Structured Cabling - WF Senate

Structured Cabling - WF Senate

StructuredCablingCables 304Data Cabling Accessories 305 - 307Tools & Test Equipment 307Connect with the Best303

Structured CablingCablesCableCat 6 CableComplies with ISO11801.Internal Telephone CablesOther pairs available - please call for details.Description Colour Ref No. Code2 Pair Cable White CW130802 93023 Pair Cable White CW130803 93034 Pair Cable White CW130804 93046 Pair Cable White CW130806 9306No. of Colour Box Length CodePairs(m)Unscreened Twisted Pair - PVC4 Grey 305 6028Unscreened Twisted Pair - LSF4 Violet 305 6027Coax Cable (RG59)Suitable for CCTV, TV, Video and Satellite.Description Colour Ref No. CodeCCTV Coax Black RG59 7012Patch LeadsAvailable in five standard lengths. Moulded boot.Other lengths / colours are available - please call for details.Description Ref No. Order No.30030.5mPatch Lead (Grey) GM-CAT5E05M 234854Cat 5E CableComplies with EIA/TIA 568A, ISO11801 and EN50173.No. of Colour Box Length CodePairs(m)Unscreened Twisted Pair - PVC4 Grey 305 6001Unscreened Twisted Pair - LSF4 Grey 305 60024 Violet 305 6003Foil Screened Twisted Pair4 Grey 305 60041mPatch Lead (Grey) GM-CAT5E1M 234870Patch Lead (Blue) GM-CAT5E1MB 234883Patch Lead (Yellow) GM-CAT5E1MJ 234906Patch Lead (Red) GM-CAT5E1MR 234919Patch Lead (Green) GM-CAT5E1MV 2348962mPatch Lead (Grey) GM-CAT5E2M 234867Patch Lead (Blue) GM-CAT5E2MB 234922Patch Lead (Yellow) GM-CAT5E2MJ 234951Patch Lead (Red) GM-CAT5E2MR 234964Patch Lead (Green) GM-CAT5E2MV 2349353mPatch Lead (Grey) GM-CAT5E3M 3234980Patch Lead (Blue) GM-CAT5E3MB 3235002Patch Lead (Yellow) GM-CAT5E3MJ 3235015Patch Lead (Red) GM-CAT5E3MR 3234993Patch Lead (Green) GM-CAT5E3MV 32349775mPatch Lead (Grey) GM-CAT5E5M 235073Patch Lead (Blue) GM-CAT5E5MB 235109304

Structured CablingData Cabling AccessoriesConnect withthe BestStandard Wall Boxes 19"Other sizes available from stock.Floor standing cabinets also available - please call for details.Description Ref No. Order No.30036U (450mm) DR-WB2006300 23538710U (450mm) DR-WB2010300 23539014U (450mm) DR-WB2014300 235400Patch Panels 19" (Cat 5E)Patch Panels are also available for Cat 6 - please call for details.Description Ref No. Order No.300318 Way GM-PP18C5EUTP 22935124 Way GM-PP24C5EUTP 22936448 Way GM-PP48C5EUTP 229377Rear Management (24 Way) GM-CMR1 232762CONECT 123 'Home Cabling'Ideal for home cabling solutions (8 to 32 Way).Simple to install.Supports CAT5E, CAT6, TV and voice.Description Ref No. Order No.3003Patch Panels 10" (5E / GE / TV etc.)8 Way Patch Panel - CAT5E (UTP) GM-123P8UGMG5E 2292838 Way Patch Panel - TV GM-123P01UTV8 2328858 Way Patch Panel - Voice GM-123P01UV8 232872Cabinets / Wall Boxes 10"Enclosure - 8U GM-123CAB8G 229173Cabinet Accessories 10"Clips (20 Pack) GM-123CLIP20N 229186Blank Plate - 1U GM-123P01UG 2291998 x 6c Plate (Unloaded) GM-CWTPV8RJKRG 231912Shelf - 1U GM-123SM1UG 229209Cable Management 19"Fit standard 19" wall and floor standing cabinets.Description Ref No. Order No.3003Cable Management Bar - 1U (4 Ring) GM-CMB1U 229380305

Structured CablingData Cabling AccessoriesConsolidation Points / Couplers (Cat5E)Description Ref No. Order No.3003Consolidation Point GM-6210250U00 234249Through Connector (RJ45) GM-6210909C5E 233936Face Plates, Modules and Blanks (Cat 5E)Can accept up to 4 modulesAvailable in both single and twin format with square or roundcorners.Modules are also available for Cat 6 - please call for details.Description Ref No. Order No.3003Face Plates (Round Corners)Single Face Plate GM-FPSG 229416Twin Face Plate GM-FPDG 229429Face Plates (Square Corners)Single Face Plate GM-FPSGSQ 231873Twin Face Plate GM-FPDGSQ 231886Modules & Blanks (Dims. in mm)RJ45 Module (25 x 50) GM-RJ45C5EUTP 229393RJ45 Module (25 x 38) GM-RJ456C5EUTP 229403BT Module - Master (25 x 50) GM-LJ6M 231857BT Module - Secondary (25 x 50) GM-LJ6S 2318601 Module Blank (25 x 50) GM-BLK25 2294321/2 Module Blank (12.5 x 50) GM-BLK12 229500Telephone Extension leads & RJ45 to TelephoneAdaptorsDescription Ref No. Order No.3003Telephone Extensions5m - Plug to Socket GM-BT608A05 23321110m - Plug to Socket GM-BT608A10 233839AdaptorsRJ45 to BT (Master) 2 Pack GM-TMABP 234663RJ45 to BT (Secondary) 2 Pack GM-TSABP 234676306

Structured CablingConnect withthe BestData Cabling Accessories, Tools & Test EquipmentCRIMP TOOLCOAX STRIPPERPUNCHDOWNTOOLSTONE & PROBE TEST KITUPS (PULSAR ELLIPSE ASR) - UninterruptiblePower SuppliesIdeal for stand-alone PC's and Workstations.375VA to 1500VA (Up to 4 standard 13A socket outputs).Up to 16 Minutes backup time.Complete with USB port and shutdown software.LABELPRINTERCUT & STRIP KITDescription Ref No. Order No.5985375VA (3 x 13A - 16 Minutes) MGE-66763 003651750VA (4 x 13A - 8 Minutes) MGE-66775 0036801500VA (4 x 13A - 11 Minutes) MGE-66783 003703Tools and Test EquipmentDescription Ref No. Order No.3003Cut and Strip Kit - CAT5E GM-TKIT1 229746LSA Punchdown Tool GM-TOOLK 229513LSA / 110 Punchdown Tool GM-907HKR110 229636Coax Stripper - UTP / FTP CTI-907X501 231598Crimp Tool - Professional CTI-907HSTS201 231608(RJ45 / RJ12 / RJ11)Tone and Probe Test Kit TE-33864 234469Label Printer - Professional TE-IDPALINTL 232775Surge ProtectionDescription Ref No. Order No.598513A Surge Protector Strip (5 Way) MGE-66526 005947307

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