customer requirements document

customer requirements document

customer requirements document

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Appendix I: CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT for Audio Provision of Elected Members1.4 DependenciesCUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTBrigade Projects/Operational Process that depend upon this Customer Requirement.NoneBrigade Projects/Operational Process upon which this Customer Requirement dependsNone1.5 Service Level RequirementsOnce the system is installed MF&RS will look to one supplier to provide Support and Maintenance for thefull solution taking on responsibility for any MF&RS legacy equipment used.1.6 Priority Requirements (Please Select 1)Priorit Response/ RestoreY/Ny1. Service Affecting Incidents. 2 hr Response, 4 hr Restore (Contractual)2. Service Affecting Incidents. 2 hr Response, 8 hr Restore (Contractual) Y3. Non Service Affecting Incidents. 24 hr Response, 5 working days Restore1.7Engineer Training RequirementsTo be advised from Evaluation of solutionLatest Status:Date Update From Update Details20/10/2007 Colette Russell Unfortunately I don’t think telent can resource this requirement in thetimescales you have asked. As you know Ed, I came to this conclusiona few weeks ago when we realised we were running at capacity (here atY:\Committee\2008\CFO 098 - APPENDIX I.doc Page 4 of 7

Appendix I: CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT for Audio Provision of Elected MembersCUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTDerby Rd) with the additional projects we were undertaking as well ascore contract commitments.I asked Barry to take this and the CCTV opportunity back into thebusiness, which he did immediately. Since then, Tony Downer hasagreed to manage the CCTV project on our behalf but Barry has notcommunicated his thoughts or progress to me on the Conferencerecording project. He is now on leave, out of the country for twoweeks. Glenn is now also on leave and I really have no staff to work onthis opportunity, particularly as it’s not our usual area and we’d need todo some research into it and find suppliers, with whom we have nohistory, etc. in a very short timescale.I’ve just called Glenn before he leaves for sunny beaches somewhereand he said that the Deaf Advocates may have such a system and thatTufty may also have known contacts from their previous, directinvolvement with conference facilitiesOn the basis of this, unfortunately I have to decline the opportunity fortelent to organise the demo with a view to procuring a system on yourbehalf. Should you do this direct, as ever, we will assist where we canand would advise that a support agreement is purchased that matchesthe requirement of the business and if telent is to manage the system inthe future, we would need to understand the system and the supportcontract as son as possible.I’m very sorry we cannot deliver on this occasion, and trust you willaccept that our priority is to deliver the contract and closely associatedprojects to the best of our ability and capacity. Barry may wish toprovide back-office support later in the project when he gets back, butfor now we can’t achieve that.29/10/2007 Colette Russell I have asked Barry to address the CCTV and Conference Recordingprojects as these are not typical areas for the team here and as resourceis limited I feel it’s best we are sensible as to what we can delivereffectively for you without compromising the contract.Therefore – I have copied in Barry and when he gets back from leave hewill advise on which resource he can assign to the ConferenceRecording project from telent Coventry.Hope this is okay with you, either way telent will get involved but onthese two jobs, likely to be our colleagues in Coventry13/11/2007 Bernie Kenny Company The Punchline attended the day and performed demo. TerryY:\Committee\2008\CFO 098 - APPENDIX I.doc Page 5 of 7

Appendix I: CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT for Audio Provision of Elected MembersCUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTrepresented Telent at Demo.We evaluated the Elected Members experience of the day via afeedback questionnaire, and the general consensus was they preferredthe microphones to be fitted with on/off switches. This however couldcause a problem in that all the meeting must be recorded, so if someonespeaks without their microphone switched on it may not be recorded.However, an alternate method could be acquired whereby there arerecording only devices situated around the room.The next meeting is scheduled for 11 th January 2008 and the fullsolution needs to be in place for then. This has now been forwardedback to Kev P for update on 19/11/200729/11/2007 Bernie Kenny Telent to acquire 3 quotes for a full solution. 1 from The Punchline, 1from AVQ and 1 from Another.07/12/2007 Review Meeting Bernie will organise for Punchline to provide another demo for 22 ndJanuary 2008, this time the Microphones should have on-off switch.09/04/08 K Pilkington From: dharminder.thiara@telent.comSent: 14 March 2008 09:50To: Kenny, Bernadette; Taylor, Keith; terence.fletcher@telent.com;Knowles, HelenCc: Franklin, Ed; glenn.birtwistle@telent.comSubject: Live Recording of Elected Members Meeting on 18th MarchBernie, Keith, Helen, TerryAs discussed earlier this week, Tyco will be coming to MF&RS HQ onTuesday, 18th March to provide a live demo of their proposed solutionduring the Elected members meeting. Keith from Tyco has confirmedthat Kevin Beazley of Bosch will be at HQ for the 18th March at 9amfor a 10am start.Could all of you please ensure that you are available at 09:00 am to seethe set up of the audio conferencing system. The live demo of thissystem will help the end users to have a look & feel of the system andfor the project team to evaluate the voice recording quality.regards------------------------------------------------------------------Dharminder ThiaraBosch attended the members meeting on the 18 th to demo the system. Itappeared to be well received. B Kenny has the surveys produced by theusers of the systemY:\Committee\2008\CFO 098 - APPENDIX I.doc Page 6 of 7

Appendix I: CUSTOMER REQUIREMENT for Audio Provision of Elected MembersCUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENT09/04/08 K Pilkington As Tyco did not record the members meeting we have requested thatthey attend another meeting to enable a decision to be made. They havebeen booked to attend another meeting on the 17/04 to demonstrate therecording system10/04/08 Actions from CRDMeetings prior to10/04/2008Telent are to acquire 3 quotes for a full solution, 1 from The Punchline,1 from AVQ and 1 from Another. KPBernie will organise for Punchline to provide another demo for meetingon 22 nd January 2008, this time the Microphones should have on-offswitch. BKStatus Update 08/02/2008Punchline performed 2 nd Demo and consensus was they preferred on/offswitch. Tony Downer and Dharminder are reviewing Suppliers and willengage BK and Telent in Supplier presentationsBKStatus Update 17/03/2008Tyco will be presenting a demonstration at Authority meeting18/03/2008. Dharminder provided evaluation & costs that have come indouble available budget.Tyco second line (9-5 Mon-Fri) annual support has not been included inquoteTyco need to provide SLA on Response/Fix times.Expansion needed on quote, i.e. what is a day classed as? What does thecommissioning of £18,000 cover?What are the resource costs for Audio v Induction loop split?1st Line support needs amendment to existing contract which will add£3,300 to annual fee.KP advised Laptop is single point of failure, needs to record to Server.KP will attend authority meeting with suppliers 18/03/2008 and obtainanswers to these questions.KPY:\Committee\2008\CFO 098 - APPENDIX I.doc Page 7 of 7

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