What's it like to work at Drake Software? Here's what some of our ...


What's it like to work at Drake Software? Here's what some of our ...

What’s it like to work at Drake Software? Here’s what some ofour employees have to say………“The Drake ad gave a good description of the opportunity, the interview process includedmeeting officers, managers and staff, and after joining Drake the future is exciting.”David Chapman, employee since June 2007Software Sales“When I came to Drake Software I was starting a career in a field that I was not familiarwith. Thanks to supportive Supervisors and co-workers I found that I was able to learnwhat I needed to do my job and with opportunities available I was able to continue tolearn and advance.”Debbie Land, employee since September 2000Technical Support“I have been working for Drake Software for 2 years and it has been a great experience.Everyone in the company treats you like family, whether you’re from the area or justmoved here. You could not ask for a better atmosphere to work in!”Lacey Crowe, employee since September 2005Tax Development

Drake has continually proven to me how much they care about their employees, theircustomers and the products we produce.The working environment is great, the work is challenging and seldom boring, and thereare lots of opportunities for personal growth. “Linda Jarman, employee since October 1998Tax Development“It’s the people at Drake that make the difference. They made me feel welcome and partof the team from the interview to the first day on the job and beyond.”Bob Plantz, employee since May 2007Tax Development“The hiring process at Drake Enterprises was a smooth transition for me. The HR staffmade me feel very comfortable and was very helpful in assisting me with any questions Ihad. My core reasoning for choosing to work at Drake Enterprises was because of thepositive atmosphere and the great opportunity to succeed in the company. One of thethings I am most thankful for whenever it comes to working for Drake Enterprises is theirfoundation of biblical principals.”Cody Watson, employee since July 2002Customer Relationship Management Team (CRMT)

“After recently graduating from college, I can say that working for Drake is probably oneof the best decisions I have ever made. My co-workers are very friendly,compassionate, and helpful. I actually feel like I have a new home with a new family tolook out for me.”Janet Murphy, employee since May 2007Tax Development“I really enjoy working at Drake Software. Being able to work with such friendly andcapable people, coupled with the low-stress living in Franklin, has made me appreciatenot being in a big city.”Duane White, employee since May 2007Applications Development

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