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The CourierJune 29, 2011 Volume 11 Number 42 www.delmarvacourier.comTeach a Kid to Fish - Budd Heim (r) of the Anglers Club explains lures to Gage Ludlam (l) of Ocean Pines.See story on page 10. Photo by Ron Fisher.County autonomy threatenedBy Chip BertinoWorcester County planning and zoning authorityand responsibility could be subjugated bythe State of Maryland if a recently released draftplan by the Maryland Department of Planning(MDP) is implemented by Governor MartinO’Malley (D) according to Edward Tudor, directorof the Worcester County Review and Permittingdepartment. He brought his concerns to countycommissioners during their June 21 meeting. Thecounty commissioners are not happy with thestate’s plan.According to Richard Hall, Maryland Secretaryof Planning, PlanMaryland provides a framework,process and actions for furthering SmartGrowth and for implementing the 12 Planning Visionsthat Gov. O’Malley signed into law in theSmart, Green & Growing Legislation of 2009.The plan, according to Mr. Tudor, would havea deleterious effect on Worcester County and hecounseled commissioners to voice their concern toMDP prior to the September 1 close of public commentsset by the state.In a 29-page review of the plan by Mr. Tudorand his staff, PlanMaryland, as written, could extinguishland use and zoning autonomy for allMaryland counties and other local jurisdictions.Additionally, because Worcester County is predominantlyagricultural and a location for secondhomeowners, the county could wind up very muchvanquished of self rule.According to Mr. Tudor, some of the plan’s provisionscould be interpreted as discriminatory andunconstitutional. Language in one section referringto land use states that housing be limited tothat which supports people engaged in resourcebasedbusinesses, tourism and rural recreation.Mr. Tudor points out that this unenforceable andcould not be monitored.Another provision of the plan is contrary to thecounty’s Comprehensive Plan indicating that thevillage of Showell is an area for future growth.The state’s plan totally disregards plans and proceduresaccepted by the county without recourse.The plan also puts considerable emphasis onlimiting the number of lots that can be served bya septic system. This statewide objective wouldaffect adversely Worcester County without givingdue consideration to the constraints local jurispleasesee county on page 9Yes I can -- Ilene Eslin, age 8, of Ocean Pines, is showingher grandfather Jeff Teal of Ocean Pines how she canfish. Photo by Ron Fisher.Allyson Snyder (l) of Belair, Md. with her grandfather HarryWeaver of Ocean Pines. Photo by Ron Fisher

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Page 4 The Courier June 29, 2011TheCourierourierIndependently OwnedP.O. Box 1326Ocean Pines, MD 21811410-641-6695 • fax: 410-641-6688thecourier@delmarvacourier.comAnthony W. Bertino, Jr.Publisher/Editorchipbertino@delmarvacourier.comDebbie Haas / Graphic ArtistMary Adair /ComptrollerContributing WritersBetty Cianci, Ron Fisher,Douglas Hemmick, Bob LassahnBetty McDermott, Ned McIntosh, Dolores Pike,Tom Range, Sr., Elaine Vander Cluteand Bev WischRobert B. Adair 1938-2007The Courier is published Wednesday morning byCMN Communications, Inc. Contents copyright2011. News release items and calendar entriesshould reach us Friday noon prior to publicationdate. The advertising deadline is Friday at 5p.m. First class mailed subscriptions are availablefor $68 annually. Six and three month paidsubscriptions available.According to a survey of 1,400, summer projects to be themost popular seasonfor vacationrental stays in2011. The TripAdvisor surveyfound that no regionis morepopular for rentalstays than the southeast,with 31 percent of peopleplanning a rental home stay sayingthey would do so in that region. Thesouthwest and northwest were secondand third, respectively. Thirtythreepercent of respondents saidrental homes are the ideal choice forlarger groups, and the TripAdvisorsurvey found this is true for a varietyof reasons. When asked what theyliked most about rental homes, 28percent of respondents cited morespace, while 23 percent said accessto a full kitchen was what they likedmost. As is the case with any vacation,cost came into play as well, as13 percent of respondents liked thatrentals were often less expensivethan hotels. The duration of the vacationalso plays a role. Forty-one percentof respondents said vacationrentals were the best option whenstaying in the same destination for aweek or more.Did YouKnow...Ocean Pines celebrates Independence DayThe Ocean Pines Recreation Departmentis sponsoring an “AllAmerican” day of fun on Monday,July 4 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. atthe Sports Core Pool. The day’s activitieswill include music by D.JRupe, food, face painting, arts &crafts, games & prizes, moonbounces, a dunking booth, and more.Hot dogs will be served by the KiwanisClub of Ocean Pines and snoconeswill be offered byrepresentatives of the Steve CallowayMemorial Fund and theOcean Pines Volunteer Fire Department.There will be four moonbounces/water slides for everyone toenjoy. Participants will pay $5 for awristband which offers unlimitedLeave pollingsite aloneEditor:In a democracy the most fundamentalright is the right to vote. Toencourage its citizens to vote, societyhas taken a number of actions tomake it more convenient for thevoter: early voting and polling sitesnear their homes. The residents ofprecinct 05001 have voted in theOcean Pines Fire Station for 16years. Moving the the polling sitefrom the Ocean Pines Fire Station toa facility outside precinct 05001,makes it more difficult for the citizensto vote: especially senior anddisabled residents. The electionBoard should not disenfranchise theolder and disabled citizens ofprecinct 05001for its convenience.John WetzelbergerIf you live in Ocean Pines, besure to contact The Courierif you want the paper eachweek in your driveway.Call 410-641-6695rides. Sports Core Pool admission isfree to pool members; all others paythe regular daily pool rate.After a day of fun at the pool orbeach, be sure to enjoy the “Celebrationof our Freedom” as the OceanPines Recreation Department sponsorsfireworks at Showell Park. BayFireworks Company of New Yorkwill present a spectacular display offireworks which will begin at 9:15p.m. There will be plenty of freeparking available at Showell ElementarySchool, Most Blessed SacramentCatholic School, St. JohnNeuman Catholic Church, and CommunityChurch at Ocean Pines andthe Pavilions. Be sure to bring alawn chair or blanket as there areplenty of open spaces to sit back andenjoy the magical displays.ALOC Exhibit and Reception plannedThe public is invited to the ArtLeague of Ocean City’s reception forits July Beverly Bassford MemorialExhibit and Juried Show from 5 7 p.m. on July 1 at the ALOCgallery at 502 94 th Street on the bayside.Refreshments will be servedand admission is free.Beverly Bassford was a longtimesupporter of the arts in Ocean City.Entries are artist’s choice and allmedia, 2D and 3D are welcome.Artists should drop off their work onJune 26 and pick it up July 31.Jack Richardson will be juryingthe show. He has been painting formore than 40 years and is a classicallytrained artist who studied atCorcoran School of Art in Washington,DC under William Woodwardand with various masters at thePennsylvania Academy of the FineArts, where he was awarded a TravelingScholarship for study in Europe.Mr. Richardson has receivedmany awards, and his work is in collectionsaround the world. He hasexperience teaching at the PhiladelphiaMuseum of Art Division of Education,at the Art Institute andGallery in Salisbury MD, and at hisstudio in Onancock, Va. as well asconducting workshops in the Delmarvaarea.The exhibit will run through the endof July and works will be availablefor purchase. The gallery is openTuesday-Friday 11-4 and Saturdaysand Sundays 1-4. For more information,contact the Art League ofOcean City at 410-524-9433 or visitthe website at celebration - At their annual tea on June 20, the DemocraticWomen’s Club held a 15th anniversary and Founders’ Day Celebration. Founders and pastpresidents include: (seated) Laura Lassiter, Betty Duff, Arlene Page, Mickey Walker-Johnsonand Olga Farozic. Standing are Carolyn Neal, Carolyn Herbert and Diana Gross. The DemocraticWomen meet the third Monday of the month at the Ocean Pines Community Center.Guests and new members are welcome to attend. Photo by Ted Page

That first houseFor the past several months I havebeen working, sometimes intensely,on a backyard project. The processhas been rewarding because at theend of the day I can see the fruits ofmy labor. And, my wife has beenIt’s All About. . .By Chip Bertinochipbertino@delmarvacourier.comfairly impressed with the results evenif from time to time I have heard fromher, “That’s the way you’re going to dothat?” or “Why didn’t you …?” Youjust have to love her. She means well.Just before we got married we purchasedwhat was for all intents andpurposes a small cottage in southernNew Jersey a half block from the bay.Some may have mistaken it for an oldfishing shack but to us it was a cottage.That’s a much more romanticimage, don’t you think? It was small,quite small at about just under 600square feet. In addition to beingsmall, it needed work, a lot of work.One of the first things we realizedas new homeowners was it can be expensiveto have contractors come outto do work, especially when you havelittle to no money. So, we rolled upour sleeves and did a lot of work ourselves.The previous owners had put upwallpaper in the living room. My wifeharbors an intense dislike for wallpaper.I don’t know why. Maybe it’ssomething from her childhood. Wehadn’t been in the house a week andshe was already making plans thatthe wallpaper was going to go. Thatwas one of our first projects. It wasduring this work on that tiny livingroom that I learned a very importantfact about our relationship: I’m laborand my wife is management. Thingshaven’t changed all that much overthe years. The compensation has remainedabout the same but the projectshave gotten more varied andbigger.We learned a lot about the “joys” ofhomeownership while living in thatold house. We refinished the kitchencabinets (we couldn’t afford new ones),we laid a new floor in the porch (aroom we euphemistically called the solarium/conservatory/librarybecause ithad large windows, an old piano and abook in it), we installed new rugs andredid the bathroom.The bathroom was like nothing I’dever seen before or since. It seemed tobe an afterthought when the housewas constructed. Youwalked through a narrowdoor just off thekitchen to get in. Youhad to sidestep the sinkhanging on the wall toget to the commode. Butif you sidestepped toomuch you’d fall into thetub. A telephone booth is larger thanthat old bathroom. You could, withoutany exaggeration, take a shower,brush your teeth at the sink while sittingon the commode. I kid you not.And to make things even more interesting,the access to the attic was inthe ceiling of the tiny closet (whichhoused the hot water heater) oppositethe sink. I had to contort more than apretzel to squeeze through the openingto get or put back the Christmasdecorations.The house boasted one and a halfbedrooms. Yes, that’s right, a half abedroom. It was part laundry roomwith the washer and dryer against thewall. I know that sounds odd but youhave to allow for such charm when livingin a cottage. When our daughterwas born the room became the nursery.My little girl was often lulled tosleep by the hum of the rinse cycle.Oh, and as if the room could not getany stranger, the back door was locatedin there.We lived in the house just undertwo years. The limits of charm extendonly so far. I remember at the timewanting so much to get out of thathouse and into something larger. Weeventually did. But looking back, thatold house (cottage/shack) had a personality.It was the home that mywife and I entered the night of ourwedding. In case you’re wondering Iwas too exhausted to carry her overthreshold; she carried me. It waswhere we brought home our firstchild. We enjoyed many meals in thetiny kitchen with family and friends.And it was where I learned that ahouse doesn’t have to be thousands ofsquare feet in size to be a home. I alsolearned that I prefer a house whereflushing the toilet doesn’t cause thecable to go out.June 29, 2011 The Courier Page 5

Page 6 The Courier June 29, 2011Thompson gives GM report to boardBy Chip BertinoBob Thompson gave his generalmanager’s report to the OceanPines Association (OPA) Board ofDirectors during their meeting lastWednesday.OPA recently received “substantialpayments” from three propertyowners in arrears in membershipdues and who faced foreclosure.OPA received almost $7,500 in paymentsand has worked out paymentplans to bring the accountscurrent.Since the last board meetingwhen the directors voted to makeCarrollton Lane in Colonial Villageone way, Mr. Thompson met withthe county engineer to discusswhat needs to be done to make thishappen. Also, survey lines havebeen identified to mark the road’soriginal boundary lines. BoardPresident Tom Terry commentedthat the board’s decision was notits “finest moment” and hoped acompromise on the matter could beworked out. Fellow Board MemberRay Unger called the decision lastmonth, “foolish.” It is expected theboard will revisit the matter attheir July meeting.During the month of May, 3,958people used the pool at the SportsCore. This was down just slightlyfrom April. Mr. Thompson saidthat at next month’s meeting, hewill have usage figures for each ofthe community’s five pools, most ofwhich opened at the end May.The Public Service Commissionhas granted a preliminary approvalfor natural gas to bebrought to the community pendinga 20 day public comment period.The next step in the process will beto work through the approvalprocess and get engineering approvalto run lines down Route 113.Paperwork for a $195,000 granthas been filed to give the community’spolice force access to thedatabase shared by the county,Ocean City and Snow Hill. Thiswill enable Ocean Pines police officersto make reports from their vehicles,provide them MobileGraphical Mapping capability andgive them quicker access to criminalinformation.The Public Works Departmentcompleted upgrades at South Gateincluding new fencing and a wideningof Ocean Parkway for saferpedestrian access. The departmentalso installed new sinks andhandrails at the Beach Club andnew cabinets at the Yacht Club.To date 209 discounted RegalMovie Theater tickets have beensold. Individuals who purchasetheir movie tickets through the Associationget a $3 discount perticket. Additionally, 243 discountedamusement park ticketshave been sold. The Association isnow offering discounted passes tofindingsfrom page 3sidered a top priority. Mr. Thompsonexplained that the Yacht Clubwas in fact a priority and that he believedfirmly that work on the CountryClub was better done first so thatwhen the Yacht Club is closed forrenovations, repair or rebuilding, theAssociation could still provide foodand beverage services to the community.Director Pete Gomsak underscoredMr. Thompson’s conclusionsaying that initially he believed theYacht Club should come first butthat upon deliberation, Mr. Thompson’sconclusions were sound. Mr.Gomsak said that making theCounty Club a priority is a businessdecision to allow an alternativewhile the Yacht Club is renovated orrebuilt.Mr. Thompson further explainedthat he had been tasked by the boardto develop a plan. He had done thatand if the board disagreed with hisfindings, he would like guidance onhow to proceed because he wanted toMaking Cosmetic Dentistry a Family AffairDoes your smile reflect the REAL you?Invisalign makes it easy to straighten your teeth without bands, brackets, or wires.Jolly Roger in Ocean City. ThePassport to Fun passes offer up toa 25% discount to the park.For the first month of the newfiscal year (May), the community’sfinancial statement indicates apositive net budget variance of$43,751 equating to a monthly netof $4,667,650.get things done for the communityand not continue a pattern of discussionthat pushed to a later date aplan of action and ultimately results.A motion was made by DirectorLes Purcell to give Mr. Thompsonauthority to move forward with hisplan. An attempt by Director JohnMcLaughlin to amend the originalmotion to require a simultaneouscost analysis for work on both theYacht Club and Country Club failed.By a five to two vote, with directorsStevens and McLaughlin voting no,Mr. Purcell’s motion passed.Mr. Thompson will move aheadin developing vision statements foreach of the campuses, prepare atimeline for renovation, rehabilitationand replacement projects, preparescopes of bids for the Swim andRacquet Club campus, and beginstudies on the Country Club, SportCore Pool and the Yacht Club campuses.A copy of the Facility PlanningGroup’s findings is available for publicreview at the AdministrationBuilding.The invisable wayto straighten teeth., AAMSA CLEAR ALTERNATIVE.Invisalign straightens your teeth right before your eyes. Changethem about every two weeks and your teeth will move little by little. Invisable Removable No Metal or Brackets Can brush and floss normally during treatment.visit for more information orcall the DePalma Dental Appointment desk at 410.641.3222500 Franklin Avenue, Berlin, Maryland410.641.3222Dr. Mike DePalma& Dr. Errin DePalma

County approves new tipping feesJune 29, 2011 The Courier Page 7By Chip BertinoAt their June 21 meeting, CountyCommissioners adopted by a six toone vote the Solid Waste EnterpriseFund budget of $5,076,908 for fiscalyear 2012. Commissioner LouiseGulyas opposed the measure.The following fees were adopted.The landfill tipping fee for dirt,grit, red ash, refuse, sludge, stumpsand yard waste shall be $.70 per 20pounds with a $10 minimum charge.The landfill tipping fee for passengercar and truck tires by weightshall be $1.75 per 20 pounds with aminimum charge of $10.The landfill tipping fee for industrialand tractor tires by weight shallbe $6 per 20 pound with a minimumcharge of $10.The tipping fee for metals and“clean” concrete shall be $25 per 20pounds with a minimum charge of$10.The tipping fee for constructionand demolition materials and asbestos,which can only be disposed ofat the Central Landfill in Newark,shall be $.80 per 20 pounds, with aminimum charge of $10.Passenger tires may be disposedof at the Central Landfill for $2 pertire; truck tires are $10 per tire.House trailers may be disposed ofat the Central Landfill for $600 pertrailer. Boats may be disposed of at$.80 per 20 pounds.The annual license fee for anycommercial hauler is $25 for each vehicle.The annual permit fee for the useof the county’s household solid wastetransfer station shall be $60 for thefirst vehicle, $15 for the second vehicleand $60 for the third and additionalvehicles.To encourage recycling within thecounty’s incorporated municipalitiesa rebate of 1% will be given for each1% of recycled materials from themunicipality, with a maximum of15%. Rebates will be refunded quarterly.Left alone for now was the policyto allow yard waste from homeownersto be brought to county transferstations. This issue sparked considerabledebate among commissionersduring the public hearing held June7.John KokkinosOwnerBig dreams start withSMALL TOWN VALUES.At Taylor Bank, we want to help get your dreams off the ground–and make sure they stayin the air. That’s why John Kokkinos, owner of Kokkinos Creative Jewelers, has trusted us fordecades with all his banking needs. From loans to accounts to just plain simple advice, we’rededicated to helping people just like you realize their lifelong goals–because our successdepends on the strength of the communities we serve.Everything a good neighbor should be.

COUPage 8 The Courier June 29, 2011Newly Featured Seasonal BeveragesSam Adams Summer AleThe Original Twisted TeaWINES BY THE BOTTLEMillbrandt Cabernet SauvignonMillbrandt Merlot or Pinot Grigio****$19.00 a bottle****Becks McSorley’s Pale Ale*********$3.25*********Coors Light*********$2.50*********RED WINE OF THE WEEKLa Fiera MontepulicanoWHITE WINE OF THE WEEKHope Chardonnay*********$5.00*********While Supplies Last!!!PizzaBonanza!!!Collect 10 pizza coupons(one on each purchase of a large cheese pizza)and get a large cheese pizzaFREE(toppings are extra)Mon & TuesLarge Cheese Pizza $8.50on carryout onlytoppings are extraNew Lunch and Dinner Specials atDenovos.comCounty landfill could be site of wind farmKRISTI CONNELLCERTIFIED FINANCIALPLANNERRetirement PlanningStocks/Bonds401(K), Simple IRAAnnuities9927 Stephen Decatur Hwy., Suite. 19West Ocean City, MarylandSecurities and Investment Advisory servicesthrough H.Beck, Inc. FINRA/SIPC.Old Dominion Investment Corp. andH.Beck, Inc. are unaffiliated.ASIAN CUISINEChinese & Japanese CuisineTAKE OUT & EAT IN1/2 priceSake, Beer WineSaturdaySPECIALS2 for $7.95 (lunch)3 for $10.95 (lunch)3 for $12.95 (dinner)2 for $21.95 (anytime)By Chip BertinoAt their June 21 meeting, CountyCommissioners approved a feasibilitystudy for the development of awind farm at the county’s 725 acrelandfill near Newark. In a six to onevote, with Commissioner JimBunting opposed, the county allowedthe company, National Wind, LLC,to begin testing the viability of theidea at the location.The company, based in Minneapolis,MN, believes the site couldsustain six to 12 turbines that couldgenerate 8MW to 20MW of electricity.Patrick Pelstring, a representativeof the company, toldcommissioners that development ofthe project would maximize “re-use”of the site and would likely lead to“significant” annual cash royaltiesfor the county. No royalty amountwas discussed.The objectives of the study, to becompleted sometime in late October/earlyNovember, would be: to initiatean on-site wind analysis anddetermine expected wind speeds.This would be done with the constructionof a 60 meter tower; determineinterconnection opportunitieson area distribution and transmissionlines, cost to interconnect andan interconnection schedule; preparea preliminary environmental impactstudy; and, to develop a financial proBy Chip BertinoWorcester County Commissionershandled the following mattersduring their June 21 meeting.Commissioners approved a requestto schedule a public hearing onJuly 19 on various aspects of a residentialsubdivision project proposedby Marvin Steen for the north side ofGum Point Road and adjacent to thesouthernmost portion of OceanPines. Mr. Steen wants to use about32.12 acres of the county’s AtlanticCoastal Bays Critical Area GrowthAllocation to reclassify that portionof the project from Resource ConservationArea to Limited DevelopmentArea.The Worcester County PlanningCommission has given a favorableRealize YourRetirement410-208-2788 410-208-3488Unit 7, 11007 Manklin Creek Rd., BerlinCall now for your freeretirement review410-213-8513www.ODICOC.comOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKMon-Thurs & Sun: 11:00am - 10:30pmFri & Sat: 11:00am - 11:00pmwww.hofengarden.comChineseLunchSpecialsstarting at$4.9510% OFFEntire Checkwith couponEat in or Take outexpires July 15, 2011forma with cost estimates to determinefinancial feasibility.Initial cost estimates for the projectrange between $16.5 million and$32 million. Costs would be borne byNational Wind.County Commissioner news...Happy Fourth of JulyChoose anySpecial RollSushi Roll(any kind of rollor hand roll)recommendation to the plan.***A $116,000 bid from Hi-Tide MarineConstruction was accepted forthe ramp location project at theSouth Point Boat Landing. Fundsfor the project will come from grantsfrom the Maryland Department ofNatural Resources, Waterway ImprovementProgram. The project isexpected to be completed by September.***Peninsula Oil & Propane ofSeaford, DE was awarded a two-yearcontract to provide propane servicefor several county facilities. Thecompany’s mark-up per gallon is$.18.***Commissioners approved theCounty Appropriation TransmittalSchedule for the Board of Educationfor fiscal year 2012. According to theschedule, there are 24 transfers (twoper month) starting in July. Thetotal appropriation is $71,939,828.***Commissioners signed off on thefiscal year 2012 budget of theWorcester County Area Extensionservice. The budget is $172,877.***Commissioners approved a modificationof the Memorandum of Understandingfor the PocomokeWelcome Center between the Departmentof Business and EconomicDevelopment and the county. Themodification extends use of a grantplease see commissioners on page 9The LORD will surely save meSo we will play my songs onstringed instruments Isaiah 38.20We do that!

commissionersfrom page 8of $50,000 through October 31.***Commissioners approved the bidprocess for the demolition of two existingsingle-family homes and construction ofreplacement homes at two separate propertieslocated in Snow Hill and Berlin.***Commissioners accepted a recommendationfrom County Health Officer DeborahGoeller to delay by one monthchanging the current late fee structure forfood service and pool applications. Thehealth department is working on an analysisof current permit charges.Currently the county food service facilitylicense is $300 annually. The late feeis $50 per day with a $1500 maximum.Ms. Goeller told commissioners that lateapplications put a strain on staff trying toappropriately schedule work and inspectionsnecessary before a permit is issued.***Worcester County Commissionersadopted the Sanitary Service Area budgetfor fiscal year 2012.The budget which goes into effect July1 sets the domestic minimum water andsewer quarterly rate at $133 in the OceanPines service area.***County Commissioners adopted a resolutionestablishing the Liquor ControlEnterprise Fund. The resulting Departmentof Liquor Control will succeed theWorcester County Liquor Control Boardeffective July 1.The new county department will operateas an enterprise fund meaning that alloperational expenses will be covered byrevenues generated from the sale of alcoholicbeverages in retail and wholesale operations.Commissioners also adopted the liquorfund’s $14.8 million fiscal year 2012budget.Five appointed toOPA committeeAt its meeting last Wednesday,Ocean Pines Association Board of Directorsappointed Jack Ferry andAudrey Wahl to the Clubs AdvisoryCommittee, Carroll Andrews to theMarines Activities Advisory Committee,Robert Abele to the Environmentaland Natural AssetsCommittee and Glen Duffy to theARC committee.-Chip Bertinocountyfrom page 1dictions may face.Additionally, many of the maps andsite plans used in the development ofthe plan have yet to be published,negating the opportunity for informedcommentary by county officials and thepublic.Following Mr. Tudor’s commentsJune 29, 2011 The Courier Page 9DAR presents ROTC awards to Worcester County studentsThe General Levin Winder Chapter of the NationalSociety of the Daughters of the American Revolutionrecently awarded ROTC bronze medals to students inJunior ROTC programs at Worcester County highschools.Local recipients were Paige Vaughn, PocomokeHigh School; Gunnar Mumford, Snow Hill High School;and Sean Ford, Stephen Decatur High School. TheGeneral Levin Winder Chapter also presented each recipientwith a gift card.The DAR has awarded ROTC medals since 1967because the program is such an important source oftrained officers for our armed forces. Recipients musthave demonstrated loyalty and patriotism, and earneda record of military and scholastic achievement duringtheir participation in an ROTC program.Pictured: Cadet Sean Ford, ROTC medal recipient,Stephen Decatur High Schoolcommissioners expressed considerableconcern. Commission President BudChurch directed Mr. Tudor and ChiefAdministrative Officer Gerald Masonto attempt to arrange an in-person meetingwith Secretary Hall. “I want to talkwith him man to man,” Mr. Churchsaid.It is expected that the topic willagain be discussed the next meeting ofthe commissioners.

Page 10 The Courier June 29, 2011Captain Ron’sFish TalesBy Ron FisherSPECIAL REPORTTEACH-A-KID-TO-FISHIt was another beautiful Saturdaymorning June 25 and the South Pond atOcean Pines was surrounded with kids,their parents, grandparents and otherfamily members as they joined theOcean Pines Anglers Club annual Teach-A-Kid-To-Fish day. Sponsored by theLuke McNabb, age 9, (left) and LoganMcNabb, age 6, of Ashburn, Va. are justhaving a great time. Photo by Ron FisherDoes this look familiar?Ocean City/Berlin Chapter of Optimist Internationalthe program is administeredand was started by the local Anglers Club.The day kicked off at 9 a.m. with manyvolunteers from the Anglers Club havingpreviously set up displays to demonstrateknot tying, fish identification, lures, hooksand hook removal, baits as well as anglingsafety. There was also a special areawhere casting instructions were given tokids and their family members.Many of the children took advantageof the educational areas. They were intentas they learned the skills of fishing. Favoriteareas seemed to be knot tying, fishidentification, lures, bait identification andcasting. After receiving instructions theyset out to use their new fishing skills andto find a favorite area to fish.Approximately 93 kids (61 boys, 32girls) registered for the event according toWalt Boge of the Anglers Club. Kids arrivedfrom all of our local communities aswell as Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky.As I walked around the lake takingphotographs I found most of the kidsdoing the fishing themselves with familymembers and Anglers Club members offeringa few pointers. Not many fish werecaught but the kids were really excitedabout identifying what they caught.Bobby Johns age 6 of Ocean Pines said“my granddad bring me every year and wehave a good time.” One of the most interestingwas Mikey Fajota age 9 of FortCampbell, Kentucky who was using a rodthat launched his bobber, hook and bait approximately50 ft. out into the lake. It wasspring loaded and he knew how to make itwork. Mikey was with family from thearea. His dad is deployed to Afghanistan.Finally the Worcester County Sheriff’sDepartment K-9 Division Cpls. Edgar andRamey had their dogs do a demonstrationfor the kids as to how the dogs locateddrugs.It was truly a fun day for all involvedan there is nothing greater than the smileon a kids face when fishing. The AnglersClub and all their volunteers deserve a bigsmiley face from all of us for holding sucha great community event. I for one amproud to be a member.Remember to take a kid fishing.A Free TurtlCrawlspace Entrancewith a complete encapsulation.See representative for details.Expires 7/1/11855-637-999611021 Nicholas LaneVillage Square Shopping Center,Southgate Ocean Pines(410) 641-8100Studio Hours:Tue-Fri 10am-6pm Sat 10am-3pmCLOSED Sun & MonFREE Facialsand MakeoversCall for an appointment

Snap a shotfor a chanceto win an iPadWanted - photographic images of pictorialsites in Ocean City and/or other areasof Worcester County. Turn them in to beentered for a chance to win an AppleiPad2.From June 15 until midnight October15, 2011, Worcester County Tourism ishosting the Beach and Beyond Photo Contest.To enter, contestants are asked to snapa scenic, high resolution photo of a favoritesite in Worcester County.Then, e-mail the photo and include “Beachand Beyond Photo Contest” in the subjectline. Lastly, be sure to post the photo toBeach and Beyond’s Facebook page, andget all of your friends to like your photograph.But, remember, they will have tolike Beach and Beyond before they canlike your photograph.The participant whose photo receivesthe most likes on the Beach and BeyondFacebook page will win the iPad. The winnerwill be notified by e-mail after the contestcloses on October 15.All entries become the property ofWorcester County Department of Tourismand can be used for promotional purposes.All entries must be high resolution and receivedvia e-mail to be considered for thecontest. Any photographs that do not meetthe high resolution requirement will be disqualifiedfrom the contest. WorcesterCounty employees and their families arenot eligible to participate in the contest.For more information, contact WorcesterCounty Tourism, at (410) 632-3110 orvisit Disneyreturns to OCRadio Disney AM 640 Philadelphia returnsto Ocean City with its “Sizzlin’ Summerof Stars” event series, on the beach atNorth Division Street 6 to 9 p.m. on Sundays.The Radio Disney Road Crew will provideentertainment, music, games andprizes. All events are free. Visit more information.The schedule is: July 10, Allstar Weekend;July 17, Greyson Chance; July 31,TBA; August 7, Radio Disney Road Crewperformance; August 14, Meet and Greetand Q&A with Disney Channel star TiffanyThornton; August 21, Sizzlin’ Summer ofStars finale concert with The Ready Set.410-641-6770South Gate Next to Taylor’s Restaurant 11021 Nicholas Lane Open 7 days a weektil 2 am Mon - Sun 11 amLite fare served til 1:30 amThurs-MonDaily Specials2-7 pm j 7 days a week!Monday1/2 Price Burger NightWednesday1/2 Price Hot DogsHappy HourMonday thru Friday 3 pm - 5 pmHalf price haircuts for men and womenJune 29, 2011 The Courier Page 11Savor IndependenceCheck out our adjacent store for your stock ofbeer, wine & spirits - open till 2 a.m.Pines Plaza Shopping Center11070 Cathell Road, Berlin 410-208-3922WednesdaysSenior Day20% offall servicesfor senior citizensOcean PinesOPEN MONDAY - SATURDAYSe habla Espanol - Preguntar por RosaCut Highlights Color Waxing Perms Men’s Children’s Manicures Spa Pedicures

OPVFD awards Calloway scholarshipOn June 18 at the 2nd AnnualSteve Calloway Memorial PancakeBreakfast Fundraiser, scholarshiprecipient, John Rzepkowski, receivedthe first ever awarded $500Steve Calloway Scholarship.Every year the scholarship willbe awarded to a Worcester Countystudent to help them continue hisor her education to become aMaryland certified paramedic.Until his untimely passing, StevePictured in front of one of the OPVFD ambulances are: (L to R) OPVFD Fire and EMS Captainand Chairman of the Scholarship Fund, Bill Bounds; Steve Calloway’s widow, Jane; scholarshiprecipient, Jon Rzepkowski; Steve Calloway’s daughter, Heather; and Vice Chairman of theScholarship Fund, Logan Helmeth.Calloway was a paramedic for theOcean Pines Volunteer Fire Departmentand mentored manyyoung paramedics and EMTs whonow serve Eastern Shore communities.The fundraiser was wellsupported by the Ocean Pinescommunity.For information on how you cansupport this most worthy scholarshipfund, please contact theOPVFD at 410-641-8272.A BAGELand...Open forBreakfastandLunch11304 Manklin Creek RdSouthgate - Ocean Pines(Manklin Creek & Ocean Pkwy)Bagels& breadsmade freshall day410-208-0707June 29, 2011 The Courier Page 13The Courierwww.delmarvacourier.comEggSandwichesCookie &BakeryItemsHours:Mon., Wed.,Thurs., Fri: 6 a.m.- 4 p.m.Tues, Sat. and Sun: 6 a.m.- 2 p.m.e-subscribe free toThe Courier and get itdelivered to yourcomputer each week!delmarvacourier.comA Bageland..FreeWirelessInternetPartyPlattersCateringRTE. 589O.P. SouthGate Entrance

June 29, 2011 The Courier Page 15Rescuing horseshoe crabsFour-year-old Cameron Miller was diagnosed with Leukemia T-Cell January 1 and was just releasedfrom 26 days in ICU. This was the first time he had been out due to his immune system,and his parents coincidently brought him down the week of the horseshoe crab rescue effort,orchestrated by Maryland Coastal Bays and Harrison Group. The blood of the horseshoe crabprovides a valuable medical product critical to maintaining the safety of many drugs and devicesused in medical care. Certain properties of the shell have also been used to speed blood clottingand to make absorbable sutures. Cameron and his parents were thrilled to partake in therescue mission as they were aware of the medical benefits the horseshoe crab provides.Students get ready to relayFor Worcester Prep’s annual field day, fifth grade students Marissa Grosso, OceanPines; Cameron Langeler, Salisbury; Maya Zia-Shakeri, Berlin; and Sarah Savage,Berlin, created their own special outfits.AARP gives scholarshipScholarship Committee Chair Norma Bullpresents the Ocean City AARP Chapter1917 scholarship to Nicole Louisa Carpenter.Each year OC AARP selects a worthy,graduating Stephen Decatur High Schoolrecipient. The scholarship is partiallyfunded by the annual AARP Health Fair.DATETide and Sun Chart* tide is for Ocean City Fishing Pier. Add two hours for Isle of Wight tideThur., June 30Fri., July 1Sat., July 2Sun., July 3Mon., July 4Tues., July 5Wed., July 6FROZEN BAITAND FISHINGSUPPLIESHIGH TIDE7:18 a.m.7:47 p.m.8:04 a.m.8:33 p.m.8:51 a.m.9:18 p.m.9:39 a.m.10:03 p.m.10:27 a.m.10:49 p.m.11:16 a.m.11:37 p.m.12:09 p.m.LOW TIDE SUNRISE SUNSET1:32 a.m.1:20 p.m.2:15 a.m.2:06 p.m.2:58 a.m.2:52 p.m.3:42 a.m.3:40 p.m.5:40 a.m.5:40 a.m.5:41 a.m.5:41 a.m.8:28 p.m.8:28 p.m.8:28 p.m.8:28 p.m.4:27 a.m.4:31 p.m.5:14 a.m.5:26 p.m.6:02 a.m.6:24 p.m.5:42 a.m.5:42 a.m.5:43 a.m.8:27 p.m.8:27 p.m.8:27 p.m.Repairs, most makes • Bottom PaintingPick-up & Delivery • Shrink Wrap • StorageVan’s Marine ServiceMarine Service & Parts10438 Racetrack Rd., Berlin410.641.5204Spine surgery at PRMC is a successRalph Greene, the first patient to undergo endoscopic spine surgery at PRMC, takes his first ride on his HarleyDavidson motorcycle since surgery. Severe back, groin and leg pain left the 68 year old absolutely unable to do anything.Just six hours after arriving at PRMC, Ralph was on his way back home and pain free. Joining him outsidethe Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. office in Salisbury is orthopaedic spine surgeon Scott McGovern, MD.SudokuAnswers for June 22

Page 16 The Courier June 29, 2011CLASSIFIEDSDisplay Ads: $15 per column inch Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday Prepayment required. Cash or check accepted410-641-6695 Fax 410-641-6688 P.O. Box 1326 Ocean Pines, MD 21811APPLIANCEElectric Dryer. Maytag Neptune.Good working condition.White. $150. 410-251-2082.AUTODONATIONSDONATE YOUR CAR, Truckor Boat to HERITAGE FORTHE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation.Tax Deductible, FreeTowing, All Paperwork TakenCare of. 1-888-475-1825BUSINESSOPPORTUNITYNOW HIRING: Employeesneeded to assemble productsat home. No selling, anyhours. $500 weekly potential.Info. 1-985-646-1700 Dept.MAC-6811BUSINESS TOBUSINESSREACH CUSTOMERS INTHE MID-ATLANTIC STATES.Place your ad in over 5.2 millionhouseholds in free communitypapers for 5 weeks andget the 6th Week FREE (A$375 Value) Visit www.macnetonline.comfor more details orcall 800-450-7227.COMPUTERSFOR SALEDELL LAPTOP computer,super fast, excellent condition.Internal wireless card,DVD/CD+RW. Premium softwarebundle. Six month warranty.Original cost: $2175.Must sell: $399. 717 653-6314EMPLOYMENTThe Courier seeks freelancewriters for generalassignment stories.Please send letter of interestand one sample toChip Bertino, Publisher atchipbertino@delmarvacourier.comEMPLOYMENTMembership CoordinatorPart/TimeBusy organization looking foroutgoing person to help withMembership Coordination, E-Marketing, Event Marketing& General Administrative Duties.Must have good computerskills & knowledge of theOcean Pines/Ocean Cityarea. E-Mail resumes only SLEEP APNEASUFFERERS with Medicare.Get FREE CPAP ReplacementSupplies at NO COST,plus FREE home delivery!Best of all, prevent red skinsores and bacterial infection!Call 888-440-8352LAWN& GARDENMANTIS TILLER. Buy DI-RECT from Mantis and we`llinclude Border Edger attachment& kickstand! Lightweight,Powerful! Call for a FREEDVD and Information Kit 888-436-8807MISCELLANEOUSDIRECT TO HOME SATEL-LITE TV $24.99/MO. FREE IN-STALLATION FREE HD/DVRUPGRADE. NEW CUS-TOMERS - NO ACTIVATIONFEE! CREDIT/DEBIT CARDREQ. CALL 1-800-795-5319WANTED YOUR DIABETESTEST STRIPS Unexpired AnyKind/Brand. Up to $18.00 perbox. Shipping Paid. Hablamosespanol. 1-800-267-9895 orwww.SellDiabeticstrips.comMISCELLANEOUSFOR SALEDIRECTV Lowest Price! ALLF R E E :HBO|Cinemax|Starz|Showtimefor 3mo + FREE NFL SundayTicket w/Choice Ultimate +HD/DVR Upgrade! From$29.99/mo Call by 7/7! 888-420-9466MUSICALINSTRUMENTSCLARINET, FLUTE, VIOLIN,Trumpet, Trombone, Amplifier,Fender Guitar $70. ea. Cello,Upright Bass, Saxophone,French Horn, Drums $190. ea.Tuba, Baritone, Others. 1-516-377-7907.Courier Classifieds410-641-6695NOTICESOCIAL SECURITY DISABIL-ITY BENEFITS. You WIN orPay Us Nothing. Contact DisabilityGroup, Inc. Today! BBBAccredited. Call For YourFREE Book & Consultation.866-983-3264Dave’s Treasure Hunt Tues.-Sun. Rte. 113, 3 miles north ofSelbyville, DE. Used furniture,hardware, bikes, mannequins,antiques & more.Buy and Sell. 800-535-4752davessurplus.comMonday, July 4T.O.P.S. of Berlin - Group #1695 - 6:30 p.m., AGH Conference Room 1Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a support and educationalgroup promoting weight loss and healthy lifestyle. For informationcontact Edna Berkey, 410-629-1006.Tuesday, July 5Hypertension Clinic10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Rite Aid, Selbyville, DE1 - 3 p.m. Happy Harry’s, Clarksville, DEFree blood pressure screening and health information.Contact Dawn Denton 410-641-9268.NAMI Connections Recovery Support Group7 - 8:30 p.m. AGH, Conference Room 1Support group offers a casual, relaxed approach to sharethe challenges and successes of coping with any diagnosis(depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks,etc.) and their symptoms. For more informationcontact 443-523-2153 or Cessation Class 12 - 1 p.m.AGH, Conference Room 1Twelve-week smoking cessation class sponsored byWorcester County Health Department. Community memberswelcome. For more information contact Linda Green410-632-0056 or 5:30 - 6:45 p.m.Barrett Medical Office Building, RotundaContact Georgette Rhoads at 410-641-9734 $72 for 8 sessions, or $10drop-in fee.REAL ESTATENorth Carolina Mountains.Enjoy The Outdoors All Year!E-Z Finish Log Cabin Shellwith Acreage $99,900. Pre-ApprovedBank Financing. AlsoMountain-Waterfront Land forsale. 828-247-9966 Ext. 02Prime Commercial Real EstateAuction-5 adjacent properties; 2for auction; 3 at fixed price tohighest bidder; 6.7 +/- acres-Corner Lot @ Rts. 7 & 40, Fri. 7-15-11, 11 am, 1226 S. PhiladelphiaBlvd, Aberdeen, MD. Detailsat ID#3721LEAMAN AUCTIONS, LTD.(AY002063) 1-610-662-8149SCHOOLSHIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAFROM HOME. 6 - 8 weeks.ACCREDITED. Get aDiploma. Get a Job! FREEBrochure1-800-264-8330www.diplomafromhome.comTRAVELFREE CAMPING! Get 2 nightsFREE at our popular GET-TYSBURG resort. AmazingAmenities & Family Fun!CALL 800-841-4895 to DiscoverMore! Offer Ends July31.Atlantic General Hospital calendarWednesday, July 6Hypertension Clinic10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Rite Aid, Berlin1 - 3 p.m. Rite Aid, Ocean PinesFree blood pressure screening and health information.Contact Dawn Denton 410-641-9268.Seminar: Nutrition for Cancer Care 1-2 p.m.Atlantic General Hospital, Conference Room 2How to manage eating before, during and after cancertreatments. For more information, contact Theresa MurrayMS, RD, LDN, at 410-641-9433 or tmurray@atlanticgeneral.orgOcean Pines Diabetes Support Group 7 - 8 p.m.Ocean Pines Community CenterSupport and education for diabetics and their support people.All are welcome. For more information contact EllenLurz at 443-804-5289 or elurz52@mchsi.comThursday, July 7Free Diabetes Clinic 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.Atlantic Health CenterIf cost is keeping you from taking care of your diabetesthere is help. Must be a resident of Worcester or SomersetCounty and at least 18. This service is not intended tosubstitute physician's recommendations or treatment butwill include: blood testing, blood pressure screening, diabetesrisk assessment, educational information includingnutrition guidelines, glucometer and test strips for thosewho qualify, medication voucher (some restrictionsapply). By appointment only. Call 410-641-9703 for moreinformation.

Recurring Events:Events CalendarWhen submitting items for the Events Calendar please include the event name,date, where held, time and a little about the event. Items being considered forthe calendar need to be in no later than noon on Friday.E-mail to thecourier@delmarvacourier.comEvery Saturday and SundayPine’eer ShopThe Pine’eer Craft and Gift Shop inWhite Horse Park is open 10 4 p.m. The shop features itemscreated by Pine’eer Craft Club.Every Sunday and WednesdayAL-Anon/OP-BerlinWeekly meetings are held at theBerlin Nursing Home at 7:30 p.m.Every SundayAl-AnonAl-Anon OP/Berlin meets at 7:30p.m. in the OP Community Center.Second and fourth SundayKC BreakfastKnights of Columbus serves breakfast9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at St. Luke’sChurch in Ocean City. Cost is $8,children under 9 are $4. Call 410-524-7994.Every MondayOcean Pines Poker ClubPoker players wanted in OceanPines area for Monday evenings.Call 410-641-8351 for information.Sweet AdelinesThe Delmarva Sweet Adeline Chorusmeets from 7 to 9 p.m. in theOcean Pines Community Center.For information call 410-726-1234.DC Hand Dance ClubThe DC Hand Dance Club meets 6-10 p.m. at the OC Elks Lodge.Contact Diane at (301) 906-5962 Monday and ThursdayPoker GroupGroup meets from 6 to 11:30 p.m.Call 410-208-0063 for information.First MondayCoast Guard AuxiliaryU.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla12-05 meets at 7:30 p.m. in theU.S.C.G. Station, Ocean City. Forinformation call Dennis Kalinowskiat 410-208-4147.Second MondayFriends of OP LibraryFriends of the Ocean Pines Librarymeets at 10 a.m. at the library.Every TuesdayStory TimeStories, rhymes, music and crafts at10:30 a.m. at the Berlin library. Call(410) 641-0650.Plant ClinicThe clinic will be held at the OceanPines library 1 to 4 p.m. until September27. Got plant problems orbugs? Bring bagged samples andlet Master Gardeners find solutions.Third TuesdayWidow & Widowers Social ClubGroup meets at The Woodlands at1 p.m. Call Barbara Mazzei at 410-208-0430 for information.LAOH MeetingThe Ladies Ancient Order of Hiberniansmeets at 10 a.m. at theKnights of Columbus in Ocean City.For information call 410-250-2271.Every WednesdayKiwanis Club MeetingThe Kiwanis Club of Greater OceanPines/Ocean City meets weekly atthe Ocean Pines Community Centerat 7:45 a.m. except the 3rdWednesday when the meeting is atHall’s Restaurant in Ocean City. Call410-641-7330 or visit DancingThe Pinesteppers have introductionto square dancing at the OP CommunityCenter at 7 p.m. Call BruceBarrett at 410-208-6777.Elks BingoOcean City Elks in Ocean City (behindFenwick Inn) open at 5:30p.m. Early birds at 6:30 and bingoat 7 p.m. Call 410-250-2645.Al-AnonAl-Anon OP/Berlin will meet at 7:30p.m. at the Berlin Nursing Home,downstairs meeting room.Rotary ClubOcean City/Berlin Rotary Club dinnermeetings are every Wednesdayat 6 p.m. at the Carousel Resort inOcean City. ContactStan.Kahn@carouselhotel.comStory TimeStories, rhymes, music and crafts at10:30 a.m. at the Ocean City library.Call (410) 524-1818.Delmarva Hand DancingDancing at The Fenwick Inn inOcean City from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Contact302-934-7951 or WednesdayBlood Pressure ChecksThe OP Volunteer Fire Dept. willprovide free blood pressure checksto residents at the Community Center10-11:30 a.m. Call Capt. BillBounds at 410-641-8272.Delmarva SinglesSingles 50 and over gather at SalisburyChamber for a potluck dinnerat 6 p.m. with the meeting at 7 p.m.Call 302-846-3138 for information.Fourth WednesdayMarine Corps LeagueFirst State Detachment MarineCorps League meets at 7:30 VFW Post 8296 in Ocean City.Visit ThursdayBeach SinglesBeach Singles 45 Plus meets 4-7p.m. at Clarion Hotel, 10100Coastal Hwy. Call 302-436-9577 or410-524-0649.Legion BingoAmerican Legion in Ocean Cityopens doors at 5:30 p.m., gamesbegin at 7:00. For information call410-289-3166.Every FridayWomen and Dogs GroupSupport group for women and theirdogs 1-3 p.m. Contact HealingStories@aol.comor 240-626-5961.Knights of Columbus BingoBingo will be held behind St. Luke’sChurch, 100th St. in Ocean City.Doors open at 5 p.m. and gamesbegin at 6:30 p.m. Refreshmentsavailable. Call 410-524-7994.First FridayFriends of OC LibraryFriends of the Ocean City Librarymeet at 1 p.m. in the OC library. Forinformation call 410-524-1818.First SaturdayFirst Saturday WritersGroup meets at 10 a.m. at theBerlin library. All writers and poets,published and unpublished, are invitedfor fun writing exercises, readingsand tips on publishing. CallBetty at 410-208-2760.First and Third SaturdayHabitat Warehouse OpenHabitat for Humanity of WorcesterCounty warehouse in Snow Hill willopen 8 a.m. to noon. Building materials,appliances, furniture andmore are available. Cash only.Contact Events:Thurs., June 30Power Squadron raft-upThe Squadron will meet at YC daymarker 2 at 5 p.m. Reserve withDave Lloyd at 410-641-6278.Concert in the ParkZydeco-a-Go-Go performs at 7 the Ocean Pines summer concertseries. The free concerts are atWhite Horse Park every Thursdaythrough Aug. 25. Bring chairs andpicnic. BYOB also allowed. For informationcall 410-641-7717.Sat., July 2Ice Cream and Raptor ShowCool off with a scoop of ice creamand enjoy a close up encounter witha bird of prey. Join a naturalist to explorethe wonderful world of raptorsat Pocomoke River State Park,3461 Worcester Highway in SnowHill. Meet at the Shad LandingCamp Store at 2 p.m. Fee is $3 perperson which includes scoop of icecream. For information call 410-632-2566 ext 115.Mon., July 4OP Fourth of July CelebrationFun-filled day of music, food,games, moon bounces and more atthe Sports Core Pool from 10 2 p.m. Fireworks begin at 9:15p.m. at Showell Park. Rain date isJuly 5. For more information call410-641-7717 ext. 3050.OC FireworksEnjoy a free concert at 8 p.m., followedby fireworks at 9:30 p.m.downtown on the beach at North DivisionStreet and simultaneouslyuptown at 127th Street at NorthsidePark. For more information, call theOcean City Department of Recreation& Parks at 410-250-0125.Wed., July 6Milkshake Kids BandTuneful, memorable songs thatevoke influences from Rogers andHammerstein to Lennon and Mc-Cartney to The White Stripes, Milkshakecontinues to create musicthat appeals to kids and parents.Program starts at 2 p.m. at theOcean Pines library.Family Fun NightThe Ocean Pines Yacht Club poolhosts family fun night from 6 to 8:30p.m. Event includes DJ, food andbeverages. Admission is $2 forswim members, $4 for residentsand $5 for non-residents. For informationcall 410-641-7717.Thurs., July 7Lunch n' Learn WorkshopDiscover how to incorporate greenpractices to improve sales andlower costs in small businesses 11a.m. to 1 p.m. at Worcester Youth &June 29, 2011 The Courier Page 17Family, 124 N. Main Street in Berlin.Workshop Focus on how large commercialbusinesses and governmenthave increased demand forenvironmentally and socially responsibleproducts and services.Speaker will be Lauren Frederic,Eco Ventures International (EVI).Lunch provided by The Globe. Costfor members is $25 and $29 fornon-members. Registration required.Concert in the ParkBanned from Central Parke performsat 7 p.m. at the Ocean Pinessummer concert series. The freeconcerts are at White Horse Parkevery Thursday through Aug. 25.Bring chairs and picnic. BYOB alsoallowed. For information call 410-641-7717.Tues., July 12Healthcare Providers CPRPRMC is offering a BLS for HealthcareProviders course 8 a.m. to12:30 p.m. in the Avery W. Hall Center.This course is designed forthose who need a course completioncard or for allied health professionalswho support staff in theareas of cardiac care, respiratory,and emergency medicine. The feeto attend is $90. Pre-registration isrequired. For more information, call410-543-7126 or visit www.peninsula.orgfor online registration.MVA on WheelsMVA on Wheels returns to OceanCity on 65th Street 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.Renew a non-commercial drivers license,Maryland photo identificationcard or vehicle registration; obtain aduplicate drivers license or a certifiedcopy of a driving record; obtaindisability placards, substitute stickersor duplicate registrations; returntags; change name and/or address;register to vote or as an organdonor. For more information, call 1-800-950-1 MVA.Wed., July 13Family Fun NightThe Ocean Pines Yacht Club poolhosts family fun night from 6 to 8:30p.m. Event includes DJ, food andbeverages. Admission is $2 forswim members, $4 for residentsand $5 for non-residents. For informationcall 410-641-7717.Thurs., July 14Diakonia FundraiserStar Charities will hold its 14th AnnualWestern Night at OceanDowns to benefit Diakonia. Eventbegins at 4:30 p.m. and includesbuffet, live harness and simulcastracing, door prizes, "Best DressedWestern Style" attire contest, freeracing program and free parking.Advance tickets are required andare now on sale for $26 per person.Seating is limited to approximately120 people, so don't delay. For ticketscall Sharon Marble at 410-208-3442 or Anna Foultz at 410-641-7667.Concert in the ParkThe Cruzers perform at 7 p.m. atthe Ocean Pines summer concertseries. The free concerts are atWhite Horse Park every Thursdaythrough Aug. 25. Bring chairs andpicnic. BYOB also allowed. For informationcall 410-641-7717.Sat., July 16Fried Chicken DinnerAll you can eat fried chicken dinnerat the Roxana Vol. Fire Company, 4to 8 p.m. Adults are $12.00 and childrenare $6.00. Carryouts are$12.00. For more information call302-436-2300.Wed., July 20Family Fun NightThe Ocean Pines Yacht Club poolhosts family fun night from 6 to 8:30p.m. Event includes DJ, food andbeverages. Admission is $2 forswim members, $4 for residentsand $5 for non-residents. For informationcall 410-641-7717.Thurs., July 21Concert in the ParkThe Rock & Roll Relics perform at7 p.m. at the Ocean Pines summerconcert series. The free concertsare at White Horse Park everyThursday through Aug. 25. Bringchairs and picnic. BYOB allowed.For information call 410-641-7717.Wed., July 20Birthing Again ClassPRMC is offering a childbirth refreshercourse from 6 to 9 p.m. inthe 3rd floor classroom of PeninsulaCardiology Building, 400 EasternShore Drive in Salisbury. Review relaxationskills, breathing techniquesand other comfort measures. Thecost is $35 for the mom- to- be andher coach. Bring a blanket and twopillows. Pre-registration is required.For more information, call 410-543-7126 or visit, July 23Dodgeball TournamentOcean Pines Recreation and Parkswill hold a dodgeball tournament inthe gym 1 to 8 p.m. Participants 16years and older can register inteams of six for the single eliminationtournament. For information call410-641-7717.Sat., July 30Jolly Roger Fun DayMAC Incorporated, the Area Agencyon Aging, invites all to attend the annual“Family Fun Day” at JollyRoger Amusement Park in OceanCity, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ticketsmust be purchased in advance at acost of $25 per person. For ticketscall MAC at 410-742-0505 extension113 or e-mail

Page 18 The Courier June 29, 2011To place your business card call 410-641-6695C LEANING S ERVICE H OME I MPROVEMENTP HOTOGRAPHYSINGER CONTRACTINGDoug Singer EST 1970 Interior Trim New Home& FinishConstruction Complete Windows &PunchworkDoors Decks AdditionsQUALITY WORKMANSHIP AT SENSIBLE PRICESLicensed& Insured410-208-9159MHIC# 68306MHBR# 2314Picture ThisCathy Halligan410-600-0396cathyhalligan@gmail.comC OMPUTERSPAUL’S HOME IMPROVEMENTSAll phases of home improvementsNo job too small - No job too largeHandyman Home ServicesOver 30 years experience410-641-7548Free EstimatesMHIC #83501P OWERW ASHINGDecks Siding WalkwaysBoats RoofsDecks stained & sealed “We Can Powerwash Anything!”FREE ESTIMATES Commercial ResidentialClifford Rosen/OwnerLicensed Insured410-641-5756 www.royalpowerwash.comD ENTISTRYCustom Homes, Home Improvements & Remodeling Budget & Service Oriented Quality Construction Design & Drafting Services410-213-2021 20 Years Experience Licensed & Insured Free EstimatesMHBR#19www.lifestylebuildersinc.comMHIC# 29042“BUILDING TO ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE”P RINTINGS ERVICESHaynes & Ott, P.A.Charles G. Haynes, D.D.S.Gerard F. Ott, D.M.D.1 Pitts StreetBerlin, Maryland 21811(410) 641-3490E LECTRICIANWaterfront Electrical Service Hot Tubs & SpasResidential Commercial Interior & Exterior LightingService Upgrades Phone/Data/TV Lines Ceiling FansJ.T. Novak, LLCElectrical ContractingP.O. Box 1464Berlin, MD 21811Prompt Service at Reasonable RatesPhone: 410-208-3052Mobile: 443-235-5544Master Electrician MD VA DE PAPhil’s Home ServicesHandyman Home ServicesNow is the time for SUMMER Projects443-235-3627 - CALL NOWNO JOB TOO SMALL OP RESIDENT MHIC#91071Yard Work Gutters Masonry Work FlooringHauling/Debris Removal Screen/Deck Repairs, etc.Hardscapes: Patios Decks Sidewalks WallsThe CourierR OOFINGWe’re Not Number One.Our Customers Are!Call Today!BEST HOME CONTRACTOR FOR 2010334-3000 • www.roofers.orgBusiness Directory or Restaurant Directory 410-641-6695THE REAL14th Readers’ Choice Award• Roofing• Windows• Siding410-213-1919 www.roofers.orgNJ-0000539286

June 29, 2011 The Courier Page 19AS THE AREA’S#1 ROOFERWe’re CommittedTo Your Satisfaction410-213-1919

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