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P R O L O G U E : TH E ED G E(THE EDGE)Financial District, 1:58 pmFaith is back on the job after recovering from a nasty fall months ago. After she completes atest of her abilities with Celeste at Merc’s request, she receives her first mission from Merc:Deliver a package to Celeste, who will be waiting near a distant communications tower.MISSION OBJECTIVESGet to thecommunicationstower tomeet Celeste.Hand off thebag to Celeste.Escapeto therooftop.NOTEStarting this chapter from Checkpoint Aplays the introductory cinematic and credits.Checkpoint B starts you off at the firstmoment where Faith is playable, just aftershe receives her assignment from Merc.24PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

P R O L O G U E : TH E ED G ENOTEIf you examine thewall near the boxes,you will see a RunnerGlyph spray painted onit. This indicates that astash point containinga hidden bag is nearby.Smash open the reddoor in front of youand follow the corridorinside as it winds upand to the right. At theend of the corridorare several stacksof boxes.Pro-TipRun up the spiralingred metal staircase asfast as you can. Thepatrol cops are rightbehind you, and theycontinue to fire at you,so don’t stop runningfor an instant.To ascend the staircase in a hurry, wallclimb-turn-jump from one ofthe red pillars at the bottom of the stairs to reach the second flight. Dothe same again on the second flight to reach the top.Beyond the door is a T-junction. If you look at the left wall carefully, you’llsee another Runner Glyph, indicating a nearby stash point. To proceed, turnright and smash through another red door.Jump up onto the shortest stack of boxes, turn left, and pull yourself uponto the tallest stack of boxes. Face the other side of the hallway to see anarrow red pipe, just wide enough for you to leap to and hang from. Jumpacross the hallway to hang from the pipe.While continuing tohang from the pipe,turn around and jump.This should carryyou back across thehallway and have Faithautomatically grab ametal air duct. Pullyourself up onto it and turn to the right to see a red-lined duct entrance.Pro-TipTo avoid climbing on the boxes altogether, use a wallclimb-turn-jumpto reach the ledge.HIDDEN BAGTo reach the second stash point of the chapter, turn left at the T-junctionand run to the end of the hall, Jump up onto the lowest level of thescaffolding and pull yourself up to the stack of crates to your left (or justuse a wallrun-turn-jump to get up there quickly). The second hidden bag isat the top of the crates.It is difficult but not impossible to pick up the bag and still escape fromthe four pursuing patrol cops. You need to run and jump to the next stackof crates, using the metal air duct to your left as cover from their gunfire. Ifyou make any mistakes, you’re likely tobe taken down, and four cops are aboutthree too many to fight. However, evenif you don’t make a successful escape,you still get credit for picking up thehidden bag, and you start over fromthe bottom of the red staircase, so it’snot that bad.26HIDDEN BAGThe fi rst hidden bag of the chapter sitsjust below the duct entrance. You can’tmiss it.Jump and pull yourself up into the duct and follow it as it winds around. Ifyou listen closely, you can hear the chatter of police radios below you. Dropdown through the opening at the end of the duct and be ready to skillrolland run!Four patrol cops aresurprised by yoursudden entrance, butnot for long. Theyimmediately beginshooting at you, so turnand run in the oppositedirection!The red door takes youback out to the rooftops.Turn left to see anorange catwalk that youneed to clear. You couldjust run up the stairs,but it’s even quicker tojump up onto the ACunit in front of it and vault the railing.Keep running forward, turn right, and leap off the end of the red ramp toreach the next rooftop. Be sure to execute a skillroll just before landing, oryou will suffer damage from the fall.PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

PROLOGUE: THE EDGECHECKPOINT C8MAP LEGEND8STA R T PO I N T(FR O M CH E C K P O I N T A S TA I R W E L L)9 SPR I N G B O A R D UP TO RO O F10 JUM P TO FI R E ES C A P E11 HAN D OF F BA G TO CELESTE12 JUM P ON T O HELICOPTER1 PAT R O L CO P2 PAT R O L CO P3 4 SWAT C O P S3 UND E R TH E CAT WA L K19INTRODUCTION123 231011TRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGHThe pursuing patrol cops won’t follow you onto this rooftop, but they willcontinue to shoot at you, so don’t dawdle. Continue running forward. Youcan either speedvault over the smaller obstacles in your path, and thenvault over the chain link fence, or you can move diagonally to the right andspringboard off the red object onto the yellow structure on the rooftop.Whicheverroute you take,keep runningforward andproceed to thenext rooftop. Ifyou’re on theright side ofthe rooftop, you can slide down some long red boards to reach it. Ifyou’re on the left side, you can springboard off another red objectand land safely on top of some AC units.The nextrooftop youneed to leaponto hastwo patrolcops on it.The red glowsurroundingthem means that you need to get past them somehow to proceed.Fortunately, they are also spread out enough that you can deal withthem individually. You have to be quick about it, though, becausepolice reinforcements start appearing behind you as you moveforward to deal with these two cops.There are three methods of dealing with the patrol cops: indirect,non-lethal, and lethal. You can mix and match strategies as yousee fit.Indirect MethodLeap for the leftside of therooftop anduse the largeround structureas cover fromthe first cop’sfire. Follow thenarrow ledge that runs along the left side of the square structure withthe orange stripe to continue protecting yourself against thecop’s gunfire.As soon asyou’re pastthe squarestructure, rundiagonally tothe right andspringboard offthe red pipesup onto thecatwalk with the second cop on it. Coil as you fly through the air toland on a duct and speedvault over the railing ahead of you. Run upthe catwalk stairs, turn right at the top, and then leap off the red rampto reach a fire escape on the next building ahead of you.◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M27

P R O L O G U E : TH E ED G ENon-lethal MethodAs soon as you leap onto the rooftop with the two patrol cops on it, chargethe first one and stun him with a jump kick or slide kick, and then keephitting him to knock him out.Springboard up ontothe catwalk to face thesecond patrol cop. Ifyou’ve built up anyReaction Time, useit here to disarm thecop quickly and easily.Otherwise, attempta real-time disarm, or just beat him up. Run to the end of the catwalk, pullyourself up to the next ledge, and leap off the red ramp to reach the nextbuilding’s fi re escape.Lethal MethodDisarm the first patrolcop, either with areal-time disarm, aReaction Time disarm,or by beating him upand picking up hisgun. Move closeenough to the secondpatrol cop to pick himoff with the fi rst cop’s pistol. Once both patrol cops are down, climb up tothe red ramp (either by pulling yourself up from the second cop’s catwalk orby springboarding to the upper catwalk) and leap to the next building’s fireescape.You also can lure thepatrol cops to the edgeof the building andengage them in meleecombat. If you knockthem off the edge with awell-placed punch, theywill fall to their deaths.HIDDEN BAGThe third hidden bag is in astash point under the secondpatrol cop’s catwalk, on thesame side of the roof as theorange-striped structure. Lookfor the Runner Glyph, and thensqueeze into the narrow gaps between the ducts to recover it.28CHECKPOINT DOnce you make it tothe next building’sfire escape, climb tothe top of it and usethe ladder to reachthe rooftop. Thistriggers a cutscenewhere Faith throwsCeleste the bagcontaining the package, completing the first two objectives of the chapter.OBJECTIVES COMPLETED✓ Get to the communications tower to meet Celeste.✓ Hand off the bag to Celeste.Now Faith needs to escape the rooftop and fast—four SWAT cops reach therooftop just after Faith makes the handoff to Celeste.Quickly turnleft andrun through the opengate in the chain linkfence ahead of you, orjust vault the fence.Slide under the pipesand keep runningforward.The same CityEye news chopper that ratted you out to the cops swoops in to get somefootage of your imminent demise.Run straighttoward thechopper and waitfor it to descendslightly. Execute arunning leap fromthe ledge of thebuilding to snagthe skid of the chopper and make good your escape.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Escape the rooftop.Prologue Complete:Reaching the end of the prologue awards you thisAchievement/Trophy.PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 1: FLIGHT(FLIGHT)Merc’s Lair, 4:35 AMAfter running into some unexpectedly heavy police response during her first day backon the job, Faith retreats to Merc’s lair to monitor police band broadcasts. Her interestis piqued by a transmission from an Officer Connors, who is going to visit mayoralcandidate Robert Pope to take a statement from him regarding a break-in last week.“Hello, sis,” whispers Faith.Merc checks in with Faith. He’ll look into what got the Blues so trigger-happy tomorrow,but for now, he says that Faith should get some rest. Immediately after he signs off, Faithintercepts an emergency broadcast about shots being fired in Pope’s office building.Merc arrives just as Faith rushes out, telling him to track her on comms.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, each with three sub-objectives:Get to KateGet Away◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9Reach the Robert Pope & Associatesskyscraper on West Arland.Reach the CEC News building acrossthe rooftops.TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEFind Kate inside the offices.Cross the avenue and get to Centurian Plaza.Escape the office.Escape from Centurian Plaza.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M29

C H A P T E R 1: FL I G H TCHECKPOINT AMAP LEGEND12345STA R T PO I N TELECTRIC FENCES (2)SWI N G FR O M RE D BA R TO CR O S S BA R B E DW I R E FE N C ELEA P DO W N TO BA L C O N Y BELOWGO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R IN T O PO P E’SOFFICE BU I L D I N G (CH E C K P O I N T B)3451 BETWEEN TH E RO O F DU C T S2211From the start of thechapter, turn left andrun to the edge of thebalcony where youbegin. Get a runningstart and jump downto the large AC unitbelow you on the nextrooftop. Run along the L-shaped duct that connects it to another squarerooftop structure and pull yourself up onto this structure.Pro-TipYou can also jump and coil from the AC unit to the rooftop structureand bypass the L-shaped duct to save yourself a second or two.Run toward the red ramp and horizontal red pipe. Jump off the ramp orspringboard off the pipe to reach the next rooftop. Pull yourself up to thehigher of the two structures that overlooks a chain link fence topped withbarbed wire, with a horizontal red bar above it.Jump and grab thebar, and then releasethe bar at the peak ofyour forward swing.Coil to make sure thatyour legs don’t catchthe barbed wire.Run forward along the top of the structure and jump off the far left cornerof it to clear an electrifi ed chain link fence below you and land on ashort, rectangular structure. Run off this and springboard off a horizontalred pipe to clear a second electric fence (which zaps an unwary rat thatyou spooked).HIDDEN BAGIf you look carefully at a small locker infront of the structure just past the secondelectric fence, you’ll see a Runner Glyphspray painted on the side of it. Thatmeans that the fi rst of the chapter’s threehidden bags must be nearby. Jump uponto the locker by running straight at it.You can also use a wallclimb-turn-jumpcombination to reach a hidden bar thatyou can swing from to get up here.Pull yourself up to the top of thestructure and look between the twoL-shaped ducts to fi nd the hidden bag,with graffi ti scrawled next to it that reads“88.7.” Pick up the bag and drop fromthe structure to continue.Pull yourself up on top of the blue-striped structure ahead of you, and runto the edge of it to see a balcony below. It’s quite a drop, but if you run andjump off the corner of the structure that you’re on and skillroll just beforeyou land, you can reach the balcony without suffering any damage.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Reach the Robert Pope & Associates skyscraper on West Arland.30PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 1: FLIGHTSmash open the red door on the balcony and go through it to enterthe building. Run through the hallway in the only direction thatyou’re able to. (You’ll notice that the green walls become morevibrant as you proceed in the right direction.) When you reach theelevator at the end of it, press the interact button to call the elevator.Step inside, face the up and down buttons, and press the interactbutton again to ride the elevator up to Pope’s office.Elevator News FeedAvian Flu: Here to Stay?City Eye reports on the troubling expansion of this deadly disease.An Editorial By Mayoral Candidate Robert PopeWe live in a city of millions. A safe city. A kind city. And yet, notlong ago, this city lay burning in the fires of civil dissent. We’vemade great strides in these years since the November Riots. Raisedpublic security to an admirable standard. We are comfortable inour homes, have all the information we need filtered, cataloged,purified. We have been made to believe that the past is the past,and to meditate on it too much is to invite it back into our lives.But this is wrong. We have built our memorials, shed our tears,been told to forget. We have been told nothing is wrong now.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGHCHECKPOINT BKate says that Pope asked after Faith, despite the fact that Faith hadn’t seen him in tenyears. Kate is sure that there’s more to this than a simple murder, and she tells Faith to goto her commanding offi cer, Lieutenant Miller, if things go badly. Merc gets on the command warns Faith that the Blues are incoming. Faith takes a scrap of paper from Pope’sdesk, hugs her sister, and exits Pope’s office just as a squad of Blues enters.When the elevator doors open, step out of them to trigger acinematic. Faith’s sister, Officer Kate Connors, stands over the bodyof Robert Pope, whose lifeless body slumps over his desk. Kate saysthat he was alive when she got there, but shortly after she arrived, thepower went out, and she was knocked out. When she came to,Pope—a friend of their father’s—was dead, and Kate believes hergun was used to fire the fatal shot. A diary that he’d been writing inwas also missing.◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEOBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find Kate inside the offi ces.DICE STUDIOPROFILEAs soon as thecinematic ends,run straightdown thewalkway aheadof you and tothe right andspeedvault overthe railing todrop down to the fl oor below.Keep runningforward andturn left at theend of the floor.Speedvault overthe architecturalmodel encasedin a glass displaycase to keep your momentum up.Pro-TipJumping and coiling over the display case is even faster thanspeedvaulting it.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M31

C H A P T E R 1: FL I G H TRound the next corner and vault over another architectural model case.Head for the staircase in front of you, but don’t waste time running up thestairs. You can save a few precious seconds by springboarding off theplanters in front of them, which lands you halfway up the stairs.Pro-TipYou can also stand on the fi rst display case and use a wallclimb-turnjumpto reach the walkway above and bypass the stairs.At the top of the stairs, turn around and run straight down the black-tiledhallway toward another elevator. Unfortunately, the building is locked down,and the elevator is out of service. Turn left and run past it.Continue running ina wide arc to the leftand smash through theglass panel between youand the reception desk.Keep going forward andrun up the black stairsto the next landing.At the top of the stairs, turn around and run toward the planters. Jump to theright off the planters to reach a distant ledge with another planter.Note that there are two wide ducts that stretch above this area. Stand nearthe farthest one and wallclimb up to grab the ledge of the wall near it. Turnand face the duct, and then jump to grab the duct. Pull yourself up onto it.Look up to find a red duct entrance above the duct that you’re standing on.Pull yourself up and into the duct.Pro-TipYou can also wallclimb-turn-jump to land directly on the beam, butthis is a tricky move that might cost you more time than it saves if youdon’t get it on the first try.Now you have tonavigate the twists andturns of the air duct.Crawl forward andto the left. The ductbends up and to theleft. Pull yourself upinto it and turn right.Drop down to the right and execute a skillroll to prevent taking damage.Look for the green light that signifies the end of the duct and crawl quicklythrough it to avoid taking gunfire.From that ledge, turn left and pull yourself up to yet another planter. Dropfrom it and execute a skillroll just before you land on the green carpet belowto avoid taking damage.Skillroll as you exit the duct to land safely, and then turn to the left and runtoward the red door. Smash it open and exit the office.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Escape the office.32PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 1: FLIGHTCHECKPOINT C1098267MAP LEGEND6 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T B)7 LEA P DO W N TO CU S H I O N E D OB J E C T BELOW8 JUM P TO FI R E ES C A P E AN D CL I M B TO TO P9 REA C H RO O F T O P BY WA L L R U N-TU R N-JU M P FR O M ALLEYWAY DU C T10 GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R IN T O CITY EY E BU I L D I N G (CH E C K P O I N T D)2 IN TH E CO R N E R OF TH E BA L C O N YINTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGHAs you exit the offi ce, turn left, run to the end of the balcony, andthen leap over the railing to the right to slide down the angledwindows. When you reach the edge of the building, jump off and usea skillroll to land safely on the next rooftop.Keeping theorange wallto your right,run along therooftop. Aslong as youkeep moving,you should besafe from the gunfi re of the helicopter overhead. Leap from the edgeof the rooftop to a tall square structure on the next rooftop. It’s not sofar that you need to skillroll to land safely.Run down the ramp to the next structure below you, and then turnright and drop down to the rooftop. Run and slide under the pipesand keep moving forward and to the left.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MThis shouldput you in agood positionto leap to thenext rooftop,where youmust slideunder one ductand speedvault over another. Leap off the red ramp at the end of therooftop and land on the large red cushion.Pro-TipInstead of leaping from the red ramp onto the padded object,you can wallrun along the wall to your left and jump onto therooftop structure ahead. This saves you from spending a fewseconds recovering from landing on the padded object, and ajump and skillroll will get you past the fence.Run along thenarrow lip ofthe structurein front of thered cushion toeasily hop overthe chain linkfence. Run uponto the wooden pallet leaning against the L-shaped duct to quicklyreach the duct, and run forward along it to the end. Round the nextcorner to the right.HIDDEN BAGIf you keep running to the endof the ledge after rounding thatcorner, you can see a balconyahead of you with a RunnerGlyph spray painted on thewall of the building it’s attachedto. Run and leap off the ledge to reach that balcony, but movequickly—there’s a sniper above you and to the right!The hidden bag is behind an AC unit in a corner of the balcony.Pick it up, and then leap from the balcony to the blue fire escapeto continue.◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE33

C H A P T E R 1: FL I G H TAs you round thecorner, keep runningforward and look tothe left to see a bluefire escape. Leap tothat fire escape andrun all the way to thetop as fast as you can.If you keep moving fl uidly, you’ll avoid the nearby sniper’s fire.Pro-TipWallrun along the object across the alley from the fire escape and turnand jump to grab a pole overhead. Swing and jump from the pole toreach the top of the fi re escape quickly.Run to the end of thefire escape and leap upto the duct that runsabove it. Run along theduct and wallrun alongthe wall to the right tobypass a gap betweenit and the next sectionof ducting.Turn right and leap uponto the next rooftop.Slide under somelow-lying pipes, roundthe corner to the right,and vault the chainlink fence ahead ofyou. Leap off the redramp at the end of the rooftop to reach the balcony of the City Eye ChannelNews building. Smash open the door and head inside.Run forward throughthe corridor to seesome SWAT copscome out of anelevator at the end ofthe hall. Take your firstright and vault thechain link fence toavoid them. Keep running and vault a second chain link fence to reach anelevator. Run inside and hit the button to ride up to the CEC offices as theSWAT cops’ bullets impact the elevator doors.When the doorsopen, you’rein the City Eyeoffices—but youstill haven’t shakenyour pursuers. Gottakeep moving!OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Reach the CEC News building across the rooftops.CHECKPOINT DExit the elevator, turn right, and follow the hallway to the red door at theend of it. Smash open the door to get back outside. Follow the balconyto the left and drop down to the ledge below.Wallrun to reach another balcony with a red door. Smash the door openand run across the skybridge on the other side of it. The skybridge endsat a staircase, but you can save a few seconds by speedvaulting overthe glass barrier to the right of the top of the stairs.Smash open the next red door to get back outside.Run straight forward as you exit the skybridge todrop down to a balcony. Vault over the railing andslide down to another skybridge. Keep runningforward—the cops are right behind you!34PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Merc tells youto head forCenturianPlaza, sospeedvault thebarrier to theright of thesign at the blueend of the skybridge and keep running forward and to the right.Enter the bluelittunnel andtake your firstleft. (It looks asif you can keepgoing past thisturn, but if youtry, a metalgate rolls down and cuts you off, costing you precious time.) Rundown the stairs and slide under the metal gate.CHAPTER 1: FLIGHTTurn left once you’re past the gate and continue running down thetunnel, which is lit ironically with “Vote Pope!” signs. Follow it as itturns right and slide under the third metal gate to your left. If you’retoo slow to make it under the gate, run all the way to the end of thetunnel and speedvault off the left end of it.Continuedown theblue-tiledtunnel and upthe stairs atthe end of itto reach theentrance toCenturian Plaza. Nearly there!OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Cross the avenue and get to Centurian Plaza.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUECHECKPOINT EAs you enter Centurian Plaza, two patrol cops run toward you.The red glow that surrounds them tells you that you need to dealwith them to proceed. They are far enough apart that you cantake them out individually, or you can avoid them altogether ifyou’re quick.If you want to avoid them, turn left at your first opportunityand run along the perimeter of the plaza to reach the stairsleading up to the overpass.If you want to fi ght them, attack the closer one first. Useyour Reaction Time if you have it to score a quick disarm. Onceyou have the fi rst patrol cop’s weapon, you can use it to shootthe second one, or drop the weapon and disarm the second one, or just avoid him and run.HIDDEN BAG◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCERegardless of how you handle the cops, you need to reach theorange stairs leading up to the overpass. If you speedvault theplanter to the left of the bottom of the stairs, you can preserve somemomentum and save a second or two of time.Pro-TipA jump and coil is even faster than vaulting the planter.The third and final hidden bagfor the chapter is located underthe overpass. Just before youreach the bottom of the stairsleading up to the overpass, turnleft and head for the chain linkfencing. A Runner Glyphis stenciled on the wallbeyond the fence.Vault the fence andlook in the corner of thefenced-in area oppositethe glyph to find thebag. Pick it up and vaultback over the fence to escape. If you didn’t take out the two patrolcops when you first entered the plaza, they will have almost certainlycaught up to you by now. If you can’t escape, just remember that youget credit for finding the hidden bag, even if you wind up having tocontinue from the last checkpoint.DICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M35

C H A P T E R 1: FL I G H TCAUTIONWhatever you do, don’t run past the stairs in the plaza!Several SWAT cops are waiting at the other end of the plazafor you, and they will not hesitate to cut you down on sight.At the top of the stairs,run toward the orange“Centurian Plaza FoodCourt” door and pullyourself up onto theledge above it, near thered railing. Merc tellsyou that you’ve almostlost the Blues, and that he’s patching Kreeg in.Climb the ladder at theend of this landing toreach the train tracks.Turn around and run forthe nearby zipline. Thepolice helicopter is stillgunning for you, butquick, fluid actions willkeep you safe from harm.Dismount from thezipline near the endof it and vault overthe railing aheadof you. This sendsyou sliding down anincline and crashingthrough a glasswindow right above Kreeg.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Escape from Centurian Plaza.Kreeg checks to makesure that Faith is okay.When she gets to herfeet, he tells her tofollow him. Throughher earpiece, Mercreassures Faith thateverything’s going tobe okay, and that they’ll figure out what’s up with her sister.Chapter 1 Complete:Reaching the end of the chapter awards you thisAchievement/Trophy.36PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 2: JACKNIFE(JACKNIFE)Merc’s Lair, 7:01 AMMerc tells Faith that he doesn’t know what’s got the Blues so rattled, but they’re jittery aboutsomething. Celeste enters Merc’s lair and says that it didn’t take long to lose the Blues, butthey were pretty trigger-happy, and the police presence in the city is way up.Things got hot for them right after Faith lifted evidence from Pope’s murder scene and gotthe attention of every cop in the city. Faith shows them the purloined evidence, a scrap ofpaper she took from Pope’s desk. All they can make out are the words “ICARUS” and “to thehighest.” Celeste wonders if it’s a reference to the Greek myth of Icarus, whose father createdwings for him out of wax and feathers that melted when Icarus flew too close to the sun.If anyone knows anything about what’s going on, Merc believes it would be Jacknife,a former Runner who still maintains contacts all over the city. Faith has been avoidingJacknife, but Merc tells her that she can’t avoid him forever.MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, each with several sub-objectives:The Old Runner Training GroundsFinding JacknifeINTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9Use the canals and head for the old Runnertraining grounds.Find a way out of the storm drains.TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEFind an escape route down through thestorm drains.Reach the training rooftops and find Jacknife.Catch Jacknife and question him.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M37

C H A P T E R 2: JA C K N I F ECHECKPOINT AMAP LEGEND1 STA R T PO I N T2 TO CH E C K P O I N T B1 SWAT S N I P E R2 TWO PAT R O L CO P S1 BEH I N D BL U E PI L L A R S21121Merc tells Faith over her comm that Jacknife has been seen near an oldRunner training ground near the storm drains. The route is crawling withBlues, though. When you are able to control Faith, jump onto the redvertical pipe near the start point and climb it.Turn left and jumpand grab the nearbyflagpole. Swing andjump off it to grab holdof a wall-mounted ACunit. Shimmy aroundto the other side of it,look behind you, and jump and grab the next flagpole.Swing and jump off the fl agpole to clear the barbed-wire chain link fencebelow you. Execute a skillroll to avoid taking damage from the landing.Scale the next barbed-wire fence to enter the canals.The canals are widechannels that carryexcess rainwater to thestorm drains. There arenarrow elevated alcoveson either side of themand gates stretchingacross them at regularintervals. Jump down into the canal, turn right, and start running.There are severalways to run downthe canal, each withits own advantagesand disadvantages.Staying in the bottomof the canal letsyou build up sprintspeed, and you can speedvault over the gates with ease. However, this alsoexposes you to fi re from the chopper overhead and snipers placed aroundthe canals.You can climb up to the alcoves on the elevated sides of the canal and stickto them as much as possible, which helps to protect you against thechopper and some snipers. But this cuts down on your speed dramatically,and you have to show yourself eventually, because the alcoves don’t run thelength of the canal.The third option isto combine the two.Don’t make a specialeffort to get up intothe alcoves, but whena convenient rampor other opportunitypresents itself, don’thesitate to take it. Move from alcove to canal and back, but above all, keepmoving forward to keep the Blues from getting an easy lock on you.HIDDEN BAGRun along the upper lip of the left sideof the canal just after a series of bluepillars. A red Runner Glyph stands out insharp contrast to the white wall that it’sspray painted on.Continue past the glyph to anotherseries of blue pillars. Look behind them to find the first hidden bag.38PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

When you reach the tall, barbed-wire chain link fence at the end ofthe canals, jump up to the alcove to the right of the canal and gothrough the open doorway.Follow thecorridor beyondit to reach a redvalve in front ofsome brokenpipes that spewscalding hotsteam. Use theinteract button to turn the valve and shut off the steam, and thenkeep going down the corridor.CHECKPOINT BThe door leads out to a construction site above the entrance tothe storm drains. As soon as you enter the site, run for the redtrailers ahead of you and to the left. Pull yourself up onto themand run along the tops.Jump onto the suspended steel beams andrun to the end of them. Leap onto anothersuspended platform, which immediatelystarts to drop as soon as your weight isadded to it. Don’t worry, though—theplatform comes to a halt just above the levelof an orange catwalk in front of you.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MSpringboardoff the redpallet ahead ofyou to grabhold of avertical redpipe. Climb toLeap onto thecatwalk andturn around atthe edge toface twohorizontalflagpoles.Jump andswing from the fi rst to the second, and then jump down to anothercatwalk below you. Move quickly, because a police chopper followsyou into the storm drain entrance and isn’t shy about using itschaingun on you.Continuerunning andjumping alongthe catwalks ina counterclockwisedirection,swinging fromCHAPTER 2: JACKNIFEthe top of it and jump to the right along two more pipes. From thetop of the third pipe, jump to the right to grab the lip of a red-linedduct and pull yourself into it.Climb throughthe duct intothe corridorbeyondit. Smashthrough thered door atthe end ofthe corridor.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Use the canals and head for the old Runner training grounds.another flagpole to reach a lower set of catwalks. Execute a skillrollto avoid taking damage from the leap off this flagpole. Keep goinguntil you can leap from another flagpole to a vertical red pipe. At thispoint, the chopper backs off, and you can proceed without fear oflead poisoning.Climb down the red pipe and jump to the next catwalk to your left.Jump across two more catwalks and onto a flagpole, then swing andjump to another vertical red pipe. Turn left and jump onto a secondred pipe. This brings you down to a catwalk near the emergencyoverflow gate control.Approach theemergencygate control.Pressing thebutton opensthe gate,which you cansee acrossthe storm drain entrance if you look just above the control panel.However, it only stays open for 15 seconds, so you need tomove quickly.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE39

C H A P T E R 2: JA C K N I F EPress the button, then turn right and run and jump to the next catwalk.Wallrun at the end of it to reach a catwalk below the gate. Springboard off ared box at the other end of it to reach a higher catwalk.Turn around and jumpforward and to the left tograb the lip of the fl ooroutside the gate. Runtoward the gate andslide under it to makesure that you don’t getcrushed by it.On the other side ofthe gate is a long, tallroom with a secondgate at the end of it.In the middle of theroom is a triangularoutcropping. Face thisoutcropping and runtoward the point of it. Execute a quick wallclimb-turn-jump combination tograb a short ladder hanging from a catwalk.From this catwalk, run and jump to grab a horizontal red pipe. Swing off thatpipe to reach a catwalk on the other side of the room.At the end of thiscatwalk is anothercontrol panel. Hit thebutton on it to open thesecond gate, which isdirectly in front of you.Drop down to floorlevel (skillrolling toavoid injury) and run through the gate. You shouldn’t need to slide under it,but if you want points for style, go right ahead.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find an escape route down through the storm drains.CHECKPOINT C21211Storm Drain 1 Storm Drain 2 Storm Drain 3 Storm Drain 4 Storm Drain 5 Storm Drain 6 Storm Drain 7MAP LEGEND1 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T B)2 PRE S S BU T T O N TO OP E N DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T D1 SWAT C O P WI T H SN I P E R RI F L E2 TWO SWAT C O P S WI T H SN I P E R RIFLES1 IN CO R N E R OF BA L C O N YPro-TipIf you ascend the catwalks and concrete platforms to reach the uppercatwalks on the far right side of the stormdrains, you can get to theziplines at the far end of the stormdrains much more quickly. However,if you fail at any point, you have to restart all the way from thebeginning of the stormdrains, so this method is recommended for trulyelite Runners only.40PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

This takes you into an enormous area with more than a dozenmammoth pillars that stretch up into the darkness above, eachof which has several catwalks hanging off it. Run forward andjump onto the red ladder in front of you that brings you up to thefi rst catwalk.From there, run around the L-shaped catwalk and jump to the nextone to your left. Run forward and jump onto another L-shapedcatwalk and follow it around to the left.Next,springboardoff the red boxat the end ofthe catwalkto reach thecatwalk aboveyou. Pullyourself up onto it and balance along the beam to get to the nextcatwalk. Run and jump straight ahead to another catwalk. Merc getson the comm and tells you to keep going, and don’t think the Blueswon’t come down there.The next catwalk is to the right. Run and jump onto it and follow it asit turns right. As you round the corner, Merc tells you that a sniperteam has been dispatched to the storm drains. You didn’t need himto tell you that, though—they’re on a distant balcony in front of you,and their laser sights are already sweeping the area for you.Run forwardand jump ontothe nextcatwalk.Springboardoff the red boxto grab hold ofa ladder, andclimb it to reach the next catwalk. Run and jump forward ontoanother catwalk, and move quickly to the right to put the pillarbetween you and the pair of snipers.Walk along thered beam to thenext catwalk.Turn right atthe end of thecatwalk andrun and jumponto a redladder. Climb it to reach another catwalk, and then turn right. Runand jump forward along two more catwalks, and quickly round theCHAPTER 2: JACKNIFEcorner at the end of the second one. You are exposed to the snipersduring this run, so don’t waste time!Run and jump to the next catwalk and springboard off the red boxand onto another red ladder. Climb up to the top of the ladder andfollow the catwalk as it turns left.There’s a thirdsniper up herewith a red auraaround him, soyou have to getpast him toproceed. Jumpto the platformhe’s on and disarm him. If you don’t take his rifle away and take himout, there’s no way you will be able to proceed.It is highlyrecommendedthat you usethe sniper’srifle to pick offthe other twosnipers on theother side ofthe area. Doing so will make the rest of this challenging sectionmuch easier. And if you’re planning on collecting the hidden bagnear them, it’s absolutely essential.Drop the rifleandspringboard offthe red box toreach the nextbalcony.Continuemovingforward, leaping from balconies and swinging from red pipes asnecessary. Springboard off the red box on the final balcony to leap toa concrete ledge on one of the pillars.From thatledge, turn leftand run andjump straightforward alongfive moreledges. If youdo it smoothly,you should reach sprint speed by the end, so be careful not toovershoot your jumps.At the end ofthe last ledge,turn right tosee two redziplines in thedistance. Runand jump overto either ofthem. They both lead to the same place, so it doesn’t matter whichone you choose.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M41

C H A P T E R 2: JA C K N I F ENOTEWhen you reach these ziplines, your progress is autosaved. Beforeyou reached them, if you had fallen at any point and had to restart,you would have gone back to the catwalk before you jumped onto thepillar ledges. Having saved progress here means less backtracking ifyou slip up while exploring the area and is especially recommended ifyou’re going for the second hidden bag.HIDDEN BAGFrom the ziplines, keep running andjumping along the concrete ledges untilyou reach the last one, and then turnright. Run and jump to the next pillarledge and turn left to face the catwalkthat the snipers used. Run and jumponto that catwalk, executing a skillrollto avoid taking damage. A RunnerGlyph is spray painted on the wall atone end of it.Springboard off the red box near theglyph to grab a horizontal pipe. Swingfrom that to grab the edge of the nextbalcony. Pull yourself up onto it andlook at the door to see the second hidden bag leaning up against it. Pick itup and jump through the broken section of railing to get back to the pillarledges, or just drop off the balcony and continue at the ziplines.Use a zipline to reachthe ledge outside thedoor to maintenanceaccess. Walk carefullyalong the narrowledge to reach thedoor between the twoziplines. Don’t let thearriving Blues rattle you.Press the button to the right of the door to open the door and run throughit. Wallrun up the wall directly in front of you (with the maintenance accessstencil on it) and grab the lip of the ledge above it. Shimmy to eitherside—but not all the way over—and look up in the direction you wereshimmying to see another ledge.Jump and grab the lip of that ledge and pull yourself up. Turn and face thewall with the green railing above you and pull yourself up to the top of it.Slide down the wateryincline ahead and jumpjust before the end of itto avoid taking damage(but not too late, oryou’ll fall into theabyss beyond).Shimmy along thenarrow ledge on eitherside of the abyss toreach the walkwayin the middle of it.Press the button onthe walkway’s controlpanel to open the large gate at the other end of the area. Shimmy alonganother narrow ledge to reach the gate and go through it. Once again, youhave a 15-second timer, so don’t waste a single second.CHECKPOINT DMAP LEGEND3FRO M ST O R M DR A I N S (CH E C K P O I N T D)3451JUM P FR O M SH I P P I N G CO N TA I N E R S OV E R FE N C EGO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R IN T O CA L L A G H A N CO N S T R U C T I O N (CH E C K P O I N T F)FOU R RI O T CO P S3 NEA R A SH I P P I N G CO N TA I N E R PA S T TH E FO R K L I F T431542PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

On the other side of the gate is a wide, deep shaft, similar to theone you entered the storm drains through. The way out is at thevery top of the shaft. Start by jumping onto the suspended girders,turning around, waiting for them to stop swinging, and leaping to thenearest catwalk.From that catwalk, jump onto a vertical red pipe and climb to the topof it. Jump to the adjacent pipe to the left, and climb that one, too.Leap off the top of the second pipe to reach a catwalk.Springboardoff the boxesat the end ofthe catwalkand land ona stoppedelevator car.Turn aroundand leap up to the next catwalk above you. Use the vertical red pipeat the end of it to reach a ladder that leads up to another catwalk. Atthe end of the catwalk is a valve.CHECKPOINT EBe ready to move as soon as the crane lifts the beams to the top of theshaft, because there are four riot cops standing guard in front of theshipping entrance to Callaghan City Construction, and you need to getpast them to continue.CHAPTER 2: JACKNIFETurn the valve to shut off the flow of water that cascades down infront of you. Continue moving around the area in a clockwisedirection, swinging along two horizontal pipes and crossing anarrow beam. Springboard off the red boxes at the end of thefollowing catwalk onto another stopped elevator car.Turn aroundand leap up tothe nextcatwalk. Climbthe red pipe atthe end of it toreach a ladderleading up to acatwalk with a control panel on it. Press the control panel button,and then jump out onto the large red platform in front of you that issuspended from a crane.Stand at theend of thered platformand lookdown. Thebutton thatyou pressedhauls upanother platform of beams that turns red as it draws near. When itstarts turning red, jump onto it and ride it up to the top of the stormdrain shaft.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find a way out of the storm drains.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEHIDDEN BAGWhen you reach the top of theshaft, run and jump off thebeams and head in the oppositedirection from the riot cops. Bearleft at the fi rst forklift and lookfor a plank leaning up againstan orange shipping container.The Runner Glyph on the plankindicates that the third hiddenbag is nearby.Look around the left side of thatorange shipping container to fi ndthe hidden bag. Once you haveit, pull yourself up to the top ofthe shipping container and goback toward the Callaghan CityConstruction entrance along the tops of shipping containers to avoidthe riot cops’ fire.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MFrom the topof the shaft,run toward thestacked orangeshippingcontainers andjump up to thetop of the firstone. From there, continue along the tops of the others as you movetoward the shipping entrance.DICE STUDIOPROFILE43

C H A P T E R 2: JA C K N I F ECHECKPOINT FJump off the left corner of the last one and coil to clear the barbed wire at the topof the chain link fence that surrounds the shipping entrance. Speedvault up to thered door and bash through it to escape the cops.Run through the green-lined corridor to reach an elevator. Press the button to openthe doors, get inside, and press the buttons to ditch the cops for good and ride upto the roof.6MAP LEGEND6STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T E)10USE ZIPLINE TO RE A C H NE X T RO O F T O P7LEA P TO RO O F T O P BELOW11SPR I N G B O A R D TO NE X T RO O F T O P89SPR I N G B O A R D TO NE X T RO O FCRO S S DE B R I S PILES ON DU C T S12RUN AR O U N D CO R N E R AN D GO TH R O U G HD O O R TO CH E C K P O I N T G712101189line of sight so that you can match him move for move. Start by using thesame zipline that he slides down to begin his escape.Dismount from the zipline just before the end of the ride and slide under theshiny horizontal pipe beyond it. Take a running jump off the red ramp at theedge of the rooftop.When the elevator doors open, exit the elevator and bash through the reddoor in front of you. This takes you out to the old training ground rooftops,where Jacknife offers a sarcastic “Hello, Faithy!” before bolting.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Reach the training rooftops and fi nd Jacknife.The idea is to followJacknife as closely aspossible. He’ll alwaysstay at least a step ortwo ahead of you, nomatter how fast youare, but you want tokeep him within yourExecute a skillroll just before landing to cushion the impact of the fall, andthen vault over the chain link fence ahead of you. Pull yourself up onto theblue-striped structure beyond the fence and keep going.44PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Run andjump acrossthe rooftopstructures inhot pursuitof Jacknife.Use a pair ofred objectsto springboard to the next rooftop and slide under a horizontal barthat stretches across it. Turn left and pull yourself up onto the nextblue-striped structure to continue the chase.Continue running and jumping forward and take a flying leap off thenext red ramp, which is made up of loose scraps of lumber. Skillrollto land on the blue grating below safely, and then use two more pilesof boards to cross a pair of ducts quickly and reach the next rooftop.CHAPTER 2: JACKNIFEMake a running jump to the next rooftop. Jump onto the duct thatwinds down the building, and from there jump to the left to clear achain link fence. Springboard off the pile of bricks beyond the fenceto quickly reach the next rooftop.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSTurn left, runacross the nextrooftop, andjump off thenext red ramp.Speedvaultthe chain linkfence and thehorizontal duct after it, and pull yourself up to the next structure’sroof. Use the zipline on it to follow Jacknife to the next rooftop.Jump off the left corner of this rooftop to land on a narrow traileragainst a yellow wall. Run and leap off the end of it to quickly clearanother chain link fence. Chase Jacknife around the corner of anorange-striped building.Jump to the next rooftop and run down the narrow alley that runsto the right of the yellow building. Run through the open doorwayat the end of the alley and follow the blue-lined corridor to a pair ofelevators. You’re too late to stop Jacknife from riding one of them upto the roof, so use the other one to continue your pursuit.ENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M45

C H A P T E R 2: JA C K N I F ECHECKPOINT GMAP LEGEND13 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T F)14 USE AC U N I T S AN D PI P E S TO CR O S S W A L L15 LEA P AC R O S S RO O F S151617 1816 JUM P TO SC A F F O L D I N G17 CLI M B SC A F F O L D I N G18 CON F R O N T JA C K N I F E1413Jump to the right offthe last pipe and runalong the rickety ledgeof loose boards untilyou reach the end of it.Turn right to face thenext rooftop. Jump tothat rooftop and skillrollfor a safe landing.When you reach the roof, a rather satisfying cutscene plays, showingJacknife as he attempts to swing off a loose pole and winds up wiping outbadly. He’s down for the count. This is your chance to catch him.Turn left and leap offthe rooftop. Use a pairof flagpoles to reach anAC unit mounted to theside of the building, andthen leap off that to graba vertical pipe. Climbthe pipe and leap to twomore pipes to the right.From your landing point, turn right and springboard off the cinderblocks toreach the roof of the structure ahead of you. Drop off that structure and usethe red ramp at the edge of the rooftop to leap to the scaffolding on the sideof the building that Jacknife is on.fence to trigger a cinematic with Jacknife.Each level of thescaffolding has aninclined board thatleads up to the nextlevel. Use them to runup to the top, and thengo through the opendoor in the chain link46PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 2: JACKNIFEFaith demands to know what “Icarus” has to do with Pope’s murder.Jacknife replies with a strange question—he asks if Faith is awrestling fan. Pope hired an ex-wrestler named Travis Burfield, aka“Ropeburn,” to head up his security. Jacknife says that Ropeburnwas a thug who got lucky, a little fi sh who got to swim in a big pond,but who forgot to look out for bigger fish. He suggests that “Faithy”start her investigation with that “glorified slab of meat.”OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Catch Jacknife and question him.Chapter 2 Complete:Completing Chapter 2 earns you this Achievement/Trophy.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M47

C H A P T E R 3: H E A T(HEAT)Ryding Park, 12:08 PMDespite getting the tip about Ropeburn from Jacknife, Faith doesn’t start looking forhim right away. Instead, she decides to take her sister’s advice and fill LieutenantMiller in on what she’s learned.Faith finds Miller in a parking garage and tells the wary lieutenant that Kate told herto find him if things went bad. Miller tells her that Kate’s been arrested and guessesthat Faith is the suspect seen fleeing from the crime scene. He knows that Katewouldn’t have been capable of doing what she’s suspected of doing, but he can’teven get in to see her.Faith asks Miller what he knows about “Icarus” and shows him the scrap of Pope’sdiary that she took from the scene.Miller doesn’t answer her, but he does say that he won’t try to stop her. Unfortunately,there are plenty of others who will, and he can’t stop them either.MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, each with three sub-objectives:Ropeburn’s Offi ceEscape the SWATFind a way into the Z. BurfieldShipping building.Outrun the chopper and head for the cranein the distance.Investigate Ropeburn’s office.Defeat the SWAT units.Get out of the offices.Reach the cranes and find a route tothe hideout.48PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT ACHAPTER 3: HEAT1MAP LEGEND1 STA R T PO I N T2 JUM P TO NE X T RO O F T O P3 CLI M B PI P E S TO NE X T RO O F T O P45SPR I N G B O A R D TO NE X T RO O F T O PJUM P BA C K AN D FO R T H AL O N GD U C T AN D OP P O S I T E LE D G E67WAL L R U N-JU M P FR O M DU C TTO CL E A R BA R B E D WI R E FE N C EGO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TOCHE C K P O I N T B267345INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGHKeep running forward and leap off the red ramp at the edge of therooftop to reach the next one. Skillroll to land safely, and then turnleft and jump down to another rooftop. Run forward until you see twored vertical pipes. Use them to climb up to the next rooftop.Pro-TipTo bypass the red pipes entirely and save several preciousseconds, use the wall to wallrun past the fence. Bear left andjump on top of a billboard to reach the next rooftop withoutusing the pipes.At the start of the chapter, Merc tells Faith through her comm that Ropeburn has an officeat Z. Burfield Shipping. He also says that he saw Ropeburn wrestle once—he broke hisopponent’s arm and head-butted the ref, so this guy’s probably going to be a fighter, nota talker.From the start point, run toward the chain link fence. Wallrun up onto the wall on theright side of it and jump off the wall in mid-run to clear the fence.Now turn left to face the blue-striped structure and jump back acrossthe gap to reach the ledge next to it; this gets you past the barbedwirechain link fence surrounding the structure. Turn right, walk tothe end of the ledge, and turn right again. Jump back across the gaponto the next section of ducting.Pro-TipOnce you’re on the duct across the alley from the blue-stripedstructure, wallrun-turn-jump is an even faster way to crossthe alley.◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEHop up ontoa smallcardboard boxin front of theblue-stripedstructure onthis rooftopand pullyourself up to the top of it. Springboard off the red box on top of thestructure to reach the next rooftop.Run forwardand look forthree pigeonsnesting on ahorizontal ducton the side ofthe buildingahead of you.Jump to that duct, and then turn left and walk to the end of the duct,being careful not to fall off.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MRun and jumpto the right offthe end of theduct to land onthe corner ofthe nextrooftop. Runup the nearbyramp and leap from the top of it onto a large AC unit.Run and jumpoff the end ofthe AC unit toreach anotherhorizontal duct,and run andjump off the end of it to clear a barbed-wire chain link fence.DICE STUDIOPROFILE49

C H A P T E R 3: H E A TOn the other side of the fence, go into the narrow alley at the end of the areaand face the orange wall. Use a wallclimb-turn-jump combo to reach the topof the nearby structure. Use another wallclimb-turn-jump combo to grab thered pipe overhead, and swing and jump from it to land on the next rooftop.Pro-TipYou can also wallrun along the wall to the left and jump directly to anearby structure, and then wallclimb-turn-jump or wallrun-turn-jumpto reach the red bar to swing and jump to the next rooftop.NOTEIf the second jump-turn-jump combo is too tricky to pull off, you alsocan leap from the top of the structure to the small AC unit mountedon the orange wall, and then jump and pull yourself up to the nextrooftop from there.Slide under the nextduct, and then jumpand pull yourselfup to the top ofthe yellow-stripedstructure. Run andjump off the edgeof it to reach thenext rooftop, which has a red door. Smash through the door to enter the Z.Burfield Shipping building.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find a way into the Z. Burfi eld Shipping building.Go to the end of theshort hallway beyondthe red door and standwith your back againstthe red grate leaningagainst the wall. Executea wallclimb-turn-jumpcombo to get up to thegrate walkway overhead.Pro-TipA wallrun-turn-jump gets you up to the grate walkway as well, and it’sslightly faster to boot.Crouch down and crawl through into the next area to reach a red-lined ductentrance. Crawl inside and drop down to the next area, skillrolling to avoidtaking damage.HIDDEN BAGThere’s almost no way you can miss theRunner Glyph stenciled on the white steeldrum right next to you when you drop outof the duct. Looks like there’s a hiddenbag nearby.The hidden bag is leaning up against awall, obscured by a stack of cardboardboxes on a pallet. Pick it up and continueon to Ropeburn’s office.There’s a narrowgap to the left of twovertical ducts that’sjust wide enoughfor Faith to be ableto squeeze through,so approach it toautomatically turnsideways and start shuffling through, as if you were walking along a ledge.Go through the open orange door at the end of the corridor and up theorange stairs beyond it. At the top of the stairs, turn right and jump to thenext landing. Continue following the corridor to reach a server room. Lookup in the far right corner of the room to see a red-lined duct entrance.Wallrun up to it and pull yourself into the duct.Pro-TipWant to bypass the stairs altogether? Execute a wallclimb-turn-jumpfrom the ducts that you face when you enter the room. End the jumpwith a coil to soar all the way up without stepping on a single stair.Inside the duct, crawlforward and turn rightwhen the duct does.When you reach thegrate at the end of it,stand up and pullyourself into the nextsection of the duct.Crawl forward and drop down, and continue crawling forward to trigger acinematic of Ropeburn speaking on the phone, oblivious to the fact thatFaith is eavesdropping from the duct.Once Ropeburnleaves, Faithautomatically dropsdown into his officeand examines hisdesk to find a pistoland a black folderwith a picture of adog’s head on it. Merc gets on the comm to let Faith know that she trippeda silent alarm, and that Blues are incoming. She needs to get the hell out ofthere in a hurry.50PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Investigate Ropeburn’s offi ce.CHAPTER 3: HEATCHECKPOINT BTIPYou have 60 seconds before the SWAT cops start rushing infrom the ground fl oor of the offi ce, so you need to move quicklyand efficiently, but most of all, you need to avoid mistakes. It’smuch better to take an extra second or two to line up a jumpthan to rush it and miss, which will cost you considerablymore time.CAUTIONThere are several ways to get from the ground floor to the nextlevel, but this is the quickest one.You can pickup the gun onRopeburn’sdesk or leaveit. It won’t doyou muchgood againstthe SWATcops when they start pouring in, but you can use it to shoot out theglass panels of the offi ces, which can help you set up jumps better.However, it also slows you down slightly, so the choice is yours.Run out Ropeburn’s offi ce door and smash through the glass panelsstraight ahead of you. If you have the pistol, you can shoot them outas you run toward them. Otherwise, use the same action you’d use tobash open a red door.Turn right andrun to the topof the stairs.Turn left andface the largeorange artobject in themiddle of thelobby. Wallrun up to the top of it and leap off the end of it to grab ahorizontal red bar.Swing andjump from thebar to landon the largeorange blockbeyond it, andthen turn rightand wallrun upto the top of the next block. Turn right to face the next landing thatyou have to leap to. If you have the pistol, shoot out the glass panelsat the beginning of it. If you don’t, jump toward it and smash theglass as you leap forward.There are more glass panels at the far end of it. Smash them orshoot them out, and then wallrun along the orange section of wall tothe left to reach the next landing.NOTEWith any luck, you should be able to reach the next landingjust before or just after the SWAT cops arrive on the floorbelow you. If that’s the case, you’re in great shape. If you’rerunning behind…well, you should probably get ready torestart from Ropeburn’s office.Run into theoffices beyondthe landing.This keeps youout of the lineof fire of theSWAT copsbelow. If you’vebeen shot, wait a few seconds to recover before proceeding, andthen smash out the glass panel to reach the landing. Run around thelanding in a clockwise direction, staying out of the SWAT cops’ lineof fire whenever possible.Springboardoff a red boxon the landingto leap up tothe next level.Smash yourway throughthe glass panelto get into the office with two orange desks. This is a good place tostop and catch your breath if you’ve been wounded. (You’ll alsorestart from here if you don’t make it past this next part.)Turn rightto see twoU-shaped barsthat hang fromthe ceilingover the lobby,which is nowthree floorsbelow you and crawling with Blues armed with semi-automaticweapons. Kick out the glass panel separating you from them (orapproach the glass panel and have the SWAT cops shoot it out foryou). Run, jump, and swing onto those bars and use them to reachthe next landing.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M51

C H A P T E R 3: H E A TCAUTIONYou have to leap off each bar on the first swing, and you have toleap at the apex of the swing. If you swing more than once on eitherbar, you will be shot to death. If you leap with anything less than fullmomentum, you’ll fall to your death.As soon as you reachthe other side, turn leftand run down thehallway. Do not turnright! There’s nothingdown that way excepta few patrol cops anda dead end. Jump upand grab the red ledge at the end of the hall. Turn around, jump to grab therailing behind you, and pull yourself up onto it.Run through theopen door, turn right,and run across theskybridge. Turn rightat the end of theskybridge and headfor the red door infront of you. Smash itopen to escape the offi ces—but you’re not out of the woods yet.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Get out of the offices.Turn left after going through the red door and run forward. Just before youreach the huge gap in the path, wallrun onto the orange wall to the left andjump off the wall toward the end of the wallrun to safely land on the otherside. If you land in the gap, skillroll to avoid injury and use the long redladder to climb out.Stay sharp! A SWATcop busts out of adoorway to your leftafter you clear the gap.Ignore him and keeprunning, following thepathway to the left.Just after you roundthe corner, a second SWAT cop bursts out of a doorway to your left. Again,ignore him and keep going.As you round the next corner, run to the right of the white park bench. Thiskeeps you far away from a third SWAT cop who makes a dramatic entrancefrom yet another door. Just keep going. You’re about to lose all of them.Run forward and tothe right toward anorange platform in thedistance. Run up ontoit and springboardoff the red boxes toreach the next rooftop.The SWAT cops won’tfollow, but they will shoot from the rooftop that they’re still on. There’s alsoa police chopper with a cop with an itchy trigger finger chasing you now, sodon’t dawdle.Run toward the large structure on the left side of this rooftop and slideunder it. Keep running forward, speedvaulting over obstacles in your way,and smash through the red door at the end of the rooftop.Follow thegreen-striped corridorto a service elevator,and push the elevatorbutton to open thedoors. Unfortunately,the elevator is out ofservice, and the doorsonly open just enough to show a vertical red pipe beyond them. Movetoward the doors to squeeze through them, and then jump onto the red pipe.Slide down the pipeuntil you reach theroof of the elevatorcar below you. Turnaround and pullyourself up ontothe floor of the nexthallway. Proceed downthe hallway and through the red door at the end of it to get back outside.CHECKPOINT C89101112111132MAP LEGEND8 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T B)9 RID E ZIPLINE TO NE X T RO O F T O P11 CLI M B PI P E TO RO O F12 JUM P DO W N TO RO O F14 RED DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T D1 SWAT C O P (3 T O TA L)1410 JUM P DO W N TO LA R G E AC U N I T13 CLI M B PI P E S TO RO O F T O P2 NEA R BA R B E D WI R E FE N C E52PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Pull yourselfup to the roofof theblue-stripedstructure onthe other sideof the red door.Leap across tothe large AC unit, and then jump onto the zipline above your head tospeed down to the next rooftop. Move quickly, because that chopperis still pursuing you.Dismount thezipline justbefore the endto preserveyourmomentum,and runforward and tothe right. Leap off of the edge of the rooftop to the right of a smallAC unit to line yourself up for a slide under a large elevated structureon the next roof.Turn right pastthe structureyou slid underand jump downto a large ACunit on the nextrooftop belowyou. Run alongthe ducts to the next structure and pull yourself up onto it.Springboardoff the red boxon the roof ofthis structure,which landsyou on arooftop witha zipline.Use the zipline to reach the next roof. Slide under the pipes to theleft of the end of the zipline, and then turn right and run across anorange catwalk.Look for two red pipes beyond the orange catwalk. Shimmy up thelower one, turn around, and jump to the higher one. Climb this pipeto reach the next rooftop.Run forward,turn left, andspringboardoff the redcinderblocksto land ona large ACunit. Thegood news is this temporarily gets the chopper off your back. Thebad news is another chopper is incoming with SWAT reinforcements.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MCHAPTER 3: HEATOBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Outrun the chopper and head for the crane in the distance.From theAC unit, runforward andjump onto thenext rooftop.Turn left andrun and jumpoff the edgeof the rooftop to the next one below you. Run up the nearby rampto clear a chain link fence. As you crest the ramp, you can see achopper hovering above the rooftop ahead of you and three SWATcops rappelling out of it.Run forward, slide under the L-shaped ducts, and charge down tothe rooftop where the SWAT cops landed. They’re all illuminated witha red aura, so you need to deal with all three of them before you canproceed. Fleeing past them isn’t an option, so at the very least, youneed to disarm each of them.NOTEHow you go about dealing with the SWAT cops dependson your play style and what you’re most comfortablewith, but the following is a very effective method.When youjump down tothe rooftop,stay to the leftside of it. Runforward,keeping theblue catwalk toyour left and the large AC unit to your right. As you reach the end ofthe AC unit, the first SWAT cop should pop out to attack. Disarm himand take his machinegun. Use Reaction Time if you want to improveyour chances of stealing his weapon without suffering damage.With the firstSWAT copdown and hismachinegunin your hands,move aroundthe AC unitand shoot thenext SWAT cop, who should be close enough to present a practicallyunmissable target. Shoot him down, aiming for the head if possibleto take him out quickly.The third SWAT cop should be on the far end of the rooftop. Ifyou’re hurt, duck back behind the AC unit to rest for a few seconds,popping out periodically to make sure that the last SWAT cop isn’tgoing anywhere. When you’re healthy, rush toward him, movinglaterally to present a harder target, and shoot him. If you run out ofammo, go back for the second SWAT cop’s gun.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE53

C H A P T E R 3: H E A TOBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Defeat the SWAT units.When the SWAT copsare down, use the twovertical red pipes inthe area to climb up tothe next rooftop. Fromthere, use the red boxto springboard up tothe roof of the orangestripedstructure. Turn right and jump off the structure’s roof to reach thenext rooftop.HIDDEN BAGRan Out of FingersIf you have collected every hidden bag so far, you’vegot 11 bags, which awards you the Ran Out ofFingers Achievement/Trophy.Turn right and run toward the large structure in front of the chain link fence.Slide under it to get past the fence, and then bash through the red doorbeyond it.Follow the green-linedhallway beyond the doorto an elevator. Pressthe button to call theelevator, and then ride itup to the rooftop.When you leap to the next rooftop, lookat the pallet leaning up against the chainlink fence. It has a Runner Glyph on it.That means that there’s a hidden bagaround here somewhere.Go around the corner of the chain linkfence to fi nd the hidden bag lying onthe ground near the wall. Pick it up andcontinue on your journey to the hideout.Elevator News FeedThe newest threat to children: RUNNING.5 signs someone you know might be a Runner• Telltale scuffmarks on their clothes• Unexplained scrapes, bruises, or broken bones• Unreliable or unexplained absences from work or school• Calluses on the palm, knuckle, and fingertips• A fondness for the color redWhen the elevator doors open, follow the hallway beyond them to a reddoor. Smash through the red door to return to the rooftops, where your oldfriend the chopper has returned.CHECKPOINT DMAP LEGEND15 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T C)12019161516 JUM P TO NE X T RO O F T O P17 WAL L R U N-JU M P FR O M VE RT I C A L BO A R D S18 JUM P TO SC A F F O L D I N G19 CRO S S BA L A N C E BE A M TO NE X T SC A F F O L D2121820 JUM P TO NE X T SC A F F O L D21 JUM P FR O M CR A N E TO PA D D E D OB J E C T1722 GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TO FINISH CH A P T E R1 RIO T CO P323TWO RI O T CO P SON UP P E R CR A N E DE C K22After barging through the red door, turn right and run down the terrace until yousee some red boards to the left. Jump off the edge of the terrace at this point andskillroll to land safely.Pull yourself up to the structure that you land in front of and jump off the other endof it. Jump off the red ramp to reach the next rooftop. Hop up onto the windingducts on the right side of the roof and use them to climb up onto the roof of thestructure that they lead to.54PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Run diagonallyto the leftacross thestructure’s roofand drop off it.Run around thecorner of thestructure andwallrun along the vertical red boards, jumping off them at the end ofthe wallrun to reach the next rooftop.Pro-TipYou can bypass this area by jumping down to some awningsfrom the previous rooftop.Climb up to theroof of thelarge structureahead and tothe right, whichhas a red boxon it.Springboardoff this box to the next rooftop. Turn right and use the red ramp tojump onto some scaffolding that helps protect you against thechopper’s fire. From the start of the scaffolding, wallrun across thefi rst gap on the level that you start on.Run around thecorner and allthe way to theend of thepathway. Usethe red beam atthe end of it tocross over tothe scaffolding on the building across the street. If you happen towind up below this level, there is a red ladder under the beam thatyou can use to reach it.Face the wallof the scaffoldon the otherside of thebeam. Jumpup to grab thelip of it, andshimmy to theleft. Turn to the left and jump to grab the edge of the next level of thescaffolding. Pull yourself up.Pro-TipA wallrun-jump-vault from the scaffold wall is an even fasterway to reach the next level of the scaffolding.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MCHAPTER 3: HEATSpringboard offthe pile of redcinderblocks toreach the nextlevel of thescaffolding. Runup the rampahead of youtoward a stack of junk. Wallrun-turn-jump off the junk to get up tothe next level of the scaffolding.Run toward thered boardsahead of youand wallrunalong the wallto the left ofthem, jumpingoff at the end ofthe wallrun, to continue along the scaffolding. Round the corner andkeep running.As you approachthe stack ofpallets ahead,be ready to slidethrough the gapunder them.Also, be ready toenter ReactionTime as you approach the turn just beyond them, because a riot coprushes out to blast you with a shotgun. Disarm him and drop theweapon—it will only slow you down.NOTEIf you’re feeling a bit morevicious toward the local lawenforcement, you can beready with a punch as youapproach the corner andknock the poor flatfoot offthe scaffolding and sendhim on a 20-story ride.After dealing with the cop, round the corner, drop down the gap inthe scaffolding, turn around, and continue following this path. Itends at a long plank, which you must jump off at the last possiblemoment to make a superheroic leap to the scaffolding around thebuilding across the street.Run downthe ramp,springboardoff the redcinderblocks,turn the corner,and run upanother ramp.Turn around and run around the next corner, stopping just beforethe wall to the right turns blue. Jump up and grab the lip of thecorrugated metal wall, turn to the left, and jump to grab the lip of theupper part of the scaffolding.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE55

C H A P T E R 3: H E A TPro-TipHere’s a great shortcut that will dramatically reduce your run timethrough the level: Instead of going down the ramp, use a wallrunjump-vaultand climb onto the roof of the building. The chopper fliesover your head, and you leap to the next building with the two riotcops on it.Pull yourself up, andbe ready for anotherscrap. There are twomore riot cops up hereon the roof of thisbuilding. Runcounter-clockwisearound the perimeterof the roof, turning left just after the end of the chain link fence. Run straightahead to find the fi rst riot cop.Close in on himquickly and enterReaction Time toquickly and easilydisarm him, knockinghim out as you do.This puts his shotgunin your hands.Whether or not you use it on his partner is up to you.TIPWhen fi ghting the riot cops on this rooftop, be aware of opportunitiesto use a wallrun-kick to spin one of the riot cops around and instantlydisarm him from the rear.The second riot copwill be on one side orthe other of the largestructure with theorange Caposa signon it. Figure out wherehe is, and then waitaround the corner ofthe large structure for him to come to you. You can either beat him up withmelee attacks, disarm him, or shoot him with the first cop’s shotgun.When both riot copsare out of commission,pull yourself up onto thelarge structure that youused for cover from thesecond cop and jumpoff the edge of it towardthe red crane. Coil asyou soar over the chain link fence to avoid being injured by the barbed wirethat lines the top of it.Use the two ladders on the crane to climb to the top of it. Once you’re upthere, pull yourself up onto the arm itself and line up very carefully beforerunning and jumping off the end of it.TIPThe best way to ensure that you’re lined up is to position your reticle atthe very end of the crane arm.Now simply runand jump off theend of the beams.A large red cushionbelow will absorbthe impact of yourfall, so don’t worryabout skillrolling.HIDDEN BAGSkillroll just beforeyou land on the largecollection of steelbeams that hangs froma second crane. Don’tworry about rollingoff—the steel cablewill keep thatfrom happening.You can’t see it from where you land, but there is a Runner Glyph stenciledonto the side of this large cushion, indicating a nearby stash point.If you want to grab the third hidden bag, you have to do it quickly, becausethe chopper returns about ten seconds after you complete your jump. Leapoff the padded cushion and onto the red ladder that hangs down from thesecond crane. This can be a tricky jump, so take a second to line it up, anddon’t jump until the very last possible moment.Climb to the top of that ladder and runcounter-clockwise around the base of thecrane to reach a second ladder. Climbthis ladder as well. Continue runningcounter-clockwise to find the hiddenbag. Once you have it, jump off the craneback down to the (no longer red) paddedobject to get away from the chopper asquickly as possible.Run off the cushioned landing pad and make a break for the red door in theorange wall. Bash through the door and run through the corridor beyond itto complete the chapter.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Reach the cranes and find a route to the hideout.Chapter 3 Complete:Finishing this chapter awards you thisAchievement /Trophy.56PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 4: ROPEBURN(ROPEBURN)MISSION OBJECTIVESCPF Underground Carpark, 5:23 PMThere are two primary mission objectives, each with three sub-objectives:The MeetingOnce again, Faith goes to the CPF carpark to speak with Lieutenant Miller. She tellshim that she’s investigating Ropeburn, since he was Pope’s head of security. Shedoesn’t know if he killed Pope, but he definitely set up Kate. Miller warns Faith thatRopeburn is a dangerous man, but Faith doesn’t care—he set up her sister, andnothing else matters.Miller apologizes to Faith, and before she can ask why, he pulls a gun on her. Millerdoesn’t want Kate to go down for Pope’s murder, and CPF has private securityfirms muscling in on their territory. The only way to save CPF and Kate is to givethem Faith.With almost superhuman speed, Faith wrestles Miller’s gun away from him. Hedraws his backup piece, and the two of them face each other in a tense standoff.Faith tells Miller that all she cares about is Kate and, for her sake, she’ll let Millergo. But if he ever pulls a gun on her again…Getaway!INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9Discover Ropeburn’s contact.Head down into the subway station to losethe Blues.TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEDefeat Ropeburn.Fight your way through the platform andescape into the accessways.Defeat the incoming Blues and escape.Use the subway trains to make afinal getaway.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M57

C H A P T E R 4: RO P E B U R NCHECKPOINT A1634251MAP LEGEND1 STA R T PO I N T2 JUM P TO BA L C O N Y3 JUM P BA C K TO RO O F T O P4 TUR N OF F ELECTRIC FE N C E5 JUM P TO NE X T RO O F T O P6 GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T B1 NEA R A PI L E OF DE B R I SFrom the top of thepipe, look left to finda control panel on theorange-striped wallnearby. This controlsthe current for theelectric fences. Hit thebutton on the controlpanel to disarm the fences. You can now vault them without sending 5,000volts through your body.As dusk starts to fall over the city, Faith watches a CPF chopper flying inthe direction of the meeting location that she heard Ropeburn discussing.Maybe it’s transporting Ropeburn’s contact? Merc suggests that Faith get amove on if she wants to fi nd out.All of the chain link fences on this rooftop are electrified, so don’t touchthem, and defi nitely do not try to vault them. Instead, from the start point,turn right and make a long running jump off the edge of the rooftop to aterrace across the street. If you build up to sprint speed before making thejump, you can land directly on the terrace; otherwise, you will grab the edgeand have to pull yourself up.Make a wide U-turnaround the longplanter and leapstraight off the redplanks at the othercorner of the terraceto grab a verticalred pipe. If you do itwithout slowing down, you land higher up on the pipe and save yourselfsome time. If you’re not in a rush, take a second or two and line your jumpup more carefully for better accuracy.Pro-TipShave a few seconds off your time by using this strategy to get past thefence without turning it off: While standing near the fence, wallclimband strafe left while jumping to execute a short 90-degree turn. Thisallows you to grab the catwalk on the rooftop structure and climbstraight up to it.Turn around and round the corner of the orange-striped building. Vaultthe now-safe chain link fence, and use the red box in front of the structurebeyond it to springboard up to the top of the structure.Leap from the roof of the structure to the next rooftop, and jump off the redboards at the edge of it to reach the next rooftop. Turn left to see thehelicopter in the distance. Run up the ramp on the roof and jump from thetop of it to land on a structure overlooking a chain link fence topped withbarbed wire.Jump across the fenceand land on a largeAC unit beyond it.Turn left and jumpto another large ACunit. Jump off this ACunit to clear anothersection of barbed-wirefence, and then run and jump off the red boards on the corner of the roof toland on the next rooftop.58PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MHIDDEN BAGLook at the section of the yellowwall between the pair of verticalwhite pipes and the vertical redpipe to fi nd the fi rst RunnerGlyph of the chapter. Looks likeyou’ve found a stash point.The fi rst hidden bag isn’tactually all that well hidden. It’sjust left of the Runner Glyph (asyou face it), near some planksand safety cones. There’s apiece of paper next to it with acouple of tic-tac-toe games thatended in stalemate scribbledon it. Pick up the bag andkeep moving.Drop off thisledge in thedirection of thenearby verticalred pipe toland on a lowersection of therooftop near ared door. Skillroll to avoid taking damage from the fall. (You also canjump onto the red pipe and slide down, but that’s slightly slower.)Smash open the red door and go through it.Turn left andrun down thehallway beyondthe red door,vaulting overobstacles asyou go. Gothrough theopen doorway at the end of it, and look up at the area above thedoorway to see a red-lined duct entrance. That’s your next goal.If you’re taking your sweet time, you can jump up onto the bundledplanks and jump up from there to grab the lip of the upper ledge.From there, you can pull yourself up to the ledge, crouch down tocrawl under some pipes, and enter the duct.However, amuch faster(and onlyslightly morecomplex)method is toface the redsection of walland wallrun-turn-jump off it. This lands you right in front of the ductentrance in a fraction of the time.Either way you get there, crawl into the duct and follow it until itcomes to an end. Stand up and pull yourself up and to the right tocontinue moving through it. This brings you to a pair of grates onCHAPTER 4: ROPEBURNthe bottom of the duct. Putting your weight on either of them willcause you to fall out of the duct and down to the floor below. Youcan get past the first one by jumping as soon as the grate begins tofall, but it doesn’t matter which one you drop down through—theyboth take you to the same place.Go forward andturn left at yourfirstopportunity. Ifyou lookclosely, youcan see a ratscurry ahead ofyou around another corner. Follow the rat to see a plank stretchingacross a pit with an L-shaped duct overhead. If you drop into the pit,you’ll have to start over from where you dropped out of the ducts. Sodon’t do that.Wallrun alongthe red sectionof wall above thepit and jumpduring thewallrun to get upto the L-shapedduct. Turn to face a red bar stretching above the pit, and run andjump from the end of the duct nearest the bar to grab onto the bar.Swing and jump from the bar to land on another section of ducting.Turn right tosee a secondred bar. Toreach this one,you have to geta good runningstart andwallrun alongthe wall. Swing and jump from the red bar to reach a third section ofducting. If you fall short, you will likely grab a beam just below it. Itcosts you a few extra seconds, but it gets you where you’re going.Pro-TipYou can bypass the first bar by using a wallclimb-turn-jump toreach the platform shown in the screenshot.Jump from the end of this third section of ducting to reach a tall,narrow shaft with a red ladder stretching up it. Climb the ladder and,from the top of it, turn and jump onto a small landing. Drop off theend of this landing and skillroll to avoid injury.Pro-TipYou can also face the wall and perform a wallclimb, whichcauses you to automatically grab a metal bar that you can turnand jump from.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE59

C H A P T E R 4: RO P E B U R NTurn around to see anarrow gap betweensome fenced-in pipesand the wall. Squeezeinto this gap andshimmy through it.Directly ahead of you,on the other side of awire mesh cage, is a red ladder leading out of this area, but a cracked pipeat the top of the ladder spews deadly steam that will scald you to death ifyou try to pass through it.To turn off the steam,face the wire meshcage and wallrun-turnjumpoff it. This getsyou to a tiny landingwith a red valve. Turnthe valve to shut offthe steam, and thendrop back down. Crawl into the opening of the wire mesh cage to reach theladder. Climb the ladder, and then smash through the red door at the topof it.Smashing through thered door triggers acinematic that showsRopeburn’s meetingwith his contact—andit’s Lieutenant Miller!Faith can’t believe sheever trusted him anddecides to head up there to see what she can find out about Kate’s setup.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Discover Ropeburn’s contact.To get up to theroof, you need to gothrough the opendoor in the oppositecorner of the room, atthe same level whereyou entered the room.There are several waysto reach that door, but the fastest and easiest method is just to run forwardand leap diagonally to the right at the end of the landing where you entered.This should get you to the landing in front of the open door.CHECKPOINT BRun up the stairs on the other side of the open door and go throughthe doorway at the top of them to reach the roof. As soon as you do,Ropeburn darts out and punches Faith before she can react!Ropeburn grabs the stunned Faith by the collar and screams at her:“Did he send you? You can both go to hell! No one threatens me!”He lifts her effortlessly over his head and flings her over the edge ofthe rooftop to a lower level of it before dropping down there himself.60Ropeburn smashesthrough a crude fencemade of random scrapsof lumber, and he’s got asteel pipe in his hand.As soon as he starts tocharge, enter ReactionTime and disarm himwhen the pipe turns red.Faith andRopeburn strugglewith the pipe.The massiveex-wrestler lookslike he’s going toget the better of thebrawl, but Faithstuns him with a sharp kick, and Ropeburn stumbles backward off the edgeof the roof, just barely grabbing onto a pipe that runs along the length of it.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Defeat Ropeburn.With Ropeburn at hermercy, Faith gets himto admit that he setup Kate for Pope’smurder. Ropeburndidn’t kill Popehimself, though. Hehired someone forthat. He’s meeting them in the mall downtown at 2 PM tomorrow, and hesays that Faith will recognize them.When Faith asks Ropeburn why he was with Lieutenant Miller, Ropeburninsists that she pull him up before he tells her. But before Faith can doso, a sniper on a fire escape across the street shoots Ropeburn and flees.Ropeburn falls to his death, taking the secret of his meeting with Millerwith him.PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 4: ROPEBURNMerc tells Faith that the Blues are about to crash the party. She needs to get out of therenow. Turn around and run through the gap in the fence to reach a red door, and smashthrough it to reach a set of stairs leading up.CHECKPOINT CRun up the stairs and go back through the open doorway toreturn to the area that you already visited just prior todiscovering Miller and Ropeburn’s meeting. Three SWAT copswith shotguns occupy the lower fl oor of it, so you need to movequickly. Springboard off the red box ahead of you to grab azipline overhead.If you’re feeling scrappy, you can try todisarm or beat up the SWAT cops, but theodds are not in your favor, and there’s amuch faster and easier way to proceed.Dismount from the zipline just before theorange-striped pillar and run left into theopen elevator.Jump up tograb theedge of theopen roofpanel insidethe elevatorand pullyourself up to the roof. If you sustained any damage from the SWATcops, take a few seconds to recover. As long as you don’t standdirectly over the open roof panel, you are safe.Press thebutton for theemergencyelevatorbrake release.This sendsthe elevatorcar hurtlingdown the shaft. Look down past the sparking brake to see a secondelevator car below you. Make a carefully timed jump onto the roofof this car to avoid taking damage when the first car slams into thebottom of the elevator shaft.HIDDEN BAGWhen you reach the secondelevator car, jump back downto the crashed car (skillrollingto land safely), and then jumpoff that one in the oppositedirection from the red-linedduct entrance. This triggersthe appearance of a SWAT cop,who forces open the elevator doors above you. There is a RunnerGlyph on the wall just below him, so there’s a hidden bag nearby.As long as you stand directly under the SWAT cop, hugging thewall, you are safe. Do so, and face the opposite wall. Execute awallrun-turn-jump to fling yourself at him, and throw a punch asyou do. Continue hitting him until he’s down, or simply neutralizehim using Reaction Time and a well-timed disarm attempt.Turn around to see the secondhidden bag leaning up againstthe wall, next to some graffitithat says “I heart 88.7.” Pickup the bag and exit this alcoveto return to the bottom of theelevator shaft.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEOBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Defeat the incoming Blues and escape.NOTEYou can survive the crash of the elevator car without makingthis jump. It’s just not pretty.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MFrom thebottom of theelevator shaft,crawl into thered-lined ductentrance. Theduct slopesdown sharply,so be ready to skillroll to avoid taking damage when it spits you outon a small landing.61

C H A P T E R 4: RO P E B U R NCHECKPOINT DDrop off the edge of the landing and into a small corridor with two reddoors. It doesn’t matter which door you smash through. They both lead tothe same place.Use the two verticalred pipes in theL-shaped corridorbeyond the red doorsto reach the catwalkthat runs above it. Rundown the catwalk andexecute a wallrunturn-jumpoff the end of it to grab a red pole suspended high above theground around the corner of the corridor. This can be a tricky maneuver topull off—make sure not to turn and jump until your wallrun takes youalmost to the end of the wall.Swing and jump fromthe bar to the nextsection of catwalk, andclimb into the red-linedduct entrance in thewall. Use it to reach theupper part of a subwaystation that has beenclosed for renovations. Drop down to floor level.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Head down into the subway station to lose the Blues.Go into the main part of the station with the blue-tiled walls. There are twostaircases here: one behind a barbed-wire chain link fence that leads to theturnstiles, and another that is not blocked off. Go up the latter set of stairsand leap from them up onto a scaffold platform. Wallrun up some verticalboards to reach the highest platform on the scaffold.Turn left and jump toanother scaffold, aimingfor the corner of theplatform that sticks outpast the rest ofthe scaffolding.Run and jump off theend of this scaffold,coiling your legsto clear the barbedwire on top of thechain link fence.You can also usea wallrun-jump tocross the fence.under a partially closed gate, and keep going.Run through thestation as fast as youcan, using the redlines of tile on thefloor to guide you.Vault over obstacles inyour path to preserveyour momentum. SlideTwo more gatesahead of you startclosing. If you time itperfectly and preserveyour momentum bywallrunning pastthe turnstiles, youcan slide under bothgates before they close. If you’re too slow, you must press the button in themiddle of the gates to open them.Keep moving! There are Blues right behind you, but they won’t proceed pastthe last closed gate. Head for the orange tunnel ahead of you and run downthe stairs or escalators to the train platform—and be ready for a fight. Theplatform is crawling with two patrol cops and four SWAT cops. There arethree equally effective methods of dealing with them: indirect, lethal, andnon-lethal.IndirectYou can get throughthis platform withoutthrowing a punch orfiring a shot if you’requick about it. Enterthe platform via theescalator on the rightside of the orangetunnels, and run along the right side of the platform, being careful not to falldown onto the train tracks.Ignore the Blues that you run past. If you’re moving at sprint speed, you’rea very difficult target to hit. When a cop steps out from behind a pillar infront of you, though, weave around the pillars to keep solid cover betweenyou and him.TIPIf you’re not interested in beingcompletely non-violent, you canstun cops that get in your way witha jump kick, but don’t stick aroundto finish them off, or you’ll quicklybe swarmed by their backup.62PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Keep runningalong the rightside of theplatform anddrop to thetrain trackswhen youreach the end,making sure that there isn’t an oncoming train first. Look ahead andright to see a red ladder leading up to a red beam.Climb the ladderand cross thebeam as quicklyas possible.Crawl into theduct entranceon the otherside of thetracks and takea deep breath. You made it! Rest up here for a few seconds beforecontinuing, if you need to.Non-LethalTo deal withthe cops in anon-lethal way,go down thestairs on theleft side of theorange tunnelsand either beatup or disarm thefi rst patrol cop you see. Do the same to the second patrol cop, who’sright behind him.The SWAT cops are a little trickier to deal with, because their heavybody armor makes them very resistant to melee combat damage, andthe rapid rate of fi re of their machineguns cuts you down if you rushstraight at them. What you need to do is keep the pillars between youand them and draw them out to one side or the other. If they poketheir heads out from the left side of the pillar, run around the rightside and close in quickly to disarm them.Reaction Time makes disarming the SWAT cops much easier, butyou need to keep building momentum to be able to use it. Oneexcellent way to do that is to run back up the stairs leading upfrom the platform and then come back down. Run laps around theplatform until your momentum replenishes your reaction time.CAUTIONDon’t spend much time at the top of the stairs,though—there are still Blues waiting on the other sideof the gate, and they’ll fi re at you through it.CHAPTER 4: ROPEBURNMine!Performing 15 successful disarms earns you thisAchievement/Trophy. If you’ve been disarmingenemies all along, you might earn it while you’repursuing a non-lethal strategy on the subway platform.NOTEOnce you have disarmed or knocked out all the cops, Merctells you about the track accessway at the end of the subwayplatform. Climb the red ladder at the end of it and cross thebeam, as described in the indirect strategy.LethalThis methodstarts thesame way asthe non-lethalmethod: bydisarming orbeating up thefirst patrol cop.He’s going to wind up being the only lucky one among his friends,though, because the rest of the strategy involves killing cops withthe weapons stolen from their fallen brethren.The patrol cops’ pistols are more accurate than the SWAT cops’machineguns at long ranges, but the machinegun is absolutelydeadly at close range, so close in on enemies quickly when you haveone in your possession.Fire eachweapon untilits clip runsdry and youautomaticallydiscard it. Keepa mental noteof where thefallen cops’ weapons are so that you can run back and pick them upas needed. Above all, move carefully and methodically. Stick to theouter edges of the platform when advancing, and sweep back andforth across the platform to prevent Blues from sneaking around andflanking you.NOTEAs with the non-lethal strategy, Merc tells you about the trackaccessway once all the cops are down. This is your cue to makea break for the ladder.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M63

C H A P T E R 4: RO P E B U R NHIDDEN BAGThe duct accessed from the red beamat the top of the ladder brings you to asmall landing. There are three red barsahead of you and a steep drop to thefl oor below. Wallrun-jump to bypassthe fi rst two bars and grab the third bar.From the third bar, swing and jumpto the landing beyond it. Round thecorner and look at the wall to see aRunner Glyph, indicating a nearbystash point.Jump and grab a bar above the glyph.Look right to see some graffi ti that says“Calahan are you MY FREND,” with acrude drawing of a mouse. Jump in thedirection of the graffi ti to grab the lip ofan alcove overhead.Pull yourself into the alcove to fi nd thehidden bag. Once you have it, you caneither wallrun-jump across the traintracks to reach a duct that spits you outnear the entrance to Checkpoint E, oryou can go back to the area with thethree red bars and drop to the ground,skillrolling to prevent taking damage,and continue the walkthrough from there.NOTEIf you fail to reach the third red bar and fall to the ground, you can’t getback up there without replaying the checkpoint from the main menu.Complete the rest of the chapter and then jump back to Checkpoint Dto give it another shot.After crawlingthrough the ductthat leads awayfrom the subwayplatform, drop offthe ledge to theground below andskillroll to avoidtaking damage. Crawl through either of the two tunnels that lead under thetrain tracks and go through the red door at the end of the catwalk beyond thetunnels to proceed.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Fight your way through the platform and escape intothe accessways.CHECKPOINT EOn the other side of the red door is a long catwalk with several paths leadingoff to the right. The fi rst one leads up to a red door with a handmade sign on it.The child-like scrawl on it reads: “Out of ORDER! override switch in myoffice—the Janitor”.Go further down thecatwalk and turn rightat the third path leadingfrom it to see a red barhigh overhead. Execute awallrun-turn-jump to grabthe bar. Swing and jumpfrom the bar to reach the elevated catwalk ahead of you.64Turn right and gothrough the red doorat the end of thecatwalk to enter thejanitor’s office, whichcontains a rat in acage, a first draft ofthe “out of order”sign with misspellings, a reminder to “feed Scruffy” (the rat, presumably), ahand-drawn “Janitor of the Month Diploma,” and an illustration that seemsto indicate that the janitor believes his red doors are being smashed openby some sort of circus freak muscleman. Most importantly, it also containsthe override switch for the door below. Activate the switch, drop back toground level, and go through the now-open door.This leads out to thetrain tunnels. Waituntil a train passes byin front of you, andthen run down thetunnel after it. Youneed to move quickly,because if you arein the rounded tunnels when a train comes…well, you’re going to be a lotthinner, let’s just put it that way.As you pass some stairs to your right, Blues start entering the tunnel behindyou. Ignore them and keep running forward until you reach a chain linkfence on your right. Go through a gap in the fence to reach a red ladderleading up to a catwalk.PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Pro-TipAn even faster way to get up to the catwalk is to stay on theleft side of the tunnel and make a wallclimb-turn-jump froma section of the wall to land directly onto the catwalk withouttouching the ladder.Climb theladder andmake a runningjump fromthe catwalkto grab a redbar overhead.You need totime the jump carefully so that you don’t vault the catwalk’s railinginstead. You should also wait until a train has passed under the redbar so that you won’t run the risk of being hit if you miss the bar.Swing and jump from the red bar to another catwalk with a reddoor. Go through the red door to enter the cooling junction for thesubway. Drop off the catwalk that you enter on to reach the groundfl oor. Crawl through a tunnel and into a large room with several hugefans. Turn right, go up some stairs, and climb a red ladder inside asmall alcove.Pro-TipYou can bypass this ladder as well with a wallclimb-turn-jumpup to the catwalk.The laddertakes you upto a landingthat overlooksa red bar. Runand jump fromthe landing tothe bar, andswing and jump off the bar to reach another landing in the middleof the area.CHECKPOINT FYou’re almost home free. Merc gets on the comm and tells youto use the trains to get away. Walk out onto the catwalk thatextends over the train tracks. As soon as you see the headlightsof an oncoming train, vault over the catwalk railing to land onthe roof of the train. Skillroll to avoid taking damage and quicklyturn around to face the direction that the train is traveling.CHAPTER 4: ROPEBURNRun forwardalong thislanding andwallrun-jumpalong the wallson either sideto get to thelanding on thefar side of the area. Press the emergency ventilation cutoff switchnear the blinking red light to temporarily deactivate the large fans.They only stay off for about 15 seconds, so you need to move fast.Wallrun-jumpalong thewall with theshadows of thetwo giant fansto get backto the centralplatform. If thelarge fans on the left side of the platform are still off, crawl betweenthe blades to get to the other side. If the fans are moving, don’t try it,or you’ll have to start over from the beginning of the area.CAUTIONYou need to reach these fans on the first try after hitting theemergency ventilation cutoff switch. If you miss the jumpand fall to the bottom of the area, you need to hit the switchagain and make another attempt.NOTEThere are three fan blades inside the fan tunnel, but only thefirst one rotates. The other two remain still, even after the cutofftimer expires.Stand inthe middleof the trainand watchout for obstacles hanging down from the top of the tunnel. If there’s one on the right side ofthe tunnel, move to the left side of the train, and vice-versa. Getting hit by one obstacle willknock you for a loop. Getting hit by a second could knock you out cold or send you flyingoff the train. Either requires you to start the train ride over.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M65

C H A P T E R 4: RO P E B U R NApproximately 20seconds into the trainride, Merc tells youthat you need to jumpto another train.Conveniently, onepulls up to the right ofthe one that you’re on.Wait until you pass a series of pillars between the two trains, and then makea running jump onto the other train.Face forward andcontinue dodgingobstacles. In additionto the obstacles thathang down from theceiling over the rightand left sides of thetrain, you also have to leap over low bars and duck under catwalks. Theobstacles come at you more quickly on the second train, so it’s much easierto get hit by several in a row and fail if you’re not careful.Watch for sparkscoming up from thesides of the train.Merc tells you that theBlues are stoppingtrains ahead, so youneed to get out ofthere. As soon as yousee the sparks, turn around and run off the back of the train. Run toward thebrightly lit red exit door and go through it before the next train hits you.Run up the stairs to exit to street level and complete the chapter. Merccongratulates you on your latest escape and says that if you get into anymore trouble, Celeste is on a job near you, and she’ll help you out.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Use the subway trains to make a final getaway.Chapter 4 Complete:Reach the end of this chapter to earn thisAchievement/Trophy.66PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 5: NEW EDEN(NEW EDEN)Merc’s Lair, 6:00 AMAs the city sky begins to lighten, Faith and Celeste share coffee and conversation on the ledge of one of itsskyscrapers. Faith tells Celeste that she’s going to find Pope’s murderer at the New Eden Mall tomorrow. Celesteasks Faith why she’s getting involved and tries to convince her to stay out of it.But Faith can’t do that. Her parents were friends with Pope. They organized protests together, lobbied the mayor,and brought Faith with them to marches. Faith’s mother was killed during the downtown riots, and the familydisintegrated shortly afterward. Faith left home, and Merc caught her trying to break into his lair. That was whenhe offered to train her and get her off the streets.Celeste brings the conversation back to Faith’s investigation. She tells Faith that it’s going to get her killed, butFaith won’t stop until she clears her sister’s name. Faith invites Celeste to come along as backup, but Celeste hasto decline her offer. Drake has her working a job tomorrow.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, with four sub-objectives between them:Reach New Eden Mall◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILECross the overpass to avoid the streetlevel blockades.Find the mall atrium where Ropeburn wasdue to meet Pope’s killer.Escape the MallGet over the rooftops to the mall. Getthrough any Blues you encounter.Escape the ambush and head for theupper levels of the mall.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M67

C H A P T E R 5: NE W ED E NCHECKPOINT AMAP LEGEND123451STA R T PO I N TUSE RE D PI P E TO RE A C H STREET LEVELVAU LT FE N C E AN D GE T UP TO CAT WA L KUSE ZIPLINE TO RE A C H ALLEYGO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T BTHR E E SWAT C O P S WI T H HE AV Y MA C H I N E G U N S(UN D E R OV E R PA S S)541312At the start of the chapter, Merc tells Faith that the New Eden Mall is just aheadof her, but Mayor Callaghan is campaigning nearby, so there’s an enhancedpolice presence in the area. From the start point, run toward the vertical redpipe and wallrun to grab onto it.Slide down the pipe and dismount at the bottom of it to land on a narrow ledgeabove an alley. Make another running wallrun toward a second vertical red pipeto grab it, and then slide down it and dismount to reach ground level. Run outof the alley toward the elevated train tracks.Run toward a vertical red pipe just beyond a chain link fence. Vault the fencedirectly in front of the pipe to automatically grab the pipe, and then climb upto the top of the pipe. Turn around and jump from the pipe to grab the edgeof the blue catwalk. Pull yourself up onto the catwalk.Pro-TipAn even faster way to reach the catwalk is to make a wallclimb-turnjumpfrom the Section 3-4 sign on the wall.Follow the bluecatwalk to a “TrackAccess” sign andvault over the concretebarrier to continuealong the catwalk. Atthe end of the catwalk,vault another concretebarrier and jump off it to grab a red bar. Swing and jump off the red bar tograb a second one, and then swing off this bar to reach another section ofblue catwalk.CAUTIONYou have to move quickly from one bar to the next, becausethere are three SWAT cops below you who open fire as soonas you start swinging across them. You have to leap from eachbar on the fi rst swing to avoid being filled full of holes andhaving to start over.Turn and run up thestairs on the bluecatwalk to reach thetrain tracks. You aresafe from the cops uphere, but not from thepolice chopper thatswoops in and opensfire. Avoid the trains coming from either direction by staying between thetwo sets of tracks as you turn left and run toward a red zipline to the right ofthe overpass.There are two waysto reach street levelfrom here. The riskierbut quicker option isto run and jump fromthe overpass and saildown the zipline. Thisexposes you to thehelicopter’s gunfire, and there’s always the chance that you could mistimethe jump and wind up as street pizza.68PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

The safer butslower optionis to run downthe blue stairson the oppositeside of theoverpass fromthe ziplineand vault offthe landing below the zipline. Execute a skillroll to avoid takingdamage and keep running forward. This method doesn’t expose youto the chopper nearly as much, and even if you botch the skillroll,you’ll survive.CHAPTER 5: NEW EDENRegardless of which method you use, keep moving forward toreach a red door. Smash through this door and follow the red-linedcorridor beyond it to another red door. Smash through that one andanother one just beyond it to enter a corridor that takes you to anelevator. Ride the elevator to the roof to continue.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Cross the overpass to avoid the street-level blockades.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHECKPOINT BCHARACTERSENEMIESMAP LEGEND678STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T A)JUM P FR O M RA M P TO NE X T RO O F T O PJUM P FR O M RA M P TO NE X T RO O F T O P918WALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 19CLI M B PI P E TO RE A C H AC U N I T AN D JU M PTO NE X T RO O F T O P10 SLI D E DO W N PI P E TO RE A C H SWAT U N I T S11 CLI M B PI P E S TO RE A C H RO O F67◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 412 RID E ZIPLINE TO NE X T RO O F◗ CHAPTER 513 GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T C10◗ CHAPTER 6121SWAT C O PTWO SWAT C O P SBETWEEN TW O RO W S OF LO C K E R S13121121◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9As soon as the elevator doors open, turn right, run up the bluestairs, and vault up to the top of the structure at the end of them.You need to move quickly, because several SWAT cops enter thearea about 15 seconds after you arrive and begin chasing you.Jump off thered rampto clear thenext gap anda chain linkfence, andskillroll to land safely. Run around the corner of the blue-striped structure toward anotherchain link fence. Vault the fence and keep moving.TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILELeap fromanother red rampto land in frontof an elevatedyellow platform.Run straightahead and scalethe structure onthe right side of the platform.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MFrom there,climb thenearby verticalred pipe. Asyou near thetop, look downand left andjump down tothe top of a small AC unit mounted on the wall. Wallrun off the ACunit to squeeze between a large structure and a yellow wall on thenext rooftop.69

C H A P T E R 5: NE W ED E NHIDDEN BAGPull yourself up to the top of this structure and leap from it acrossa barbed-wire chain link fence. A Runner Glyph is visible throughanother section of the fence, indicating that a stash point is near.Look between the two rows of white lockers in the fenced-in area tofi nd the fi rst hidden bag next tosome graffi ti that shows Scruffythe rat, with a word balloonthat reads, “Life is nether goodnor evel, only PLACE for goodAND EVIL.” Next to it is anothermessage: “Whoever leavesthese stupid things PLZ STOP!!”Vault the nearby chainlink fence that is nottopped with barbedwire and turn right.Continue runningtoward the yellowstripedramp andthe vertical red pipebeyond it. And be careful! A police chopper deploys three SWAT cops onthe rooftop beyond the red pipe. Wallrun to grab the pipe and slide down it.NOTEIt is almost impossible to proceed without disarming,knocking out, or killing at least two of the three SWAT cops.The tactics that you use to disable them are up to you, but hereis the best strategy for doing so.Vault up onto theL-shaped duct andrun across it to reachthe next rooftop. Usethe orange-stripedstructure for cover,and wait around thecorner of it for the firstSWAT cop to advance on you. Disarm him or knock him out quickly.The other two SWATcops are below you onthe next section of theroof. Having the highground helps youavoid their fire, butunfortunately you needto cross that section toproceed. If you’re not averse to bloodshed, you can use the first cop’smachinegun to shoot the other two. If you’d rather leave the SWAT copsbreathing, sneak a peek and see where they’re hiding, and then run andjump off the ledge you’re on to quickly close in on them to disarm them.Pro-TipOnce at least two ofthe SWAT cops aredown, run towardthe vertical red pipeleading up to the nextsection of the concretejungle and climb it.Truly elite Runners can avoid climbing the pipes altogether with thefollowing technique: Turn away from the pipes and wallrun toward theduct in front of you. Turn and jump from the duct to land on an AC unitoverhead. Immediately wallrun-jump to the next AC unit. Wallrunturn-jumpfrom the wall to the billboard and turn and jump from thebillboard to reach the roof in seconds without ever touching the pipes.Run up the ramp in frontof you and leap from thetop of it to grab a ziplinethat takes you acrossanother gap. Smashthrough the red door atthe end of the zipline andinto the orange corridorbeyond it.Jump through theopen doors of thebroken elevator tograb a vertical redpipe. Climb to the topof the pipe, and thenlook right and jump toanother one. Climb allthe way up this one as well, and then jump through the open elevator doorbehind you.Smash through the red door at the end of the corridor and run up the spiralstaircase beyond it. Jump off the long planks to land on a balcony with twovertical red pipes above it.70PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 5: NEW EDENCHECKPOINT C14151617 1832MAP LEGEND14 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T B)15WAL L R U N-JU M P TO AC U N I T AN D WA L L R U N-T U R N-JU M P AC R O S S ALLEY16 CLI M B RE D PI P E S TO RO O F T O P17 RID E ZIPLINE AN D CR O S S OV E R TO 2N D ZIPLINE18 RED DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T D32TWO RI O T CO P SON TO P OF LA R G E ST R U C T U R E AT RO O F’S ED G EPro-TipFor elite Runners only, here’s how to avoid all three SWAT cops:At sprint speed, run toward the red pipes. Wallrun past the lowerone and jump toward the vertical duct beyond it. Immediatelyturn and jump to grab the shorter red pipe at the edge of theroof. Climb up it to proceed.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5Use the red pipes to climb up the side of the building. Once youreach the top, springboard off the red box to reach higher ground,and then run and jump off the red ramp up there to land ona balcony.Starting at the orange trash cans, run toward the far edge of thebalcony and wallrun-jump to reach a narrow AC unit mounted to theside of the building. Without slowing down, run and jump off the farright corner of this AC unit to land on another one on the side of thebuilding across the street.NOTEThis is an extremely tricky jump, and it must be performed inone fluid motion. Even experienced players are likely to tumbleto street level and have to start over at least a couple of times.The good news is that, if you do blow the jump, you restart atthe balcony with the orange trash cans.From the secondAC unit, usethe two verticalred pipesbehind the bigblue billboardto climb upto the roof ofthe building. Run and jump off the red ramp up here to cross thenext gap.As soon as you leap from the red ramp, two riot cops come aroundthe corner of the blue-striped structure ahead of you, guns blazing.Above them are two intersecting ziplines. You can either vault up tothe top of the blue-striped structure and jump onto the first zipline,dismounting as you pass over the second one to ride that one, oryou can springboard off the red cinderblocks behind the riot cops toleap directly onto the second zipline.Dismount fromthe secondzipline beforeyou reach theend of it andslide under thetwistingducting topreserve your momentum. Keep running forward and springboard offthe pile of red cinderblocks to soar over a barbed-wire–topped chainlink fence.Speedvault upto the top of thenext structureand leap alongthe tops of twomore to reachanother rooftopnear a massiveorange Callaghan sign.◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M71

C H A P T E R 5: NE W ED E NHIDDEN BAGThe Runner Glyph stenciled onto the yellow wall tells you that astash point is near. The second hidden bag is on top of the tallstructure at the very edge of the rooftop. To get up to it, wallrun andpull yourself up to the top of the structure to the right of the glyph.From there, turn around. Youcan see the hidden bag fromhere. Wallrun-jump along theorange-striped wall to reach thehidden bag. Grab it and drop offthe structure.Slide under either of theelevated structures aheadof you and springboardoff the red box beyondthem to clear anotherbarbed-wire fence.Race through thehallway beyond thered door and ride theelevator at the end ofit. When the doorsopen, go through thered door and into theouter mall plaza. Runstraight across the plaza and go through the only open gate under the“Grand Opening” sign.Run straight towardthe pile of junk at theend of the blue-tiledarea and wallrunturn-jumpfrom thefar wall to grab a redbar suspended abovethe area. (You alsocan springboard off the red box to grab the ledge, and then turn around andjump to reach the bar, but that takes a little longer.) Swing and jump fromthe bar to reach the red-lined duct entrance high above the ground. Crawlthrough the duct.Pull yourself upto the top of theorange-stripedstructure beyondthe fence and turnleft. Run and jumpoff it to soar overyet another barbedwirefence. Skillrollto avoid injury, and then smash through the red door.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Get over the rooftops to the mall. Get through any Bluesyou encounter.HIDDEN BAGWhen you reach the loading dock at the other end of the duct, lookat the wall behind the orange trash cans under the scaffolding tosee the third Runner Glyph, which means the last hidden bag mustbe somewhere nearby.Climb up onto the trailer ofthe truck in the middle of theloading dock to find the hiddenbag. After you grab it, you canlook at a piece of paper that wasunder the bag. It has a roughdrawing of a rat in a cage,surrounded by armed police.A pair of eyes hovers abovethe cage.When you reach theloading dock on theother side of the duct,skillroll to avoid injury.Go through the red doorand down the windinghallway beyond it toreach another red door.The mall is on the other side of this door.72PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT DAs soon as you enter the mall, Faith catches sight of the sniperwho shot Ropeburn. Chase the sniper along the yellow floor path,speedvaulting obstacles to preserve your momentum. Slide undera half-closed gate to continue pursuit into the atrium, but watchout—SWAT cops rush into the atrium from the far end as the snipermakes a clean get away.CHAPTER 5: NEW EDENOBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find the mall atrium where Ropeburn was due to meetPope’s killer.CAUTIONFrom this point forward, until you reach the upper levels of themall, SWAT cops pursue you and shoot on sight. You need tomove quickly, and you can’t afford to make many mistakes.As soon as theSWAT copsappear, turn leftand run intothe glasselevator. Hit thebutton to sendit moving upslowly, and crouch down in the corner of the elevator near thebuttons to avoid the gunfi re that shatters its glass window. Leapthrough the shattered window and onto the landing to the right ofthe elevator.Follow the pathof the landing asit turns right andthen left. Vaultover the blackrailing to thefl oor below andrun as straight as you can to reach a set of stairs.Run up thestairs andturn left at thetop of them.Springboardoff a red boxto land on aplanter. Turnaround and jump to another planter, and pull yourself up onto thenext landing from there.Run all the waydown to theend of this nextlanding andturn left.Follow it to theend andwallrun up thelockers on the left side of it. Vault up to a narrow ledge with ared-lined duct entrance at the end of it. Slide or crawl into this duct.Continue intoa second ductand climbthe stairs atthe end ofit to reach anetwork ofducts runningjust below the ceiling of the mall. Run straight along the duct at thetop of the stairs and turn left at the end of it. Follow the wall to yourright and enter the red-lined duct at the end of it.NOTEYou no longer have to worry about Blues for a little while.Drop from theend of the duct,skillrolling toavoid takingdamage. Turnleft and rundown the bluehallway. Acatwalk hangs above you. Wallrun-turn-jump as you pass under thecatwalk to leap up to it. Follow it to the end to enter another red-linedduct entrance.Carefully crawlout of the endof this duct,avoiding thegiant fan in themiddle of thefloor. CrawlINTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M73

C H A P T E R 5: NE W ED E Nover to the emergency power override switch and press it to stop the fanblades. Wait until the blades have come to a complete stop, and then dropthrough them, skillrolling to avoid injury.Move carefully toward the orange light to return to the atrium. An obliviouspatrol cop stands guard on the other side of a steel gate. Go left through thedoor to avoid drawing his attention.A second patrol copwaits on the other sideof some glass panels.You can’t attack himwithout shattering theglass and attractinghis attention, so breakthe glass and quicklydisarm or beat up the patrol cop. Once he’s down, do the same to hispartner, or use the fi rst cop’s gun against him.CAUTIONThere’s a SWAT cop with a heavy machinegun across theatrium on a lower level. Stay out of his line of fire when dealingwith the patrol cops.After dealing withthe patrol cops, youhave the option ofdealing with theheavy machinegunner(see sidebar), or youcan continue withyour escape plan. Toescape from the mall, run through the open gate near the patrol cops andspringboard off the red cinderblocks to reach a ledge above them.Continue along a pair of planks until you come to four glass panels thatoverlook the atrium. Smash them out before proceeding. (If the heavymachinegunner is still up and about, he’ll shoot them out for you.) Back upto the planks and wallrun-jump off the orange wall to grab a red bar highabove the ground.It’s-a-MeYou can also vault the railing and execute a stompmove on the gunner (hold down the attack buttonas you drop onto him) to take him out instantly andearn this Achievement/Trophy.Taking Out the Heavy MachinegunnerAfter beating up the patrol cops,grab a pistol and run along theupper landing to the other side ofthe atrium. Aim down at thegunner and blast him until hefalls.Once the gunner is down, youcan indulge in a little morecarnage by dropping to the floorthat the gunner was on andpicking up his weapon. Face theother side of the atrium and lookdown to see four more SWATcops rush in and make a breakfor the pair of escalators. Unleashhell on them with the heavymachinegun to get rid of them,and then return to the upper level via the nearby escalators to continue.Shimmy left alongthe bar to lineyourself up with theupper catwalk at thetop of the atrium,and then swing andjump from the bar toreach it. Runforward and jump from the end of it to reach another catwalk. Turn left andclimb into the red-lined duct opening at the end of it.Drop out of the end ofthe duct, skillrollingto avoid injury. Gothrough the opendoor, up the orangestairs, and through theopen door at the topof them.Climb up the red pipe beyond the door. Turn around and jump from the topof it to pull yourself up to a small room with a red door. Go through the doorto see the cinematic that ends the chapter.Faith watches the sniper escape along a distant rooftop. Merc asks herif she really thinks that was the person who killed Pope. Faith doesn’tknow—but she has an idea who would…OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Escape the ambush and head for the upper levels of the mall.Chapter 5 Complete:Reaching the end of this chapter awards you thisAchievement/Trophy.74PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 6: PIRANDELLO/KRUGER(PIRANDELLO/KRUGER)Lower East Side, 11:01 AMFaith catches Jacknife walking alone and shoves him up against the pillar of an overpass.She tells him that Ropeburn was pretty chatty, and that he was supposed to have a meetingwith Pope’s killer at the mall. But when Faith went to investigate, she walked straight intoan ambush.Jacknife denies knowing anything about it. Besides, if he’d wanted Faith killed, he wouldhave just done it himself. As Jacknife walks away, he warns Faith to be careful about who shehangs around with. Faith says she learned that lesson long ago.Faith sees an advertisement for Pirandello/Kruger Security and recognizes the dog-head logofrom the file on Ropeburn’s desk. She asks Merc to look them up. He tells her that they’re ageneral-purpose security outfit, handling everything from armored cars to private security.They’ve got a few offices around town, including a new place near the docks. Faith asks forthe coordinates. She’s going to check it out.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, with five sub-objectives between them:Infi ltrate Pirandello/KrugerSecurityEscape the Training Facility◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9Find your way into the Pirandello/Kruger factory.Escape the Project Icarus training facility.TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEGet through the Pirandello/Kruger guards.Utilize the rooftops to escape from thePK units.Locate the heart of thePirandello/Kruger operation.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M75

C H A P T E R 6: PI R A N D E L L O /KR U G E RCHECKPOINT A11921873654211MAP LEGEND1 STA R T PO I N T (I N S I D E BU I L D I N G)2 RID E TH E ZIPLINE DO W N TO STREET LEVEL3 CLI M B UP TO RO O F T O P4 DRO P DO W N TO LE D G E5 CLI M B UP PI P E6 GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R7 DIS A R M SN I P E R AN D SH O O T AL L OT H E R BLUES8 RID E ZIPLINE TO GR O U N D LEVEL9 ENTER RE D DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T B1 SWAT C O P WI T H SN I P E R RI F L E (T H R E E TO TA L)2 THR E E SWAT C O P S1 ARO U N D TH E CO R N E R ON TH E RO O F T O PThe chapter begins in an unfi nished building down by the docks. The Pirandello/Kruger factory can be seen through the dingy window. Turn right and wallrunup one of the concrete pillars to reach the next floor, and then cross the woodenplanks to reach the stairwell in the far left corner. You can also wallclimb-turnjumpfrom the wall below the planks to land on them.HIDDEN BAG76To reach the fi rst hidden bag, go downthe stairs to the fl oor below and look outover the balcony to see a Runner Glyphstenciled on the wall above a section ofducting. Vault over the balcony wall andonto the duct.Run and jump off the end of the ductand skillroll to land on the rooftopbelow. Turn around to fi nd the hiddenbag near the edge of the roof. Pick it upand make a running leap from the cornerof the rooftop onto the large red cushionbelow at street level to land safely.Run and jump fromthe planks in thestairwell to grab ontoa zipline just beyondthem. A second ziplinecrosses under the firstone. You can eitherfollow the first ziplineto the end, dismount it as you pass over the second zipline, and ride thatone to the end, or you can drop off either zipline and onto the large redcushion, which puts you at street level.If you follow eitherzipline to the end, turnright and use theL-shaped duct thatruns around thebalcony to reach alarge orange platform.Run and jump fromthat platform to the orange platforms across the street.If you dropped off thezipline to the paddedred object, or if youmissed the jump fromthe orange platform,look for the verticalred pipes under theorange platforms atstreet level. Climb these pipes to reach the orange platforms above.Climb up the orangestairs on the platformand turn around.Wallrun from the topof the stairs and jumpto grab a red bar.Swing and jump fromthe bar onto thePR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MCHAPTER 6: PIRANDELLO/KRUGERorange catwalk beyond it, and climb the ladder on the catwalk up tothe top of the building.Vault over thechain linkfence to the leftand up ontothe large ACunit beyond it.Turn right andpull yourselfup over the orange-striped edge of the next building.From the top ofthe building,turn right andrun off theedge of it to theledge below.Turn left andrun to the endof the ledge, and then wallrun back up to the top of the building onceyou pass the pallets on the ledge. This gets you past a barbedwire–toppedchain link fence on the building’s roof.Smash throughthe red door intheorange-stripedstructure onthe rooftop.Pull yourselfup to the ledgejust below the “AC-07/AC-08” stencil (you can also wallrun-turnjumpoff the wall opposite the ledge to reach the ledge morequickly). From there, wallrun and jump to reach the ducting under ared-lined window. Go through that window.Run left alongthe ductoutside thewindow anddrop to a roofto the left.Jump up ontothe next set ofducts and run down them to reach another structure on the otherside of a barbed-wire–topped chain link fence that runs below you.Turn left so that you are facing the Pirandello/Kruger factory, andthen run and jump along the tops to two structures to approach alarge billboard from the back.Run aroundthe front ofthe billboardquickly andcarefully,becausethere is a PKsniper onthe other side of it. Disarm him and take his rifle. Run back behindthe billboard for cover, and rest for a few seconds if you sustainedany damage.There arefive more PKguards in theimmediatearea, and thesafest wayto enter thefactory is touse the sniper rifle to take them all out. Your first priority should bethe two other snipers on nearby rooftops. One is on a rooftop belowand to the right of the billboard, and the other hides among theletters of the Pirandello/Kruger sign at the top of the factory.NOTETo pinpoint the snipers quickly, run out onto the landing infront of the billboard, and then run back behind the billboardfor cover when you see the telltale beams of their laser sights.As long as you are moving or behind cover, you’re safe fromthe snipers.There are alsothree moreguards on theground outsidethe factoryentrance. Theyare armed withmachineguns,which aren’t very accurate at long range, although they can still hityou if you stand out in the open for too long. Pick them offindividually, or shoot the explosive yellow barrels near them to takethem out more efficiently.Once all ofthe guards aredown, discardthe sniper rifleand jump ontothe zipline thatruns from thebillboard toan orange awning over the factory entrance. Drop off the awning,skillrolling to avoid injury, and smash through the red factoryentrance door.Pro-TipThere are actually two ziplines in this area. If you use the otherzipline, it takes you straight into the yellow room with thegray lift.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find your way into the Pirandello/Kruger factory.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE77

C H A P T E R 6: PI R A N D E L L O /KR U G E RGo through the open door on this landingand climb more stairs until you areoverlooking a gray lift. Vault over the railingand onto the lift, which immediately starts to drop, knocking you off your feet. If you’re quick, youcan jump to your feet, jump off the lift, and skillroll to avoid injury. If not, you’ll suffer some falldamage, but not a fatal amount. Take a few seconds to recover before proceeding.CHECKPOINT BPress the red button to the left of the large steel door to open the door, and waitfor it to open completely. The warehouse beyond has two PK guards armedwith machineguns on the walkways above, and two more burst out of an officeto join them if you engage the fi rst pair.Wallrun up the stacked boxes near the door you entered through, and then wallrun onto thenext stack of boxes on the other side of the room. Jump and pull yourself up to the landingabove those boxes and run up the yellow stairs. Wallrun-turn-jump at any point on the longyellow wall at the top of the stairs to reach the next landing.The easiest and fastestway to get throughthis area is to avoid allthe guards completely.Run straight ahead,hugging the left wall,and wallrun-turnjumpwhen you reachthe wall on the opposite side of the warehouse to land on an unoccupiedsection of the catwalk.The bag itself is on the shelves onthe left side of the office. Grab it andcontinue through the red door.HIDDEN BAGThe second hidden bag is in this office.The Runner Glyph on the wall near theentrance clues you into its location.Immediately turn leftand run into the offi ceto seek cover againstthe guards’ gunfi re.Go through the reddoor at the other endof it to continue.78PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 6: PIRANDELLO/KRUGEROffice MemosExamine the desk near the entrance to see the following note:“Mark, HR wants to talk to you. Give them a call when you get in. —Owen.”Look at the monitor on the desk near the hidden bag to read this note:“Milton, someone claiming to be your brother called, called himself ‘the janitor’ or something. Wanted to talk about a diploma. Seemed abit nuts. —Owen”Hanging above the desk is an Employee of the Month certifi cate, awarded to a Milton T. Heft.The Hard WayFighting the guards in this area is dangerous,diffi cult, and not recommended. But it ispossible. Start by running straight through thelarge steel door and springboarding up ontothe catwalk from the red box on the fl oor.Immediately disarm the nearest guard to takehis machinegun.Duck behind the solid metal panel on the sideof the catwalk to recover from any damagesustained when you disarmed the guard, andthen slowly walk toward the other guard, aswell as the two additional guards who enterthe catwalk from the distant offi ce.Aim at the gas can at the other end of thewalkway as you inch toward it. When yousee one or more guards run past it, shootthe gas can to blow it up, taking the guard(s)with it. Continue moving cautiously down thewalkway, aiming toward the other end of it.Shoot the guards as they run past. When allfour are down, the area is secure.Voicemail 1There’s a phonemounted tothe wall of theoffice in themiddle of thearea’s groundlevel. Approachit and press the interact button to listen to a voicemail:“Hi. This is Mr. Johannsen from Pleasant PestRemoval confirming our appointment at 11. You’vegot some mighty big rats from the sound of it. Seeyou then!”NOTEYou can also press the interact button againto hear another voicemail message.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCERun up the yellow stairs on the other side of the red door to reach ared box that you can springboard off, a red bar that you grab when youdo, and a collection of steaming pipes at the far end of the area. Youcannot pass the pipes while the steam is shooting out of them, so waituntil the steam is temporarily turned off before attempting to proceed.DICE STUDIOPROFILESpringboard from the red box to grab the red bar. Swing from the barand make a carefully timed jump to grab the ledge of the pipe junctionas soon as the steam temporarily shuts off.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M79

C H A P T E R 6: PI R A N D E L L O /KR U G E R80CHECKPOINT CGo through the red door at the end of the L-shaped hallway that follows to enterthe factory’s packaging area. Merc tells you that the only way forward is throughthe conveyor belt system, but all three conveyor belts are shut off and blocked.You need to reactivate them to proceed.Go up the stairs at the end of the catwalk and breakthrough the red door beyond them to enter the office.Unfortunately, the next door is locked tight, and youcan’t proceed any farther. Exit the office, run down thecatwalk, and turn right at the stairs to climb down toground level.Run toward thechain link fence thatstretches across thepackaging area floorand vault over it toreach the other side ofthe area, which is fi lled with huge shelves of shipping crates.HIDDEN BAGRun up the stairs on theother side of the chainlink fence and run all theway to the end of thecatwalk. Wallrun alongthe left wall and turn andjump to land an emptysection of shelving.Run straight aheadthrough a gap betweenthe shipping crates andthe wall. Slide or crouchthrough the narrow gapat the end.Run along the warehouse fl oorpast the yellow forklift. As youapproach the corner of thewarehouse, turn left and look upat the shelves of crates to see aRunner Glyph stenciled on oneof them. The next stash pointis near.Continue past that crate and intothe corner of the warehouse.Turn around and pull yourselfup into the second level ofthe shelving to fi nd the thirdhidden bag.Wallrun-vault up tothe section of shelvingshown in thescreenshot. Vault thenext crate, and thenperform a wallclimbturn-jumpfrom thecrates ahead of you toreach the top of the shelves in one unbroken combination of moves.Turn right and lookslightly up to see twored bars overhead. (Ifyou look too far up,the glare from the suncoming through theskylight will obscurethem.) Run, jump, andgrab the first one, and then swing and jump to the next one. Swing andjump again to land on the roof of the office.Drop through the holein the roof to enter theoffice. Find and pressthe conveyor belt mainswitch, and then smashopen the red door toopen a passage throughthe office to the otherside of the warehouse.Voicemail 2There’s a phone in here that you can interact with to hear thefollowing voicemail:“Will you pick up?! I had a break-in earlier, and you’re the guy wholet ‘em get away! Don’t think I ain’t gonna let ‘em know! Amateurs!”Return to the conveyorbelts, which are nowactive. Run along anyof them and slidethrough the gap toproceed. Slide underthe half-open steelgate ahead of you,PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MCHAPTER 6: PIRANDELLO/KRUGERvault the chain link fence on the other side, and then run up thestairs and through the red door at the top of them.Follow the nextcorridor to anopen door. Runstraight throughit and wallrunturn-jumpfromthe shelf ofboxes to reachan upper catwalk.Pro-TipYou can also wallrun-jump from the left wall in front of the shelfof boxes to land on the upper catwalk.Run down thecatwalk,keeping an eyeon the rightside of it for aladder leadingdown to thenext level.Climb down the ladder. As you do, you can see the silhouettes ofmore guards passing by the frosted windows of the warehouse.Run throughthe open doorahead of youand turn right.Run and jumpto grab a redbar, and swingand jump from the bar to cross a wide gap. Continue forward alongthe catwalk and climb down the ladder at the end of it.There isanother red barahead of youin the distance.To reach it,wallrun andimmediatelyjump fromthe corrugated metal wall to the left of the catwalk. If you jumpimmediately after wallrunning, you should grab the bar and startswinging. Shimmy to line yourself up with one of the two verticalred pipes ahead of you if necessary, and then slide down the pipe toreach the ground floor.Pro-TipTo save a bit of time, you can jump from the catwalk at the topof the final ladder, and the arc of your leap should cause you tograb the red bar in front of the pipes.Turn left andenter the office.Press the cargoelevator controlswitch on thewall to raise thecargo elevatoroutside ofthe office.Angry EmailLook at the computer monitor on the desk of the offi ce to read an email from the same “Mark” who had a note on his desk from “Owen,” telling himthat HR wanted to speak with him:Subject: re: this placeFrom: Schonherr, MarkHey man,Yeah I know, I just dont really give a shit anymore, that asshole has been on my case since I started here, think it might have something to do with myAunt Libby holding that free-speechblablabla rally last year and now he thinks im one of them airheaded liberals.I dont have a problem with being checked on, Ive got nothing to hide so I just pity the douche that has to sit and monitor what porn sites I visitO_o but whatever im quitting anyway, got myself a cushy government job contract job running a crane for Callaghan over at ryding park, so im justgonna pop down to HR real quick and give them the “good” news. I just got a note telling me they wanna talk to me about something too (maybe apromotion *lol*)And YES, a THOUSAND times YES, I thought I was the only one noticing, but yeah, this is place has gotten so weird, im not even sure it’s a legitoperation anymore since that douchebag wrestler bought it. I mean, what the hell are we supposed to produce here? The first thing they did wasgetting rid of all of the machines and equipment that could actually DO something and now all we do is move boxes around (not to mention that bigass supervillain logo they are putting up everywhere)!doubleyouteeeff I tried asking owen about it last week but he just told me to mind my own business, so that’s what im doing and im not looking back.Ill try my best to see if I can get you hooked up at my new place, the pay is good and the benefits are totally awesome, the missus is well happy. Well,time to go home, been idling for 2 hours playing Tales of Runeworld so im about ready to punch out, hehe. I just hope no one reads this, or ill be inbiiiig trouble. haha what are they gonna do, im quitting anyway. its not like they can tie me to a chair and beat me up for quitting my job :) cya!/MarkINTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE81

C H A P T E R 6: PI R A N D E L L O /KR U G E RApproach a set ofsteel doors that openautomatically whenyou stand in front ofthem and run down thehallway beyond them.Exit the office andvault the chain linkfence. Drop down theopen vent under wherethe cargo elevatorused to be and skillrollto land safely in asterile white corridor.At the end of thehallway is anotherset of steel doors,with a giant signstenciled on the wallnext to them: “ICRFacility—SecurityLevel C; AuthorizedPersonnel Only.” Approach the doors and step into the elevator beyondthem. Press the red button to ride the elevator up to the mysteriousICR Facility.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Locate the heart of the Pirandello/Kruger operation.CHECKPOINT D15MAP LEGEND10 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T B)16 JUM P AC R O S S GA P11 SPR I N G B O A R D UP TO NE X T LEVEL12 VAU LT UP TO NE X T LEVEL13 SPR I N G B O A R D FR O M ST E P P E D PL AT F O R M S14 VAU LT UP TO NE X T LEVEL15 WAL L R U N AC R O S S GA P17123GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R(TO CH E C K P O I N T E)TWO PK P U R S U I T UN I T SPK P U R S U I T UN I TPK P U R S U I T UN I T16231417131101112A cinematic plays as soon as the elevator comes to a stop. Faith accesses anearby terminal and searches for “Project Icarus.” A diagram of the ProjectIcarus training facility appears, along with information about Faith, Merc,Celeste, and Kreeg. Pirandello/Kruger isn’t training security forces to bolster orreplace the police, as Lieutenant Miller feared. They’re being trained to comeafter the Runners.NOTEAlthough most of the Runners’ info contains biographical details, suchas their residence, abilities, and height, all of Celeste’s information islisted as “Classifi ed.” Hmm…82PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 6: PIRANDELLO/KRUGERAs Faithconcludes herreport to Merc,she catches aglimpse ofPope’s killer ona monitor,showing thesniper on thedeck of a boat at the docks. A massive set of steel doors opens,revealing the Project Icarus training facility. Behind her, the elevatorthat she rode up on activates, bringing a pair of new enemies with it.These “patrol” PK units have all of the abilities of a Runner, with stunbatons that deliver a nasty jolt to anyone who gets withinmelee range.As soon as thecinematicends, turnaround and runinto thetraining facility,where anotherpatrol unitsomersaults from the upper levels toward you. Your goal is to reachthe elevated walkway in the center of the area. Although there aremany ways to do that, the following method will ensure that youdon’t suffer any damage if you execute each maneuver perfectly.The generalstrategy is tostart byrunning up theyellow-stripedramp ahead ofyou and leapand climbaround the training course in a counter-clockwise direction. Afterrunning up the ramp, springboard up the stepped platforms beyondit to reach the next level.Run straightahead and vaultup onto the nextplatform. Turnleft and run upthe small ramp.Run toward the next set of stepped platforms and springboard upand over them.Turn slightlyright and runtoward a tallerstructure with ayellow stripearound the topof it and threestacked cratesat the bottomof it. Wallrun up the side of this structure and pull yourself up to thetop of it.Run along theorange catwalkon top of theyellow-stripedstructure andwallrun off theend of thecatwalk toreach the next section of it. Turn left and keep running!Wallrun-turnjumpup to theorange catwalk,and then run tothe end of it,smashingthrough the reddoor at the endof it to exit the training facility.Turn left at theT-intersectionin the hallwaybeyond the reddoor and runinto the openelevator. Pressthe buttonto close the doors and travel to another floor. You’ve escaped thefacility, but the pursuit units are still on the hunt.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Escape the Project Icarus training facility.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M83

C H A P T E R 6: PI R A N D E L L O /KR U G E RElevator News FeedBreaking News. Callaghan calls emergency session at Shard.Mayor Callaghan has convened an emergency meeting with his advisorsand city council following an anonymous threat targeting locations in andaround the Shard Offi ces. Callaghan’s office had no comment on the validityof the threat.Illicit transport at an all-time highRecent anonymous polls by Nelsen indicate over half of the city populacehas used illegal methods to transport clearances, paperwork, and othergovernmentally “secured” information. Confronted with these figures, theCPF has derided them as “preposterous” and claimed no such polling couldpossibly be accurate. “Nelsen stands by the accuracy of their polls,” saidHerman Bonds, head of Nelsen’s assessment and heuristics division. “Webelieve the core sample is accurate.” There has been no further commentfrom city offi cials or the offi ce of the Mayor.CHECKPOINT EMAP LEGEND184202118 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T D)19 JUM P TO STA I R W E L L1920 WAL L R U N-TU R N-JU M P BETWEEN DU C T S TOC R O S S ALLEY21 LEA P TO TR A I N TO COMPLETE CH A P T E R4PAT R O L CO PAs soon as the elevator doors open, run straight down the hallway beyondthem. The glass window at the end of the hallway shatters as you approachit. Leap through the window to reach the hallway on the other side andkeep running.The next hallway also has a glass window at the endof it, but you have to smash this one out yourself.Do so as you leap toward it. Slide under a duct onthe rooftop beyond the window and turn slightlyright as you continue moving forward.Leap off the red rampat the edge of the roofto land back in thesame stairwell youwere in at the start ofthe chapter. Run upthe stairs.Ignore the patrol copwho shoots at youfrom an open door onthe next roof. Run pasthim and leap from thered planks at the edgeof the roof to land ona duct. As you do so,you can see a pursuit unit jumping across the gap above you, so you’ve gotno time to waste.84PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 6: PIRANDELLO/KRUGERWallrun-jumpacross the gapbetweenbuildings toland on one ofthe twohorizontalducts that runalong the wall. From the end of these ducts, wallrun-jump backacross the gap to another section of ducting, and build up a head ofsteam. Wallrun off the end of the duct as far as you can, and thenjump to the roof of the next building.Run along thisrooftop, slidingunder the duct inthe middle of it,and jump off thered boards at theend of it to landon a large redcushion below.Pro-TipIf you grab the zipline above the cushioned object, you can rideit all the way to the train and make your getaway.Run forwardoff the cushiontoward the redramp at the farcorner of therooftop. Make aleap of faith (nopun intended)from the very end of it to land safely on a train passing by below,which spirits you away from the pursuing PK units. As the chapterends, Merc tells Faith that he’s going to get the word out on thenetwork about Icarus. Faith says that she’s going after Pope’s killer.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Utilize the rooftops to escape from the PK units.Chapter 6 Complete:Reach the end of this chapter to earn thisAchievement/Trophy.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M85

C H A P T E R 7: T H E B O A T(THE BOAT)The Harbour, 11:45 PMFaith wastes no time racing to the harbor as soon as she escapes the Pirandello/Krugerpursuit units. She knows that Pope’s murderer is on a boat there, and capturing the assassinis the only chance Faith has of clearing Kate’s name.MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, with four sub-objectives between them:Search the BoatFind a way inside the boat.Catch the AssassinGet through the boat guards on thecar decks.Reach the top deck of the boat via theventilation rooms.Get across the boat deck to reachthe assassin.Chase the assassin.Defeat the assassin.86PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT ACHAPTER 7: THE BOAT1231You begin on a ledge overlooking a truck that’s parked in front of adock gate. The truck is bound for the same boat that Faith saw theassassin on, so your fi rst job is to get down to ground level and getinto that truck.Start bydropping offthe ledge ontothe ducts thatrun under it.From there,turn right andrun along theducts. Use the red fl agpoles to reach the wall-mounted AC units anddrop to the blue ledge from there, skillrolling to avoid injury. Fromthe blue ledge, simply drop to ground level and skillroll, or wallrunonto a nearby red pipe and slide down it.MAP LEGEND12STA R T PO I N TJUM P FR O M DU C T TO GR A B RE D FLAGPOLES AN D DE S C E N D3 ENTER TR U C K1ARO U N D CO R N E R OF BU I L D I N G NE A R FO R K L I F THIDDEN BAGThe first Runner Glyph is stenciledonto the wall at the end of the blueplatform near ground level. Dropto ground level and run aroundthe corner into the alley to find thehidden bag.Once you’reon groundlevel, runto the backof the truck.Press theinteract buttonto open theback door and trigger the cinematic of Faith entering the truck.During the ride onto the boat, Merc counsels Faith to get up to thedeck of the boat, find the killer, get some answers, and get out fast.There’s a lot of Blue traffic in the area, so Faith should expect a fight.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find a way inside the boat.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M87

C H A P T E R 7: T H E B O A TCHECKPOINT BWhen you hear the truck’s engine turn off, run toward the back door of the truck to push it open. Immediately run forward and disarm the SWAT cop frombehind to get his machinegun. It is possible to proceed further to the next areawithout shooting any of the four additional SWAT cops ahead of you, but doingso requires great speed, skill, and a bit of luck.Your better option mightbe to shoot the next copwith the weapon seizedfrom the first one, andcontinue this patternwith the remaining copsuntil you take out theone armed with a heavymachinegun at the far endof the parking deck. Use the cars and steel beam supports as cover as you move carefully from one cop to the next.Once all five SWATcops are down, youneed to move quickly.More SWAT copsare on their way andapproach from theopposite end of theparking deck. There’sno need to fi ght these cops. Instead, get up on top of the white truck to theleft of the heavy machinegunner and climb up the vertical red pipe near it toenter the rafters, which protect you against most gunfire from below.Pro-TipAn even faster way to reach the rafters is to wallrun behind the trucksand jump to land on a green girder. Immediately turn and jump to landup in the rafters.HIDDEN BAGIn the rafters, it’s almost impossible tomiss the second Runner Glyph on oneof the ducts ahead of you. To fi nd thebag, get on top of the L-shaped ductleft of the red pipe (as you face the redpipe). Crawl to the end of the red pipe tofi nd the hidden bag next to some graffi tithat reads, “Are the trackers organizing?Is anyone?”From the top of the red pipe, crawl forward through the rafters and followthe path right to reach a red ladder. Climb down the ladder (or drop throughthe opening and skillroll) to reach the next section of the parking decksafely. There are four more SWAT cops down here, three with machinegunsand one with a heavy machinegun.You need to take downat least three of theseSWAT cops, especiallythe one with the heavymachinegun. Theeasiest way to do it isto go through the rightdoorway of the smallroom at the bottom of the ladder and disarm the SWAT cop beyond it. Onceyou have his machinegun, use it against the next two SWAT cops at theother end of the parking deck. Use the small room with the red ladder ascover, as well as the parked cars outside it.You absolutely mustdisarm or kill theheavy machinegunnerbefore you canproceed to theventilation room doorbehind him. Turn thered handle on the frontof it to open the door and continue through another ventilation room doorwith a red handle.CAUTIONIf you don’t take out the heavy machinegunner, he will cut youto pieces while you struggle with the door’s heavy handle.Go through the open door in the next room and shimmy along the dark,insulation-lined corridor on the right side of it. After you slip past a verticalduct, look up to spot an open window into the next part of the ventilationroom. Pull yourself up into and through it.88PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT CClimb up the vertical red pipe in the corner of the room and jumpleft from the top of it to grab onto a duct. Shimmy left along theduct for quite a while, and then turn around to jump to a red barhanging high above the room. Swing from that bar onto anotherduct on the opposite wall.Jump from the duct onto another redbar hanging overhead. Shimmy left ifnecessary to line yourself up with the redduct opening on the distant wall, and thenswing and jump to reach the duct belowit. Pull yourself into the duct opening anddrop through the other side, skillrolling toavoid injury.As you enterthis room,Merc says thatanotherTracker, Drake,has a Runnerin the area, andhe says he’sseen the assassin on the deck of the top deck of the boat. Run to theend of the yellow catwalk on the ground floor, face the yellowwarning sign on the metal grate next to it, and then wallrun-turnjumpup that grate to grab the red edge of a ledge overhead.Shimmyaround thecorner of theledge. As soonas you turn thecorner, turnand jump tograb anotherred ledge. Shimmy left along that ledge and jump left to grab theedge of a duct. Turn around and jump to grab another duct, and pullyourself up onto this duct.This nextjump is oneof the trickierones you’vehad to makeso far: Pullyourself uponto the yellowcorrugated platform above the duct, and then run along the top ofthe duct next to it. Wallrun-turn-jump from the end of that duct tograb onto the edge of a duct near the ceiling. Pull yourself up, andthen go through the red-lined duct entrance ahead of you; you needto knock the grate out fi rst, using the same action you use to openred doors.CHAPTER 7: THE BOATTIPThat wallrun-jump from the upper duct is pretty unforgiving,but using the “4B” stencil on the wall beyond the duct as amark for when you should jump makes it a little easier.Drop through the duct entrance into the barracks below. Open thered-handled door at the end of them, as well as another red-handleddoor beyond that one. Run up the stairs beyond the second door.Wallrun-jumpfrom the“Lifeboats”stencil on thewall at the topof the stairs tograb the edgeof the floorabove you. Shimmy right until you can pull yourself up, and then gointo the next room.Enter the openventilationroom door,and then dropdown to thegreen floorbelow it. Thered-handleddoor in thisroom leads out onto the deck of the boat.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Reach the top deck of the boat via the ventilation rooms.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M89

C H A P T E R 7: T H E B O A TCHECKPOINT D154565719555 583MAP LEGEND4 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T C)5 EXP L O S I V E BA R R E L (7 T O TA L)6 JUM P UP TO CAT WA L K7 JUM P OF F RO O F8913CLI M B STA I R SCHA S E AS S A S S I N AFTER FI G H T(TO CH E C K P O I N T E)ASS A S S I NINS I D E CA B I NStart your journeyacross the deck byhiding behind one oftwo small rectangularstructures just aheadof you and to the rightas you step out ontothe deck. Run forwardand right to hide behind an elevated structure with an identical structurenext to it. Stay at the left edge of the structure to avoid the blast from theexploding barrel beyond it.Pope’s assassin is on an elevated section of the far end of the boat, armedwith a sniper rifl e. Your goal is to reach the assassin by moving betweenareas of cover. You also need to stay away from the explosive yellow barrelsscattered around the deck, as the assassin will shoot those if you’re nearthem, catching you in the blast.HIDDEN BAGTo reach the third hidden bag, turn rightafter stepping out onto the deck andrun toward the open doorway. A RunnerGlyph indicating the nearby stash pointis stenciled on the wall beyond thedoorway. Enter the doorway to fi nd thebag hidden among some barrels in thedarkened room.From there, runforward to a structurethat has two greenpipes to the left of it.There’s anotherexploding barrel justbeyond this structure,so be careful. Run leftand turn right to follow the green pipes and hide behind the square structureat the other end of them. From there, turn left and make a break for the largestructure on the left side of the boat.There are two redladders leading up tothe top of thisstructure. Don’t useeither of them, as theyleave you exposed tosniper fire. Instead,jump from the objects90PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

elow the green catwalk to get up to the catwalk. Climb the redladder on the catwalk up to the roof of the structure.Advance alongthe roof behindcover. Whenyou reachthe chain linkfence, turnright and dropoff the roof,skillrolling to avoid damage. Immediately seek cover, and then makea break for the green stairs leading up to the sniper’s position aheadof you and to the right.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Get across the boat deck to reach the assassin.Climb the stairs and get ready for a fi ght against the highly skilledassassin. The assassin fi ghts like a PK pursuit unit, striking quicklyand unleashing vicious spin and jump kicks with very little warning.CHECKPOINT ESlide under the steel door that closes after the assassin runs under it.You should arrive in the next area in time to see the assassin jump onto avan, jump-vault onto some shelves, and make a wallrun-turn-jump ontoa bar, swinging from it and coiling to clear a railing on an upper walkway.Duplicate these actions to reach the upper level. Turn right and runthrough the open door.CHAPTER 7: THE BOATYour best strategy is to counter with slide kicks and low punches,and enter Reaction Time as soon as you have a chance to do so.To avoid the assassin’s jump kicks, back away and move right or leftas soon as the assassin’s feet leave the ground. Don’t back off toofar, though, or the assassin will just start shooting at you.After landing apunch,especially alow punch,watch theassassin’s gun.If it turns red,immediatelyattempt a disarm. If it is successful, the assassin fights off yourdisarm attempt, knocks you to the ground, and runs away. If it is notsuccessful, the fight continues.Don’t wasteany timejumping toyour feet. Runto the end ofthe balconyopposite thestairs youclimbed to reach it and run through the door marked “Line A, Level3.” Run down the spiral staircase, turn right at the bottom of it,and run toward the assassin, who closes and seals a door to slowyour progress.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEVault over thebalcony railingand chase theassassin downthe next corridor.Vault anotherrailing at the topof some stairsand run throughthe open doorway at the bottom of the stairs.The assassinstands at theother endof the nextcorridor, butdon’t rushforwardrecklessly,because the assassin shoots an explosive barrel in the middle ofthe corridor. If you don’t hold up, you could be critically injured bythe blast.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M91

C H A P T E R 7: T H E B O A TAt the next bend in thecorridor, the assassinshoots two steam pipes,which discharge theirscalding contents.Wallrun over the fi rstone, and then slideunder the second one tocontinue without injury.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Chase the assassin.Continue into thenext area. Wallrunturn-jumpfrom theright wall to reach theelevated left side. Turnright and go throughthe open door. Vaultover the green railingand skillroll to land on the level below safely, and then use the ziplineleading from the large open door to reach the shipyard.CHECKPOINT FClimb up onto the booth in front of the end of the zipline and leap from it toclear a barbed-wire–topped chain link fence. The assassin stands on top ofsome Burfi eld and Callaghan shipping containers beyond the fence and to theleft. Run past the assassin’s position and pull yourself up onto a nearby graycontainer, and then leap up to meet the assassin in combat one more time.The strategy is thesame as it was duringyour first fight. Staylow and counter jumpkicks with slide kicksand low punches. When you see the assassin’s gun flash red, disarm the assassin once and for all.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Defeat the assassin.An alarm sounds assoon as Faith puts theassassin down for thecount. The assassintakes advantage ofFaith’s momentarydistraction and slipsaway, with Faith in hotpursuit. She catches up to the assassin and takes her down again. Duringthe battle, Faith sees Celeste’s distinctive ponytail peeking out from the backof the assassin’s helmet.Celeste says that shetried to warn Faith off,and that the Runnersare screwed. She pullsa gun on Faith beforeFaith can react andexplains that this isjust the start of theway things are going to be. Pope had to die because his campaign wasdrawing too much support, and people in high places started to see him asa threat, especially once he discovered Project Icarus. Celeste apologizes toFaith about Kate. She didn’t know she was Faith’s sister.Their conversation isinterrupted by a squadof SWAT cops, whostart shooting at Faithand Celeste. Faithgrabs Celeste’s gunand shoots a row ofexplosive barrels nearthem, engulfing the SWAT cops in a fiery inferno. As Faith walks away, Mercfills her in on Kate’s situation. According to Kreeg, she’s been tried andfound guilty. A convoy is taking her off to jail in less than an hour.Chapter 7 Complete:Reaching the end of this chapter awards you thisAchievement/Trophy.92PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

(KATE)CHAPTER 8: KATELooking GlassGardens, 1:12 PMDrake is another Tracker who’sworking with Merc, and he hasorganized a rifle drop near thenew Callaghan City Constructionbuilding. Faith needs to get thereand grab the sniper rifle as the firststep toward rescuing her sister.MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, each with three sub-objectives:Rifl e DropStop the ConvoyINTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9Make your way toward the newCCC building.Climb the atrium to reach the rifle drop.TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILELose the PK units.Disrupt the convoy transporting Kateto prison.Get to the new drop-off point inside theCCC building.Get down to the crash site and find Kate.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M93

C H A P T E R 8: K A T ECHECKPOINT A315426782MAP LEGEND1STA R T PO I N T6WAL L R U N-JU M P UP TO NE X T LEVEL12 JUM P TO NE X T RO O F T O P3 JUM P TO NE X T RO O F T O P4 JUM P TO TO P OF NE X T ST R U C T U R E5 WALLCLIMB-TU R N-JU M P TO GE T UP TO NE X T LEVEL7812JUM P TO PA D D E D OB J E C TGO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R(TO CH E C K P O I N T B)PK P U R S U I T UN I TPK P U R S U I T UN I TFrom the start point, get up and over the structures to the left, either by climbing the green stairs and vaulting up from there, or by vaulting the row of lockersat the foot of the stairs. Run toward the red ramp at the edge of the roof and jump off it to reach the next building.Run around the corner of the building, turn right, and jump down to the nextrooftop. Run around the right side of the orange-striped building, vault thechain link fence, and run toward the red ramp beyond it.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Make your way toward the new CCC building.CAUTIONAs soon as you cross the chain link fence, three PK pursuit unitspick you up and start chasing you. You must stay one step ahead ofthem. Fighting is not an option, as their superior numbers will quicklyoverwhelm you.Jump off the rightcorner of the rampto land on a largeAC unit on the nextroof, and jumpfrom that onto thetop of an orangestripedstructure.Turn left and jumpoff the next red ramp.Run between the twostructures on the nextroof and wallrun-turnjumpfrom the left oneto reach the top of theright one. Jump fromthere to the next rooftop.94PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Turn rightand vault twochain linkfences. Pullyourself up tothe horizontalL-shaped ductand run alongit to the blue-striped structure at the end of it. Pull yourself up to thetop of this structure, turn right, and pull yourself up to the next level.Pro-TipHere’s a faster strategy for elite Runners: As you reach therooftop with the fences on it, run straight forward. Use therooftop structure and the scaffolding to execute a wallrun-turnjump-wallclimb-turn-jumpto reach the top of the structure.From there, you can simply make a few quick jumps over thefences from above.Springboard off the red cinderblocks up here to cross the next gap.Pull yourself up to the top of the smaller blue-striped structurebeyond it, and from there, pull yourself up to the taller bluestripedstructure.Leap fromthe red rampon the largerblue-stripedstructure toland on ared cushionbelow. ThePK units will not follow you down here. Drop off the left side of thecushion and go through the nearby red door.CHAPTER 8: KATEHIDDEN BAGThere is a Runner Glyph on thewhiteboard in the hallway beyondthe red door. Look behind theboxes on the opposite side of thehallway from the glyph to find thefirst hidden bag.Use the elevator at the end of the hallway beyond the red door. Whenthe elevator doors open, smash through another red door at the endof the hallway to reach the roof of this building.Elevator News FeedMayor Callaghan Nixes MemorialIn an unexpected reversal, the incumbent Mayor has canceled theunveiling of the long-awaited November Riots memorial, citingseveral highly credible “security threats” as a primary concern.“The matter of security threats has lately been an importantagenda item for the Mayor’s reelection campaign,” said onepolitical analyst, “so assuring voters that the city comes first isgoing to be a big part of his push to lead the city again.”Research Scientists ClaimNew Material BreakthroughResearchers at 808 Technologies claim to have developeda breakthrough thermoplastic fiber composite, 1000x moreresistant to degradation than contemporary cutting-edgesolutions. This material is perfect for military and civilianapplication. Researchers at 808 claim the fiber is particularlywell-suited to zero-gravity and extremes of temperature, makingit perfect for space travel. General William Brashers, founder of808 Technologies, says their new material enables the type oftravel that for years was principally the domain of science fiction.Brashers added it would probably be 50 to 100 years before thetechnology could catch up with the material.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESCHECKPOINT B109QUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE1315 MAP LEGEND149 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T A)110 JUM P DO W N TO NE X T LEVEL12 21111 JUM P TO RE D PI P E12 CLI M B PI P E TO NE X T RO O F T O P1314WAL L R U N-JU M P FR O M AC U N I T S, J U M PA C R O S S PI P E SWAL L R U N-TU R N-JU M P TO LA N D ON OB J E C TS U S P E N D E D FR O M CR A N E15 GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TO CH E C K P O I N T C12RIO T CO PRIO T CO PW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M95

C H A P T E R 8: K A T EWhen you come back out onto the rooftops, Merc says that they’re going to have to relocate the rifle drop. Run forward, dropping down as you go, and jumpfrom the red ramp ahead of you. Move quickly, because two of the PK units are back in pursuit.Get to the top of the yellow-striped building past the red ramp, either by runningaround the far side of it and using a smaller structure to pull yourself up, or byexecuting a complex wallrun-turn-jump-turn-jump combo between the building andthe yellow scaffolding next to it. Jump from the red ramp at the top of the yellowstripedbuilding onto a vertical red pipe and slide down the pipe.Leap to the next rooftop andprepare for a fight. A riot copruns out of a door on the rightside of the rooftop. A secondriot cop busts out of anotherdoor farther down. If you’re notopposed to a little gunplay, you can eliminate all your pursuers right here.96Start by disarming thefirst riot cop andtaking hissubmachinegun. Runfarther down therooftop and shoot theother riot cop as well,and then turn aroundand wait for the twoPK units to show up. Blast them both with the riot cops’ weapons to endtheir threat.You need to at leastdisarm both riot copsbefore you can climbthe vertical red pipepast the door wherethe second one comesout. From the top ofthe pipe, turn right,vault the chain link fence, and climb up to the top of the bluestripedstructure.Leap from thatstructure to thewall-mounted ACunits. Wallrun fromthem onto a verticalred pipe, and thenjump left to anothervertical red pipe. Jumpfrom the second pipe onto another AC unit, and make a very careful leapfrom there onto the red bracket of a crane. From that bracket, you can thenjump up onto the top of an elevator.Make a wallrun-jumpalong the wall of thebuilding to land ona huge rectangularobject suspendedfrom the crane. Makea running jumpfrom that object andskillroll to land safely on a balcony outside of the CCC building. Go throughthe red door to enter the building, and ride the elevator up to the atrium.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Get to the new drop-off point inside the CCC building.Elevator News FeedAvian Flu: Here to Stay?City Eye reports on the troubling expansion of thisdeadly disease.City Threat Level Raised to RedMayor Callaghan has raised the city threat level to redfollowing what he terms “a very credible threat.” City threatlevels are graded on a 5 tier scale, green being safe, yellowrepresenting caution or possible but unconfirmed threats,orange representing legitimate information or evidence of athreat without very specific information on time and place,red representing legitimate information/evidence of animmediate and specific threat, and finally violet representingan impending, large-scale, epic threat. More to follow on thisbreaking story.CAUTIONThis atrium contains some of the most difficult jumps in theentire game. Take your time and be patient with each one.PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT CCHAPTER 8: KATEExit the elevator when the doors open and follow the hall to a massive atrium under construction. The route to the rifle drop is at the very top ofthe atrium, and to reach it you have to negotiate a half-dozen floors’ worth of scaffolding.HIDDEN BAGTo fi nd the second hidden bag,go to the right side of the atriumas you enter it and look forthe Runner Glyph stenciled onthe side of an object that sitsunder a scaffold. Jump up ontothis object, turn left, and jumpand pull yourself up onto thescaffolding. Wallrun-turn-jumpfrom the vertical sheet of metal onthis level to reach an upper levelof the scaffold.The hidden bag is on this upperlevel. Pick it up and drop back tothe ground fl oor of the atrium.Start your ascentat the far rightcorner of thescaffolding. Facethe vertical sheetof metal leaningup againstthe wall andjump up to grab the upper edge of it. Turn around and jump to thescaffolding platform behind you.Pro-TipYou can also use a wallrun-jump to reach the next level of thescaffold more quickly.Grab theedge of thescaffoldingto your rightand turn left.Jump to grabthe edge ofthe scaffoldingabove you and pull yourself up. Springboard off the pile of redcinderblocks on this scaffolding platform to reach the second floorconcrete walkway.Pro-TipA wallrun-jump works here as well.Turn right andrun to the endof the walkway,where it meetsthe yellow-andwhitecheckeredwall. Wallrunjumpfrom thiswall to grab onto a red bar overhead. Swing from the bar and jumpto land on an inclined platform on the walkway on the other sideof the atrium. Wallrun off the upper end of the inclined platform toreach the next level of the scaffold.Turn left and wallrun along the metal wall on the left side of thescaffold, jumping off to grab the next level of the scaffolding aboveyou. Turn left and grab the upper edge of the metal wall, and thenturn around and jump to grab the edge of the third floorconcrete walkway.Run counterclockwisearound thiswalkway andwallrun-turnjumpfrom thelong section ofmetal sheetingthat lines the scaffolding to the left. If you don’t overshoot your jump,you will land on a concrete support beam. From there, carefully walkacross the red beam to another concrete support beam. Drop fromhere to the other section of the third floor concrete walkway below.Pro-TipA riskier but faster method to reach the other side of the thirdfloor concrete walkway is to wallrun up to the first concretecross beam and wallrun-jump again to reach the next beam.Drop down from there to the concrete walkway below.Make arunning jumpto catch theedge of a metalplatform thatjuts out fromthe scaffolding.Pull yourselfup onto this platform, turn right, and run up the inclined sheet ofmetal. Turn around and jump to pull yourself up to the next platformon the scaffolding. Turn right, jump up, and grab the edge of themetal wall, and then turn around and jump to grab the edge of thefourth floor concrete walkway.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M97

C H A P T E R 8: K A T EMake a wallrun alongthe yellow Callaghansign in the middle ofthe atrium to reach theother section of thefourth floor walkway.From there, jumpforward onto the nextmetal platform on the scaffold. Wallrun along the metal wall and jump up tograb the next level of the scaffolding.Walk to the end of thismetal platform andturn right to seeanother metal platformextending out beyondthe scaffold. A runningjump will land you onthis platform. Turnright, grab the top of the metal wall to the right, and turn left while hanging.Jump to grab the edge of the next level of the scaffold and pull yourself up.Wallrun-turn-jumpfrom the metal wall tothe right to land on thefifth floor concretewalkway. You’realmost home free. Runcounter-clockwise tothe other end of thewalkway and make a running jump from the metal platform there to land onthe next section of the walkway.From here, all youhave to do is runcounter-clockwisealong this walkwayand springboardoff the red bricks atthe end of it to enterthe red-lined duct entrance. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back.You’ve earned it!OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Climb the atrium to reach the rifle drop.It’s not particularly difficult to negotiate the duct that you have to crawlthrough, since there’s really only one way to go. Here’s how to do it: Crawlforward and follow the duct as it turns left. Continue toward the lightedjunction ahead of you and drop through it, skillrolling to avoid injury. Crawlstraight ahead until you come to a Runner Glyph stenciled on the wall.HIDDEN BAGTo find the third hidden bag,simply continue crawling straightthrough the duct past the RunnerGlyph. The bag is just ahead.Grab it, and then turn around andbacktrack to the Runner Glyph.Turn left at the glyph to continue.Go through the duct that leads away from the Runner Glyph. Stand upwhen you reach the end and pull yourself up into the next section.Crawl out onto theceiling above thesniper post. Movecounter-clockwisearound the ceiling anduse the red pipe toreach another sectionof the ceiling. Dropfrom there onto some shelving below, skillrolling to avoid damage, and thendrop to the floor from the shelving, again skillrolling to escape injury.CHECKPOINT DPick up the sniper rifle sitting on the cabinet near the windows that overlook thestreet below. Stand in one of the windows and aim the sniper rifle at theT-intersection of streets just beyond the glass skybridge. Switch to zoom mode tosight through the scope.Wait for the police van tocome into sight. Shoot thefront of the van to disableit and send it crashing intoa building right across thestreet from the one you’rein. Now it’s time to get downthere and rescue Kate.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Disrupt the convoy transporting Kate to prison.98PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHAPTER 8: KATEOf course, it won’t be that easy. As soon as you snipe the van, Merc tells you that the Bluesknow where you are, and they’re coming to get you. Drop the rifle and smash throughthe red door to leave the sniper post. Run down the hallway and turn right. Cross theskybridge and turn right, smashing through another door to reach the upper floor of themain lobby.CHECKPOINT ENow you have to exit the building through the lobby’s main entranceand get to the wrecked police van right outside. The only problemis, there are eight Blues between you and the exit. If you’re fast andclever and more than a little lucky, you can avoid most or all of them,but the surest way of success is to take them down as they come upto meet you.Start by turningleft as soon asyou enter thelobby andrunning downthe stairs.Continuemoving downin a clockwisedirection. The fi rst Blue you meet is on the second set of stairs, a riotcop armed with a submachinegun. Disarm him, steal his weapon,and use it on the next riot cop who’s right behind him.Take that riotcop’s weaponto ensure thatyou have a fullclip and keepmovingclockwisedown throughthe lobby. Be ready to face two SWAT cops armed with shotguns atthe bottom of the third set of stairs. There’s another SWAT cop with amachinegun after the fi fth set of stairs and another one with the sameweapon just beyond him.When dealingwith thoselast two SWATcops, becareful not tostand too closeto the left sideof the walkwaythat overlooks the white-tiled ground floor of the lobby. There aretwo more SWAT cops down there with heavy machineguns, andthey’ll make short work of you if you stand still in their sights formore than a second or two. You can pick them off or just ignorethem and jump down to the ground floor off the right side ofthe walkway.Whateveryou chooseto do, run tothe revolvingdoor in thefront lobby tocomplete thechapter andtrigger the following cinematic:OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Get down to the crash site and find Kate.Faith runs tothe wreckedpolice vanand pulls hersister out ofthe back. She’smiraculouslyunharmed.Faith gives Kate her earpiece comm and tells her to use it to getinstructions from Merc, who will direct her to safety while Faithleads the Blues away.Chapter 8 Complete:Reaching the end of this chapter awards thisAchievement/Trophy.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M99

C H A P T E R 9: T H E S H A R D(THE SHARD)Merc’s Lair, 8:34 PMLater that night, Faith returns to Merc’s lair, only to find it completely ransacked and Merccritically injured. Somehow, the Blues figured out where Kate was, and they came inshooting. They took Kate and left Merc to bleed out, but before he goes, Merc tells Faith thathe heard them mention that they were bringing Kate to the Shard, Mayor Callaghan’s fortress.There’s nothing that Faith can do for Merc, except promise that she won’t let them win.MISSION OBJECTIVESThere are two primary mission objectives, each with three sub-objectives:Gain Access to the ShardFind a way into the Shard through theunderground maintenance areas.Save Kate.Get through the lobby and use the elevatorto reach the upper levels.Make your way to the outside of the Shardvia the ventilation system.Get back inside the Shard acrossthe rooftops.Reach the server room and destroy theservers to open a path to the rooftop.Save Kate.100PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT AWith Merc gone, you’re on your own this time. From the startpoint, enter the maintenance access point of the Shard. Descendthe first set of blue stairs and stop halfway down the second set.Turn right and wallrun-turn-jump off the section of the wall withthe “Maintenance Access” stencil on it to reach a horizontal bluepipe on the opposite wall.Wallrun from theend of the bluepipes to reach alanding on theother side of thecorridor. Continuealong the landingto a red door andsmash through it.HIDDEN BAGThe fi rst hidden bag can be foundin the corridor beyond the reddoor. Look for the Runner Glyphstenciled on the left wall andexecute a wallrun-turn-jump at theglyph to reach the upper catwalk,where the hidden bag sits. Grab itand drop back to ground level.CHAPTER 9: THE SHARDWalk downthis pipeuntil it bends.Look acrossthe corridorand up to see a red bar overhead. Make a running jump from the blue pipe to reach a pairof horizontal blue pipes beyond the red bar. Turn left and run to the end of the blue pipes,jumping a gap as you go.At the end ofthis corridor isa sealed reddoor with asparkingelectronic lock.A red valveacross thecorridor from it releases gas when it is turned. Turn the valve andimmediately turn around. Run and slide into a narrow alcove on theleft side of the corridor before the sparking lock ignites the gas andsends a jet of flame shooting down the length of the corridor.After theexplosion,it’s safe togo backout into thenow-charredcorridor. Thered door hasbeen blown off its hinges, so go through it and the room beyond toreach the red door to the parking garage.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Find a way into the Shard through the undergroundmaintenance areas.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M101

C H A P T E R 9: T H E S H A R DCHECKPOINT BCAUTIONThere are several ways to deal with the Blues in the parking garage.This is the fastest and most efficient way to kill them all. You can alsomake a break for the elevator at any time, but you almost certainlyneed to at least disarm the heavy machinegunners before you cansafely reach the elevator.As soon as you enterthe parking garage,turn left to face twopatrol cops. One is onthe other side of somered pipes, and theother kicks down adoor in front of you.There is also a heavymachinegunner to your left at the end of the parking garage; you don’t wantto remain in his line of sight any longer than you absolutely have to. Runtoward the red pipes, slide under them, and disarm the patrol cop.Alternate MethodHere’s an even faster (but moredangerous) way to reach theelevator: Start by disarming thepatrol cop on the other side ofthe red pipes. But instead ofgoing up the Level 1B stairs,smash through the red doorlabeled “Level 1A.”Run forward and slide throughthe small opening at the endof the room beyond. Shoot toshatter the glass wall betweenyou and the elevator, runstraight to the button and pushit, and run into the elevator. Ifyou execute it perfectly, youcan reach the elevator in 10seconds, but if you make the slightest mistake, the Blues will makeyou pay for it.Continue runningforward and up thestairs labeled “Level1B.” Smash throughthe door at the top ofthem and use thepatrol cop’s pistol toshoot a SWAT copbeyond the door. Pick up the SWAT cop’s machinegun.From this level, youcan look down on andshoot the second patrolcop and one of the twoheavy machinegunners.Pick up the heavymachinegun afterdoing so and use itagainst the two SWAT cops in front of the elevator and the second heavymachinegunner in the corner of the parking garage. This eliminates thepolice presence in the parking garage. From start to finish, it should takeyou no longer than 45 seconds to do so.Approach the elevatorby going through thedoor at the far end ofthe parking garage, orby making your owndoor by smashingout one of the glasspanels that surroundit. Ride the elevator up into the main floors of the Shard.Elevator News FeedThe Newest Threat to Children: RUNNINGAre your children safe?Is your radio transmitting secret messages?Find out what you should know!Van Hijacked, Suspect at LargeA grim scene greeted shoppers in the Western Districttoday when a van carrying Kate Connors, suspect in themurder of politician Robert Pope, was brutally hijacked,overturning on Hudson Street before exploding intoflames. The whereabouts of the suspect and hijacker arecurrently unknown.Run through the office hallways in the only direction you can go.Springboard off a red chair to reach a landing with a red door, and thensmash through that red door.102PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

As she goesthrough thedoor, Faith isambushed bya PK-affiliatedSWAT copon the otherside of it,who knocks her to the ground. When her vision clears, she seesLieutenant Miller fl anked by two SWAT cops. He tells the cops tocheck Faith, but as they approach her, he shoots each of them in theback of the head.Faith asks if he’s going to shoot her next, but Miller says that she’sKate’s best hope. He doesn’t seem too upset at having to take out aCHAPTER 9: THE SHARDcouple of PK’s private security agents to help her, either. Miller’s owninvestigation revealed that Ropeburn was the man on the inside whofacilitated Pope’s murder. Those who plotted it needed a CPF cop topin the blame on, so that PK could move in on CPF’s territory.Miller doesn’thave time toexplain anymore. Hegives Faith anearpiece command tells herto head for theroof. That’s where they’ve taken Kate. He’ll contact Faith when it’ssafe and hold off the PK reinforcements in the meantime.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSCHECKPOINT CENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3232◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 522◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 711◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9MAP LEGEND1 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T B)2 ELEVATOR TO CH E C K P O I N T D1 RIO T CO P S (T W O TO TA L)2 SWAT C O P S (T W O TO TA L)1TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCE32SWAT C O P WI T H HE AV Y MA C H I N E G U NON ELEVATED W A L K W A YDICE STUDIOPROFILEFaith automatically proceeds into the lobby of the Shard, whichis filled with Blues. From nearest to farthest, you have to dealwith two riot cops with submachineguns, two SWAT cops withmachineguns, and a third SWAT cop with a heavy machinegun.You could take out all fi ve of them by disarming one of the riotcops and going from enemy to enemy, shooting them with theprevious foe’s weapon and seizing a new one when they fall. Butthere’s a faster and better way to do it.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M103

C H A P T E R 9: T H E S H A R DHIDDEN BAGThe second hidden bag is inthis lobby. To reach it, run alongthe right wall as you enter andspringboard off a red chair nearthe Runner Glyph stenciled ontothe wall.This gets you up to an isolatedbalcony with the hidden bagon it. Pick up the bag and vaultover the railing to return toground level. You might wantto eliminate all the cops exceptthe heavy machinegunner beforeattempting to grab this bag.The fastest and easiestway to get to theelevator at the otherend of the lobby (yourdestination) is to runinto the near rightcorner of the lobby,ignoring the riot copsthat charge at you.Run up the stairs to the upper walkway above the lobby floor and run all theway to the end of the walkway.Vault over the blackrailing at the end ofthe walkway and turnleft. Charge the heavymachinegunner, keepingcover between thetwo of you as muchas possible. Disarmthe gunner.Use the gunner’sheavy machinegunagainst nearby cops,or simply drop it,turn around, andpress the elevator callbutton. Run into theelevator and ride it toescape the lobby.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Complete: Get through the lobby and use the elevator to reachthe upper levels.CAUTIONIf you eliminate all five cops in the lobby, reinforcements arrivevia the door you entered through. (Apparently Miller couldonly hold them off for so long.) For that reason, you mightwant to leave at least one of the five cops alive, rather thanhave to deal with several more.As you ride the elevator up toward the roof, it suddenly comes to a halt. Avoice orders you to drop any weapons you have, stay where you are, andprepare to be taken into custody. Here’s a better idea: Press the blinking redemergency button to open the emergency hatch in the roof of the elevator,and then pull yourself up to the top of the elevator car.CHECKPOINT DFrom the top of the elevator car, make a running jump to the landing across theelevator shaft. Climb down the red ladder to reach a lower landing.Pro-TipIt is possible to reach the bottom of the elevator shaft safely bydropping directly down to the red bar below and swinging fromthere to the next bar and landing on the balance beam, but this is anextremely tricky technique for elite Runners only.Turn around at the bottom of the ladder and jump to grab a red bar that stretchesacross the shaft. Swing and jump from it to reach another landing on the opposite side of the shaft.104PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Turn aroundand jump downto a catwalkthat extendsacross theelevator shaft.From there,jump forwardonto a vertical red pipe, and then slide all the way down the pipe tothe next landing.Carefully walk across one of the beams that extends from thislanding to another landing on the other side of the elevator shaft,and then climb the red ladder leading up from that landing.From the topof the ladder,shuffle rightalong thenarrow ledgeto reach twovertical redpipes. Climbup either one of the pipes and turn around. Jump from the top of thepipe to the U-shaped red bar in front of a red-lined duct entrance,and then jump into the duct entrance.Pro-TipYou can bypass the ledge walk by making a running jumptoward the wall, which turns into a wallrun when you hit it.Jump again to get off the wall and land safely beyond the ledge.Crawl towardthe amber lightthat indicatesthe other endof the duct, andthen drop fromthe duct onto aplatform belowit. (It can be tricky to see in the dim light, but it’s there.) Turn rightto see a narrow, seemingly bottomless passage with two red barsstretching across it.Wallrun along either of the passage walls to grab the first red bar.Swing and jump from it to grab the second one, and then swing andjump from that red bar onto the duct below you that stretchesforward.Run forwardalong theduct, passingunderneath athird red bar.Wallrun-turnjumpfrom thewall at the endof the duct to grab onto the red bar. Swing and jump from it to landon another duct that stretches across the passage. Turn left and jumpto pull yourself up onto another duct above it.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O MCHAPTER 9: THE SHARDPro-TipThere’s a faster way to get through here: Instead of droppingdown to the darkened platform, use a wallclimb-turn-jumpinside the vent to reach a higher level of it and access a routethat takes you across the top of the area quickly via bar swingsand wallrun-jumps.Run to the endof this ductand jump toreach a landingat the end ofthe passage,and followthe passagearound a corner to see the entrance to another duct. Crawl inside,turn right, and crawl forward until you can’t anymore. Pull yourselfup over the obstacle ahead of you, and drop down from the otherside of it, skillrolling to avoid injury.HIDDEN BAGPackratWhen you drop down, you cancontinue to the right or left.Choose the left duct to reach thethird Runner Glyph. Stand withthe glyph at your right side andwallrun-turn-jump up the ductto reach an upper part of it andsome graffiti that reads, “Whereis November???”, a reference tothe November Riots.The bag is just beyond thisgraffiti. Pick it up, drop backdown to the Runner Glyph, andbacktrack to the last junctionto continue.If you have collected every hidden bag in everychapter so far, you earn this Achievement/Trophyfor collecting this last bag, the 30th and finalhidden bag.Crawl forwardand jump tograb the ledgeof a ductabove you.Pull yourselfinto it andkeep crawlingforward. Drop down at the end of this section of ducting, skillrollingto avoid taking damage, and follow the duct all the way to the end.Miller tells you that he can see you, and that there’s a sniper teamguarding this area. If you can get past them, you can get back intothe Shard.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILE105

C H A P T E R 9: T H E S H A R DCHECKPOINT E1OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Make your way to the outside of the Shard via theventilation system.918210761115312 4MAP LEGEND4 STA R T PO I N T (F R O M CH E C K P O I N T D)5 VAU LT FE N C E6 CLI M B UP ON RO O F7 JUM P TO NE X T BU I L D I N G8 SPR I N G B O A R D TO 1S T SN I P E R PO S I T I O N9 JUM P TO RO O F T O P AFTER TA K I N G OU T BLUES10 BAL A N C E AL O N G PI P E11 MAK E A RU N N I N G JU M P TO BA L C O N Y12123GO TH R O U G H RE D DO O R TOCHE C K P O I N T FSWAT C O P S WI T H SN I P E R RIFLES(TH R E E TO TA L)THR E E SWAT C O P S(AFTER TA K I N G OU T 1S T SN I P E R)TWO SWAT C O P S(AFTER TA K I N G OU T 2N D SN I P E R)Knock out the grate at the end of the duct and drop to the balcony below it. Runforward and right and jump across the gap to reach the next rooftop. Vault thechain link fence ahead of you and use the nearby structures for cover from thethree snipers behind you and to the left.Get up onto the top ofthe blue-striped structureadjacent to the chain linkfence and drop off the cornernearest the snipers. Run offthe edge of the roof to landon the next rooftop betweenyou and the snipers.CAUTIONIf you jump the gap between the rooftops, you will likely beshot at least once by the snipers. Don’t expose yourself to theirfire any longer than you have to.106PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

Move alongthe rooftoptoward thenearest sniper.Run throughthe open doorin the chainlink fence andturn right to springboard off a red box to reach the sniper’s position.Quickly disarm him and steal his sniper rifle.NOTEIt is possible to reach the end of this area and reenter the Shardwithout fighting any of the remaining enemies, but if you’regoing to do it, drop the sniper rifle immediately and get moving!As soon as youdisarm the firstsniper,LieutenantMiller tellsyou thatreinforcementsare on the way.Turn around, crouch down, and aim just left of an AC unit on theroof. Three SWAT cops armed with machineguns run past this ACunit. If you’re fast and accurate, you can shoot all three as they do.Once they’redown, turnaround andaim at the lasersight of thesniper ahead ofyou and to theright. Zoom inand move carefully toward the edge of the object between the two ofyou. “Walk” your crosshairs up the laser sight along the edge of theobject as you move forward. When you see the sniper, fireimmediately.To completelyclear yourpath forward,turn aroundand aim atthe amber-litbalcony inthe distance.There are two more SWAT cops up here, armed with machineguns.Their accuracy isn’t great, and the odds of them inflicting significantdamage on you are low, but you can pick them off if you’ve gotthe ammo.CHAPTER 9: THE SHARDFinally, oncethose twoSWAT cops aredown, standon the cornerof the rooftopstructure thatwould haveexposed you to their fire and turn toward the third sniper, locatednear another amber-lit balcony with a red door on it. Quickly zoom inand shoot the orange gas can on the sniper’s perch to eliminate him.If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to shoot him directly when he stepsout to snipe you.NOTEYou only have nine bullets in the sniper rifle, so if you havefewer than three bullets after eliminating the second sniper andthe wave of three SWAT cops that rushes in past the AC unit,don’t bother shooting the SWAT cops on the balcony or the thirdsniper. You can still reach the goal without taking them out.When you’veshot all theenemies you’regoing to shoot(if any), dropthe sniper rifleand run andjump forwardto the next rooftop structure. Vault a blue railing and run down thecatwalk beyond it. Vault the railing at the end of the catwalk and turnleft to see a red pipe stretching forward.Balance alongthis pipe as youmove toward thethird sniper’sposition (hewon’t shoot youwhile you’re onthe beam if youjust keep moving). When you reach the other side of it, get up to thetop of the structure.Face thebalconywith the reddoor. Make arunning jumpfrom the veryedge of thestructure toreach the balcony. Go through the red door to return to the Shard.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Get back inside the Shard across the rooftops.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEDICE STUDIOPROFILEW W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M107

C H A P T E R 9: T H E S H A R DCHECKPOINT FRun through the office hallways to reach a locked elevator near the reception desk. Lieutenant Millermanages to unlock it remotely. It leads to a server room for the Shard’s citywide surveillance system.From there, you should be able to access the roof and rescue Kate.As you ride up, Miller says that the security doors to the roof are closed. If you can destroy the servers, the emergency protocol should automatically unlockthe doors. Faith has to hurry, though—there’s a chopper arriving momentarily to take Kate away. Miller tries to give you more information, but a gunshotechoes through the comm, and the line goes dead.There are four SWAT cops armed with machineguns in the server room, as wellas one SWAT cop with a heavy machinegun. All the cops are on the elevatedwalkway in the middle of the room. The servers are grouped in four clustersaround the walkway.You could take the direct approach and disarm and/or shoot the SWAT cops asyou move forward into the server room, but there’s an even better way to do it:108Ignore the first twoSWAT cops that rushat you. Instead, runaround the right or leftside of the elevatedwalkway and past aserver cluster. Thetrigger-happy copsmight even shoot the clusters for you, saving you some time. Run aroundthe back of the elevated walkway and run up the stairs to reach a SWAT cop.Disarm the SWAT cop,take his machinegun,and turn toward theSWAT cop with theheavy machinegun.Shoot him and theSWAT cop behindhim. Pick up the heavymachinegun and blast any remaining servers, as well as the other two SWATcops, if you’re so inclined.You’ll know thatall four servers aredown when youhear the automatedwarning system say,“Warning: All fourbanks have failed.All four banks havefailed. Appropriate emergency services have been notified.” That’s your cueto run up to the highest level of the elevated walkway and go through thenow-open security doors at the top of it.OBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Reach the server room and destroy the servers to open a pathto the rooftop.Break through the reddoor labeled “VideoSurveillance 05”and run through thehallways beyond inthe only direction youcan. Run through anopen door and climbseveral sets of stairs. When you reach a chain link gate between two rowsof lockers, vault the gate and run up the stairs labeled “Roof Access” on theother side of it.PR I M A OF F I C I A L GA M E GU I D E

CHECKPOINT GWhen you reach the roof, a cinematic begins. Jacknife has Katebound and held at gunpoint with a waiting chopper behind them.Faith demands to know who’s behind all of this. Without comingright out and saying it, Jacknife strongly implies that MayorCallaghan is the mastermind. The strategy was classic: Break thelines of communication, shoot the messengers. And this is justthe beginning.CHAPTER 9: THE SHARDFaith swings into the chopper andsends Jacknife flying out of the otherside with a powerful kick. He fireshelplessly into the air as he fallsto his much-deserved demise. Theshots didn’t hit Faith or Kate, but they did damage the chopper, which bucks wildly. Kateslips out the side of it and barely manages to grab the edge of a rooftop. Faith jumps afterher and pulls her up in the nick of time as the helicopter crashes below.Jacknifeforces Kateinto thechopper and thanks Faith for ferreting out all the suspicious loose ends surroundingPope’s assassination. That’s why she’s still alive. Jacknife tells Faith that she can’t live onthe edge all her life. Sooner or later, she’s going to have to jump.Faith turns around and sees two SWAT cops behind her. It’s now or never. As soon as thecinematic ends, run straight forward, vault the two rows of crates ahead of you, and jumpfrom the very edge of the helipad to grab the chopper.That’s a Wrap:Complete the game on any difficulty level to receivethis Achievement/Trophy.INTRODUCTIONTRAININGCHARACTERSENEMIESWALKTHROUGH◗ PROLOGUE◗ CHAPTER 1◗ CHAPTER 2◗ CHAPTER 3◗ CHAPTER 4◗ CHAPTER 5◗ CHAPTER 6◗ CHAPTER 7◗ CHAPTER 8◗ CHAPTER 9TIME TRIALSTRETCHESQUICKREFERENCEOBJECTIVE COMPLETE✓ Save Kate.DICE STUDIOPROFILENOTEIf you completed the game for the first time on Easy or Normaldifficulty, Hard difficulty is now available.W W W .PR I M AGAM E S .C O M109

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