Download Brochure - Tony Graham Nissan

Download Brochure - Tony Graham Nissan

332 HPON AMISSION.THE FEELING OF INNOVATION.There’s a curvy road not far from town. A perfect place to hear a dual exhaust bounce 332 HP of pureadrenaline off a canyon wall. To feel the massive braking power of available 14" front discs as youset up for a tight hairpin turn. The feedback through the wheel and the seats as a dynamically balancedchassis just grips and grips and grips. A perfect downshift thanks to the world’s only available revmatchingmanual transmission. And somewhere along the way, find a scenic turnout, and just take in theaggressive new looks. Then fire up that legendary V6, stand on it, and you’re gone. The 2013 370Z ṬMNissan. Innovation that excites ṬMNissan 370Z TMTouring Coupe shown in Brilliant Silver with optional equipment.Nissan 370Z TMTouring Roadster shown in Magma Red with optional equipment.

00:00 secTHE FEELING OFUNLIMITED POSSIBiLITIES.Taste freedom as the breeze brushes your face. Hear the soundof 332 pure horsepower through a tuned exhaust. Embrace thesky as the Roadster folds its power top in about 20 seconds.Drop it from the cozy cockpit 1 or even from the outside by pushinga button on the driver’s door. It’s time to rev up your senses.00:04 sec00:09 sec00:16 sec00:20 sec00:21 secNissan 370Z TMTouring Roadster shown in Magnetic Black with optional equipment.1Do not drive the vehicle with the top partially opened. Always make sure the top is either fully opened or closed before driving.See Owner’s Manual regarding proper use.

Legendary power. The 370Z TM is powered by the 4th-generationVQ V6 engine. With 3.7-litre displacement for massive muscle,this 332 HP dynamo features advanced Variable Valve Eventand Lift (VVEL) technology that continuously tunes valve lift andtiming for quicker response and a broader torque curve, whileoptimizing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. And whilethis extensive engineering may sound intriguing on paper, theexhilaration from idle to the 7500-rpm redline – on the straightsor through the corners – is pure magic.A world’s first. Included in the Sport Package, SynchroRevMatch ® technology – the first in any production car – monitorsthe 6-speed manual’s clutch pedal, shift lever and vehicle speed.As you shift to a lower gear, the system will “blip” the throttle tothe ideal engine rpm for a supremely smooth downshift as you letout the clutch. The system also works when upshifting to giveyou a smooth flow of power when accelerating.THE FEELING OF A PERFECTLYMATCHED DOWNSHIFT.– downshift / upshift +Control at your fingertips. Want effortless cruising? Put the7-speed automatic transmission in “D.” For a quick gear change,just pull the steering column-mounted lightweight magnesiumpaddle shifters. In Manual mode, you get manual-style controlwith a nudge of the shift lever or a pull of the paddle shifters. Thetransmission can even hold a gear in cornering for better balance,or downshift before a corner for more effective braking. And whena downshift is needed, Downshift Rev Matching automaticallyopens the throttle to match the rpm for smoother gear changes.Nissan 370Z TMTouring Roadster shown in Wine Leather. U.S. instrumentation shown.

Lightweight suspension components. The lighter a suspension’scomponents, the more quickly it can react to the driver and bumpsin the road. Use of strong yet lightweight aluminum makes the Z ®suspension extremely responsive. Its double-wishbone front and4-link rear design helps to keep the tires vertical to the ground,maximizing their contact patches. Dual flow pass shocks enhancecontrol. And super-light forged 19" alloy wheels are available foreven quicker response.4-piston brake calipers on 14" front rotors. Balance doesn’tjust apply to cornering. Bringing the powerful Z ® to a halt areits largest brakes ever – available 14" front rotors, with thegripping power of 4-piston front calipers. Purpose-designedducting helps to reduce fade and provide predictable andprecise stopping power.FROM POWERTRAINTO BULLET TRAIN.Designed to conquer every corner, the Nissan 370Z TM starts with a low centre ofgravity and a short wheelbase for quick response. Structural supports underthe hood and along the body reinforce the chassis to handle the loads thesuspension can dish out. Add in an enthusiast’s wish list of high-performancecomponentry. And at every turn of the wheel, find pure joy as the 370Z TM turnshandling science into pure performance art.53/47 weight distribution. Some consider a static 50/50 balanceto be the perfect weight distribution for handling. But Nissanengineers realized that a 53 front/47 rear static ratio is actuallyideal. At the precise moment the driver accelerates out of acorner’s apex, the weight distribution shifts rearward andbecomes an approximate 50/50 balance. This translates intoenhanced tire contact for better acceleration, quicker turns anda handling feel that’s uniquely Z. ®Vehicle Dynamic Control. A great sports car shouldn’t just exhilarate,it should also inspire confidence. Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)on the 370Z TM continuously monitors the speed of each wheel,steering angle, yaw, lateral G-forces and even braking pressure. Itcompares the data to the steered vehicle path and, if it senses theonset of plowing (understeer) or fishtailing (oversteer), VDC brakesindividual wheels and/or reduces engine power to help keep youon your steered course. 153% 47%Nissan 370Z TMTouring Coupe shown in Midnight Blue with optional equipment.1VDC, which should remain on when driving except when freeing the vehicle from mud or snow, cannot prevent accidents due to abrupt steering, carelessness, or dangerous driving techniques. Always drive safely.

PAINT SELECTIONSACCESSORIESABWe’re all for public displays of affection.genuine Nissan accessories.Every Genuine Nissan Accessory is: custom-fit, custom-designed anddurability-tested; backed by Nissan’s 3 year/60,000 km Accessories limitedwarranty; and can be financed when installed by dealer at time of purchase. 2A. Front Chin Aero DeflectorLess turbulence. More downforce. Looks cool, too.CDMidnight Blue 1 RAACOUPEROADSTERSolid Red A54COUPEROADSTERBrilliant Silver 1 K23COUPEROADSTERPearl White 1 QABCOUPEROADSTERB. 19" Polished Forged Alloy WheelsHigh-strength and lightweight for a performance edge.frost leathercharcoal leathercharcoal leathercharcoal leatherwine leatherfrost leatherwine leatherC. Rear Decklid Spoiler (Coupe Only)A perfect complement to Z ® ’s iconic design.D. NISMO® Rear Decklid Spoiler (Coupe Only)Track-inspired for the ultimate performance statement.E. NISMO® Cat-back Exhaust SystemA bump in horsepower and torque, plus a fearsome sound.EFF. Illuminated Kick Plates (2-piece set)A grand entry every time you get in.See your Nissan dealer for details, or go Black 1 G41 COUPE ROADSTER Gun Metallic 1 KAD COUPE ROADSTER Magma Red 1 NAM COUPE ROADSTER Black Cherry 1 NAGCOUPEROADSTERfrost leathercharcoal leatherpersimmon leatherFABRIC SELECTIONScharcoal leatherpersimmon leatherwine leatherfrost leathercharcoal leatherfrost leathercharcoal leatherwine leatherROADSTER SOFT-TOPSELECTIONSCOMMITMENTBuying and owning aNissan is like driving one:quick, convenient,confidence-inspiring.Nissan’s philosophy toward the environment, “Seekinga symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature,” describesour ideal for a sustainable mobile society, now and inthe future. We launched the Nissan Green Programwith specific objectives to realize this goal, and we arepursuing it energetically.CoupeRoadsterPersimmon Leather Charcoal Leather Frost LeatherWine Leather Charcoal Leather Frost LeatherBlack Top available with Frost Leatheror Charcoal LeatherBordeaux Top available withWine LeatherStandard1Extra cost optionNissan has taken care toensure that the colour swatchespresented here are the closestpossible representationsof actual vehicle colours.Swatches may vary slightly dueto the printing process andwhether viewed in daylight,fluorescent or incandescentlight. Please see your localNissan Dealership for actualcolours and pricing information.Finance Options Through Nissan Canada Finance, we offer many attractive purchaseand lease programs, all with competitive rates and terms. With our flexible financeoptions, driving home a new Nissan has never been easier. Consult your local NissanDealership for complete details.No-Nonsense Warranty Every 2013 Nissan is covered by a 3 year/60,000 km 3Comprehensive New Vehicle Warranty, a 5 year/100,000 km 3 Powertrain War ranty,an 8 year/130,000 km 3 Emission Control Warranty on selected components, and a5 year/unlimited km Corrosion Perforation Warranty. As a Nissan owner, you’ll alsoreceive a 3 year Roadside Assistance program available to you 24 hours a day. Terms,conditions and exclusions apply. See Warranty Information Booklet for complete details.Added Security Plan (ASP) For ultimate peace of mind, consider the Nissan AddedSecurity Plan. It’s our commitment to be there for you, and to help you leave yourworries behind. Different plans, available for both purchased and leased vehicles, letyou tailor the coverage to your driving habits.2See your Nissan Dealership and read the actual limited warranty. 3 Whichever comes first.

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