as it doesn'tbecome militant (monstercrew) but when they becomeviolent they are starting warand end up destroying lifewith the pollutants and chemical/physicaldestruction thataccompanies war thereforthey become hypocrites. Thesecond problem I have iswhen people say the punkscene is dead, now despitethe fact that I slightly resemblethe late Sid Vicious, I amtruly anti-social and want tohave fun, destroy, and look soweird that people think I'mpunk but there are still punksout there because a punk isjust a social outcast that isshunned by other generationsor people. And finally the editorslittle letter, I totally agreebecause if I can 't say fuck shitor any other slang terms inschool then why the fuck arethey going to make slan g aform of acceptable language,the school system is just a cir­cular string of bullshit tryingto pass as logic.Thanks, I Love Slug and freespeech.Your mind has beeninfiltrated!vicious@mailmasher.comDear Matt at Power Records,Blow me Matt, blowme twice, ever so gentlywhile rubbing sand on mytender butt. Then give yourselfthat nice New York styleslow hand job you deserve! Ileave you all now with afriendly message that my exis a horny satanic superslut.MilanPS. Slug rules the entireuniverse.Dear Dickheads:First of all, I wantedto comment about the mostrecent SXSW contest. IT ISFIXED!!! Those judges willnever pick a rock band fawin. I think the judges havebeen brainwashed with "2002Olympic" fever. I think whatthe judges may have beenthinking when they chose a"country" band to go toAustin, Texas is that, "Hey,Park City is where some ofthe Olympic events are goingto be and if we get a bandfrom Park City to representUtah, then more people willcome here for the Olympicsand think that all bands arelike Fat Paw and hopefullyspend, spend, spend." Whatthey also don't think about istraffic, traffic, traffic. Fat Pawis a shitty, wanna-be countryband. They fuckin' suck!!!. Itdoesn't make any sense tosend a "country" band toTexas, a country music state.If Stevie Ray Vaughn werealive to see that shitty bandrip him off, it would probablymake him want to never playthat type of music againbecause he wouldn't want tobe associated with that crap.And I thought they were onlyallowed to play 45 minutes.Fat Paw should have beendisqualified for playing anhour of hell. 111ee otherbands didn't get to play anhour. They are a shitty, shittyband that should not havewon!.The band that shouldhave won is AS.A They area totally kick-ass rock band(not heavy metal). Why inthe hell aren't they signed?I'll tell you why, because thebrain-dead judges pick shittybands like Fat Paw andGathering Osiris, to representUtah in these god damn contests.I can just imagine whatthe people in the musicindustry think when they seethis band representing Utahin Texas; "This is what is pop~ular in Utah? Why in the hellshould we go there to see ifthere is any good bands whenFat Paw won the contest and, is considered the best band inthe state, the are really shitty!The music industry in Utahwill probably never go anywherebecause of that crap.Anyway, AS.A is a greatband that should be sign ed.There is no why to describetheir music because they. don't sound like anotherband. They shouldn't be low ­ering themselves to enterthese stupid contests, theyshould be on the road andsigned. AS.A fuckin kicksass. Although nothing is perfect.What is up with thatsinger? What a fuckinposer/ rock star. All of theother members of the bandlook totally rad with theirfunky clothes and shit andthen there is lame-o on leadmic. Wake up and quit sniffingthe granola. Image iseverything when there are abazzillion bands who havegreat songs also. A bandneeds an image to be remembered(even if you don't likethe songs) and they need tobe entertained so that peoplewon't feel cheated out of theirmoney when they see youand in turn, they may buyyour merchandise if they areentertained enough . Sorryabout the bad-mouthing butAS.A. are great musiciansand song writers, just get ridof Mr. Sadsack on the microphone.I hope you print thisletter in your next issue, soma ybe that singer guy can geta clue. They have great songsand should be on a majorlabel making lots of cash .Buy their merchandise sothey can travel and find a betterfront man.Sincerely,Feel Free to Hurt Yourselves.Thank you very much.Ed: How ballsy of you to notgive your name. ASA is agreat band and the singer ispart of that chemistru. I only 'unslt there was a returnaddress on your envelope 50 Icould give it to the band, whohappen to be good friends ofmine.

· .Well, well, well. February Or asUtahns say Feb-you-ary, Last monthmade me think that I could have a lucrativecareer in filmaking. Then after seeinga few good ones, I thought again. It'smuch easier to point and laugh...Escape From LAThe brain dead creators of thisflick didn't even have the common senseto hire a special effects wizard. It wouldhave been the only thing that could havepossibly saved this horrible, horriblemovie. Kurt Russell can NOT pull off thetough guy thing anymore, despite hislabored attempts to talk like ClintEastwood.PhenomenonThis movie accomplishes whatfew do. It makes you think aboutunpleasant things like death, withoutbecoming depressing or seeming hopeless.I loved this movie and what do youknow, another one with Robert Duvall.Hmm... Travolta and Forrest Whitakerare also excellent.KingpinBill Murray is funny as shit in amovie that goes back to old school BillMurray. Not to mention WoodyHarrelson, the babe from the TV WierdScience and the scariest old woman thisside of Ahmish country. Big on gags andkookiness, Kingpin kicks ass.Bordello of BloodDennis Miller can do no wrong,that's my belief. Even in a whorehousefull of supervixen vampirechicks . I think that they actually putextra breasts in this movie toenhance the creativity. I thought Iwas dreaming.Welcome to the DollhouseCritically acclaimed film. One ofthe best of the year according toSiskel & Ebert. Winner of theSundance yada yada yada. Thismovie sucks BIGTIME. There isnothing funny about it. It is a stupid,plotless, insult to my intelligence.You pretentious film schoolartfags have to do better than thisto fool me.EddieMore believable than Dollhouse,this is the story of a woman whe gets .hired as the head coach of the New YorkKnicks during halftime of an NBA game.OK, I'll buy that. At least WhoopiGoldberg makes it funny.BulletIt is hard to comprehend that thesame actor who wasin Angel Heart andNine & 1/2 Weeksmade this incrediblepile of garbage. YesMickey Rourke. Eventhe late Tupac is betterthan Mic in a shittyway. Oddlyenough, about thesame time all thepsuedo yuppy 90210scum started dressinglike Mickey Rourke,he started makingcrappy movies.Coincidence? I thinknot.Killer; A Journal of aMurdererThis couldeasily be JamesWoods best movie todate. (Ghosts ofMississippi not withstanding)A true story.Rent this. It is cool.That is all.She's the OneThree girls, two brothers andFrazier's dad. Jennifer Anniston talksabout her vibrator. This movie is reminiscentof a few other 90's modernlove/comedy dramas, but worth watchinganyway.Dead ManJohnny Depp has too muchmoney and too much time on his hands.This is what you do when you are rich.You make movies like this. There is afunny blowjob scene for about three seconds.That said, I leave it to you todecide if it's worth the price of admission.The FanMy favorite actor. My favoritebaseball team. Robert DeNiro and theSanFrancisco Giants. No one plays mentallyunstable like DeNiro. Although nothis best movie, it's Cape Fear with abaseball theme. There is one thing that'spretty hard to swallow, however, theyportray the Giants as a winning team .Yea right.5 slug

Before 1 get in to thismonth's column let me justpreface this whole discussionwith a big fat concept fromcommunications 101 class:with music. So what the hellam I getting at, right? Well ifmusic is as important in yourlife as it is in mine then you 'llunderstand that getting backyear's competition were asfollows: 667 out of 4570 bandswere chosen. Out of the 667bands 220 were unsigned, 300were signed to independentlabels and 100r------------------...,.---------------.,were signed to. ~rn[])~ UrJej[)~,nn~~nTl~U La----J~ >U=::::.r[})cuWEt[§) ~c::a!IJ(1)[J[}music is the purest and mostpowerful form of expressionknown to man. Sure the eyesare the window to the souland nothing says "1 love youbut get off my land you cocksucker..."better than an allout air raid backed up by soldierscarrying smoking guns,but if you really want tomanipulate and get insidepeoples hearts and minds,music and poetry are definitelyhigh on the list of havingthe ability to strum peoplesmost primal cords. Now thatdoesn't mean that every timelittle Gus bumps the piano Igo running to hump the cat.No there definitely are somecriteria to which all musicgets judged by and everybodyhas different tastes anddifferent reasons for liking ornot liking a piece. Bands orcomposers who are able totap into that rare ore of soniceuphony are lauded as greatsuccesses, given huge sums ofmoney and are often seenbaring their most recent tattooson the cover of severalhighly prestigious nationaland international publications.And of course we allknow about music's uncannyability to sell things.Everything from the ideasand images of eternal youthto the $1.99 deluxe cheeseburgercombo to the heightenedsense of action andsecurity in a StevenSpielberg/John Williams filmare all enhanced and "sold"slug 6to the source every so often isas important getting to thenext level. Strip it all awayand attempt to explain toyourselfwhy that E-D-Achord progression against aheavy back beat (Back inBlack) always makes me wantto rage. It's primal! Just likewhen Ozzy whips it out androcks it all night long ... hisstomach that is. How veryTaoist of me to say that.Anyway, enough of the leetureand on to the usual vulgarityof my monthly bill.And since this is a monthly aswell as a tardy publication, ifsomething happens at thebeginning of the month that Iwant to 'w rite about it soundsas if I'm slow or rehashingold news ot beating a deadhorse by the time you read it.Well I'm going to write aboutthe South By Southwest bandcompetition that took placeearlier this January becauseit's kind of like Salt Lake'sown little Super Bowl battleof the bands competition andI think that it is a great promotionfor local music nomatter who wins or loses aswell as being the mostfeasable night of the year tosee what the local music criticsare dubbing the best of thebest. On the application to the'97 SXSW Music Festival inAustin TX. the chances for anunsigned band getting ashowcase on their own arelow. Right on the applicationitself the statistics for lastimajors. So the~~;:It~~ :ndradio station;:~ ~ ~~dt ointo that com­petition with. . • . . '. " . . ' -:r- those odds aswell a pay for them to getthere and stay there isextremely cool. Should we allrely on winning band competitionsto get to Austin? Hellno! But competition is whatthis industry thrives on and isas good for the bandsinvolved as it is frustratingfor them. The nature of competitionis one winner manylosers. Every band that I sawat the finals was well focused,tight, archetypical to theirstyle of music, and extermelyprofessional. As you all probablyknow I'm not'a big fanof that hippy granola jamrock scene. I like it loud,heavy, and filled with attitude,good hooks and wellconstructed grooves. Utah'sreligious parliament has theirMormon clutch so tightly onthe balls of the bar communitythat the competition startedat like 6 o'clock with theband "[ezus Rides a Ricksha".Did you really think thatSweet Loretta or Fat Pawwould get the butt-fuck openingslot at this night ofnights? Interesting point hereis that no opening band hasever placed at the end of thenight at one of these competitions,Whatever... Are theystill a heavy metal band? Idon't know. Having over­.slept, 1 missed them but gotthere just in time to see the"Sun Masons" doing theirslap happy version of whatsounded like Carlos Santanaat Woodstock with featuredguests Les Claypool and TitoPuente. Luckily I only caughtthe last 45 minutes of that'song, so 1 wasn't all burnedout on my don't stab a hippiegranola fuck in the head witha fork pathos. They wereactually a lot of fun to hearand very tight and full 'sounding even if revivingWoodstock isn't on my thingsto do list. Do bands like thiseven get record deals anymore,or do they just playplaces like Park City andother Yuppie hell hole townsfor the rest of their liveswhere modem funk and nostalgiaare all the rage? Bottomline: Sun Masons will alwayshave a job, it just might notbe highly covetedsellingskins game on MTY. RiverbedJed was up next and procededto do what they do wellwhich is grunge style rockand roll complete with selfmutilated and tattooed leadsinger who looks surprisinglyenough like Layne Staley tobe the icing on this band'scake. Many men have tried,and failed to look as cool asthis band does. Though manytimes Riverbed Jed keepsplaying even after the goodsof the song have been deliveredand set aside for furtherexamination (editing boys,editing... even Alice and PearlJam know when to stopadding parts to a good songand cut those fuckers downto size), 1 thoroughly enjoyedtheir set and could appreciatewhat they were going for.Uncle Loretta was tip nextand I really can't tell you howwonderful they are 'as well asthe other writers at thePrivate Eye, Newsweek,Chunky Asses , and TheNational Revue can. Very'tight. Very focused. Very wellconstructed songwriting andmusicianship abound. Quick,somebody snatch them upand sign them before the twolead singers of Loretta fall ingoopy love with each otherand run away together to join

the Indigo Girls on this summer'supcoming "We'veTaken the Cock Right Out ofYour Rock!" music festival.Why didn't they win?Because their set was slowmoving and draggy and thepoor bastards in UncleLoretta had the looks of "wedo this contest way toomuch" on their faces to reallygive a shit about it. Theyshouldn't care. They've builtup a huge local followingfrom nothing and haveplayed many more importantshows and are the one act ofthe night that I can say isactually bigger than the contest.Persevere babies, you'reselling records and willalways be able to play thetheme from the Walton's betterthan anyone in town.EVER! My own personalfavorite of the night ASA wasup next and I had hoped,since we are all bro's togetherstruggling at slightly differentends of the hard rockspectrum for the same brassring, that Jeff, Dave, Dereck,and James would do thedeed and be the first legitimaterock act that could representSLC as winners of acompetition. I thought theyrocked and definitely had themost energetic set.of thenight (that I saw) as well asthe most original material.Yeah,yeah,yeah,nothingabout a four piece rock bandis new so fuck you 'til you 'reblue... In my head ASA wasthe band to beat becausetheir songs are tight, wellwritten, catchy as a mother,and most of all meticulouslyedited down to fitting theformat known as contemporaryradio. They also executedand put on a show, completewith finger puppets, adancing pirate and woodenleg named Smith. This is acompetition to go out and geta record deal right? Correctme if I'm wrong but that wasmy impression, not to godown to Austin and showeverybody how much we liketo play the blues. Well thewinner of the night was FatPaw, a three piece barnyardblues/hippie rock jam of aband complete with a do ityourself look like Stevie RayVaughn lead guitarist singerand Happy Jack the smilingbass player. No they didn'tsuck. No they didn't rockeither. Yes granola did fallfrom the sky as they played.Yes they are a great BARBAND. THEY WILLALWAYS BEA GREAT BARBAND. WE WILL ALWAYSNEED TO HAVE GREATBAR BANDS TO PLAYINGREAT BARSAND EXPEDI­ATE THE SALE OF CHEAPBOOZE TO DRUNK FUCKSLIKE YOU AND ME. Whyam I shouting? Because thereis no way in hell that thosegranola eating, barnyard jamming,Ph ish listeneng to, looklike SRV but sound like youplay guitar through a fuckingcan motherfuckers are evergoing to make an: impressionin Austin, the home of killermotherfucker Stratocastershredders like Chris Duarte,Eric Johnson, and the originalStevie Ray, plus his brotherJimmie, and probably everydown and out scumbag onthe side of the road. Fat Pawis extremely good at whatthey do. They will always .have a job. They can tour thecountry is a van and play atjust about any goddamn clubacross the country, BUT, SRVgot popular not because hehad the magic tone, butbecause he wrote greatcatchy little songs that gothim played on the radio andhis live performance was akiller. Good luck in AustinFat Paw. That town needsanother Strat slinging jamrock feel good band anyway.Good luck getting your songsnoticed outside of Salt LakeCity everybody else.7 slug

AQUARIUSI have just returned to"base," fresh from theAfghani-Soviet front. TheMujahideen are fierce fightersand are holding their ownwhen not outright advancingagainst"the'soviet forces .,Oursmall arms packages,Mvehelp'e

THE BETELA-TOB~COLUMBIA,MISSOURIJEREMIAH ­vocalMARKdru'msSCHOOLEY- guitarLP/CDeeWE TOLDYOU NOTTO CROSSUS•••"(CRYPT-073)OUT ONFEBRUARY25 1997ON TOUR IN USAIN FEB, MARCH,and MAY 1997(Europe Mar 22-Apr 30JCall CRYPT forBOOKING INFO!~~lPP..~~ECORDS*,~ CA 91506 TEL (818] 567-1095 FAX (818] 567-1260CRYPT AMERICA, 1409 West Magnolia, Burbank9 slug

metal with sensual lyrics. A Sebadoh is in heavy rotation Check the club calendars forTYPEDsmart heavy metal band in on the radio. God damn good shit like Cannibal Corpse,love with paganism' and sex. for Sebadoh. I hope they sell a FiFi, Fishbone and more, butNEGATIVE, Handsome as hell, they are million CDs and make Sub don't miss the highlight andSISTERMACHINEGUN ANDr-----------------------------------,that doesn't meanDRAIN "-----------------­Drain is a four-piece about the only metal bandall female heavy metal band currently in existence playingfrom Sweden. As far as I for the ladies. One metalknow they don't have anything'released so far in the band for the girls and oneband for the boys, one metalUnited States. The thought of industrial dance band.four blonde bombshells blastingout the noise for a hall 96 involvement. February 25.Thankfully there isn't any X­full of head banging boys isquite exciting. Sister MachineGun are best known for theirsingle "Bum" and the albumof the same name. They areindeed one of TVT's industrialbands with a soul tw ist.The band has been herebefore and for all the silly littleGravity Kills' lovers, SisterMachine Gun put on the betterlive show. Type 0Negative is another matter.Theirleader/bassist/ vocalist PeterSteele is a poster boy forfemale lust. He's been featuredin the pages of PlaygirlMagazine. The entire bandlooks like a no-holds-barredtag team from the WCW,except I don't think wrestlersare that smart. The music canonly be described as Gothslug 10SEBADOHThe original date forthis appearance was February14, Valentine's Day. The twowho booked the show arelikely the only two locallyunderstanding the combinationof band and date. LoyalSLUG readers, a dead breed,might remember thatSebadohs Lou Barlow wasfeatured on the cover twoyears ago. In 1997 grid andthe ir financial backer (Theradio station/concert promotionmonopoly. Who believesgrid is a self-sustaining publication?)have discoveredSebadoh. The show is sponsoredby grid magazine. Whatkind of tragedy is this?Pop rich again.The original date isrescheduled for February 15.The lovers can bask in theday-after-glow and the musicof Sebadoh. However, thingsaren't always as they seem.While Lou or Jason can bothwrite a pretty pop love songfor girls to swoon over, thelive experience tends to besomewhat different. The lasttime they came to town theyconfused an entire hall full ofwannabe punk rockers. Thistime through, when grid readersare added to the equation,it could be very bizarre.Expect a chorus of "Sebadohis shit live, " and smilebecause music is not a trendor a fashion statement ­something the vast majorityof the audience will neverunderstand. Ask the grid crewabout their backpacks. Thosepeople are an alien life form.What is in the pack? A lifesupport system, their communicationequipment for whateverplanet they're from, acover-up for a misshapenbody? What the fuck is withthe backpacks and when willBill Frost start wearing one,he should be indoctrinated bynow.LUSCIOUSJACKSONThe news at my levelstates that the big boys arebusy planning yet anotherridiculous sum mer concertseason for the boredom of all.Meanwhile the little guys aresmashing down the barrierswith one show after another.Soul Coughing atSaltair. LusciousJackson are preparingtheir return visi t..... several yt:ars afterthey made their debut at theBar & Grill. Live funk and hiphop with the underlying rootsin of all things-punk. Thesefour girls have been on theroad for years fine-tuningtheir grooves in front of audiencesthe world over. Fever InFever Out is their best albumto date and the very thoughtof seeing the band live shouldbe enough to create a sell-outat much larger halls. Alas an1alack, this is Salt Lake City ,and metal will never die .Luscious Jackson will be atClub DV8 on ~ebruary 25 forall those with discerningtaste.Downset and Earth CrisisOkay Mr. "MonsterCrew Straight Edge, JoshRudy," you want to swearand spew disrespect? Why, don't you change your nameto Cody Judy and live like adeer? That would be straigh tedge! As I read your letter Icouldn't help but think of thUtah public school systemwhich has obviously failedyou, a not uncommontrait 01the Utah raised. Here's thepreview, which doesn't meatalbum review or show reviefuck head. You can't even usprofanity properly, what areyou a fucking Mormon?I'm sure glad that isout of the way. If I'm remembering correctly Downset anEarth Cr isis appeared on m ybest of list for '96. Hypocritethat I am extreme music witextreme political content isnot a foreign subject, somethingthe spokesman for thelocal straightedge communil

missed. Earth Crisis is aslamming band, both liveand on CD. Their leader,vocalist and spokesman, KarlBuechner, is an outspokencritic of society as it currentlyexists. He and the rest of theband live their beliefs and ashe's made clear in the past,anyone unable to live as theypreach is out of the band.That is conviction and yes,Earth Crisis receives all therespect I can give .Downset, like EarthCrisis, aren't exactly burningup the sales charts. Do WeSpeakA Dead Language hasmanaged to remain in theTop 10 of the CM] Metalcharts since its release. CM]charts don't mean shit in SaltLake City. Politically consciouship hop, punk andmetal don't mean shit in SaltLake City unless the band isnamed Rage Against TheMachine. No matter becauseDownset and Earth Crisiswill take turns on the Bar &Grill stage. Two shows, bothall ages, are scheduled forFebruary 22. Salt Lake City'sMetro Gang Task Forceshould be in attendance tomaintain order and to snap afew photos.-WaCANNIBALCORPSE ANDBRUTALTRUTHBig news metal fans ­Champions of grind,Cannibal Corpse and BrutalTruth will be co-headlining ashow at the Bar and Grill onSaturday February 8th. Thiscomes as a relief after theheart-breaking disappointmentwhen CannibalCorpse's bus broke down,precluding (whoa, big word ­who the hell do I think I am?Laura Swensen? Yeesh!)them from making it herewith the MISFITS a couple ofmonths back. Metal Blade's,IMMOLATION will be comingalong for the show. Theywill be supporting their secondrelease HERE IN AFTERon this tour. OPPRESSORwill also be appearing thatnight. These are four of theheaviest bands that will cometo Salt Lake this year. Maybewe'll even see Athey's skinnybutt out in the pit. As wesay in death metal - Be thereor DIE!!-4GashTilE SLUG WE'6 PAGE IS •••11 slug

This is a phoner donewith Doug Carrion ofHumble Gods the day afterthey played Spanky's withthe Swamp Donkey's and theDuckie Boys. The band hadflown into townto playa gig atWolf Mountain- an after-competitionpartyfor theProfessionalSnowboardersAssociation.The Spanky'sdate was extra.As anyoneknows by nowthe HumbleGodsmembershiphas a punkrock history.Carrion was inan earlyversion of theDescendents,Brad X and LouGaex were inDoggy Style.The late JasonThirsk was inPennywise. Hedoes the basswork on thealbum. Bianca,formerly ofButtrumpet isthe new bassist.When the bandformed it was more for somethingto do during the day.Everyone was employed inone way or another in theL.A. club scene. As thingshappened they released andindependent record and werepicked up by Hollywood.No Heroes is their first for "that label and for anyonetired of what is passed off aspunk rock today it is aworthy acquisition. Old styleis the description.SLUG: What did youthink of the Swamp Donkeysand the Duckie Boys?slug 12HG: I thought the SwampDonkey's were really goodand their guitar player hasgreat, great good old fashionedpunk chops. A talented"guy. I thought that Scott ofthe Duckie Boys has somegreat ideas for songs. ReallyThere really is no pressure,you just get up there andhave a good time. We enjoyplaying whether there's fivepeople or 500 or five thousandpeople. I think that wasone of those ones where thepeople who were there had awant to do . I think"Sur render" is definitely acontender, "Lied andCheated" is definitely a contender.SLUG : How about"Running Out Of Time? HG :"Running Out Of Time" Ithink is a contender, but the~((j)Jl})!§Ji1~{irem". •good bands, I enjoyed both ofthem a great deal.There weren't a lot ofpeople at Spanky's to see theHumble Gods - a few boardersand a few drunks. SLUG:Were you disappointed thatmore people weren't there tosee you? HG: Not reallybecause normally we do allages shows and I knew goinginto that one, because it was a21 and up venue, what wewere getting ourselves into. Ithink shows like that aregreat because they removethe pressure from the band.great time. It wasn't thatcrowded and that'? fine.SLUG: Is "Surrender"the first single from thealbum? HG: Hollywood hasn'treally determined what. single they are going to gowith, but "Surrender" seemsto be one of the tracks thatcollege radio is playing agreat deal. We shot a videofor "Price Tag," a little independentvideo and that hasbeen serviced to some independentvideo stations. It hasyet to be determined whatsingle Hollywood's going tocould be ourfirst single because then peoplewill think that all thematerial on the record is slow.I think that's a very strongsong and it could be in themix as far as singles, but Iwouldn't want to go out ofthe box with it.SLUG : Did you readthe AP review of your album?HG : Is that the one wherethey weren't favorable aboutus? That's Okay. I don'tremember verbatim wh atthey talked about, but I thinkthat the things you have tokeep in mind are as follows.Those people don't buyrecords. They get records forfree. People who buy recordsdec ide what they really wantto buy. I believe that writershave a lot of power in whatthey do and I also think thatthe record buying public, JoeBlow kid that buys records,they're really not interested inthat. They either like it orthey don't. It's very, very cutand dried. For every badreview there are probablyabout 60good reviews. As faras AP is concerned I'm reallynot that shocked, worried,concerned. It's one guy'sopinion and that's absolutelyfine . When you are talkingabout art, art is out there forinterpretation, some peoplemight interpret it one wayand some people can -interpretit another way. Art is

ery personal and when youre putting that out there. -ou leave yourself very vulerableto kick you in therotch. If you don't like theecord, why invest the time. writing about it?SLUG: "AmericanGirl" Is there a story aboutwhy you included the songon the album? HG: I thinkthe story is more: it's a great,classic staple song and overthe last few years we've beenplaying the song just as a funthing and it's really turnedinto a crowd favorite. At theend of the night we areknown to invite young filliesfrom the audience to singand dance with the band.Usually to sing the chorusand groove out. It kind oftook off, it's a good blast ofenergy, a hook is a hook nomatter how you slice it.We're big Tom Petty fans andthat's a good song. We gaveit a hot-rodded version. ,SLUG: You weresupposed to be here withDownset and Deftones amonth or so back. What happenedwith that date? HG:What happened was. On theother side of Salt Lake is acontinental divide. And upin that area is like snow. Wegot stuck on 1-80,just frozenin traffic for the better part ofthree hours. 1-80was shutdown the night beforeand... we were stuck in thesnow. The sad thing is thatwe missed itby probably ahalf hour. It was so fucked.The band is currentlyona break. The snowboardgig was just for fun;fly in fly out; pick up somequick cash. They'll be back inthe spring and it might bewise to catch them live, ifonly for the sight of Biancaas a maniac of the bass.-Wa7.SGE~7.S~~~~7.S~Grateful J)ead 1Qe J)QeIoceose & Buroersflhirts & wpestries19~a 19mps ~Z~ :h r~~~i3lack lites & -&SIers ~~ G ~vBeaded (Qrtaios • ~erciog& wttoos • ]ewelrQ • ([gars • Imported &Natural ([garettes • lfaditiooal & tKotic lObaccGear & %cessories • ~od/es• 1{learJ)etoxifQ & Vale's • Zippos • 0amics~ ~'li ~ ~'liw/."l.- S"l ~ 5'-) C?.rt\ C?.~13 slug

Appearing AI:The Bar & GrillSalt Lake City, Utah, Feb. 8thSale Priced Now AI:~h@l ~@l1!\'f/1I ~@I~l!\l ~h@1P~o,~ ~~~~ ~~oo ~@~~h ~O~ Q~~'Q'O'~ON

Arthur Shawcross was on parolein 1987. His life in Rochester New Yorkprovided him with the basic essentialsfor his pleasure and well being. He hada wife, Rosemary Wally, who had beenhis prison pen pal, and a mistress, ClaraNeal. The cops, and psychiatriststhought he was getting along prettywell; and after a st)te he was. Rochesterprovided Shawcross with prostitutes tokill, a landscape to hide bodies in, andpeople who would be slow enough toreally engage his rage for a while.. The crime Shawcross committedand did time for had been manslaughter.But manslaughter simply doesn't do justiceto what Shawcross had done: a tenyear old boy had been murdered andeight year old Karen Ann Hill had beenraped and strangled. The manslaughtercharge had been granted in exchange fora guilty plea in the case of the Hill girl.Shawcross had done fourteen years andgotten out for good behavior.His initial release had been anobject of fear for many cominunities.Indeed Shawcross had either been banishedfrom town after town, or occasionallyif allowed to stay, the police wouldwatch him so closely that he felt it betterif he moved on himself. Until Rochester,In Rochester he could be anonymous,have a job, rub elbows with the localpolice. The police for their part musthave thought Shawcross a sort of localidiot. One cop described him as having"a room temperature IQ."Shawcross, who had thedemeanor of a mild mannered idiot;bicycling everywhere on an old sixtiesSchwinn, and working the graveyardshift making salads for a food distributor,had very quickly found meansenough to leave the savagely beaten andstrangled bodies of young 27 year oldDorothy Blackburn out in the scrub atthe edge of SalmonCreek. He found thetime and inclinationto put a 59 year olddrifter namedDorothy Keeler .onthe Seth Green Islandin the Genesee, and aweek later the dead \body of Patty Ives, 25 ,was found under a ~ .pile of trash andf .cardboard behind a J~ .local YMCA.Shawcrosshad killed at leasteight people whenthe police finallydecided that theyhad a serial killer inthe area. The FBI,who took over the .case, soon had a profilemade up. Themurderer would be a white male in.hismid-30's with an attractive demeanor.After all,clearly a lot.of women weregoing with this man evidently. ButShawcross was an ugly, stupid, fat, idiot.Not the target the FBI was searching for.But one morning, a helicopterspotted a body, nude, except for a whitesweater, floating down a river, andupstream a man pissing in a bottle.When Shawcross got done with the bottlehe noticed the helicopter, and droveoff in a flurry. The police stopped him inthe parking lot outside his mistress'office. They took him in for questioningand impounded his car.Shawcross seemed a totallyunlikely suspect, he was too stupid tohave done the crimes so well, and hewas not like the FBI's target. But whenthey got a look at his criminal historythey paid more attention.Shawcross was let go, Withouthis car, and with a tail. That night theyfound an earring matching one found onone of the victims. The next dayShawcross was arrested while bicyclinghome from work.He held up under questioning.But not for long. Having been trickedinto protecting his wife - a strangeimpulse for a serial killer - he confessedto all the crimes.After a ridiculous trial, duringwhich Shawcross was totally silent,except under hypnosis he became 11­year-old Arty once again crying andwhimpering. And then he became an18th century whore named Gladys. Thejury didn't bu y it as an insanity plea.Shawcross got ten 25 to life sentences.Without possibility ofpa role.15 slug

Change is inevitable, for betteror worse. Included? BalletWest's scenery and neon costumes.After all, neon is onceagain fashionably "in" 1997.Years of dancing in 'the productionprovided me with memorizedchoreography, perfectioniststandards, and superlativeexpectations. Piquant techni­, cians have replaced virtuosopersonalities. Whereas, onceyou could rely on humor,astonishing feats, expressivepassion and stage presence,now... Well, I'll avoid thewriter's excessive license, thatacrimonious "critical imperative." Or that vitriclic. closetprofundity! In other words,support Utah's proliferatingarts. When a certain BalletWest Company member mentionedshowering at the U of Ufacilities because her apartmenthot water wasn't operating, Icould only think of the financialdiscrepancies betweenartists and sports franchises .Basketball millionaires.Performing artists. Hmm...Something is still amiss withthis picture.The sole New years ResolutionI kept was 6 years as a vegetarian.Five years hence, meatoccasionally summonS gastrointestinalrepulsion. Andthe need to vices. Caffeine mytrue substance addiction.Researchers are in the processof debunking the myth of braincells destroyed through liquorpickling. Don't want to giveyou any ideas about choosingthe snockered alchy lifestyle,though. Reasons obvious, lectureadjourned. There's hothinglike an infrequent cigarilloslug 16to shred awaytaste buds for afew days. Seldompartake. But coffee?!?!Amba!Especially specialtyflavored. Spoiled, am I.Lefties see the forest ratherAhh... With every good inten­than the trees. Their right­brain orientation means theysee the whole picture ratherthan a piece at a time...tion employed, I usually quitthe stuff when manic. In fact, Ideclared Java null-and-void"97's New Years Resolutionlasted a whooping 5 da ys,thanks to moonlighting with apoisonous toxin. The gorgeousflower Foxglove. Digitaliscompliments of a Chicagofriend's brother's so-called,acquaintance. Valerie broughthome baked pecan sandiescookies in a holiday tin.Unbeknownst to the consumers...Val landed in thehospital, I was bed bound andspent New Years reading, gutsin knots, pining away in seriousneed of faith restoral viahumanity. Val & I had plansfor the commemorative eve .Also, the option to party at aformer 60's rebel mensa hostess'eclectic gathering, colleagueof mothers'. A particular(peculiar?) Gent quest hadloosened inhibitions (champagneloadingjEnough toannounce-his "time done in apadded cell" as a"schiz/manic." Damn!Surelywould've delighted in comparingnotes regarding thoselibelous diagnoses. Awaitingtrial date or litigation out-ofcourt.Depends. Supposedly,either way I'll be reimbursedfor lost job hours. One of mynicknames has seen fit to habitat& haunt: Jinx ."I've Been Ayn Randed, N.earlyBranded Communist CauseI'm Left-Handed"- Paul Simon 65Excuse me for repudiatingthe petty world of "kissbutt" business. I'd quite likelybe happier, richer, content,healthier, whatnot - with thosethat line their wallets in wadsof dead presidents a~d plastic(card) debts. Sometimes, Ienvision plastering "mean peoplesuck" stickers on the foreheadsof several guilty deservants.And the hordes of cellphone flaunting egocentrics.Good God what dauntingestrangement I felI: That perniciousedge. Used to rely onwalking off the manic fever,until I contracted walkingpneumonia(?) Times . Roundthe-clocktebiary forces ofgustohave subsided... Mind nolonger afire, nor playing fire...Lingering insatiable, fieryappetite... Glittering, sparklingsnow...Peach into a turquoisehalo full moon bright. Hmm...Soon, I shan't notice.Depression's enervation, recuperationand tranquillity.Glanced a young, nomad ladystrolling alone through sugarhouse,cropped short Rosedyedhair. Driving along, Istarted singing the very succinctand pertinent refrains ofNeil Sedaka's HUNGRYYEARS. Indeed, I do missthem..."Even Liberals Don't LikeSmart Women" - Kurt CobainJaunting away thehalf-life poison on New Yearseve afternoon scrutinizing thesplotchy youth deluding themselvesas ostracized, degenerateelite (been there, done that), Ilaughed aloud at the slab ofsidewalk concrete desecratedwith various insignia. Agingviva la revolutionaries, I cherishedthe "Eat the Rich" insouciance,comprised of unyieldingambivalence. Past portals.During the plane flight (elongated)round-tripOrlando/SLC last summer, I .read in entirely Melissa Rossi'sCourtney Love :Queen of Noisebio. Face it, Hole is awful.Perhaps you equally detestHole's music, although there'sno denying she's a firebrand.Possibly it's a heroin "smack"factor, I never partook (or everwill) . However, the incredulousJerry Stahl memoir PERMA­NENT MIDNIGHT is a gratuitous,gruesome narcoticaccount. This antihero is my!favorite 90's author. Stahlwould be the forerunner of"scaring clean" any drugabuser. Courtney Love, i allher controversial narco-glory, isa strong contender for th ~ coveted.AcademyAwards. In herIbook interview for A111YRaphael's GRRRLS! Viva RockDivas, Love elaborated on anovel with repeated absorption(I've read thrice) entitledMEETING THE MAD­WOMAN: Empowering theFeminine Spirit by LindaSchierse Leonard. A less disturbed,considerably less ostentatiousheroine) of Raphael'sbook is Kristen Hersh ofThrowing Muses. Hersh isremarkable, withstandingunequivocal trials & tribulationsas a Aercely spiritedwoman. But hey, squelch thesuperfluous suspense, read itfor yourself!. Camus,Nietzsche & Sartre's highallutin'brows would dispensequalms over PBS.'s film shortdark satire of Kafka's "It' s aWonderful (metamorphosis)Live." Would Kafka reproachit or find delicious hilarity inthis farcical rendering? Bellysevering,hearty laughter.Leitmotif "Sweet mystery oflife at last I've found you"...Valentine! Sweetie pie,snookums, precious dearest,. valentine...Not! Naysayer."Overshadowed by her sister,pretty girl would scream, lovelypeople burn like candles ,, only we are dean..."Bauhaus (King Volcano)Ineffable, self-recriminating,redemptive., Unorthodox. Treasure trove.Loki.Deadpan jester, tragi-corniclown. Precocious.Preposterous. [ex Libris.Formative years. Torn asunder .Searing prodigy.'so vulnerableand fragile...a loving paradoxAu Reuoirl, Laura ...Crabl,Loupey Lars(Adjective monger & youngestsibling of two daughters)

\\\\4 2. 1 9 W. 3 5 0 0 S. # 5W V C, u·t B' 4 1 2 0801·965·

Sam Phillips Omnipop .It's Only A Flesh WoundLambchopVirgin RecordsNever heard of thisband or perhaps it's a collaboration,Sam Phillips andOrnnipop? Oh well, gives mea chance to approach thisband with a clean slate, orone that is as clean as it canbe. Maybe they should putnothing on the CD covers,just the name of the band andthe CD, cause I did look atthe cover, I'll acknowledgethe fact that I know nothingabout this band (and I don 'tknow. if there are any hardcoreOrnnipop fans around)here are my impressions.While listening I imaginedwalking into a casino lounge.Shag carpets and velvet wallssurround a little stage with arunway. This band is playing.The female singingslightly drunk with a cigarettein her hand. The musicianshaven't shaved in awhile and have rented tuxedo'sthat haven't beenreturned. Then the song'ZERO, ZERO, ZERO'popped on and I'm whiskedaway to a corny musical setin paradise. The bongodrums, the horn section, theguitar of Elvis sways like thecoconut trees. So I'm not sureif that was a complement, butif you ever want to bewhisked from a drearylounge to a tropical paradisewhere everyone knows thewords to the song, only to bedragged right back again,you've found the band.-Mad Reverendslug 18Kip WingerThis Conversation SeemsLike A DreamDomoIt's not funny Gianni.The evil SLUG boss, in anattempt to further infuriateChristian Arial, passed me acopy of Kip Winger's newrelease. If this is the bestDomo has to offer then I saywelcome to the world of richesbecause the fools will buyany trash. Gianni passed theWinger deal my way fullyexpecting me to further theaims of the disempoweredwhose schooling was a failure.He hoped that I wouldattach my real name to thewriting so the crazed(Monster Crew Straight Edge,Josh Rudy) could seek me outand punish me for honesty.After wiping the still wetpuke from the CD it enteredmy changer and actuallyplayed! Gianni got the CDfrom Patrick Lugo at DomoRecords Inc. Patrick kicks ass,thanks for the free KipWinger CD.Fuck that noise.Patrick gives up theinformation that Kip Wingerwas influenced by Bowie,Dolby, The Beatles, Gabrieland Sting. Was that before orafter he played bass withAlice Cooper and fronted thepoodle-headed Winger? She's17 and what? 18 and life togo? Where's the cherry pie?Have I confused Winger withPoison and Warrant? Bombthe fucking radio station. KipWinger has become tribal andgroove oriented all of asudden. I guess the 17-year­old grew up and that is really,really nice except I haven'tenjoyed anything Dolby,Gabriel or Sting have done inthe last 15 years (Bowie is theexception), the Beatles neverdid anything remarkable afterIntroducing and if Kip Wingerbelieves putting out a pseudo'80s album is the ticket toregaining his fame: leave it toU2. Winger was always aboutbombast and THISCONVERSATION SEEMSLIKE A DREAM has all thebombast, except a slightamount of '80s dance pop isincluded. An overindulgentguitar solo remainsoverindulgent whether it isbacked by a string quartet ora pop metal band. Nice tryKip, but you can have the'80s, they 're finished and soare you .-Ronnie James GallagherLuscious JacksonFever In Fever OutCapitol RecordsThis all girl band(although the drummer looksrather butch) named after a70's basketball star comes torest in a phase of raw melodybetween the voices and abeatbox. The voices, usuallythree of them as far as I cantell, intermingle lyrics in a .low tone that first off don'tmake much sense and thenyou find yourself not evencaring. The songs sander byand none variates from anyother song on the disc. NakedEye is the only one that couldbe construed as upbeat, or inother words this song opensthe CD in a strong fashioncomparatively. The change toa slower somber beat is agood transition in Don't LookBack, but when the remaining13 songs follow suit you areleft bored and ultimatelywanting more of the upbeatstylings that weren't thatgood to begin with. Thesegrrrls were at some pointcalled the female BeastieBoys. One look at Jackson'sdrummer and beastly comesto mind, but nothing aboutjackson's lame rhyming lyrics'Icould come even close to TheBoys. For example how I Imany bands have come up. with this, Mood swing, youbring me up, you bring medown, I can't let you in, mindyou this goes on for 3 minutes.Have I mentioned howugly their drummer is?-Mad ReverendCakeFashion NuggetCapricorn RecordsOnce you get past thdifferent voice that is if anythinga little annoying, you'llbe surprised by this CD. [oMcRea's voice is a littleannoying as he is talking insuspension, he never reallysings himself and on somechoruses you'll know why.The content is what is on display.The songs aren't melodicas they are more keepingbeat to the lyrics. There areexceptions when the bandgoes full blown country mustcally and lyrically onStickshifts And Safety belts.They originally point out thalarge fuzzy dice still hangproudly like testicles fromrearview mirrors on Race CarYa-Ya's. The band moves witstyle around in musical fits, Iyou've heard any of theirsongs I can promise they arenot typical of what Cake performsbecause ~t is so varied.They are not the most promiing group on any scene andthe music in fact gets a littletiring after several differentlistenings. The point is thatthey aren't the same stuffrepeated and they are fun tolisten to in doses.-Mad 20

\r LLlNG STON~~ .I... .-Thesic Ex:p.ri nee878 East 900 South (9th&9th)596.930019 slug

'Cravin' MelonRed Clay HarvestMercuryCravin' Melon? Is thisa joke? The CD comes outsometime in '97, it could beout by the time this is published.Don't bother lookingfor it because it's more of thesame old shit. Another hippieband from the Southeasternportion of the United States.The advance copy containsthese words on the rear."They have a fresh, honestsound that shows respect fortheir regional heritage, featuringfeel-good grooves andtight vocal harmonies." Whata load of crap. They sold20,000 copies of their independentlyreleased debut.The text ends with this tidbit."the band tours constantly,playing over 200 dates lastyear." Talk about rote writing,talk about rote music, I'll betCravin' Melon are really jammin'when they play live. I'llbet they've played for awhole bunch of college boys.I'll bet they are best friendswith Darius. I'll bet theydon't even suck, they're justboring. Yawn.-Wynona WriterHumpersPlastique ValentineEpitaphThe punk sounds ofthe Pistols & NY Dolls in thelate 70's had a distinct sound,even if it didn't greatly reflecteach other, really, in obviousstyle. Their similarity wasthat they played in one big &obvious way-ballsy & bleedslug20ing, full of antisocial attitudethat screamed for publicattention. The Humpers playfrom that same vein withoutthe usual bullshit act that sodamn many young punk actsare using these days. Sure,they play loud & very fast,but with a refreshing oldschool loose & loaded feelthat incorporates a mean guitarlead that rips out somewailing sounds straight fromthe hip. Listening to the disc,the music sweeps you offyour feet with its 100 mphspeed that comes out ofnowhere, but hits you rightbetween the eyes. The onlyband that even remotelyreminds me of them is thebluesy THEE HYPNOTIC,that play in the same fashionof true tour de force tunes,taking no prisoners & slammingevery song home. Thedifference is that the Hampersare punk in every sense of theword, no holds barred.Singing from the hard side ofthe street & dirty back alleys,these boys aren 't out to showoff tattoos or fat leg pants.No way, mister. Save thefashion statements forBerkeley, poser! Pushinggood old R&R with an angryfront, th~ 'music is true to thefan & doesn't hold anythingback at all. Forget singingalong to catchy pop & a tastychord, because that would betoo easy these days. TheHumpers are the real thing,so watch out , cause listeningto this album you 'll soon realizethey're out for blood!-Billy FishThe HooligansLast CallSkizmatic RecordsEvery month when Icome into Slug HQ to pick upsome new platters to review, Ialways find my bin chuck fullof wonderful new sam- 'plings(courtesy of Giannithankyou!) that always addto the beauty of writing fornothing more than free music.The best new taste this lastmonth was easily theHooligans Last Call. I digrockabilly as much as the nextnovice to the scene withouthaving the urge to grease myhair & ride a scooter, so thiswas a nice taste of the soundscoming out of San Diego thelast few years, which I don'tget to hear that often.Evidently blowing the lid offa few music joints downsouth, it's easy to understandas you play this record, whichis jam packed with a kickasssound, reminding me ofgreats like Eddie Cochran &even Mr. Buck Owens. Thedifference is that this band iseven more well-rounded thanjust a normal rockabilly band,slipping in jazz & big bandinfluences that create a HUGEsound! Frontman Gig Fortieris amazing, dropping throatyvocals that spreads out likewarm cream cheese while layingdown a mondo hollowbodylead that really tears upthe joint. By far one of thebest rockabilly freshman tohit the stage, Fortier is adamn monster on the sixstring! Backed up by equallycool standup bass & trapkit,the Hooligans are an easilyaccessible rockabilly /R&Rband that needs to be heardsoon before they explodenationwide. Do it now!-Billy FishChokebore[',''.~, -. ...;.." '11- ~ .~ ' ~ _ \.. ~ / ~.-.'.a taste for bittersChokeboreA Taste For BittersAmRepIt is hard to sit downand write anything for SLUGat this point in time becauseno one reads it anymore andthe magazine has becomereally shitty, I've writtenforSLUG ever since back in ttheday when there was an ~d inevery single issue suggesting:if you don't like it contribute..It seems that the only contributionthe local communitydesires to make now is a criticalletter in Dear Dickheads.Fuck you!Chokebore is one ofthose bands from indie landthat alternates between softand hard. It would appearthat the band has discoveredthe human condition. The latestChokebore creation comeacross as the dooms day bellstolling. This event will occurin England on New Years Evin 1999. Placing a pair ofcheap reading glasses on myface to decipher the 4-pointHelvetica used for the lyrics Idiscovered the following."Popular Modern Themes"concerns fingers, creases,tongues and little drops ofred. "The silence filled thecreases and I turned awayinstead." Maybe it was thesmell?The conceptual themof the creation is one ofdespair, poverty and lovelesssexual experiences. In otherwords life as a participant ina rock band few have everheard of. The title tune prettymuch says it all, "but youdon't care for me and I don'tcare now for nobody." Theclimax is a long spoken wordpiece, in what could beGerman, titled the "The RestOf Your Evening." I guess thegirl is telling the poor wretchto fuck off for about 30 minutes. Yes, the CD is qu iteexcellent. It makes me happythat I gave away the advancecop y of Silverchair I stolefrom an 2'2

oct 0 b er r u s t***~~~**""********~~***'**********< - .- . -v­ , . , ~" ..t' ....;­...,

hoenix ThunderstoneRide of the LawlessScratchie RecordsIf there is one thing.that bands like Iggy & the 'Stooges, the Ramones, &Pussy Galore taught us wasthat talent can never replaceenergy' & attitude. PhoenixThunderstone is this samelesson that needs to be taught•more often .Coming off like a~ rab id dog drunk on .its mas­~ te r ' s sour whiskey, P.T. rocksl out with true & disturbingi vengeance. Vocalist SeanHeskett screams with an uglykf ever in the grand tradition of~ s u ch blues greats as:'·.Leadbelly & Blind Lemon~::Je ffe rs on . Backed up by the(:Yt rude & raunchy guitar of;;Wendy Van Dusen(who's rare~:2yoca ls on the record are silky~ ,sm ooth , strange enough!), the'~ eerie sounds of deep back- '~ woods love, pain, & angst roll,"lout like spilt gin on a dirty~~tab lecloth ,Added are the evilharmonica shrieks of LemonI ' ~ .~De George & the slapstick .trapkit antics of Mikei

;IIII:.Have You Seen Me?uuTIO~ ~~ ITill. I1Prnw®w DO 0U® ~illmYl W® 0 OOrn[D~~lU©~millW ITillill ~[fiJ~'lliJo~rno ~~~wm wm,w®m~[fiJ[Ju m[ll 0 I a ~~~wrnlliJm O~ Doo~U wouoooollio @ITJ ITill~~ WCB · 0 rn®®UJ~OOrn ~oornlJD~Urn[fiJDOOrn n® ~ ®~ rn ~ ®UJ rn~ ~ ~®oo rn~ITJO[fiJ ~Y1o DOm ~ooourn D~ aOO[fiJ[fiJ~rn oo n ~ woum\W UlliJm ITillOIJ~n~©uorno~ slug24" .



27 slug

CRITTERS BUGGINHOSTLOOSEGROOVERECORDSThis is a jazz record bya seattle group. That'sright a jazz record fromSeattle. Maybe it's signallingthe death the ofgrunge. Lord lettuce pay.Anyways the music isnice it's got a little tomuch genre hopping formy tastes. The produc­, tion is good but not thebest thing that I've heard.I can tell however that themusiciansare talented. This band isa three piece, at leastaccording to the cover,the band sounded biggerslug281IIlIl""~":"'"""--""""to me.Check thisband out ifyou'rereally hipand thinkyou knowwhat it's allabout or ifyou justwanta livelyrecord topick you upwhen you'redown.ALGEBRA ONEEARN YOURHALODELMARNice littlespunkythree piecefromBlacksburgVirginia.Home of Va Techand not much else.This is very emocore D.C. /Richmondbased music.-=:"'-...lIWhat I likedabout this band was thierunprententious music andcover. Good jobboys. What I don'tlike is the actualmusic and the productionquality.Beef your shit upput some veganass kickin punchbehind yourmusic. Keep theattitude pick upthe style.AntiSEENThe CreamersPEARL SCHWARTZALGEBRAONEearn your halo1+2 plus Recordsthe same, you know.PearlSchwartz is straightup punk it's not thatican't give you a band topeg them to it's that theysound like a lot of bands.I did like their spunkycharm though. The pressjunket calls them streetgang rock n roll, I wouldn'tgo that fucking far.SO as for the label theyare trying however withthe exception of theAntiSEEN this is a veryjapanese looking set ofrecords. There is nothingwrong with this it's justtoo bad to be confrontedwith something new andget what you expected.-Sausage King

Buffalo's largestmusic festival ever has beenslated to run for the firsttime. Thursday. May 1through Sunday. May 4.1997 at the BuffaloConvention Center. KleinhansMusic Hall, and area nightclubs.The WNY MueicFeetival will feature local.regional, national acte thatwill take part in ehowcaaeefeaturing all etyles of musicat the Convention Centerand other downtown venuesthroughout the festival.Additionally, theConvention Center will housethe Music Marketplace withvendor booths and networkingtablee, as well ae educationalworkshops, clinics, andeernlnare related to themuelc industry for students,profeeelonale, & fans.Over 20.000 vlsltoreare expected over thefour-day event. which iebeing patterned after othereucceaeful muelc feetivalesuch ae "undercurrents" inCleveland. Ohio and "Southby Southweet" in AustinTexas, The Feetival is opento people in the rnuelc induetryand the general public.Performers. vendore,and other intereeted participanteare aeked to call716/87,.,125 ext 115 toreceive application forms andinformation kite. ,The deadline forShowcaee Performanceentriee ie February 14, 1997.A panel coneieting of mueicindustry profeeeionale andmedia repreeentativee willreview and vote on allentries.The festival is beingorganized byProfe55ionaiProgramManagement Inc.3494 Delaware Ave.Buffalo, NY14217-1230ESCENDENTSEVERYTHING SUCKS•DESCENDENTSlIllIllllllNEW RECORD OUT NOW Ito hear samples from this record dial (213) I-OFFEND, codes '8101 & 8102 l!J>lraJIhlug

Why isn't pho ettc spelled the way it sounds?Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?Why are there flotation devices underplane seats instead of parachutes?Have you ever imagined a world hypothetical situations? .I.wonder if other people think about this shitIf a cow laughed would milk come out it's nose?."~ . droppedIf you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat andit from a height, what would happen?Why do they put Braille dots on the'key pad of the drive up ATM?. Why do we dri,,"e orr.perkways andpark on d iveways?. Why i$ it when you transport something by car it'scalled a shipment, but when you transportsomething by ship it's called cargo?That little indestructible black box that is usedon airplanes, why ca.n't they make the wholeplane out of the same material? .slug30


-------------------------...,BROKEN HOPELoathingMetal BladeThe five guys that make upBroken Hope are back withtheir brand new album,LOATHING. This band hasscraped together some of thesickest, lowest, most dementedforms of evil and gore . Songssuch as "Siamese Screams" and"Auction Of The Dead" arewhat the really good horror~ flicks are about. Musically, thisalbum is far more dynamicthan their last release, REPUL­• SIVE CONCEPTION. Lyrically,Broken Hope writes passages• with a disturbing, poeticfinesse. "Anatomically incorrect.One body with two soulsunited as one. A mutual split• will eventually take place.Four hands with cutting toolsunskillfully slice. The arms• hack and carve to separate: themselves. Mangling the onebody they share. Disfiguredduet Screams." (from "Siamese• Screams")CARCASSWake Up And• SmellThe...Carcass(VIDEO)EaracheO.K. Carcass-heads, looks like, this will be our last hoorah. It'sgoing to come in the form ofthe WAKE UP AND SMELLslug 32THE...CARCASS video I wastelling you about. I finally gota copy for myself (No thanks toBrittany at Earache). The videoclocks in at 108 minutes andcontains 5 videos, some datingback to the NECROTICISMalbum, live footage from the1992 "God Of Grind" tour, andmore live footage from theirappearance during the 1989"Crindcrusher" tour. It's reallyan eye-full. .Don't bother shoppingaround town for this one.The HEAVY METAL SHOP isthe only store cool enough tocarry it.MY DYING BRIDELike Gods Of The SunFierceEngland's most prolificdoom metal band, My DyingBride is adding LIKE GODS OFTHE SUN to their lengthy listof releases. In the band's sixyears of existence, they've putout five full-lengths, four EPs, asingle, and two limited editionsets. Not being particularlyinto the doom movementmyself, I can't tell you muchabout this band. In comparingLIKE GODS OF THE SUN withtheir last, THE ANGEL ANDTHE DARK RIVER, I can saytheir latest seems to movealong a bit faster. The songsseem to have more of a backbonethan their earlier stuff.The guitarists have stepped upin front more. Also, every songdoesn't start with a droll violinor piano intro, The productionis less flowery - not as manyeffects. This just may be onedoom album that grows on meafter a while. Could happen.GRIP INC.NemesisMetal BladeI squealed with delight whenI found the new Grip Inc. inmy mailbox . NEMESIS is thehighly anticipated follow-up totheir '96 release , THE POWEROF INNER STRENGTH. It wasnice to see the line-up is thesame. For those of you thatdon't know, this band was puttogether by Dave Lombardo(Ex-Slayer drummer).Waldemar Sorychta(Despair/ and producer extrordinaire)adds his unique masteryofthe guitar to the band.Though, he rarely does anysolos on this disc (Booo). JasonViebrooks is on bass (I neverknow what to say about thebass player - sorry - uh, he'sreally good). Finally, GusChambers's "Rob Halford like"powerful vocals are a nicetouch . Grip Inc. is everythinggood that metal has been in thepast and what is good aboutmetal today. I do have onegripe about Grip, though.Remember about a year and1/2 ago when Grip Inc. cameinto town with Morbid Angel?The show was canceledbecause the stage at the Barand Grill wasn't big enough.(Here's my point) As far as Ican tell, their bio photo seemsto have been taken with theband standing on theBonneville Salt Flats. It's probablythe same picture they will .use for the CD so check it out.Anyway; these guys come toSalt Lake, cancel the.r appearance,then use our terrain fortheir bio photo. I would saythese guys owe us the performanceof their lives. We WILLbe waiting Grip Inc.!!GUILTFurtherVictoryLouisville, KY's Guilt isreleasing their second fulllengthon Victory. The albumis called FURTHER. The sixsongs on the album are all ."Untitled", and that's probablythe perfect title for each ofthese songs. It makes youthink. Not every song willmean the same thing to everyperson, but isn't that whatmusic is all about. These guyswon't spell it out for you, butfrom what I can gather, havesomething to say about thepower of advertising, theeffects of supply and demandon our lives and environment,human emotions and relationships,etc. The music on FUR­THER is on the experimental /technical side. Guilt is definitelypart of the new breed ofhardcore.MORTICIANHacked Up For BarbecueRelapseTwenty-four songs filledwith gore, horror, and theamount of blood that could bespilled in a week. Songs suchas "Three On A Meathook","Ripped In Half", and "DrillingFor Brains". A CD with thetit'e, HACKED UP FOR BAR­BECUE. Well damn. Whatmore do you want? Morticianis Will Rahmer (Bass, Vocals)and Roger Beaujard (Guitar,

Drum Programming) . TheseNew York City boys knowtheir death-grind. ThoughWill and Roger are a little single-mindedin the lyricaldepartment, the music...well,the music is that way too.Although, they keep it interesting.The music is super heavywith enough tricks aroundeach corner to keep you listening.This is one of the bestrecordings I've heard with adrum machine in place of livedrums. They sound damn near, real. Rent any movie with achain saw in it, turn the sounddown on the t.v., and crank theHACKED UP FOR BARBE­CUE. Now that 's beginning tosound like a weekend!STRAPPING YOUNG LADCityCentury MediaDevin Townsend's band,Strapping Young Lad is releasingtheir second full-length,CITY on February 11. This willcome as a follow up to,HEAVY AS A REALLYHEAVYTHING. Devin has been keptbusy over the last couple ofyears working with and entertainingoffers to work with animpressive list of musicians,which includes singing onSteve Val's, SEX & RELIGION.Strapping Young Lad isDevin's outlet to show whatmakes him tick. Don't expect"a boy and his guitar" fromthis release. CITY is anabsolute assault on the senses.Devin seems to know everytrick in the book when itcomes to producing a disc.andI'm pretty sure he used justabout all of them on thisrelease. The music is veryintense and there's lots ofnoise, but it's all tied togetherwith a nice, smooth production. Gene Hoglan(Testament/Death/DarkAngel) plays drums on thisalbum. Gene rules on drums.(Drummers - Check outDeath's, SYMBOLIC. It has byfar some of the best metaldrumming ever committed todisc.)Foundations Forum presents~JF ..~W_R~IF JE$ ,r -~·~71 ­May'S. 9 & 10. 1997Los Angeles. California......._..,....~_ . ~;".3 Days, 15 Clulls, 150 'Bands'"The iOnly Hard and Alternative MusicAuthority"new SLUG shirts available NOWsend ten bucks to SLUG TEES2120 s. 700 e. st h-200 s.l,c, ut 84106or pick one up atSalt City CD,Heavy Metal Shop or Modified,http://www.themusiczone.comlchannelfffest aol.corn (or) ;fmusicfeSt thernuslczone.corn.- ' 'tel. 212.645;1.360' ,­ .-011.......",fax. 212.645.2601, A sampling of the clubs involved: 'Whls~ ~ " ' ."nleatre, Vfper. Room, Billboard Live, Opium 'Den. ThePalace, Jacks i'sugar 'shack, Hollywooduve, Union. ~rtin~ Lou~ . HIgbL ." , -Grounds and more. '.33 slug

aiYenWednesday, February 5Apricot Jam - Ashbury PubDucky Boys - Burt's TikiLoungeZig Zag - Dead Goat SaloonVelvet - Holy CowThursday, February 6Harry Lee and the Back AlleyBlues Band - Ashbury PubHouse of Cards - Burt's TikiLoungeGigi Love Band - Dead GoatLong Player/Sea of Jones ­SpankysOccums Razor - ZephyrjFriday, February 7•Blue Healer - Ashbury Pub.Sturgeon General - Burt's Tiki: LoungeHighwater Pants - Dead Goat .Elbow Finn - Holy CowNine Spine StickelBank /Girth - SpankysTommy Castro - ZephyrSaturday, February 8Tongue-n-Groove - AshburyPubBrutal Truth/CannibalCorpse/Irnrnolition - Bar andGrillGigi Love Band - Burt's TikiLounge 'Tanya and the Townsmen ­Dead GoatPCP Berserker/ ThePlys/ Reverend Willie ­SpankysTommy Castro- ZephyrMonday, February 10Miss Lavelle White - DeadGoatTuesday, February 11Donna Smith - Ashbury PubFifi - Bar & GrillShinehead - Zephyrslug34aWednesday, February 12We the Living - Ashbury PubPill Box - Dead GoatWish - Holy CowLee Rocker - ZephyrThursday, February 13Rich Wyman Band - AshburyPubSo Whut - Burts TikiSun Masons - Dead GoatPijamas De Gato - SpankysGary Hoey - ZephyrFriday, February 14Gigi Love Band - AshburyPubHouse of Cards - Burt's TikiSturgeon General - Dead GoatSugarhouse/We the Living­Holy CowDecomposers - SpankysCoco Montoya - ZephyrSaturday, February 15Girth - Ashbury PubSwamp Cooler - Burt's TikiSpittin Liilt - Dead GoatSebadoh/Those BastardSouls/Ludlow - DV-8The Merge - SpankysCoco Montoya - ZephyrSunday, February 16Zion Tribe - ZephyrMonday, February 17Percy Struther - Dead GoatTuesday, February 18Kirsty MacDonald - AshburyPubClatter - SpankysWednesday, February 19Chola - Ashbury PubDucky Boys - Burt's TikiI Roots - Dead GoatRiverbed Jed/12 Speed - HolyCowTrace & Frank - SpankysString Cheese Incident ­Zephyr .Friday, February 21Baby Jason and the Spankers- Ashbury PubAtomic Delux - Burt's TikiHouse of Cards - Dead GoatFishbone/Skeletones - HolyCowThirsty Alley - SpankysChris Duarte - ZephyrSaturday, February 22Loose - Ashbury PubDownset/Earth Crisis- Bar &GrillTrouzer Trout - Burt's TikiLoungeInsatiable - Dead Goat 'Blanche -SpankysChri s Duarte - ZephyrMonday, February 24Caroline Wonderland & theImperial Monkeys -DeadGoatTuesday, February 25My Dog Vodka - AshburyPubLuscious Jackson/ Eels - DVSWednesday, February 26Trace Wiren - Ashbury PubSmilin Jack - Dead GoatType 0 Negative/SisterMachine GunDrain STH. ­DVSFlakey Jane/Sea of Jones ­Holy CowThursday, February 27Sea of Jones - Ashbury PubBlue Healer - Dead GoatTrike - Spankys[ackmorrnons - ZephyrFriday, February 28Back Wash - Ashbury PubShoot the Mime - Dead GoatHighwater Pants - Holy CowLoose/Long Player - SpankysFat Paw - ZephyrFax your calendarinfo to SLUG @'801.487.1359

. I /'r iIALIVEPOB 1112BURBANKCA 91510GARIBALDI GUARDI@)~ W@O~~ @@rJiJi'&s ©@~@~[@wNEW CD & LP • OUT NOWSEND 2 STAMPS lOR IRCS) fOR ACOMPLETE CATALOGUEWHICH INCLUDES HUNDREDS Of COOL RECORDS~~~ [§o ~E@@ 00 @ o~mCJ, ~It gets you there sometimes, but it doesn't keep you there . . .o o

16 songs from the album OSING STREAK.Write to us at: Less Than Jakero. Box 12081 Gainsvllle, :FL. 32604 C~Itj@afn.org© 1!l!)6 Capitol Records, I~c.•

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