Issue No. 27 - 12 October 2012 - Whitefriars

Issue No. 27 - 12 October 2012 - Whitefriars

Belong. Believe. Become.Inside this issue:From the CaptainsStar of the WeekHaemoglobin HeroesThe White MantleAcademic EnrichmentVisual ArtsMullum Cluster VET awardsPerforming Arts NewsEffective Speaking CompetitionEnvironment PresentationLibrary NewsSport Report Good Sport Nominations Next WeekCollege Services Canteen Roster College Services Roster Parents’ Association Uniform ShopCollege CalendarCommunity NoticesAlleluia,alleluia!Page:Happy the poorin spirit;the kingdomof heavenis theirs!Alleluia!(Mt 5:3)234567891011In FideFrom the PrincipalFr Paul Cahill, O.Carm.As we commence the final term for the year, we are very conscious of how quickly time will flow and how soon allthe things associated with the end of the year will be upon us. Principally, of course, we are mindful of the Year 12students who will soon be sitting their final exams and concluding their 13 year schooling journey. Over this lastweek, VCE 3\4 students have been sitting Practice Exams. We trust the experience of these trial exams and thefeedback from them will facilitate good revision for the real thing which will begin in a few weeks’ time. We wishour Year 12 students, in particular, well and trust they will make the most of these final weeks of preparation forexams and will finish school well.We welcomed back to school this week Mr Neal Crossan, Deputy Principal- Students, Mr Murray Pryer, Head ofMantua House, and Mr Peter Ciardulli, Head of Brandsma House - after being on Long Service Leave last term. Inwelcoming them back, I also acknowledge the great jobs that Mr Greg Stewart, Mrs Anne Maree Wight and MrTrent Collins did in Term 3 as Acting Deputy Principal-Students, Acting Head of Mantua House and Acting Head ofBrandsma House, respectively. Earlier in the term, Mrs Rachel Valentine also did a great job as Acting Head ofCorsini House whilst Mr Tom Sykes took some Long Service Leave.We were also pleased to welcome back three Year 11 students, along with Br Sean Keefe and Mr Jeremy Freeman,from their visit to the Carmelite mission in East Timor during the recent holidays. We look forward to the reportsof Hayden Gridley (S1), Tim Jach (A5) and Connor O’Brien (C5).I am very pleased to announce that at the end of last term, the following Year 11 students were chosen as HouseCaptains for 2013:Christopher LeonardAvila HouseChristian PetraccaBrandsma HouseHamish CocksCorsini HouseMichael ChurchEdith Stein HouseMatthew BaileyLisieux HouseJason RogersMantua HouseLochie AdeySoreth HouseTiernan BushbyTrinity HouseAlong with the previously announced College Captains for 2013 – Benjamin Tatterson (Captain),Nicholas Soraghan and Julian Lipinski (Vice Captains), these students will be presented to the whole student bodyat our College Assembly next Friday, at which we will also farewell our Year 12 students. House Vice Captains,Sport and Activity Captains will be selected over the coming weeks and presented to the student body at thesubsequent College Assembly on 8 November.Congratulations to the students and staff who contributed to a spectacular and very energetic and high qualityRock Concert on Monday night and to the VCE Music Performance class who performed before their teachers andfamilies on Tuesday night in preparation for their upcoming performance examinations. We wish them well forthese exams – as we do the LOTE students who will also sit their Oral exams shortly, ahead of the general VCEwritten exams.Congratulations, too, to the students from Year 7 – 10 who were the place-getters in the finals of the EffectiveSpeaking Competition at the end of last term, as well as all those students who spoke so well in these finals butmissed out on a top 3 place. Likewise, congratulations are extended to the students who received Awards in the2012 Premier’s Reading Challenge, presented in the Library over afternoon tea with participating students’families on Wednesday afternoon.We look forward to Open Day on Sunday week, 21 October, when the College will be on display for familiesinterested in possibly sending their sons here for their secondary education. In association with Open Day, theVCE Art Exhibition will open on Friday night and run through Open Day and the following week. As usual, it willbe well worth a look.In a link to the “Community Notices” section of this newsletter, you will find information about the Michael SazenisMemorial Award. Michael was a Year 12 Whitefriars graduate last year who was tragically killed early this year. Hisparents have established an Award in his honour, to be presented at Presentation Night each year to a currentYear 11 student to assist with his final year of studies at Whitefriars. Further information is attached to the link inCommunity Notices.Finally, I commend Marie Cameron’s husband, Des, to your thoughts and prayers, along with Marie and her familyas they support Des in his current seriously ill state. I also commend Alex Bertoldi’s (7T3) grandfather, who diedrecently, to you and ask that you keep him and his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. May he rest inpeace.Issue 27 12 October, 2012WHITEFRIARS COLLEGE INC. ABN 35 808 045 134 156 Park Road Donvale Victoria 3111 AustraliaTelephone +613 9872 8200 Facsimile +613 9872 4343 Email

Belong. Believe. Become.From the Captains~ Our 2012 Captains ~L-R:Jonathon Deller (C ) Daniel Varrasso(JC) Jack Magner (VC), and DeanMendes (VC).It's been a pretty big week for the college as the Year 12s prepare for the end of year celebrations and impendingexams. The students have finished their practice exams which serve as a timely reminder on areas of our learningrequiring a little polish and improvement before the big day.The study break served as an opportunity for all students to get on top of their work and have a well earned restfrom the stress of the school year. With not long left, it is imperative to all students to finish the year strongly in allareas.The year has gone incredibly quick for us all and I can barely fathom how little time is left. The end of the yearbrings with it much excitement for our Year 12 students who, in a matter of weeks, will be Old Collegians ofWhitefriars. The final assembly next Friday 19 October promises to be an significant occasion for us all as we handover the mantle of student leadership to those students in Year 11 who have been elected in leadership positionsfor 2013. This will be consolidated at the Year 12 Thanksgiving Mass on our final day, Wednesday 24 October.Thanks to those involved in making it a wonderful year. This is to be my final In Fide article so I feel it appropriateto thank the Whitefriars community for all your support throughout the year. It is thoroughly appreciated. Goodluck to you all in the future.Jonathon Deller, College CaptainStar of the weekVictoria second in the ‘Battle Of The States’During the last school holidays the State Teams, Short Course Championships were held over three days at theAustralian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Each state selected a team of twenty male and twenty female swimmersaged 13-17 years to compete against all the other states. Selection was based on the swimmers individualachievements at their respective state championships. This year Sam Warrick (Year 11) was selected to swim inthree individual events (1500 free, 400 free and 200 fly) plus relays . Team results were based on points awardedper swimmer, per race, and this year Team Vic managed to become the first ever Victorian team to beat NSW intosecond place, behind Queensland.Well Done Sam and well done Team Vic !Haemoglobin Heroes this week...With only a limited number of sessions left to donate with the school this year, it is good to see someHaemoglobin Heroes still lining up to save their three lives each. This week’s intrepid donors wereHamish CocksMacyn WhiteChristian ZebischIt was the third donation for Macyn, the second donation for Hamish and the first donation for Christian.All say they will be back next year to donate again.Mr Nick May donated again over the break; it was his tenth donation, and, as he says, he has the badge to prove it!The adult human body has about five to six litres of blood and it circulates through the body three times in everyminute. The heart pumps about one million barrels of blood during an average lifetime, enough to fill more thanthree super tankers. It beats nearly 100,000 times in one day, about thirty-two million times in a year and duringan average lifetime, the human heart will beat more than 2.5 billion times! This all goes to illustrate theimportance of our circulatory system, as it is what supplies all our cells with their requirements as well asremoving their wastes, and the blood in our circulatory system is how everything is transported round the body;without blood, there can be no life. Because blood and what it contains are vital to our survival, blood donors arealso vital to a community; that is why they are respected – and why we can call them all Heroes!Take advantage of the few sessions left this year:Thursday 18 October (1 vacancy)Tuesday 23 October – last for Year 12Thursday 1 November – last for Year 11Thursday 15 November – last!Give blood – we can’t live without it!Page 2 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.The White MantleMr John AbrahamsAssistant Principal (Identity andMission)Be Calm And Know that I Am With You.Our reflection this week is taken from a prayer that was shared with students recently. It captures the reassuringmessage of God’s ever presence in our lives. We find comfort in knowing God is with us in the busyness of ourlives, in the times when we feel vulnerable and also in those moments of silence and solitude.Then they called to Yahweh in their trouble and he rescued them from their sufferings, reducing the storm to a whisperuntil the waves grew quiet.(Psalm 107:28-29)The name“Whitefriars” refers tothe mantle worn overthe habit of theCarmelite priests andbrothers.The Carmelites areknown as “WhiteFriars” because oftheir dress – a whitemantle worn over abrown habit.The white mantle islinked with theProphet Elijah whowore a similar garb,probably ofsheepskin.The early hermits ofMount Carmeladopted this whitemantle as a symbol oftheir devotion toMary, the mother ofour Lord.Life at its most chaotic, pressure at its worst!The boat of our life adrift on raging seas,tossing us up and down in terrifying storms.But our efforts to save ourselves come to grief.No rudder to guide us, oars breaking as we pull against the tide.We can’t bail ourselves out.Sinking beneath the waves of crisis, we feel outraged.Where are you, God, when we feel shipwrecked?Don’t you care that we are sinking?Why won’t you wake up and do something?A voice of power speaks above the storm:“I made the sea and the sky.I ride on the wings of the storm!Why are you afraid?Peace!Be still, and know that I am God”.Our daily life can feel rock-solid and predictable. We think we control so much - even the weather! In the quiethavens of life it can be easy to be close to God, secure in the love and care of a compassionateand loving presence.But life’s storms can hit us unawares, tossing us into a sea of uncertainty, cutting us off from all that feels safe.God doesn’t play deliberately hard to get, but invites us to learn true dependence through knowing our fragility.Blessed are we when we know our need of God.We Pray…God of the stillness, God of the storm,you are greater than our plans anddesigns, you are more powerful than ourattempts to control our lives. Guide usthrough life’s uncertainties. Calm us inthe times of tempest. Shake us in ourcomplacency. Teach us to know thatyou Alone are God.Page 3 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.Visual Arts NewsMs Roslyn RobinsonFaculty Head - Visual ArtsThe Visual Arts team is busy ensuring the VCE Visual Arts exhibition is on schedule for its opening next Fridaynight 19 October. The exhibition will be open to view during our open day activities as well as during the weekfrom Tuesday 23 - 26 October, 1 - 4.30pm. See the flyer for more details or speak to any of the Visual Arts teachersfor more information. It is a fantastic opportunity to see the creative skills of our senior students.A few weeks ago I brought to students attention details about a logo competition for the ACC Arts andTechnology Exhibition. The submissions for this competition close next Friday 19 October. This is a hugeopportunity to possibly have your work selected to go on the official program and all advertising for this majorevent next year. If you would like more information please contact Ms Robinson as soon as possible.Budding Urban Artists required. If you are interested in attending two afterschool workshops on Friday 19 and26 October 5 -7 pm to teach you the skills of Street Art (using spray cans) under the expert tuition of Mike Maka,then speak to Ms Robinson. These workshops will lead into the mural project planned for an area in TunstallSquare to be completed on Saturday 27 October 11 – 4pm.2012 Mullum Cluster VET AwardsCongratulations to Nico Thomson (12E4) who recently received an award atthe Mullum Cluster VET Awards evening for his outstanding performance inhis VET Laboratory Skills program this year. Nico is completing the secondyear of the program and received the award in recognition of his excellentacademic performance over the course of the year. Nico hopes that the skillshe has gained through the program will assist his preparation for tertiarystudies next year where he hopes to study nursing or Para medicine.Whitefriars Solar PanelsMr Kristan HeightFaculty Head - ScienceThe link below will direct you to the data as mentioned above. hit Whitefriars College on the home page and navigate through the site to see all the data in relation toWhitefriars.Page 5 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.Performing Arts NewsMs Rachel ValentineFaculty Head - Performing ArtsUpcomingEventsHoly Spirit FeteSaturday 13 OctoberRock Bands: After Hours,Burn In Paris and PlushEnsembles concertHealy Wilson TheatreWednesday 17 October 7 pm.Open DaySunday 21 October AllensemblesSt. Timothy’s FeteSaturday 27 OctoberRock Bands A Fall Between andA Space BetweenSemester Two Rock Concert – Heroes of GuitarCongratulations to, not only all the performers, but also the VET Technical Production students on presenting anexciting and high standard concert on Monday night.There were so many highlights ranging from excellent Year 7 performances through to VCE and of course seeingMr Rowley with hair was a real treat! The lighting was spectacular and live filming of the performers wasprojected onto screens to allow the audience to see the bands from all angles.The Guitar Heroes influence was heard in some technically brilliant Guitar solos, so well done to the performersand thank you to the teachers who prepared these bands. A special thank you to Mr Stuart Collidge and histechnical crew who donated many days of the holidays in preparation.A DVD of the Heroes of Guitar rock concert can be ordered using this link. Click Here for DVD Order form.At only $10 this is great value for a professionally produced memento.VCE RecitalVCE Music Performance and Theatre Studies students performed to parents and friends on Tuesday night at anevening designed as a performance opportunity to build confidence leading up to their exams.Well done to all the boys and best of luck in the coming weeks.Piano RecitalAt the time of going to print Mr Tim Topham, our Piano teacher, was preparing his students for a recital for theirparents and we anticipate a great showcase of talent across all year levels.Night of Music ensembles concert – Wednesday 17 OctoberNext Wednesday evening, the Senior Concert Band, Junior Concert Band, Drum Line, Senior and IntermediateGuitar Ensembles, Jazz Combo, Percussion Ensemble, Choir ’ Voicemale’, Senior Vocal Group ‘The Testostertones’and the Stage Band will be performing in the Healy Wilson Theatre for a Night of Music.There is no charge for this event however we recommend that you reserve your seating by contacting SandraKennedy on student of the above ensemble who has not received his permission form, should contact the PerformingArts Office. Some ensembles will be rehearsing on Tuesday, so please check your e-mails.Music CareersLate in Term 3 music students from Years 10, 11 and 12 were given an interesting insight into the music industry. JohnNoble and Ryan Barwood from Orchestra Victoria talked to a group of fiftymusic students about the performing andmanagement side of the industry. They talked to us about the industry but also their love for music. I'm sure they haveinspired many students to aim for a career in music. Thanks to Miss Darmanin for organising the incursion, it was a veryworthwhile event!Sean Wales, Year 10Old Whitefriars Cricketers to play in the MCC Club XI season!Established in 1896, this elite competition is represented by many of Melbourne’s Private schools includingScotch, Xavier, Trinity and Geelong Grammar to name a few. Our aim is to have 20-30 players that willrotate through the team made up of current senior and past students. This is a friendly competition and weexpect OWC will participate accordingly. We will initially play in Division 2, which will cater for a range ofplayer standards.† Play on Melbourne’s best turf wickets (some suggest that a few are better maintained than the MCG’spitch).† Play as few or as many games as you prefer – we are flexible on commitment.† Games scheduled on a mix of Sundays or Saturdays.† 40 over a side format.† Season runs from late October to mid-December, and mid-January to mid-February.It will prove to be a great opportunity to continue your involvement with Whitefriars and also maintainyour cricket skills.For more information check the WOCA section of the College website or email 6 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.Effective Speaking CompetitionMrs Anita Kay-TaylorFaculty Head - EnglishThe highly anticipated WFC Effective Speaking Competition was held on Thursday 20 September 2012. Each boybrought their ‘A game’ demonstrating the extraordinary range of talents we are privileged to nurture and share,here at Whitefriars College. There was no shortage of originality, creativity, complexity and entertainment.Below is a list of the winners and runners-up. They will each receive a certificate and the winner will receive abook voucher at the next College assembly. Many thanks to all the staff who attended and helped manage theboys on the day. I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of all English teachers and thank them for theirtireless coaching of these boys. I look forward to next year!Special thanks to Catherine Robertson, Fr Paul, Anne MareeWight, Simon Thompson and Kevin Lindorff for their generousoffer of time and expertise, as well as Stuart Collidge, SimonRowley and Rachel Valentine, Maria Van Loon, Patricia Buys andLinda Dingley for their ‘behind the scene’ support.Year 71 st place - Theodore Milonas2 nd place - Sam Kelly3 rd place - James FasanYear 8Equal first place - Lachey Richardson and William Carter3 rd place - Tom BaileyYear 91 st place - Joshu Faye-Chauhan2 nd place - Lewis Deane3 rd place - Christian BeliaWinners of the Year 8 Effective Speaking CompetitionL-R Third, Tom Bailey, equal first place, Lachlan Richardsonand William Carter . Judges Ms Anne Marie Wight and MsAnita Kay-TaylorYear 101 st place - Julian Virgona and Adrian Cardamone2 nd place - Luke Murphy3 rd place - Jack Anderson and Jon PisaniYear 9 Effective Speaking Competition ParticipantsnvironmentNewsEnvironment NewsTimothy KemmEnvironment CaptainJunior Environment Captain Kenneth Ting and Thomas Kiraly presentingAdam, from Sustainable Living Foundation, a cheque for $500 from the Environment Group.Page 7 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.Library HoursMonday to Thursday:8am - 4.15pmFriday: 8am - 3.30pmContactPhone: 9872 can access the librarycatalogue and databaseson our Library Web Page.Read our Fiction Blog tofind about new resources,student posts, bookreviews and library news.Library NewsWinners of the Term 3 ‘Guess It!” QuizThe “Guess It!” quiz involved two questions about books, reading and film being emailed to all students and staffevery week in Term3.Congratulations to the following students:Jeremy Chau 12A3 and Christopher Ciavarella 12M4 who guessed all 20 questions correctly,and toJack Dorrat 11E5, Julian Di Battista 11T3 and Ethan Jaeger 10E2 for 18 correct answers.Our staff winners are Mr Tom Robinson with 18 correct answers, Ms Susan Howard with 17 correct answers, andMrs Grace Freeman with 16 correct answers.All our winners chose a book prize which was presented to them at the celebration afternoon tea in the library onWednesday. Students’ achievements in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge and other National Year of Readingactivities were also recognised at the afternoon tea.Bookings are now open for ‘Hear It!’Ms Simone PollockLibrary TeacherAll students, parents and staff are invited to join us to celebrate our final event of National Year of Reading 2012.‘Hear It! A panel of guest speakers discussing reading and writing for teenagers’, followed by supper, is onTuesday 30 October 2012 7pm in the Healy Wilson Theatre, Whitefriars College. Click here to read about ourwonderful speakers. It’s promising to be an entertaining and informative evening, so book now to secure a seat.It’s promising to be an entertaining and informative evening, so book now to secure a seat.A gold coin donation at the door is appreciated, however bookings are essential.Book at … 8 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.Sport ReportMr Gavin KellarHead of SportFor ACC Results andSport Match ReportsClick HereThe first week of Term 4 ACC has seen the commencement of cricket, tennis and volleyball seasons for some ofour Year 7 – 10 sides.Cricket at Whitefriars commenced in spectacular fashion, with every side playing, achieving victories in their firstmatch for the season. Our Year 7 division 1 side had a fantastic win over Mazenod winning by 15 runs. Theleading performers in that game were their Captain Connor Dineen who made 19, Zacharry Hanlen for 14 not outand took two wickets for 14 runs; and Mark Baker who also claimed two wickets for 14 runs.In volleyball we had a mixed week winning four of our eight matches, but there was some excellent skill andteamwork displayed by all sides. Although the Year 7 division 1 volleyball sides were defeated by Mazenod thisweek they had some extremely strong performers in their teams. The best players were: Cooper Ratten, MatthewGeorge, Riley Byrne, Nicholas Coffield and Tom Cantwell.Our tennis sides also started well with two of the three sides playing, achieving victories.Finally I would like to congratulate Kieran Malone of Year 10 trinity on being selected in both the Victorian under15 football side; and due to fantastic performances at that carnival, being named in the All Australian Under 15side. Congratulations Kieran on a fantastic achievement.For any information regarding the ACC including Results and Ladders and Updated Fixtures/Venues go Sport NominationsEach week we have many students who excel in Sport, whether it be in ACC Sport or Non-ACC Sport. Each weekstaff members are asked to nominate students who have demonstrated excellence via their performances,participation, sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork.The following students have been nominated as Good Sports for this week:Year 7 Jack Sims Travis Baker Cooper RattenMatthew George Riley Byrne Nicholas CoffieldTom CantwellYear 9 Hayden Barnard Luke ClarkeYear 10Kieran MaloneNext WeekTuesday 16 October:Year 9 (1) Cricket v. Parade At Parade College 10 A10 (ERT 6.30pm)Year 9 Tennis v. Parade At Parade College 10 A10 (ERT 4.30pm)Year 9 Volleyball v. Parade At Parade College 10 A10 (ERT 4.30pm)Venues and the Estimated Return Time (ERT) for ACC Fixturesto assist Whitefriars’ parents collecting studentsYear 10 Cricket v. St Bedes At Whitefriars College, Main OvalYear 10 Volleyball v. St Bedes At Whitefriars College, McPhee GymYear 10 Tennis v. St Bedes At Currawong Tennis, 34 H7 (ERT 4pm)Year 9 and 10 SportThursday 18 October:Year 7 (1) Cricket – v. De La Salle At Whitefriars College Bottom OvalYear 7 (1) Tennis v. De La Salle At Currawong Tennis Club (ERT 3.45pm)Year 7 (1) Volleyball v. De La Salle At Whitefriars College, Guggenheimer GymYear 7(2) Cricket v. St Bernards At St Bernards College, Essendon, 27 K3 (ERT 5.30pm)Year 7 (2) Tennis v. St. Bernards At St Bernards College, Essendon, 27 K3 (ERT 5pm)Year 8 (1) Cricket v. Salesian At Donvale Reserve, Donvale (ERT 4.45pm)Year 8 (1) Tennis v. Salesian At Donvale Reserve, Donvale (ERT 3.45pm)Year 8 (2) Volleyball Salesian At Whitefriars College McPhee GymYear 8 (2) Cricket v. ByeYear 8 (2) Tennis v. ByeYear 7 and 8 SportPage 9 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.College ServicesMrs Marie CameronCollege Services CoordinatorWelcome back to Term 4 I hope you all had a wonderful break.We have a busy term ahead of us so please check your Canteen and College Services rosters and let us know if you are unable to make it.Year 12 Parents and students should have received their letters regarding the Thanksgiving Mass and the Valedictory Dinner at the end of last term.Please make sure your replies are in early Term 4.Diary DatesThanksgiving Mass and Graduation for Year 12 Students and Families, 7.30pm Wednesday 24 October 2012.Mothers Christmas Mass and Dinner Thursday 29 November. Mass 7.30pm in the Chapel followed by a light supper in the Gathering space.Valedictory Dinner, Thursday 22 November at the Ivanhoe Centre, Ivanhoe.Second Hand book sale and Uniform Exchange sale Saturday 1 December 2012 9 - 11amCanteen RosterMonday 15 OctoberKylie McKeownJessie McIldowneyMelissa HardimanTuesday 16 OctoberClare HaleyLeanne FyffeSasha MayDonna MaceSarah LaneWednesday 17 OctoberIrene ShikosMary-Lou CanilMary BettsDi LeederThursday 18 OctoberSuzanne MartinoSilva HaladjianCarol CaldwellFiona HallPenny KunzFriday 19 OctoberBronwyn CollinsAndrea GillGiorgina GallagherHelen MatthewsMarita SimsSandra FebbraroSharon CoffieldAndrea SantamariaAnna O’DeaFrances WhitakerGabriella BagnaraJanet GuerinDeirdre HoskingSally HennessyJulia DineenSonia McAlaryAnne StringerAnita SpencerJodie FlorioValentina GorgieSusan WalkerAndrea JohnstonJosephine CardamoneBeryl TownsHeather MaynardStella SmithLisa ScottiLisa MeneghettiParents AssociationSecond Hand Book SaleandUniform Exchange SaleSaturday1 December 20129 - 11amUniform ExchangeOpen Uniform Tuesday: Exchange 12.30 - 2.00pmOpen Tuesdays 12.30 - 2.00pmWe have great stocks of all uniform items.We are selling Grey Trousers, Grey and BrownBob Stewart ShopJumpers, and College bags at half price.Tuesday and Thursday:12.30pm Bob Stewart - 2.00pm ShopOpen Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.30pm - 2.00pmCollege Services RosterMonday 15 OctoberCatherine Matthews Emma DwyerCarol BelvedereTuesday 16 OctoberLucy Pace Andrea Kral Sharon BorrackWednesday 17 OctoberLydia Hands Nicki George Sonia McAlaryThursday 18 OctoberKathryn Harvey Andrea Johnston Kelly KerwinFriday 19 OctoberSuzie AngelovskiKim BlanckPage 10 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

Belong. Believe. Become.College Calendar October 2012Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday15 16 17Ensemble MusicConcert7 - 9pm in the HealyWilson Theatre18 19Whole SchoolAssembly finalAssembly for Year12 students.Visual Arts ExhibitionOpening 7 - 9pmFunctions Room20 21Open Day10 - 3pmClick Here for fulldetails22Staff ProfessionalDevelopment DayStudent Free DayStudents are notrequired to attendschool this day23 24Year 12 ThanksgivingMass and Graduation7.30 - 9pm in theMcPhee Gym25 26 27 2829 30NationalYear of31 01VCE Exams BeginReadingEvening7pm HealyWilsonYear 9 Social atSt John’s ParishHall Mitcham7.30 - 10pmTheatre02 03 0405Mid Term BreakStudent Free DayStudents are notrequired to attendschool this day06Melbourne Cup DayStudent Free DayStudents are notrequired to attendschool this day07 08Whole SchoolAssembly finalAssembly for Year11 students.2013 CaptainsPhotos.09Year 11 Exams begin10 11Community NoticesMichael Sazenis MemorialAwardFor further informationregarding this MemorialAward or if you would like tomake a donation pleaseClick Here.Click Here for full details.Page 11 Issue 27 12 October, 2012

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