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Concrete Waterproofing Systems - BD Online Product Search

Concrete Waterproofing SystemsIntegral Protectionn Type B Integral Protection in accordance with BS 8102 (2009)n Unique chemical admix for waterproofing and protection of concreten A complete and permanent watertight concrete construction systemn For new build basements, underground car parks, swimming pools

About Triton SystemsThe company holds British Board of Agrement approvalsand is a BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company.Triton was represented on the technical committeeresponsible for drafting British Standard BS 8102 (2009)– the Code of Practice for protection of below groundstructures against water from the ground –and supplies systems and products to meet therequirements of all three methods of waterproofingas defined by the Standard.To support architects, surveyors and contractors,a full programme of training courses has been createdincluding three RIBA approved CPD seminars onbasement waterproofing and green/living roofs. Moredetails can be found at Waterproofing Systems– Integral ProtectionThe products described in this brochure are designedto be used in the construction of watertight concretestructures, typically new build and retrofit basements,underground car parks, swimming pools and lift pits. Therange includes a unique chemical admix, systems forsealing construction joints and cable ducts, and productsto make repairs. Triton also offers full system back up,including liaison with the concrete batching plant, mixdesign, construction joint detailing, site monitoring,repairs and warranty (where required).Barrier WaterproofingTriton also provides a range of products to achievewaterproofing that conforms to BS 8102 (2009) TypeA – Barrier Protection. Further information can be foundin Triton’s brochure entitled ‘Concrete WaterproofingSystems – Barrier Protection’ which is available onrequest or can be downloaded at Drain SystemsTriton supplies a range of cavity drain membranes toachieve waterproofing that conforms to BS 8102 (2009)Type C. Please refer to the separate ‘Cavity DrainSystems’ brochure.Available for download at Safety Data Sheets for all Triton productsA comprehensive library of technical

TRITON TT ADMIXn Withstands extreme hydrostatic pressure (up to 12 bar)n Increases durabilityn Reduces shrinkage and crackingn Protects concrete and steel from aggressivechemicals such as chloridesn 10 year warranty available*A unique chemical treatment for the waterproofing andprotection of concrete, which is added to concrete attime of batching. The active chemicals in the TT Admixreact with fresh concrete to generate insoluble crystallinegrowths, which seal the concrete against water penetrationand protect the concrete against harsh environmentalconditions. Packed as a dry powder compound, TT Admixconsists of Portland cement, very fine treated silica sandand various active proprietary chemicals. The activechemicals remain active within the concrete.Specification:In accordance with NBS Specification J10 CementitiousMortar Tanking/Damp Proofing. Type B Integral Protection inaccordance with BS 8102 (2009)Technical Data:TT Admix is added to concrete at time of batching in drypowder form at a rate of 1.77% by weight of cement.NEW CONCRETE CONSTRUCTIONWATERPROOFING USINGTRITON TT ADMIX AND WATERSTOP The concrete mix requirements for optimum performanceof TT Admix requires a minimum cement content of350kgs/m 3 .The preference is for CEM1 (OPC), although a PFA** blendwith a maximum 20% PFA content may be used. Themaximum water : cement ratio is 0.5. For reference theuse of GGBS (ground granulated blast furnace slag) isnot permitted.For further information please refer to the ‘StructuralWaterproofing Data Pack – Type B Integral Protection’which is downloadable at * Warranty available on request subject to TT Admixmonitoring scheme** PFA – Pulverised Fuel Ash Cement 3

TRITON TT WATERSTOPn Designed to seal poured in-situ construction jointsn Swells up to 350% when in contact with watern Will withstand up to 40m head of water pressuren Permanent water tight functionThe use of Triton TT Waterstop and Triton TT SwellsealMastic is a critical part of the TT Super Admix WatertightConcrete System. TT Waterstop is supplied as a 20mm x25mm pre-formed waterstop in a ready to use roll. It has abuilt in delay system and the product activates after 2 daysof exposure to water. Once activated, it will withstand up to40m head of water pressure.When fully encapsulated by poured concrete, theexpansive forces form a seal against concrete surfaces.The seal resists hydrostatic pressure, stopping water fromentering the sub-structures. TT Waterstop will return to itsoriginal size if the concrete and substrate is completelydry and re-expand if water or moisture is introducedagain to the joints.1. Chase Cast in centre of wall section/joint section. Approximately 20mm x 15mmSpecification:In accordance with NBS specification E40 310 Designedjoints in-situ concrete.Min 50mm Conc.CoverMin 20mmMin 15mmTechnical Data:Specific Gravity 1.35ColourBlack2.Min 10mm BeadTT Swellmastic to base of chaseTensile Adhesion Strength > 30 kgf/cm 2Volumetric Expansion Rate >350%Non-volatilization 99.7NB Installation guidelines for TT Waterstop andTT Swellseal Mastic can be downloaded Waterstop adhered tochase of SwellmasticMin 15mm4. Joint option for TT Waterstop (within chase)Min 10mm BeadTT

TRITON TT SWELLSEAL MASTICn Solvent freen Excellent filling and adhesion propertiesTriton TT Swellseal Mastic is a one part, ready to usehydro-reactive expansion mastic for the sealing ofconstruction joints and around pipe penetrations. Incontact with water Swellseal Mastic expands to around350% of its original volume.Specification:In accordance with NBS Specification E40 530 Designedjoints in-situ concrete.Technical Data:Property Value NormSolids 100% Test DNCUncuredConsistency Gel / Paste Test DNCDensity (at 20°C) Approx. 1.45 kg/dm DIN 53504Slump in vertical applications < 5mm (average 3mm) Boeing testHand dry (at 20°C and 60% rel. humidity) 12 h Test DNCFlash Point 130°C Pensky-Martens methodCured (7 days at 25°C, 10mm thick)Elongation at break Approx. 625% DIN 53504Tensile Strength Approx. 2.2 N/mm DIN 53504Resistance to hydrostatic pressure column Up to 150 metres of water Test DNCSwelling capacity in contact with waterSwells to approx. 350% of itsoriginal dry volumeTest report KUL UniversityNB Installation guidelines for TT Waterstop andTT Swellseal Mastic can be downloaded 5

TRITON INJECTION TUBEn Simple installationn Can be injected with all known resinsn Repeated injection possibleTriton Injection Tube is designed for waterproofingconstruction joints in new and existing structures andspecifically for the multiple injection of suitable groutsinto construction joints and other areas that may requireinjection at a later date. The tube can be placed in lengthsof 10 – 30 metres.The tube is placed between the reinforcement bars oralong the interface joints of concrete slabs and is heldin place using special clips to ensure it remains in placeeven during concrete pouring. Injection points are normallyplaced through the formwork to provide easy access wheninjection is required.Technical Data:ColourSizeConstructionSlot lengthToxicityOrangeInternal 5-6mmExternal 12mmVirgin PVC4mmNon-ToxicShutter ConnectorHose ConnectorHose Fixing BracketInlet HoseOutlet HoseInjection

REPAIRS USING TRITON TT SUPER, TRITON FILLET SEAL AND TRITON QUICK SETFollowing the placement, curing and compaction of TritonTT Super Admix watertight concrete, upon removal of theformwork and exposing of the placed concrete, a visualinspection is required. If honeycombing or leaks to theconstruction joints are identified then repairs can be madeusing Triton TT Super (barrier waterproofing system), TritonFillet Seal and Triton Quick Set plugging compound. Furtherinformation is provided in the ‘Structural WaterproofingData Pack BS 8102 (2009) – Type B Integral Protection’which can be downloaded at joint repair using Triton Fillet Seal.SEALING CABLE DUCTS USING TRITON QUICK SET, TRITON 190 RESIN AND TRITON TT55Triton offers a complete system of products for sealing cable ducts in below ground structures and/or areas prone toflooding. Please refer to the ‘Sealing Cable Ducts Data Pack’ which can be downloaded at for moredetailed information on how to seal cable ducts.Triton TT55applied toboth endsTriton Quick Set10mm clear and blue hosePumphoseconnectorInjection packerDuct PipeTriton 170/190 Resin40mmElectric 7

GuaranteesTriton approved contractors have access to TUGInsurance Backed Guarantees which are issuedfor a maximum of 30 years and which cover walltie replacement, below ground waterproofing anddamp and timber treatment. The TUG InsuranceBacked Guarantee provides peace of mind to clientsby coming into force in the event of the approvedcontractor ceasing to trade.Triton also issues its own guarantees to cover theperformance of Triton products plus the workmanshipof the Triton Approved Contractor. These aredesigned for contractors who do not issue their owncompany guarantees. Triton Guarantees are valid forup to 30 years from date of completion of the works(up to 10 years for below ground waterproofing).Also available from TritonFlooring Systems (gas barriers, waterproofingand damp control)Flood Resilience/RestorationReplacement Cavity Wall TiesDamp Proofing and Replastering SystemsProtective Coatings, Structural RepairTimber Preservation and RepairGreen Roof SystemsRadon (ground gas) Barrier SystemsConcrete Waterproofing – Type ACondensation Control SystemsCavity Drain SystemsVisit to applyfor Triton Approved Contractorstatus and to download theguarantee application forms.Triton SystemsUnits 3 – 5 Crayford Commercial Centre, Greyhound Way, Crayford, Kent DA1 4HFTel: 01322 318830 Fax: 01322 524017 Email: Chemical Manufacturing Co Ltd trading as Triton Systems0883 07/