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Jan-Feb 2000 - highdef magazine

Jan-Feb 2000 - highdef magazine


ContentsHighDef.Org NATPE Issue 200010 The Real Winners of Discovery Channel Eco-ChallengeFor twelve non-stop days and nights 200 athletes from allover the world compete for first place in the ultimatesports race. In the largest HD shoot ever, the articlehighlights the difficulty in documenting this unique event.By Laura Nielson15 HDCAM Ushers in New Age of Movie Makingivansxtc, a Hollywood film, will make history for DirectorBernard Rose, celebrated writer and director. Shooting inHigh Definition instead of the traditional 35mm format,Rose is on the cutting edge of technology. Read why henow insists that “Film is Dead!”By Claudia Kienzle19 Mike Wacker, HD Producer of SeahawksGamesVeteran producer Mike Wacker dropped out of college topursue his dream in the production world and has made aname for himself in the sports world using High Definitionto televise Seattle Seahawks’ games.By Laura Nielson6-8 Production NewsOut of the Blue, a feature film shot in SeattlePlus 8 Video opens in NYCLast Mountain, a touching HD fantasyEditor’s StatementNATPE has been a leader in developing HDTVtechnology through their annual HDTV forum. For thepast several years members from all over the world havereceived vital HD information which has enabled themto enter this revolutionary medium. We salute NATPE’sefforts in promoting this monumental change in how wesee television.In this issue you will read about Bernard Rose’sdaring move to film in HD for his latest movie,“ivansxtc.” starring Danny Huston, Lisa Enos, and PeterWeller. Rose continues to supply his audiences withinnovative material guaranteed to stimulate the mind.The story line, which shows the decadence ofHollywood, is underscored by the HD format that is soreal it makes one feel as if they are somehow tainted inthe watching.The article on The Discovery Channel Eco-Challenge supplies HD image still grabs that areindicative of the high resolution unmatched by any othervideo format today. After reading the text perhaps youtoo will agree with me that the real winners of the Eco-Challenge were the HD crew and the HD cameras.If you are a sports fan you will enjoy reading thebackground story of Seahawks’ producer, Mike Wacker, aveteran in the business.Your suggestions and HD press releases areappreciated. You may e-mail them directly to me or send them to: Laura Nielson,Editor of HighDef.Org, 2247 Fifteenth Avenue West,Seattle, WA 98119.Have a successful NATPE and may all your shootsbe in HighDef,Volume 2, Issue 1A Publication ofAMERICAN PRESS SERVICESOffice: 2247 Fifteenth Avenue WestSeattle, WA 98119(206)282-1776 FAX: (206)282-3535e-mail: Laura@apsnw.comPublisher: American Press ServicesEditor: Laura NielsonAssistant Editor: Amber BlackDesign/Layout: Gina Griffin HanzsekContributing Writer: Claudia KienzlePhotos: HighDef still grabsDisplay Advertising: Call DanAchatz at HighDef.Org –1-888-282-1776 for a current rate card.Deadline for advertising confirmationsand mechanicals is 15days prior to publication date.Distribution: HighDef.Org isdistributed to professionals inall areas of video and filmproduction nationally.Cover: HighDef still grab fromDiscovery Channel Eco-Challenge.Laura NielsonEditor

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