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Quick Reference GuideMulti-Function PrinterModel No. DP-MB300Do NOT connect the unit to a computer with the USB cable until prompted by the Multi-Function Station (CD-ROM).1 2Accessory information:To ensure that the unit operates properly, werecommend the use of Panasonic tonercartridge and drum cartridge.■ Replacement accessory– Toner cartridgeL Model No. (Part No.): DQ-TCB008-X– Drum cartridgeL Model No. (Part No.): DQ-DCB020-X■ Optional accessory– Lower input trayL Model No. (Part No.): DA-LCB350Sales and Support Information (for UK only)Customer Care CentreL For customers within the UK:0844 844 3878 (for fax machine)0844 844 3867 (for MFP)L For customers within the Republic of Ireland:01 6130082 (for fax machine)01 2898255 (for MFP)L Visit our website for product informationL E-mail: customer.care@panasonic.co.ukDirect Sales at Panasonic UKL Order accessory and consumable items for your product withease and confidence by phoning our Customer Care CentreMonday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:30pm,Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm (Excluding public holidays).L Or go on line through our Internet Accessoryordering application at www.panasonic.co.uk.L Most major credit and debit cards accepted.L All enquires transactions and distribution facilities areprovided directly by Panasonic UK Ltd.L It couldn’t be simpler!L Also available through our Internet is direct shoppingfor a wide range of finished products, take a browseon our website for further details.The supplied Setup CD-ROM provides theOperating Instructions in PDF format with adetailed description on how to use the unit.Adobe ® Reader ® is required to view them.Please read before using the unit and save forfuture reference.You can select English, German, Spanishor Portuguese for the language.The display and reports will be in the selectedlanguage. The default setting is English. If youwant to change the setting, see the operatinginstructions (feature #110).Location selection:Designed to be used in the UnitedKingdom and Ireland, Germany, Spain andPortugal according to the location settingfeature.The default setting is UK. To change thelocation setting, see the operating instructions(feature #114).L Be sure to use the telephone line cordsupplied with this unit.

User record (for your future reference)Date of purchaseENERGY STAR:L As an ENERGY STAR ® Partner, Panasonic hasdetermined that this product meets the ENERGYSTAR guidelines for energy efficiency. ENERGYSTAR is a U.S. registered mark.Serial number (found on the rear of the unit)Dealer’s name and addressDealer’s telephone numberAttach your sales receipt here.Note:L Save the original carton and packing materials forfuture shipping and transportation of the unit.L After unpacking the product, take care of the packingmaterials and/or power plug cap appropriately.Caution:L When you operate this product, the power outletshould be near the product and easilyaccessible.L The maximum sound pressure level is 70 dB (A) orless as per EN ISO 7779 (for Germany only).L In the event of problems, you should contact yourequipment supplier in the first instance.L This equipment is designed for use on the UK andRepublic of Ireland analogue telephone network.Declaration of Conformity:L Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. declares thatthis equipment is in compliance with the essentialrequirements and other relevant provisions of Radio& Telecommunications Terminal Equipment(R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC.Declarations of Conformity for the relevantPanasonic products described in this manual areavailable for download by visiting:http://www.doc.panasonic.deTrademarks:L Adobe and Reader are either registered trademarksor trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in theUnited States and/or other countries.L All other trademarks identified herein are theproperty of their respective owners.Copyright:L This material is copyrighted by PanasonicCommunications Co., Ltd., and may be reproducedfor internal use only. All other reproduction, in wholeor in part, is prohibited without the written consent ofPanasonic Communications Co., Ltd.© Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. 2009Contact to Authorised Representative:Panasonic Testing CentrePanasonic Marketing Europe GmbHWinsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany2

Table of Contents1. Table of ContentsTable of Contents (QuickReference Guide)1. Important InformationImportant Information1.1 For your safety............................................... 41.2 Important safety instructions ......................... 61.3 For best performance .................................... 61.4 Information for Users on Collection andDisposal of Old Equipment and used Batteries...................................................................... 61.5 Illegal copies.................................................. 71.6 Important Information (for UK users)............. 81.7 Extension telephone adaptor for UK............ 101.8 Error messages – Display ........................... 101.9 Condition of guarantee ................................ 113

1. Important Information1Detailed Important operating Informationinstructions are on the CD-ROM.1.1 For your safetyTo prevent severe injury and loss of life/property,read this section carefully before using the unit toensure proper and safe operation of your unit.L The following symbols are used to classify anddescribe the level of hazard and injury causedwhen the denotation is disregarded andimproper use is performed.Denotes a potential hazard that could result inserious injury or death.Denotes hazards that could result in minor injury ordamage to the unit.L The following symbols are used to classify anddescribe the type of instructions to be observed.This type of symbol is used to alert usersto a specific operating procedure thatmust be performed carefully.InstallationDo not place objects on the power cord.Install the unit where no one can step or tripon the cord.Do not overload power outlets andextension cords. This can result in the risk offire or electric shock.Completely insert the AC adaptor/powerplug into the power outlet. Failure to do somay cause electric shock and/or excessiveheat resulting in a fire.Regularly remove any dust, etc. from the ACadaptor/power plug by pulling it from thepower outlet, then wiping with a dry cloth.Accumulated dust may cause an insulationdefect from moisture, etc. resulting in a fire.Unplug this unit from power outlets if it emitssmoke, an abnormal smell or makesunusual noise. These conditions can causefire or electric shock. Confirm that smokehas stopped and contact an authorisedservice centre.Never touch the plug with wet hands. Thereis a danger of electric shock.This type of symbol is used to alert usersto a specific operating procedure thatmust not be performed.This type of symbol is used to alert usersto a specific operating procedure thatmust be emphasized in order to operatethe unit safely.Power and ground connectionUse only the power source marked on theunit. If you are not sure of the type of powersupplied to your home, consult your dealeror local power company.For safety purposes this unit is equippedwith a grounded plug. If you do not have thistype of outlet, please have one installed. Donot defeat this safety feature by tamperingwith the plug.Operating safeguardsPlace the unit securely on a stable, levelsurface. Serious damage and/or injury mayresult if the unit falls.To prevent the risk of fire or electrical shock,do not expose this product to rain or anytype of moisture.Make sure that the unit is installed in a wellventilated room so as not to increasedensity of ozone in the air. Since ozone isheavier than air, it is recommended that airat floor level be ventilated.Turn the power switch OFF before cleaning.Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.Do not cover slots and openings on the unit.They are provided for ventilation andprotection against overheating. Never placethe unit near radiators, or in a place whereproper ventilation is not provided.4 Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.

1. Important InformationNever push any objects through slots in thisunit. This may result in the risk of fire orelectric shock. Never spill any liquid on theunit.To reduce the risk of electric shock, do notdisassemble this unit. Take the unit to anauthorised service centre when service isrequired. Opening or removing covers mayexpose you to dangerous voltage or otherrisks. Incorrect reassembly can causeelectric shock when the unit is subsequentlyused.USB cable/LAN cableFollow all warnings and instructions markedon this unit.Do not spill liquids (detergents, cleansers,etc.) onto the telephone line cord plug, orallow it to become wet at all. This may causea fire. If the telephone line cord plugbecomes wet, immediately pull it from thetelephone wall socket, and do not use.Unplug this unit from power outlets and referservicing to an authorised service centrewhen any of the following conditions occur:L If the power cord is damaged or frayed.L If liquid has been spilled into the unit.L If the unit has been exposed to rain orwater.L If the unit does not work normally byfollowing the operating instructions.Adjust only controls covered by theoperating instructions. Improperadjustment may require extensive workby an authorised service centre.L If the unit has been dropped orphysically damaged.L If the unit exhibits a distinct change inperformance.To assure continued emission limitcompliance;– use only shielded USB cable (Example:Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified cable).– use only shielded LAN cable (category 5straight cable).Installation and relocationLaser radiationLED lightAfter moving the unit from cold areas towarmer areas, wait approximately 30minutes before turning on the power switchto allow the unit to adjust to the ambienttemperature. If the power switch is turned ontoo soon after a sudden climate change,condensation may form inside the unit,causing malfunction.Never turn the unit upside down or sidewayswhen moving it.Never install telephone wiring during alightning storm.Never install telephone sockets in wetlocations unless the socket is specificallydesigned for wet locations.Never touch uninsulated telephone wires orterminals unless the telephone line hasbeen disconnected at the network interface.Use caution when installing or modifyingtelephone lines.Do not position the unit in a location where itis unstable or subject to vibrations.CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCTThe printer of this unit utilises a laser. Use ofcontrols or adjustments or performance ofprocedures other than those specifiedherein may result in hazardous radiationexposure.See the operating instructions for the Laserdiodes properties.CLASS 1M LED PRODUCTDo not view directly with optical instruments.See the operating instructions for the LEDlight of CIS properties.Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.5

1. Important InformationFuser unitWhen moving the unit, hold both of the side grips (1).During or immediately after printing, thefuser unit gets hot. This is normal. Do nottouch the fuser unit.Note:L The area near the recording paper exit may also getwarm. This is normal.Toner cartridgeAvoid ingestion, inhalation, eye or skincontact.L If ingestion occurs, drink several glassesof water to dilute stomach contents.L If inhalation occurs, exit the areaimmediately into the fresh air.L If skin contact occurs, wash thoroughlywith soap and cold water, then air dry.Do not use hot water or hair dryer.L If eye contact occurs, flush thoroughlywith water.L In all cases, seek medical treatment ifadverse symptoms occur.111.2 Important safety instructionsWhen using this unit, basic safety precautions shouldalways be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electricshock, or personal injury.1. Do not use this unit near water, for example near abathtub, wash bowl, kitchen sink, etc.2. During thunderstorms, avoid using telephonesexcept cordless types. There may be a remote risk ofan electric shock from lightning.3. Do not use this unit to report a gas leak, when in thevicinity of the leak.SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS1.3 For best performanceMoving the unitThe unit is heavy. It is highly recommended that twopeople handle this unit.1.4 Information for Users onCollection and Disposal of OldEquipment and used Batteries1 2 36 Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.These symbols (1, 2, 3) on the products, packaging,and/or accompanying documents mean that usedelectrical and electronic products and batteries shouldnot be mixed with general household waste.For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of oldproducts and used batteries, please take them toapplicable collection points, in accordance with yournational legislation and the Directives 2002/96/EC and2006/66/EC.

1. Important InformationBy disposing of these products and batteries correctly,you will help to save valuable resources and prevent anypotential negative effects on human health and theenvironment which could otherwise arise frominappropriate waste handling.For more information about collection and recycling ofold products and batteries, please contact your localmunicipality, your waste disposal service or the point ofsale where you purchased the items.Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of thiswaste, in accordance with national legislation.For business users in the European UnionIf you wish to discard electrical and electronicequipment, please contact your dealer or supplier forfurther information.Information on Disposal in other Countries outsidethe European UnionThese symbols (1, 2, 3) are only valid in theEuropean Union. If you wish to discard these items,please contact your local authorities or dealer and askfor the correct method of disposal.Note for the battery symbolThis symbol (2) might be used in combination with achemical symbol (3). In this case it complies with therequirement set by the Directive for the chemicalinvolved.1.5 Illegal copiesL It is unlawful to make copies of certaindocuments.Copying certain documents may be illegal in yourcountry. Penalties of fines and/or imprisonment maybe imposed on those found guilty. The following areexamples of items that may be illegal to copy in yourcountry.– Currency– Bank notes and cheques– Bank and government bonds and securities– Passports and identification cards– Copyright material or trademarks without theconsent of the owner– Postage stamps and other negotiableinstrumentsThis list is not inclusive and no liability isassumed for either its completeness or accuracy.In case of doubt, contact your legal counsel.Notice:L Install your machine near a supervised area toprevent illegal copies from being made.Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.7

1. Important Information1.6 Important Information (for UKusers)The connection to the telecommunicationsystems must not be hard wired and mustbe unplugged before the earth isdisconnected.Method of connectionThis apparatus is connected to the exchangeline or PABX/PMBX extension by the newstandard British Telecom plug and socket.Arrangements for provision of this type oftermination can be made through thenearest British Telecom Sales Office.NOTES:● If you experience any problems with thenormal use of your apparatus, you shouldunplug it from the telephone outlet andconnect a known working telephone in itsplace. If the known working telephone stillgives problems, then please contact thecustomer service department of yourPSTN operator (e.g. BT etc.). If itoperates properly, then the problems arelikely to be a fault in your apparatus. Inthis case, consult your supplier for advice.● Your PSTN operator may charge you ifthey attend a service call that is not dueto apparatus supplied by them.This apparatus may be connected to thefollowing types of installation.a) For connection to the public switchedtelephone network (PSTN) andcompatible PBX (Private BranchExchange), which use DTMF signalling.(Please consult your supplier for an up todate list of compatible PBX’s.)b) The apparatus can be used on extensionsockets connected to a direct exchangeline (D.E.L.).c) This apparatus is suitable for connectionto the telecommunication system directlyor via compatible private branchexchange as an extension. The supplierof the apparatus should be consulted foran up to date list of PBX’s with which theapparatus is compatible.It cannot be guaranteed that the apparatuswill operate under all possible conditions ofconnection to compatible PBX’s.● This apparatus is suitable for connectionto a PBX with or without initial proceedindication.● This apparatus is suitable for connectionto a PBX with or without secondaryproceed indication.Any cases of difficulty should be referred inthe first instance to the supplier of theapparatus.d) The apparatus must not be connected inthe following manner:–As an extension to a pay phone–As a party line with shared service8 Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.

1. Important InformationFor your safetyThis appliance is supplied with a mouldedthree pin mains plug for your safety andconvenience.Should the fuse need to be replaced pleaseensure that the replacement fuse is of thesame rating and that it is approved byASTA or BSI to BS1362.Check for ASTA markmarkor the BSIon the body of the fuse.If the plug contains a removable fuse coveryou must ensure that it is refitted when thefuse is replaced.If you lose the fuse cover the plug must notbe used until a replacement cover isobtained.A replacement fuse cover can bepurchased from your local Panasonicdealer.IF THE FITTED MOULDED PLUG ISUNSUITABLE FOR THE SOCKET OUTLETIN YOUR HOME THEN THE FUSESHOULD BE REMOVED AND THE PLUGCUT OFF AND DISPOSED OF SAFELY.THERE IS A DANGER OF SEVEREELECTRICAL SHOCK IF THE CUT OFFPLUG IS INSERTED INTO ANY 13 AMPSOCKET.If a new plug is to be fitted please observethe wiring code as shown below.If in any doubt please consult a qualifiedelectrician.WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BEEARTHED.IMPORTANT:The wires in this mains lead are coloured inaccordance with the following code:Green-and-Yellow: EarthBlue:NeutralBrown:LiveAs the colours of the wire in the mains leadof this appliance may not correspond withthe coloured markings identifying theterminals in your plug, proceed as follows.The wire which is coloured GREEN-AND-YELLOW must be connected to the terminalin the plug which is marked with the letter Eor by the Earth symbol or colouredGREEN or GREEN-AND-YELLOW.The wire which is coloured BLUE must beconnected to the terminal in the plug whichis marked with the letter N or colouredBLACK.The wire which is coloured BROWN must beconnected to the terminal in the plug whichis marked with letter L or coloured RED.How to replace the fuse: Open the fusecompartment with a screwdriver and replacethe fuse (and fuse cover).FUSEDetailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.9

1. Important Information1.7 Extension telephone adaptorfor UKWhen using the unit with an external answeringmachine, please purchase an extension telephoneadaptor.To EXT socketSb1a1E (contact side)– “POLLING ERROR”– “PLEASE WAIT”– “REDIAL TIME OUT”– “REMOVE DOCUMENT”– “REPLACE DRUM CHANGE SUPPLIES”– “RX MEMORY FULL”– “SCANNER POSITION ERROR”– “TONER EMPTY”“CHANGE SUPPLIES”– “TONER LOW”“CHANGE SUPPLIES”– “TRANSMIT ERROR”– “TRAY #2 LEFT COVER OPEN”– “WARMING UP”To telephone line cord ofexternal telephone or telephoneanswering machineAN. Cb1SEa1N. C(view: A)a1, b1: LineS : ShuntE : Earth Recall (This function is notprovided on this fax machine.)1.8 Error messages – DisplayIf the unit detects a problem, one or more of the followingmessages will appear on the display. See the operatinginstructions for details.– “CALL SERVICE”– “CHANGE DRUM”– “CHECK DOCUMENT”– “CHECK DRUM”– “CHECK INSTALL INPUT TRAY #1”– “CHECK PAPER”– “CHECK PICK UP INPUT TRAY #1”– “DIRECTORY FULL”– “DRUM LIFE LOW REPLACE SOON”– “EMAIL SIZE OVER”– “FAX IN MEMORY”– “FILE SIZE OVER”– “KEEP COPYING”– “LEFT COVER OPEN”– “LOW TEMP.”– “MEMORY FULL”– “MODEM ERROR”– “NO FAX REPLY”– “OUT OF PAPER INPUT TRAY #1”– “PAPER JAMMED”– “PC FAIL OR BUSY”10 Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.

1. Important Information1.9 Condition of guarantee1. This machine is supplied with a one year swap out warranty. Please retain your Proof of Purchase andPackaging in the unlikely event that your machine should require attention. For further information, pleasecontact following:- For UK: 0844 844 3878 (for fax machine) / 0844 844 3867 (for MFP)- For the Republic of Ireland: 01 6130082 (for fax machine) / 01 2898255 (for MFP)In addition you can visit our web site at www.panasonic.co.uk2. This warranty is in addition to and does not in any way affect any statutory or other right of consumerpurchasers. This warranty relates only to product used within Mainland Great Britain, please refer to yourdealer warranty information relating to use elsewhere within the United Kingdom and Ireland.3. You should complete the registration form overleaf and fax it to us with 7 days of purchase; failure to do somay result in delays in providing warranty service.4. This warranty covers breakdowns due to design or manufacturing faults; it does not apply to damage,however caused, wear or tear, neglect, incorrect adjustment or repair, or to any items of limited natural life.5. This warranty does not cover consumables, i.e. ink films, film refills, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, drumunits, paper and paper loads or any optional accessories which may have been purchased either at thesame time as, or subsequent to, the main unit. Such accessories should be returned to the point ofpurchase if found to be faulty.6. In the event of a failure, please take the following action;a) Refer to the “Help” section of your instruction manual in order to identify and possibly correct theproblem:b) If the problem is not resolved after referring to the user guide, please contact our customer helpline:- For UK: 0844 844 3878 (for fax machine) / 0844 844 3867 (for MFP)- For the Republic of Ireland: 01 6130082 (for fax machine) / 01 2898255 (for MFP)7. In the event the helpline cannot resolve the problem, a like for like exchange FAX/MFP will be despatched.The helpline operator will give you specific instructions on how the exchange will be executed. Failure tocomply with these instructions may result in delay and cost to you.8. The exchange FAX/MFP will be delivered in a customised case by courier. It is the customer’sresponsibility to promptly remove the exchange FAX/MFP and insert the faulty FAX/MFP in the caseprovided for collection, to enable the courier to return it to Panasonic.9. The exchange FAX/MFP is to be regarded as a like for like exchange under warranty and the balance ofthe warranty period will transfer to the exchange unit. The purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy underthis guarantee against Panasonic is for the repair or replacement of the appliance or any defective partsand no other remedy, including, but not limited to; incidental or consequential damage or loss ofwhatsoever nature shall be available to the purchaser.10. Where the original FAX/MFP is found to be faulty as a result of unauthorised repairs or modifications ordamage either by accident, misuse or improper installation then Panasonic reserves the right to charge thecustomer a contribution towards repair costs.11. If at any time during the guarantee period any parts of the appliance are replaced with parts not suppliedor approved by us or of an objective quality, safe and suitable for the appliance, or has been dismantled orrepaired by any person not authorised by us, we shall have the right to terminate this guarantee in wholeor in part immediately without further notice.12. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only and is not transferable.13. The warranty period applicable to this product shall be 12 months from the date of purchase.14. This product is designed for use only on the United Kingdom and Ireland’s Public Switched TelephoneNetwork and should be used only for normal purposes and in accordance with standard operatinginstructions (applies to models with telephone/fax function only).Please keep these Operating Instructions with your receipt.Panasonic Business Systems U.K.Receipt No.Date of PurchaseModel No.DP-MB300Serial No.Detailed operating instructions are on the CD-ROM.11

0682Sales Department:Panasonic House, Willoughby Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8FPManufacturer:1-62, 4-chome, Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka 812-8531, JapanGlobal web site:http://www.panasonic.net/PNQW1811ZACM0409DY0-EU

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