Philotas & Parmenio

Philotas & Parmenio

Philotas &Parmenio

The Story• Read the account inCurtius Pg 131 – 135.• Make a flow chart ofthe events.

The nature of Philotas• Plutarch (Pg 304 – 305) describes thefeatures of Philotas that did not endearhim to others.- Write down three such features.• What was Philotas’ explanation for notinforming Alexander of the reported plot?(Curtius Pg 133)

The enemies of Philotas• Other Macedonian nobles seized thisopportunity to blacken Philotas’ name:- What was Craterus’ advice to Alexander?- What reasons does he give? (Curtius Pg 134)• Amyntas & Coenus also attacked Philotas(Curtius Pg 138).

Alexander’s view of the plot• Read Alexander’s speech to the assembly:(Curtius Pg 136 – 137)- Who did he blame?- Write down three points he makes.• What was Philotas’ defence?

Was Philotas really plotting againstAlexander?• Read Fox’s analysis (Pg 286 – 289) & fill in achart like the one below:The case for Philotas’involvement.The case against hisinvolvement.

The fallout from the Philotas “plot.”• What does Curtius tell us about theattitude of many of the troops? (Pg 146)• Read Curtius Pg 146 – 150 to discover thereasons for being targetted & the fate of:- Alexander Lyncestes (Pg 146)- Two brothers, Amyntas & Simmias.- The third brother, Ploemon.

The fallout from the Philotas “plot.”- The killing of Parmenio• At this time Parmenio, Philotas’father, was in Ecbatana.• He had been left with a force tosecure the communication route.• Read Curtius Pg 151 – 152 &describe what happened.

Why was Parmenio executed?• What does Plutarch say about Parmenio? (Pg306).• What evidence does Gilmour (Pg 81 – 82)give of a possible problem in the relationshipbetween Alexander & Parmenio’s family.• Read the following & describe the variousreasons given:- Arrian Pg 192- Fox Pg 290

What does this incident illustrate?• Opposition to Alexander’s policy of fusion• Alexander’s determination to proceed withhis policy, despite the opposition.• Alexander’s brutality in putting downopposition.

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