The Abortion Pill in Early Pregnancy - CommonHealth
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The Abortion Pill in Early Pregnancy - CommonHealth

What could I feel?Sometimes bleedingoccurs after the first pill(mifepristone). The nextpills you take (misoprostol)should cause bleeding andcramping after you take them.Every woman will experiencebleeding and crampingdifferently.BleedingBleeding is usually heaviest in the 4-6 hoursafter the misoprostol pills are taken. Duringthis time, bleeding can be lighter than amenstrual period or it can be much heavierthan a menstrual period with large clots.Bleeding should then get lighter and lighterover time, but it may be like a heavy periodfor several days. Light bleeding or spottingmay last for 2-4 weeks and sometimes longer.Pain and crampingCramps are usually most intense in the 4-6hours after the misoprostol pills. Cramps shouldbecome lighter over time but light crampingmay last for several days. You can use painmedicines such as ibuprofen when cramps arestrong. Try rest and a hot water bottle or clothon the belly to help manage pain.You may experience 1 or more ofthe following side effects the dayyou take the pills:••Vomiting and/or nausea•• Fever and/or chills•• Headache•• DiarrheaIf any of these symptoms last longerthan a day and do not improve,contact your health-care provider.

When should I seek help?If you experience any of the followingsymptoms, see your health-care providerright away:••Excessive bleeding or soaking morethan 2 sanitary pads per hour for2 hours in a row, especially if youhave dizziness, lightheadedness andincreasing tiredness.••Fever any time after the day you usethe set of 4 pills (misoprostol).••Unusual or bad-smelling vaginaldischarge, especially if you also havesevere cramps or abdominal pain.••Severe belly pain any time afterthe day you use the set of 4 pills(misoprostol).••Feeling very sick with or without feverany time after the day you use the setof 4 pills (misoprostol).••Persistent severe nausea or vomitingany time after the day you use the setof 4 pills (misoprostol).If you do not experience bleeding, orhave very little bleeding within 1-2 daysafter taking all of the misoprostol pills,this is not an emergency, but it may meanthat the medicines didn’t work to endthe pregnancy. Contact your health-careprovider right away.Please contact your health-careprovider if you have any questions.

Your follow-up visit is scheduled for:In case of emergency, please contact:Health-care Provider:Phone number:Referral Hospital Address:MABOOKMMS-E09

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