2010 Balance Sheet Standard - American College of Medical ...


2010 Balance Sheet Standard - American College of Medical ...

American College of Medical ToxicologyBalance Sheet StandardAs of December 31, 2010TotalASSETSCurrent AssetsChecking/SavingsChecking - Arizona 139,260.88Savings - Arizona 502.12Total Checking/Savings $ 139,763.00Accounts ReceivableAccounts Receivable 194,082.80Total Accounts Receivable $ 194,082.80Other Current AssetsFederal Grant Receivables 89,685.05Investment Account 211,443.53Prepaid Expenses 10,206.72Total Other Current Assets $ 311,335.30Total Current Assets $ 645,181.10TOTAL ASSETS $ 645,181.10LIABILITIES & EQUITYLiabilitiesCurrent LiabilitiesAccounts Payable 71,356.04Total Accounts Payable $71,356.04Other Current LiabilitiesDeferred Dues Revenue 9,050.00Deferred Grant Revenue 89,685.05Deferred Revenue - Antidotes Course 2011 225.00Deferred Revenue - Spring Conference 2011 14,355.00Total Other Current Liabilities $ 113,315.05Total Current Liabilities $ 184,671.09Total Liabilities $ 184,671.09EquityUnrealized Gains/Losses 11,443.53Retained Earnings 339,407.21Net Income 109,659.27Total Equity $ 460,510.01TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $ 645,181.10

American College of Medical ToxicologyProfit and Loss StandardJanuary through June 2011TotalOrdinary Income/ExpenseIncomeEducational Conferences 117,473.70Grants 70,291.58JMT Publications 6,812.50Membership Dues 118,153.00Total Income $312,730.78ExpenseAdministrativeBanking 3,897.65Board of Directors 21,003.56Office Expenses 3,095.88Payroll Expenses 90,299.87Professional Services 11,416.92Total Administrative $129,713.88Grants - ExpenseMaterials 43.56Personnel 12,600.00Projects 22,066.71Travel 8,961.59Total Grants - Expense $43,671.86Member ServicesAwards 213.24Conferences 70,414.75JMT Publications 13,690.00Webinar Services 930.68Website 2,763.50Total Member Services $88,012.17Total Expense $261,397.91Net Ordinary Income $51,332.87Total Other Income 0.03Net Income $51,332.90

American College of Medical ToxicologyCash Flow ReportAs of June 30, 2011ACMT Checking Account -­‐ Arizona ACMT Savings Account ACMT InvestmentsBook Balance 269,489.40 Book Balance 502.15 Book Balance 211,443.53Bank Balance 289,419.38 Bank Balance 502.15 Bank Balance 207,670.18BANK ACCOUNT PROJECTIONCombined Book Balance as of 06/30/11 481,435.08Pending ReceivablesCooperative Agreement15,466.94 Due from ATSDR Cooperative Agreement Research Grant20,000.00 Due from McNeil HealthcarePending PayablesResearch Grant15,000.00 McNeil Research GrantProjected Balance $ 501,902.02

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