November'07 - Greyhounds Queensland
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November'07 - Greyhounds Queensland

Reduction in AllocationsOUR Club has criticised the dramatic cutsto its funding due to the downturn in UNITABDistribution as a result of the EI crisis. TheClub is hardest hit by the cuts announced bythe GRA.We believe the actions taken by the GRAhave spared the massive cuts to prizemoneythe NSW industry has suffered, by spreadingthe reductions over the remainder of thefinancial year.While the changes will impact on allgreyhound clubs, this will carry an additional$210,000 reduction from the GRA.The Club is disappointed by the inactionof Queensland Race Product Co Ltd, theorganisation responsible for distributing fundsto the three racing codes.The industry has operated at full capacityduring the crisis paying prizemoney, while thehorse codes have been operating at minimalor no output, and hence their prizemoneycommitments have been lessened.Product Co could have easily mitigatedthe effect on our industry’s distribution byquarantining its anticipated allocation andthen distributing the remainder to horse andharness racing industries.The 9.5% share the greyhound industryreceives will not break the bank of ProductCo, when you consider horse racing receives76% and harness racing 14.5%.A decision to quarantine the greyhoundindustry’s funding would not only be just andequitable, it would show Product Co isequally committed to all three codes of racing.We will not take the lowest commondenominator of cost saving by immediatelyreducing prizemoney.That would be a huge slap in the face toindustry participants who continue to put onLukeGatehousethe racing product for the benefit of UNITABturnover, and who continue to face the risingcosts of owning, training and breeding. Weare an asset-rich Club and will look to howwe can utilise this to ride out the storm duringthe EI crisis.Our Business Plan is focussed on growingour business, and a cost reduction strategydoes not fit within the Plan. The Clubrealigned our business during 2006/07through reduction of unnecessary costs andfocussing our resources on our core businessof racing, and growing greyhound racing inBrisbane as an entertainment product.To devalue our product throughprizemoney reductions is not consistent withour Plan.Our business is growing through increasedsponsorship and function income andsignificant increases in our on-course toteturnover.The actions we take as a result of thereduction in our allocation will not impact ongrowing these income sources.The Club welcomes the QueenslandGovernment's contribution of $250,000 to theindustry, but will continue to lobby for anincrease in this contribution.Group Race SponsorsThe Club is pleased to announce our majorsponsors have agreed to continue theirsponsorship of Group Racing at Albion Parkin 2008. I would like to acknowledge the longterm support of these major sponsors:* VIP Petfood - Group 1 Gold Cup* Garrards Horse and Hound – Group1 Winter Carnival Cup* SKY Channel – Group 1 Brisbane Cup* Brandons – Group 2 QLD DerbyIn addition, Hawkins Media Solutions willagain sponsor the Super Stayers 710mInvitation. The Club has also secured a newsponsor for the Queensland Cup (600m Group3), which will be conducted on a Thursdaynight from 2008. The announcement of thissponsor will be made early in the new year.Brisbane Cup CarnivalThe Brisbane Cup Carnival is fastapproaching, with the heats for the bestgreyhounds nominated on December 6, andfinal on December 13. Check the Club’sadvertisement in this month’s Journal for thesupport program on Final night includingheats of the Christmas Stocking over 520mfor the best 16 5th grade greyhounds .Function Room BookingsThe Club’s Function Room is heavilybooked in November and December forThursday and Friday meetings. Our Sponsors’Functions have grown, particularly since ouradvertising campaign on B105. Functionincome for the Club is up 240% on the firstquarter of last financial year. Sponsorship isup 40% on the same period last year.Many of the groups are young people firsttime greyhound racing attendees. Thefeedback is extremely positive and we aregetting repeat and referral business.Annual General MeetingAt the Club’s AGM the followingmembers were re-elected to the Committee:Neil Beaton, Ray Underwood and RobertMann. The following office bearers wereelected at the Committee Meeting held onOctober 16:President: Michael Byrne QCVice President: Peter SmithVice President: Albert (Bunny) HewtonTreasurer: Hedley WhiteBeverley Behm has been nominated forLife Membership and this was wholeheartedlyendorsed at the AGM. It is a fitting honourfor one who has done so much for greyhoundracing and this Club over many yearsThe Club returned to a surplus of$124,000, the first in many years, in 2006/07.Gabba LandThe Committee engaged Town Plannersand Valuers to conduct a study on the possibleoptions for use of the Club’s land at theGabba. These reports have been received andinformation sessions for members will be heldin early 2008 to discuss the options.Upcoming EventsMolly Campbell Memorial “2007 Silver Dollars” 520mBest Greyhounds NominatedBRISBANE whelped on or after 1st August, GREYHOUND 2005RACING CLUBMaidens are eligibleWinner $55,000 plus trophy and rugNon-Penalty (other than those greyhoundswhich lose this maiden status)Heats 1st November8.30am with GRA.FinalUpcoming8th NovemberFeature EventsWinner $ 5,000 plus trophy and rugNominations close Monday 29th October8.30am with GRAG.R.A. “Young Gun Series” 520mGreyhounds 30 months of age or youngerat the date of the HeatsMaidens are eligible.Non-Penalty (other than those greyhoundswhich lose their maiden statusHeats 15th NovemberFinal 22nd NovemberWinner $10,000 plus trophy and rugNominations close Monday 12th November8.30am with GRAGroup 1 Sky ChannelBrisbane Cup 520mBest greyhounds nominatedGreyhounds must have won one circle race.All other conditions of grading waived.Heats 6th DecemberFinal 13th DecemberNominations close Monday 3rd DecemberSupport Races on Sky Channel Brisbane CupFinal Night 13th December, 2007Sky Channel Brisbane Cup Consolation 520mWinner $4,000Christmas Stocking Heats 520mBest 16 - 5th Grade Greyhounds NominatedFinal on 20th December - Winner $ 3,500Catching Pen Best 8 710m - Winner $ 4,000Sky Channel Best 8 600m - Winner $ 4,000Nominations close Monday 10th December8.30am with GRAFor further information or to organize trialing or accommodation please contactSharon Darlington on (07) 3862 1744 or email (November, 2007) Journal Page 4

TakeYourPickTrewlySpecialJust The BestThere are so many JTB bitches about, and Trewly Special and Go Forever suitthem perfectly. There is a link between JTB’s immediate damline and Bomber Gleesonwho appears in the damline of both stud dogs. Bomber Gleeson and JTB’s seconddam Tenthill Flyer are bred on the same cross, by Chariot Supreme out of a Tangairnbitch. So when Trewly Special and Go Forever mate a daughter of JTB, BomberGleeson and Tenthill Flyer will be linked perfectly through the middle of the pedigree… ideal!Worth Doing sirelineThe fact Trewly Special and Go Forever carry the Worth Doing bitch NationalDingaan in their damline, lends them for a mating with any bitches from the WorthDoing/Credibility/Just The Best (see above) sireline. Putting these bitches to eitherTrewly Special or Go Forever brings in a great sex balance to Worth Doing.Token PrinceThere are so many great daughters of Token Prince about and they all need anideal mate for their breeding exploits. Trewly Special and Go Forever are perfect forthem because the two dogs carry Buka Sunset in their immediate damline. TokenPrince is a grandson of Malawi, a litter brother of Buka Sunset. When Malawi andBuka Sunset are matched together, there is often an explosion. Bombastic Shiraz isbred this way.BobniakOne of the great crosses today is that between Brett Lee (sire of Trewly Specialand Go Forever) and daughters of Bobniak. Examples are the Group performersHallucinate, Meticulous, Where’s Pedro, and Prang etc. The nick comes about becauseBobniak’s dam Paris Match and Brett Lee’s sire Gun Law Osti both come from thefamed Osti Lee damline. It is interesting to note record breaking sprinter CromlahBale is by Brett Lee out of a daughter of Farloe Melody* (sire of Bobniak). Anyonewith a daughter of Bobniak should head straight to either Trewly Special or GoForever.The Osti Lee damlineThe doubling-up of the Osti Lee damline is proving a goldmine for breeders withthe foresight to do it (see Bobniak above). There are so many bitches who boast theOsti Lee damline and are ideally suited to either Trewly Special or Go Forever.Daughters of Prince Of Tigers will be especially well suited.Black DogsJune 2002, 32kgSire: BRETT LEEDam: CHLOEJONES (by Jones Junior)GoForeverFee $1100 eachLight Of Fire/Awesome AssassinWith New Tears the damsire of Brett Lee (sire of Trewly Special and Go Forever),the perfect opportunity to balance New Tears’ presence is through his son Light OfFire or his grandson Awesome Assassin. The sensational Regal Brett is by Brett Leefrom a daughter of Awesome Assassin. Brett Lee has worked exceptionally wellwhen his progeny have a double-up of New Tears in their pedigree.Black Shiraz sirelineTrewly Special and Go Forever are void of any Black Shiraz blood. Therein liesa great opportunity to mate bitches from this sireline to them. Black Shiraz hasalready worked perfectly with sons of Brett Lee. The outstanding Axe Handle andHot To Rumble are by a son of Brett Lee out of a Black Shiraz bitch. And thechampion galloper and now fine sire Elgrando is by Black Shiraz out of a daughterof Gun Law Osti (grandsire of Trewly Special and Go Forever).US sirelinesBrett Lee has made a name for himself with progeny in the US including AllAmerican Dragon Fire, and record breaking Trent Lee. The former is out of a daughterof Molotov (a son of HB’s Commandar), and the latter out of a bitch that carries lotsof Downing in her pedigree. Therein lies a key for Trewly Special and Go Forever.They too should match perfectly with bitches that come from these lines.Irish/English ImportsIn the past few years Australian breeding has been inundated with bloodlines ofIrish sire Spiral Nikita, and Staplers Jo and his son Larkhill Jo. From now, theirdaughters will make their presence felt as broodbitches. All are ideal to go to TrewlySpecial and Go Forever. Last year’s Irish Derby winner Razldazle Billy is by BrettLee from a Staplers Jo bitch. This year’s star English Group performer GeordieParker is by Brett Lee from a daughter of Spiral Nikita. Daughters of these sires willbe perfect to go to either Trewly Special or Go Forever. Grove Whisper* bitcheshave already proven their worth to Brett Lee and the Brother Fox sireline. Bond isbred on this cross. Bitches that carry Grove Whisper* will also be perfect for TrewlySpecial and Go Forever. Also see Bobniak (above) re a nick with Farloe Melody*.Head Honcho double-upTrewly Special and Go Forever carry Head Honcho as the second sire of theirdam the champion producer Chloe Jones. Therein lies a great opportunity to putbitches by Head Honcho, or bitches that carry Head Honcho through his daughters,to these two great young stud dogs. This will balance Head Honcho one of Australia’sforemost sources of “chase”.The Apap Team (07) 54621201Standing: Just The Best $5500, Surf Lorian $3300, Black Enforcer $1650, Trewly Special $1100,Go Forever $1100 Lindale Blue $880. Frozen Semen available for: Bobniak, Awesome McLaren, Scottish Express, Ben's Fury,Reggemite, Deep North. Check out our website (November, 2007) Journal Page 5

Sonia Taylor and fiveof her and husbandJohn's eight childrenJohn, Caitlyn, Tory,Abrielle and Vale,and three of theirever-expanding teamof greyhounds.RACEREveryday Performance Food For GreyhoundsHaving been involved in greyhounds for over twenty years, with thepast seven of those as a professional trainer. I've found that greyhoundsneed consistency in their diet. With a lot of the big name brands ofkibble rising in price. We were losing a lot of kibble that had turned todust. And after soaking a lot of kibbles just turn to mush.I was just not getting the consistency I was after.We gave "Enduro Racer" a try, containing 8% fat and a high proteinlevel we found it to be just the right combination we were looking for. Itsoaked up a lot of water without turning to mush. The dogs liked thetaste and my greyhounds are racing as well as they ever have.With "Black Enforcer" winning the Group 1 "Topgun", Australia'srichest one out race, "Quidame" running 34.79 seconds, the secondfastest time over the 600 metres at Albion Park, I am only too happy torecommend Enduro Racer as a great kibble for the racing greyhound.Champion Trainer Tony Brett is a proud member of the Enduro Racing TeamFOR THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION RACING DOG, FEED ENDURO RACERTrade enquiries please call Keri on 0427 701 045or Email Australian Made and OwnedTony BrettEnduro Racer is a complete and optimally balanced maintenance Formula targeted at providing a nutritious dietfor racing greyhounds. Enduro Racer provides the greyhound with a total nutritional package helping it towithstand the rigors of training and racing regime.Enduro Racer is comprised of a blend of cereals giving a mixture of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates willgive the animal a controlled release of energy. This is particularly important, as greyhounds require a short burstof energy during racing. The release of the energy in this recipe is controlled by ensuring the animal consumesslow release carbohydrates such as the starch from the grain in the kibble.Enduro Racer contains real chicken ensuring the product has a very high palatability. A blend of speciallyselected beef and poultry proteins provides the perfect amount of amino acids for muscle development andgrowth. The polyunsaturated vegetable oil in the product promotes a healthy skin and coat.Enduro Racer has balanced calcium and phosphorous levels for maintaining strong bones and teeth and is avitamin and mineral enriched formula ensuring the greyhound receives all the vitamins and minerals needed tomaintain its peak condition.Jon'sfightbackhas beenhelped alongby ateam ofgreyhoundsFOUR years ago Jon Taylor was involvedin a serious truck smash.It almost killed him.He spent three months in a coma, sixmonths in hospital and has been in recoveryever since.He had 10 heart attacks in 11 days.“Someone in another truck ran into me,”said Jon who lives at Blue Water just outsideTownsville. “I was pretty badly hurt, lost alung, suffered brain damage etc.”A year ago doctors told Jon he needed toget some exercise. So he went out and got agreyhound to train.Now he has six in training and lives forhis dogs. “They’ve taken over,” he admits.Jon can’t remember the name of the firstdog he trained but he does remember it didn’twin a race and was “the slowest dog ever”.The next he got from Townsville breederGary Heath, a Go Wild Teddy-Wild Womanbitch called Aloe Vera who has now wonseven races and is still in the Taylor kennel.“I’ve been so grateful to people likeNathan and Rhonda Goodwin, Gary Heath,Margaret Bernstone and Tony Zammit fromBrisbane for all the help they gave me,” hesaid.“I have found everyone very helpful.”Jon’s kennel has been given a muchneeded boost by Tony Zammit who sentSurfasaurus, Surf Attack and Surfing Queennorth and all have won their share of races.Jon and his wife Sonia have a five-acreproperty at Blue Water.“We’ve put in kennels and a straight runfor the dogs to gallop in each morning,” hesaid.Sonia has had to give up work to stay athome as Jon’s carer.They also have eight children, five of whoare still at home and range from two up to 10.“The kids at home are John, Caitlyn, Tory,Abrielle and Vale and every one of them lovesthe dogs,” said Jon.“They all help out every day with thedogs.”Sonia comes from a racing family. Herfather Jimmy Miller was a top rider in the eraof jockeys like Athol Mulley.Her brother Jay has top trainer Les Bridgeas his Godfather, and she was a trackworkrider herself.Sonia has been taken over by a love ofgreyhound racing.She even wants to get onto the Townsvilleclub committee."I want to make a difference," she said.She can't believe the difference greyhoundracing has made to her husband."It has brought him so alive," she said.Jon admits he and his family love a nightout at the Townsville Showgrounds racingtheir team of dogs.“We are in dogs for the long term,” hesaid.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 6

Mitchell Manners in thecallers' box at Ipswich.Youngvoiceat thedogsA LOOK through Mitchell Manners’pedigree will show it’s no wonder he hastaken to greyhound racing.Mitchell is the 19-year-old part-time4TAB racecaller who has been heard atgreyhound tracks for the past fewmonths.His dad Michael was a successfulcountry jockey who retired from thesaddle 20 years ago.His mum Jackie is from a racingfamily as well. Her father John Moorewas a successful trainer who put thepolish on former smart juvenile CustomMade in the 1960s.“I was brought up in the industry, soit is no wonder I wanted to be involved,”said Mitchell.But racecalling is a new profession inthe Manners household. Mitchell haswanted to be a caller since he was aschoolboy after he met Sky Channelcaller Alan Thomas at Ipswich races.“I didn’t really do much aboutracecalling until the end of grade 10when I got a couple of weeks workexperience following Alan aroundracetracks,” he said.By the start of Mitchell’s Year 12 atSt Pats at Shorncliffe, he made a decisionto chase a career in calling.Towards the end of 2005, when hefinished high school he spent everyweekend and mid-week heading off torace meetings.“I got to make my first on-track callin November 2005 at Gatton,” he said.Paul Dolan was quick to takeMitchell under his wing. “Dogsy” coordinatesracecallers for race meetings atprovincial horse tracks in south-eastQueensland.Every time Paul went to the countrycalling races, Mitchell tagged along.Fred was astalwartFRED Franklin, a long-timegreyhound man in the Pomona area,died recently in his mid-80s.Fred got into greyhound racingin ther Mt Isa area, but shifted toPomona and bred a number of littersthrough the 1990s.Originally from Rosewood, Fredretired to Laidley in the past fewyears.“Paul would then let me do two orsometimes three races a meeting allthrough 2006,” said Mitchell.In mid-2006 Mitchell got a lastminutecall up to cover a Capalabameeting. “It was the first time I hadcalled greyhounds, and up the straight atCapalaba was a challenge,” he said. “Igot a lot of compliments that dayconsidering it was the first greyhoundmeeting I’d called at the track.”In March 2007 he was on his way tothe Gold Coast when he got an urgentcall to take over at the greyhoundmeeting that day.“Steve Hawkins had called in sickand there was no-one else to do themeeting for Sky and 4TAB, so they rangme.”A week later he called at Ipswich andfrom then he has been getting to call onerace meeting a month for 4TAB, thestation manager Graham Kemp agreeingto put him on the roster of callers.“I’ve had so much help from all thecallers at Sky and 4TAB,” he said. “I’mhoping I can get a break in calling andmake it my career.”He gets to as many race meetings ashe can to hone his skills. It’s paying off,quickly.Leaders forthe past 16years in theCollection,Storage andInseminationof FrozenSemen totheGreyhoundRacingIndustryManly Road VetPhone(07) 33969733New ServicesNow OfferedFREE RETURN ** Phone for DetailsNON SURGICALINSEMINATION(TCI - no anaesthetic)Vale JohnnyALL greyhound racing was saddened withthe passing recently of John Young.John, 70, and his devoted wife Nolenehave been household names in greyhoundracing in Queensland for the past couple ofdecades. It would be difficult to find a grandercouple.John was born in NSW and startedtraining in the 1950s. In fact, he and Noleneeven took a greyhound with them on theirhoneymoon and won a race at Goulburn withthe bitch Miss Shifty.They established a rearing and trainingcomplex at Bringelly where they trained thesuperstar Petite Panther the winner of 41 raceswho ran four track records all in top grade ineight days.She was John’s favourite and bestgreyhound.He also put the polish on Smoother Kid,All Collect, Rusty Rev.The Youngs moved to the Tweed in the1980s and trained Gold Coast superstar HowGame.In 2000 they moved to Gaven just behindthe Gold Coast and smart performers likeReason To Cry, Swedish Title and morerecently Group performer Oxley Fawn werestars of the kennel.Oxley Fawn won 29 races and finishedPOSTMAN'S RIDGEGreyhound ComplexTrialling Daily(Closed Tues & Wed)Winter (May 1- Sept 30) 7.30am to 9amSummer (Oct 1 - April 30) 7am to 9amContact John and Sharyn Collins0437 789076 or 0408 789076Ph (07) 46303688H ospitalthird in the Group 1 Winter Carnival Cup atAlbion Park behind Trewly Special and BogieLeigh with Surf Lorian fourth.John spent 13 weeks in hospital with hearttrouble a few years ago and it was that heartthat finally worse him down. He had a heartattack while he and Nolene (pictured above)were in Proserpine visiting their daughter.He had been treasurer at the Gold Coastclub as long as anyone can remember andlived for greyhounds.He will be missed by all.Frozen SemenPackageincludes*All progesterone testing* Surgical implant* Boarding* Regular client updates$545Contact Kelly Irving on(07) 39066917Christine Kidd (Veterinarian) - Kelly Irving (Reproduction Technician)219 ManlyRdManlyWestBrisbaneThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 7

LEFT: Go Makatam lands the 431m Auction final.BELOW: Mal and Kim Dawson with their pride and joy.Go Makatam puts his namein history books16 starts9 wins, 4 2ndsFree service (conditions apply)07 54961298 0417 667526Winner: * Dave Brett Memorial * Ipswich Young GunsIpswich 30.43 (only Surf Lorian and Buckingham Chuckhave gone quicker)Albion Park 30.10 Dropped back muscle next start. Injuryended a great career.Pinch BarKIM Dawson reckons the time is duefor her to get a new Monaro.She thought it was time in April whenGo Makatam (Go Wild Teddy-AlthorpeMiss) won the Group 2 Ipswich Auctionover 520m.“But Mal (her husband) reckoned weneeded a trailer and a tractor first,” saidKim.“So this time I reckon it’s my turn forthe Monaro.”“This Time” is Go Makatam’s victoryin the 431m Ipswich Auction series. Whilethe 431m series is only in its secondrunning, Go Makatam has immediatelyestablished a benchmark that will be hardto live up to in future years.Kim was there at Ipswich both nights“in full voice”. Her cheering for one of theDawson team is a highlight of any IpswichUnit 5-6 3 Jacques Crt,Lawnton, Qld, 4501 (Off Paisley Drive)Phone 07 32857444The Beef SpecialistNovember SpecialsBrisket Bones$2 per kg (in 5kg bags)CookedChicken Rolls(Chicken, rice, veges)Frozen in 2kg rolls$30 per 20kg cartonTurkey Wings$2 per kg (in 5kg bags)Big Dog KennelCleanerThree-in-one (Disinfectant,Detergent, Deodorisor)$55 per 20 litre; $20 per5 litreBulk BeefHeartsFrozen 20kg blocks$2.20 per kgAvailable Kibbles ...* Top Draw * Rice Right * Top Pets Delight* Enduro Racer * Hills Science Diet* Max Biscuits * Box 1 BiscuitsBulk Beef$2.40kg(Fresh chilled, minced, 25kg bags)Beef Mix $2.00kg(Minced, frozen, 20kg block)Dog MatsIdeal for Race NightWaterproof, withzipper to open forwashingJumbo $30; Large $25The (November, 2007) Journal Page 8

Auction (431m)Ipswich1 GO MAKATAM $15.50(Go Wild Teddy-Althorpe Miss)Owner-trainer: Mal Dawson2 LEICA PICTURE $5.40(Brett Lee-Primrose Bride)3 STRIKE STATE $1.70(Just The Best-Timely Thoughts)Others:4 Nickaliades $125 Funky Fella $166 Beat The Traffic $6.807 Northern Fire $608 Perfect Timing $20Time: 25.20.race meeting, but specially so when GoMakatam is chasing Auction series riches.Ironically, back in April Go Makatamdowned Leica Picture, Mark Wilkes’ extrasmart performer, and that same happenedwhen it came to the 431m series.And also among the finalists in bothraces was Maureen Culey’s Nickaliades(seventh in the 520m and fourth in the431m).And while Go Makatam was putting hisname firmly into the record books, hispart-owner Mick Lunt was being batteredfrom pillar to post in New Zealand. He wasthere competing in a seniors rugbytournament.Mal and Kim are relative newcomersto the greyhound racing game, having beentraining for about two years.Five months ago they moved to agreyhound property at Mt Forbes andrecently were joined there by Mick andAmber Boody. The four of them have 100dogs on the property.Mal is a dedicated dog man.But his battle to get Go Makatam tothe races let alone win the 431m final wasa feat that earned high praise.The dog battled a liver infection and ahip support problem in the weeks leadingup to the final.Beaudesert vet Leonie Finster was thebackbone to Mal staying on top of theproblems and the victory was a credit toher expertise with greyhounds as well.“Both problems stopped me fromworking the dog in the lead-up to theseries,” said Dawson. “But the races weregetting him fit and we started walking him.“He probably walked 20 kilometres aday.”Club president Merv Page admitted the431m series had been a successfulinnovation and continuance from the 520mseries.But the club has decided to turn themaround.From 2009 the 431m series will be runin April and the 520m series in October toallow the dog’s more maturity.Mal Dawson is not one to show toomuch emotion, but in the aftermath of the431m Auction final he was ecstatic.“It’s been a big effort and a big thrill,”said Mal.That’s saying something. But does Kimget her Monaro?Walkabout SidHead HonchoFitzroy LassGo Wild TeddyMalawi’s PrinceWeb Of SilenceSpider WebGO MAKATAMCredibilityJust the BestFlying AmyAlthorpe MissAcacia AblazeMum’s GiftPolka DancerShape Shifter a greatFORMER superstar stayer Shape Shifter had to be put down recently through old age.The son of Acacia Ablaze-Pretty Wanderer had developed a shoulder problem and trainerGreg Stella said this had been getting worse and his discomfort increasing.Greg and his wife Michelle buried the dog on their property at Park Ridge. He had lived to13 years and four months. The Stella property is named “Shape Shifter Kennels”.Shape Shifter was bought by Greg’s brother Jeff at 21 months old from breeder Bill Moawadand developed into one of the best stayers this state has seen.He set track records at Albion Park (600m and 710m), Ipswich (630m), Cranbourne (699m)and twice at Sandown (715m).He set four track records in the space of 10 race starts. In all he won 21 races.His best wins were the Winter Chase and the state final of the National Distance at AlbionPark and he chased home Irox Park when second in the grand final at Angle Park.Greg Stella said Shape Shifter could run unbelievable times, as was shown by his multipletrack records.“I trialled him in a field at Ipswich one night a week after Roanokee had won the Gold Cupthere in 30.11, and he went 29.80,” said Greg.Shape Shifter also had a successful stud career despite limited opportunities.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 9

LEFT: Katherine and Chad and Sandy and Neil greyhound racing a go.ABOVE: Neil in the kennel block looks over hisever-expanding team.He’s A Texan was only the second dogCatchpole bought upon hois comeback to theindustry.“The first was Sheoak Michael who wasknocked down at the start of his first race forus at Capalaba and had broken a leg beforehe had made it past the mat in front of theboxes,” said Neil.He’s A Texan was the replacement and hehas gone on to be a more than handy dogwinning several races around Albion Park.Others in the kennel include anotherformer Tasmanian Shade Of Odds, SharkyShines, Koorang Kain, Betty Davis Size (EliteState-Queen Size), Oakleigh Dux.Betty Davis Size was given to theCatchpoles by Reg Kay and Julie Edmondson.“We have struck up a friendship with Regand Julie from going to Capalaba so often andthey have been a great help to us, andhopefully we have been helpful to them,” saidNeil.Shade Of Odds is out of top producer InThe Groove and is destined for stud.“Her litter produced the winners of morethan 120 races,” said Neil. “We don’t reallywant to get into breeding and rearing here,but Shade Of Odds deserves her chance atstud.”The Catchpoles have a litter being rearedin Tasmania at the moment by Neil’s greatfriend, top Tassie trainer David Croswell atLongford near Launceston.It is Elite State-Bobby’s Texan the damwinning four races over the distance for Neilwhile racing in Queensland.“We got her in pup and sent her to David,”said Neil. “He says the litter is the best he hasreared in all the time he has been in theindustry.”Chad has given up his motocross careerto concentrate on greyhound racing.“He was getting hurt too much,” saidKatherine. “Knees, a shoulder reconstruction,wrists he did them all.”Most of the dogs on the property areowned by Neil, Sandra, Chad and Katherinein partnership.There have been a number of requestsfrom owners for them to train dogs for them.“We’ve been reluctant to do that,” saidNeil.The Jimboomba area has plenty ofgreyhound trainers around to lend a hand orgive advice.Veteran dog man Des Youngberg livesjust up the road and is always on hand withadvice.“Des can’t actually help out much becausethe injuries he sustained during hisskateboarding career many years ago are nowcatching up,” said Neil.Sandra reckons Des knows exactly whenmorning tea is about to be served and strollsin right on time with a handy hint and emptystomach.“We are loving the life of greyhoundracing,” said Neil.Sandra says everything is falling into placefor the foursome.“You can’t do this by yourself,” she said.And she doesn’t.Genetic ScientistBA HONS PHDAssure yourself of winners in your litters!GeneticArtsShiokazeBlue Fawn, Sept '03, 33.1kgs(Yo Yo's Boy-Alanna Princess)28 starts, 18 wins, 3 2nds, 2 3rds.Track RecordsGold Coast 401m 22.64 (ht)Albion Park 395m 22.55Gold Coast 457m 25.58Won Awesome FouresomeCapalaba (19.67)Albion Park 30.14Trainer Ron Ball declared him asfast as any dog he has trained.Fee: $300. Frozen semen available. Natural Serviceavailable to proven broodbitches & city performed bitches.Ph Wayne Musgrave 0421 994492Breeding ConsultantSpecialist in Rasmussen and Tesio systemswith strong knowledge of greyhound history.I will find a "tailor made" sire for your broodbitch.GUARANTEED!The reverse can be done as well.Inquiries to: EMILY MOLINAPO Box 1257, Maroubra Junction, NSW 2035or email: N.B. FEE APPLIESThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 11

Cristy's teamsprings into actionA YEAR ago Cristy Godfrey split up withher partner and looked around for somethingto do … greyhounds came to the rescue.They probably always were going tobecause Cristy had been around greyhoundsfor years, owning a few. Her father Denis hasbeen a successful owner-trainer for years.Fast forward a year and Cristy now hasnine dogs in work, most of them giveawaysbut all of them winners, and she and her twochildren Brendon, 9, and Jessica, 2, live fortheir dogs.“Jessica is hooked,” said Cristy. “Everytime she goes to the races she is so frustratedbecause she can’t handle the dogs.”Cristy, 33, has had a fascinating career inracing. When she left school she took updriving harness horses.Her father was heavily involved in thatindustry at the time and produced a horsecalled McGregor’s Luck to win more than 30races.“I had lots of drives and won quite a fewraces,” said Cristy. “But I had a bad fall atWild Voodoo(Go Wild Teddy x Voodoo Princess)17 wins, his first 8 straight. Sensational early paceBest Times: Albion Park 30.17, Ipswich 25.17 & 30.85,condition and that anyone who racedtheir dog on the track had no respect Lismore for 30.17their greyhound.A local TV station picked up on it and2KY stood Standing Paul down at for ... a week for hisoutburst.Paul now works in more modernbroadcasting boxes at Wentworth Parkwhich are carpeted, air-conditioned andeven has a fridge and kitchen Lot facilities. 35 Smith Rd, Park RidgePA is also a family man.His wife Pat (Paul has forgotten howlong they have been married) is alwaysFee: $440 (Pup basis considered for city winning bitches)Park Ridge Greyhound Complex* Whelping * Rearing * Spelling * TrainingPh (07) 32000172. Mike 0411 326605. Rachel 0401 085757Want a Good Tip?AirportCars794 Oxley Rd, CorindaContactDaryl & DeniseKavanagh0418 878880Redcliffe, fractured ribs, and while I cameback to it, I gave it away soon after.”Since getting into training full time, shehas built her team up with some handy Cairnsperformers.She puts the polish on Spring Ian, SunlightBlue, Beth Cruiser, Nimcom Poop, Nathron’sSara, Animal Ware, Makia’s Fury, One TimeArcher and Diego Star.She recently landed her first trophy victorywhen Spring Ian (Token Prince-SpringGleam) surprised even Cristy by winning the410m Shortcourse a time-honoured event onthe Cairns calendar.“He’s been a good dog for me since wegot him a couple of years ago,” said Cristy.“I didn’t think he could win the sprintbecause Dad had four in the final and I thoughtmy other dog Sunlight Blue would beat him.”But Spring Ian got into a handy positionquickly and the 544m specialist dashed to thefront and was never going to be run down.He was picked up from Mick Boody inBrisbane.“He’d had a few starts in Mackay and waswith Mick in Brisbane spelling at the time,”said Cristy.“He’s been very handy for me.”Spring Ian has now won 12 races forCristy.Cristy Godfrey is looking forward to thefuture and her future in greyhound racing.“I’ll just keep going along with the dogs,”she said. “I don’t know what I would dowithout them.”And, one moreJUST one week after Spring Ian landedCristy her first trophy race, her luck was inagain with a relative newcomer to her kennelin Nincom Poop.The Bearability-Fran Jase bitch provedtoo strong for her rivals to win the CairnsFuturity (544m) over Frisian Alley and OverQuoted."I've wanted her for a year now," saidCristy. "I just love the name. People used togive it to me all the time when I had WackyFrog."Cristy got her wish only a month ago whenher father was in Townsville racing and GavinFlavel, head of the syndicate that racedNincom Poop, offered the bitch.Have the Right Info for YouNew or Used CarsServicing the GreyhoundIndustry for 25 yearsSpecial of the Month2001 White, VXCommodore Wagon 3.8ltrAuto, 144,090km, logbooks, dual air bags, ABSbrakes, cruise control, CDplayer, central locking,air, power steering. tintedwindows.VGC $9000Shortcourse (410m) Cairns1 SPRING IAN(Token Prince-Spring Gleam)Owner-trainer: Cristy Godfrey2 ASSURED(Chime In Wylie-Magpie Racer)3 FOUR WAY RUSKI(Hallucinate-Four Way Fire)Others: 4 Four Way Gas, 5 Mallabula Gold,6 Beth Cruiser, 7 Sunlight Blue, 8 RoryLeap. Time: 24.31.MalawiMalawi’s PrinceDuchess MarinaToken PrinceAmerigo ManTrue TemptationBay SupremeSPRING IANGingerBlack ShirazDark HorizonSpring GleamNew TearsNovember DiceNovember SunsetThe 544m at Cairns suited the bitch. "Dadreckons she should go up to 600 metres," saidCristy.Nincom Poop will stay with Cristy for therest of her racing career but she is such a greatnatured greyhound that Gavin has asked toget her back as a house pet when her racingdays are over.Futurity (544m) Cairns1 NINCOM POOP $6(Bearability-Fran Jase)Owner: Bentley Synd.Trainer: Cristy Godfrey2 FRISIAN ALLEY $6(Carnage-Blues Alley)3 OVER QUOTED $5(Token Prince-Miss Quoted)Others: 4 Complete Chaos $1.90, 5Waverletic $7, 6 Assassin Watch $2.25, 7Miss Manhatten $3. Time: 33.02Worth DoingCredibilityNo LiabilityBearabilityNew TearsKissy BearIce FireNINCOM POOPStar TitleMajor FoxCover StoryFran JaseBalligari*Eden's ReturnGolden FoxThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 12

Labour oflove forall theHolmesfamilyLEFT: Gary and his sister-in-law Janet Beresford.TOP RIGHT: Katrina with one of the Holmes' pups.BELOW RIGHT: Gary is working on his new kennel block.GARY Holmes remembers well thedecision he and wife Gail made to shift fromthe Gold Coast to an acreage property nearGatton eight years ago.The pair had already tasted big timesuccess when their $500 puppy buy Stylishbandit won the Ipswich Auction final.They had much to look forward to atGatton so embarked on a breeding, rearingand training program that was provingsuccessful.But eight years ago Gail found a blackspot, a melanoma, on her foot which neededto be removed.The Holmes went on their way untilChristmas last year when Gail, 57, found alump in her groin. It was another melanoma.In February it was removed.“The doctors thought they had got it all,but just before she was to go back for anothercheck-up, she got very tired,” said Gary, 61.That check-up discovered the cancer hadcome back vigorously. She died on May 21.Gary was devastated.“Right up to about three weeks before shedied, she was helping me every day with thedogs,” he said.But the devastation of losing his wife has137JohnstonStreet,Casino,NSW2470Ph (02)66622162Fax (02)66625602been compensated by the closeness his familyhas shown. The three Holmes children,Steven, 35, Katrina, 31, and Fiona, 27, andeven Gail’s family have rallied around Gary.So much so that Katrina applied for angot a transfer in her job from the Gold Coastto Toowoomba. She has moved in with herdad and works with the dogs every day beforeheading to work.Fiona works for a security firm in Brisbanebut comes out to Gary’s property everyweekend to help her father.And Steven comes up from the Gold Coasteach weekend to help out with building thenew kennel block on the Gatton property.“Steve has been a real surprise,” said Gary.“I didn’t think he was interested in the dogsat all, but he now has a owner-trainerslicense.”Back in May when Gail died, her sisterMarilyn and her husband Kevin Murphy flewup from Tasmania to help out.They stayed until August.“I’ve been so lucky that Gail’s family hasbeen so supportive,” said Gary.And Janet Beresford, another of Gail’ssisters, is at the Gatton property now for anextended stay working with the dogs.Northern Rivers Veterinary ServiceScott Brown BVSc (Hons)“Janet and her husband Vivwere big time trainers inTasmania years ago, winninga Hobart Thousand, HobartMaiden and racing around theeastern states,” said Gary.“Janet just loves coming upand helping out with the dogs.She’s been here for six weeks.”The Holmes originallycame from Tasmania.Gary has 35 dogs on hisproperty, mostly pups but with12 in full work includingStylish Star the winner of 15races and Cool Thunder whohas eight wins.Stylish Star, Slick Banditand Smart Bandit were prolificwinners from a litter of homebreds by Stylish Bandit-StylishMiss.“We got a lot of knockersfor breeding that litter, but every one of themchased their hearts out and we won more than50 races with them,” said Gary.Stylish Bandit is still alive albeit a bitwonky on his feet these days. He won 16 racesLiz Brown BVSc (Hons)* Camelot Farms accredited* Reliable friendly service from an experienced team* Reliable weekly transport service by Renzo Park and PTS* Large semen storage bank* Excellent pregnancy rate and litter size* Stud dog semen collection, evaluation and storage* Air-conditioned kennels* In-house progesterone and T4 testing* Price (frozen semen insemination)$484 all inclusive (includes GRA registration)including five at Albion Park and of coursethe Auction final.Gary has a host of pups on the property,Awesome McLaren-Stylish Miss, Bearability-Stylish Miss, Lindale Blue-Katriona Osti andExceptional-Sapphire Osti. The latter twodams are sisters.Gary and Gail would have been married37 years in September.“She loved the dogs,” said Gary. “Herfather was a greyhound trainer in Tassie.”Gary has no regrets about the move toGatton saying he loves the lifestyle andgreyhound racing is his passion.When he lost his first real love back inMay, it was to greyhounds he turned. And hisfamily was there to help him every step ofthe way.GreyhoundDataGreyhound breeders should be awareof the value of the fantastic websiteproduced by Gunnar von Boehn inStuttgart, Germany.The site can be accessed viawww.greyhound-data.comIt's well worth a look for theinformation available.The best of its kind.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 14

RBGreyhounds New England Proudly PresentsRegal BrettBRETT LEEGUN LAW OSTI SOBBING SALBRETT LEERATED NO. 1(BLACK DOG, WHELPED MAY 2003, 35KGS)WITH BLOODLINES FULL OF THE “KINGS AND QUEENS” OF AUSTRALIA’S CHAMPIONSFLOODFAWNAWESOME ASSASSIN FLOODGATEFLOODFAWNRATED NO. 1IN AUSTRALIATHE WORLD’S MOSTIN DEMAND SIRE!IN AUSTRALIALEADING VICTORIANBROODBITCH!Photo Credit Paul MuntFLOODFAWN Multiple Group 1 Producer! Speed - Strength - Stamina.FLOODFAWN One of Australias best broodbitches producing exciting offspring the likes of Regal Brett, Flashing Floods, Black Chantilly, Overflow Breaker, North Sea,Bomber Bugs, Larjulemi, High Tide Honey etc.FLOODGATE Producing Floodfawn, Tom Junior, My Jamie, Afloat, Ebony Law, Ashlee Jeannine, Floodlaw, Final Endeavour, Jack Junior, Pete’s Boss, Iniative etc.SOBBING SAL the dam of super sires Brett Lee, Big Daddy Cool, Trendy Leigh, Lethal Weapon, Hotshow Sam, Hotshow Ben and Head Bound.“This is Greyhound Racing’s Royal Family”REGAL BRETT had 73 starts for 25 wins, 13 seconds and 5 thirds. qualifying for the Melbourne Cup, Geelong Cup, Traralgon Cup, State National Sprint Final andwinning the time honoured Lew Dorsa Memorial.WINNING TIMES: 29.85 Sandown, 29.88 Meadows, 29.50 Traralgon, 25.37 Ballarat, 25.39 Geelong, 30.24 Mandurah and 30.28 Cannington.BEST BRED NEW SIRE ADDED TO THE STUD RANKS$770 (GST INC) AFFORDABLE FOR EVERY BREEDERMARLON BANNER(Faithful Hawk x Small Amount) 32kg brindle dogFastest heat winner 2004 Paws of Thunder, Multiple Group Race FinalistBulli 26.30 (record 26.26)His Dam Small Amount has produced 15 individual city winnersNOW A PROVEN SIRE $550RBFROZEN SEMEN AVAILABLE FOR ALL DOGSWHATUIRA BANNER(Awesome Assassin x Blossom Banner) 35kg black dogWon 2005 Group 3 Maitland Gold CupWon 2005 Wyong Straight Track Championship2nd 2005 Group 3 Bankstown Cup, 3rd 2005 Tweed Heads Galaxy $330LONG STITCH(Malawi’s Prince x Slipstitch) 34kg blue brindle dogWon 2002 Group 1 Vic Peters Memorial Classic Winner Albion Park,Wentworth ParkHis dam Slipstitch dual Group producer $440YOUR AWESOMEREGAL BRETT(Brett Lee x Floodfawn) 35kg black dogWinner of 24 races Best times Sandown 29.83 The Meadows 29.88One of the leading – strongest dam lines in Australia 2006/07 $770HARVEY BALE(Awesome Assassin x Sharmon Bale) 34kg red fawn & whiteWinner Group 2 Warrnambool Cup Group 2 Tweed Heads Galaxy $550NOVEMBER VICTORY(Faithful Hawk x November Miss) 33kg blue fawn dogWinner of 30 races against Australia’s best,Won 10 races at Wentworth Park, Made 9 Group Finals Won SingletonMega Maiden flying 21.05 $440HARVARD BALE(Braddy x Monalee Bale) 34kg red brindleProduced in excess of 260 Melbourne Metropolitan winners $550(Awesome Assassin x Bonnie Jane) 32.5kg black/white dogWinner heat 2001 Paws of Thunder Wentworth Park 30.04 First pup to race 9starts 5-2-0Group 1 producing sire NZ from limited services $550CONTACT: GREG NORDSTROM ON 0409 328 129 OR (02) 6775 312444 Tuberosa Road Armidale NSW 2350 Email: (November, 2007) Journal Page 15

ByRAY PIKEWALLY and Fran Bennetts are theessence of that quality which highlightsthe local “greyhound supporter”.Through the rollercoaster ride that isgreyhound racing over some 20 yearsone has never heard either complainabout their own circumstances whilegiving support to many others in theindustry.Since a lad Wally has plied his tradeas a blacksmith in the railway workshopsin Rockhampton.In 1990 a syndicate of fellow workersraced a greyhound for a while beforebecoming disenchanted with the houndand Wally, being a big softy at heart,lobbed at home one day with the“giveaway” Regal Pie.Fran and Wally had some successwith the dog and were hooked for lifealbeit sometimes a little taxing with bothworking, sharing the chores with thedogs, and raising a young family.It wasn’t long before Wal and Franextended the kennel in the backyard andsoon had two or three dogs doing therounds at Callaghan Park.As luck would have it, one shift intown found the Bennetts living over theback fence from the late Kelvin Kanewho had raced many a good dog inRockhampton and was renowned for hismuscle work and manipulation.It was about the time that MikeO’Byrne, who was a good friend ofKelvin, made several successful raids toCallaghan Park and would always stayat the Kane household.Wal recalls that wins by AmandaFlash and Indian Town took heaps fromthe betting ring in those days.He gives full credit to Kelvin forputting him on the right track with hisdogs and from that time many othershave given advice that he took on boardand he certainly learnt by his mistakes inthe early days.They remember quite vividly 1993when Crazy Bull (an O’Byrne cast-off )won at Callaghan Park during whatcould only be described as terribleconditions as Cyclone Fran (aptlynamed) bore down on Rockhampton.The meeting finished in driving rainand howling winds but the win of CrazyBull was more memorable than anycyclone.In 1997 the Bennetts moved out oftown to acreage at Pink Lily where theyhave remained to this day. Wal and Franhave put many hours into establishing aWally and Fran continue250m straight track which only this yearis being extended to 400m.When asked to nominate theirfavourite dog, Wal seemed to have nohesitation in putting the name Flegboneforward. (The name was a play on theletters in the name of his sire Bogenfel).This grand 39kg chaser took allbefore him in the summer of 1993winning both the Summer Cup and theChristmas Cup over the 510m journeywith his usual barnstorming finishes.Both Wal and Fran can be persuadedto have a cold ale or two on the odda 20-year passionoccasion and it is assured that theBennetts kennel rocked that long andwarm summer.Fran though seemed to lean towardsthe very honest Araluen Blue (Mr Kent-Joycedale) who over a grand career won16 times and was placed 26 times from52 starts.It would therefore come as nosurprise that this spritely 10-year-old hasfree run at the Bennetts and has spentmany of his days educating the youngdogs/pups bred there over the years andacting as resident snake catcher.Cassania Beauty was another familyfavourite winning six or so of a career ofFran and Wally Bennettswith one of their team.less than 10 starts before injury cut shorther career.In more recent years a Reggemite-Rapid Moon litter produced the ill-fatedgood chaser Rapid Reg and 2004-05Rockhampton greyhound of the yearcontender Regginaut.Wal has dabbled in breeding overthe years and has shared litters withAlbert Harker, Norm Moore, KevWisener and Dallas Beckett withlimited success.They have two pups about 12-months-old (Black Lee-Cyanogenic) inthe yards at the moment that areshowing promise.Because of the earlier familycommitments and more recently thebreeding activities, Wal and Franhave only had a limited number oftrips away to race the dogs inBundaberg.Everything that could go wrongapparently did, and as Wally mildlyput it: “We aren’t going nowhere torace except Callaghan Park”.Currently they have a racingteam of five dogs with Ruby Max,Mum’s Shadow, Prince Winsome andShee’s Rapid carrying on the familytradition.Both agree the elusive champion maynot be among this crop but they arealways hopeful another good dog willcome their way.Wal and Fran are first to agreewinning in this game is not always beingfirst past the post.The enjoyment and excitement ofparticipating in the game has given thema lifetime thrill.Let’s hope Prince Wal and PrincessFran of Pink Lily continue with theirlove of the racing animal and that fairfortune comes their way in return.PhoneGrahamPhillips (Qld)0417761110orPeter Bryers(NZ)00116475770767BOND-HYPONUIPups For Sale. Whelped 15-6-075 Bitches, 3 Dogs$2200 eachHyponui is a litter sister tomultiple Group winner BOGIELEIGH. Hyponui Albion Park 520mwinner. Had only 8 starts.Pups are at Wyreema (via Toowoomba)Sudden AbilityAt stud …Proven GeneticStrengthBlack dog, July 03, 33.8kgSire: Bitability BaleDam: Pretty Meg(Damline of Hoppy's Girl,Sydney Gem)86 starts, 19 wins, 21 2nds, 8 3rds(9 wins Albion Pk)* 2nd Sth-East Qld Cup 429m Gold Coast* 2nd Clem Jones Cup 520m Albion Pk(race record)* 2nd Publicans Cup 520m Albion PkFee: $440 (incl GST)Contact Studmaster Jim Heddles(07) 34222547BrilliantEarly PaceFrozen semen available in QldLittermates: Ashtonville 19 wins; ChiefAbility 13 wins; Pretty Kirbee 12 wins.Dam: Pretty Meg (33 wins, 9 at Alb Pk)The (November, 2007) Journal Page 16

JUST as Susan Godfrey and her daughterswere packing their bags for a holiday inVanuatu, she gave husband Denis anultimatum.“Ruski and Gas had to have their bagspacked and be gone by the time she got back,”said Denis.Ruski and Gas are Four Way Ruski(Hallucinate-Four Way Fire) and Four WayGas (Hallucinate-Four Way Star) and the boyswere proving more than a nuisance aroundthe Godfrey kennel because of their barkinghabit.The fact they “had not switched on” atthat time also didn’t help their cause.The Godfreys had picked up the pair inFebruary when they were in Brisbane for thegreyhound of the year function.“We stayed a month and during that timeI was asked by Steve and Leonie driver totake over their training,” said Denis. “Theyhad not shown anything on the track and werevery noisy in the kennels.“We gave them a few trials but again theydidn’t show anything.”But Denis is never one to give up.He was racing Ruski’s litter sister IllusionStar and she was fast earning a huge reputationin the north.By the time the Godfreys got home toCairns, Ruski and Gas were entrenched, atleast with Denis they were. “They would barkfrom daylight to dark and were the noisiestpair of dogs we’ve ever had.”That’s what prompted Susan to make herultimatum.But every day Susan and her daughterswere on that two-week holiday, Denis wouldring every day to tell her just how quickly thedogs were improving. It was a “fib”.Just when even Denis was about to giveup on the pair, they settled into the casualCristy Godfrey with Nimcom Poop and her father Denis with Four Way Ruski.kennel environment at the Godfrey complex,and started to show a glimpse of what was tocome.What was to come for Four Way Gas hasbeen eight wins. Ruski has won nine and oneof those was the recent Cairns Derby,Godfrey’s first victory in the race.Now Denis is even contemplating sendingthe pair to Bryon Miller to race around theNorthern Rivers such is their improvement.Illusion Star has been with Miller formonths and is putting together an impressivelist of wins.Godfrey had already won two CairnsFuturities, with Sudden Saga and PinkTassels, but a Derby had eluded him. Ruskiprovided that.“It was a big thrill,” he said.He and Susan have struck up a greatfriendship with Steve and Leonie Driver.“They’ve sent up a lot of handy dogs to ussince we first got Illusion Star,” he said.Ruski waslucky to stayCairns Derby (544m)1 FOUR WAY RUSKI $5.50(Hallucinate-Four Way Fire)Owner: Leonie DriverTrainer: Denis Godfrey2 TRENDY BLACK $5.50(Trendy Leigh-Sweet Emily Rose)3 PRINCE JAY $1.90(Token Prince-Deep Katie)Others: 4 Absolute Magic $5, 5 Spring Ian$4.40, 6 Rojo Rocket $6, 7 Fury Express$4.40, 8 He’s The Best $5.50. Time: 32.54.Gun Law OstiBrett LeeSobbing SalHallucinateBobniakElusive RebelSecret BrideFOUR WAY RUSKIMalawi’s PrincePrince Of TigersAmazing OstiFour Way FireLight Of FireBlack TopsyHot SocksDenis has continued to dominate Cairnsracing in recent times. He has 10 in trainingand regularly gets more than a couple of dogsinto feature events.While the Derby was a thrill for him, onthe same night he watched as his daughterCristy’s dog Nincom Poop raced away withthe Futurity final.Now, that did make him proud.ContactSTEVE or MARREEat TRIPLE CROWNLODGERacing DogsFor Sale ...Four to choose from. All by differentsires. Priced from $1100Contact Terry 0418 729513WhiskyAssassinHe's building up a Great Strike Rate.From runners to winners!He's producing 4 and 5 pupsa litter that can gallop!From distances 300m to700m & showing early speed.Plenty of comments from outthere. Doesn't he throw a nicepup ... long & leggy. Racingweight averages 32kg.AWESOME ASSASSIN-PRINCESS WHISKYBK DOG JAN 02 $266,440 in Stakes02 45720096 or mob 0408 444445The (November, 2007) Journal Page 17Whisky's pups the sale priceat IpswichAuction.For the secondyear in a row!StudFee$3300(inc GST)

Futurityis rightGraham Thomson andFrisian Alley.BELOW: MickCampbell and BernieFraser with Best Score.Methionineinjection, Liverprotectantup heralleyGRAHAM Thomson describes her as “alittle weapon”.That’s Frisian Alley (Carnage-BluesAlley) the white and black bitch who addedto Thomson’s fabulous run in the past fewmonths with her recent Townsville Futurityvictory.The Futurity added to the win of TrendyBlack in the Cairns Cup and a Young Gunsvictory by Frisian Alley’s litter brother CoolBlack.Graham’s dad won a Cairns Young Gunswith Lady Lorian (Trendy Black was second),and his sister won a Townsville Young Gunswith Black Tarantula.Graham got Frisian Alley “out of theblue”.“Ruth Matic in NSW bred the litter and Ialways like to keep in touch with the people Ibuy dogs from,” said Graham.“And Ruth keeps a close eye on her dogsas well, so she knew we were having a goodtrot. She rang me out of the blue to see if Iwanted to take Cool Black’s sister.”It was Frisian Alley. “She was named, hadnot raced, but was trialling half decent inNSW,” said Graham.The first trial he gave the bitch when shelanded in Townsville she ran 22.75 andGraham reckoned he had “a little weapon”.Since then Frisian Alley has been payingher way.“She’s a tough little girl and the Futuritywin was only her second run over 498m,” saidThomson.The bitch was never going to lose and atthe finish was her usual happy self.Now at stud ...Token JetAlbion Park 29.91(4 times under 30.00)Ipswich 30.69Lismore 29.93 (Trk Rec)26 wins at Albion ParkWon 10 FFAs in row atAlbion Park“She is such a happy little dog,” saidGraham.“Everyone loves her and she loveseveryone. That tail never stops wagging, itgoes 40 to the dozen.”Frisian Alley backed up a couple of daysafter her Townsville Futurity win to runsecond in the Cairns Futurity.And the tail was wagging all the waythrough the presentation.Townsville Futurity (498m)1 FRISIAN ALLEY(Carnage-Blues Alley)Owner-trainer: Graham Thomson2 SURF ATTACK(Surf Lorian-Heart Spark)3 TOMEELS LELE(Go Wild Teddy-Gleaming Sarah)Others: 4 Just A Bentley, 5 Abbey’sAssassin, 6 Miss Testa, 7 Syanna, 8 SurfingQueen. Time: 30.14.Gun Law OstiBrett LeeSobbing SalCarnageBobniakElusive RebelSecret BrideFRISIAN ALLEYHead HonchoGo Wild TeddyWeb Of SilenceBlues AlleyJust Like NedAlley RoseJoannejenTownsville Derby (498m)1 BEST SCORE $1.70(Surf Lorian-Wisteria Bale)Owner: Jeff LevittTrainer: Mick Campbell2 GEM MAX $3.20(Solve The Puzzle-Magic Trick)3 SERIOUS TEDDY $5(Go Wild Teddy-Jessy Kola)Others: 4 Kernahan $2.80, 5 Surfasaurus$11, 6 Real Highroller $13. Time: 29.31.CredibilityJust The BestFlying AmySurf LorianWest CapeBarrio FiestaDee BeeBEST SCOREWalkabout SidHead HonchoFitzroy LassWisteria BaleShining ChariotSiandra BaleLuana BaleWhite & Black dog, June '03, 33.6kgToken Prince-Miss Corleone by Head Honcho90 starts, 30 wins, 21 2nds, 9 3rds, $100,000Stud Fee$880ContactBrianKutner(07)46374252or0412877256Won: Clem Jones Cup (Alb Pk in race record), Vince CurryConsolation, Albion Park Young Guns. 2nd: Brisbane CupConsolation. 3rd: Lismore Cup; 3rd Ipswich Gold Cup (2005 &2006). Finalist: Group 1 Brisbane Cup, Group 1 Winter CarnivalCup, Group 2 Qld Derby (to his litter brorher Black Enforcer), ClemJones Cup.Sire: Token Prince (Australia's champion sire).Dam: Miss Corleone (city winner, from fabulous damline. Alb Pkchampion broodbitch. Dam also of Black Enforcer, Postman's Mail,Texas Woman, Postman Tommy, Bush Honey, Blonde Enforcer etc.A study in dogs confirmed methionineadministered prior to or within 2 or 4 hoursafter exposure to a liver toxic agent(chloroform) protected the liver from injury.Methionine by injection should proveuseful to protect the liver against certaintypes of injuries and aids organ repair.Several other reports indicatemethionine, an essential amino acid, assistsin the breakdown of fats in the liver (fattyliver disease – cattle). Also it detoxifies theliver and the body of heavy metals.Methionine protects tissue from freeradicaldamageAs a lipotropic agent, it plays afundamental role in healthy liver function.It has antioxidant activity, protects the liverand lympathatic system and other tissuesthroughout the body against free-radicaldamage.A recent report indicates methionineexerts an antioxidant effect although themechanism is yetunidentified.The findings of this study demonstratethat methionine reduces free-radicalformation in endothelialcells. This novel,indirect antioxidant action might be relevantfor prevention of inflammation andoxidative stress.Methionine is not synthesised by thebody and must be supplemented.Composition: Acetyl-methionine 200mg/mL.Actions: Detoxification of the liver.Indications: Supportive treatment ofliver disease (protection of the formation offree-radicals in tissues).Withholding Period: NIL Racing. It ispreferable to suspend administration 48hours before racing.Dosage and Administration: Administerby slow IV injection: Dogs 10 mL/20 kg bw.Presentation: Injection 50 mL.Storage: Store below 25°C.Letter to the EditorDear Sir,A bouquet to the GRA for their effortto make Greyhounds Qld the nationalleader with a first class seven day a weekracing and trialling complex encompassingthe Brisbane, Gold Coast and Capalabaclubs at Logan Park.There is some degree of trepidationwith the bouquet but if the QueenslandGovernment lives up to its Smart Statestatus, one can envisage the DeputyPremier and Racing Minister join forcesto resume the GRAs 50% stake of AlbionPark at market value as compensation forthe relocation of the Brisbane, Gold Coastand Capalaba Clubs to Logan City.Should the above scenario eventuate itwill end the harness industry and AlbionPark Trusts indifferent attitude togreyhound welfare regarding racing andtrialling at Albion Park.All that is required now is a bit moreeffort to get Queensland on level termswith NSW, Victoria and Western Australiaregarding Saturday night greyhoundracing. Ipswich should continue theBrisbane Clubs time slot when harnessracing resumes at Albion Park.Kevin GallowayThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 18

WARREN Scannella reckons he’s justabout done his apprenticeship and is nowready to give this game a shake.Warren and his mate Scott Holmes havebought themselves a 40-acre property on theGatton-Esk Road at Gatton and are in theprocess of building a breaking-in complex.The bulldozers have been in preparing thetrack area, the kennels are planned and it isexpected to be up and running in Februarynext year.Warren, 49, is no newcomer to theeducation of greyhounds. He’s been at it fora decade or more, working on a couple ofproperties and also running his own.Scannella first got into greyhound racingback in 1983 when Peter Denaro establishedRustic Venture Kennels at Coominya.“I went to work for him when he firstopened up the property,” said Warren. “I wasa general helper working with the dogs allthe time.“I learnt a lot about greyhounds fromPeter.”He then moved on to help BobGlindemann the now deceased former top dogman who raced the “Glinell” dogs with hugesuccess throughout the south-east.“Bob was hard to work for,” said Warren.“He called a spade and spade and told youexactly what he thought. But I liked him.”Warren stayed there for a year.For the next three years he moved over toSpringwood Trial Track and initially workedfor the partnership of John Martin and hismum Connie.“John and his brother Paul were having afive-year on, five-year off, arrangement atSpringwood,” said Warren.“I worked at the track for both brothers.”When the opportunity came up for Warrento take over the Waterford Trial Track, hejumped at the chance.He stayed there for 18 months and alwayshad a full kennel block of 30 youngsterslearning the ropes of what this racing game isall about.“I broke in some really good dogs, likeIpswich record breaker Royston Raider forPeter Roy, the Futurity winner Lough Dergand Nujooloo for Reg Crawford,” saidWarren.“Nujooloo was good from the word go,doing everything right, but he just wasn’tputting the times on the board during breakingin,” said Warren. “That’s when Reg told mehe was only 11 months old.”Once Nujooloo grew up, those times cameand he eventually would become aQueensland greyhound of the year.“That little dog would stand on his headfor Reg,” said Warren of Nujooloo.All this time Warren was dabbling intraining. “Only one or two at any one timeand I admit I didn’t take it as seriously as I donow.”Warren’s marriage broke down soon afterand he admits he went missing for a while. “Iworked as a builder’s labourer for a while,but eventually got my head together and cameback to the dogs.”This time he went back to Springwood andfor the next three years worked with PaulMartin and Connie.“Connie could be a bit like BobGlindemann,” he said. “She too called a spadea spade. But she was great to me.”It wasn’t long before Warren’s lure drivingskills were being recognized and he took upthe full-time position as driver at Ipswich tworace nights and trial day. “I was also drivingat Albion Park on Friday afternoons to giveJack McDonald a break.”His greyhound training career has beengiven a boost of late with the inclusion of WildJuvante (Go Wild Teddy-Deo Juvante) in hiskennel at Logan.“It’s ironic isn’t it,” said Warren. “Justwhen there is great news about a possibletrack at Logan, here I am moving to Gattonto set up a track.”Wild Juvante recently won a heat of theDogs for Racing OverseasMust be under 26 monthsPh Steve Wilkes(07) 54465112 or 0427 319944Warren Scannella andWild Juvante.Sydney Cup to give Warren his first winnerat the track from his first starter there.“There was a split up in the ownershipand I was asked to take the bitch a while agobecause I had gone to school with BarryPups For Sale40 acre property provides ...* Spacious galloping paddockswith dams and shade* Quality feeding and wormingprogram* Pups taught to lead at anearly age and handledregularly* All pups kennelled beforebreaking in* Excellent facilities availablefor whelping littersWild ride tonew GattoncomplexHendy the spokesman for the syndicate,” saidWarren.“I couldn’t take her until back in Januaryand then decided to give her eight weeks offjust to get over any little injuries she mighthave had and start her all over again.”It worked and Wild Juvante has returnedto her staying best. She is one of just threedogs in the Scannella kennel.Warren will eventually keep Wild Juvantefor the syndicate that races her for herbreeding career when she finally retires,maybe towards the end of the year.In the meantime it is full steam ahead inpreparation for the February opening of thetrack.“It will be similar to the Ipswich track,400 metres in circumference,” he said.“Bevan Williamson is in the process of puttingit together for us now.“There is a home of the property. Scott isresigning from his work and my partnerNicola will take long service to be part of thepartnership as well.”Warren does not see the introduction ofanother breaking-in complex as any problemfor those already working.“There has been an increase in thenumbers of pups bred in Queensland latelyand I’m confident more than enough pups togo around among all the break-in complexes,”he said.Z ammit'sRearing andSpelling Farm'If you want yourpuppy to havegood nutrition,plenty ofgalloping andconstant care,take advantage ofyears ofexperience withinthe industry andgive it the beststart in life onour farm'GEORGEZAMMITFor any information, pedigrees, faxes, e-mails or photosContact George Zammit (07) 54266209The (November, 2007) Journal Page 19

The (November, 2007) Journal Page 20

The (November, 2007) Journal Page 21

STEVE Kavanagh must be doing something right.Steve, 62, has been in greyhound racing since 1973 andwhile he will always be best remembered as the man whoput the polish on the legend Brother Fox, ask him to namesome of his top performers and it reads long and loud.Steve and partner Carol potter around on a five-acreproperty just outside Murwillumbah.They’ve been there for a few years now, churning outwinner after winner, most of them quality gallopers.Dogs like Smooth Rumble, Collision, Ace Hi Rumbleand today’s stars Hot To Rumble, Rumble Fire etc.Steve ALWAYS has a smart dog in his kennel.He breeds and rears his own, sticking religiously to hisown damline, one that he has had since 1976 when hebought Miss Rumble (Hot Rumble-Calm Josie).His property has a kennel block, two whelping areas,two pup holding yards, a 300m straight track and a fouracregalloping paddock.It is a showplace property tuned to producing not onlywinners, but quality race dogs, some among the best in theworld, breed shapers to say the least.Steve Kavanagh talks to Journal Editor DAVIDBRASCH about his breeding and rearing methods ... thosethat provide him wirth a steady stream of stars.STEVE Kavanagh spent most of hisyounger days living in Dubbo. It was wherehe started his greyhound racing passion. It issaid everyone has their 15 minutes of fame,but Steve has had much more than that.But he learnt from the best, Ron Brown,Alan Pringle and “trial and error”.He has specific ideas about just what typeof bitch makes an ideal broodbitch.He makes judicious sire selections basedmostly on what type of greyhound he willproduce.And then he rears his pups better thanmost, with nothing but the best food and asmuch galloping as those pups can possiblytake.TEMPERAMENTIMPORTANTSteve’s first criteria when deciding on afuture broodbitch is their ability.“They have GOT to be able to run, be atleast a city winner or the potential to win inthe city,” he said.But while that is the first criteria, it is justas important to Kavanagh that hisbroodbitches MUST have the righttemperament.He has been nurturing his current damlinesince he bought Miss Rumble back in 1976.“I will never entertain a bitch that isoverexcited, hyped up, noisy, or a ravinglunatic no matter how fast they are on theracetrack,” he said.He points out that he has heard his latestsuperstar broodbitch Rumble Spirit bark onlyonce in her 10-year life.Because Steve is so well known in theindustry, gets around the country racing hisbest dogs, and has so many contacts withinthe game, he quickly gets to know the traits,good and bad, of most lines specially thoseof stud dogs.“Certain lines keep producing thehyperactive type of dog and that’s the lines ITraining & Pre-trainingWith our new 48-berth kennelblock complete, we are now opento Train and Pre-train.Our trainer Lesley Griffiths - Ipswich treble October 10stay away from, no matter how fast the pupsthey sire or produce are,” he said.Kavanagh says he prefers a race bitch tobe a stayer, or one that can run out a strong500m.“That’s not to say I haven’t bred with abitch that was a shortcourser, but these days Istick to the stronger bitches,” he said.“Rumble Spirit won in 30.48 aroundAlbion Park, but she also ran a tick off a trackrecord at Beenleigh and she is by Malawi’sPrince who has been a great broodbitch sire.”His present day star broodbitch VintageRumble won from 400m to 747m winning theCoonamble stayers Cup and a number of cityraces.“She ran home in 12.42 at Albion Parkone night when winning a 520m race,” he said.“That’s strength.”He would never breed with a marathonbitch. “That type of bitch usually has aquestion mark about their chasing instincts,”he said.FIGHTERSA ‘NO NO’Steve says he would never entertainbreeding with a bitch that fought.And the question of “iffy” bitches havingthe ability to produce high class greyhoundsis not a thing he has to worry about.“I’ve found that by concentrating on myown damline, it is not a problem for me,” heEncounter Kennels &Breaking In ComplexTop trainer REGKAY uses our trackto educate all hispups, stars likeKnocka Norris,Elite And Classy,Strike State, OurState etc.Black Enforcer-Paw PlayDam a multiple city winner.Price $2500 at 6 months.Surf Lorian-Good Cheer1 Bitch pup (12 weeks)$2000 onoFor appointments or InquiriesPhone Rick FallSpecialists in Rearing, Breaking In,Arm & Box Re-Education.Lot 13 Wotan Rd Atkinson Dam 4311.Ph 07 54264338 or 0427 264338PupsForSaleTrials byappointmentonly ...Tues, Thurs,Sat, SunMornings(from 7amin Summer)Steve'sreceipehasstoodthe testof timesaid. “My damline produces chasers. I don’thave to keep my fingers crossed all the timehoping they will go.”As for the number of race starts a potentialbroodbitch should be restricted to, Steve doesnot limit himself or his race bitches.“I don’t have a cut-off number,” he said.“But I seldom race them past about 50 racestarts.“But you also don’t see me racing mybitches twice a week, and even week in, weekout. If I’ve got a good race bitch, then it is inthe back of my mind to breed with her so shewon’t be flogged around.”When a race bitch finally comes to theend of her career and Steve puts her to stud,he will breed from her every time she comeson season, barring any unforeseen problemsetc.“Obviously if a bitch has raced onhormones then she should be given time tolet down,” he said. “But usually my bitchesare ready to be bred with the first time theycome on after they finish racing.”He says many of the things breeders,owners and trainers adhere to in this industryare based on “old wives tales”.“If you went along with every phobia ingreyhound racing, you wouldn’t walk outsidethe door,” he said.“I find that the non achievers make themost noise.”WHELPINGOnce a bitch is retired, Kavanagh takesthem off a racing diet and starts“desenseatising them”.“They are still allowed to free gallop everyday in the paddock.”Steve and Carol have whelped so manylitters over the years that it is almost secondnature to them. They always inform their localvet they have a litter due just in case anyproblems arise that need vet attention.“We can handle most situations,” he said.Once a broodbitch whelps, Steve feeds thebitch as much food as she wants and keepsThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 22

LEFT: SteveKavanaghwalks his fouracrepropertywith a litter ofpups he bred.RIGHT: Oneof the twowhelpingkennels Stevehas on hisproperty.the fluids up to her. She is normally wormedin the middle of the pregnancy and has a parvoshot at the six weeks stage.The pups are wormed with a mild wormerat a week old and then every week until theyare 12 weeks old when they are started onIvomec which is then used for the rest of thedog’s career.Pups at the Kavanagh property areintroduced to solid food very early, usuallyafter two or three weeks.“It is usually a diet of soft mince and milk,cereal etc and it is amazing how quickly theyget used to it and take to the solid food,” hesaid.Vaccination comes at six weeks and againat four months. “These days you’ve got tohave the vaccination certificate up to datebefore you can sell a pup and that means theystay with you at least until they are fourmonths old.”GALLOPINGAll Kavanagh bred pups are moved fromtheir whelping box at eight weeks to 40m x50m holding yards and their mother is movedto this yard with them.Kavanagh is a stickler for keeping thebroodbitch with her pups at least until the pupsare six or seven months old.“The dam teaches them everything,” hesays. “We put her in the galloping paddockwith her pups twice a day. She gets themrunning and generally disciplines them aswell.”Every litter being reared by Steve andCarol has a “good session” in the four-acregalloping paddock morning and afternoon.“When the pups get a bit older, we willoften pup a racing dog on our straight trackwhich runs alongside the pups gallopingpaddock,” said Steve.“The racing dog will gallop up and backa couple of times and this really stretches outthose pups. This usually happens from about10 months old until we send them to breakingin.”Steve cannot believe people who restrictthe galloping of pups.“Our pups are galloped from the momentthey can. And we produce sound, quality racedogs.“The best pups we have reared oftenappear to be those that naturally want to runall the time when they are growing up. Theyare the ones that never need anything to getthem to gallop.”BEST BROODBITCHESKavanagh reckons in all the years he hasbeen breeding and rearing, the bestFrightful FlashSonic FlightWestmead FlightWestmead HawkSmooth Rumble (Ginger-Follow Through)Mega DelightKnockeevan JoyFUTURE PUPSGun Law OstiBrett LeeSobbing SalSpiritual RumbleMalawi’s PrinceRumble SpiritFollow Throughbroodbitches are more often that not thosewho are the best mothers.“They are nearly always the ones whohave huge amounts of milk to feed their pups,refuse to leave them at all and care for themso well,” he said.“We’ve had bitches still wanting to feedtheir pups when they are four months old.”He is adamant that this is all part of thetemperament factor he bases his broodbitchselection so heavily on.Pups on the Kavanagh property are fedonly the best fresh meat he can buy.He does not overdo the milk supply forhis pups but does feed it in the morning.“Our pup meal consists of red meat mixedwith kibble,” he says.“We will also mix, from time to time,chicken mince, lamb offcuts, chicken necksjust to try to vary the meal for the pups.“We do not feed out pups individually.They fend for themselves, but there is alwaysenough for every pup to get their fill. Andbecause of the temperament of this damline,we do not get any problems with pups fightingeach other.”The kibble used is a mix betweenSupercoat and Hills Science Diet. The racingdogs all race on Hills Science Diet.No vitamins are added to the Kavanaghpups diet.“We do give a dose of cod liver oil everysecond or third day, and we give brisket bonesall the time, at least two or three times aweek,” he said.The racing dogs get shin bones.BREAKING INEducation at the Kavanagh kennel startsat six to seven months when the pups aretaught to lead.Before they go to be broken in, each willcome into the racing kennels for a months toget used to this routine, and are also given acouple of gallops up the straight track behindthe drag lure.“We don’t do a lot with them beforebreaking in, but we at least want them to bechasing up the straight before they go,” saidSteve. “I really only want the breaking incomplexes to get them coming out of thestarting boxes and go around a circle track afew times.”STUD DOGSSteve is adamant that 75 percent of therecipe for success in greyhound racing comesfrom the broodbitch. “It is easily thatnumber,” he said.When choosing a prospective stud dogmate for his bitches, he will not use stayers,but he wants a dog to have run out a strong520m and run time on a number of differenttracks, and even in a few different states.“And I want consistency in theirperformances.”He does not particularly select a stud dogfor its conformation. “When someone buysYesteryear's ChampsBLOOMERfrozen semen of an overseas dog, how do theyknow what he looks like,” he said.“And the size of a stud dog does not worryme either.”He will use a proven or unproven stud dogif he likes the dog and feels he fits his breedingcriteria.”I’ll give you an instance,” he said. “I’mgoing to use Westmead Hawk who is notproven. But he twice won the English Derbyand then his half brother won it this year. He’sout of a bitch by my dog Smooth Rumble.”Steve has Spiritual Rumble and VintageRumble planned for matings with him. It willdouble-up his damline.“The Irish dog is not as good as theAustralian dog, but it is fast catching up withthe Aussie influence,” said Steve.NOT FOR SALESteve admits to breeding failures as well.“We had a really smart race bitch calledBristol Shade who was a sister to Paris Match.Our bitch was a failure but Paris Match was abroodbitch legend,” he said.“We’ve had other damlines but finally gotrid of them. The Osti Lee damline has beenfantastic, but we’ve never had any luck withit.”Kavanagh’s pups these days are generallynot for sale. “I can’t sell the factory,” he said.He and his great mate Tony Lockettusually split litters.He is selective however.“I bred Vizard (Collision-Late ShowLady) and he broke three track records at theGold Coast and his litter brother No Excesswho was almost as fast,” he said.“But none of the bitches in the litter werefast enough. So why breed with them?”While he will look at breeding theories,nicks, crosses etc, Steve says he will not goout on a limb when ti comes to planningmatings for his bitches.He’s proven that with success for the past30 years.Regarded by legendary turn-of-the-century trainer Sam Bladon as his favouritegreyhound, Bloomer was by Bladon’s first Waterloo Cup winner Livingstone fromBliss.The bitch won the 1893 and 1894 Waterloo Cups. She also won the ChampionCup in 1894 and 1896 and ran up in another in 1895. Bladon took her to NZ to winthe 1895 Consolation Stake and 1896 Challenge Stakes.Triple Waterloo Cup winner Bulwark was her grandson.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 23

HookwormalertA RECENT issue of the MedicalObserver published a report entitled“Hookworm Threat From Pets”.It stated: “A hookworm that canpotentially infect humans has beendiscovered in Australian cats and dogs”.The hookworm, Ancylostomaceylanicum is the only one of its kind thatcan cause human infection.It was discovered for the first time inAustralia during a study of dog and catparasites.Researchers from Murdoch Universityin Perth examined faecal samples from1400 dogs and 1063 cats.This research finding highlights theimportance of thorough cleanliness bygreyhound owners, trainers, and breeders– and their family members – whenhandling greyhounds, especially if regulardeworming with broad spectrumdeworming medications is not undertakenas a routine part of their kennelmanagement.As the hookworm eggs are spread inthe droppings of the infected greyhound,the normal yard cleanup after greyhoundemptying should be carried out wearingdisposable gloves, and the materialcollected must be disposed of in such away as to avoid personal, kennel, or yardcontamination.Fortunately, this species of hookwormcan be eliminated with the standardhookworm medication such as Telmintic,Drontal, Canex All Wormer, andequivalent preparations as recommendedby your veterinarian.NOVEMBER 3Maiden (420m) $265Novice Stayers (652m) 1-4 wins, $3854 x GRNSW Country Challenge Heats (420m) $385NOVEMBER 6 (Melbourne Cup day)John & Glenda Dart Maiden Heats (420m) $2655th Grade Heats (520m)NOVEMBER 10Maiden (520m) $265John & Glenda Dart Maiden Final (420m) winner$5005th Grade Final (520m) winner $500Tweed Valley Stake (520m) Best 8, $385GRNSW Country Challenge Final (420m) winner$3500NOVEMBER 172 x Maiden Heats (420m) $265Maiden (520m) $265Novice Stayers (652m) 1-4 wins, $385NOVEMBER 24Summer 5th Grade (420m) best 32 5th Grade, $385Coolangatta Stake (420m) Best 8, $385Stayers Mixed Stake (652m) 0-1 wins, $385Phone (07) 55364555 Fax (07) 55366894Gary ClarkNew South WalesFOUR months agoNeville Brown made a$5000 purchase for acountry short course dog tohave some fun with and“make a few killings”.That dog is Rex TheWeapon (pictured) who hadwon 11 races from 32 startsand had just come off fourstraight wins at Cowra anda track record run atGoulburn over 350m.“I knew he wasprobably going to be sentover to WA and I though hewas the ideal dog to have apunt on and travel aroundwith,” Brown told TheJournal.Rex The Weapon hadseveral wins up to 498m atForbes, an easy task on theplate shaped course, but hisreal brilliance was over 300-400m.Temptation got the better of Brownand he gave him a chance in town in lateJuly and after leading was run down inthe straight. He returned the followingDECEMBER 1Maiden Heats (420m) $265Maiden (520m) $265Summer 5th Grade Final (420m) winner $400Coolangatta Stake (420m) Best 8, $385Tweed Valley Stake (520m) Best 8, $385Stayers Stake (652m) 1-4 wins, $385DECEMBER 8Maiden Final (420m) winner $4104 x Summer Novice Heats (420m) 1-4 wins, $3852 x Xmas Stakes Heats (520m) 1-4 wins, $385Coolangatta Stake (420m) Best 8, $385DECEMBER 15Summer Novice Final (420m) total prizemoney $750Xmas Stakes Final (520m) total prizemoney $750Maiden (420m) $265Stayers Stake (652m) 1-4 wins, $385DECEMBER 22Coolangatta Sprint (420m) Best 8, $385Tweed Valley Stake (520m) Best 8, $385Maiden (420m) $265Maiden (520m) $265DECEMBER 294 x New Year Maiden Heats (420m) $265New Years Cup (420m) Best 8, $385 + trophyNew Years Cup (520m) Best 8, $385 + trophyNew Years Cup (652m) Best 8, $385 + trophyweek and the dog led all the way in slowtime but Brown had been able to get himto run 520m.Then in September and two runslater, Brown returned to short courseracing and “Rex” had easy wins atDapto over 297m and Nowra over 365m.It was a gamble but Neville enteredhim in the Group 1 Paws Of Thunderagainst the best.In his heat he was runner-up in a fast30.09 then led and got into a real battleover the final 200m with LeprechaunPace before a narrow loss.Ironically, it was that dog who cameout and won the final while Rex TheWeapon, after a fair break, was tossedaround early and never raised the hopesof an upset win.Many thought Rex The Weaponwould be the key to the final due to hisearly speed but never really got theLetter to the Editoropportunity.In pre-post markets 200-1 was betabout his chances of winning the final.“I took the 200-1 and 34-1 the place,you have to have something on at thoseodds, he owes me nothing,” Brown said.This was a far cry from the chasearound the countryside. A few monthsago it looked impossible but Rex TheWeapon and Neville Brown have reachedgreat heights and people noticed.For Brown it all started in the sportback when he was a kid, still at school.He went to school with John Spark’sson a trainer in Sydney’s south-west.Spark’s son was not all that interested inthe greyhounds but Brown was andspent many hours at his mates’ place notplaying cricket or football.“I couldn’t wait to get my trainer’slicense. I was 17 at the time. John Sparkseducated me with the dogs,” Brown said.After three decades in the sport,Neville had a break due to businesscommitments and eventually sold aLiverpool hotel to return to trainingfulltime.He has a 10-acre property inSydney’s south-west, which includessand runs, a 400m straight track andplenty of galloping runs.He has 14 dogs in work now but RexThe Weapon is the star of the kennel.“I will give him a chance at some ofthe one-turn cups in either NSW orVictoria and may even try him atSandown,” Brown said.Whatever the result in the monthsahead, it has been a smart purchase byBrown and “Rex” has taken his newowner to the dreams of his childhood.Dear Sir,I realise the greyhound industry is in a difficult position stemming from the Equine Fluproblem and measures must be taken to sustain the viability of the industry in the short term.I also would like to draw attention to the Board that we on this end of the spectrum are alsoin a unique position of being slugged for our basic essentials of meat, kibble, vitamins,vaccinations, vets, transport and PETROL.All at unbelievable prices.So it is with absolute disgust that we find that any cost cutting is aimed at a payment thatis or was in place to alleviate some of the burden of petrol and transport costs.Seeing we are providing a product as it is now called (it once was a sport) it’s logic to methat any savings should come from the top shelf.If the saving of $40 is required then why not $20 from first prize, $10 from second andthird respectively NOT from the poor bugger that is classified as a trainer with inferior dogs.Have you not yet realised that if we didn’t have these second rate dogs we wouldn’t havefields to run the class dogs with.And if we all had class dogs, again four of them would then become inferior. It’s like thebird that flew in ever decreasing circles until he flew up his own backside.If this industry is to suffer then the suffering should start on Thursday Night and end onThursday afternoon.Remember this unplaced payment came from the top prizemoney originally. This smacksof class DISTINCTION.Owen EdmondsThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 24

GREYHOUND racing enthusiasts canexpect to see a few more of the wellcredentialledCoulta greyhounds racingacross Australia.South Australian breeder Robert Irvinehas Coulta Bomber firing in the RobertBritton kennel at Lara and a host of pupscoming through ready to race.Coulta Bomber (Bombastic Shiraz-Coulta Tess) is a rising three-year-old whois returning from a cracked hock suffered inMay.He has only had a couple of starts backbut stunned with a 25.21 seconds run in theheats of the Geelong Cup.The back dog has had 30 starts for ninewins and 11 placings and collectedprizemoney of $50,420.He’s now had four wins from four startsout of the red box The speedster has alsoclocked up six wins at Sandown with timesranging from 29.73 to 29.87.He’s also managed a sensational 29.66at Adelaide’s Angle Park.That form continued the outstanding runIrvine had had with Britton.Coulta Tess (November Forest-CoultaDiamond) had 107 starts for 26 wins and 38placings, collecting prizemoney of$59,055.Her best times included Sandown 30.16,Meadows 30.05, Ballarat 25.59, Meadows34.88, Cranbourne 30.58 and Sale 29.63after starting racing in Adelaide.Britton said Coulta Bomber wasprobably a touch slow in the first 50 metresand that was why he had avoided takinghim to horse-shoe tracks.“He just lacks that yard of pace early.He’s always doing his best work at thefinish of 500m and that’s why we’vefocused our attention on the circle trackswith him,’’ he said.“He’ll head to the Melbourne Cup andall those sort of races. He cracked a hock inMay and has only had four runs back.”Britton said Robert Irvine bred, rearedand broke-in the Coulta brand greyhoundsin Virginia, South Australia.“He breaks them in, sends them overand we go through them,” he said.“Coulta Bandit ran in two MelbourneCups, Coulta Sandy also made a MelbourneCup final. I rate Coulta Bandit as the bestdog I’ve ever raced."Coulta Bomber would beat her twoout, but there’s not too many two dog races.He doesn’t have her early speed.’’Coulta Bandit (a litter sister to CoultaTess) had 77 career starts for 37 wins, 18placings and Victorian prizemoney of$87,030.Irvine said he usually sent five or sixpups a year to Britton.Care of the RacingGreyhoundAndrew Thomson“The first one I sent was Coulta Dixie.The money and management is just soprofessional in Victoria,” he said.“Coulta Tess is in pup with another litterby Bombastic Shiraz."I’ve also got Coulta Mara back. AlecStevens, at Brisbane's Birkdale, raced her.She won about 20 races, about 10 inQueensland.’’Irvine said Coulta Bandit had a litter byMost Awesome ready to hit the track.He said the bitch line went back toBandit’s World, which was a SouthAustralia national sprint representative.Irvine said he got pups out of her thirdlitter which was by Chariot Supreme andthey finished up being his foundationbitches.He said Coulta Diamond raced with asteel pin in her leg and won about 20 races,Victoriamostly at Broken Hill.“Howard Gray had Bandit’s World andwe went halves with him in the litter."I think they bought her from TasmaniaIGRCLEFT: Robert Irvine on hisdog walking invention madefrom a pushbike with a trottinggig attached.for about $10,000. She was a good bitchbut didn’t produce until that third litter.’’Irvine said as well as Coulta Diamond,the litter included Albion Park winnerWayne’s World and the smart CoultaDuchess.“I’ve spent a lot of time and efforttrying to get Coulta Bandit in pup to BrettLee."He’s the best dog I’ve seen race but wehaven’t had any luck getting pups,’’ he said.“I mated her to Awesome Assassin andwe got Coulta Amy who could make a goodbroodbitch."There’s Coulta Tess and Mara pupscoming along so we’re look forward tohaving a bit more fun,’’ he said.Coulta is a small country community onSouth Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club'Leading allthe Way'Major Race Date2008 HIGHLAND SMASH REPAIRVINCE CURRY MEMORIALMAIDEN SERIES 520m“Australia’s Richest Maiden Series”$25,000 Winner of the FinalThis magnificent publication has recently been re-released worldwideand is dedicated to the health and welfare of racing greyhounds.The book is intended for a wide range of the industry from trainers,breeders, studmasters, vets and vet studants and to all those in theadministration of greyhound racing throughout the world.The book comes in a couple of forms, hard cover (cost $97.60) and softcover (cost $63.25) plus $15 postage and handling.It is only available through Dr Des Fegan, 84 Clarendon St, Cranbourne,Victoria 3977.Section 1 looks at basic anatomy and physiology, Section 11 looks at theapplication of this basic information and includes all stages of a greyhound'slife, Section 111 addresses drugs and medications.Saturday February 9 Qualifying HeatsTuesday February 19 Heats*Tuesday February 26 Semi-finals*Tuesday March 4 Final*Number Subject to Noms received.Additional Information Available by Contacting the Club.Ipswich Greyhound Racing ClubPh: 07 3202 2977 Fax: 07 3202 2510 (November, 2007) Journal Page 25

Dianewill begreatlymissedBy ANTHONYBENNETTTHE greyhound industry lost one of its long-time female trainers when DianeSneddon died recently.She had suffered from the dreaded illness angio-edema which is a hereditarydisorder which can cause swelling to most parts of the body particularly the faceand throat.This claimed Diane’s life at just 50 years of age.Few people know of or understand the illness, but it can be stress related or becaused by pollen, bee stings or a variety of different foods.My life was so insignificant before I met Diane.She always made me laugh and smile and showed me so much affection andI’m really struggling to come to terms with her passing.When I had my own serious illness with meningococcal meningitis in 2004,she was a tower of strength to myself and my mother.She nursed me back to health in many months of rehabilitation.She was so unbelievably strong through her illness and even when she gotreally sick, she still thought of me and others before herself.She loved our dogs and was always eager to catch for others.She was well liked, polite, caring and respected and enjoyed life to the fullest.I’d like to thank those who attended her funeral and all the floral tributes andcards that we received.In our six years together, she has left me with so many happy memories andwill be greatly missed.So You Want to be aGreyhoundTrainerAll New!GreyhoundTraining BookContact: GRA of Qldon (07) 32627800or PO Box 250 Albion, Q, 4010$22(incls GST)plus $5 Postage andHandlingMoree Club president Terry Wilson, race-caller John McDermott, race sponsor JohnSummers, winning trainer Rob Andrews, his son Rob Jnr, and inaugural TheMcDermott winner Gazillion.Magic at MoreeWords, photos byBILL POULOSFORMER Canberra bus driver TerryJordan will not regret his move to theNorthern Rivers of NSW.He collected his biggest payday sinceturning to training greyhounds full-timewhen Misty Blue Magic and Sir Lyndan wonthe feature Outback double at the Moreecarnival.Jordan, who took a redundancy packageafter driving buses around the nation’scapital for 20 years, relocated to Kyogle twomonths ago with six dogs ready to race, quitea few pups and just as many dreams.And kennelmates Misty Blue Magic andSir Lyndan fulfilled two of those dreamswith runaway wins at Moree.Misty Blue Magic won the GBOTAOutback Fly Final (302m) and was makinga comeback after a catching-pen mauling atTweed Heads in mid-July.“He lost a lot of confidence after he waspole-axed at Tweed,” Jordan said.“He won over there and was attacked inthe catching pen and just lost all confidence.“That was three months ago, so we’vejust been slowly bringing him back.”Jordan celebrated his first feature doubleas a fulltime trainer when Sir Lyndan wonthe Moree Services Club Outback Sprint(421m).Jordan, a hobby-trainer at Canberra, hassix dogs in full work and another 30 youngdogs. “I bit the bullet and decided to gofulltime,” he said.Trainer Terry Jordan with Outback Flywinner Misty Blue Magic.Joe Sabine and Max Hobday Memorialwinner Sonnet Princess with trainerPaul Wasson.COMEBACK bitch Sonnet Princessraced to an all-the-way win in the Joe Sabineand Max Hobday Memorial Cup (551m) atthe carnival.Casino trainer Paul Wasson, a full-timeelectrical contractor with just a handful ofdogs in work, was leading male trainer of thecarnival with five winners over three days.“She won seven from 10 early in hercareer and could’ve been anything, but gotsmashed at Albion Park twice in 600m races,”Wasson said.“We thought we’d never get her back, butwe persevered because she’s got so muchtalent.“We’re pretty flat out, and without mywife Leanne I wouldn’t be able to do it – it’sa real family operation.”Moree trainer Bobbie Moore won thecarnival’s female trophy – also with fivewinners.LEGENDARY Newcastle caller JohnMcDermott soaked up two days of top-gradecoursing action at Moree and called a racenamed in his honour.The inaugural McDermott, a 551mstaying test taken out by Rob Andrews’Gazillion, was described in word-perfect styleby 63-year-old McDermott, who has beencalling greyhound, harness and gallopmeetings for more than 40 years.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 26

Owen EdmondsWITH the overwhelming majority of “bigmoney” races run over 520m or more, ownersof shortcoursers find it difficult to “get a quid”with these dogs.So when John and Wendy Hutchinson, theformer Victorians now entrenched asQueenslanders, backed a 395m Lightningseries at Albion Park, it was welcomed bytrainers of speedsters.None more so than Mick Johnston.Johnston was smiling from the time he sawthe $5000 to the winner race programmed.He knew he had just the dog, the brilliantGo Wild Teddy-Runaway Rosie bitch RosieWild a blistering speedster around Mick’shome track at Ipswich.Rosie did the rest winning in 22.81secsleading throughout to win by six and a quarterlengths over Galena Boy with a length and aquarter to Loverless.The staging of that 395m final was thefirst time races were held over all fourdistance at Albion Park on a Thursday night.“I’ve got to thank the Hutchinsons (Johnand Wendy) and the Brisbane Club for puttingon a race like this for the speedsters,” saidMick.Johnston’s family bred the bitch fromRunaway Rosie who was an Albion Parkwinner in 30.46 but a giveaway as abroodbitch.“Peter and Margaret Dunn gave her to uson a pup deal,” said Mick.ABOVE: Rosie Wild wins theLightning at Albion Park.LEFT: Kennel patron NigelSalter and trainer MickJohnston with Rosie Wildafter her victory.WildaboutspeedLightning (395m)Albion Park1 ROSIE WILD $2.90(Go Wild Teddy-Runaway Rosie)Owner: Anne JohnstonTrainer: Mick Johnston2 GALENA BOY $12(Galena-Maddie’s Angel)3 LOVERLESS $4.80(Royal Assassin-Anniston)Others: 4 Disco Bear $9, 5 Miko $31, 6Sharky Shines $6.50, 7 Dooley’s Jet $2.20,8 Maddie’s Memory $31. Time: 22.81.Walkabout SidHead HonchoFitzroy LassGo Wild TeddyMalawi’s PrinceWeb Of SilenceSpider WebROSIE WILDMalawi’s PrinceAwesome McLarenTrue TemptationRunaway RosieCredibilityKarenmarSteel Mistress“She’s from the damline the Attardbrothers have made famous around here.”The Go Wild Teddy litter is her first.Her second litter, by Cyrus The Virus,includes smart Albion Park winner Stefash,and her third by Hallucinate is breaking in.Coominya Lodge280 LARSENS RD, COOMINYAWHELPING - Heated whelping bays with experienced mid-wife on hand. Bitchesfed the best of everything .REARING - Pups reared on our property are pre-educated before breaking in. Plentyof room to run in our 90m puppy yards with shade and warm, snug kennels. Eukanubaalways available for snacking with fresh beef bones providing healthy teeth and gums. Wefollow a comprehensive worming program, pups get hydrobathed regularly and receiveplenty of handling.SPELLING - Tell us what you need! Recovering from injury? We have laser andultrasound equipment and a “hospital” area where they can be kept quiet. Need a breakfrom racing ? We have two huge paddocks they can be let loose in once or twice a day withor without other dogs. They’ll be fed a racing diet if required and will be rugged in winter.Contact CATHY & RON JACKSON Ph 54264276 or 0428929228Peter 'Bloody'WilsonI tried to find a subject that showed up squeaky cleanSomeone with good credentials good enough to meet the QueenHe had to be an Aussie, no Pom could make the gradeHe mustn’t smoke, drink or swear and respected in his tradeAmazed I found but one good man that gave to me a visionNone other than our trainer mate Peter “Bloody” WilsonPeter spent many years on the breakdown tow truck stageThis is where he learnt control of his one time violent rageGave up grog because; I did; more than twenty years agoTook up dogs to fill the gap and make some extra doughNow guided by his better half said without derisionElaine guides the training hand of Peter “Bloody” WilsonPete knows a good dog when it comes, the art of how to trainShuffles them out if they don’t stack up, then round we go againGets a good hound then it’s on, the sky’s the bloody limitBeen known to place a bet or two if he’s sure there’s dollars in itBut there beside him all the while to guide the tough decisionsThe guardian angel with personal touch for Peter “Bloody” WilsonThere’s more than fifty names at hand of dogs that Peter trainedWell worthy of a mention in the greyhound racing gameMany names that end in Duk that must have been one hatchingAnd what about Redhead Ted that bugger took some catchingThough Serial Pest was one good dog the name did have a reasonIt’s name I’m told was aptly named for Peter “Bloody” WilsonTerritory Scud would depict our mate back in the good old timesCyclone Tracy! She was a scud, see what she left behindHandsome Harry, Pretty Boy Steve shows vanity centre stagePete’s nature now as compared to before he’s mellowed some with ageTow trucks are gone, Pete’s found a good sport, one day may collar a millionYet life will remain, though I’ve sullied the name of Peter “Bloody” WilsonWON ON EVERYCITY TRACKBlackTragically retired dueto hip support injuryLeeWinner Gateway to the Top (Alb Pk)Runner-up 2005 Perth Cup (to Sun Hero)Third 2005 Adelaide Cup (to Collide)Finalist 2005 Silver ChiefWinner Alb Pk 30.19, 30.20 (23 mths), WP 30.20 (24 mths), Mead 29.86,30.19 (26 mths), SP 29.80, 29.82 (28 mths), Ang Pk 29.34 (29 mths),Cannington 30.38 (31 mths). Never reached full maturity. Won on all citytracks in Australia. Contested Group 1 finals.Fee: $550 (incl GST) Now doing Progesterone Testing(For 6 months, conditions apply. Bitches must have won circle or straight.)Wayne Crick (07) 55467617 or 0417 735935The (November, 2007) Journal Page 27

Paul WheeleronFEE $1650Black Dog, June 2003, 36.5kgToken Prince-Miss Corleoneby Head HonchoBlack Enforcer'I've been interested to see how the Token Prince sirelineevolves in Australia. I have always believed the best sons ofToken Prince are Pure Octane and BLACK ENFORCER.I've also seen just how good Token Prince crosses with JustThe Best. For that reason I have used BLACKENFORCER with four of my broodbitches. The first waswith a US bred bitch and those are just about to be brokenin. They are magnificent pups and mad keen. I've since gotanother litter that are several months old, and have recentlysent two more bitches to BLACK ENFORCER including adaughter of Just The Best who won $60,000 in stakes, andanother who was a multiple Melbourne city winner.Depending on the breaking in reports, I will be sendingmore bitches to BLACK ENFORCER in the future.'Paul WheelerThe Apap Team (07) 54621201Standing: Just The Best $5500, Surf Lorian $3300, Black Enforcer $1650, Trewly Special $1100,Go Forever $1100 Lindale Blue $880. Frozen Semen available for: Bobniak, Awesome McLaren, Scottish Express, Ben's Fury,Reggemite, Deep North. Check out our website (November, 2007) Journal Page 28

A 'Champion'BEN Day shakes his head every timehe watches replays of his “champion”Brett’s Rival (pictured).For he knows only too well that“champion” is the right tag for the sonof Brett Lee-Fairy Wings, the blackmachine who was denied his rightfulposition among the greats because ofinjury.Ben is part of the syndicate that racedBrett’s Rival who has just been retiredto stand stud duties with Shayne andMelanie Parker at Coominya. He willopen his stud career at a fee of $880.“This dog was going to be asuperstar,” said Ben. “And that’s notsome wild boast from an infatuatedowner.”A huge offer to buy the dog wasrefused immediately after Brett’s Rivalmade his debut at Albion Park in June2005, blitzing a low grade race in 29.88.“Two races later Black Enforcer, whohad already won in 29.77 around AlbionPark, ran 30.05,” said Ben.The offer was refused and Brett’s Rivalwas set for the Group 1 Queensland Derby,winning his heat in 30.11 after coming fromlast. Black Enforcer won his heat in 30.13.Black Enforcer got his revengebrilliantly winning the Derby final in whichBrett’s Rival was never out of troublefinishing fourth and pulling up with a chestmuscle injury that put him out of racingfor the next year.It was a year that would have been thepeak of Brett’s Rival’s race career and hewas sitting at home in a kennel vainlytrying to overcome that and a few otherniggling injuries.Dave Irwin took over his training atthree and a half and got him back to run30.14 at Albion Park beating hot race bitchBerella Electra in a best of nightperformance.Then Nigel Rugg coaxed more wins outof him with his free galloping trainingmethod.In all, he raced 50 times for 15 wins and13 placings, seven of those wins coming atAlbion Park where his 29.88 run is the 14thfastest ever on the track. He also won eightat the Gold Coast and ran 25.78 there.Brett’s Rival was a Gold Coast Cupfinalist behind Vapour Whirl when fouryears old, and also a finalist in the South-East Qld Cup at the Coast.“No one will ever know just how goodhe was,” said Ben. “We were so confidentof his ability we were even contemplatinga match race around Albion Park withBlack Enforcer.”Brett’s Rival was a desperate railerwinning six of his seven starts from therails draw but that could also be hisdownfall when drawn wide as he so oftenwas.His pedigree is second to none. SireBrett Lee is already a Hall of Famer.Dam Fairy Wings was a Group classstayer and upper echelon broodbitch.Brett’s Rival’s littermates includeHyde Park winner of 21 races, Brett ToWing winner of 20 races, Speed Swingerwho is still winning around Albion Park,Outswinger, and the luckless HostileMissile who looked likely to be a highclass middle distance galloper untildropping a back muscle.“We have every confidence he willbe a great sire, a great source ofstrength,” said Ben.“He’s been with Shayne and Melaniefor a little while and has settled inperfectly. There has been great interestin him and we and Shayne are planninga number of our own bitches to go tohim.”A dog of his ability deserves at leastthat.WITHOUT doubt the fastest dog I’veever had was Tralee Star.He was by Tralee Glen out of Fawn Signaland was whelped in the early 1960s.We raced him for a mad punter called VicMoss and there are, like most trainers, highsand lows surrounding Tralee Star.Moss was a newcomer into dogs and loveda bet. Joe Ramsey, who had Greenmountthoroughbred Stud in Toowomba, told usabout a litter of pups that had been bred byLeo Walker.My dad Perc and Vic Moss headed up toToowoomba to see the pups who by that timewere 13 or 14 months old.From day one I couldn’t cop Vic Moss atall. During those days Perc was running ourfish shop at Brighton and I was in charge ofthe dogs.Moss had a bad habit of paying by rubbercheques and that was almost the case withTralee Star, but old Leo Walker would havenone of that and wanted cash only.Dad and I started work of Tralee Star anda sister Leo had given us to train. She wastoo timed and we sent her home soon after.But Tralee Star, once he got over his owntimid nature, was a natural.But Leo sent Joe Ramsey to our shop atBrighton because he had not been paid andthought the dog was being tried and then senthome if he did not measure up.Moss was that sort of bloke.We convinced Moss to pay up and soonafter the dog hit the tracks with a vengeance.He won 11 of his first 13 starts.Perc loaded up the car with Tralee Star,his mate Ces Castles and headed for acampaign in NSW. I couldn’t cop Moss so Istayed home.The boys got the money at Richmondstraight track against a top class field and hebroke the track record in the process.He was then a special beaten at Bulli whenhe lost sight of the lure and didn’t know wherehe was. He was beaten a head.After that Ces Castles wanted everyoneto head home and said there was no wayTralee Star would win at Harold Park whichwas the main aim.But Perc was on the phone with glowingreports from Bulli and he “declared him” atHarold Park.Moss had got a bank with local bookiesto back the dog at Harold Park.Tralee Star won by two and a half lengths.The Sydneysiders gave everything no chanceon their tracks, but we proved them all wrong.Ian Craig called the race, and for years ISyd Norrishad a record of the call. In those days we couldnot even hear the races from Sydney, couldnever find form for the dogs we were against.Perc said Moss collected and keptcollecting. The money he won wasunbelievable.They got home and things fell apart.Moss got to put his nose in when thetraining was being done. I remember triallingthe dog at Lawnton and Moss started withsome antics and eventually I told him he couldtake the dog.But some time later he approached usagain. Moss asked Perc if we would take thedog back just for the Sprint Championship atBeenleigh.I was tied up a lot with football at the timebut took the dog on as a favour for dad.For the next month the dog was kept toSandgate Beach free galloping andMemoriesRenzo Park ComplexNew!CoveringGrafton - CasinoAreastoGold CoastBrisbaneToowoombaswimming. He won the Sprint Championshipbeating a dog trained by Chicka Morris fromNewcastle.Tralee Star won in a photo and I gave himback to Moss straight away.On the same day, Jack Irwin won theDistance Championship with a bitch calledWonaire. I always reckoned Jack Irwin wasthe Wally Lewis of greyhound racing.Everyone wanted to be around him. Hewas a star right from the moment he startedwith dogs.Tralee Star eventually went to the kennelsof Ken Gibson and Bunny Hewton, frommemory, had something to do with him aswell.I remember him being beaten in a big racein Sydney a while after.The dog died before he could go to stud.Moss finished up with a lot of dogs butsoon drifted out of the game. I was glad tosee the end of him.He was a compulsive gambler.From that time on I made sure I was veryselective about who I trained for.Every dog I trained after that was in myownership, or we had a share in the dog.I admit I’ve had some great owners, all ofthem friends and we had some great wins andgreat times.As an extension of Renzo Park Rearing and Spelling Complex, we are now offeringa transport service for your valuable animals.RenzoParkPET TRANSPORT SERVICE* Pick-up Grafton Saturday (appointment only)* Leaving Casino sunday (early AM)* Returning Casino Sunday PM* Pick-up and Drop off along the way* Other trips available by arrangementInquiries & Bookings: Peter & Helen SimpsonPh: (02) 66335115 Mob: Peter 0438 792348 Helen 0428 302725The (November, 2007) Journal Page 29

PandaprovestopsforScottsTHEY say if you are on agood thing, stick to it, andMackay breeder, owner andtrainer Wayne Scott reckons“they” are pretty right.Scott has been buying theprogeny of Emma’s Lily for afew years now and has always had plenty ofsuccess.He’s won plenty of races with Emma’sLily progeny like Farmor For Nat, FarmorOffski, Farmor Puzzle’s and more recentlywith the Victoria city winner FarmorForbidden.Farmor For Nat was a handy bitch for theScotts.“We had a pretty good couple of dogs bySolve The Puzzle-Emma’s Lily called FarmorOffski and Farmor Puzzle’s,” said Wayne. “Sowhen Farmor For Nat (by Bearability) cameon season we decided to put her to Solve ThePuzzle to recreate that cross.”It worked.Farmor For Nat had already produced adisappointing litter to Zed Three, but had adog by Hanson Diamond that showed abilitybefore breaking down.The Solve The Puzzle-Farmor For Natlitter produced weight pups.Among them is Farmor Panda who, whilenot breaking in anywhere near the best of thelitter, has improved out of sight in recent timesand her win in a recent Mackay Young GunsYoung Guns (456m) Mackay1 FARMOR PANDA 3-1(Solve The Puzzle-Farmor For Nat)Owner-trainer: Wayne Scott2 GEM MAX 4-1(Solve The Puzzle-Magic Trick)3 LEDARO SPLASH 9-4(Typhoon Tide-Monageeta)Others: 4 Blooming Wild 8-1, 5 FarmorSting 9-4, 6 Miss Testa 3-1, 7 Miss McCaw14-1, 8 Syanna 2-1. Time: 26.76.Steve and Wayne Scott.was outstanding.The Scotts, Wayne and Sheree, have 70dogs on the Mackay property, broodbitches,pups and young racing stock.Their son Steve, who has until recentlybeen back home working for Wayne in hispainting business, has since headed back tothe Withcott property to train a host of youngdogs.As for the future, Wayne is looking to buya frozen semen of the now deceased SolveThe Puzzle to mate with Farmor Forbiddenor Farmor Offski.Farmor Forbidden was an extra smartbitch who dropped a back muscle afterwinning a couple of Melbourne races whentrained by Robbie Britton.Farmor Puzzle’s, who looked to have abrilliant staying future until injuries got thebetter of him, is back home in mackay andWayne is planning to put him over a coupleof his own bitches.The Young Guns victory was the first forWayne and Sheree although son Steve hadwon a Young Guns in Cairns a few years ago.New TearsLight Of FireCentrefireSolve The PuzzleNational StarMagic RiddleTejadaFARMOR PANDACredibilityBearabilityKissy BearFarmor For NatFitzroy ExpressEmma’s LilyPink IceQuality Pups For SaleSire: Lindale BlueDam: Smokey Flash(Placard-May Be Good)Dam won 3 starts out of 7 at Ipswich. Retired due to injury.First litter includes 16mth pupbroken in city class.4 Dogs, 1 Bitch. Whelped 12-4-07Immunised and marked.All pups are solid and have heavy set legs like Lindale Blue.$1200 eachPhone: Brad (07) 41267027Peter RoseAust Winning LinesGO MAKATAM2007 Ipswich Auction Series - 520m; 2007 Ipswich Auction Series - 431mBrother Fox (Little Blade-Pitstock Park)Walkabout SidPromises FreeHead HonchoRoy TreaseFitzroy LassMissus FitzGo Wild TeddyMalawiMalawi’s PrinceDuchess MarinaWeb Of SilenceAcacia Park (Wild Port-Pitstock Park)Spider WebSpider BiteGO MAKATAMWorth Doing (by Brother Fox)CredibilityNo LiabilityJust The BestAmerigo Man (Brother Fox-Promises Free)Flying AmyTenthill FlyerAlthorpe MissAcacia ParkAcacia AblazeWatusi RoseMum’s GiftPretty ShortPolka DancerDancing DamselSire: GO WILD TEDDY (2000 NSW GOTY, 2000 Melb Cup (Spk), 2000 Sandown Shootout(Spk), 2000 Vic Peters Mem (Wpk), 2000 Winter Stake (Wpk), 2000 Young Star Classic(Wpk). Sire of: JINDERRA FLAME (2006 Nat Futurity (Wpk), 2007 Darwin Cup, TR TheGardens 600m, Darwin 537m), HERE I COME (2006 Qld Futurity (BGC), 2005 Puppy Classic(Dap)), DON PACO (2005 Ipswich Auction, TR Gold Coast 401m), TEN TORNADOS (2006Nat Sprint C’ship SA Fnl (Apk), 2006 Gawler Produce), PINCH BAR (2006 Young Guns(Ips), 2006 Dave Brett Mem (BGC)), GO MAKATAM (2007 Ipswich Auction 520m, 2007Ipswich Auction 431m), SATANIC MISS (2005 Breeders Plate (Apk), 2007 St Patricks DaySprint (Apk)), GO SWIFT (2006 Publicans Cup (BGC)), KHALIA KEROMA (2004 YoungGuns (BGC), 2004 Young Guns (Gct)), HANSON TEDDY (2005 Young Guns (BGC)), TOLDYA SO (2006 Eric Thompson Mem (Gct)), GO PRINCESS (2006 Rock Cup, TR Rock 407m),BRALYN MEL (2007 Dist Challenge (Wpk)), REGAL RICKY (Top class Melbourne sprinter),TAD SMARTER (Top grade Brisbane sprinter), MISS BLUE BLOOD (2004 NZ Oaks, 2005Superior Classic (NZ)).1st Dam: ALTHORPE MISS (5 wins BGC 30.85, 35.60)2nd Dam: MUM’S GIFT (7 wins BGC 30.49, 35.47)dam of: GIFTED SON (2 wins BGC 30.82)JUSTA TEMPO (BGC 31.03)MY GOLDEN BECKY (BGC 30.94)PURE LOGIC (BGC 31.10)SUPER SUB (BGC 30.89)3rd Dam: POLKA DANCERdam of: REAL ERNEST (1994 NZ Invitation (Manukau), 3 wins BGC 35.61)INCARTA MAN (Top grade Brisbane 600m performer, 6 wins BGC 35.39)MACRO MAN (Top grade Brisbane sprinter, 4 wins BGC 30.57)BEGG (8 wins BGC (30.36, 35.87, 43.08), Qld Futurity finalistBORRO (BGC 31.37)BROTHER BEGG (BGC 31.57)CHEEKY CHIQUITA (4 wins BGC 31.10)GARIJON (BGC 31.15)KAHUNA FOX (BGC 31.62)LINEAR KEY (8 wins BGC 30.61, 35.75)TERRY’S FOLLY (3 wins BGC 30.41)2nd dam of: LINEAR’S BOY (Top Brisbane sprinter, 8 wins BGC 30.34, 35.31)DOWNSTREAM KEY (10 wins BGC 30.34, 35.27)LADY LINEAR (3 wins BGC 31.02, 35.83)MY MASTER KEY (7 wins Apk 29.80)SKYE ROYALE (4 wins BGC 30.56, 35.29)4th Dam: DANCING DAMSELdam of: MILLER’S LOVE (1988 Qld Cup (Bnl)SILVER SHOES (1989 XXXX Istate Chall (Gba), 1989 Nat Dist C’shipQld Fnl (Gba)EMPIRE DANCER (1989 Presidents Cup (Gba), 1990 Warana Tphy (Gba)TEARS FINITO (1992 Qld Derby (Gba)DANCING GAMBLE (1988 Qld GOTY, 1988 Nat Sprint C’ship (Gba),1988 Coca-Cola Cup (Gba), 1988 4BC Galaxy (Gba), 1988Interstate Chall (Gba), 1988 Southside Ford Cup (Gba), 1987Christmas Tphy (Gba), 1987 Coca-Cola Classic (Lis), 1989 KirksCup (Gba), Sire)2nd dam of: DANCING ACACIA (1997 Qld Sprint C’ship (Bnl)MORETON BAY STAR (1995 Spring Cup (BGC), 1995 QldMiddle Dist C’ship (Gct)sister to: DANCING DOMINO (1982 Lawnton Young Star Classic, Sire)daughter of: MARY MARELLA (1979 Champion Of Champions Dist Fnl (Opk)The (November, 2007) Journal Page 30

MICHAEL Geraghty fondly remembersas a kid coming from Mt Gravatt to Capalabato watch greyhound racing.So it was fitting that the new chum intoserious greyhound training has had his firstbig success at that track when Corolla(Phoenix Ice*-Prize Princess) got up on theline to win the rich Michael Miller Memorial.In the process, Corolla became the firstbitch to win the race that attracts a qualityline-up every year.Geraghty was born and bred in MtGravatt, but spent 17 years in Perth and had acouple of dogs to keep him occupied whileover there.He’s been back in Queensland for someyears and decided to indulge his passion forgreyhounds by buying a dog pup from aPhoenix Ice*-Prize Princess litter then threemonths old.The dam is a litter sister to superstarsprinters Knockabout Wok and Puzzle Prize.“I bought them from Ian Kurkze and hehad bought out the sire and a couple of otherstud dogs from Ireland,” said Michael. “Iansent me a picture of my dog pup a couple ofdays later.”As it would happen, there was a blue bitchpup also in the photo. Michael liked the lookof her and bought her as well, paying $1600for each of them.The blue bitch would be Corolla, the dogwould race as Mickey D’Mel and win his onlystart before damaging a flexor tendon andhead for the GAP program.Michael is in the wholesale car businessand name that blue bitch after the mostreliable and honest car around, the Corolla.“But she’s been nothing but trouble,” hesaid.Initially Corolla was trained by CharlieMifsud but an internal infection she pickedup proved almost impossible to defeat. “Novet could find a cure for it,” said Michael.“We spent seven months trying to get her overit and it left her a very sour bitch.”By this time Michael had eight dogs. Anadvert in The Courier-Mail to lease all eightdogs went unanswered.“I decided then to do it myself and I’m soglad I did,” said Geraghty. “I’m the completebeginner but I’m learning fast.”That was evident when Corolla improvedlengths on her heat win to take the final in aflying 19.71.“It’s a huge thrill, fantastic,” said Michael.Geraghty had no doubts his bitch couldMichael Geraghtyand Corolla.Home away from homematch it with her rivals in the final. “She hasrun some very quick times up Nigel Rugg’sstraight at Churchable (where Geraghty lives)so I knew she had the ability to win,” he said.Future plans are for Corolla to be built upto 520m in the future. “We might go to theGold Coast over 457m and then see if shecan get 520m … eventually.”Miller Memorial (366m)Capalaba1 COROLLA 12-1(Phoenix Ice*-Prize Princess)Owner-trainer: Michael Geraghty2 WHO’S YA BEARING 4-1(Elite State-Who’s A Bearing)3 ARLEE 11-1(Brett Lee-Primrose Bride)Others: 4 Bosanova Blue 6-4, 5 SharkyShines 9-2, 6 Run Jake Run 4-1, 7 EmRodd 11-2, 8 Our State 5-1. Time: 19.71.Staplers JoLarkhill JoWestmead FlightPhoenix Ice*Slippy BlueLady NoirKnocknaboha NoirCOROLLALight Of FireSolve The PuzzleMagic RiddlePrize PrincessMalawi’s PrincePrincess RemaRema RoseRon's lateststar makes aSplashRON Brook took stock of the pups he hadon his Moorlands (Bundaberg) property anddecided some had to go.He decided the Typhoon Tide-Monegeetalitter, of which he had eight, were the likelycandidates. So he advertised them for sale at$600 in The Courier-Mail, got about a dozencalls and sold none.Eventually he moved most of them on,keeping three, a dog and two bitches.He sold the dog, which now races ashighly promising youngster Em Rodd, afterbreaking in, and the two bitches Ledaro Jetand Ledaro Splash stayed put.“Jet was five lengths better than the otherbitch when we first put them into work, butshe hurt herself and has taken a while to getback racing,” said Brook.So Ledaro Splash had the world ofexpectations put firmly on her shoulders andto say she has coped with it is anunderstatement.In her first eight starts, she won fiveincluding a Rockhampton Young Guns andfinished third in a Young Guns at Mackay.Brook bred the litter from prolific shortcourse winner Monegeeta who won races atAlbion Park, the Gold Coast, Beenleigh andCapalaba before heading to Warren Pirie forseven wins while racing at Mackay.“I actually picked her up from her trainerin Brisbane to take her north for Warren,” saidBrook.“When she finished racing Warren askedme if I wanted her to breed with so I jumpedat the chance.”Monegeeta traces directly to famousbroodbitches Morzee’s Me Mum andNational Queen.Warren recently got the bitch back withthe idea of breeding a litter out of her himself,but he has since had a rethink and she is nowback with Brook due on season soon andAUSTRALIAN WINNING LINESVolume 14 - 2005 $55 (inc postage & handling)Containing all the usual features of the greyhound year: City Winners; Sires, Dams& Maternal Grandsires of City Winners; Western Australia; Australian FeatureRace Winners; Sires, Dams, Maternal Grandsires and Pedigrees of Feature RaceWinners; Australian Track Records and Overseas Feature Winners.Cheques/Money Orders payable to:Peter Rose, PO Box 330, Jimboomba, Qld, 4280.Ph (07) 5548 6687The (November, 2007) Journal Page 31Ron Brookand LedaroSplash.likely to go to Typhoon Tide’s litter brotherReturn The King.Brook is building a reputation with his“Ledaro” dogs.“It is a jumble of five letters that are inmy name, Ronald, and my partner Darlene’snames,” said Ron. “We wanted a name thatwould be uniquely ours and this fits perfectly.”And it’s making something of a splasharound racing circles.Young Guns (510m)Rockhampton1 LEDARO SPLASH $2.10(Typhoon Tide-Monegeeta)Owner-trainer: Ron Brook2 HITECH O’FIVE $2.50(Hallucinate-Kalka Kate)3 DARK THRONE $2.70(Bombastic Shiraz-Berella Xanadu)Others: 4 Hitech Diamond $10, 5 CheekyAttitude $15, 6 Cawbourne Crash $7.50, 7Mystic Surf $6.50, 8 Ledaro Puddin’ $11.Time: 30.28.Gun Law OstiBrett LeeSobbing SalTyphoon TideBalligari*Cyclone KellyTop PriorityLEDARO SPLASHMalawi’s PrinceAwesome McLarenTrue TemptationMonegeetaCasual EncounterMondoe RiverMorzee’s Me MumMeat & Bones:Beef Mince, Roo Meat, Roo & Beef, Chicken Mince, Edge, Weaner, Breeder’sChoice, Chicken Necks, Roo Tail Bones, and Brisket Bones, plus more ...We stock these top quality dry foods:• ADVANCE Dog & Cat • BONNIE: Working Dog, Lite & Complete• Pro Plan • Whiskas • IAMS Dog & Cat • Pedigree Dry Foods• BOX 1 Biscuits & BOX 1 GOLD • Range of EUKANUBAWe also stock Royal Canin, Rex’s Kibble, Enduro Kibbles, 4 X 2 & 2 X 2 Biscuits, MAX Biscuits,Hammock Beds, Hessian & Shade Cloth Bed Covers, Leads, Collars, Snacks,FIDO’s Dog & Cat Shampoo, Worming Tablets, Tick Collars, Supplements and much more ...MEATph 4728 9981fax 4725 172040104 BRUCE HIGHWAY DEERAGUN

Secretary's NotesROCKHAMPTONTHE club has been caught up in theEquine influenza saga with bio security inplace for all meetings since the outbreak asthe club shares the facilities with thethoroughbred racing club with some onehundred horses stabled on course.There has been some inconvenience topatrons and licensees and disruptions totrialling schedules but the bigger picture ofTAB generation of punting revenue must besafeguarded. It is anticipated thatnormal racing and trial conditionswill be back in place by Decemberbut club officials will announcechanges as they are made available.All country non-tab clubs existprimarily from disbursed fundsavailable through the GRA from TABrevenue proceeds.The committee have noted thatNSW greyhound administrators havealready reduced prizemoney acrossthe board to all clubs by some twentypercent as an interim measure andQueensland clubs must be under thesame threat of a prizemoneydownturn in the coming twelvemonths.The onus must now rest with allclubs to independently review theirown budgets and commercialpractices and take the necessary stepsto keep the club operation in a viablesituation.The AGM was held on October28 and congratulations are in orderto all current committee memberswho have the responsibility tocontinue the club trading successfullyin these difficult times.Racing in October has seen David Jonesfrom Bundaberg having a good trot with histravelling team including a treble on October4 which would have been four winners apartfrom a “no race” incident during the card.Bill Boon and Christine Pollard continueto dominate the fast class races with Billedging away in the premiership challenge.Jeff Kuhl has been having a good run withhis small string and Kenzill has stampedhimself as one to follow from the Glenleekennel.Darren Taylor who holds dual licenceswith the greyhounds and harness racing haspurchased acreage out of town and will beWhite Rose Boarding KennelsWalloon, IpswichRearing - Spelling - WhelpingQuality fresh food, lots of handling & socializing.the name to follow over the next couple ofyears as he is a very capable trainer and shouldbe an astute breeder.GOLD COASTThe issue of the government taking overthe Gold Coast greyhound track has suddenlygone very quiet since Anna Bligh took overas Premier.Due to the Equine Virus the club jumpedat the chance to run a Saturday night racemeeting in October. We all felt it was a greatsuccess and people have been asking me eversince when we are having another.The passing of our long time treasurerJohn Young was a big shock to not only theclub, but to the entire greyhound industry.John will be missed by many.The Club will be holding a 457m JohnYoung Maiden Memorial Series. Eight Heatswill be held on November 20, four Semi-Finals on November 27 and the Final will berun on December 4.More information can be obtained fromthe office or from our Club will race on Sunday, November4 and not on November 6 which is MelbourneCONGRATULATIONSLead Training.70mtr grassed long runs. Large exercise areas.Very high standard kenneling.Hydro bath facilities.Supporters of the Greyhound Adoption ProgramLicensed/Registered & Approved by:-QGRA, Qld state government, Ipswich City Council.Go Makatam on winning the 431m IpswichAuction, and Perfect Timing making thefinal. BOTH reared at White Rose!Good Rearing doesn't cost ... it paysPh. Peter & Marion Furbank. (07) 54645422E.Mail whiterosekennels@bigpond.comCup day.TOWNSVILLEThe club will hold a limited number ofSaturday race meetings before the annualChristmas holidays with December 15 beingthe next scheduled.On this night the finals of the GRA Maiden1000 and the 31st Anniversary Series will berun.IPSWICHCongratulations to the connections of GoMakatam who made it the Highland SmashRepair Auction Series double when he wonthe recent 431m leg of the race series.Combine this with his win earlier this yearEar-branding, marking upGraham Haswell is available at the following times for the marking up of greyhounds fornaming and the clearance of the greyhound's registration certificate for racing and/or otherpurposes. Proof of vaccination may be presented at this time.Ear branding and marking up of litters is by appointment only.Ipswich - Every Thursday Night 6-7.30pm (kennel block)Mango Hill Trial Track last Sunday of month 8-9amPh 54796640 or 0419 726773Sharpe Racing KennelsGreyhoundsTo TrainPerformed or MaidensWantedSpecialists also inPre-trainingPhone(07) 54628819or0427 623617in the 520m race and the connectionscollected the race bonus on offer for anygreyhound achieving this result.This year’s series certainly belongs to GoMakatam and his connections,congratulations.The club would like to thank all peoplewho made the recent Highland Smash RepairPuppy Auction another successful day.Although the average of $1630 was downslightly on recent years it was pleasing to seethe increased support of interstatevendors and buyers. We look forwardto these pups competing in the 2009race series.It was good to get some Saturdaynight racing back to our industry all beit due to difficult circumstances. Thesupport by the public in attendance andbetting turnover proves that there isgenuine support for a full time Saturdayslot for the Queensland greyhoundindustry.Surely if the decision makers arecommercially objective with regard tothis topic then they must make thedecision to give the QueenslandGreyhound industry a Saturday slot.At the recent AGM the clubreported an operating profit of$68,271.75.The balance sheet presented to ourmembers represented an increase byover 5% in the worth of our club andincrease in the cash reserves of ourclub.It was highlighted that the droughtwas now impacting on our financialresources due to the purchase of waterto prepare our track for racing andtrialling and this would effect this year’sfinancial position.Overall the committee of the club was verysatisfied with the result in an environmentwhere many sporting clubs are struggling.Troy Sharpehas branched out to fulltime trainingafter a successful hobby career of 10years. We are a proven kennel havingproduced multiple Albion Park, TABand Provincial winners.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 32

DENNIS Reid played it straight with Glenn Smith backin the mid 1990s when he gave him a bitch called CrackThe Whip to train.The daughter of Balligari*-Whip Tip had won a coupleof races, and had been through a few different trainershands in a bid to get her to the races.She had even produced a litter of pups by Reid’s ownGalaxy winner Travelling Ghost.“Dennis said I’d never have a faster greyhound thanCrack The Whip, but getting her to stand up was anightmare that broke even Dennis,” Glenn told TheJournal.Crack The Whip had won a few races before Glenngot her.“The biggest problem with her was she had damageda hind toe and it kept coming against her,” said Glenn.“Eventually I got it taken off, then she split a backmuscle.”Crack The Whip did win a couple of races atToowoomba for Smith but she only ever showed GlennSmith the sort of ability Dennis knew she had in a fewstraight trials.“She had unbelievable pace,” said Glenn.Crack The Whip was destined to go to stud for Glenn.“Every litter she produced were 100 percent winners.”It was her third litter to the top class sprinterReggemite that would prove her best on the track.“She had a litter by Gun Law Osti and Dennis got abitch from the litter that could run, and I sold for $20,000a dog called Pistol that would break the track record atFuturity (510m) Rockhampton1 TRICODE FLOJO $$1.80(Brett Lee-Hitech Star)Owners: Tricode SyndTrainer: Tricia Fuller2 CAWBOURNE CRASH $3(Collision-Cawbourne Pearl)3 TWEED SCANDAL $3.50(Modern Assassin-Elle’s A Model)Others: 4 Ledaro Elly $9, 5 Ledaro Puddles $6.50, 6Hitech Diamond $5, 7 Bye Bye Now $12. Time: 29.65.Young fans … Rowan Smith and Ethan Suli withFuturity winner Tricode Flojo.Richmond,” said Glenn.“There was another called Daisy Law that could reallygallop.”But it was the Reggemite litter that included the smartwinners Hitech Star and Hitech Miss.“But the litter carried a double of Irish and Englishblood and the fastest ones just wouldn’t go,” said Glenn.But Hitech Star showed enough ability for Glenn andpartner Tricia Fuller to say she would produce at stud aswell as her mother.Hitech Star was a finalist in the Group 1 Vic PetersClassic at Wentworth Park while also winning 19 races.When she went to stud, to No Intent she produced justas good as herself and maybe even better in Tricode Starwho was third in the Vic Peters, twice broke 30 aroundAs fast asFlojo?Wentworth Park, and ran 35.10 over 600m at Albion Park.She raced for the Tricode Syndicate a bunch of horse,trot and greyhound identities.For her second mating, Hitech Star went to Brett Leeand among the litter is Roger Green’s smart galloper HiRansom, Hitech Blackjack who Glenn and Tricia havehigh hopes for, and potential star Tricode Flojo the recentRockhampton Futurity.At time of writing, Tricode Flojo was headed toWentworth Park to try to uphold the family tradition inthe Vic Peters.Glenn and Tricia don’t know just how good TricodeFlojo could be. “She’s only a baby with heaps ofimprovement and already running time and doingeverything right,” said Glenn.Hitech Star will have one more litter but Glenn isuncertain who to put her to.Tricode Star was sold to NSW breeders after her racecareer and her litter sister Tricode Queen is to be matedto Bond.Brother FoxGun Law OstiMiss Dusty LeeBrett LeeNew TearsSobbing SalWee SalTRICODE FLOJOBarneys Alarm*ReggemiteLeading ExampleHitech StarBalligari*Crack The WhipWhip Tip81 Glebe Rd, Silkstone Q 4304Phone/Fax:07 3281 1277Delivery AvailableFresh Quality Pet FoodUNDER NEW MANAGEMENTFresh Roo Mince $3.00kg (5kg Lots) Min 100kgFresh Beef Mince $3.20kg (5kg Lots) Min 100kgFresh Beef & Roo (Racing Mix) 10% Fat $2.65kg Min 100kgFresh Bulk Chicken Necks $1.50kg (5kg Lots) Min 50kgFresh Bulk Chicken Wings $1.50kg (5kg Lots) Min 50kgAlso AvailableFresh Brisket BonesRoo TailsLamb Brisket BonesPuppy Mince $2.10kg (5kg Lots) Min 50kgPersonalising service for your dogs and their needsDelivery to all areas, including country areasFull range of Kibble, Vet Lines & SupplementsAll enquiries ask for Jason or TammyThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 33

GRA MerchandiseWhite & Navy Polo Shirt $25with or without Pocket (Also in Navy/Gold). Available in Med, L, XL, 2XLBuy Shirt, get GQ Cap for $5.50Ladies Polo Shirt $25(Also in White/Black) Available in 14, 16. Buy Shirt, get GQ Cap for $5.50Navy & Gold Cap $11Also in Navy & Gold WritingGAP Polo Shirt (Blue) $25Available S, M, L, XL, 2XLGAP Long Sleeve Shirt $25(Red and White) Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XLGAP Polar Fleece Vest (Blue) $40Available in M, L, XL, 2XLGAP Navy Cap $15GAP Navy Bucket Hat $15Available S-M, M-LPerfect Pet Calendar 2008 $18$2 Postage in AustraliaGAP Stubby Holder $5GAP Calico Tote Bag $3GAP Red Tote Bag $6YOU’RE ON A WINNER . . .with theWHISTLERElectronic Dog Teaser - Finger ControlPlease forward me...............................................WHISTLER DOG TEASERS ............................... I enclose cheque/money order for $............................... 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GST & postage)TO ORDER:Send cheque/moneyto Jack KozaczynskiPO Box 11, Jesmond2299Ph: Mobile(0418) 250 001(02) 4950 0466 (A.H.)Fax: (02) 4951 8704BY CHEQUE ORCREDIT CARDKirsty O'BrienGAP NewsTHE waiting list for owners and trainerswith greyhounds to come into the GAPprogram is currently around six months.GAP put all dogs in foster care with ourvolunteers for a minimum of four weeks, oftenlonger, in which time they are assessed andlearn to live as a pet in a domesticenvironment.This is the most time consuming part ofthe adoption program process, but necessaryto make sure your greyhound is ready to liveas a pet before going to its new home. Weonly have a limited number of foster carers,so dogs can only come into GAP when a fostercarer has a vacancy for a dog and can takeanother.So what can owners and trainers ofgreyhounds do to help speed up the processto get your dog rehomed faster?Firstly, if you know of anyone that mightbe interested in becoming a foster carer forGAP put them in touch with us, as the morecarers we have, the faster we rehome dogs.There is other things owners and trainersof greyhounds can do to help expedite theprocess of getting your dog from the racingkennel and rehomed as a pet via GAP.Once your dog has retired from racing,and is waiting to come to GAP spending afew minutes each day doing the followingthings with the dog can help it adjust to a newway of life much faster.Allow the dog to come inside your housefor short periods. Some dogs may findpolished floor boards or linoleum surfacesslippery at first and may have a fewdifficulties, however they generally get theidea quite fast.If you have a staircase at your house ormaybe at a nearby park take the dog on leadup to the stairs. Most greyhounds from racingkennels have never negotiated stairs before.If the dog won’t walk up the stairs, lifteach leg individually onto the stairs and helpthe dog walk up by placing each leg intoposition on the stairs. Before long your dogwill be walking staircases with ease.Expose the dog to as many everydaythings that you can. Racing greyhounds at firstwill not know such things as the TV, or thevacuum cleaner and household appliances.Give the dog walks on lead in public streetsin various situations.Near traffic, noise, other animals andchildren, or past your local shops.Food suppliedto GAP dogsby Big DogPet FoodsDr Harry Cooper at the GAP stand at theGold Coast Pet and Animal Expo. The doghe has is "Harry" aka Cooper's Three.The more exposure you can give yourgreyhound to day to day living, the faster itwill adjust to living as a pet. And in turn, theless time it will need in foster care before itcan go out to its new home.These things will only take a few minutesto do every now and again but will greatlyhelp speed up the process of getting GAPgreyhounds ready.While your dog is waiting to come to GAPnow is the time to check that the greyhoundhas been recently vaccinated (certificate mustbe presented to GAP), wormed, and free offleas.If you are able to have your greyhounddesexed, that also saves GAP valuable timeand money and is greatly appreciated.By doing those few things you will reallyhelp prepare your greyhound for the nextphase in its life, and help GAP and itsvolunteers get greyhounds into new homesfaster.The (November, 2007) Journal Page 34

Lately most licensees have beenasking “what is the future of thegreyhound industry?”More recently that question for manyhas changed to “is there a future for thegreyhound industry?”The outbreak of equine influenza hasbeen a reality check for all of us but hasmore specifically highlighted the fragilenature of our income and ourdependence upon many factors overwhich we have no control.It is estimated by December ourindustry will experience loss of income ofapproximately $900,000. This has beenoffset to a minor degree by a $250,000grant from the government.Currently the economy is boomingwith the share market recording recordhighs, interest rates running atapproximately 6.5%, inflation ofapproximately 3% and the lowestunemployment for years.Currently, people have a high level ofdisposable income as witnessed by thefact we have been identified as a nationof high consumer spenders.The question I ask then “is this asgood as it gets?”What is the future of our industry ifthe economy moves into recession wherehigh inflation, high unemployment andhigh interest rates (remember 17% homeloans) will mean the loss of disposableincome that generally is directed atentertainment and gambling.It is essential this industry establishesits own identity and diversifies its cashflow in order to survive any futuredisasters.I believe this industry is at acrossroads that will determine our sizeBob Patchingand future.With the takeover of the Gold Coasttrack by the State Government,coinciding with the future of AlbionPark, we are now faced with theopportunity of a lifetime. A wise manonce told me the opportunity of alifetime must be grasped within thelifetime of the opportunity.The opportunity to combine the GoldCoast and Albion Park clubs withCapalaba at a site in Logan must begrabbed with both hands.The ability to establish such acomplex will give this industry a higherprofile and opportunities to diversify andbecome financially stronger.It will not happen overnight but ifprogressed in increments it will meanthis industry has a future. Thealternatives are unacceptable.In a recent interview on 4TAB it wasindicated the Gold Coast track couldbecome part of the redevelopment of thesite at Palm Meadows along with thetrots and horses.The inclusion of a greyhound track atsuch a complex would probably mean weGBOTA Newswould become third-rate citizens. Wehave enough trouble getting morningtrials at Albion Park as it is. What wouldbe our circumstance if we had tocompete with two other entities.Following our inability to obtainSaturday night racing at Albion Park inpreference to a phantom meetingCorey PearcePhotographyFor all your race photos atAlbion Park (Mon, Thurs, Fri)andIpswich (Tues, Wed)Ask us about specialised photosof your champion.0417 000130conducted by the trots, there wouldappear to be little chance of equity if weare to remain at Albion Park.Our own complex at Logan is theonly alternative.My experience in life is that justwhen you think things cannot get anyworse they generally do.SALE & DISTRICT GREYHOUND RACING CLUBProudly presentsAustralia’s Richest Middle Distance race2007 3TR FM/3GV SALE CUP650m SE - GROUP 2The following lead-upraces to the Cuphave been programmed* November 25 Grade 5 650m Heats with a Final of $2840(plus GOBIS ) run December 2* December 2 Special Event 650m ($1750 to winner)* December 9 Special Event 650m ($1750 to winner)Inquiries Des Dooley 03 5144 2148Heats $2840 ($2000 to winners) December 19(Noms close with GRV 9am Dec 14)Final $42,000 ($30,000 to winner) December 26Plus a strong supportingprogram during December* Parumba Puppy Classic SE 440m (whelped on/after 1/7/05)Heats Dec 2. Final Dec 9 ($5000 to winner)* Madden Glass Super Bonus Grade 5 440mHeats Dec 16. Final Dec 26 ($2000 to winner)* Christmas Gift SE 440mHeats Dec 19. Final Dec 26 ($3500 to winner)* Valda Clavarino Memorial SE 650mFinal Dec 26 ($2000 to winner)* Causeways Mazda Summer Cup SE 520mHeats Dec 26. Final Dec 30 ($3500 to winner)* Monocellars Grade 5 (1-4 wins) 440m ( GOBIS )Heats Dec 26. Final Dec 30 ($2000 to winner)The (November, 2007) Journal Page 35

Owners and trainers should beaware, the Forthcoming Eventsare correct at the time ofpublication, but each clubreserves the right to change ordelete any race/races etc.FORTHCOMINGEVENTSALBIONPARK(Phone 07 38621744)MONDAY EVENINGOCTOBER 29 (Class 2)Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)Maiden (520m)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 5 (Class 1)Best 8 (520m)Winning Edge 5th Grade Heats (520m) finalNov 122 x Maiden Heats (520m) final Nov 122 x 4th-5th Grade Heats (600m) final Nov 12Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 12 (Class 1)Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)Winning Edge 5th Grade Final (520m)Maiden Final (520m)Best 8 (600m)4th-5th Grade Final (600m) free service toSaint BrettGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 19 (Class 2)Best 8 (520m)5th Grade Heats (520m) final Nov 26Maiden Heats (520m) final Nov 264th-5th Grade Heats (600m) final Nov 26Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 26 (Class 2)5th Grade Final (520m)Maiden Final (520m)Maiden (520m)Novice (520m)Best 8 (600m)4th-5th Grade Final (600m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 3 (Class 1)Best 8 (520m)Winning Edge 5th Grade Heats (520m) finalDec 102 x Maiden Heats (520m) final Dec 10WANTEDSingle StartingBoxPh (07) 54657493TELEPHONE NOMINATIONSThe lines will be open from 7am-8.30amMonday to Friday except on public holidays ornotified changes.Telephone No 1800 851 155 (Toll Free)Five Easy Steps to Nominate Your GreyhoundThe operator will ask you for the followinginformation.1 Name of Greyhound2 Earbrand3 Trainers Name and Licence Number4 Track, Date, Distance, Name of Event,If Greyhound has started Interstate since lastQueensland performance, Comments (i.e.Heats/Early Race etc)5 Second Preference or Nominating atBox DrawsOwners and trainers should beaware they are always able toview the box draw procedureat the GRA offices. This can beviewed between 10 and 11ameach day.2 x 4th-5th Grade Heats (600m) final Dec 10Graded as requiredDECEMBER 10 (Class 1)Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)Winning Edge 5th Grade Final (520m)Maiden Final (520m)Best 8 (600m)4th-5th Grade Final (600m) + free service toLethal WeaponGraded as requiredDECEMBER 17 (Class 2)Best 8 (520m)Maiden Heats (520m) final Dec 24Best 8 (600m)4th-5th Grade (710m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 24 (Class 2)Best 8 (520m)5th Grade Heats (520m) final Dec 31Maiden Final (520m) winner $1000Maiden Heats (520m) final Dec 314th-5th Grade Heats (600m) final Dec 31 –QdogGraded as requiredDECEMBER 31 (Class 2)5th Grade Final (520m)Maiden Final (520m)Maiden (520m)Novice (520m)1800 851 155another Track which is not a second preferencePlease Note:* A nomination form will need to be completedwhen nominating a greyhound for its firstQueensland start which is either owned or trainedby Interstate licensees.* A nomination form needs to be completedso relevant information concerning the greyhound/owner/trainer can be recorded on the GRAdatabase.Best 8 (600m)4th-5th Grade Final (600m)Graded as requiredTHURSDAY EVENING(CLASS 1)OCTOBER 25Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)Best 8 (600m)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 1Molly Campbell Silver Dollars Heats (520m)Best nominated whelped on or after 1-8-05.Maidens eligible, non-penalty (other thanthose losing maiden status).5th Grade Heats (520m) final Nov 85th Grade (710m)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 8Molly Campbell Silver Dollars Final (520m)winner $5000 plus trophy and rug.5th Grade Final (520m)Best 8 (600m)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 15Young Guns Series Heats (520m) 30 monthsat time of heats. Non-penalty (other than thosewho lose maiden status). Final Nov 22.Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)Best 8 (710m)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 22Young Guns Final (520m) winner $5000 plustrophy and rug.Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)4th-5th Grade (710m)Graded as required* Once this information is received thetelephone nomination service may be usedprovided there is no change in the ownership ortrainer of the particular greyhound.Should this be the case a new nomination formwill need to be completed.Should you have any queries regarding thisservice please contact the Grading Department 2-3pm Monday to Friday.NOVEMBER 29Best 8 (520m)Best 8 (600m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 6Group 1 Brisbane Cup Heats (520m) Bestnominated. Must have won one circle race.All other conditions of grading waived.Best 8 (600m)5th Grade Heats (710m) final Dec 20Graded as requiredDECEMBER 13Group 1 Brisbane Cup Final (520m) winner$5500 + trophy and rugCup Consolation (520m) winner $4000Christmas Stocking Heats (520m) Best 16 5thGrade, final Dec 20Best 8 (600m) winner $4000Best 8 (710m) winner $40005th Grade Final (710m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 20Best 8 (520m)Christmas Stocking Final (520m)Novice (520m)Best 8 (710m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 27Best 8 (520m)Novice (520m)Best 8 (600m)Graded as requiredFRIDAY TWILIGHT(CLASS 3)OCTOBER 26Best 8 (520m)4th-5th Grade Heats (395m) final Nov 2Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Nov 2CAMPAD ELECTRONICS& SELTRONICS SERVICESWe are Agents for TGS and Laserexlaser therapy* Sale, services & repairs of* Laser Therapy, Ultrasounds* Muscle Simulators, MagneticTherapy* All repairs guaranteed by QualifiedElectronics Technicians26 Keith Street Capalaba Qld 4157Ph: 07 3245 2008 Fax 07 3823 and credit cards welcomeClover CottageKennels(Specialising in Pup Rearing)Now in operation for 6 years. OutstandingPups to Graduate from our Farm include:IN FOR LIFE(Group 1 Nat Sprint)BUCKINGHAM CHUCK(Group 1 Nat Sprint 2nd; won Qld final)MR RAUDONIKIS(Group 1 Maturity finalist)ANGELICA TRICK(Group 3 GC Cup finalist)Numerous City, TAB & Country winners.Contact Darryl & Sue Schafer(02) 66339043The (November, 2007) Journal Page 36We service allof AustraliaCall Tammy Honor orLisa Rudd on1300 668 309

FORTHCOMING EVENTSGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 2Best 8 (520m)5th Grade Final (520m)Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Nov 9Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 9Best 8 (520m)5th Grade Heats (520m) final Nov 165th Grade Heats (600m) final Nov 16Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Nov 16Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 16Best 8 (520m)5th Grade Final (520m)5th Grade Final (600m)Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Nov 23Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 23Best 8 (520m)5th Grade (520m)0-2 wins (600m)5th Grade Heats (395m) final Nov 30Best 8 (395m)Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Nov 30Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 30Best 8 (520m)5th Grade (520m)0-2 wins (600m)5th Grade Final (395m)Best 8 (395m)Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Dec 7Graded as requiredDECEMBER 75th Grade (520m)0-2 wins (600m)5th Grade Final (395m)5th Grade Heats (395m) final Dec 14Best 8 (395m)Novice (395m)Maiden Final (305m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Dec 14Graded as requiredDECEMBER 145th Grade Final (395m)5th Grade Heats (520m) final Dec 21Best 8 (395m)Novice (395m)Maiden final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Dec 21Graded as requiredPups For Sale5 Dogs, whelped 4-8-07Sire: FLYING SCOTTDam: ELLA'S REWARD(Darcy's Reward-Elusive Ella)Dam: Brilliant early pace, winner14 races. Bberg Young Guns, 2ndMackay Cup to Gozo Farmer by aneck, 3rd Bberg Cup, finalistRocky Cup.Price: $1000Ph (07) 41569115DECEMBER 215th Grade Final (520m)5th Grade Heats (600m) final Dec 28Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Dec 28Graded as requiredDECEMBER 285th Grade (520m)5th Grade Final (600m)5th Grade Heats (395m) final Jan 4Novice (395m)Maiden Final (395m)Maiden Heats (395m) final Jan 4Graded as requiredIPSWICH(Phone 07 32022977)TUESDAYS (Class 2)NOVEMBER 3 (Saty)Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 431mFinal City of Ipswich Gold Cup 520m.$25,000 to the WinnerConsolation Gold Cup 520m. $2000 toWinner (Noms Required)5th Grade Heats 520m4th/5th Grade 630mGraded as RequiredNOVEMBER 6Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 431m5th Grade Heats 431m5th Grade Final 520mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist Depends onNoms)4th/5th Grade 630mGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 13Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repairs Maiden Final 431m4th/5th Grade Heats 520m5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade 630mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist Depends onNoms)Graded as RequiredNOVEMBER 20Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repairs Maiden Final 431m4th/5th Grade Final 520m 4th /5th GradeHeats 431mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist depends onNoms)5th Grade 630mGraded as RequiredNOVEMBER 27Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repair Final 431m5th Grade Heats 520m4th /5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade 630mRenzo ParkKennels* Rearing * Spelling* Pre-Training * Pet TransportLimited rearing numbers available.Pups handled & run daily. Fed beef,fresh cows milk, eggs, calcium etcWormed Regularly. Shaded pens &water hole in running paddock.Peter & Helen Simpson(02) 663351150438 792348Best 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends onNoms)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 4Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 431m5th Grade Heats 431m5th Grade Final 520mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends on noms)4th/5th Grade 630 mNovice 520m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 11Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repairs Maiden Final 431m4th/ 5th Grade Heats 520m5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade 630mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist depends on noms)Novice 431m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as RequiredDECEMBER 18Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repairs Maiden Final 431m4th/5th Grade Final 520m4th/5th Grade Heats 431mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist depends on noms)5th Grade 630mNovice 520m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as RequiredDECEMBER 23Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 431mHighland Smash Repair Final 431m5th Grade Heats 520m4th/5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade 630mNovice (Must be stated on Nom)Best 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends on noms)Graded as requiredFinals January 1WEDNESDAYS (Class 3)OCTOBER 31Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m4th/5th Grade Final 520m5th Grade Heats 431mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist depends onNoms)Novice 520m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 7Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade Heats 520mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends onNoms)Novice 431m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 14Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520mQuality Transport Service byRoad with Regular andreliable scheduled services.Regular services operate betweenSth East Qld and Sydney and NthNSW via Pacific & New EnglandHighways. Extensive coverage toRegional Qld ... North to Cairns, Westto Mt Isa, Southwest to Charleville.For full details view our website.Contact: David and Sierra GallagherPh (07) 5530 2710Mob 0418 775 Grade Final 520m4th/5th Grade Heats 431mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist Depends onNoms)Novice 520m (Must be stated on Nom)1 Win/Maiden 630mGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 21Highland Smash Repair Maiden 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m4th-5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade Heats 520mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends on Noms)Novice 431m (Must be stated on Nom)5th Grade 630mGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 28Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m5th Grade Heats 431m5th Grade Final 520mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist depends on Noms)4th/5th Grade 630mNovice 520m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 5Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade Heats 520mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends on noms)Novice 431m (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 12Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m5th Grade Final 520m4th/5th Grade Heats 431mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends on noms)Novice 520m (Must be stated on Nom)1 Win/Maiden 630mGraded as required?WANT A GOOD PUP?Surf Lorian, Bond, Hallucinate, Go Wild Teddy30 pups to choose fromGrezlo GreyhoundsAs one of Qld's biggest breedersWe are proud to be the 1st and onlyto offer payment plans inc rearingOur 60 acre farm is located on thebeautiful Sunshine CoastWe have some of the best bredpups in the landBuy or Pay Off pupsAll pups are Qdog(07) 54466234 0427 712531Website www.grezlogreyhounds.comShade for Dogs100% WaterproofCoverKeep your pupsand racerscool and dryUV ProtectedPhoneRon (07) 32872135The (November, 2007) Journal Page 37

FORTHCOMING EVENTSDECEMBER 19Highland Smash Repair Maiden 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m4th/5th Grade Final 431m5th Grade Heats 520mBest 8 431m or 520m (Dist depends on noms)Novice 431m (Must be stated on Nom)5th Grade 630mGraded as requiredDECEMBER 26Highland Smash Repair Maiden Heats 520mHighland Smash Repair Maiden Final 520m5th Grade Heats 431m5th Grade Final 520mBest 8 520m or 431m (Dist depends on noms)Novice (Must be stated on Nom)Graded as requiredGOLDCOAST(Phone 07 55322611)TUESDAYS (Class 3)OCTOBER 30Best 8 (401m)Maiden Final (401m)5th Grade Heats (401m)Maiden Heats (457m)Novice (457m)5th Grade Final (457m)5th Grade (650m)NOVEMBER 4 (Sunday)5th Grade (401m)3rd-4th Grade (401m)5th Grade Final (401m)Sth-East Qld Cup Heats (457m) dependingon nomsMaiden Final (457m)5th Grade (650m)Maiden (650m)NOVEMBER 13Maiden Heats (401m)5th Grade (401m)Sth-East Qld Cup Final (457m)Best 8 (457m)Novice (457m)4th-5th Grade Heats (457m)5th Grade (650m)NOVEMBER 20Maiden Final (401m)4th-5th Grade Final (457m)8 x John Young Memorial Maiden Heats(457m)NOVEMBER 27Maiden Heats (401m)Best 8 (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m)4 x John Young Memorial semi-finals (457m)5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 4Novice (401m)Maiden Final (401m)Maiden Heats (401m)Best 8 (457m)John Young Memorial Final (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m)5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 11Best 8 (401m)Maiden Final (401m)5th Grade Heats (401m)Novice (457m)5th Grade Final (457m)Maiden Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 18Novice (401m)Maiden (401m)5th Grade Final (401m)3rd-4th Grade (401m)Best 8 (457m)Maiden Final (457m)5th Grade (457m)4th Grade (457m)5th Grade (650m)Maiden (650m)DECEMBER 25No racingWEDNESDAYS(Class 2)OCTOBER 313rd-4th Grade (401m)5th Grade Final (401m)Maiden Heats (401m)Best 8 (457m)Maiden Final (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m)WhelpingsSire Dam Whelp Dog Bitch Breeder ServBig Daddy Cool Four Way Fire 1-10-07 4 5 Driver FBlack Enforcer Gem Cutter 16-9-07 2 2 Moonlight One Synd YBlack Enforcer Nice Portrait 4-10-07 4 3 GiltinanBlack Enforcer Sidemoney 12-10-07 9 3 ApapBlack Enforcer Super Ann 5-9-07 3 5 Mighty Lions Synd YBond Cockney Rebel 17-9-07 5 2 Saal FBond Go Stanley 31-8-07 4 3 Parker FFlying Penske Jane Stanley 10-9-07 5 3 Parker FFool’s Heart Mosses Money 12-10-07 1 4 GibbsGeneral Strode Cheyenne Moss 20-9-07 2 3 GrinrodGo Wild Teddy Fitzroy Beauty 6-10-07 4 5 Mifsud FGo Wild Teddy Nothin’ To It 20-9-07 6 2 Grezlo FHallucinate Estella 24-9-07 4 2 Pringle FHallucinate Jessica Youngman 21-8-07 4 4 Grezlo FJust The Best Bogie Benz 9-9-07 3 4 Bein FNo Intent Chyna Girl 21-8-07 6 Falvey FPrimo Uno Sofiemite 22-9-07 3 2 Walker FPure Octane Four Way Fury 3-9-07 8 4 Driver FShiokaze Our Annie 4-10-07 1 3 Crooks YSudden Ability Ninja Harold 19-9-07 3 3 Luke YSurf Lorian Bonnyrig Rose 5-10-07 3 4 Farrell YSurf Lorian Mizz My Toe 6-9-07 3 4 RobertsonSurf Lorian Tizza Hypo 17-8-07 7 2 BryersToken Jet Rosie Bourke 26-9-07 1 Edwards YToken Prince Sweet Georgia 31-8-07 4 4 Cramp FTotally Serious Blue Ridge Lady 5-9-07 3 5 EdmondsTrendy Leigh Taramara Flossy 11-9-07 1 Taramara Synd FWild Voodoo Diamond Rope 2-10-07 3 1 Card4th-5th Grade (650m)NOVEMBER 7Best 8 (401m)Maiden Final (401m)5th Grade Heats (401m)3rd-4th Grade (457m)5th Grade Final (457m)Maiden Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)NOVEMBER 143rd-4th Grade (401m)5th Grade Final (401m)Maiden Heats (401m)Best 8 (401m)Maiden Final (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m) all greyhounds makea final (maximum of 4 heats)5th Grade (650m)NOVEMBER 21Maiden Final (401m)5th Grade Heats (401m)5th Grade Final (457m) 1st-2nd final winner$960; 3rd-4th final winner $860; 5th-6th finalwinner $860; 7th-8th final winner $860.Gary McKnight Memorial (457m) Best 8Maiden Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)NOVEMBER 283rd-4th Grade (401m)5th Grade Final (401m)Maiden Heats (401m)Best 8 (457m)Maiden Final (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 5Best 8 (401m)3rd-4th Grade (401m)Maiden Final (401m)5th Grade Heats (457m) all dogs to a final(maximum 4 heats)5th Grade Final (457m)Maiden Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 125th Grade Heats (401m)Maiden Heats (401m)5th Grade Final (457m) 1st-2nd final winner$960; 3rd-4th final winner $860; 5th-6th finalwinner $860; 7th-8th final winner $860.Best 8 (457m)Maiden Final (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m)5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 19Christmas Sprint (401m) Best 8Maiden Final (401m)5th Grade Heats (401m)5th Grade Heats (457m)5th Grade Final (457m)Maiden Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)DECEMBER 263rd-4th Grade (401m)5th Grade Heats (401m)Maiden Heats (401m)Best 8 (457m)Maiden Final (457m)5th Grade Final (457m)5th Grade Heats (457m)4th-5th Grade (650m)CAPALABA(Phone 07 33902772)OCTOBER 27Open Time Trial (Best 8 regardless of grade).Racing against the clock. 1st $800 + trophy.Normal penalty race.MaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade Bitches4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8NOVEMBER 33rd-4th Grade Heats2 x 5th Grade Heats. At least 10 starts andwon no more than 3 races anywhere. 1st-4thto first final; 5th-8th to second final.2 x Maiden Series Heats. 1st-4th to first final;5th-8th to second final.NoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade BitchesBest 8NOVEMBER 5Melbourne Cup dayMaidens5th Grade4th GradeBest 8Bitches Only races programmed according tonoms.Only 6 races to be conducted before MelbCup and two after Cup (if sufficient noms).Noms close Nov 1.NOVEMBER 103rd-4th Grade Final, 1st $500 + trophy5th Grade Finals, 1st final winner $500;second final winner $250Maiden Finals, 1st final winner $400, secondfinal winner $200MaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade Bitches4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8NOVEMBER 174 x 5th Grade Qdog Series Heats. Everystarter makes a final. Qdog on first final only.Veterans Stake, 4 years and older at date ofrace. Winner $300MaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8NOVEMBER 245th Grade Series Finals. 1st-2nd final winner$800, 3rd-4th final winner $400; 5th-6th finalwinner $300; 7th-8th final winner $210.MaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade Bitches4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8DECEMBER 1Young Guns Heats, 30 months or younger atdate of heats.2 x John Young Memorial Heats, 5th Grade.Greyhounds that have had 10 starts and wonno more than 3 races. 1st-4th to first final,5th-8th to second final.2x Maiden Heats. 1st-4th to first final, 5th-8th to second final.NoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade BitchesThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 38

FORTHCOMING EVENTS4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8DECEMBER 83rd-4th Grade HeatsYoung Guns Final. 1st $1250.John Young Memorial Final. 1st final winner$500 + trophy; 2nd final winner $250.Maiden Finals. 1st final winner $400; 2ndfinal winner $200.MaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade BitchesBest 8DECEMBER 154 x Ken Smith Memorial Heats. 5th Grade.1st-2nd to final, 3rd-4th to final, 5th-6th tofinal, 7th-8th to final.3rd-4th Grade Final, winner $500 + trophyMaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8DECEMBER 22Ken Smith Memorial Final.1st-2nd finalwinner $800 + trophy. 3rd-4th final winner$400, 5th-6th final winner $300, 7th-8thwinner $210.Veterans Stake, 4 years and older at date ofrace. Winner $300MaidenMaiden BitchesNoviceNovice Bitches5th Grade5th Grade Bitches4th Grade4th Grade BitchesBest 8Capalaba will close after Dec 22 meeting.Next race meeting Jan 19.Last trialling Dec 20.Trialling reopens Jan 20.BUNDABERG(Phone 07 41522033)OCTOBER 27Anniversary Cup Final (550m)Graded as noms permitNOVEMBER 3Young Guns Heats 460mBest 8 550mGraded as noms permitNOVEMBER 10Young Guns Final 460mGraded as noms permitNOVEMBER 175th Grade Heats 460mBest 8 550mGraded as noms permitNOVEMBER 245th Grade Final (460m)Best 8 460mGraded as noms permitTOWNSVILLE(Phone 07 47721742)OCTOBER 255th Grade Final (498m) QdogMaiden/gradedNOVEMBER 14th-5th Grade Heats (380m)Maiden/gradedNOVEMBER 84th-5th Grade Final (380m)Young Guns Heats (498m) 30 months oryounger at time of heatsMaiden/gradedNOVEMBER 15Young Guns Final (498m) 1st $1250Maiden/gradedNOVEMBER 225th Grade Heats (380m)Maiden/gradedNOVEMBER 295th Grade Final (380m)Maiden/gradedDECEMBER 65th Grade Heats (498m)Maiden 1000 Heats (380m)31st Anniversary Trophy Heats (498m)Maiden/gradedDECEMBER 135th Grade Final (498m)Maiden 1000 Final (380m)31st Anniversary Trophy Final (498m)Maiden/gradedDECEMBER 20No racingDECEMBER 27No racingCAIRNS(Phone 07 40541036)OCTOBER 27No racingNOVEMBER 33rd Grade (544m) 1st $270Maiden/gradedNOVEMBER 10Memorial night, trophies all races5th Grade Heats (544m)Maiden/gradedNOVEMBER 174th-5th Grade (544m) 1st $250NOVEMBER 24No racingDECEMBER 13rd-4th Grade (410m) 1st $225Maiden/gradedDECEMBER 8No racingDECEMBER 15Young Guns Heats (410m) 30 months andunder, 1st $2754th-5th Grade Heats (544m)Xmas Cup Heats (544m) 1st $340Maiden/gradedDECEMBER 22Young Guns Final (410m) 1st $12504th-5th Grade Final (544m)Xmas Cup Final (544m) 1ST $375Maiden/gradedMACKAY(Phone 07 4951 1680)OCTOBER 254th-5th Grade Final (310m) QDogMaiden 1000 Heats (310m) 30 months at timeof nomMaiden/gradedNOVEMBER 1No racingNOVEMBER 8Maiden 1000 Final (310m) 1st $1000 + RugMaiden and gradedNOVEMBER 15Mavis Pinnington Memorial (456m) 3rd-4thGrade, 1st $400.Best 8 (541m)Maiden and gradedNOVEMBER 224th-5th Grade Heats (456m)Best 8 (541m)Maiden and gradedNOVEMBER 294th-5th Grade Final (456m)Best 8 (541m)Maiden and gradedDECEMBER 6Heats Futurity (456m) Bitches whelped onor after 1-1-05Heats Derby (456m) Dogs whelped on or after1-1-05.Maiden and gradedDECEMBER 13Final Futurity (456m) 1st $500+ RugFinal Derby (456m) 1st $500 + Rug4th-5th Grade Heats (310m)Maiden and gradedDECEMBER 20Christmas Cup (456m) Best 8 1st $500 + RugChristmas Sprint (310m) Best 8 1st $400 +Rug4th-5th Grade Final (310m)Marie Aitken Memorial (541m) 4th-5thGrade. If insufficient noms reverts to 456m.1st $265 + trophy.Maiden and gradedDECEMBER 28No racingROCKHAMPTON(Phone 07 4922 5793)OCTOBER 25 (N)Final 5th Grade 407m QdogHeats Tomorrows Champion 407m (no morethan 3 wins any distance)Heats Best 8 407mGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 1 (N)Final Tomorrows Champion 407mFinal Best 8 407mBattlers Stake 4th-5th Grade 407m (notplaced in last 4 starts)Summer Distance C’ship Best 8. 630mHeats Highway News Maiden 407m (winner$500)Graded as requiredNOVEMBER 10 (D)Final Highway News Maiden 407m (winner$500)Heats CQ Derby 510m (Males whelped onor after 1/1/05)Heats 5th Grade 407mGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 17 (D)Final CQ Derby 510m 1st $1000 rug & trophyFinal 5th Grade 407mHeats 5th Grade 407mGraded as requiredNOVEMBER 24 (D)Final 5th Grade 407mHeats Novice 407mHeats Best 16. 510mGraded as requiredDECEMBER 1 (D)Best 8 Final (510m)3rd-4th Grade (510m)Maiden (510m)5th Grade Heats (407m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 6 (N)5th Grade Final (407m)Maiden Heats (407m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 15 (D)Maiden Final (407m)4th-5th Grade Heats (510m)True Value Hardware Xmas Cup Heats(510m)Graded as requiredDECEMBER 22 (D)True Value Hardware Xmas Cup Final(510m)4th-5th Grade Final (510m)Best 8 (407m)Novice (407m)Graded as requiredQLD STUD DOG STATISTICSJune 2007Statistics include: Results of all types of services by Qld registered stud dogs; Results of all types of services by interstate stud dogs to Queensland ownedbitches. The highlighted services are inseminations by a Queensland registered fsi facility to; Interstate owned bitches with a registered breeding unit frominterstate registered stud dog. Abbreviations: - NIW - Not in Whelp, APD - all pups deceased, NNR - no notification received from breeder, I-S B - InterstateBreeder. Y - artificial insemination, C - artificial insemination with a chilled breeding unit; F - artificial insemination with a frozen breeding unit. The GRAdoes not record the breeder’s name of interstate whelped litters.Sire Dam Serve Whelp Dog Bitch Breeder AI C linicAddis Boy Miss Leia 25-6-07 26-8-07 5 5 Hollywood YBlack Enforcer Tropical Escape 3-6-07 Apd LennonBlack Enforcer Wildfire Lass 7-6-07 8-8-07 4 1 Brook F Manly RdBlack Enforcer Landau Court 12-6-07 13-8-07 6 4 LennonBlack Enforcer Ten Gun Salute 21-6-07 21-8-07 6 3 GriffithsBlack Enforcer Wild Meldori 23-6-07 24-8-07 4 4 Snedden YBombastic Shiraz Bally Haige 23-6-07 Apd Woodward F SternbergBombastic Shiraz Madeline Bale 26-6-07 29-8-07 3 4 McCarthy F SternbergCollision Bridie Rose 10-6-07 14-8-07 8 2 Kann F Manly RdCollision Gozo Maria 13-6-07 15-8-07 4 4 Woods F SternbergCollision Dosarg 18-6-07 20-8-07 3 2 Kellaway F Manly RdFlying Scott Ella’s Reward 3-6-07 4-8-07 7 3 Johnson YFool’s Heart Tennant Creek 4-6-07 7-8-07 3 3 SalmoniFoxy Fonz Girls On Film 16-6-07 Nnr SalmoniFoxy Fonz Flying Intent 18-6-07 21-8-07 2 2 SalmoniHallucinate Thread The Web 13-6-07 Apd Havenago Synd F West ChermsideHallucinate Leica Cameo 13-6-07 14-8-07 4 5 Horrigan F Manly RdHallucinate Jessica Youngman 15-6-07 21-8-07 4 4 Grezlo F Manly RdMost Awesome Tia 11-6-07 12-8-07 2 5 Dalton F I-S ClinicNo Intent Chyna Girl 16-6-07 21-8-07 6 Falvey F Manly RdPure Octane Ten Pacers Apart 22-6-07 24-8-07 2 3 Thrupp F SternbergSpringbok Bale Weeping Vapour 25-6-07 24-8-07 1 6 Comley Synd F Manly RdStately Bird Striking Jessica 14-6-07 Niw Cramp F SternbergSurf Lorian Champagne Annie 6-6-07 Niw MillerSurf Lorian Catch A Tear 10-6-07 Niw DicksSurf Lorian Queen Size 10-6-07 12-8-07 2 1 Edmondson YSurf Lorian Tally Bale 12-6-07 Niw I-S B YSurf Lorian Tizza Hypo 16-6-07 17-8-07 7 2 BryersSurf Lorian Dyna Jewel 18-6-07 21-8-07 3 3 I-S BSurf Lorian She’s Adams 28-6-07 Niw BellSurf Lorian Angel Mint 29-6-07 1-9-07 2 1 I-S B F I-S ClinicToken Prince Sweet Georgia 29-6-07 31-8-07 4 4 Cramp F SternbergTrewly Special Bacardi Cruiser 9-6-07 11-8-07 3 1 Apap F Manly RdValentia Citrate Passionate Pace 17-6-07 Niw Osborn F SternbergWhisky Assassin Tears Of Jupiter 6-6-07 9-8-07 7 3 Russell F I-S ClinicWild Voodoo Young Speedy 6-6-07 7-8-07 3 4 LearyThe (November, 2007) Journal Page 39

Genetic Full Brother to Elite State ...Fool'sHeartSire: Just The BestDam: Heart Spark* A top class city performer with a 30.06 Albion Park win at 19 months* From an outstanding litter that included:Cardio Spark (6 wins), City Of Sydney (22), Shrewd Slater(12), M’Lady’s Fool (20), Sparkaholic (11), White Spark (13)* Out of broodbitch gem Heart Spark * Proven at stud * 100% bloodbrother to Elite StateStud Fee $660 (inc GST)Elite State LodgePups bought fromElite State Lodgecan be reared by usAll whelpings have been natural births.Contact Jim Osborn0403 220 077 or (07) 5424 6625The (November, 2007) Journal Page 40

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