Lions Head North - Senior Publishing Company

Lions Head North - Senior Publishing Company

The Official Newsletter of Lions Head North

Volume 7, Number 11

November 2012

2 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

Lion’s Head nortH

Community manager

Scott Clayton 732-920-9801

Office Number 732-920-9409

Fax Number 732-920-9451

All maintenance fees due on the first of each month, any maintenance checks

not received by the 10th of the month will be charged a $10 late fee.

All reports and articles must be in by the 12th of the month.


bill matteucci-President 920-0964

Debbie Fritz-vice President

Clubhouse and Painting 262-7912

Joan morrison-Treasurer 477-0383

Joanne Corwin-Secretary 451-1866

Tom Delahanty-Snow removal and Pool


Garbage Pickup - Tuesday

Recycling - Wednesday

Bricktown Public Works - 732-451-4061

Clubhouse Game Room - 732-920-9801

Police/First Aid - 911

Police/Fire Dept. - 732-262-1100

newsletter staff

Editor - Debbie Fritz

Linda matteucci

Joanne Porcaro

bob Porcaro

Lucy manganiello

Disclaimer: The material in this newsletter is for the

residents of Lions Head North. The ads do not represent

an endorsement by the association and are only provided

for information and we are not responsible for any

errors or dissatisfaction with the advertised products.

sChedule of trustee meetings

Work Shop Meeting, Tuesday, November 6 th , 7pm

NO Association Meeting in November

township phone numbers

brick Township

OC Senior Services

board of Social Services

OC Surrogate's office

OC Tax board

Health Department

Consumer Affairs

County Clerk's office

County Connection (OC mall)

board of Elections

OC Library (main Number)

Private Industry Council (job training)

Fair Housing Assitance

OC Collage

Human Services

OC road Department

OC recycling Center (drop-off only)

Women's Commission

veterans Services

OC Transportation Dept.





















You can also call the County switchboard

at 732-244-2121



Community Meeting

OCTOber 9, 2012

Submitted by Joanne Corwin, Secretary

The Community meeting was held on Tuesday,

October 9, 2012 at the Lions Head Clubhouse. President

bill matteucci opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.

Debbie Fritz led in the Pledge of Allegiance, with

a moment of silence for our men and women in the


In attendance were bill matteucci, Joanne Corwin,

Debbie Fritz, Joan morrison and Tom Delhanty.

Joanne read the minutes of the September meeting,

accepted by Joan morrison and seconded by Debbie

Fritz. There was no Treasurer’s report at this time.

President matteucci then asked for updates on Clubs

and Committees.

Choral Club – meets on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm and

all are welcome to come to join in.

Activities – The Atlantic City trip will be October

19th going to Caesars. There will be a bunco night,

Wednesday, October 31st.

Control Committee – Several residents have requested

work to be done in their home. (Please see

Control Committee article).

Garden Club – Krista Campolatano has volunteered

to decorate the outside of our Clubhouse and

front entrance. The Trustees and the audience complimented

Krista on the great job she did – well done.

Ceramic Club is doing well and those residents

participating have been advised to order their Holiday

pieces as soon as possible.

Stained Glass should be starting up soon.

bowling – mike Calendra said we have full teams

and everyone is having fun.

Senior Advisory Committee – barbara meakin

reported on mayor Acropolis’ meeting. Please see

her full report in this issue.

Newsletter – Joanne Porcaro asked that anyone

interested in submitting an article for the newsletter

to contact her.

Texas Hold-em – The final Texas Hold-em for this

year will be November 4th. No game in December –

will resume in January 2013.

Old business - Carl’s Fencing has completed

replacing the fence in the common ground. We are

still waiting for lights and replacement light fixtures

for our parking lot between the pool and tennis court.

New business – we have purchased new “swipe”

cards for entering the clubhouse.

We are getting a new scanner for our back door by

the Community manager’s office. Anyone loosing a

card may purchase a new one from the office for $1.00.

Next years’s budget will include Lawn Connection

Contact (fertilizer and weed control).

President matteucci said that there would be no

Association meeting in November.

The Trustees gave their comments, then a motion

to adjourn the meeting was made by Tom Delahanty

and seconded by Joanne Corwin.

The meeting was then open to the audience.


Operating account:

Ocean First Opening Balance 127,058

Cash Received 39,490

Cash Spent (35,169)

Closing Balance

Reserve accounts:


Ocean First Opening Balance 92,342

Cash Received 10,517

Cash Spent 0

Closing Balance 102,859

Sovereign Opening Balance 207,642

Interest earned 324 1.01%

Closing Balance 207,966

03/19/14 Hudson City - CD (239) 54,550 1.079%

02/01/13 Hudson City - CD (047) 71,986 2.724%

06/28/16 Hudson City - CD (843) 51,867 2.436%

02/01/13 Hudson City - CD (407) 57,473 2.724%


Total Reserve Money 546,701

Total Cash 678,080

SENIOR PUBLISHING COMPANY accepts advertisements

and advertisements are based upon information provided

by the advertiser. SENIOR PUBLISHING COMPANY does

not independently investigate the accuracy of advertisement

content and does not warrant or represent the accuracy of

the content of any advertisement.

NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 3

4 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

Your Monthly


Lions Head North has Three

Hundred and sixty homes all paying

the same maintenance fee of One

Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars

a month due on the first of the


Unlike other Adult Communities

for the past five years there has been no increase

in this fee. When other Communities had to access

their residents to pay for snow removal from major

storms two years in a row, we were spared that unpleasantness.

The point of all this is that maintenance should be

paid when due on the first of the month not the tenth.

Our by-Laws allow payment up to the tenth of the

month after which there will be a ten dollar late fee.

Some residents may feel that this is unfair; unfortunately,

their not paying their maintenance on time is

unfair to those that do. If you are having a problem

call the office, don’t just ignore it, this will only make

matters worse.

Atlantic City Trip

Atlantic city trip is scheduled for Friday

November 9 to The Taj

mahal Casino leaving at

9:00 am and returning

at 5:30 pm. Tickets cost

$30.00, return from casino

$25.00 in slot play. Tickets

will be sold on Thursdays,

before bingo from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. If you sign up,

the money must be paid by November 1st. Tickets

must be purchased ahead of the trip. Please direct all

questions to: Joan morrison 732-477-0383

Attention Lions Head

North Residents

We are looking for new members

to join our singing group.

The Lions Head North Singing

Group meets every Tuesday in the Clubhouse at

1:00 Pm starting September 11th. Call rose Weaver

at 732-920-5904 for further information.

Garden Club

As another gardening year comes slowly to an

end, I want to take this opportunity to invite residents

to join the Garden Club for spring of 2013. We are

always looking for ideas and help in managing the

gardens around the club house and entrances of Lions

Head North.

We also want to thank Debbie Fritz for her excellent

management of the Garden Club. I hope I can

carry on in her footsteps.

We also want to thank the members of the club for

their help this year, especially, John Schaber, who took

care of the flower pots around the pool and sharing

his wonderful garden ideas.

If you have not had a chance to see the fall decorations

in the club house as well as outside, please come

by and have a look.

Happy holidays. See you in the spring.

Krista Campolatano

A Word from the Control


We would like to remind our residents that when you

are planning work on and around your home to check to

see if you need an approval from the Control Committee.

read your bylaws and Control Committee rules &

regulations. If you aren’t sure call the Association office

or just put in a request for your projects approval and you

will be contacted. request forms can be picked up in the

Association Office. When submitting a request please keep

it short, detailed and include a sketch of what you want to

do. Above all, if you are hiring a contractor, always get at

least three estimates and if necessary get a permit, it is for

your protection if there is a problem after the job is done.

NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 5

Win a full membership to Lions Head

Country Club for the 2013 season!

Value: $385.00

Tickets: $20.00

Please make checks payable to LHSA (Lions Head South Association)

If winner is a non-golfer, membership may be transferred

to anyone 55 years old +

Tickets available at Lions Head Country Club

everyday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm except Mondays

If you will not be using the tickets placed in the September

Lions HEADlines, PLEASE return them to Lions Head Country Club

or Lions Head North office... THANK YOU!

Drawing will be held at the December 10, 2012 LHS Resident’s Meeting.

Attention all Lions Head

North Residents

HUD requires that the Association must maintain

an accounting of the age of all residents every two

years, to maintain its status as an adult community.

residents must ensure that their certification is current

or risk losing all privileges. All residents receiving a

letter from the Association must come in to the business

office with a copy of their Driver’s License and

re-certify. The office is open monday thru Thursday,

from 9am to 1pm.

6 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

Lions Head Country Club

MeMbership raffle

Please Patronize Our Advertisers

For Advertising Contact:

Senior Publishing Company

1520 Washington Avenue, Neptune, N.J. 07753


We accept no responsibility for any advertisements.

If there are any complaints concerning an advertiser,

please contact them directly. If you receive no

satisfaction, you can contact your Better Business

Bureau or the County Department of Consumer Affairs


At the present time we have a full league, with no

openings. If you are interested in joining call mike

Calandra, Lucy manganiello or Janet Fortuna and we

will have a waiting list for when we have an opening.

High score for this month – Charlie magnifico

rolled a 204

Hard to make splits go to bridget Connell converting

the 2-7, mary Ann Coyle and mike Calandra the

5-7 split, Petty Polacek, Pam raso and Lucy manganiello

made the 3-10 split, Dot Cummings made the 6-7

(not easy) and last but far from least bill matteucci

made the 3-4-10 (really not easy), vince militello the

5-10 split, Ed masessa the 3-10 split and Chickie the

6-10 and the 3-10. Nice bowling.


Stained glass will be starting Tuesday,

October 9, 2012 at 11:00Am. There will

be a sign up sheet in the club house if you

would like to join us, or call Arlene miller

or Janet Fortuna. We will only have the

classes if there are enough people interested.


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Ocean County Gold & Diamond Buyers

228 Brick Blvd. • Brick, NJ

(1 Block North of Beaverson Blvd.)


Licensed & Bonded Township of Brick Lic # 12-11

Terree Goble

Realtor Associate, Circle of Excellence

2005; NJAR Million Dollar Sales Club

Your Seniors Real Estate Specialist!!

Call: Terree Goble, S.R.E.S.

Tel: 732-920-9559 / Cell: 732-814-6088

Lic # 9677



24 Hr Emergency Service

• All Plumbing repairs and maintenance

• Fixtures/Faucets-repaired & replaced

• Sewer & Drain Cleaning

• Hot Water Heaters repaired & replaced

• Handicap Fixtures and Accessories

• Single Lever Laundry valves

• Service Gas Furnaces

• Outside Faucets repaired & replaced

• repair & replace broken Piping

• $2500 Senior Discount

Call Us For Your Plumbing

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Lions Head North Homeowners!


Trust your Real Estate Transactions to the #1

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Terree’s knowledge of the LIONS HEAD villages

is the reason for her continuing success in your fine

locations. For over 26 years she has served Buyers

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clients make well informed decisions. So if you are

thinking about buying or selling your home, please

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DIANE TURTON, REALTORS has been voted Best

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Need SomethiNg Notarized?

Call terree for complementary service if you

are a Lions head resident.


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8 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012











Snow Removal

Tom Delahanty

be prepared! Whether we have a lot of snow or

not, now is the time to plan ahead. Snow will not wait

for you to get those last minute groceries, tank of gas,

rock salt, snow shovels and whatever else you might

need. Don’t wait till the last minute, you know how

it works. When the word snow is out everyone rushes

to stock up.

No changes have been made to the cleanup procedure;

our contractor assures us that any deviation

from our present plan will not be beneficial to the

community as a whole.

Once again, the following is how our snow removal

works: Nothing will be done until the town calls us

and gives us the go ahead to bring in our contractor to

start cleaning up the snow. This will happen after the

town cleans the streets (please remember when snow

is forecast to get your cars off the streets as per the

town requirements). When our contractor gets here he

will start at the clubhouse and work his way around

the outside perimeter on Courtshire Drive and regent

Circle then move into the side streets. The contractor

will send people with Shovels to clear a walk from

your house to the driveway and across the front of

the garage door. The plow will clean from the back of

your car, if it is in the driveway, or from your garage

door out to the street and clear access to your mail

box. If it gets dark out it would be advantageous to

leave your front outside lights on until your driveway

and walk are cleared. It will make your house more

visible for the workers to see especially if you haven’t

been shoveled out.

There has been a problem in the past with

residents who are parking their cars in the driveways

of homes that are vacant and for sale before

it snows. Our Contractor removes the snow from

behind the vehicle and leaves. The owner of the car

doesn’t remove the car until after the Contractor

leaves the Community. The owner of the car eventually

pulls out of the driveway and the house never

gets cleared of snow.

When this happens the contractor is not responsible

to go back and clean the driveway. The home

owner who parked his car there should park his car

as close to the garage door as possible and if parking

head on he should keep far to the left of the driveway.

I prefer to back in so when they shovel they can clear

across the front of the garage door and the path to the

front door. When the car is left at the bottom of the

driveway no one is going to shovel from the back of

the car all the way to the front door. You should get

permission from your neighbor before parking in their

driveway, it is their property not yours.

Your other option is to park in the clubhouse parking

lot; it gets your car off the street and gives you a

much better chance of getting out if you have to go

to work. A word of caution, cars parked on the street

during a snow storm can be ticketed and towed as per

town ordinance.

As always if there are any questions regarding

snow removal just call the administration office or

the community manager and some one will be more

than happy to answer them. Have a good, safe winter.




Dr. Jeffrey B. Finkel


Foot Specialist

Lions Head Office Park

35 Beaverson Blvd. (Bldg. 4)

Brick, N.J.


New Patients Welcome

House Calls Available




NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 9

Where would you be

without our ‘Adult

Community’ status?

Ever wonder what our ‘Adult Community status’

designation was all about? Well if you go back to the

beginning it was probably started by contractors and

construction companies trying to build and create

a market for their product, homes. Imagine that, a

community of homes with a clubhouse, pool, tennis,

shuffle board, cards and other activities all designed

to make life more pleasant once you reach or get close

to that golden age and retire. Sounds like a good sales

pitch to me but lots of people bought into the idea and

now we live in a community of people benefiting from

an idea that has come into its own, has taken hold and

is flourishing in Ocean County.

Lions Head Association North, a community of

360 homes designed for those golden years with almost

something for everyone. The only requirement

is that you must be fifty-five years old or older to live

here. Our community is governed by a covenant, set of

by-laws and Control committee rules and regulations,

all designed to maintain the community and lifestyle

the residents look forward to. Our grounds are kept

up and maintained as well as our common areas and

clubhouse. It is the upkeep, maintenance, Insurance,

painting, landscaping and all the expenses incurred

to run our community that is paid for by our monthly

maintenance fee. Compared to most communities we

are doing well.

All these great amenities as well as a lower tax

rate structure are provided for us as long as we follow

the state mandate defining an Adult Community. This

is why our trustees and committees do their best to

make sure that all the rules are followed. If we were

to loose our Adult Community status not only our

home taxes would increase but so would the taxes

on our clubhouse, common grounds and property

increase. The homes would be available to younger

families with children who would require school

transportation on our streets, children would require

playgrounds and that quiet almost serene atmosphere

well, forget it LHN will be just another community.

Speculators attracted by the low prices would be buying

up the homes for investments and rentals. We, as

an Adult receive a lot of concessions from the town

and state. Granted you have to conform to the rules

but they were created for this community when it was

built to protect it.

10 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

Broken Water Main


recently a Lions Head resident’s water main broke

in their front yard. They did not have LeakGuard

protection. This insurance policy is available to all

residents in Lions Head North. It is issued by United

Water Company which is one of the largest Water

Companies in the world. Lions Head North is about 34

years old and the water lines have been under-ground

all those years. The cost for this protection in 2011 was

about $ 84.00 per year, and if your water main breaks

they will fix it at no cost to you, with no insurance it

could cost you $1500.00 to $2500.00. If you do not

have this insurance, and would like more information

call toll free 1-888-666-7711 available from monday

to Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday 10am – 4pm est. An

advertisement flyer can be found on the bulletin board

in the clubhouse.


(Property Tax Reimbursement)

Ask Questions 1-800-882-6597

Check the Status of a

Filed Application 1-800-882-6597

Listen to prerecorded information

Or order an application 1-800-323-4400



1828 West Lake Ave.

Neptune NJ 07753

Online information

Taxation e-mail address


TTY/TDD for hard of hearing users

1-800-286-6613 or 1-609-984-7300

Solution on page 26

Garage Sale

Our 7th annual tail gate garage sale was a huge

success. The rain stayed away and the shoppers came.

We had 29 residents participate with a variety of items.

Start hunting up your stuff for next year’s sale which

will be Saturday September 28th with a rain date of

September 29th. We hope everyone sold a lot of stuff,

made money and enjoyed themselves.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all the strong

men who helped putting the tables up and putting

them away when the sale was over: bill matteucci,

Tom Delahanty, mike Calandra, Alex Fritz, bob Porcaro,

John manganiello, Pat Cassidy and Dave Aker.

Another big THANK YOU to the ladies who helped

cutting up the bagels and setting them out, and also

helping Debbie with the sale of the hot dogs: Lucy

manganiello, marie mulligan and Joanne Porcaro.

Without all of you we could never have it run so

smoothly. A special THANK YOU to Debby Fritz

and Kathy Cassa for running around with me and get

everything together. Linda Matteucci

NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 11



Burglaries and home invasions are on a dramatic

rise in Ocean County

As the economy worsens, people are becoming




Keep door locked at ALL TIMES – even when

you are at home

Be on the lookout for suspicious people or



Report suspicious activity or crimes IMMEDI-

ATELY to Brick Police!!

residents in all adult communities are being asked

to report (to the police any unfamiliar or suspicious

persons, vehicles or conditions they observe, especially

if the people or vehicles are observed near the

residence of a neighbor who is not at home. Ask your

neighbors to be alert, observant and caring --- and to

report any suspicious activity or crimes immediately

to the brick Police Department.

If someone suspicious or out of the ordinary is

spotted, seniors should call police and provide a

description of the person and especially the vehicle

the person is driving, if possible. However, no one

should try to approach the person. residents should

be vigilant on protecting their homes and property,

but do not be a vigilante! When suspecting criminal

activities, residents are encouraged to contact brick

Police and not intervene.

Keeping an eye out will help reduce and prevent

crime. This is because you and your neighbors are the

ones who really know what is going on in the area surrounding

your home, and are most likely to be the first

to see a crime and call for help. by simply watching

out for your neighbors during the workday, evenings,

vacations or any other absence, you can help reduce

crime. Community awareness works through the mutual

aid of neighbors watching the property of other

neighbors. This has several advantages, including

the fact that your neighbors know who you are, what

type of car you drive, and who belongs, as a rule, at

your residence. A patrol officer driving by your home

might not recognize someone as a stranger in your

yard. However, an alert neighbor would recognize

12 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

the person as a stranger. If your neighbor knows you

are not at home, they should then call 9-1-1 to alert

police of the suspicious activity.

residents are never asked to put themselves in

harm’s way to prevent crime. They should only

observe and report suspicious activity to the brick

Police Department. This leaves the responsibility

for confronting and apprehending criminals where it

belongs – with our brick Police Officers.

Blue to You visits Lions

Head North blue to You

visits Lions Head

North November

28, 2012 between

12:00 p.m. and 2:00

p.m. Please join us

for: Wii, Giveaways

and bP screening

Everyone is Welcome!

We can all use a little help at times – especially

when it comes to dealing with our health care. At

Horizon Healthcare of New Jersey, Inc., we know

that healthier members make healthier communities.

That is why we are proud to introduce the blue to You

program to your Ocean County community.

In addition to wellness initiatives, health education

and activities, blue to You will give you information on

different health-related topics to help you understand

and make your health care decisions.

Please note that if you are a medicare member

currently enrolled with Horizon Healthcare of New

Jersey, Inc., you will also be able to speak directly

with staff about your recent claims, billing concerns

or ask other questions about your coverage.

For more information about blue to You, please

call 1-800-365-2223, prompt 5, monday through Friday,

between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Eastern Time. (TTY/

TDD #: 1-800-852-7899).

The mA and mA-PD plans are managed

care plans issued by Horizon Healthcare of

New Jersey, Inc., which is a medicare Advantage organization

with a medicare contract. Horizon Healthcare

of New Jersey, Inc. is a subsidiary of Horizon blue

Cross blue Shield of New Jersey. both companies

are independent licensees of the blue Cross and blue

Shield Association.

Joanne Corwin

Trustee Secretary

On Saturday, October 13 th at 6:00 pm, 80 + Lions

Head residents came to the clubhouse to partake in

our 2 nd Pasta Night. What can I say – our ladies (and

gentlemen) again did a great job.

Our cooks: Liz Calandra – chicken franchise,

boni Aker-lasagna, Lucy manganiello- spaghetti and

meatballs, Joanne Porcaro - cavatelli with broccoli,

Alex Fritz-sausage with peppers and onions, all did

a fabulous job! Debbie made the salad and Linda

matteucci brought fresh bread and rolls from Joe

Leone’s. There were Italian cookies and coffee for

dessert; and all for just $10.00. Italian music was

provided by bob Porcaro. There were Duncan Donuts

gift cards and several bottles of wine given away as

door prizes as well as a 50/50 which all of the money

was given back as prizes - $100.00, $75.00, $50.00

and $37.00. A good time was had by all not only

enjoying the good food, but the company of friends

and neighbors as well.

I would like to thank Debbie Fritz for chairing

this event, the ladies (and gents) who cooked and

decorated and everyone who helped clean up. Hopefully

we will have a 3 rd Pasta Night in 2013.

I would again like to extend an invitation to anyone

who would like to chair/host an event. Think

about what you would like to do, get a committee,

pick a date and run it by Joan morrison, Debbie or

myself and get to it. We would be glad to give you

any pointers or help you may need. I’ve said this

before, Lions Head residents are “Party Animals”

and we have great attendance to all of our parties.

Get involved – it’s a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.

In November, we will be having a food drive for

those less fortunate than we are. boxes will be set up

in the living room for all non-perishable food items.

Please be generous.

We also will be decorating Christmas trees in the

Clubhouse, probably the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

There will be more information on this later.

Celebrating Our 24th Year!!

Trips & Tours

Travel & Cruise Center

Also voted Best of the Best

Travel Agency

in 2007, 2008,

2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

üDisney Earmarked Vacation Agency

üCertified Cruise Specialists

üEuropean River Cruises

üEscorted & Independent Tours

üWe Specialize in Groups, Family Reunions

and Destination Weddings

Business Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday & Evenings By Appointment

Come Visit Our Expanded Office!!

304 Union Ave / Hwy 71 Brielle


Call Toll Free: 877-758-0235

NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 13




OCTObEr 4, 2012

Thank you harold postel for representing lhn on

the mayor’s senior advisory committee

1. mayor Acropolis and staff were in attendance along with

representatives from several brick Senior Communities.

mayor Acropolis had the following to report:

a. Traders Cove is being renovated and future costs will

be offset using two grants ($600,000 and $36,000)

possibly for docks, etc. The resource building previously

reported to have a 2 nd floor rental facility for

banquets has changed. The council voted not to build

a second floor. many calls are coming in requesting

boat slips. F Cove and Traders Cove have been voted

as the top two parks in the state of NJ in a National


b. Sentimental Journey a 1940s big band will be

playing at the Civic Center on October 17 th . retired

musicians from this area are band members.

c. Halloween Brunch will be held from 10:30 to 12:30

on October 25th. registration is required. Cost is


d. Trunk or Treat on October 24 th from 6 to 8pm, at

the Drum Point Sports Complex, on Drum Point rd.

Participants will decorate their car trunks for Halloween.

e. Foodtown Site the council will decide if they will

take it away from the current developer and go out

for re-bidding.

f. Medicare Seminar a “medicare Changes” seminar

will be held on October 18 th at the Ocean County

Senior Center from 1:30 to 3:30.

g. Community Street Paving All community streets

that need to be re-paved are on an engineering list

called “Worst is First”. No favors will be granted, to

be fair, the worst streets are taken care of first. There

is a professional assessment on grading our roads and


h. Ordinances Council wants to add a Department

Head position to supervise 7 employees while cutting

a Department Head position that supervises 80

employees. Employees will be bumped down with

some losing their jobs. mayor will veto this ordinance

but the council can override his veto by 5 votes. This

ordinance, if passed, will create a top heavy management


i. Landfill Capped On October 14 th the landfill will be

capped. brick officials with the EPA to close. Will

start on the solar part of the project (brown fields into

green fields) later in the month of October.

j. Recycling Containers Communities will have a

choice of size of container for distribution to residents.

Our Community manager, Scott Clayton will communicate

with residents regarding the containers once

he has received correspondence from with township

14 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

officials. LHN will request various size containers.

2. Guest Speaker, once again, was Superintendent,

Walter Uszenski. The following information was


a. Ocean First Bank gave $15,000 grants to 2 brick

schools. A $250 gift certificate was given to each

school that showed up for the drawing. They also

have generously donated to senior communities.

b. Computer Initiative 1411 computers being provided

to seniors on a grant. No taxpayer monies will be


c. Kindergarten Initiative the idea of an all day kindergarten

is being discussed.

d. Facilities Any leftover monies that may have been

budgeted for snow removal, not used due to a mild

winter, would be put in Facilities. right now there is

a $175 million surplus. Two new boilers are going to

be replaced. The old ones are from the 1950s and have

asbestos issues. On-going repairs and upgrades to the

high schools are underway (science lab, bleachers,

press box, speakers, bathroom renovations, lighting

and flooring.

2. Flyers of upcoming events are available on LHN bulletin


3. Next meeting is Thursday, November 1st.

First Energy



outings. Please

contact First

Energy at 1-888-


Give your name,

phone number

and location of the

streetlight. If you can say

what is wrong, such as damaged

pole, broken fixture, light out

etc. it would be helpful. When

calling, refer to the number on

the pole. Their goal is to make

repairs as soon as possible.

Thank You…


Slip-proof an indoor welcome mat

If your doormat just won’t stay put, try this to

prevent accidental slips and falls. Cut an old mouse

pad into four squares and use a hot-glue gun to attach

the pieces to the corners of the mat’s underside. The

mouse pad’s rubber backing will grip the floor to keep

the mat from sliding.

Unstick a photo from its frame

Transferring a treasured family photograph to a

new frame can be tricky when the picture becomes

fused to the glass. To remove it without tearing, slide

the glass and photo into an open plastic bag and place

in the freezer for 24 hours. The frigid temperature

will freeze the moisture responsible for bonding the

photo to the glass, so the picture can be peeled away


Keep carrots crisp for weeks

Carrots with their green tops still attached can

turn soft just a week in the fridge. To prevent this,

cut off the tops immediately to keep them from pulling

moisture from the root, then store the veggies in

an open plastic bag in the fridge. This will keep your

carrots crisp and fresh longer.

Lump-free way to thicken soups

Next time you need to add body to soup, reach for

instant potato flakes. Simply stir them into the pot, 1

tsp. at a time, until the soup reaches the desired consistency.

The starchy flakes will plump up and thicken

the broth without creating lumps.

Family Owned and Professionally Operated

for Two Generations by

The Intelisano Family

Silverton Memorial

Funeral Home

2482 ChurCh road

Toms river, New Jersey 08753

732-255-6363 • 800-371-6364

Pre-Arrangements, Pre-Need Revocable &

Irrevocable Trust Accounts, Traditional,

Cremations at Affordable Prices

Paula DeJohn, Manager

NJ Lic. No. 3438

Rudy Intelisano, Sr., Director

NJ Lic. No. 2316

Teresa Intelisano, Director

NJ Lic. No. 3294

Gregory DeJohn, Director

NJ Lic. No. 4261

Licensed New Jersey and New York

Fully Handicapped Accessible

ad #2688

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34. Average

1. Strip of leather 36. Coarse cotton

6. Fibbed


10. Golf stroke

40. Make a mistake

14. Not restrained 41. Ostler

15. Having the means 43. Misfire

to do something 44. Type of tree

16. Succulent plant 47. Music symbol

17. Broadcasting live 48. Sheep pen

18. Female opera star 49. Paddle

19. Stringed instrument 51. Unforseen dif-

20. Court game


22. Withered

53. Tool

24. Operated

57. Vascular plant

25. Scintilla

58. Rotating disc

27. London cathedral 59. Possessed

29. Lead an orchestra knowledge

32. Belonging to him 61. Rationality

33. Remuneration 65. Gem

16 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

67. Profound

69. Rock

70. Small island

71. Always

72. Approximately

in or at

73. Encounter

74. Make anew

75. Composition

for eight instruments


1. Coin aperture

2. Tincture

3. Type of horse

4. Vacuous

5. Full stop

6. Man or boy

7. Wading bird

8. Fairies

9. Severe shortage

10. Friend

11. Ayer’s Rock

12. Sum

13. Between 12 and 20

21. Bitten by an insect

23. Long poem

26. Fruit of the oak

28. Type of tree

29. Aid

30. Fiend

31. Group of soldiers

33. Entanglement

35. Theme

37. Object of worship

38. Void

39. Peculiar

42. Measuring instrument

45. Swindle

46. Whorl

48. Rabid

50. Pesent formally

52. Wall painting

53. Curtain fabric

54. Temporary inactivity

55. Stroll

56. Pass a rope


60. Remove unwanted


62. Variety

63. One time

64. Orderly

66. Up to the present


68. Athlete who plays

for pay

Solution on page 31

Costco sells Goodyear wiper blades for almost half

the price that you will pay on the outside and they are

made in the U.S.A.

read and do the following.

Unfortunately our politicians and top CEO's have

pushed for trade to China and mexico for years so

Americans are now out of work. Did you know that

there is no electric coffee

maker made in the US and that

the only kitchen appliances

made in the US is viking?

This information came from a

report made by Diane Sawyer.

Hopefully this has changed or

will soon!!



mADE IN CHINA ! That is

also why I don't buy cards at

Hallmark anymore, They are

made in China and are more

expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each

and made in USA

I have been looking at the blenders available on

the Internet. Kitchen Aid is mADE IN the US. Top

of my list already...

Yesterday I was in Wal mart looking for a wastebasket.

I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn't

want to pay that much so I asked the lady if they had

any others. She took me to another department and

they had some at $2.50 made in USA . They are just

as good. Same as a kitchen rug I needed. I had to look,

but I found some made in the USA - what a concept!

- and they were $3.00 cheaper.

We are being brainwashed to believe that everything

that comes from China and mexico is cheaper.

Not so.

One Light bulb at a Time... I was in Lowe's the

other day and just out of curiosity, I looked at the hose

attachments. They were all made in China . The next

day I was in Ace Hardware and just for the heck of

it I checked the hose attachments there. They were

made in USA.

Start looking, people... In our current economic

situation, every little thing we buy or do affects someone

else - most often, their job.


(ain't this something??)

my grandson likes Hershey's candy. I noticed,

though, that it is now marked "made in mexico." I

don't buy it anymore.

my favorite toothpaste Colgate is made in mexico I have switched to Crest.

You have to read the labels on everything.

This past weekend I was at Kroger . .. . I needed

60W light bulbs and bounce

dryer sheets I was in the light

bulb aisle, and right next to

the GE brand I normally buy

-- was an off-brand labeled,

"Everyday value." I picked

up both types of bulbs and

compared them: they were the

same except for the price . ..

.the GE bulbs cost more than

the Everyday value brand,

but the thing that surprised

me the most was that GE was

made in mEXICO and the Everyday value brand was

made in - you guessed it - the USA at a company in

Cleveland, Ohio.

It's Way past time to start finding and buying

products you use every day that are made right here.

So, on to the next aisle: bounce Dryer Sheets...

yep, you guessed it, bounce cost more money and

is made in Canada . The Everyday value brand cost

less, and was mADE IN THE USA! I did laundry

yesterday and the dryer sheets performed just like the

bounce Free I have been using for years, at almost

half the price.

my challenge to you is to start reading the labels

when you shop for everyday things and see what you

can find that is made in the USA - the job you save

may be your own or your neighbor's!

If you accept the challenge, pass this on to others

in your address book so we can all start buying

American, one light bulb at a time!

Stop buying from overseas companies - you're

sending the jobs there. (We should have awakened a

decade ago...)

Let's get with the program and help our fellow

Americans keep their jobs and create more jobs here

in the USA. Support the products that are " made in

the USA "

NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 17

The Spirit of

Thanksgiving Day

by Vito Gironda

by the time I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving

Day for the first time, I was already twenty-one years old.

I was seventeen years old when I came from Europe

to the United States of America with no family

and no knowledge of the English language. I went to

live with friends of my family but soon I had to go to

work to make a living and support myself.

A few years later I was drafted for military service

and while stationed at Fort belvoir virginia, taking

basic training before going overseas, I celebrated

my first Thanksgiving Day. (It was November 1944).

I had many friends and on that Thanksgiving Day

we had the best military style Thanksgiving Dinner

we could ever expect, with all the trimmings. I was

surprised and happy because it was the first Thanksgiving

dinner I had ever tasted.

returning to the barracks, sergeant Price gave me

word that Captain Kelly, who was in charge of our

company wanted to see me at his office.

I reported to the Captain, who kindly asked me if

I could sew a few buttons on his shirts, he knew I was

a custom tailor by trade. Without hesitation, I gladly

did the sewing for him and when I finished he offered

a long weekend (three day pass) to go home.

I was very excited and appreciative; I thanked him

for his kindness and went home for the weekend. From

that day on, I learned the meaning of Thanksgiving.

I will observe and respect that day as long as I live.

It is a day to thank God for the million blessings he

gives us.

In celebrating Thanksgiving Day, we not only

thank God for making us part of this great land where

food abounds for us to have and enjoy it, but also thank

God for being alive and for giving me the opportunity

to escape from Europe just in time before Italy entered

the war, in fact, I was on the last ship that sailed form

Italy to the U.S.A..

On Thanksgiving Day, I will always remember

Fort belvoir where I celebrated my first Thanksgiving

Day and a very exquisite dinner. I also will always

remember how the Thanksgiving Spirit, the dinner

and the prayers made all of us soldiers feel close and

united, just like a family, a family that at that moment

we did not have and did miss it terribly.

In spite of the situation we made the best of it and

managed to celebrate the spiritual and memorable

Thanksgiving Day in harmony.

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Broccoli and Cheese Quiche

by: Weight Watchers (6 points)

6 Oz. Pie Crust, 9-inch refrigerated

2 t Olive Oil

½ C red Onion, Chopped

1 ¼ C Part-Skim ricotta Cheese

1 C Low Fat Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 Large Egg

2 Large Egg Whites

1 T Dijon mustard

1 t Dried Oregano

½ t Salt

¼ t Pepper

10 oz. Frozen Chopped broccoli (thawed & well


1 T Grated Parmesan Cheese

Preheat oven to 375. Press pie crust into a 9 inch

pie pan.

Heat oil in a small skillet over medium heat to

make filling. Add onion and sauté until soft, about 3

minutes. Transfer onion to a large bowl and add ricotta

cheese, cheddar cheese, egg, egg whites, mustard,

oregano, salt and pepper; mix well and fold in broccoli.

Spoon mixture into prepared crust and level surface

with a wooden spoon; sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

bake until a knife inserted near center comes out

clean, about 35 to 40 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes

before slicing into 8 pieces. Yields 1 piece per serving.

RepaiRs Done Right!



The Best Service, Parts, and Warranty-

That’s The Guardian Advantage

Service • Repair • Sales • Installation

FREE Wireless Keypad with the Purchase of

New Liftmaster Garage Door Opener ($75 Value)

FREE Safety Cables with the Purchase of any

New Extension Springs ($89 Value)

insulated installed

regularly $849




Broken Springs replaced

rollers & cables replaced

Transmitters & receivers

SALE DOOR 8x7 NJ Cert #13vH01882000



(Excludes Sale


Radio Dispatched • Fully Insured

Fast, Professional Service “Family Owned and Operated”

732-269-9667 • 609-693-8040


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20 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

Dr. Lorraine Bopp, DPM

Dr. Charles Meyer, DPM

Foot & Ankle Specialists

Caring for our Patients for 22 Years

New Patients Welcome

Fungal Nail Care

Diabetic Foot Exam & Shoes

Ankle Pain & Ankle Arthritis

Arthritic Foot Conditions

Heel Pain & Endoscopic Heel Surgery

Wound Care

X-Ray Equipped

PAD Circulation testing

Improve your quality of life with relief

from foot pain



Medicare & Most insurance Accepted

Lionshead Office Park

35 Beaverson Blvd 1A, Brick

(Corner of Brick Blvd & Beaverson Blvd)





replacements and

New installations of Heating

& Air conditioning Units

We ServiCe/inSTall

all MakeS & ModelS


732-349-1448 732-657-8367

All Electrical Work Performed By Licensed Electrician • All Plumbing Work Performed By Licensed Plumber

• Central Air Conditioning • Boilers • Furnaces • Heat Pumps • Hot Water Heaters • Tankless Water Heaters •

• Oil/Gas/Propane Conversions • Air Cleaners • Attic Fans • Dryer Vents • Humidifiers • Tune Ups • Service Plans •











$20 OFF

SErvicE cALL

$100 OFF



$50 OFF


$150 OFF




$150 OFF




$250 OFF


$250 OFF




Registered with the Office of Attorney

General Division Of Consumer Affairs

License #13VH02253000

COUPONS MUST BE PRESENT WHEN SIGNING CONTRACT. Coupons may not be used for prior services, installations or replacements.

Coupons cannot be combined. SAVE this ad! Coupons do not expire

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Solution on page 26


SLow Down


25 mph


anD SToP aT aLL SIgnS.

wE wanT To kEEP

our rESIDEnTS SafE!



N.J. License #10933 • NJ Home Improvement Contractor #13VH05003000

Serving All Senior Communities





Water Heater



Let Us Protect Your

Plumbing Fixtures and

Pipes While You’re Away

Call Us At:


get it Done right

The First Time!

All Work guaranteed



Water Heater






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Texas Hold ‘Em

The October winners of Texas Hold-em were:

First: Ed masessa

Second: Lou violetti

Third: Dave Aker

Fourth: Lois benedetti

Fifth: mike Calandra

Sixth: Joanne Porcaro

Sorry, because of the power failure, the pictures

came out too dark to print.

Bingo Every Thursday Night

Coffee 25ȼ,

Time 6:00-7:00 PM

Bingo starts 7:00 PM

Come Join Us!



Carskaddan Chiropractic is sponsoring their annual food

drive for the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties

24 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

New Patients will receive a


AND X-RAYS (if necessary)

…In exchange for nonperishable food items for the Monmouth/

Ocean County Food Bank donated to the less fortunate in our area.

A $200 value

First Visit Only - New Patients Only - Not Valid With Any Other Offer - Expires 11/30/12

In addition to chiropractic services, we provide

physical therapy and massage therapy.

If you or someone you know is suffering, take the first step

to help yourself and someone else at the same time!

We can give you relief!

Dr. Brian Carskaddan

1901 Hooper Avenue, Suite A, Toms River, NJ 08753

(732) 255-8335



JANUArY 2013

Please arrive at 12:30 pm

Game starts at 1:00 ends by 5:00



No one can join the game once it has begun

You can pay on any of the following Thursday

nights at the Clubhouse between 6:00 – 7:00 Pm.

October 18th, 25th & November 1st



* Medicare participating; No care denied due to financial hardship *

ad #1098D

I recently took

a cruise to Canada

and New England, so

I thought I’d share

some of my advice on

photographing cruises.

This also applies to

any vacation images.

remember to apply

the general rules of

photography that I’ve

outlined in previous


Try to get shots that

will remind you of the

things you did on the

trip: images of the ship,

crew members, ports of

call, etc. To get different

effects, shoot many of

the images both with and

Cruise Photography

without the flash. Shooting without the flash will

give a nice effect for the entertainment on the ship.

I always photograph the crew members that

interact with me - my cabin steward, the waiters,

bar staff, etc. I then have prints made on the ship

(most ships do this for about 35 cents a print) and

give the prints to the crew. You cannot believe how

much they appreciate this. On this cruise one of the

crew started crying she was so happy. In this day

and age you cannot often be a hero for 35 cents!!

After your vacation you may wish to make a

photo book of your trip. There are many online

companies that make inexpensive photo books and

their software is quite easy to use. I have several of

these books, and my wife and I love to go through

them to relive past vacations.

That’s it for this month. As always you can

email me with any photographic questions or

problems at Feel

free to visit my site at www. KirmsPhotography.

com if you’d like to see some of my work. Keep

shooting and trying to improve your images, but

most importantly, have fun with your camera.

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blessed are the children,

of dedicated parents,

they grow in a worthy tradition,

of kindness and compliments.

Our michael was blessed with a hearty appetite

from the day he was born. Dedicated nurses at the

hospital suspected that hunger was the reason for

his restless moments. They inquired with our family

doctor and under his guidance, they increased michael’s

feeding formula, with extra milk, followed

by a bottle of plain water; consequently, by drinking

both bottles of formula, michael would go to sleep,

without a doubt.

When michael and his mom were released from

the hospital, our doctor reminded us that we were

taking home a healthy boy, with a healthy appetite.

As michael grew up, it was a pleasure to watch

him finish all the food put in front of him; the rest of

the family would sit, eat and talk, while michael would

silently sit and eat.

michael was a pleasant boy by nature, but food

was constantly in his mind; whenever he arrived home

from school . or from playing outdoors, his first words

that would come out of his mouth were,” mommy,

I am hungry!” Of course, mother always had lunch

ready for him and his brother, when they arrived home

from school, or from playing; she was there waiting

for them.

Holiday dinners were michael’s favorites; he

loved to stay close and around, to admire the unlimited

amount of foods, on the fully opened table. His

big eyes would constantly stare at the food, while

his mind wondered and wished, that dinner time was

closer than anticipated. but he was a good boy, and

waited patiently, until dinner time arrived.

It was Thanksgiving Day; our family gathered to

celebrate the holiday in harmony. Choices of foods

abounded on the dining room table, while the aroma

of the fresh percolated coffee,was filtering through the

kitchen door. Everybody ate and enjoyed the holiday

dinner, and when everyone was finished with their

meal, there was our michael, sitting quietly, with his

elbows on the table, fork and spoon in his hands, looking

at the delicious leftovers of turkey and stuffing,

and asking: “mommy, can I please have some more?”

Of course, a stupefied mother, gave michael some

extra to eat, exclaiming; “Where in the heavens are

you putting all that food?” We all had a good laugh,

but it was Thanksgiving Day: we had just gathered

together to thank God for all his blessings given to

us, including the good food, good health, and a good

michael, with a healthy appetite, who did not let any

food go to waste.

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(year 1948) Song title:


Your beautiful lips,

your wonderful ways,

your tasty kisses,

are making me to say,

darling I love you,

I swear I do, I swear I do.

Even the flowers,

the birds, the trees,

they love nature,

they love to live.

I love nature,

I love to live too,

but I love it most,

to live for you.

Your beautiful lips etc...

From Pages 11

From Pages 22

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PasTa NighT 2012

28 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

PasTa NighT 2012

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Jeff’s Powerwashing

Hot Water and Soap • Mold Removal

Houses • Patios • Roofs Washed


Insured Lic. #13VH01634500

Senior Discounts • Free Estimates

Low Pressure Roof Stain Removal

Safely Washing Houses & Roofs for Over 15 Years

WE Fix all

ClOggEd drains

Toilets Repaired and Replaced, Faucets, etc.


Lowest Prices / 732-678-7584

Lic. # 13VH05930800


$49.99 plus tax




732-664-9980 FrEE ESTiMATES


Hometowne Plumbing

No Job Too Small


Lic. 9452 FOrMEr MAriNE





Bill’s Affordable

Handyman Service, LLC

732-965-5115 or Cell: 973-626-1375

Carpentry, painting, windows,

doors, floors and more

leisure Village east resident

Insd/Lic # 13vH05940200

From Pages 16

$ 25 00 Discount

applies to jobs over

$ 125 00 with ad

Offer expires 11/30/12

Heavenly Helper

Alice Murtagh

Brick 732-644-1011


Help with Medical Insurance, Transportation Appts/

Shopping, Prepare Lunch/Dinner, Dog Walking

Need something else? Ask, maybe I can help!

NOvEmbEr 2012 LIONS HEADLines 31

Customer Service

is our #1 Concern



Dennis’ service center


With coupon offers cannot be combined

All For Only

32 LIONS HEADLines NOvEmbEr 2012

dEnnis’ sErviCE CEnTEr

20 Brick Blvd. • Brick

(located 1 Block South of Stop & Shop)



Pick Up &


Within 5 Mile Radius.

Excludes Oil Change

10% Senior Discount on

repairs over $50.00


8-6 Mon - Fri

8-12 Sat.

(Appts Recommended)



Dennis’ Service Center


Fax: 732-864-1897

ASE Certified State Licensed Emission Repair Facility Come join us for a cup of coffee while you wait!

Home of

the $ 18.95

Oil Change

Includes: Up to 5 Quarts, New Filter & Lube,

All Vehicle Hoses, Belts. Tire Pressure and

Fluids will be checked!

Includes: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Plus 10 Point Check Up:

Tune Up, Belts, Hoses, All Fluids, Brakes, Lights, Suspension,

Fuel Injection System, Front End, Tires

With coupon, offers cannot be combined.

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