Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology ... - San Juan College


Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology ... - San Juan College

SAN JUAN COLLEGEWelding andMetal FabricationTechnology ProgramDEGREE/CERTIFICATE

EMPLOYMENTOPPORTUNITIESWelders play an integral role in thedevelopment, sustainability, and theadvancement of many different types ofindustries. Because of this, the welding andmetal fabrication field boasts competitivepay, benefits, and opportunities for careeradvancement and travel.Welders can be employedin a variety of capacities:Boilermaker weldingConstruction weldingElectrical weldingIronworker weldingMaintenance weldingMillwright weldingSheet metal weldingShipyard weldingStructural steel weldingPipe weldingFabrication shopWelding inspectionThe pay scale for welders can vary dependingon skill level, years of experience andcertifications. Welders often earn an averageof $14 to $100 per hour.

ASSOCIATE OFAPPLIED SCIENCEThe AAS program is a four semesterdegree that adds academic requirementsto the two year advanced certificate. TheAAS degree is encouraged for future careeradvancement.CERTIFICATIONThe curriculum used in the weldingprogram is based on the needs ofindustry. Students practice nationallyrecognized welding tests. Including AWSD1.1 code, ASME B31 code, and API 1104code. Destructive tests will be performed onthese code tests.

LIFE AFTERTHE WELDING ANDMETAL FABRICATIONTECHNOLOGY PROGRAMI can honestly say that hard work paysoff. Earning my degree at San JuanCollege has made a big difference forme and my family. Not only have I beenable to advance in my job and earn ahigher salary, but my degree providesa variety of job opportunities. I learnedon top-notch equipmentfrom experiencedinstructors who areawesome at helping youconsistently improveyour skills. Success ispossible – all you haveto do is commit toyour educationand have theambition to seeit through.Everard Silas,Employed byPesco, Inc.

FOR MOREINFORMATIONVisit the websiteor call us (505) 566-3282SAN JUAN COLLEGEWelding and MetalFabrication TechnologyProgramSchool of Trades and Technology4601 College BoulevardFarmington, NM 87402www.sanjuancollege.edu/weldingwelding@sanjuancollege.edu

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