2012 UWSCollege Course Guide - University of Western Sydney

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2012 UWSCollege Course Guide - University of Western Sydney

ABOUT4Campbelltown Campus, University of Western SydneyThe University of Western SydneyUWS has been recognised foroutstanding contributions to studentlearning at the 2010 nationalAustralian Learning and TeachingCouncil Awards.With a contemporary approach tostudy, work and innovation, UWSadapts to the changing demandsof global business, education,communication and the environment.True to its philosophy ‘Bringing Knowledgeto Life’ UWS combines academicstudy with practical experiences todeliver useful courses that help drivestudents towards their career goals.Career-orientated coursesThe University’s strong researchand industry links ensure coursematerials are always relevant towhat’s happening in the real world.Balance of academic andpractical learningNearly all courses have practicalcomponents so students can gainhands-on experience in real-life situationsthrough case studies or practicalwork in state-of-the-art facilities.Opportunities also exist for external workplacements or industry internships.Teaching students skills for lifeStudents are encouraged to adoptan independent, critical and analyticalapproach to each subject area and beadaptable to lifelong learning. Manycourses specifically develop leadershipand strategic thinking skills.Industry-trained academic staffOur industry-trained academics are intouch with the professional world andhelp provide you with the best possibleresources to succeed in your studies.Well regarded, innovativeresearch programsUWS takes its responsibility to supporthigh-impact research seriously, fosteringa vibrant and dynamic research culture.A reputation for research excellencehas placed us in the AustralianResearch Council’s funding top 20.Global knowledge networkThe University has close links withuniversities in the Asia-Pacificregion, Europe and the Americas.These links provide UWS studentsan international student exchangeprogram to study in another countryas part of their degree in Australia.UWS UndergraduateAreas of StudyArtsBusinessCommunication ArtsEngineering, Information and CommunicationsTechnologyEnvironment and TourismHealth Science, Nursing and Sports ScienceLawMedicinePolicing and CriminologyScienceSocial ScienceTeaching and EducationUWS at a glance»»UWS is located in Sydney’sGreater Western Region»»Multi-campus university with sixcampuses located throughoutWestern Sydney»»Over 40,000 students – one of thelargest universities in Australia»»Over 4,000 international studentsstudy at UWS every year fromaround the world: India, China,Canada, Germany, Korea,Thailand, Jordan, Malaysia, SriLanka, and more.

5 ABOUTUWSCollege Teaching and Learning:Fulfilling your academic goalsPreparing for university: a whole new worldThe UWSCollege focus is on preparing students foruniversity. University is a very different teaching andlearning environment to secondary school.You will be required to understand and apply concepts andtheories to critically examine and present a range of argumentsto support your conclusions. You will be expected to participatein class discussions and to question your teachers if you donot understand what is being taught. Attendance at class iscompulsory. Our teachers know exactly what you need to succeedat UWS and will help you acquire the language, learning andstudy skills, as well as the confidence and attitude to do so.Special academic development subjectsUWSCollege offers additional support services to studentsto help bridge the gap between high school and thelevel of knowledge and skill needed for university.• Academic English: This special subject, offered in all fivestreams of University Foundation Studies and in the Diplomasof Health Science and Social Science, is strongly focusedon improving academic reading, writing and listening skills.• Tertiary Study Skills: Offered in all eight Diploma programs,this subject addresses the specific skills you will need asa tertiary student across all disciplines such as how toresearch, reference, cite sources, and write an essay.• Discipline-specific: In the Standard Diploma (threesemester) Program, you will study extra discipline-specific‘gap’ subjects such as Chemistry in the Science Diploma,Physics and Maths in the Engineering Diploma, andStatistics and Accounting in the Business Diploma.Early assessment and tailored programsUWSCollege assesses your academic strengths and weaknessesearly in your course and provides you with an individual reportmaking recommendations about areas for improvement andthe need for support classes. UWSCollege puts in place manyresources to help you progress successfully in your studies.Additional support classes in Maths and English focus onindividual problems experienced by students in these areas.Small classes and student groupsUWSCollege has smaller lecture and tutorial groups thanthe university, which allows our students to benefit from themore individual attention they receive from our teaching staff.Students are also organised into cohorts of about 20 studentsso they have the same friendly faces around them throughouttheir course. This also assists in the transition to the degree.TutorialsUWSCollege typically holds two-hour tutorial sessions,twice the length of the usual university tutorial,allowing for more question and discussion time.University-level skills and assessmentsYou will learn a range of tertiary skills needed to pass your subjects.A number of assessment tasks are set during the semesterand may include essays, research papers, oral presentations,fieldwork, and laboratory practicals. Final Diploma exam papersare quality assured by UWS to ensure they meet UWS standards.Friendly, available staffOur First Year Experience Coordinators monitor eachstudent’s progress and are the first point of contact if you haveconcerns. Our dedicated teachers are generous with theirtime and available for consultation and by email if needed.

ABOUT6UWSCollege – Student Services:Making you feel at home on campusAs a student at UWSCollege, you will findall the help and support you need is closeat hand. The experienced, professionalteam at Student Services, located on boththe Nirimba and Westmead campuses,are committed to making you feel athome in your new life at UWSCollege.Student AdvisorsOur Student Advisors’ role is to helpyou settle in and ensure your student lifeexperience is the best it can be. You canapproach the Student Advisors on bothcampuses about any matter that concernsyou and they will either help you directlyor find someone who can. If you have adisability or health condition that requiresspecialised assistance or affects yourability to study, the Advisors can contactUWS Disability Services to help you. Ifyou require professional counselling aboutpersonal, relationship, career or familymatters, the Advisors can refer you to UWSCounselling for either face-to-face or overthe-phoneconsultations. No matter is toosmall or too big for them to handle.Advisors can also provide advice andinformation or refer you to someone on theteam who can help you with enrolments,course details, illness or injury, localemployment, and on-campus andoff-campus accommodation options.The team is available 8.30am to 4.30pm,Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am to3.30pm, Friday with an after-hours helplinefor emergencies.Student activitiesThe Student Activities Officer organisesregular student social and cultural eventsthat help you get to know other studentsand broaden your appreciation of thediversity of cultures at UWSCollege. Wecelebrate the many festivals and importantholidays from the diverse cultures of ourstudent community including Eid, ChineseNew Year, Ramadan, Easter, Christmas andDiwali. Sporting and social activities includebasketball, soccer, volleyball, and NintendoWii, table tennis and pool competitions.Recreational, fun classes in painting,jewellery-making and tai chi are offeredby qualified staff as well as seminarson study skills, resume writing andinterview skills to help with job-seeking.Same access as a UWS studentUWSCollege students have access to allthe same services and facilities as UWSstudents including the on-campus gym,library and disability services, cafeteriasand cafes on all six UWS campuses. Theycan join the UWS Student Associationand sign up for all the social, politicaland religious clubs and groups as wellas activities, day trips, competitionsand social events organised throughUWS Connect. For further informationvisit www.uwsconnect.com.auDiane Gile, Student Advisor“I’m an advocate for students. A student may just needsomebody to talk to but if it goes deeper than that I canarrange help: counselling, a disability plan, talking to theirHead of Program about the need for extra support classes.”

7 ABOUTUWSCollege – Facilities and AccommodationNirimba campusThe Nirimba Education Precinct is amulti-institutional educational campuslocated at Quakers Hill. The Nirimbacampus is a purpose-built learning centrefor UWSCollege’s University FoundationStudies and Diploma Programs. Thismodern complex of lecture theatres,computer labs, tutorial rooms, studentcommon room and prayer rooms, issituated on a sunny, open, well laid-outcampus landscaped with Australian nativetrees and shrubs. The computer labs stayopen until 3.00am with full IT supportavailable. UWSCollege students haveborrowing privileges and access to thecollections and services of the Universityof Western Sydney’s libraries on all UWScampuses. The modern library holdsover 50,000 volumes as well as providingaccess to the vast UWS online collectionof over 106,000 print and e-journals, 456databases and over 91,000 e-books.The campus boasts outstanding recreationfacilities including sporting fields, an ingroundOlympic-size swimming pool,cricket nets, tennis courts and a beachvolleyball court. The student centre hastable tennis, lounges and a televisionlounge. Three fully-staffed cafeterias oncampus offer snacks, drinks and mealsevery weekday during semester. Nirimba isa fully accessible campus for wheelchairsand prams with free student parking forbikes and cars.Westmead campusIn addition to the full range of UniversityFoundation Studies and Diploma Programstaught at our Nirimba campus, we have alimited number of places in our UniversityFoundation Studies (Arts and Business)and Diploma Programs (Businessand Commerce and Social Science)available at our Westmead campus.The Westmead campus is well-known forits gracious and beautifully refurbishedhistoric main building, St Vincent’s,dating back to 1891. This eleganthistoric property has been convertedinto a spacious and modern learningcentre with lecture and tutorial rooms,computer labs, and the provision ofinternet access, academic and socialsupport services, sporting equipment,parking facilities, student common roomand prayer rooms. Students enjoy a widerange of affordable cafes and internationalrestaurants only a short walk away.Easy to get toBoth Westmead and Nirimba campusesshare the same train line and are withinwalking distance of their respective railwaystations: Westmead and Quakers Hill.Student accommodationWhile many students are happy tocommute to College, others choose tolive in supported student accommodationclose to or on our campuses. We offerseveral safe, affordable and comfortableoptions for your home away from homein the company of your fellow students.UWS Nirimba Residential CollegeStudent accommodation on theNirimba campus offers a choice of 4and 5 bedroom, comfortably furnishedcottages or villas with standard singlerooms in mixed or single-gender shareaccommodation, all with disability accessand five minutes walk to class. Eachunit has wireless internet access andtelephone. The student common-roomoffers a pool table, table tennis, cableTV, and outdoor barbecue areas.UWS Village [Parramatta]Only a 15 minute trip to the UWSCollegeWestmead campus, UWS VillageParramatta offers specialised studentshare accommodation with a choice of8, 6, 5, 4, and 2-bedroom apartmentsand studio apartments in a modern,secure complex featuring a new 10-metreswimming pool with sundeck, a studentlounge, TV lounge and e-library.In both locations, you become part of aclose student community with modernfacilities and a program of diverseactivities from sport and fitness to cultureand entertainment. With UWS securitypatrols 24 hours a day and a team ofResident Assistants available to help atall hours, you are well looked after.

COURSES8University Foundation StudiesThe University Foundation Studies Programis designed to introduce you to theknowledge and skills you will need for thefirst year of your Bachelor degree at UWS.On successful completion of UniversityFoundation Studies and fulfilment ofUWS course entry requirements, you areguaranteed* direct entry into the first yearof a UWS Bachelor degree program.Alternatively, you can enter a UWSCollegeDiploma Program, the equivalent ofthe first year of a corresponding UWSBachelor degree. In the Diploma Programyou have the option of undertakingeither a Standard (3 semester/12 month)program or a Fast Track (2 semester/8month) program depending on yourresults in University Foundation Studies.Study specialisations linked toyour choice of Bachelor DegreeUWSCollege UniversityFoundation Studies has five studyspecialisations to choose from:• Arts (for students wishing tostudy Arts,Humanities, SocialScience, Psychology, Educationor Languages at university)• Business• Computing• Nursing• Science (for students wishing to studyScience or Engineering at university).The specialisation you choose is yourdirect route to your preferred UWSBachelor degree e.g. you should enrolin the Arts specialisation if you intend tostudy the Bachelor of Arts at UWS.Study specialisations:»»Arts»»Business»»Computing»»Nursing»»ScienceCampus:Nirimba, WestmeadCourse Start dates:For specific course start dates, refer to page 24Course Fees:Accelerated (one semester) ProgramDuration: 4 months includes orientation, study,teaching and examination.Entry requirements:»»Successful completion of AustralianYear 12 or equivalent. Your offer will bebased on your ATAR results. (Scienceand Computing require previous study ofMathematics at Preliminary HSC or HSClevel or equivalent).Standard (two semester) ProgramDuration: 8 months includes orientation, study,teaching and examination.Entry requirements:»»Successful completion of AustralianYear 11 (with superior grades) or Year12 equivalent. Your offer will be basedon your ATAR results. (Science andComputing require previous study ofMathematics at Preliminary HSC or HSClevel or equivalent).1 semester: $6,0002 semesters: $11,500Assessment:Each subject is assessed through acombination of continual assessment, midsemester and final examinations. In general,for subjects studied over two semesters,the weighting of the assessment and finalexaminations is greater in the second semester.Grade Point AverageOverall performance in a UWSCollege University Foundation Studies course ismeasured on a 10 point Grade Point Average (GPA). The GPA is an internationallyrecognised progressive measure of academic achievement over the duration ofenrolment in a course and provides an overall view of a student’s performance.*There are course pass requirements set for all UWSCollege courses for guaranteed progression.

Graduate ProfileSAMANTHA WERNER11 COURSESUWSCollege Graduate University Foundation StudiesUWS Graduate Bachelor of Arts and currentlycompleting Masters of Teaching at UWS“The teachers want the best for youand they have high expectations toprepare you for uni. They go out of theirway to help you. They really care aboutyou and want to see you succeed.”‘I grew up in Kellyville and went to CrestwoodHigh. I always wanted to be a teacher; my twoolder brothers used to be my ‘students’ whenI was little. My plan was to go straight to unibut my marks didn’t get me there. My careersadvisor let me know about UWSCollege.‘I had an absolutely amazing experience atUWSCollege. I’m actually so glad that I didn’t gothrough to my HSC now because UWSCollegeprepares you for uni in a way that school justcan’t. I now go to uni with mature age studentsand also with students fresh out of school, andthey’re actually coming to me for advice.‘UWSCollege teaches you that independencethat school doesn’t teach you. It teaches youhow to write a proper essay, how to reference.You don’t get taught these things at school andyou’re just expected to know them at uni.‘I also broadened my computer skills; you’reexpected to do a lot of technology-based workwhen you’re at uni. I kept all my notes from Collegeand absolutely every subject that I did at College,I used information throughout my arts degree.‘I’ve just finished my arts degree and I’m just aboutto finish my masters degree. I’ve got great marksand I’m really happy. I can honestly say I wouldn’thave been able to get those marks without College.‘We had a good group of friends. I’ve got acollage of photos up on my wall from my Collegeexperience that I don’t plan to ever take down!‘

COURSES14Diploma in EngineeringNIRIMBA UAC CODE: 729520The Diploma in Engineering providesstudents with first year units of theBachelor of Engineering Degreewith additional tertiary preparationof the students’ mathematical andphysics knowledge and skills.Assumed knowledgeStudents are assumed to have studiedMathematics at senior high school levelor to have passed University FoundationStudies Mathematics at UWSCollegeand have assumed background Scienceknowledge, preferably in Physics.Standard (three semester) Program Fast Track (two semester) ProgramUWS Course Code: 7006 UWS Course Code: 7010Campus: NirimbaCampus: NirimbaKey subjects:Key subjects:Mathematics C*; Physics*; Tertiary StudyTertiary Study Skills*; Engineering Computing;Skills*; Engineering Computing; EngineeringEngineering and Design Concepts; Engineeringand Design Concepts; Engineering Design and Design and Construction Practice; ElectricalConstruction Practice; Electrical Fundamentals; Fundamentals; Fundamentals of Mechanics;Fundamentals of Mechanics; Mathematics for Mathematics for Engineers 1; Mathematics forEngineers 1; Mathematics for Engineers 2;Engineers 2; Physics and Materials.Physics and Materials.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.For detailed subject descriptions visit: www.uwscollege.edu.auEntry to UWSWhen you successfully completeyour Diploma in Engineering, you canprogress to second year of the Bachelorof Engineering at UWS which currentlyoffers eight specialisations. You canthen choose to pursue the specialisationthat best fits your career goals.Bachelor of EngineeringSpecialisationsCivilComputerConstructionElectricalEnvironmentalMechanicalRobotics andMechatronicsTelecommunicationsCareersDesigning, constructing and managing roads, transportation, airports, water supply, sewerage systems, large buildings, etc.Hardware and software development, computer control and real time computer systems, communications and networking, networkingtechnology development.Fields of construction, structural design, project management, quantity surveying and estimation. Career opportunities include theprivate or public sector on projects covering roads, bridges, airports, and residential and commercial buildings.Communications, electro-magnetics, power and control, public utilities, telecommunications, manufacturing, and electrical systemsareas.Designing solutions with a strong emphasis on environmental impact. You may work in private, industrial and mining companies,government departments, city and shire councils.Career opportunities in mining, biomedical applications, building services, energy generation and conservation, manufacturing,transportation and aerospace.Designing, developing and controlling automated machinery, designing mechanical equipment and systems, and marketing andmanagement. Opportunities in manufacturing, packaging, materials handling, aerospace and mining and projects such as designingmanufacturing solutions, processes and equipment, developing robotic devices to solve important health issues.Work concerned with the transmission of data e.g. developing ways for the speech- and hearing-impaired to be able to talk, working incommunications offices, designing computer communications solutions, working on intercontinental communications issues.

17COURSESDiploma in Health Science(Health Promotion, Health Services Management and Therapeutic Recreation)NIRIMBA UAC CODE: 729530The Diploma in Health Science (HealthPromotion, Health Services Managementand Therapeutic Recreation) providesstudents with the first year units includedin the Bachelor of Health Science, coveringintroductory Science, Communication andHealth aspects of the Bachelor course.Entry to UWSWhen you successfully complete yourDiploma in Health Science (HealthPromotion, Health Services Managementand Therapeutic Recreation) you canprogress to second year of the Bachelorof Health Science (Health Promotion,Health Services Management andTherapeutic Recreation) at UWS.Standard (three semester) Program Fast Track (two semester) ProgramUWS Course Code: 7018 UWS Course Code: 7019Campus: NirimbaCampus: NirimbaKey subjects:Key subjects:Academic English*; Science forTertiary Study Skills*; Communication inHealth Science*; Tertiary Study Skills*;Health; Foundations of Research andCommunication in Health; Foundations ofEvidence-Based Practice; IntroductionResearch and Evidence-Based Practice;to Human Biology; Outdoor Recreation;Introduction to Human Biology; OutdoorPopulation Health and Society; ProfessionalRecreation; Population Health and Society; Health Competencies; Professional PathwaysProfessional Health Competencies;in Health Science; Psychology and Health.Professional Pathways in Health Science;Psychology and Health.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.For detailed subject descriptions visit: www.uwscollege.edu.auBachelor of Health ScienceThe course provides a broad introduction to the health sciences with opportunities to major in health promotion, health service management and therapeuticrecreation. Subject to meeting admission criteria, transfers are possible to the clinical programs in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatric medicine.SpecialisationsHealth PromotionHealth ManagementTherapeutic RecreationCareersInitiate, develop and evaluate policy to help communities and individuals to change their behaviour, working with employers such asNFP foundations, disability councils, the public health sector, community health centres, youth centres, schools and, increasingly,local government. Health promotion projects include injury prevention, skin cancer prevention, HIV/AIDS awareness and communitydevelopment.Health Services Management plays a vital role in society, in ensuring that public investment in health is well spent, and that privatehealthcare businesses deliver effective, efficient services. You will build skills in managing people, resources and finances. Workinvolves quality improvement, financial management and occupational health and safety. Two areas of employment growth are inmental health services and the aged care sector.Graduates work with patients to use leisure activities to improve health and life quality in rehabilitation centres and psychiatric units,or in local government or community settings. Starting positions include diversional therapist in a public hospital or as a day carecentre coordinator

COURSES18Diploma in Information andCommunications TechnologyNIRIMBA UAC CODE: 729550The Diploma in Information andCommunications Technology (ICT) aims toproduce students who are fully prepared forstudy in the UWS Bachelor of ICT program.Assumed knowledgeStudents are assumed to have completedstudy in Mathematics and Scienceat senior high school level or to havecompleted University FoundationStudies Mathematics at UWSCollege.Entry to UWSWhen you successfully completeyour Diploma in Information andCommunications Technology (ICT), youcan progress to the second year ofthe UWS Bachelor of Information andCommunications Technology (ICT) orthe UWS Bachelor of Computing.Standard (three semester) Program Fast Track (two semester) ProgramUWS Course Code: 7005 UWS Course Code: 7004Campus: NirimbaCampus: NirimbaKey subjects:Key subjects:Programming Design*; Statistics forTertiary Study Skills*; Computer Networking;Academic Purposes*; Tertiary Study Skills*; Database Design and Development; InformationComputer Networking; Database DesignSystems in Context; Object Oriented Analysis;and Development; Information SystemsPrinciples of Professional Communication 1;in Context; Object Oriented Analysis;Programming Fundamentals; Statistical DecisionPrinciples of Professional CommunicationMaking; System Analysis and Design.1; Programming Fundamentals; StatisticalDecision Making; System Analysis andDesign.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.For detailed subject descriptions visit: www.uwscollege.edu.auBachelor of Information and Communications TechnologyThis course provides the skills and knowledge base in networking and IT applications areas of ICT and the ability to apply practical solutions across ICT. Itallows students to develop skills in application development, program design, systems analysis and design, networks, web design, and the implementationof technology. It provides a solid foundation in networks, databases, systems analysis and design, programming, web technologies, project management,professional communications and operating systems and associated computer security. It also covers the necessary mathematical and statistical skills asneeded by an ICT practitioner.SpecialisationsNetworking; Advanced Programming;Computer Systems; Information Technology;Health Informatics; Computational DecisionMaking; Entertainment Computing; KnowledgeDiscovery and Data Mining; Mathematics;Statistics.CareersPathways include network administrator or engineer, systems architect, systems integrator, databaseadministrator or programmer, web analyst, community/commercial web systems designer/developer,software quality analyst, business programmer, software engineer analyst, systems developer, gamesdeveloper, and information systems manager.Bachelor of ComputingUWSCollege Diploma of ICT graduates can enter the Information Technology major of this degree course. This is a professional Information CommunicationTechnology (ICT) course that provides graduates with a skills and knowledge base in the Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) areas andequips graduates with skills needed to apply IS/IT solutions to a wide area of ICT. It assures graduates develop skills in program design, systems analysis,design and security, data analysis and modelling, networks, web design and systems planning.CareersGraduates can expect to work in a variety of IT/IS related roles including: analyst programmer, systems developer, network developer, systems architect,information systems manager, web systems developer, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of an organisation, and many others.

19 COURSESDiploma in ScienceNIRIMBA UAC CODE: 729560The Diploma in Science providesstudents with first year units of theBachelor of Science Degree withadditional science tertiary preparationof the students’ mathematical andchemistry knowledge and skills.Assumed knowledgeStudents are assumed to have completedsome study in Mathematics and Science atsenior high school level or its equivalent.Entry to UWSWhen you successfully completeyour Diploma in Science, you mayprogress to a number of Sciencedegrees as detailed below with 80credit points advanced standing.Standard (three semester) Program Fast Track (two semester) ProgramUWS Course Code: 7003 UWS Course Code: 7009Campus: NirimbaCampus: NirimbaKey subjects:Key subjects:Tertiary Study Skills*; Chemistry*; Mathematics Tertiary Study Skills*; Biodiversity; Cell Biology;B*; Biodiversity; Cell Biology; Essential Chemistry Essential Chemistry 1; Essential Chemistry 2;1; Essential Chemistry 2; Science Academic Science Academic Literacy; Maths unit (to beLiteracy; Maths unit (to be confirmed); andconfirmed); and either: Resource Sustainabilityeither: Resource Sustainability and Integrated and Integrated Science OR Introduction toScience OR Introduction to Anatomy andAnatomy and Introduction to Physiology.Introduction to Physiology.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.For detailed subject descriptions visit: www.uwscollege.edu.auUWS Science courses* UWS Natural Science courses* UWS Medical Science coursesBachelor of ScienceBachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Science)Bachelor of Science (Zoology)Bachelor of Natural Science(Animal Science)Bachelor of Natural Science(Environment Management)Bachelor of Natural Science(Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security)Bachelor of Medical Sciencemajoring in Biomedical ScienceBachelor of Medical Sciencemajoring in Medicinal ChemistryBachelor of Medical Sciencemajoring in Physiology*Science and Natural Science courses to be confirmed.

COURSES20Diploma in Social ScienceNIRIMBA UAC CODE: 729570 WESTMEAD UAC CODE: 729575The Diploma in Social Science seeksto equip all students with introductoryinterdisciplinary and specialist skills andknowledge which form the basis for furtherstudy in the Bachelor of Social Scienceat UWS. It also offers a foundation unitin Academic English as an additionalskill basis for tertiary level study.Assumed knowledgeStudents are assumed to have studiedEnglish at senior high school level.Standard (three semester) ProgramUWS Course Code: 7020Campus: Nirimba, WestmeadKey subjects:Academic English*; Tertiary Study Skills*; Cultural and Social Geographies; The Geographies of SocialDifference; Inequalities and Difference; Introduction to Criminology; Organisations; Communities andCommunication; The Individual in Society; Tourism in Society; Understanding Society.*No advanced standing at university will be granted for these subjects.For detailed subject descriptions visit: www.uwscollege.edu.auEntry to UWSWhen you successfully complete yourDiploma in Social Science, you canprogress to the second year of theBachelor of Social Science at UWS,which offers six specialisations. You canthen choose to pursue the specialisationthat best fits your career goals.Bachelor of Social ScienceThe Social Science degree aims to expand your knowledge of the social world through theory and research, providing a deep understanding of the complex,culturally diverse and dynamic social environment of the twenty first century amd what makes people in our societies and cultures tick. Through this degree,you can be assured of gaining detailed knowledge about different cultures and the effects of policy and social attitudes on various communities, as well as thepractical skills to apply your knowledge.SpecialisationsChild and CommunityCriminology and CriminalJusticeGeography and UrbanStudiesHeritage and TourismPeace and DevelopmentStudiesSociologyCareersA good foundation for a career in the human services with a particular interest in children.Graduates typically find employment in probation and parole, policy advice and research, corrective services, community agencies,child protection, violence prevention, local government, Federal Police, NSW Police, and other investigative agencies.Employment includes urban and regional planning, urban research and policy, strategic planning policy, environmental and socialimpact assessment, community planning, housing policy, economics and allocation, teaching, social and cultural planning.Graduate career paths include local government, community work, teaching, heritage organisations, international developmentagencies, public service and cultural tourism.Employment paths include local government, community work, human rights and peace advocacy, public service, nongovernmentand international aid agencies, cultural tourism, law, international civil service (UN and related agencies).Occupations and industries include administration, business development, counselling, health policy, HR, probation and parole,sales and marketing, social research and community work.Theresa Wyborn, Coordinator Diploma in Social Science‘One thing that is really valuable about what we do here is actuallyinduct students into what university life is like. For example,Academic English gives them a critical grounding in academicwriting: what’s expected and how to do it.’

ADMISSION22UWSCollege Articulation Requirements to UWS Undergraduate DegreesUWSCOLLEGEPathway to the University of Western SydneyAcademic Pathway Program Duration Available 2012Intake DatesUWS Undergraduate Bachelor Degree (B)RemainingCourseDurationGPArequiredMinimumEnglishGradeMinimumMathsGradeDiplomaBusiness and Commerce2 semestersFebruary, June,OctoberB Business and Commerce2 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)3 semestersFebruary, June2 semestersFebruary, JuneConstruction ManagementB Construction Management3 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)3 semestersFebruary onlyEngineering2 semesters3 semestersJune onlyFebruary onlyB Engineering3 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)Health Science (PDHPE) 3 semesters February onlyB Health Science (Personal Development,Health and Physical Education)2 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)Health Science(Health Promotion, Health ServicesManagement and TherapeuticRecreation Pathway)2 semesters3 semestersJune onlyFebruary onlyB Health Science (Health Promotion,Health Services Management, TherapeuticRecreation)2 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)Information and CommunicationsTechnology2 semesters3 semestersFebruary, JuneFebruary onlyB Information and CommunicationsTechnologyB Computing (Information Systems)2 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)Science**2 semesters3 semestersJune onlyFebruary onlyB ScienceB Medical ScienceB Natural Science2 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)Social Science 3 semesters February only B Social Science 2 yearsSuccessful completion of Diploma course(8 units)Arts2 semesters1 semesterUniversity Foundation StudiesB Arts 3 years 6 BB Communication 3 years 7 BB Community Welfare 3 years 6 BB Contemporary Art 2 years 6* BB Design (Visual Communication) 3 years 7.5 BFebruary, JuneB International Studies 3 years 7 BB Music 3 years 6* BFebruary, OctoberB Policing 3 years 6 BB Psychology 4 years 8 BB Social Science 3 years 6 BB Social Work 3 years 7 BB Tourism Management 3 years 6 BB Business and Commerce 3 years 6.5 C

23ADMISSIONUWSCOLLEGEPathway to the University of Western SydneyAcademic Pathway Program Duration Available 2012Intake DatesUWS Undergraduate Bachelor Degree (B)RemainingCourseDurationGPArequiredMinimumEnglishGradeMinimumMathsGradeBusiness2 semester1 semesterUniversity Foundation StudiesB Arts 3 years 6 BB Business and Commerce 3 years 6.5 CFebruary, JuneB Law (combined studies only) 5 years 8.5 BB Economics 3 years 6.5 C CB Financial Advising 3 years 6.5 C CFebruary, OctoberB Policing 3 years 6 BB Tourism Management 3 years 6 BB Construction Management 4 years 6 C CB Information and CommunicationsTechnology3 years 6.5 C CB Computing 3 years 6.5 C CB Natural Science (excluding Animal Science) 3 years 6 C CComputing 2 semesters February, JuneB Computer Science 3 years 7 C BB Science 3 years 6 C C+B Science (Forensic Science) 3 years 6.5 C C+B Medical Science (Nanotechnology) 3 years 6.5 C BB Natural Science (EnvironmentalManagement)3 years 6 C CB Arts 3 years 6 BNursing2 semesters1 semesterFebruary, JuneFebruary, OctoberB Nursing 3 years 6 BB Natural Science 3 years 6 C CB Health Science 3 years 6 BB Science 3 years 6 C C+B Construction Management 4 years 6 C CB Design and Technology 3 years 6.5 C CB Engineering 4 years 6.5 C BB Engineering ScienceB Health Science 3 years 6 BB Health Science (Sport and ExerciseScience)3 years 7 BB Housing 3 years 6 C CB Industrial Design 4 years 6 C CB Medical Science 3 years 6 C CScience**2 semestersFebruary, JuneB Natural Science (Sustainable Agriculture &Food Security)3 years 6 C C1 semesterFebruary, OctoberB Natural Science (Animal Science) 3 years 6 C CB Natural Science (Environmental3 years 6 C CManagement)B Nursing 3 years 6 BB Science (Forensic Science) 3 years 6.5 C C+B Medical Science (Nanotechnology) 3 years 6.5 C BB Science (Chemistry) 3 years 6 C C+B Science (Biological Science) 3 years 6 C C+B Science (Nutrition & Food Science) 3 years 6 C C+B Science (Mathematical Science) 3 years 6 B BB Science (Environmental Science) 3 years 6 C C+B Science (Zoology) 3 years 6 C C+*Additional selection criteria required i.e. interview/audition.**Science courses to be confirmed.Overall performance in a UWSCollege University Foundation Studies course is measured on a 10 point Grade Point Average (GPA).The GPA is an internationally recognised progressive measure of academic achievement over the duration of enrolment in a course and provides an overall view of a student’s performance.

ADMISSION242012 Academic Program DatesCourse Start Dates Finish Dates DurationUniversity Foundation Studies2 semesters (Standard) – All streams27 February 201225 June 20125 October 20121 February 20138 months1 semester (Accelerated) – All streams27 February 20128 June 20124 months(excluding Computing)22 October 20121 February 2013Diploma Program3 semesters (Standard)»»Business and Commerce27 February 201225 June 20121 February 20137 June 201312 months3 semesters (Standard)»»Construction Management»»Engineering»»Health Science (PDHPE)»»Health Science (HP, HSM and TR)»»Information and Communications Technology»»Science»»Social Science27 February 2012 1 February 2013 12 months2 semesters (Fast Track)»»Business and Commerce27 February 201225 June 20125 October 20121 February 20138 months22 October 20127 June 20132 semesters (Fast Track)»»Construction Management»»Information and Communications Technology27 February 201225 June 20125 October 20121 February 20138 months2 semesters (Fast Track)»»Engineering»»Health Science (HP, HSM and TR)»»Science25 June 2012 1 February 2013 8 monthsThese dates may vary. Please check with UWSCollege to ensure that your preferred course has an intake when you wish to start.NOTE: Attendance at Orientation in week prior to commencement is compulsory.

Graduate ProfileNIKOLINA KANAZIR25 ADMISSIONUWSCollege Graduate Diploma of Social ScienceCurrently studying UWS Bachelor of Social Science“I found that so rewarding especiallynow I’m in the second year of mydegree. There are six College studentsin my ethics class and we are in the topten of the class.”‘I grew up in Croatia and then Serbia. We were inthe war; I was 12 when we migrated to Australia. Iam the first person in my family to pursue universitystudies and my parents are amazingly proud.‘I finished the HSC at Cabramatta High School butI was working in an office for a long time helpingmy parents pay for the mortgage and care for mydad. But then at 25 I decided that I wanted tofinish a degree and pursue something that I love.‘I think that UWSCollege was the most amazingthing that ever happened to me. The respectshown from the teachers to us as students,the way we were taught, was very different; itwasn’t just throwing us into the deep end.‘I came first in the whole Diploma for Social Scienceand I got a scholarship for university. I am doinga double major in Criminology and Sociologyand then hopefully honours. I want to work as apolicy adviser or for the Criminology Institute ofAustralia. When I’ve finished third year, I will applyto Federal Police to have a few years in the actualpractice before I do any policy development.‘I’m always grateful to the lecturers that I had atUWSCollege. If I was thrown into uni after not doingstudy for so long and missing so many skills, Idon’t think I would get more than a pass or credit.‘The fact is I had that support system andthat is so important, especially when you’recoming straight from high school or for maturestudents who are coming back to study.’

ADMISSION26Academic Program FeesUniversity Foundation StudiesUniversity Foundation Studies are covered by FEE-HELPwhich is available for eligible full fee paying students toassist in paying their tuition fees. FEE-HELP is a loan givento students to help pay all or part of their tuition fees.Diploma coursesDiploma courses are covered by a HECS-HELP loan andare available to eligible students enrolled in Commonwealthsupported places. A HECS-HELP loan will cover allor part of the student contribution amount.How does a FEE-HELP loan work?The Australian Government pays the loan amount directlyto UWSCollege on your behalf and your FEE-HELP debtis recorded with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).Students will repay their loan once their income is abovethe minimum threshold through the tax system.How does a HECS-HELP loan work?The Australian Government pays your course fees directly toUWSCollege on your behalf and your HECS-HELP debt is recordedwith the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). There are no fees chargedon HECS-HELP loans. Students will repay their loan once theirincome is above the minimum threshold through the tax system.For further information please visit:www.goingtouni.gov.au.How are fees calculated?Fees depend on the band of your course and the course’s study load. Not all subjects in a given course fall within the same contribution band.Below is a table listing the student contribution bands and rates that apply to that particular band.Student contribution bandBand 32012 Student contributionrange (per EFTSL)$9,425Law, Accounting, Administration, Economics, Commerce, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science.Band 2$8,050Computing, Built Environment, Other Health, Allied Health, Engineering Surveying, AgricultureBand 1$5,648Humanities, Behavioural Science, Social Studies, Education, Clinical Psychology, Foreign Languages, Visualand Performing Arts, NursingNational Priorities (NP)$4,520Mathematics, Statistics and ScienceFor more information visit www.goingtouni.gov.au

27 ADMISSIONHow to applyUniversity Foundation StudiesYou are able to apply for University Foundation Studies directly throughthe UWS Apply Online system. Before logging in you will need to createan account. Once you have logged in and begun the application process,you may exit at any stage and your details will be saved. You will beasked to upload scanned copies of certified documents as one of thesteps in the UWS Apply Online system to support your application. If youdon’t have access to scan documents you can mail these in separately.Visit applyonline.uws.edu.au for more information.Diploma ProgramsYou are able to apply online through the Universities Admissions Centre(UAC). The average application takes 30 minutes. Visit www.uac.edu.au formore information, or call the UWS Course Information Centreon 1300 897 669.Frequently asked questionsWhen do I have to apply to UAC?To be included in particular offer rounds, you must apply bycertain dates. Visit www.uac.edu.au for important dates.How many times can I apply to UAC?You can submit only one application to UAC. After you haveapplied, you can change your mind about one of your coursepreferences by using Check & Change on the UAC website.How many courses can I choosein my UAC application?You can choose up to nine courses on your UAC application.What bonus points can I get?There are bonus points available through UWS Triple Advantage.You may qualify for Regional Bonus Points and/or Subject BonusPoints. Applicants who qualify can only receive a maximum of10 bonus points in total. Bonus points apply to all UWSCollegecourses, excluding University Foundation Studies. Visit www.myfuture.uws.edu.au/tripleadvantage for more information.If I have questions, who can I contact?If you have questions about studying at UWSCollege,please call us on 1300 897 669. Alternatively, you can emailpathwaystouni@uws.edu.au or visit www.uwscollege.edu.auWhat support is available for new students?Our First Year Experience Coordinators monitor eachstudent’s progress and are the first point of contact if you haveconcerns. Our dedicated teachers are generous with theirtime and available for consultation and by email if needed.

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