SATURDAY 6 FRIDAY 12 ISSUE 207 OCTOBER, 2012 - pvmcitypaper

SATURDAY 6 FRIDAY 12 ISSUE 207 OCTOBER, 2012 - pvmcitypaper

Within PV 3Publisher / Editor:Allyna Vinebergavineberg@yahoo.comContributors:Anna ReismanJoe HarringtonStan GabrukGretchen DeWittKrystal FrostAli HernandezHarriet MurrayRonnie BravoPolly VicarsOffice: 223-1128Graphic Designer:Leo Robby R. R.Webmaster:PVMCITYPAPER Online TeamThis week’s cover photo:“A Spanish Galleon in the Bay”by Charlie SincinitoPV Mirror es una publicación semanal.Certificados de licitud de título ycontenido en tramite.Prohibida la reproducción total oparcial de su contenido, imágenes y/ofotografías sin previa autorización porescrito del editor.Ramón Guerrero takes oath of officeas new Mayor of Puerto VallartaLast Sunday, Ramón DemetrioGuerrero took his oath of officeas Mayor of Puerto Vallarta forthe 3-year term ending September30, 2015. He promised to governfor the good of this destination, torebuild it and to fight for those whohave the least.In his speech, he spoke of Vallartaon the one hand as a beautiful citylike visitors see it, but on the otherwhere the poverty in which someVallartans live can be seen, thoughit is hidden.He spoke of the method ofgoverning used by former mayorSalvador González Reséndiz, thedeficient services, impassablestreets, broken down patrol cars,deficient security, burnt out streetlights and forgotten public places.“This is the image that no one orfew want to see,” he said.He pointed out that he is receivingan administration with “broken”finances, and contrary to SalvadorGonzález Reséndiz’ statements,“the city’s debt is around $1,200Million Pesos.”He also spoke of the municipalpayroll which includes over 3,800workers, more than that of Jalisco’scapital city of Guadalajara – acity of over 4 Million inhabitants,for the attendance to know howGonzález Reséndiz worked. Everytime the latter’s name came up, itwas loudly booed by the audience,calling him names and yelling athim to leave.Guerrero committed himself torun a transparent government, withall the information regarding thedebt, the City’s payroll, the 20%reduction in salaries, etc. We knowthat this will be a government ofausterity, the financial problemswill not be resolved so quickly.As part of his speech, Vallarta’snew Mayor decreed that therewould be no permits issued tobuild or change the land usagecategory, which could damage themountains or put them at risk.Finally, he expressed his hopethat the six councilpersons of equalrepresentation from the PRI-PV,PRD and PAN parties will workwith him to form an exemplarygovernment.(Source: Brenda Montiel 6OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

4Within PVThe Metropolitan Opera live broadcastsarrive in Puerto has just received newsfrom Teatro Vallarta that the theater has concludedall the licensing and testing required by theMetropolitan Opera and Mexico City’s AuditorioNacional, their country-wide representative,to broadcast the acclaimed Live in HD Operabroadcasts from The Met in New York City. Forseveral years now, The Met has been broadcastingits Saturday opera matinees to select theaters andmovie houses around the world, including otherdestinations in Mexico. The Met relies on decadesof live broadcast experience, incorporating stateof the art high-definition cameras and audioequipment, to provide audiences around the worldwith an immersive experience that equals or eventops that of being center stage at the legendaryNew York concert hall.This is possible by carefully directedbroadcasts, involving many different angles,and additional, behind the scenes takes before,during and after the performances, as well asintermission. Frequently, lead opera singers,conductors and stage designers are interviewedas well, to provide audiences with a morecomprehensive experience of the opera beingperformed. Regardless of the language of theopera, they are all subtitled with the languageof the country in which they are screened; inour case, Spanish.No news has been released yet by TeatroVallarta regarding ticket purchases and prices.However, those interested can access The Met’sLive in HD schedule ( fortheir entire 2012-2013 season, which beginswith the October 13 broadcast of Donizetti’sL’Elisir d’Amore, in a new production starringAnna Netrebko and Matthew Polenzani.Maurizio Benini conducts. The Met’s websitealso features a preview video of all the entireseason.Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Groupcongratulates Teatro Vallarta for bringing toour destination a much needed new option inthe increasing number of music and culturerelatedopportunities available for tourists andlocals here. For more information, visit TeatroVallarta’s website, Paco Ojeda – IFC President died In Tennesseeby POLLY G. VICARSHer generosity was incredible toLynn Nokes, former IFCPresident, left Vallarta afew years ago due to healthproblems. She had beenliving in her native Tennesseeand after a severe fall, passedaway quietly on September25, 2012Lynn will be rememberedfor her devotion to thecharities of Puerto Vallarta, her fabulousfloral arrangements and delicious mealsshe prepared for many.individuals in need as well as to the variouscharities - Becas Vallarta, RedCross, Cleft Palate programand more.Quietly, she went aboutgiving a helping handwherever needed, as wellas successfully leading theInternational Friendship Clubfor two terms. Vallartenseswere changed for the better byher years living among them.Rest in Peace, LynnSATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

6Beyond PVOctober 12 th - Columbus Day,Día de la Raza, Canadian ThanksgivingDepending on where you are,October 12 th is celebrated differently…and for different reasons.In Mexico, as in most Hispaniccountries in the Americas, it is theday when ChristopherColumbus’ ships approached theshores of one of the islands off thecoast of the “new world” (namedAmerica in honor of Italian navigatorAmerigo Vespucci who had reachedthe north coast of what we call SouthAmerica today).The day marks the beginning ofrelations between Europe and theAmericas, the “meeting of twoworlds” that transformed forever thevision of the world and the lives ofEuropeans and “americans” as well.On the evening of August 3, 1492,Columbus departed from Palos,Spain, with three ships: one largercarrack, Santa María, nicknamedGallega (the Gallician), and twosmaller caravels, Pinta (the Painted)and Santa Clara, nicknamed Niña(the Girl). And, as they say, the restis history.For centuries, many peoplebelieved that Columbus was a greatdiscoverer – but in reality Columbusdiscovered nothing.How can you “discover” a landthat already had 20 million nativepeople already living there?What Columbus did was to setinto motion a chain of viciousnessthat lasted for more than 500 years:genocide, slavery, dehumanizingacts of inhumanity, atrocities ofbarbarism and brutality in crimesagainst humanity on a hugemurderous scale.“Research of Columbus over theyears paints a much different pictureof him than what many people know.Christopher Columbus introducedtwo phenomena that revolutionizedrace relations and transformed themodern world: the taking of land,wealth, and labor from indigenouspeoples, leading to their nearextinction, and the transatlanticslave trade of black American’sblack ancestors, which created aracial underclass that exists still tothis day.”Many people look upon Columbusas a great navigator. That is true. Buthe was also a plunderer.“We can understand Columbus andall European explorers (and settlers)more clearly if 1492 is treated notas a discovery, but as a meeting ofTHREE different cultures: Europe,Native peoples of the North/South/Central America/Mexico and theCaribbean, and Africa (which wassoon involved via the enslavementof defenseless Africans by greedyEuropeans).”Before the landing of Europeans inthe New World, there were thrivingcivilizations: Mayan, Aztec, Incaand Arawaks - to name just a few.And just as the history of nativepeoples in the Americas has beenthoroughly white-washed, thehistory of black America, bothpre-slavery and after slavery, ispractically written out of America’shistory books, especially the preslaveryhistory.It still remains that Columbus,and those conquerors who cameafter him, did more harm than goodtowards the native people of theNew World (directly) and the blackpeople of the Trans-Atlantic slavetrade (indirectly). And if the historyof Columbus is taught in schools,all of it must be taught, the goodwith the bad. And the history of thenative peoples of America and blackAmericans, who had just as much apart in the building of this country.El Día dela RazaThere’s a saying that Columbuslanded in 1492 and nine monthslater the first latinoamericanowas born. El Día de la Raza iscelebrated on Columbus Day. Iteither replaces it or is combinedwith the holiday, depending onthe nation celebrating. The U.S.celebrates on the second Mondayin October; most of Latin Americacelebrates it on the 12 th . El Díade la Raza celebrates the birthof the Latin American identity,with its bittersweet history andcontradictions.Hispanics have a particularconcern when it comes to thecelebration of Columbus. Forthem, the dilemma is that ourcultures and languages areheavily influenced by NativeAmericans (referred to as indiosin Latin America). Beyond theinfluence of indio culture, weshare much of the same blood,and therefore history. The samecan be said of the Africans whowould become slaves in theAmericas. Many call the attackson Columbus revisionist history,but that claim loses weight inlight of the fact that history wasbeing revised as it was written.Every action, regardless howmalevolent, was justified in thename of the Church. Our acceptedhistory isn’t the work of unbiasedintellectuals, but rather religiousand political zealots seekingfortune. The rest of the story hasalso been recorded, but is seldompresented.SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

8Vallarta VoicesbyThe other day, as I wasworking at my computer,I heard a strange andloud clucking sound fromsomewhere in the gardenbehind our house. I thoughtit was a bird, one I had neverheard before, so I went out tocheck it out.Well, I was wrong. It wasa grey squirrel! I’ve seen theodd squirrel here in Vallarta,but never on our property.When it saw me, it scurried offtowards our neighbor’s place.Good move, little guy! I’mreally not sure how my dogs orcats would have reacted to it.By the time you read this, Iwill be in the Great White North,on my annual visit with some ofmy children, grandchildren, andfriends.It’s always the same thing withme, every year. I hate leaving myhome in PV. It took me a coupleof years before the word “home”began referring to Vallarta insteadof Montreal, but that was many,many years ago. As much as I lookforward to seeing everyone again, Istill start counting the days ‘till myreturn as soon as I get on the plane.I miss Vallarta and my ménagerieof furries terribly while I’m gone.Sure, it’s nice to see the leavesturn fiery colors up there, to findstrawberry rhubarb pies wherever Igo, fresh, sweet “peaches ‘n cream”corn, go to all-you-can-eat, real,honest-to-goodness Chinese andIndian buffets, have cold waterlobster from New Brunswick, butstill…ANNA REISMANThe continuous rains caused byHurricane Norman way out in thePacific caused even more damage toPV’s potholed streets. My colleagueGretchen wrote a beautifuldescription in her recent blog:“Le déluge! Dramatic, drenchingdownpours this week flooded thestreets, cut out electricity in someneighborhoods and surprisedVallarta residents. It is late in theseason for so much rain. Tropicalrains turn the skies and bay aclouded opal color. Mist and wispyclouds cling to the lush jungledfoothills of the Sierra Madre thatoverlook the town and bay. Drivingin the tempests, with the windowsof our car rolled up and the ACon, I imagine cold, stormy winterweather. The door opens, and I feelthe rush of heat and humidity. It isstill summer.”And I took a photo.I would have attended theswearing in ceremony for our newMayor last Sunday morning, but Iconfess that I am anything but anearly riser… In any case, a fewcolleagues of mine told me thatthe audience didn’t hesitate tomake its feelings known aboutthe outgoing mayor, with veryloud booing, often.Well, here’s to the newadministration and its leader!May they turn this town’s fortunesaround. They will purportedly havehelp from the State of Jalisco whichis stepping forward to somewhatreduce the enormous debts thatGuadalajara, Tonala and PuertoVallarta inherited.Some of the new Councilmembers stated that they intendedto continue working at the “old”City Hall, that the new buildingis not completed, that their officesshould be downtown, where peoplecan reach them easily, etc. etc. Afriend of ours who drove out tothe new building said that the roadleading to it is all nicely paved, butthe one leading TO it is …a riverfull of potholes.There have been a number ofappointments and we animal loverswere delighted to hearthat the local poundknown as Centro deAcopio will now beheaded by a lady whotruly cares. And… SilviaAlvarez, my friend andcolleague from our days atthe Tribune (and the godmotherof three of my cats), creator ofEl Rincon del Hueso blog, hasbeen named to head the PressDepartment!How great is that? Who knows?With Silvia at the helm, we themedia may actually be advised ofthe events organized by the City’sCultural Department before theyhappen, and in time to publicizethem.That is all I’ve been able to findout for you, dear reader, so I’ll callit quits for today.Happy Thanksgiving Day toall my fellow Canadians, I wisha wonderful week to you all, anda most Happy Birthday to all theLibras out there! Hasta luego.sheis@ymail.comSATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

Good Bites 9Archie’s Wok Reopens Oct. 8 th !But there’s more to our history than just great flavors.Sometimes we all need more than just chips, guacamole andmargaritas. Archie’s Wok is your haven for bold and innovativeflavors to get you out of that Mexican rut!Since 1986, Archie’s Wok has been legendary in Banderas Bayfor serving-up original cuisine influenced by the exotic flavors ofThailand, China, and the Philippines. Archie’s helped establishthe culinary foundation of Puerto Vallarta and continues to beone of the bay’s most beloved, longtime established restaurants.It all began in 1976 when Archie was asked to becomeHollywood director John Huston’s private chef at his personalretreat on Banderas Bay’s south shore. Only reachable by boat,Las Caletas (The Coves) was John Huston’s rustic jungle villaby the sea.A WORLD OF FLAVORS: “Having feasted around theglobe, I can appreciate this wizardry.You bring the Orient, indeed the world, to my table in themiddle of the Mexican Jungle. Marvelous flavours - I applaudyou Archie!”- Written by John Huston to Archie at Playa Caletas,1981. Today, his family upholds Archie’s legacy of presenting aworld of flavors at this tranquil Asian-inspired restaurant.So when you finally say “no more tacos,” head on over toArchie’s Wok and discover a world of flavors. Named “BestAsian” in Vallarta for the past 7 years. Ask about their “glutenfree” options. Open Monday through Saturday from 2 to 11p.m. The ever-popular d’Rachael continues to perform classicaland contemporary music on harp, flute & vocals each Fridayand Saturday evenings from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Located inthe Romantic Zone on Vallarta’s South Side at 130 FranciscaRodriguez. You know the street, the one that meets the newpier. 222-0411. No reservations needed.SATURDAY 6OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

10Good BitesThey’re all open!Chef BruceLos Mercados reopened last Wednesday, adding many new items in all oftheir shops as well as bringing back all of your favorite things. Just a halfblockeast (inland) from the Molina De Agua Plaza at 265 Aquiles Serdan,same block as the old Rizo’s, Los Mercados is open Monday throughSaturday from 9 AM to 8 PM.Archie’s Wok (Monday, October 8 th ) is where you’ll find “a feeling ofserenity... very soothing... like an Oriental patio... extremely comfortable...subtle, intriguing flavors... care to detail... cuisine of the Philippines, withdelicate touches of Thai and Chinese... some of the best exotic cocktailsaround.” (See separate article on the previous page.)Coco Tropical - “Right on the beach... Great for serious, first rate peoplewatching ...and for dancing to Kosmas’ music at night, very romantic... Thesound of the waves, subtle lights, discreet and efficient service, fabulousmenu and quality of every dish therein... Fully stocked bar for that special,refreshing drink in the middle of the day...” At the foot of Basilio Badillo.Tel.: 222-5485.El Arrayan – “Authentic traditional Mexican cuisine, voted Best of itsclass 8 years in a row... true, inimitable delights to sight and taste… spacious,welcoming and charming Hacienda patio style … cool, casual atmosphere… attentive, friendly service promoting the use of regionally-producedingredients…” Open Wednesday to Monday from 5:30 to 11 p.m. at 344Allende St. downtown. Closed on Tuesdays. Reservations at 222-7195 andnow online at San Angel - “…breathtakingly beautiful, a visual treat… the180 o view is absolutely spectacular… The menu is not extensive, but everyitem has obviously been selected with great care. Service is superb, attentiveand subdued, the atmosphere is elegant, yet comfortable, making the guestsfeel as if they are dining in a wealthy, close friend’s hacienda of yesteryear.”Located up on the hill at 336 Miramar downtown. Tel.: 222-2692.Teatro Limon – “A Theatrical Event indeed… quick-witted, talentedCanadian Chef Bruce Byng prepares succulent 3- or 5-course dinnersfor a dining room full of people – single-handedly pleasing everyone…classy yet affordable …unique in PV… no set menu to speak of - alwayssuperb!” Callejon del Limon 1 in Palmar de Aramara. Tel.: 225-2606.www.teatrolimon.comChef Bruce has also recently opened “Poco Limon” at his originallocation of the Back Alley Bistro, 143 Rodolfo Gomez, behind La Piazzettaand Café Bohemio in the Romantic Zone on the south side of town. Cell:044 (322) 222-7911. Fabulous!ViteA Oceanfront Bistro – “… superb worldwide reputation … alwaysfull, some of the best people watching in town, with an unobstructedview of the bay beyond … lovely, European-style, elegant yet bistro-like… portions are generous, service is truly irreproachable; the bar is fullystocked, the desserts are decadent, and the coffees superb. The panoramicview of the Bay of Banderas is breathtakingly beautiful, and the prices arealways reasonable.” On the south side Malecon, corner of Libertad.SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

The 7 Arts 11Smoke SignalsEvery once in a while, whilesurfing on TV, I stumble across anoverlooked gem. I was planningon reviewing Trouble with theCurve this week, but then I sawSmoke Signals and it had a threestarrating so figured, why not? Iwas planning on watching anothermovie that started 20 minutes later.But felt, what the hell, why not seeif an Independent had somethingto offer? The first 15 minutes Iwas a little confused – story okaybut nothing startling – father burnsdown home by accident, saves akid, then leaves the reservation –of course it had to be a reservationwith that title.So I settled back waiting forthe auto signal to change me tothe next movie and a funny thinghappened – the whole mood of themovie changed from 15 minutesbyJOE HARRINGTONin and for the next five minutesI started to sit up straighter, andreally became engrossed. Withthe auto signal at the bottom ofthe screen sent its message that itwas changing to another stationI immediately hit the cancelbutton.This movie is about the Indianson a reservation in the panhandleof Idaho – Coeur D’Alene IndianReservation. But its message, itsheart, its soul has nothing to dowith whether the people in it areIndians, they just has well couldhave been Irish, or Hispanic, orChinese, or Australians.This movie is about loveand loss, about – at its heart –forgiveness.While watching the endingand the voice over summing upthe denouement – my eyes welledover, and I started to sob. I lost myfather when I was 18 – he was sovery young – massive heart attackat 48.That loss has resonatedthroughout my entire adult life, abackdrop of grief. And that samekind of loss resonated through theending of Smoke Signals.This movie touches the heart –touches the mind – resonates in thesoul.And I almost switched channelsafter the first 15 minutes!Don’t do that - rent this film- whether you are German orEthiopian, or Turkish – or whatever– this is a movie that addressessuch universal emotion of thehuman condition that it is a mustfor an avid movie lover – or evenan avid philosopher – to watch.I don’t usually wax so poeticover any movie – but this filmtouches a person in a wonderfullyhuman way.I went on line to Rotten Tomatoesand was not surprised to see thislittle gem got an 86% approvalrating. Then I looked it up onWikipedia and read some of thereviews posted there. Peter Stackof the San Francisco Chroniclecalled the film, “Unpretentious,funny and soulful. Well-acted,well-written, with spare, beautifulimagery.” Kevin Thomas ofthe Los Angeles Times describesSmoke Signals as, “A warm filmof friendship and reconciliation,and whenever it refers to historicinjustices or contemporary issuesin Native American culture, itdoes so with wry, glancing humor.Smoke Signals is indeed poignant,but above all it’s pretty funny.”Results for Arbitragecontest are in. This onewas based on a poster forthe movie that has SusanSarandon and RichardGere sitting at what isobviously either a first classrestaurant or a special eventlike a political fundraiser.The couple are not looking ateach other and have seriousexpressions on his face.For the first submissionto make sense, you alsohave to know that acrossthe table from the couple isan empty chair. Gary ofKelowna, BC, Canada, whoalso entered the GodfatherII contest, wrote, “Hang inthere, baby. Clint will stoptalking to that empty chairany minute now.” Anotherrepeat was Joyce from Texas:2) “After waiting six years, ifhe doesn’t ask me tonight I’mdumping him.” Teresa from BayRidge Brooklyn wrote: 3) “If BillClinton doesn’t stop this speechin one more minute I’m faking aheart attack.” Tom, from Boise,Idaho, wrote 4) “Man, why did Iever hire a female attorney?” Andthe fifth submission was, “DearGod, when am I going to learnabout how stupid blind dates are?”Once again, I rolled a dice and thenumber 3 came up. Congrats, Teresa.Joe is an internationally publishedtrue crime writer. You can sendhim comments or criticism atJoeMovieMadness@Yahoo.comArtwork by Bob Crabb.SATURDAY 6OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

12Health MattersBody & Solby KRYSTAL FROSTorganic-select@hotmail.comFoods that contain the highest amount of pesticidesThanks to our friend Susyfor sharing this info fromWake up World.Many scientific studies suggestthat the effects of syntheticpesticides can be detrimental toour health; one study suggests thatthe consumption of pesticides maylead to ADHD in children; in someother cases, exposure can lead tomany forms of cancers, infertilityproblems and birth defects. Alongwith the many other poor ‘food like’products we are eating, there is anarray of foreign substances that areentering our bodies.As we expose ourselves to thesesynthetic substances over the years,our bodies become overloaded, andour ‘cleaning’ mechanisms fail towork. As a result, many of us developsickness and disease because ourbodies cannot efficiently removethese toxins anymore. In order tohelp give your body a break fromthis chemical onslaught, we havesuggested what foods should beeaten organically. The foods listedbelow are some of the most toxic toour bodies if eaten from conventionalsources. Based the EnvironmentWorking Group (EWG), theycontain the most pesticides on or inthem compared to other foods; so,if you are considering in switchingto organic, we would suggestconsidering the below foods as afirst propriety in your transition.Top 12 Foods YouShould Eat Organically(From lowest to highestamount of pesticides)1. Apples: contain 42 knownpesticide residues found by the USDAPesticide Data Program (PDP). Outof the 42 pesticide residues, there are7 known carcinogens, 19 suspectedhormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins,6 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 17 honeybee toxins.(?)2. Cherries: contain 42 knownpesticide residues found by theUSDA PDP. Out of the 42 pesticideresidues, 7 known or probablecarcinogens, 22 suspected hormonedisruptors, 7 neurotoxins, 8development or reproductive toxins,and 18 honeybee toxins.3. Green Beans: contain 44known pesticide residues foundby the USDA PDP. Out of the44 pesticide residues, there are 8known carcinogens, 22 suspectedhormone disruptors, 11 neurotoxins,8 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 18 honeybee toxins.4. Collard Greens: contain 46known pesticide residues foundby the USDA PDP. Out of the46 pesticide residues, there are 9known carcinogens, 25 suspectedhormone disruptors, 10 neurotoxins,8 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 25 honeybee toxins.5. Spinach: contains 48 knownpesticide residues found bythe USDA PDP. Out of the 48pesticide residues, there are 8known carcinogens, 25 suspectedhormone disruptors, 8 neurotoxins,6 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 23 honeybee toxins.6. Sweet Bell Peppers: contain49 known pesticide residues foundby the USDA PDP. Out of the 49pesticide residues, there are 11known carcinogens, 26 suspectedhormone disruptors, 13 neurotoxins,10 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 19 honeybee toxins.7. Lettuce: contains 51 knownpesticide residues found bythe USDA PDP. Out of the 51pesticide residues, there are 12known carcinogens, 29 suspectedhormone disruptors, 9 neurotoxins,10 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 21 honeybee toxins.8. Blueberries: contain 52known pesticide residues foundby the USDA PDP. Out of the52 pesticide residues, there are 8known carcinogens, 24 suspectedhormone disruptors, 14 neurotoxins,7 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 21 honeybee toxins.9. Strawberries: contain 54known pesticide residues foundby the USDA PDP. Out of the54 pesticide residues, there are 9known carcinogens, 24 suspectedhormone disruptors, 11 neurotoxins,12 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 19 honeybee toxins.10. Kale: contains 55 knownpesticide residues found by theUSDA PDP. Out of the 55 pesticideresidues, there are 9 knowncarcinogens, 27 suspected hormonedisruptors, 10 neurotoxins, 10developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 23 honeybee toxins.11. Peaches: contain 62 knownpesticide residues found by theUSDA PDP. Out of the 62 pesticideresidues, there are 10 knowncarcinogens, 29 suspected hormonedisruptors, 12 neurotoxins, 11developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 25 honeybee toxins.12. Celery: contains the most at64 known pesticide residues foundby the USDA PDP. Out of the 64pesticide residues, there are 13known carcinogens, 31 suspectedhormone disruptors, 12 neurotoxins,14 developmental or reproductivetoxins, and 20 honeybee toxins.Honorable MentionsEach item is followed by thenumber of known pesticide residuesfound by the USDA Pesticide DataProgram: Broccoli - 33, Cucumbers– 35, Grapes – 34, Potatoes – 37,Tomatoes – 35.5 Foods with the LowestPesticide ResiduesBananas: 12, Grapefruit: 11,Almonds: 9, Asparagus: 9, Onions: 1.When buying produce alwaysconsider buying organic. Betteryet, to ensure freshness, ensure thatyou buy local as much as you can.When you can buy both local andorganic, you can guarantee that theproduct is both free of pesticides, andfull of nutrients. Further to this, youwill also avoid any potential foodsthat may have been geneticallymodified.Yep, there you have it. We justkeep saying it: Support your localorganic farmers. It’s good for YOUand our LOCAL ECONOMY.We noticed no one ever talksabout the really scary stuff thatgoes into packaging… organicor otherwise. Be wary of / avoidimported foods.Krystal Frost is a long time residentof Puerto Vallarta. Graduate ofUniversity of Guadalajara, andspecialized in cosmetic acupunctureat Bastyr University in WashingtonState. She is the owner of Body & Solfor over 15 years where she practicestraditional Chinese medicine,acupuncture, massage therapy,yoga, meditation and nutritionalcounseling. She has created healingprograms for individuals, retreatsand spas. Questions and commentsmay be directed toorganic-select@hotmail.comSATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

14Real EstatebyHARRIET MURRAYBehind the masks of MexicoOne of the better writers aboutMexican etiquette and ethics isBoye L. De Mente. It is good togo back and re-read some of hispassages when our area of PuertoVallarta and the Bay of Banderasis coping with city and stategovernment changeovers, changesin the fees and policies of the cityhall, and the physical breakdownof the roads from the additionalrain fall. I have always told clientslooking at properties in Septemberand October that they are gettingthe advantage of seeing the villa orcondo as it is when least attractive.Imagine how it looks after therainy season from Novemberthrough May.We expats, who live here fulltimeor have second homes, havemany reasons for being here. Anappreciation of the people andthe physical geography plays animportant part. When prices forhome in Ft. Lauderdale are lessthan a condo in Amapas, a buyerwill select our area if he seesintrinsic value in our unique spoton the western coast of Mexico.De Mente’s preface to his bookgives us the proper perspectiveto appreciate the gift of ourexperience here. Here are some ofhis points:Mexicans appreciate that theircountry is unique. They say “ComoMéxico no hay dos!” There is noother country like Mexico.The majority of Mexicans(80%) are Mestizos, the “newrace’’ made up a Spanish-Indianblend. Character is a blend oftraditional Indian and Spanishauthoritarianism, medievalCatholicism, personalism,machismo, and inherently joyfulnatures - which all manifests itselfin music, singing, dancing and art.Mexico’s ethics are a blendof historic religious intolerance,corruption, racism, malechauvinism and an elitist politicalsystem that conspired to keepordinary people ignorant andpowerless: to deny them basichuman rights. This would come tomean that ethics were reduced tothe personal level and based on thecircumstances at hand, rather thanuniversal principles of right andwrong.This nature of Mexican ethicswas developed behind a publicfaçade of stylized and courtlyetiquette which gave a positiveimpression to outsiders, but wasa false image of the realities ofMexican life. The reality ofMexico has been obscured behinda variety of masks: piety, pride,courage, gaiety, indifference, andstoicism.Real masks have long beenof extraordinary importance inMexico, to communicate the spiritword, to act out the roles of godsand spirits, to create imaginaryworlds, to signify mystery, power,and sometimes ruthlessness.Realistically, the mask-like facialexpressions are a protective cloakto conceal thoughts from outsidersin order to avoid loss of face orgetting involved in situationswhich could be physicallydangerous or threaten a position insociety.Mexico’s uses of masks andmasked expressions have theirexact counterparts among thepeople of the Orient. Mexico’straditional ethics and etiquetteare more Oriental than Western,as they do not often follow thepatterns of linear thinking, acharacteristic of the Anglo-Westernmindset. This background of theMexican attitude and behavior hastraditionally been more difficult forAnglo Westerners to understand,accept and deal with effectively inbusiness and politics.There have been dramaticeconomic, political and socialchanges since the last decades ofthe 20 th century… yet, attitudesand behavior of many remain verytraditional in their personal andbusiness relationships. Some ofthe best advice I have received isto study the history of the countrywhere you are living.This article is based uponlegal opinions, current practicesand my personal experiences. Irecommend that each potentialbuyer or seller of real estateconduct his own due diligence andreview.Ref.: “Mexican Etiquette andEthics” by Boye Lafayette De Mente.Harriet Murray may be contactedat harriet@casasandvillas.comSATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

Hi-Tech 15Give it only to friends and coworkers. Eventually all addresses getspammed, but keeping it close will minimize the problem.Best to set up an extra free email account (Gmail... Hotmail or Yahoo)and hand out that address when signing up for something online.Email Etiquette…It’s amazing how lazy we all can get with writing emails thesedays. And... you know who you are! New users of all ages hit theInternet every day. They’re so new that even the most well-established“netiquette” (internet etiquette) can seem bizarre and nonsensical tothem. Especially when it comes to the killer app of all time: e-mail. Sohere is some of the best advice I’ve heard over the years.Beware of hoaxesPeople have the best intentions when forwarding dire warnings aboutthe latest computer virus, telemarketer con jobs, natural disaster news,and whatever stunts the current political administration is trying to pull.The problem: The vast majority of e-mail about such topics is totalfiction.I beg you: Whenever the opportunity strikes to pass on some juicytale of woe that has hit your inbox, first visit This is theInternet’s master repository of what a hoax is and what isn’t. Bookmarkthe site. Visit it and do a search.Don’t add to “junk mail”Here’s news you may not believe: Most people don’t necessarilyshare your sense of humor. Or your belief in chain letters that can causebad luck involving your reproductive organs.Your friends and family are too polite to ask you to stop, and everyoneelse is far too busy dealing with important messages to want to wadethrough that nonsense. They all know to hit the delete key, but thatdoesn’t mean receiving these messages isn’t annoying.Get a permanent addressIn the early days of the Internet, people got e-mail addresses througheither their Internet service provider or their employer. But few jobs orISPs last forever, so that means changing your address, which meansputting your friends through all the annoyance and hassle of updatingtheir address books.You can minimize the chances of going through that change byutilizing an e-mail from a provider you believe will be around awhile. Gmail, Yahoo, even Hotmail are all good bets. Time to leaveProdigy mail and its antique mail servers, behind.Don’t hand out your address like candyYour e-mail address is a precious commodity, assuming you don’twant an inbox filled with spam, phishing schemes, and advertisements.Do not use “Reply All” blindlyWe’ve all seen those messages come in: Some stray person who gotthe same group e-mail you received, hits Reply All and now everyonein the group has to see his gripes. Don’t be that person. Especially don’tbe that person if you’re going to gripe about someone in particular—it’s almost guaranteed that your subject will be on the list of peoplegetting the message. Sadly, that kind of thing happens all the time.BCC is your friendCC once stood for “carbon copy.” Some say today it stands for“courtesy copy.” Either way, that’s how you send a message to someoneelse along with your intended recipient. However you interpret CC,the “B” stands for “blind,” and the BCC field is where you put in thenames of those people you want to read your message on the sly. Thepeople listed in the To and CC fields don’t get to see who’s included inthe BCC field and you’re not abusing everyone’s privacy by revealingtheir e-mail addresses.Brevity is the soul of witHow often do you read e-mail messages that are over three paragraphslong? Neither does anyone else. ‘Nuff said.Avoid huge attachmentsAt one time, sending digital files to people was done only by e-mail.It was the only direct way available. Now, you have a wealth of optionsfor sharing. As files get bigger and bigger, it’s best to take advantage ofthese options rather than clog up an inbox.First and best option: Share a link rather than the actual file. That videoof your stealthy ninja kitten is huge coming from your camcorder; butif you put it on YouTube, you can simply send friends the link to viewit online. Maybe it will go viral and make you an internet superstar.For still photos you can upload and share them from Photobucket.comor ALL CAPSThis might be the oldest bit of netiquette around, but it’s still importantto point out to total newbies who shun the Shift key in favor of CapsLock: TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IS THE INTERNETEQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING.Don’t e-mail angryThere are many things not to do when angry. Drink, Drive, Call yoursignificant other, or your in-laws. Sending text communication of anysort when peeved is also a big no-no.That’s all my time for now. See you again next week... until then,Remember, only safe Internet!Ron can be found at CANMEX Computers. Sales, Repairs,Networking, Wi-Fi, Hardware upgrades, Graphic Design, DataRecovery, House-calls available. Cellular044-322-157-0688 or just email to CanMex@Gmail.comSATURDAY 6OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

16Fish TalesIt’s Fish City at big Corbeteña,Black Marlin, Yellowfin,Sailfish everywhere!Written bySTAN GABRUKEverything is as you would expect it to be late into September herein Marina Vallarta. The weather is tropical for sure, heat, humidity,rain and sun. And as you may expect in tropical conditions, wehave a list of world class tropical species like Marlin and YellowfinTuna just standing by for you to step up to the challenge. Corbeteñathis week tuned into what we always expect at this time of theyear, a fish machine! With perfect water conditions in almost allof Puerto Vallarta’s fishing grounds, water visibility is about asgood as you’ll get it. Water temps are in the 85-degree range, but insome places just under the surface there can be temperature drops.Sailfish have moved in as expected at this time of year and the 57 thPez Vela Tournament is around the corner. It is all coming togethernow, either with or without you, amigo. It’s time to Rock!Not all the news this week is good, for the last couple of weeksthe commercial fishing and processing boats, Seiners to be exact,have been illegally sweeping the inside of the bay to get their holdsfilled with a diminishing commodity due primarily to themselves.So there are fish near Yelapa, but nothing like last week. Yes, thisis illegal, and yes, the only way these production ships know ofthis secret spot of sorts is because the locals get a “finders” fee fortelling these Seiners where to go. Now this is very illegal and theNavy has wind of this, but still, at what point will these Seinersstop?Still, inside the bay is doing well. Yellowfin Skip Jack are still onthe small side in front of Yelapa, but picking up as the days go by.Some Sailfish are still here, but the bait being the Skippies (SkipJack Tuna) and those being scooped by the Seiners, it takes timeto snap back. In front of the river mouths there are still chancesat Rooster fish, Snook and Snapper, even smaller Amber Jacksare there for the taking. Don’t be too surprised about seeing JackCrevalle or Toros as the locals call them. Normally cold water fish,this could be a sign there are cool swirling currents. The trash linehas all but disappeared; there are only so many leaves and crap towash into the streams. Rains have been fewer and fewer, so we areonce more looking at changes coming as we have just entered fall.The Marieta Islands and El Moro Island have been on fire. MostlySailfish, there is plenty of bait in the water and they are setting uphouse. Some days it looks like a cactus garden with bills stickingup all over calm water areas as they rest on the surface stuffed withcarnada (bait in English). They are digesting with their less thanadequate digestive system, you have to wonder how a stomach canwork well when it can be flipped inside out when need be. Skip JackTuna, Snapper, Bonito, Rooster fish in the 30-lb range, the fishing isgreat and for an 8-hour trip, you’ll come back with fish.El Banco is surprisingly quiet with few Yellowfin to be had.Marlin last week was the primary player here but even the Marlinhas thinned out. Everyday is a different day so don’t let one reportchange your plans, especially if you are reading old reports. Sailfish,Cubera Snapper, some Marlin, but they’re work if they’re there.Plenty of bait, clean blue water and the conditions are perfect, Iguess the fish feel like hanging at Corbeteña…SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

18Smile!Welcoming the day whenour cars are in the driver’s seatJOSH FREDIf you drive through California in the coming years, you may passa fast-moving car with no one behind the wheel. But don’t panic —it’s just a self-driving car that’s a much better driver than you.California just became the third state to legalize the testing ofdriverless cars on public roads: cars that drive themselves. Theseastonishing vehicles have been road-tested by Google engineers forseveral years and driven 500,000 kilometres on crowded city streetsand highways — without any accidents.That’s partly because these smart vehicles have radar sensors, videocameras and software that detects nearby cars and road signs. Butit’s also because they’ve completely eliminated the most dangerousthing in a car — us human drivers.According to road scientists, accidents and traffic jams aren’tcaused by too many cars — they’re caused by too many selfish,distracted, utterly incompetent human drivers . . . like you.You know who I mean — you!, the guy at the wheel trying tosquirt ketchup onto a burger while sipping your boiling-hot 36-ouncecoffee while searching the radio dial for the traffic report — whileweaving from lane to lane to get a few yards ahead of the cars in theother lanes, that are all trying to get ahead of you.Yet because all of us are weaving back and forth, eager to be in the“fastest” lane, everyone else has to brake and slow down frequently— and that slows us all down and creates most traffic jams andaccidents.We humans are a distracted species with lots on our mind,according to the book Traffic. It reports that every hour the averagedriver adjusts the radio 7.4 times, tends a child 8.1 times, applieslipstick, or searches for sunglasses, breath mints or whatever 10.8times.Not to mention yakking on the phone, sending text messages andtailgating and honking at the driver in front of you while cursing himout for being a bad driver.We’re way too emotional a species to be allowed behind the wheelof a speeding 2,000-kg vehicle — and now science is preparing toremove us. The fact is, we humans aren’t fit to drive — because weall drive selfishly, making decisions for ourselves.However, self-driving cars make every decision for the commongood — keeping the right distance from each other, obeying speedlimits and sticking to lanes in an intelligent, orderly manner to avoidproblems. Frankly, I can hardly wait to be replaced by one.byThe advantages are obvious:Your car can drop you at work downtown, then take the kids toschool in N.D.G. and gas up on its own — then drive back home topark free in your driveway until you need it. On the down side, itwon’t kiss you goodbye on the cheek as your spouse does.A driverless car frees you up to do more valuable things withyour time in the car, such as send texts and play popular videogames such as Grand Theft Auto and Need for Speed. It will allowmany people to “drive” without having a licence — like drunken17-year-olds and even grade-school kids.But you’d better make sure the “parental controls” are on so thekids don’t say: “Hey, car—how fast do you go? Can you break200?”Self-driving cars don’t rubberneck like humans who slow downone after another to watch a blond unloading her trunk — andback up traffic for an hour. As driverless vehicles spread, roadscientists say they will eliminate most traffic jams and accidents— eventually saving 33,000 lives a year in North America and700,000 worldwide.All because they are not a “bundle of emotions in motion,” likeus.Convoys of driverless cars can travel tightly together at highspeed, linked electronically by computer with only inches betweenthem — tripling road capacity. They never need to unnecessarilyspeed up, slow down or change lanes — except perhaps in Quebecwhere all roads are always under construction, unlike California.We may need a special Quebec driverless car that can negotiate50-pothole blocks, make sudden U-turns at coned-off streets, rocktheir way out of snow banks and read electronic French road signssaying:Route ouverte seulement lun. — mer. — ven., 9-11:15 et 14:20-16:35, sauf Ramadan, Eid et Yom Kippur.I can see only one long-term danger. Eventually these eversmartercars may sense the truth — that we humans are fat, lazy,utterly useless parasites lounging inside them — and they maydecide to correct the problem, despite shouted protests:«Hey, car — this isn’t the way home! Where are you taking me . .. and why are the doors locked? Car . . . Car! I don’t like this part oftown ... and what’s that smell? Omigod! — it’s carbon monox —»Josh Freed writes a humorous weekly column about everythingfrom potholes to politics to the pigeons who’ve taken over his backbalcony in Montreal. In both 2002 and 1997 he won the NationalNewspaper Award for best Canadian columnist, while a collectionof his columns also won the Leacock Prize for humor.Between columns, Josh is an award-winning documentary-makerwhose films have taken him from Mongolia and Russia to the NorthPole. His “Merchandising Murder” won the World Medal forInvestigative Reporting at the New York International TV Festival.He has also written several best-selling books. Josh is directionallydisabled,calligraphy-challenged and hair-impaired, as his regularreaders know. But he believes that he who laughs, lasts. His e-mailaddress is© Copyright 2012 Josh Freed - No part of this article may bereproduced without the express authorization of the author.SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

20 DirectoriesNon-Profit Charitable OrganizationsFor visitors to Puerto Vallarta who wish to do a good deed for theless privileged in our little paradise, this is a list of some of the manyorganizations that could benefit from such kind gestures.Asilo San Juan Diego home for the elderly - Contact: LupitaSanchez Covarrubias Tel. 222-1257 or orvisit the website\asilosanjuandiego.htmAsociación Down - The Foundation for assistance to persons withDown’s Syndrome - Contact Ana Catalina Eisenring at 224-9577.Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter - Safe shelter to women &children victims of domestic violence. Enables women to becomefinancially independent through jobs, education and non-interestmicro loans, professional counseling for them & their children.www.compassionforthefamily.orgBecas Vallarta, A.C. – provides scholarships to approximately 300high school and university students. Donations are tax-deductible inMexico and the USA. Polly Vicars at (322) 223-1371 or Buri Gray at(322) 221-5285. Website: Hogar a shelter dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned,abandoned, disadvantaged or vulnerable children.- Contact: LuzAurora Arredondo at 221-1908, Rita Millan (322) 141-6974.casamaximocornejo@gmail.comCentro Comunitario SETAC-GLBT - provides essential servicesto the GLBT community, including physical & mental healthtreatment and referrals, education & recreation, free AA meetings,English classes, HIV testing and counseling. Paco Arjona 224-1974or de Rehabilitación Santa Barbara - Rehabilitation of thehandicapped. Contact: Laura Lopez Portillo Rodriguez at 224-2754.CompassionNet Impact - forms strategic partnerships & initiatesprograms that provide opportunities for people living in chronicpoverty to transform their own lives. Bookmobile, homes, jobscreation, loans, English & computer classes, emergency food,medicine & clothing, etc. Tax-deductible in Canada & the U.S. Cell:(322) 133-7263. ric@4compassion.orgCruz Roja (Red Cross) - handles hospital and emergency servicein Vallarta. It is the only facility that is authorized to offer assistanceto injured people on the street, transport them to their facility or otherones indicated by the injured person. Contact: 222-1533, 222-4973Discapacitados de Vallarta, A.C. (DIVAC) association ofhandicapped individuals dedicated to helping one another. Contact:Ivan Applegate at 221-5153.Grupo Ecològico de Puerto Vallarta - Contact R.C. Walker at222-0897, e-mail: Friendship Club (IFC) - Assists the peopleof Puerto Vallarta and environs. Donations are tax deductible inMexico. Tel.: 222-5466 or email League - Helps in the transportation of donated suppliesand equipment from the U.S. to Puerto Vallarta. Contacts: JerryLafferty at (322) 221-6156 or Jeff Miltenberger at Life Mexico - a British Charity working in Mexico.“Challenging Child Poverty with Health and EducationProgrammes”. Contact: Philippa.VernonPowell@facebook.comPasitos de Luz (Mamas Unidas por la Rehabilitación de susHijos) - substitute home for low income children with any type ofhandicap, offers rehabilitation services and special support to theirfamilies. 299-4146. www.pasitosdeluz.orgPEACE Mexico – Works on Protection, Education, Animalhealth (free mobile spay/neuter program for cats & dogs), Culture,Environment & economic development, with communities in theBay of Banderas area and beyond. Tax deductible in Canada & theU.S. or www.peacemexico.orgPro Biblioteca de Vallarta raises funds for Los Mangos PublicLibrary. Tax-deductible receipts for Mexico and USA. Contacts:Ricardo Murrieta at 224-9966 or Jimmie Ellis at 222-1478.Proyecto Pitillal, “Busca un Amigo” - association created byunderprivileged mothers of paralyzed children who need society’shelp. Tel.: 299-44 95.PuRR Project - a no-kill cat shelter with approx. 250 residentfelines living in a natural environment, un-caged, kittens in theKitten Nursery, on-site clinic with daily veterinarian services.www.purrproject.comRefugio Infantil Santa Esperanza Shelter for children. Contacts:Madre Mari at 222-7857 or Sudy Coy at 222-5765. Donations aretax-deductible in Canada and the U.S. www.ccshf.caThe goal of Roma’s Kids - a registered corporation in Mexico- is to educate the children of the Volcanes and surrounding area,to provide them with the skills necessary to become employable bythe major industry here in Puerto Vallarta – tourism: math, Englishand computer programs a priority. 100% goes to the kids. PV – provides private vet costs for rescued animals,volunteers to create & maintain a data base of adoptions, to walkdogs at the foster home, Casita de Guadalupe, foster homes for dogs& cats, trap & release program for feral cats, etc. www.spcapv.comUn Mañana Brillante (A Brighter Tomorrow) - partnershipof Americans and Canadians to support the Colegio Mexico-Americano. Contact: Margi Baughman. Email: or David Bender, email: Botanical Gardens - Vision: to build Mexico’s greatestbotanical garden in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Research &education of plant life, city beautification programs, bird watching, etc.Donations to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens are tax deductible in theUSA. Tel.: 223-6182 or email 6 OCTOBER, 2012 FRIDAY 12

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