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Justice BT Granger - Slaw


“WHY SHOULD I LEARN TOJUDGE IN A PAPERLESSENVIRONMENT”! Access to Justice! Better command of theevidence! Improved judicial mobilityJustice B.T. Granger

ACCESS TO JUSTICE! Timely! Affordable!All All individuals whether upper,middle or lower financial class!All All corporations whether large orsmallJustice B.T. Granger

!Large Large legal centers!Small Small rural legal centersJustice B.T. Granger

THE ISSUE! Is there an obligation on eachmember of the judiciary!To To learn how to judge in anelectronic environment?!To To insist that such technology beemployed in the courtroom?Justice B.T. Granger

WHY THE JUDICARY MUST LEADTHE WAY TO A PAPERLESSENVIRONMENT! Judges control the manner in whichevidence is adduced and the record ismaintained! Judges have a responsibility to ensureactions are heard in an cost efficientenvironment in order to improve“Access to JusticeJustice B.T. Granger

COUNSEL’S S DILEMMA! Must know on opening a file that:! Electronic documents can bedisplayed in courtroom in anelectronic format! Electronic documents will beaccepted as electronic exhibitsJustice B.T. Granger

! An electronic record will bemaintained to the exclusion of paper! Using electronic documents andproviding hardcopy documents for therecord and the judge is more expensivethan present systemJustice B.T. Granger

A CHANGING WORLD! Electronic technology has replacedpaper! Over 98% of all documents arecreated, exchanged and stored in anelectronic environment! Banks, industry and governmentconduct business in the electronicworldJustice B.T. Granger

! An employee sends/receives4000 e-mails eper year! Between 75%-80% of all familiesor individuals in Canada use theInternet in their daily livesJustice B.T. Granger

! Notwithstanding the efficiencies ofthe electronic world, the judiciaryclings to a paper environmentJustice B.T. Granger

LEGAL DOCUMENTS! 100% are created and saved in anelectronic format! Pleadings! Motions! Financial Statements! FactumsJustice B.T. Granger

EFFECT OF USING ELECTRONICDOCUMENTS IN YOUR COURTROOM! Reduce trial time! Introduction of exhibits! Accessing exhibits! Storing exhibitsJustice B.T. Granger

! Reduced legal fees! Litigation Support programs canbe used by counsel and judgeJustice B.T. Granger

MOVING TO AN ELECTRONICCOURTROOM ENVIRONMENT! Constituents! Client! Counsel! Judiciary! Courts AdministrationJustice B.T. Granger

CLIENT! Objects to costs associated withlitigating in a paper environment:!Paper Paper disclosure!Printing Printing 5 copies of each discloseddocument!Courtroom inefficienciesJustice B.T. Granger

! “We carry on business in an electronicworld”! “We bank, pay bills and makepurchases on-lineline”! “We had to learn how to carry onbusiness and our lives in an electronicworld”Justice B.T. Granger

! “Why should we be required to incurthe additional cost of converting topaper in order to access the justicesystem”! “It’s s time judges learned how to workin an electronic world”Justice B.T. Granger

COUNSEL’S S RESISTANCE TOELECTRONIC COURTROOMENVIRONMENT! Hardcopy has been the standard incourtrooms for 150 years! Original document is paper! “I I learned to be an advocate usingpaper and I am too old to change”Justice B.T. Granger

! “Electronic documents will changemy style of advocacy in thecourtroom”! Purchase of capital assets! Non-billable time in learning how touse hardware and programsJustice B.T. Granger

THE “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT” -ELECTRONIC OR PAPER?! Electronic Document! Created and saved in electronic format! Contains embedded or hidden data! Paper Document! Copy of electronic document withoutembedded dataJustice B.T. Granger

WHEN ELECTRONICDOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED! Authenticity in issue! Created! Modified! Name of computer! PrintedJustice B.T. Granger

JUDICIAL RESISTANCE TOJUDGING IN AN ELECTRONIC! Traditions! Rules of PracticeENVIRONMENT! Lack of computer skillsJustice B.T. Granger

TEST! Are you able to:! Turn on a computer and monitor! Use a mouse! Open a program! “Drag and Drop” or “Copy and Paste” froma CD-ROM to a program file! If you can do these tasksJustice B.T. Granger

You have all the skillsrequired to conduct apaperless electronic trialJustice B.T. Granger

COURTROOM COST SAVINGS -ELECTRONIC v. HARDCOPYGasTOPS v. MxIHardcopy Documents! 5 copies of each disclosed document! Photocopying 50,000 pages! 5 x 50,000 x 25 = $62,500Electronic Documents! Scanning 50,000 pages = $12,000Justice B.T. Granger

COURTROOM TIME-GasTOPS v. MxIAssumptions! 3000 exhibits! 300 days at trial! 5 hours per trial day! Total counsel fees (6 counsel) per trialday = $6000! Access 25 exhibits per trial dayJustice B.T. Granger

TIME TO DISPLAY ASENTENCE IN AN EXHIBITHardcopy! 2 minutes > Binder > Tab > Page >SentenceElectronic! 5 secondsJustice B.T. Granger

COURTROOM TIME –LITIGATION COSTS –GasTOPS v. MxIHardcopy! Access Time! 300 x 25 x 2 = 250 hours or 50 trial days! Costs! Litigation Fees $300,000! Photocopying $ 62,500! Total $362,500Justice B.T. Granger

COURTROOM TIME –LITIGATION COSTS – GasTOPSElectronicv. MxI! Access Time! 300 x 25 x 5 sec. = 10 hours or 2 days! Costs! Litigation Fees $12,000! Scanning $12,000! Total $ 24,000Justice B.T. Granger

COST SAVINGS! Hardcopy Exhibits! $362,500! Electronic Exhibits! $ 24,000! Savings! $338,500Justice B.T. Granger

COST SAVINGS IN FAMILYLAW ACTIONS! Electronic! Pleadings! Affidavits! Orders! Financial Statements! Expert reports! Disclosed documentsJustice B.T. Granger

USING SUMMATION iBlazeFROM DAY ONE! Electronic documents are filed inSummation in original format! Paper documents are scanned intoSummation! Pleadings, Affidavits, Notices ofMotions, Transcripts and Case Laware filed in electronic formatJustice B.T. Granger

COST SAVINGS IN LAWYERSOFFICE! Information is entered once! Documents are electronicallysorted by! Date! Issue! Witness! Electronic disclosureJustice B.T. Granger

! Electronic preparation for trial! Elimination of! Photocopying charges! Storage charges! Summation is used in courtroom todisplay documentsJustice B.T. Granger

REQUIREMENTS OF ANELECTRONIC COURTROOM! Improve presentation! Reduce courtroom costs! Meet judicial needsJustice B.T. Granger

JUDICIAL NEEDS IN ANELECTRONIC ENVIRONMENT! Ability to read electronic documents! Highlight and make notes on documents! Create and maintain an electronic record! Remote access to the electronic exhibits! Secure judicial data baseJustice B.T. Granger

EXPENSIVE ELECTRONICCOURTROOM! Central Server - common data base! Plasma and projection screensJustice B.T. Granger

SHORTCOMINGS OFEXPENSIVE ELECTRONICCOURTROOM! Remote access to electronicdocuments is difficult! Judges will be reluctant to usecommon data base for notes,summaries and judgment preparation! Difficult to set up and/or remove! ExpensiveJustice B.T. Granger

INEXPENSIVE ELECTRONICCOURTROOM! Summation is used to:! Display documents! Create independent data base oneach laptop! Monitors! Video splitter! External hard driveJustice B.T. Granger

ADVANTAGES OF INEXPENSIVEELECTRONIC COURTROOM! Each laptop has a copy of electronicrecord on its hard drive! Each laptop has its own secure database! Portable! AffordableJustice B.T. Granger

GETTING YOUR ELECTRONICCOURTROOM ATRADIOSHACK! Hardware! Four monitors! Video splitter! Cables! External hard drive! Capital Cost! $1000Justice B.T. Granger

Justice B.T. Granger

USING SUMMATION AS ASECURE DATA BASE AND TODISPLAY DOCUMENTS! Each counsel has Summation onhis/her laptop! Each counsel has all discloseddocuments filed in his/her copy ofSummation! Judge has Summation on his/herlaptopJustice B.T. Granger

! Proposed exhibit is shown on allmonitors by examining counsel! If admitted as an electronic exhibit it isassigned a trial exhibit number whichcounsel enter into Summation onhis/her laptopJustice B.T. Granger

MAINTAINING AN ELECTRONICRECORD FOR JUDGE ANDCOURT! At end of each day counsel providesJudge with a CD-ROM containing newexhibits! Judge loads exhibits into his/her copyof Summation! Counsel updates external hard drivemaintained by the Clerk of the CourtJustice B.T. Granger

COLUMN VIEWJustice B.T. Granger


SEARCH REPORTJustice B.T. Granger

ISSUES LISTJustice B.T. Granger


JUDICIAL MOBILITY! Laptop! Pleadings! Discovery Transcripts! Motions!Notice Notice of Motions!Affidavits!OrdersOrdersJustice B.T. Granger

! Factums! Expert reports! Notes! Legal reports! Reasons for judgmentJustice B.T. Granger

! Delivery of material! Digital Dictation! Voice Recognition! Stenomask Sylencer!http:// http://www.notetaker.net/pages/sylencer.htmlJustice B.T. Granger

CONCLUSION! Electronic technology can improveAccess to Justice! The Judiciary must lead the way toan electronic environment! Electronic courtrooms can beestablished in all judicial centersat an affordable costJustice B.T. Granger

! The judiciary must insist thatelectronic documents be used inall aspects of litigation! Individual judges and lawyers whorefuse to use electronic technologyshould not be allowed to block theuse of such technologyJustice B.T. Granger

“AN OLD JUDGE LEARNSNEW TRICKS”JUSTICE B. T. GRANGER! Born in 1936! Ivey School of Business - HBA 1960! Osgoode Hall Law School L.L.B 1963! Called to the Bar of Ontario 1965! 1965-1988 1988 practiced law with Lerner &Associates in London OntarioJustice B.T. Granger

“AN OLD JUDGE LEARNSNEW TRICKS”Justice B.T. Granger! 1988 appointed a judge of the OntarioHigh Court of Justice! 1992-1998 1998 Regional Senior Justice ofSouthwest Region of the SuperiorCourt of Justice Ontario! 1998 to present a trial judge of theSuperior Court of Justice Ontarioassigned to London OntarioJustice B.T. Granger

“AN OLD JUDGE LEARNS NEWTRICKS”Justice B.T. Granger! While attending secondary schoolopted for “manual training” as opposedto “typing”! When appointed to the bench in 1998could not type or use a computerJustice B.T. Granger

“AN OLD JUDGE LEARNS NEWTRICKS”Justice B.T. Granger! In 1990 bought a laptop and enrolled ina night time executive keyboardingcourse (3 hours per week) at FanshaweCollege in London Ontario! At the end of the 10 week course couldtouch type 30 words per minute andwas extremely proficient in using SpellCheckJustice B.T. Granger

“AN OLD JUDGE LEARNS NEWTRICKS”Justice B.T. Granger! 2002 assigned to preside at GasTOPSv. MxI trial! At opening of trial counsel requested apaperless trial! Agreed to a paperless trial although noprior experience judging in a paperlessenvironmentJustice B.T. Granger

“AN OLD JUDGE LEARNS NEWTRICKS”GasTOPS v. MxI : A Paperless Trial! 293 days of electronic trialtranscripts! 2893 electronic exhibits(approximately 70,000 pages)! 3500 pages of electronic submissions! An electronic recordJustice B.T. Granger

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE! In GasTOPS v. MxI technical assistanceprovided by:! Commonwealth Legal Inc.! www.commonwealthlegal.com! Martin Felsky! Cheryl Curran! Jennifer Johnson! Platinum Legal Group Inc.! www.platinumlegal.ca! William Platt! Lloyd WilksJustice B.T. Granger

! Summation Legal Technologies Inc.! www.summation.com! Jon Sigerman! Nicole Swank! Indata Corporation – Trial Director v. 5! www.indatacorp.com! Samantha MillerJustice B.T. Granger

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