Round Nine (April 25-29)
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Round Nine (April 25-29)

Media GuideRound Nine (April 25-29)James Blond Auckland Pirates point guard Lindsay Tait is last week’s player of theweek, which is the second time this season, he has earned the honour. (Photosport)

2012 Bartercard National BasketballRound Eight ReviewRegular Season StandingsTeam P W L H A For Ag PtsHBS Bank Hawks 9 8 1 5-0 3-1 819 729 16James Blond Auckland Pirates 9 7 2 5-1 2-1 866 772 14Wellington Saints 9 5 4 4-0 1-4 846 780 10Telecom Business Hub Jets 7 4 3 3-2 1-1 604 574 8The Good Home Taranaki Mountain Airs 10 4 6 4-2 0-4 833 861 8Fico Finance Nelson Giants 9 4 5 3-0 1-5 771 781 8Zero Fees Southland Sharks 10 4 6 2-1 2-5 861 897 8OceanaGold Nuggets 10 3 7 1-3 2-4 819 894 6LZ Harbour Heat 9 2 7 2-3 0-4 758 889 4ResultsJAMES BLOND AUCKLAND PIRATES 114 (Lindsay Tait 35, Ron Dorsey 18, Brooke Ruscoe 13)THE GOOD HOME TARANAKI MOUNTAIN AIRS 88 (Jack Leasure 27, Darryl Hudson 17, Link Abrams 15, AaronBailey-Nowell 15)HBS BANK HAWKS 102 (Paora Winitana 19, Everard Bartlett 16, Kareem Johnson 14)LZ HARBOUR HARBOUR HEAT 83 (Justin Bailey 23, Zack Atkinson 19, Reuben Te Rangi 19)TELECOM BUSINESS HUB JETS 103 (Nick Horvath 29, Marcel Jones 22, Josh Pace 21)OCEANAGOLD NUGGETS 79 (Antoine Tisby 22, Akeem Wright 17, Michael Fitchett 11)FICO FINANCE NELSON GIANTS 89 (Michael Harrison 28, Phill Jones 21, Sam Dempster 15)OCEANAGOLD NUGGETS 77 (Akeem Wright 23, Antoine Tisby 21, James Ross 15)ZERO FEES SOUTHLAND SHARKS 86 (Larry Abney 26, Kevin Braswell 17, Craig Bradshaw 15)WELLINGTON SAINTS 85 (Jason Crowe 16, Casey Frank 16, Troy McLean 14)Individual HighsPoints: 35 Lindsay Tait (Auckland Pirates) v Taranaki Mountain AirsRebounds: 15 Nick Horvath (Manawatu Jets) v OceanaGold NuggetsAssists: 11 Lindsay Tait (Auckland Pirates) v Taranaki Mountain AirsSteals: 3 Akeem Wright (OceanaGold Nuggets) and Kevin Braswell (Southland Sharks)Blocks: 3 Michael Harrison (Fico Finance Nelson Giants) v OceanaGold Nuggets

Wednesday, April 252012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineHBS Bank Hawks (8-1) v Wellington Saints (5-4), 3pmAt Pettigrew Green Arena, TaradaleReferees – Dallas Pickering, Sean Cronin, Gareth TehanLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Hawks SaintsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsHawks E. Bartlett 20.4 K. Johnson 9.4 J. Kenny 4.0 K. Johnson 0.2 J. Kenny 1.3Saints J. Crowe 15.1 C. Frank 8.8 J. Crowe 9.7 A. Trousdell 1.2 J. Crowe 2.6PreviewThe HBS Bank Hawks have won all five home games thisseason. Saints on the other hand have managed only onewin from five attempts away, and will face their toughest testof the season.The last time the two teams met were in the Grans Finalslast season. Hawks narrowly losing 106-97 without star playPaora Winitana who does not play on Sundays.Both teams have suffered shock road losses to theSouthland Sharks in the past couple of weeks. Hawks wereunbeaten till that point, while the Saints had a 21 point thirdquarter lead before collapsing to a one a point loss.Hawks play the Saints and the Jets, so two wins should seala playoff spot for their ninth straight time.Saints are now in a dog fight for a final four spot, as threeteams that are not currently in the top four are only 1.5games out.Both teams are at the top end of the league in scoring, butthe Hawks have the upper hand defensively, holding opponentsto a league low 81 points.The rivalry between the two teams has been arguably onethe biggest in the league as they have met three straightyears in the playoffs.Everard Bartlett has made an immediate impact since joiningthe Hawks, leading the team in scoring at 20.4 per game.Saints meanwhile have been lacking a out an out scorer,since releasing guard Anthony Gurley who averaged 24points per game.Wellington elected to go for more size with the acquisition ofErnest Scott, to compete with the likes of the Hawks, whohave a strong American front line of Galen Young andformer Saint Kareem Johnson.Team Stat ComparisonHawks SaintsAverage Points 91.0 (3rd) 94.0 (2nd)Average Points Allowed 81.0 (1st) 86.7 (5th)FG% 48.6 (1st) 48.5 (2nd)Opposition FG% 43.0 (1st) 46.9 (7th)3pt% 36.7 (3rd) 34.7 (5th)Rebounds 38.7 (5th) 38.8 (4th)Assists 19.7 (1st) 19.2 (2nd)Turnovers 12.8 (3rd) 14.3 (5th)Forced Turnovers 12.8 (6th) 15.7 (2nd)Steals 5.1 (9th) 9.8 (1st)Bench Points 24.3 (4th) 25.0 (3rd)Home Record 5-0 4-0Away Record 3-1 1-4Current Streak Won 1 Lost 1Last Five Games 4-1 4-1Tab Odds $1.45 $2.60Last MeetingSunday, July 17 (Grand Final): Saints 106 Hawks 97Next Three GamesHawksSaints28/4 v Jets 27/4 v Jets4/5 at Giants 5/5 v Hawks5/5 at Saints 9/5 at Heat

Wednesday, April 252012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineFico Finance Nelson Giants (4-5) v The Good Home TaranakiMountain Airs (4-6), 3pmAt Trafalgar Centre, NelsonReferees – Melony Wealleans, Yalla Edwards, Brent O’HaganLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Giants AirsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsGiants P. Jones 24.9 M. Harrison 7.7 P. Jones 5.3 M. Harrison 2.8 Two Tied 1.1Airs J. Leasure 22.0 L. Abrams 7.0 D. Hudson 3.8 L. Abrams 0.4 J. Leasure 2.2PreviewIn what is becoming a very competitive season, every wincounts and if the Airs can beat the Giants then they will havethe tie break advantage, which could be the difference in aplay off spot.Giants were held to their lowest score of the season at 69against the Airs in Round Six, but will have the confidencethat they are playing at home where they have won all threegames.Taranaki are yet to win on the road, and will have a verytough test of playing three road games in the space of fourdays.If they drop all three, then their play offs will pretty much beover.After this game, both teams will be heading down south toplay the Nuggets and Sharks double.Offense is something the Airs need to improve on as they aresecond to last in the league in points per game (83.3) and arelast in field goal percentage (43.8).Both teams boast the highest scoring shooting guards in Airs’Jack Leasure and Giants Phill Jones.Jones is still at the top in scoring (24.9), while Leasure wholed the league last season is fifth (22.0). Leasure has beenon a tear of late averaging over 27 points per game.Team Stat ComparisonGiants AirsAverage Points 85.7 (6th) 83.3 (8th)Average Points Allowed 86.8 (6th) 86.1 (4th)FG% 46.4 (5th) 43.8 (9th)Opposition FG% 46.5 (5th) 46.6 (6th)3pt% 39.0 (1st) 32.9 (8th)Rebounds 35.9 (8th) 41.9 (3rd)Assists 14.9 (4th) 13.4 (8th)Turnovers 13.2 (4th) 13.3 (5th)Forced Turnovers 11.3 (9th) 12.7 (7th)Steals 6.0 (8th) 7.0 (5th)Bench Points 16.0 (5th) 14.3 (5th)Home Record 3-0 4-2Away Record 1-5 0-4Current Streak Won 2 Lost 1Last Five Games 2-3 2-3Tab Odds $1.45 $2.60Last MeetingApril 5, 2012 (Round Six): Airs 76 Giants 69It will be highly unlikely that the Giants will have forward MikaVukona back with the team, as he would have played theANBL Grand Final the previous night.Next Three GamesGiantsAirsBut hopefully they will have point guard Josh Bloxham who isaveraging career highs 9.4 points and 4.2 assists per game.28/4 at Sharks 27/4 at Sharks29/4 at Nuggets 28/4 at Nuggets4/5 v Hawks 4/5 v Jets

Wednesday, April 252012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineJames Blond Auckland Pirates (7-2) v LZ Harbour Heat (2-7), 7pmAt ASB Stadium, AucklandReferees – Gavin Whiu, Cherryl Crabbe, Oceen ReedLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Pirates HeatLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsPirates L. Tait 20.4 I. Muhammad 8.9 L. Tait 8.0 I. Muhammad 1.0 I. Muhammad 1.8Heat J. Bailey 17.1 Z. Atkinson 9.6 J. Bailey 4.3 Z. Atkinson 1.0 J. Bailey 1.9PreviewThe Auckland Pirates are the hottest team in the league atthe moment, currently with the longest active winning streakat five games.LZ Harbour Heat are on the opposite end of the spectrumwith a four game losing streak. In their last three games theyhave been beaten by twenty plus points in all of them.Pirates are only one game behind the top seeded Hawks,but could see themselves at the top of the table for the firsttime since Round One, when they were 2-0.One of those opening round victories was their 112-79 routover the Heat.Pirates are first in the league in scoring (96.2), while theHeat allow the most points (98.8), so expect there to beplenty of points scored.Heat are one of two teams in the league yet to win away,going 0-4.After this game the Pirates will be playing six of their lastseven on the road.After scoring a season high 35 last week, Pirates point guardLindsay Tait is averaging 20.4 points per game, which is thefirst time he is averaging over 20 points since 2007 for theAuckland Stars (24.0). Tait is also second in the league inassists (8.0).Heat point guard Justin Bailey also leads his team in scoring,and has been on a tear lately averaging 23 points in his lastthree games.Team Stat ComparisonPirates HeatAverage Points 96.2 (1st) 84.2 (7th)Average Points Allowed 85.8 (3rd) 98.8 (9th)FG% 47.6 (4th) 48.1 (3rd)Opposition FG% 45.6 (3rd) 50.9 (9th)3pt% 33.5 (7th) 35.8 (4th)Rebounds 42.9 (2nd) 32.0 (9th)Assists 17.8 (3rd) 13.3 (8th)Turnovers 15.3 (3rd) 15.4 (2nd)Forced Turnovers 18.4 (1st) 14.0 (4th)Steals 9.7 (2nd) 9.1 (3rd)Bench Points 25.6 (2nd) 26.3 (3rd)Home Record 5-1 2-3Away Record 2-1 0-4Current Streak Won 5 Lost 4Last Five Games 5-0 1-4Tab Odds $1.01 $12.00Last MeetingMarch 4th, 2012 (Round One): Pirates 112 Heat 79Next Three GamesPiratesHeat4/5 at Sharks 2/5 v Jets5/5 at Nuggets 5/5 at Jets10/5 v Sharks 9/5 v Saints

Friday, April 272012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineZero Fees Southland Sharks (4-6) v The Good Home TaranakiMountain Airs (4-6), 7pmAt Southland Stadium (Velodrome), InvercargillReferees – Raewyn Willocks, Gavin Whiu, Raelene FordeLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Sharks AirsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsSharks K. Braswell 22.2 L. Abney 9.6 K. Braswell 3.9 L. Abney 1.0 K. Braswell 2.6Airs J. Leasure 22.0 L. Abrams 7.0 D. Hudson 3.8 L. Abrams 0.4 J. Leasure 2.2PreviewThe Zero Fees Southland Sharks have kept their seasonalive with two stunning wins over top four teams (Hawks &Saints).Sharks showed a lot of fortitude to over come a 21 point thirdquarter deficit to defeat the two time defending champs Wellington86-85 last week.This was the first time the Sharks have beaten the Saints intheir short franchise history and will have to thank youngguard Dan Peck who seems to be coming into his own.Peck hit the game winning three against the Saints with 13seconds left and scored 21 in their 15 point win over theHawks the week before.Sharks cannot not take their eye off the ball when they hostTaranaki who convincingly defeated them 94-77 in RoundTwo.Sharks leading scorer Kevin Braswell is playing heavyminutes this season averaging 39.9 minutes per game. Theformer Georgetown Hoya, yet to play a game under 38minutes this season.The same can be said of Taranaki’s American back court ofJack Leasure and Darryl Hudson. Both players average over35 minutes a game.It is rumoured that Airs have picked up Heat player BradAnderson who could really help the Airs in the back upguard department. Anderson was averaging nine points agame for the Heat, before being released.Both teams are the worst in the league in assists, which theAirs in particular will need to improve in as they are yet towin on the road (0-4).Team Stat ComparisonSharks AirsAverage Points 86.1 (5th) 83.3 (8th)Average Points Allowed 89.7 (8th) 86.1 (4th)FG% 44.8 (7th) 43.8 (9th)Opposition FG% 47.6 (8th) 46.6 (6th)3pt% 37.5 (2nd) 32.9 (8th)Rebounds 36.4 (7th) 41.9 (3rd)Assists 9.9 (9th) 13.4 (8th)Turnovers 12.0 (2nd) 13.3 (5th)Forced Turnovers 11.7 (8th) 12.7 (7th)Steals 6.4 (6th) 7.0 (5th)Bench Points 12.2 (9th) 14.3 (5th)Home Record 2-1 4-2Away Record 2-5 0-4Current Streak Won 2 Lost 1Last Five Games 3-2 2-3Tab Odds $1.80 $1.95Last MeetingMarch 9, 2012 (Round Two): Airs 94 Sharks 77Next Three GamesSharksAirs28/4 v Giants 28/4 at Nuggets4/5 v Pirates 4/5 v Jets10/5 at Pirates 12/5 v Nuggets

Friday, April 272012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineWellington Saints (5-4) v Telecom Business Hub Jets (4-3)At TSB Bank Arena, WellingtonReferees – Dallas Pickering, Yalla Edwards, Nick NaylorLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Saints JetsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsSaints J. Crowe 15.1 C. Frank 8.8 J. Crowe 9.7 A. Trousdell 1.2 J. Crowe 2.6Jets N. Horvath 24.1 N. Horvath 16.4 M. Jones 7.0 Four Tied (0.3) J. Pace 2.0PreviewThe Manawatu Jets have so far played the least amount ofgames this season at seven, which should hold them infavour as they could well have forward Jeremiah Truemanavailable for the game against the Saints.Trueman alongside Nick Horvath, imports Marcel Jones andJosh Pace bring together an excellent rebounding side.Jones was impressive in his first game for the Jets collecting22 points and 12 rebounds in their win over the Nuggets.The forward had a brief stint with the 2010 Wellington Saintsteam after their star guard Eric Devendorf was injured.In 2009 Jones was the Jets leading scorer averaging 27points per game.Horvath began his career with the Saints, is leading theleague in rebounding at 16.4 per game and is second inscoring (24.1). The former Duke alumni grabs the mostoffensive rebounds in the league at five per game.After scoring a season high 103 points, the Jets are nowfourth in the competition in scoring, but still over sevenpoints behind the Saints.Jets did hold the Saints to their lowest total of the season at75 and are the best in the league at opposition field goalpercentage, holding opponents to 42.7%.Four times this season the Jets have held opponents tounder eighty points.If it is a close game then the odds are in favour for the Jets,as the Saints are 0-3 in games decided by four or less.Manawatu are so far 1-1 on the road, playing their next fourgames on away.Team Stat ComparisonSaints JetsAverage Points 94.0 (2nd) 86.3 (4th)Average Points Allowed 86.7 (5th) 82.0 (2nd)FG% 48.5 (2nd) 45.2 (6th)Opposition FG% 46.9 (7th) 42.7 (1st)3pt% 34.7 (5th) 34.5 (6th)Rebounds 38.8 (4th) 45.4 (1st)Assists 19.2 (2nd) 13.9 (6th)Turnovers 14.3 (5th) 16.4 (9th)Forced Turnovers 15.7 (2nd) 14.1 (3rd)Steals 9.8 (1st) 6.3 (7th)Bench Points 25.0 (3rd) 12.9 (7th)Home Record 4-0 3-2Away Record 1-4 1-1Current Streak Lost 1 Won 1Last Five Games 4-1 3-2Tab Odds $1.40 $2.75Last MeetingMarch 18, 2012 (Round Three): Jets 76 Saints 75Next Three GamesSaintsJets5/5 v Hawks 28/4 at Hawks9/5 at Heat 2/5 at Heat11/5 v Nuggets 4/5 at Airs

Saturday, April 282012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineOceanaGold Nuggets (3-7) v The Good Home Taranaki Mountain Airs(4-6)At Edgar Centre, DunedinReferees – Melony Wealleans, Gavin Zimmerman, Brendan HodgsonLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Nuggets AirsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsNuggets A. Wright 23.1 A. Tisby 11.7 A. Wright 4.2 A. Tisby 1.7 A. Wright 2.2Airs J. Leasure 22.0 L. Abrams 7.0 D. Hudson 3.8 L. Abrams 0.4 J. Leasure 2.2PreviewNuggets will look to take advantage of an Airs team that willbe playing their third game in the space of four days.After losing their leading assist man Mark Dickel for theremainder of the season, they signed another Tall Black inMike Fitchett, who played in their two road losses last week.Fitchett did not have the best start shooting wise, convertingonly 3/15 three point attempts, but he is a proven shooter inthe league and if you are Taranaki you can ill afford to leavehim open.Taranaki will only have three games left in the regularseason after Round Nine and will probably need to win atleast two of three on this road trip to stay in the hunt for a topfour position.Last season the Airs were one of two teams to lose to theNuggets last year, but did edge them out 91-88 the last timethe two teams met.Both teams have placed a lot of their scoring on theirimports.Airs Jack Leasure and Darryl Hudson combine for nearly 43points per game, while the Nuggets Antoine Tisby andAkeem Wright average nearly forty five points.Nuggets could have NZ Breakers player Leon Henry with theteam for the first time, as the ANBL season will becompleted.Henry will bring some much needed three point shooting tothe Nuggets who are last in the league shooting 23.7%.Three point shooting has also been an issue for the Airs whoare second to last at 32.9%, which is strange since theyhave two top three point shooters in Leasure and ChrisDaniel.Team Stat ComparisonNuggets AirsAverage Points 81.9 (9th) 83.3 (8th)Average Points Allowed 89.4 (7th) 86.1 (4th)FG% 44.7 (8th) 43.8 (9th)Opposition FG% 46.3 (4th) 46.6 (6th)3pt% 23.7 (9th) 32.9 (8th)Rebounds 38.0 (6th) 41.9 (3rd)Assists 14.5 (5th) 13.4 (8th)Turnovers 11.9 (1st) 13.3 (5th)Forced Turnovers 13.4 (5th) 12.7 (7th)Steals 7.8 (4th) 7.0 (5th)Bench Points 12.4 (8th) 14.3 (5th)Home Record 1-3 4-2Away Record 2-4 0-4Current Streak Lost 4 Lost 1Last Five Games 1-4 2-3Tab Odds $2.00 $1.75Last MeetingJuly 8, 2011 (Round 13): Airs 91 Nuggets 88Next Three GamesNuggetsAirs29/4 v Giants 4/5 v Jets5/5 v Pirates 12/5 v Nuggets11/4 at Saints 18/5 at Jets

Saturday, April 282012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineZero Fees Southland Sharks (4-6) v Fico Finance Nelson Giants (4-5),7pmAt Southland Stadium (Velodrome), InvercargillReferees – Gavin Whiu, Raewyn Willocks, Raelene FordeLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Sharks GiantsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsSharks K. Braswell 22.2 L. Abney 9.6 K. Braswell 3.9 L. Abney 1.0 K. Braswell 2.6Giants P. Jones 24.9 M. Harrison 7.7 P. Jones 5.3 M. Harrison 2.8 Two Tied 1.1PreviewThe Southland Sharks have an opportunity to move upto .500 if they can defeat the Airs and Giants, whom theyhave lost to away this season.Sharks squandered a twenty point lead against the Giants tolose 99-97 in overtime.Nelson import Pete Campbell had a season high 33 in thewin, but his numbers have dropped significantly since thatpoint averaging 11 points in his last six games.To be fair on Campbell, he had to score early on the forGiants, as they were missing import Michael Harrison, whois leading the league in blocks (2.8), to go with his 17.5points and 7.7 rebounds.Larry Abney had a season high 29 points in the loss to theGiants, but had a season low five rebounds.Abney has picked up his rebounding of late, grabbing twodouble-doubles in his last three games.Sharks will have the big test of playing the Giants, and thena home and away series against the Auckland Pirates, whoare the form team in the competition.Nelson have not been a good road team this season,winning only one of five.After dropping the first home game to the Nuggets, theSharks have defeated the Hawks and Saints, who were lastyear’s finalists, and both in the top four at present.League leading scorer Phill Jones is one of the best threepoint shooters ever in the league, but has been moreefficient inside the arc, shooting 65% from the field in his lastthree games.Team Stat ComparisonSharks GiantsAverage Points 86.1 (5th) 85.7 (6th)Average Points Allowed 89.7 (8th) 86.8 (6th)FG% 44.8 (7th) 46.4 (5th)Opposition FG% 47.6 (8th) 46.5 (5th)3pt% 37.5 (2nd) 39.0 (1st)Rebounds 36.4 (7th) 35.9 (8th)Assists 9.9 (9th) 14.9 (4th)Turnovers 12.0 (2nd) 13.2 (4th)Forced Turnovers 11.7 (8th) 11.3 (9th)Steals 6.4 (6th) 6.0 (8th)Bench Points 12.2 (9th) 16.0 (5th)Home Record 2-1 3-0Away Record 2-5 1-5Current Streak Won 2 Won 2Last Five Games 3-2 2-3Tab Odds $1.95 $1.80Last MeetingMarch 23 (Round Four): Giants 99 Sharks 97, OTNext Three GamesSharksGiants4/5 v Pirates 29/4 at Nuggets10/5 at Pirates 4/5 v Nuggets12/5 v Jets 12/5 v Saints

Saturday, April 282012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineHBS Bank Hawks (8-1) v Telecom Business Hub Jets (4-3)At Pettigrew Green Arena, TaradaleReferees – Tim Brown, Apai Apai, Gareth TehanLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Hawks JetsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsHawks E. Bartlett 20.4 K. Johnson 9.4 J. Kenny 4.0 K. Johnson 0.2 J. Kenny 1.3Jets N. Horvath 24.1 N. Horvath 16.4 M. Jones 7.0 Four Tied (0.3) J. Pace 2.0PreviewThe Hawks host the Jets for the first time this season, andwill want to erase memories of last season when they weredefeated by them at Pettigrew Green Arena, 84-74.In the last three seasons, both teams have enjoyed successover one another, splitting the last three regular seasonseries.Round Nine could be a very successful week for the Jets ifthey can get road wins over the Hawks and Saints, who areboth ahead of them on the ladder.But if they drop both of them, then they will be fightingalongside, the Giants, Sharks and Airs for a top four spot.Nick Horvath will have arguably his biggest test of theseason going up against the All-American front court ofGalen Young and Kareem Johnson.Both teams are the best defensive teams in the league,Hawks allowing only 81 points and the Jets 82.Former Hawk Josh Pace, who led them to last year’s final,has joined the Jets this season, bringing with him his winningtouch.In all four of his seasons in the NBL, Pace has taken a teamto the playoffs every year. Pace is averaging 21.6 points pergame, which is the most since 2007 when he averaged 22.4.Hawks guard Everard Bartlett is having a career year so far,averaging 20.4 points which is the most in his eight seasons.Bartlett is also averaging a career high 3.8 assists.Two wins this week, should give the Hawks a playoff berth.Team Stat ComparisonHawks JetsAverage Points 91.0 (3rd) 86.3 (4th)Average Points Allowed 81.0 (1st) 82.0 (2nd)FG% 48.6 (1st) 45.2 (6th)Opposition FG% 43.0 (1st) 42.7 (1st)3pt% 36.7 (3rd) 34.5 (6th)Rebounds 38.7 (5th) 45.4 (1st)Assists 19.7 (1st) 13.9 (6th)Turnovers 12.8 (3rd) 16.4 (9th)Forced Turnovers 12.8 (6th) 14.1 (3rd)Steals 5.1 (9th) 6.3 (7th)Bench Points 24.3 (4th) 12.9 (7th)Home Record 5-0 3-2Away Record 3-1 1-1Current Streak Won 1 Won 1Last Five Games 4-1 3-2Tab Odds $1.10 $6.00Last MeetingMay 27, 2011 (Round Seven): Jets 84 Hawks 74Next Three GamesHawksJets4/5 at Giants 2/5 at Heat5/5 at Saints 4/5 at Airs12/5 v Pirates 5/5 v Heat

Sunday, April 292012 Bartercard National BasketballLeague Round NineOceanaGold Nuggets (3-7) v Fico Finance Nelson Giants (4-5), 6pmAt Edgar Centre, DunedinReferees – Gavin Zimmerman, Melony Wealleans, Brendan HodgsonLive StatsTeam Roster and Full Stats (Click on Team) : Nuggets GiantsLeadersPoints Rebounds Assists Blocks StealsNuggets A. Wright 23.1 A. Tisby 11.7 A. Wright 4.2 A. Tisby 1.7 A. Wright 2.2Giants P. Jones 24.9 M. Harrison 7.7 P. Jones 5.3 M. Harrison 2.8 Two Tied 1.1PreviewThe Nelson Giants will complete their three game road trip,when they play the Nuggets for the second time in a littleover a week.Giants comfortably won against the Nuggets, leading bytwenty plus points in the first half.It is the seventeenth straight time the Giants have beaten aNuggets team which is the longest active winning streak aNBL team has over one team.Michael Harrison had a season high 28 points, while PhilJones added 21.Nuggets struggled offensively shooting 35% from the fieldand 18% from three point range.Harrison and Nuggets centre Antoine Tisby are first andsecond in the league in blocks per game. Tisby is only oneof two players in the league to average over double figuresin rebounds per game.Both teams would love to have their NZ Breakers playersback, as the Nuggets and Nelson have only five games leftin the regular season when they play each other.After the Nuggets game the Giants will play their last fourgames at home, where they are currently unbeaten.Despite being near the foot of the ladder, the Nuggets makethe least amount of turnovers in the league at 11.9 pergame.But three point shooting has been dreadful for them,currently last in the league at 23.7%, while the Giants are topshooting 39%.Team Stat ComparisonNuggets GiantsAverage Points 81.9 (9th) 85.7 (6th)Average Points Allowed 89.4 (7th) 86.8 (6th)FG% 44.7 (8th) 46.4 (5th)Opposition FG% 46.3 (4th) 46.5 (5th)3pt% 23.7 (9th) 39.0 (1st)Rebounds 38.0 (6th) 35.9 (8th)Assists 14.5 (5th) 14.9 (4th)Turnovers 11.9 (1st) 13.2 (4th)Forced Turnovers 13.4 (5th) 11.3 (9th)Steals 7.8 (4th) 6.0 (8th)Bench Points 12.4 (8th) 16.0 (5th)Home Record 1-3 3-0Away Record 2-4 1-5Current Streak Lost 4 Won 2Last Five Games 1-4 2-3Tab Odds $2.45 $1.50Last MeetingApril 21 (Round Eight): Giants 89 Nuggets 77Next Three GamesNuggetsGiants5/5 v Pirates 4/5 v Hawks11/5 at Saints 12/5 v Saints12/5 at Airs 13/5 v Jets

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