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Locker roomfurnitureand coat racks

Quality and serviceThe company C+P belongs toChristmann and Pfeifer group.Christmann & Pfeifer was foundedin 1925 and operates in manyEuropean countries.In the furniture and furnishingsystem sector, C+P is one of theleading manufacturers in Europetoday. Thanks to continuousinnovation, constant investmentand products geared to marketrequirements, C+P stands forquality and competence. Throughour extensive know-how, ourcustomers can rely on optimumsolutions.C+P is the German marketleader in steel coat rack systemsand lockersAnnually we manufacture over300,000 compartments in severalproduct series as well as specialmodels for every application. Ourinhouse research and developmentdepartment works together withnumerous universities and specialistinstitutes.Since the foundation of thecompany, C+P’s success hasculminated in a high level ofcooperation with currently over5000 specialized trade partners inEurope.Many of our products have been testedfor safety (GS) by the TechnicalInspection Agency of Thuringia (TÜVThüringen).We will be glad to send you copies ofthe corresponding certificates onrequest.The proven material steel is fullyrecyclable.Thus, C+P steel furniture provides for anecological work environment.Not to mention the cost savings fordisposal.Every week 80 furniture trucks leave ourmanufacturing facilities. Our optimized,computer-aided route managementsystem guarantees punctual deliveries.2

Lockers for almost all applications!C+P furniture provides the optimum solution to practically every locker room and cloakroom furnishing task!The brochure provides you with a small extract from an unmatched complete range:Quality standards Page 4 - 5Lockers 8000 seriesThe millionfold proven, versatile basic range from themarket leader C+PPage 6 - 11Evolo lockersThe evolution of a classic.We have reinvented the locker!Page 12 - 23Fire brigade lockersFire brigade lockers from C+P:Practical design for practical use!Page 24 - 25Cambio lockersThe exclusive range for high demands.Top design and unparalleled technologyPage 26 - 27Benches and coat racks with benchesBench solutions from the basic variant to the extensiblecomfort versionPage 28 - 29Assembled box lockers / Open coat rack systemsAssembled box lockers and coat racks for every use,every requirement and every budgetPage 30 - 33We have lots more in store for you Page 34 - 353

Leading in corrosion protectionand quality assuranceProducts from C+P have been known for their high quality standard formany years. This excellent reputation is based on our commitment to doall we can to combine professional workmanship and quality. To us, love ofdetail is as important as a well coordinated product range.Continual tests and test series are required in order to maintain andimprove our quality standard. For example in our own laboratory and theattached testing chamber we do not test only product details, (commonpractice even in the automotive industry because of the costly procedure),but also the complete product. The newest scientific testing methods areused for this.An important criterion requiring constant observation is surface andcorrosion protection, particularly for our lockers.Adhesion test: assessment of theadhesion of coatings on everyundergroundTesting FE phosphatizing of ourpretreatment plantPhysical testing laboratory at C+P4

At C+P you can select the suitable corrosion protection classfor your field of application: As one of the first suppliersworldwide, C+P presents its own company standard withcorrosion protection classes. This is based on decades ofexperience and practical, scientific tests. Take advantage ofthe technological lead and the competence of a leadingmanufacturer of locker room and cloakroom solutions! Thefollowing tables provide you with an overview.Salt spraying chamber with two lockers which are being tested as a completeproduct according to DIN 50021 at C+PCorrosion protection classes according to C+P company standardCorrosionprotection classesClass IDry areasClass IIDamp areasClass IIIWet areasClass IVExtreme areasFurniture to be set up in dryand normally ventilatedroomsFurniture which is in roomswith increased humidity(50-70 percent)Furniture which is in wetareas with very highhumidity, e. g. swimmingbathsFurniture for extremeclimatic conditions as insalt water baths, slaughterhouses etc.ConstructionSheet steelSheet steel electrolyticallygalvanizedSpecial aluminium sheetStainless steel 1.4301brushedCoatingHigh quality enamel coating –Guaranty5 year 5 year 10 year 15 yearCORROSIONPROTECTIONGUARANTYCORROSIONPROTECTIONGUARANTYCORROSIONPROTECTIONGUARANTYCORROSIONPROTECTIONGUARANTYThe following test methods are used regularly in the C+P testing laboratoryDIN 50021 Salt spray test with subsequent testing according to DIN 53167DIN 50017 Condensation test with subsequent testing according to DIN 53209DIN 53151 Cross-cut adhesion testDIN 67530 Evaluation of glossDIN 53153 Buchholz indentation resistance testDIN 5033ColorimetryThe classifications apply to allcorrosion protection classesonly when the surface isundamaged.5

Basic lockers8000 seriesOur proven basic series has the followingconvincing features:– Sturdy sheet steel construction– Doors hinged right, borne on pivots with verticalbox reinforcement, louvers and stamped in labelframe– Compartment bottom can be swept out smoothly(8030 and 8040 series with cleaning openings)– Towel hooks inside the door– Insertable hat shelf and coat rod with 3 slidinghooks for each compartment– Turning bolt latch for padlock– Locker feet (e.g. in 8010 series) made of plastic =improved protection of the locker againstcorrosion!– Feet in light gray with carcass color RAL 7035,finished in black with all other carcass colors– Locker plinth (e.g. in 8020 series) with standardgalvanized finish, coated in carcass color5 compartmentsWhether with 150 mm high feet of plastic or withcorrosion-protected plinth: our 500 mm deep coat rackcompartments are available in the standard widths of300 and 400 mm.Order no. 8010-50Locker with 150 mm high feet,5 300 mm compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 1480 x 500Order no. 8010-20Locker with 150 mm high feet,2 300 mm compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 610 x 5006

Order no. 8020-40Order no. 8030-40Order no. 8040-40Order no. 8050-30Locker with plinth,4 300 mm compartments,doors smooth,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1800 x 1190 x 500Locker with bench built in front,4 300 mm compartments, withshortened doors,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 1190 x 500/815Locker with lowered bench baseand shortened doors,4 300 mm compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 1190 x 500/815Locker with bench built underneaththe locker, 3 300 mm compartments,doors smooth, bench slates made ofwood or plastic,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):2090 x 900 x 500/8157

Streetwear / workingclothes lockers8000 seriesThe separate storage of streetwear and workingclothes is required wherever working clothes areexposed to heavy soiling or odor impact. You canchoose from three variants here:– Two 300 mm compartments with a commondoor = 600 mm required space per person (seelarge illustration on right)– Two 300 mm compartments with doors closingtogether = also 600 mm required space perperson (see large illustration at bottom right)– One 400 mm compartment with one door, belowthe hat shelf divided by middle partition = 400 mmrequired space per person (see large illustration atbottom center)Four different partition models are available asrequired for the last, spacing-saving solution.Order no. 0090-00Partition made of steel infixed designOrder no. 0080-00Partition made of steel inswivelling designOrder no. 8210-20Locker consisting of two compartments with a common door,150 mm high feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 1850 x 610 x 500400 mmOrder no. 4400-706Partition made of bluelinen material, movableand swivelling, with severalpocketsOrder no. 4400-705Partition made oftransparent plastic,movable and swivelling,easy careOrder no. 8010-22Locker with 150 mm high feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 810 x 500one fixed middle partition made ofsteel per compartmentOrder no. 0090-00Order no. 8022-40Locker for two persons with doorsclosing together over 2 300 mmcompartments, with 100 mm high plinth,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1800 x 1190 x 5008

Assembled box lockersBasic assembled box lockersThese assembled box lockers areequipped with single-walleddoors. Because they have thesame height and depth as the8010 and 8020 series lockers,they can be combined withthese lockers. The lockers areavailable with plinth or feet inwidths of 300 or 400 mm aswell as with 3, 4 or 5 tiers.Order no. 8010-205Locker with 10 compartments,with 150 mm high feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 610 x 500Order no. 8020-324Locker with 12 compartmentsand with 100 mm high plinth,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1800 x 1200 x 500Order no. 8010-404Locker with 16 compartments,with 150 mm high feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 1190 x 500Double tier lockersDouble tier lockers save up to 50% space through half compartments andare primarily used in areas with changing locker assignment. They comeon feet, on a plinth or with a bench built underneath the locker.Order no. 8320-30Double tier lockerwith 100 mm high plinth,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1800 x 900 x 500Order no. 8310-30Double tier lockerwith 150 mm high feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1850 x 900 x 5009

Additionalfittings for8000 seriesFor the 8000 series we offeryou a practical range ofaccessories, additional fittingsand locking systems. Here afew examples:Sloping top designsLocker with integratedslope,Locker approx. 200 mmhigher at the backSloping top, approx.230 mm high at the back(= nothing can remain onthe locker!) for laterassemblyOrder no. 8000/8002-80(Com. w. 300/400 mm)Additional shelfnot height adjustable(installation height approx.250 mm)Order no. 8053-00Security compartmentinside, (instead of the hatcompartment) with cylinderlock,com. width 300/400 mmOrder no. 0019-00Mirror inside the door,approx. 110 x 90 mmOrder no. 8000-26Height adjustmentscrews for locker feet(1 set = 4 pieces) for easyretrofitting of a leveladjustment in lockerswith feetOrder no. 8001-303Order no. 8500-172Order no. 8001-323Order no. 8505- 02Doors smooth withoutlouvers, without labelholders (ensure alternativeventilation e.g. throughperforated rosettes!)Stamped in rosettePosition: one rosette at thetop and the bottom of thecolumn rear panelrespectivelyDoor with perforatedsheet metalfor 8010-8050 series, com.w. 300/400 mm (squareholes approx. 23 mm withapprox. 5 mm ligament)Door opening limiter 90°10

Z lockersThe practical rail withsliding hooks is totally userfriendlyand enablesgarments to be hung atappropriate intervals.Extra space gainedThe use of guided folding doors with strap hinge and the special, patented anti-collision mechanism is avery space-saving solution.Thanks to z shaped double doors, long garments can be hung up in two compartments. The standarddesign is ventilated through the rear panel.420 mmOrder no. 8023-122Z locker for two persons, with100 mm high plinth, (leveladjustable),dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1820 x 420 x 510Order no. 8023-224Z locker for fourpersons, with 100 mmhigh plinth (leveladjustable), dimensions(H x W x D in mm):1820 x 820 x 510Order no. 8053-224Z locker for four persons withbench built underneath thelocker, bench slats made of wood,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):2090 x 820 x 510/ 82511

S 3000lockersWhat makes them so special?Extremely warp resistant doors thanks to closedprofiles on the sides, doorstop silencers as standard fittingErgonomically designed turning bolt latchwith lock guard (standard)Numbering (optional) with selfadhesivefilm in the embossedlabel frameAlternate fronts (can also be fitted later!)choice of steel or decor doors (MDF)Easy-to-clean ventilation holepattern thanks to smooth outerfront (no protruding louvers)Novel feet made of plastic(= improved protection of the locker againstcorrosion!) consistently underpin the lineardesign and have a protective sleeve that coversthe adjusting screw when the optional heightadjustment is used. An ingenious feature!Practical storage box forshoes, helmets, bags, etc. Thisway the storage space under theseat is used optimally – not tomention the easy cleaning!The seat made of solid beechwood also serves as a flap andcan be opened only by theowner of the locker.12

S 3000with feet and plinthThe two best-selling Evolo models:– on optionally height adjustable plastic feet(= improved protection of the locker againstcorrosion!), e. g. for cleaning under the locker– or on a corrosion-protected (galvanized) plinth fora clean finish with the floor.Whether on feet or a plinth –Evolo is always the right choice!Top illustration: Order no. 48010-20Locker with 150 mm high feet, dimensions (H x W x D inmm) 1850 x 610 x 500, doors made of steelIllustration on right: Order no. 48020-20Locker with 100 mm high plinth, dimensions (H x W x D inmm) 1800 x 610 x 500, doors made of steel14

The Evolo series lockers with decor fronts(MDF) are available in three designs:Hard mapleAppleIce birchDecor 4401-38Decor 4401-39Decor 4401-40Evolo with benchThe locker needs an integrated bench? Three variants are available:– the bench built in front (locker on feet) as the most economicalsolution,– the bench built underneath the locker for optimum cleaningunder the locker– or the lowered version for improved accessibility of the top hatcompartment.The bench slats are made of rounded hardwood finished with aclear varnish. On request plastic bench slats are also available for noadditional charge.Illustration below: Order no. 48030-30Locker with bench built in front with150 mm high feet and shortened doors.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 900 x 500, doors made of steelOrder no. 48050-40Locker with bench built underneath the locker,dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 2090 x 1190 x 500,doors made of steelOrder no. 48040-40Locker with lowered bench baseand shortened doors,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 1190 x 500, doors made of steel15

Order no. 48022-20BLaundry and storage cabinetwith doors closing together (with onelock) and 100 mm high plinth, doorsmade of steel.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1800 x 610 x 500Order no. 48020-20BLaundry and storagecabinetwith singly lockabledoors (both hingedright). 100 mm highplinth, doors made ofsteel. Dimensions(H x W x D in mm)1800 x 610 x 500S 3000Multipurpose lockers - versatile and practicalEvolo multipurpose lockers store clothing, cleansers and materials where they are needed – and are thus a spacesavingalternative to classic double door cabinets.Order no. 48160-20Laundry locker, 4 shelves on the left,hat shelf on the right with coat rod andsliding hooks, doors made of steel.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 610 x 500Order no. 48120-00Cleaning equipment locker,4 compartments to the left of theshortened partition, rod with 6 slidinghooks on the right, doors closingtogether, made of steel. Dimensions(H x W x D in mm) 1850 x 610 x 500Order no. 48222-20BLaundry and storage cabinetwith doors closing together withoutpartition, 4 continuous shelves, doorsmade of steel.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 610 x 50016

Laundry collecting and dispensing lockersUp to now collecting and dispensing solutions have usually been “exotics“ which did not match the lockersnext to them. That is different with Evolo: now you can appoint everything in a uniform design!Standard design withlaundry bag hooksDesign with convenienttelescopic pull-out for easyremoval of the laundry bagOrder no. 48170-701 for anadditional chargeOrder no. 48070-210Laundry collecting locker, one swing flap in the double door at thetop, with laundry bag hooks inside, with 100 mm high plinth,dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 1800 x 420 x 500Order no. 48160-205Laundry dispensing locker with central door bywhich all compartments on top of each other can beopened simultaneously, with 150 mm high feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 1850 x 610 x 50017

S 3000Lockers forstreetwear andworking clothesThe separate storage ofstreetwear and working clothesis required wherever workingclothes are exposed to heavysoiling or odor impact or wherehygienic workwear must beprotected from dust and dirt ofstreetwear (e.g. in the foodindustry). Evolo also offers all thefunctional solutions described indetail for the 8000 series onpage 8.A few examples are shownbelow:Order no. 48052-40 (with plasticbench slats)Order no. 48022-22Locker with plinth and doors closingin the middle in pairs. 2 compartmentsfor 1 person, hat shelf to the left andright of the inner partition, coat rod and3 sliding hooksDimensions (H x W x D in mm)1800 x 810 x 500Order no. 48210-40Locker with feet. 2 doors over 4compartments, hat shelf to the left andright of the inner partition, coat rod and3 sliding hooksDimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 1190 x 500Order no. 48250-40 (with plastic benchslats)Locker with bench built underneaththe locker. 2 doors over 4compartments, hat shelf to the left andright of the inner partition, coat rod and3 sliding hooksDimensions (H x W x D in mm)2090 x 1190 x 500Order no. 48042-40Locker with lowered bench base.With 2 shortened doors closing togetherin the middle in pairs.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 1190 x 50018

Evolo offers many customized special solutionsThe Evolo design principle allows for a variety of standard fittings andcustomized special solutions. We have put together a few previouslyrealized applications for you here.Storage boxThe Evolo storage box is used under the streetwear / working clothes version. Thebox enables the use of previously unused space inside and a clean finish with thefloor even for lockers with a bench outside. As a result, there is much less floor areato be cleaned!Combined locker with opencompartmentsIn this version – also with the storagebox – the open compartments areinstalled together with the lockable coatrack compartment in one locker. Aperforated sheet metal door servesventilation and easy inspection of thelocker contents.Special solution for largecompanies for optimizingthe passageway area:Pull-out bench made ofbeech laminate with astandard load capacity of80 kg.Exhaust air ventilation systemEvolo can be perfectly adapted for forcedventilation as required by the customer.An optimum flow is ensured withsuitable air vents and adjustable diskvalves when the system is installed. Alsoavailable even with connectable dryer onrequest!Individual locker labellingMany larger companies already uselocker labelling systems which includenot only the name of the employee butalso further information (such asdepartment, location, etc). The Evololabel holder is specially adapted to thesesystems and is thus the perfect way toinstall integrated numbering at the topof the locker door.19

S 3000Double tier lockersEvolo combines the benefit of double tier versions (50% saving of spacethrough half compartments) with the varied door design options:- Doors made of steel offer practically unlimited color options, usually forno additional charge- Doors with decor fronts feature an attractive wood look (available in thedecors hard maple, apple or ice birch)Order no. 48320-22Double tier locker with plinth.4 compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1800 x 810 x 500Order no. 48310-40Double tier locker with feet.8 compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 1190 x 500Order no. 48320-530Double tier locker with plinth,doors with decor fronts,6 compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1800 x 900 x 500Order no. 48350-30Double tier locker with bench builtunderneath the locker.6 compartments,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)2090 x 900 x 50020

Order no. 48020-324Assembled box locker on plinth3 compartments next to eachother, 4 tiers, compartment width400 mm, dimensions (H x W x D inmm) 1800 x 1200 x 500Order no. 48010-504Assembled box locker onfeet, doors with decorfronts, 3 compartmentsnext to each other, 4 tiers,compartment width 300 mm,dimensions (H x W x D inmm) 1850 x 900 x 500Evolo assembled box lockersEvolo assembled box lockers can also be flexibly designed with alternate fronts –optionally made of steel or with wood decor. Thanks to three box heights withcompartment widths of 300 and 400 mm, you can choose the right model for everyrequirement. All assembled box lockers have smooth doors and cylinder locks with2 keys each as a standard fitting.Order no. 48010-303Assembled box locker on plinth,3 compartments next to each other,3 tiers, compartment width 300 mm,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1800 x 900 x 500Order no. 48010-505Assembled box locker on feet, doorswith decor fronts, shelves in carcasscolor, 4 compartments next to eachother, 5 tiers, compartment width 300 mm,dimensions (H x W x D in mm)1850 x 1190 x 50021

Evolo accessoriesThe right accessories help you to use your Evololockers optimally and benefit from additionalpractical uses. The fittings shown here are onlyexamples from our complete range.That meets your every need!Partitions below the hat shelfmade of steel in swivellingdesignmade of steel in fixeddesignmade of transparent plastic,movable and swivelling,easy caremade of blue linen material,movable and swivelling,with several pocketsAdditional fittingsAdditional shelf not heightadjustable (installationheight approx. 250 mm)Security compartment inside(instead of the hat compartment)with cylinder lock,com. width 300/400 mmMirror inside the door,approx. 110 x 90 mmStandard coathangerHardwood painted black(with special mounting)Flip-flop and shoe holderfor mounting on steel doors(not with storage box)Towel rail for mounting onsteel doorsFlip-flop and shoe holder formounting on decor doors(not with storage box)Towel rail for mounting ondecor doorsMatching corner, front and side panels are available forthe steel doors as well as for the wood decor fronts22

Evolo locking systemsApart from mechanical locking systems, electronic locking systems havebecome increasingly important in recent years - either as a stand-alonesolution or as part of complete building automation. Common electroniclocking systems can be easily integrated into Evolo lockers.GastroFront officereceptionFitness +WellnessTicketingPay machinesLockerLock-KeyFurther models:Key card or key stickParkingSAFE-O-MAT deposit andtoken-operated locksThe best-selling classicamong coin-operated locks.With traditional master keysystem or with theinnovative PROMAXreplaceable cylinder system.Ojmar coin deposit lockThe alternative for thebasic function of thedeposit lock.GATAdmission controlNetwork codingCashlesspaymentCylinder lockOptionally available for allEvolo lockers. Every lock issupplied with 2 keys.Master key systems areavailable with and withoutsecurity certificate for moresafety and convenience.Turning bolt latchStandard Evolo fittings: Theergonomically designedturning bolt latch forpadlocks has a standardlock guard. Suitable forpadlocks with a shacklethickness of up to 6 mm.SAFE-O-TRONIC ®Inscription and orientationWhat good is the best changing room facility if you keep losing your way in it? C+Pinscription systems put an end to this searching. From simple locker numbering todirection signs with graphic characters one thing is clear: Orientation is more than just adetail!23

The specialists:Fire department lockersEvolo fire department lockers from C+P were designed in closecooperation with experienced experts. These state-of-the-artlockers enable the storage of all personal pieces of equipmentand with a depth of 600 mm and height of 2000 mm provideenough space for storing modern fire protection clothing. At thesame time, they have clever details such as the universal helmetholder and the security compartment with a special combinationlock. Everything designed for safe storage and fast removal ofoperation clothing and equipment! Special models adapted toyour special requirements are also possible: Please ask for yourrequirements based on your business premises and profit fromC+P’s know-how!Boot mat collects dirty water,protects the locker againstdamage and makes cleaningeasier. The louvers are kept clearby positioning the mat in thelocker.Side hook strip with movableextra hook, e. g. for safety belts,lifelines, breathing masks etc.Security compartment with foam rubber mat inside to protectvaluables deposited when the door is closed (slit above the door).Special combination lock with scrambling and master key function. Thesecurity compartment door does not project beyond the housing whenopened either, thus keeping the passageway clear (= safety also duringhectic changing situations).Helmet holder for safe storage, optimum airing and drying as well asfast and easy removal of all common helmet types.24

S 3000Order no. 48315-13 +48015-701 (combination lock)Fire department locker,1 compartment, on 150 mm high feet,compartment width 500 mm. Universalhelmet holder inside at the top right,shelf or optional security compartmentinside at the top left. Below this coat rodwith 3 hooks, 1 hook for safety belts,lifelines etc.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):2000 x 520 x 600Order no. 48315-22 +48015-701 (combination lock)Fire department locker,2 compartments, on 150 mm high feet,compartment width 400 mm. Securitycompartment at the top, special shelvesfor helmets below it available optionally.Below this coat rod with 3 hooks,1 hook on the side for safety belts,lifelines etc.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):2000 x 810 x 50025

Cambio from C+P is more than a locker!With various materials and colors you can design your roomsattractively and create a distinctive atmosphere.– can do morethan othersThe following features make Cambio so unique:– Innovative ventilation and drying through the C+P dryingguaranty with self ventilation (SVL concept), forced ventilation(FVL) or forced ventilation with dryer (FVLD).– Modular retrofitting enabled by an ingenious system carcassand a wide range of compartment sizes and door materials.– Optimum use of space and interior design thanks to insideand outside corner lockers, shelf elements, niche solutions anduse of the front ends– Underbench solutions designed to meet your needs suchas height-adjustable feet, plinth solutions, benches builtunderneath the locker to a “floating“ setup on column bases26

S 6000Ask for your personal copy of theCambio brochure with manyfurnishing examples from the practicalexperience of a market leader!27

Benches and coat racks with benchesBenches and coat racks with benches from the C+P basic range meet allthe demands you can make on a timeless classic:– Comfortable bench slats made of hardwood rounded at the top (onrequest plastic bench slats are also available for no additional charge)– Floor gliders for level adjustment– Coat racks with benches with plastic double coat hooks, concealedaccording to DIN, with exchangeable individual label– Delivered completely preassembledMany selectable frame colors freshen up the atmosphere in every changingroom.Order no. 8051-000Free standing bench,(without shoe rack) with4 feetDimensions (H x W x D inmm): 420 x 1500 x 353Order no. 8051-010,(as described above) butwith shoe rackOrder no. 8051-110One-sided coat rackwith bench and shoerack, with 4 feet, hookstrip with 6 doublehooksDimensions (H x W x D inmm): 1650 x 1500 x 403Order no. 8051-210Double-sided coat rackwith bench and shoerack, with 4 feet, hookstrip with 2 x 6 doublehooksDimensions (H x W x D inmm): 1650 x 1500 x 756The comfort range adaptsto every room situation!28

Bench slats made of hardwoodrounded at the topShoe rack is recessed toprevent inappropriate useas stepComfort coat rack hookswith exchangeableindividual labelOptional floor fasteningOrder no. 8051-300Order no. 8051-800+ shoe rack 2 x 8051-101The C+P comfort range enables flexible connections without double feet. The benchsystem can be adapted to all spatial conditions with basic and add-on benches, insideand outside corner solutions as well as two modular dimensions (see large illustration).Apart from the features of the basic coat racks with benches, the comfort version offersmany advantages, e.g.:– Seats optionally made of full core material– Feet and frame made of stainless steel also available (e. g. for food industries)– Shoe rack recessed (to prevent inappropriate use as step)– Optional floor fasteningRemain flexible – with benches and coat racks with benches from the C+P comfortrange!Order no. 8051-300Free standing comfort bench, with 4 feet,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):420 x 1500 x 390Order no. 8051-800Free standing comfort coat rack with bench, with 6 feet,(+ 2 shoe racks Order no. 8051-101)dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1650 x 1500 x 79029

Assembled box lockers – take a lot of wear and tear!Security lockers with specialdoors are absolutely sturdyand “vandal-proof”. Thanksto the outwardly curved,1.5 mm thick steel sheet,the doors are extremelystable.An own compartment for everyone.For permanent use or changingassignment. For schools, fitnessstudios, supermarkets or libraries.With cylinder locks, deposit ortoken-operated locks or electroniclocking systems. Whatever therequirements are: C+P assembledbox lockers offer the right solutionto every need!Order no. 8570-372Security lockers with special doorswith 5 tiers,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 1150 x 540Order no. 8270-201Assembled box locker with 2 tiers,doors single-walled reinforced, 1 coatrod inside,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 620 x 490Order no. 8370-203Extra-large assembled box lockerwith 3 tiers, doors single-walledreinforced,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 820 x 590Order no. 8570-401Extra-large assembled box lockerwith 5 tiers, doors double-walled,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 1120 x 49030

Compartments for various usesSpecial assembled box lockersThese lockers were developed forvarious applications (e. g.superstores, libraries etc.) andtherefore have different dimensionsthan the basic range models. Theyare fitted with double-walled orreinforced doors.Order no. 80700-40Assembled box locker with 5 tiers and 4 boxes next to each other,( = 20 boxes) dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 1950 x 900 x 480Order no. 82700-10Assembled locker box with 5 tiers,dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 460 x 480Order no. 8070-201Small compartment locker with 10tiers and 2 boxes next to each other,number plate in lock areaDimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 460 x 200Order no. 8170-602Spacing-saving locker with 6compartments, (also available with 4 or8 compartments), compartment width150 mm, 1 shelf inside at the top, coatrod with 2 hooks below itDimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 920 x 490Order no. 8170-211Safe deposit box locker with 2 x 11compartments, doors shortened (e. g.for letter drop) with label frame made ofplasticDimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 620 x 49031

Open coat rack systemsPerfect for use in offices or areas aroundoffices. The assembled box lockers ofthese open coat racks are equipped withdouble-walled doors and are available intwo box sizes. Every door has a cylinderlock with 2 keys. The system can be setup quickly and easily. Every desiredconfiguration is possible throughcontinuous connection of the individualelements.Order no. 80700-00Open coat rack for 5 persons,consisting of assembled box locker and endpanel, top shelf in between, hat rack with5 coathangers and shoe rack.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 740 x 480Order no. 80710-00Open coat rack for 10 persons,consisting of 2 assembled box lockers,top shelf in between, hat rack with10 coathangers and shoe rack.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 1430 x 48032

Lots of storage space for differentapplications. There is even roomfor a motorcycle helmet in thecompartments.Absolutely sturdy – Open coat rack with special doorsLooking for something a bit larger,a bit finer and even sturdier? Thenthis open coat rack with specialdoors is the right choice! The doorsare not only extremely robust butalso have an impressive design.Every box can be locked with acylinder lock with two keys.Order no. 8571-000Open coat rack for 10 persons,consisting of two security lockers, one ofthem with doors hinged left, hat andshoe rack in between, 10 plasticcoathangers made of black plastic.Dimensions (H x W x D in mm):1950 x 1730 x 54033

We have lots more in store for youDesks andaccessoriesEverything for the workplace:Desks, conference tables, mobile and stationarypedestal cabinets, occasional furniture, accessories...Cabinet andfiling systems34

Everything for storage:Double door cabinets, sliding doorcabinets, file cabinets, flat filecabinets, racks...Storeroom andworkshopEverything for the workshop:Drawer cabinets, double doorcabinets, sliding door cabinets,workbenches, storage racks...C+P is your partner when furnishing solutions are concerned!35

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